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      Kingdom of Heaven is a public && group roleplay.
      created by [ x_Undefined-Silence_x ]

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    In the year 5025, Angels rule the world. Their race dominates over any other. Over the Demons, Hybrids, and Humans. A raging war has ceased to dim for over 1000 years. As years go by, the human race becomes more and more extinct. The Angels kill the Humans, and the Humans are protected by the Demons.

    The Hybrids are outcasts, and survive on literally nothing, so they fight against the Angels to get their land back, and to gain Independence. The Hybrids are only welcome to the Demons, and they help them fight against the Angels. They are close allies with the Humans, for the reason they live is because of the Humans and their experiments and discoveries.

    The Demons are powerful creatures, but lack a key element that the Angels have. Angels have the manipulation under them, which is what gives them the powers of God. The Demons hate how the Angels are killing off a race just to become the most dominant, especially the weakest race. So they fight for the Humans, but they also fight for glory. Most demons are looked down upon, and are considered vile horrible creatures. But as years gone by, humans have become close allies with them. And the enemy, the bad guys of the story in this time is the Angels. In the Demon Kingdom, there was a King who lived once 20 years ago. But he was killed in battle, and now the Kings son Clayson had taken over his charge as King.

    But sadly Clayson has fallen! Clayson has fallen! The King is down! Tis true. Clayson has fallen and a man.. an evil man who is what he is named. Syn. Syn is one of the first demons. He was created from the very second someone sinned. That one sin began the creation of the man himself. He also created the circles of hell. Some believe he is satan.. But he isn't.. He is satans main man in control of the organization of sin. He thrives off of it with a burning passion. He has control over nearly everything.. Including the circles of hell. Well he believed he should be king so he too battle with Clayson, the current king.. And won.. Now the war has gone from a stand point to a full out battle field. Clayson is being hidden in the mountains to be revived to win back his throne and Syn is advancing the war to take over the angels.. And with him in control.. He might just win and get the world for himself. His army is never ending... Will you join him or fight him?

    The Humans have become very advanced in their scientific studies. But the Angels still override them when it comes to science. Which is another reason the Angels are so powerful. Humans created Hybrids, by ressurrecting mostly Demons into become half-human. But at a cost they lose their memory. Sometimes they ressurect Angels, but rarely because Angels are a bit more difficult. They managed to capture an angel.. Use their blood.. And have created some, but fewew than demon, hybrids, to fight for their side. However. There has never been a demon-angel hybrid. Only Angel-human and demon-human have successfully been made. Or so most people think. There is one.. One angel-Demon hybrid.. And they might just be the key to all life as they know it.

    The Angels, they think they are superior compared to anyone else. They are extremely powerful because of God, and have better scientific skills, and advancements. God himself has sent someone to rule the angels under him. She is their Queen.

    Then there are the Rebel Angels. They support the Hybrids, Demons, and Humans, and hate their own race. They have a secret organization, located under the earth. If the Rebel Angels are spotted by the Angel race and recognized as being a Rebel, they will most likely be killed. Rebel Angels are a larger outcast than Hybrids because Demons and Hybrids still don't trust them. There are little to no demon rebels...

    Now there is something strange that connects the people within their race. A certain bond that only goes between two people. Each race has specific powers yes, but there is only one power that all races share. The power to read minds. Except for the humans, Demons and Angels can read minds. However, the only time someone cannot read someone elses's mind is if the person is older and wiser and has the ability to control who enters their mind.. Or if the person is meant to be your lover. Two people will not be able to read each others minds IF they are meant to be together. Now usually this bond stays within each race. Demon with Demon. Angel with angel. Humans usually stick with humans but they can never tell because they do not possess the ability. Now there are cases of Demon and human being together if a demon cannot read a humans mind.. But there have never been cases of Angel and demon.. Or Angel and human. But you never know what might happen.

    The Hybrids usually tend to live with the humans and demons or the rebel angels. But they are highly unpredictable.


    The Earth has been seperated in half by this time. Basically two kingdoms at war. One half of the earth is under Demon and Human territory and the other half is angel territory. The angels advance nearly every day, attempting to take land piece by piece and kill off the other two races. The Demons had set up this small zone and its protected by their power.. A power that the Angels, no matter how powerful they are, they cannot break the barrier. That is where Claysons Castle lies, or what is now Syns castle. Syn and all his servants that once followed Clayson. The land around him is where he houses the people he cares for. Now the angels have most of the land to themselves.. But there are still humans and demons on their land, just havent yet to be found.

