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are there too many vamp RPs

Yes 0.28482920294709 28.5% [ 1701 ]
yea but I do not mind 0.31446751507033 31.4% [ 1878 ]
No there can never be 0.25753516409913 25.8% [ 1538 ]
I do not know, I am new here 0.14316811788346 14.3% [ 855 ]
Total Votes:[ 5972 ]
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Raven walked into her bar, her footsteps were slient as death. She set up the chairs and everything, Then she walked behind the counter and waited to see if she would have any customers.
Sakara was sound asleep leaning against the wall of his cage. His collar had no tags and the price on him was lowered a bit every day. He opens his icy blue eyes after hearing something and his cat ears pirk up. The man outside his cage was changing his price again.
Raven saw no one coming right now..so she decided to take a visit somewhere she hadn't been for a while...she had been wanting a slave..but it appeared she could never find the perfect one. She had a thing for cats , so she would probabaly be looking for nekos , or at least half. She walked out of the bar closing the door, then headed down towords where all the slaves were kept. She arrived there shortly after a few mintues. She walked in and pasted a few cages....
((Is there anyone you need? Or anything for that matter?))
((Just make a profile then u can rp u could be anything u want))
Sakara sighs as the man leans down to look at the neko."Sorry kid... people dont want full bloods anymore... only the human mixes" The man said in a low voice Sakara lays down and extends the claw on his left index finger and starts scratching into the cage again.
Name: Sakara Jamasuki
Species: Neko
Age: 17
Job: Slave/Pet
Personality: Calm, quiet, a bit aggressive, and hates to be snuck up on
Species: Vampire
Age: 15
Any thing else you want to add:User Image
((welcome to u both))
Raven walked down the halls, looking at the many cages..none were what she wanted. She continued down, she spotted a man walking away from a cage, she was curious to see what the slave was. She walked down towords it then crouched down beside the bars to see a neko boy sitting alone , sad. "....hello...there.." she said softly.
vincent leans on a wall waiting to see anyone at the other side of the town "danm not one good woman here"
(nvm..i'am still going to stay on..)
Sakara sits up and looks at the girl "Oh... You dont want me lady... the half bloods are up that way twards the front of the market" He said with a dull tone "Im a full blood.." He said flicking the sighn on his cage
Species: Human
Age: sig
Job: slayer
Personality charming
Name:shadow((real name is stevie))
Species: vamp
age:16 *got bit last year*
Job: unimployed at the moment but lives in a giant house with 2 slaves *tell me if you want to be my slave*
Personality: edgy,and easy to anger,but romantic at times.likes to party
Any thing else you want to add:im well known but not well liked
king walks into town wearing a heavy cloak
I hope there are some cute girls in the town king says to himself
She looked at him slightly tilting her head, looking at him then said "..I know..I don't care...I want a full blood..." she said looking at his ears and tail, and otehr features...she couldn't help but think ...he's sooo..cute...I'am going to buy him and take him home....he deserves better then this hell hole...

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