    And then there was the Rebel Angels, but of course they lived much darker than the rest. They all lived underground, their underground housing was everywhere. Under angel territory.. Under Demon territory... No one really knows where the entrance is.. But the rebel angels have a leader as well. No one but the rebels know who though.

    This is the sequel to the previous roleplay. Join in and have some fun.

    Akumu Oukoku
    Ninja cafinated_coffee
    Dark Fissure

    And more to come!
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      Kingdom of Heaven is a public && group roleplay.
      created by [ x_Undefined-Silence_x ]

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    Follow Gaia TOS. Even I have to do it so yea.

    If you join you must be active. You have to post...

    You dont have to be on 24/7. Most of us have to sleep and have school and all that jazz so we cant be on all the time to post so if your post is directed to someone else.. wait.

    If theres any reason you cannot be in this rp or you choose to quit please let me know so i can delete your profile. Or if you will not be on for a certain amount of time let me know to but make sure you dont tie up anothers character.

    SILENCE is God in this thread. What i say goes. i can change the rules at any time.

    This rp is pg-16. Lets be mature adults here people. i know you are all capable of handling such things. Violence is encouraged along with romance. 'time skip' if you have to and dont use ****** for every word in your sentance if you know what i mean.

    i dont mind words working around certain stuff as long as it doesnt go into gross disgusting detail.

    Please send all profiles to me labeled 'To Hell I Go' if you are a Rebel Angel, 'Im Not Weak' if you are a Human, 'Disgusting Creatures' if you are a Demon and 'Bow to Us' if you are an angel. 'Im different' If you are a hybrid.

    Do not post unless accepted! Period!

    Please decorate your post. Picture must be in every post you post (anime picture please) and you must have it semi decorated. Not just a picture and dull words. no i want semi decorated. Pretty colors and nice looking outline.

    Please post in third person (most preferably) and write EVERYTHING out! No ** ** for actions, use " " for dialogue and (( )), [[ ]] for OOC only! In fact your ooc should have its own special place in your post.

    Please respect and do not ignore any other rpers in this thread.

    Type at least three chuckly paragraphs or so. i can understand writers block but still. No one sentance crap.

    Break these rules and you die!

    Rules of Soul Mates:

    1. You do not have to be willing to love your soul mate, but know that if you do not choose to embrace their love you will live a life of emptiness and agony.

    2. bonded pairs can have a deep connection, able to feel emotions of one another and able to call them to their side at any time.You 'feel' the distance between you and your other half which is not always pleasant.

    3. In any certain case... A bond can be forced apart. This means that the bond will seperate, leaving you as two totally seperate people. Two seperate souls... But only the very OLD very POWERFUL demons and angels can do this because t takes alot of will power. (pm me to talk about ti if you want to). And if you seperate, those people will have the ability to mark who they want as theirs. However, if they mark a person that already has a soul mate.. They will inevitably be connected to that other person as well as the one they choose.

    4. When bonded both are considered 'equals' and unable to harm one another physically.
    (unless in Love's case you have a weapon that can harm you.. But hand to hand..)

    5. Making a move on another person who is not your bonded, results in agony, physical agony.

    6. A person making a move on one who is marked by another is blasted with a strong dose of energy and sent flying feet away to keep them from trying to infatuate them..

    7. A bonded person can uses its demonic healing abilities and transfer it to their bonded to help speed healing.. but cannot heal completely unless you have healing powers.

    8. This rule pertains to rule 1 and rule 5 and 6. If you choose not to love your soul mate but are not strong enough to seperate yourselves... You must get a mark from your soul mate that allows you to be touched and do things with other people without feeling the normal agony that would come from if you did love your soul mate and you tried to go behind their back. (this mark must be willingly given by your soul mate.)
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      Kingdom of Heaven is a public && group roleplay.
      created by [ x_Undefined-Silence_x ]

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Fill out this profile to boot. All the information. Be sure to read the coding carefully or you will miss something. If you are looking for the profile thread.. Click the profiles thingy above this...

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[color=#4C7D7E]↘↘[/color] Weaknesses[/list][/list][/list][list][list][list][list][list][color=#566D7E]⋙[/color] WEAKNESS HERE. Must be a physical weakness too. So two weaknesses. One physical and one mental.[/list][/list]

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      Kingdom of Heaven is a public && group roleplay.
      created by [ x_Undefined-Silence_x ]

{ STORY }- - { RULES } - - { PROFILES } - - list - - { OPEN }
    ιmportant roles

    King Syn -- x_Undefined-Silence_x
    Clayson -- x_Undefined-Silence_x
    Syns Orcale -- K4M1_Kun
    Syns Concubine 1 -- Keng_Emiko
    Syns Concubine 2 -- IRRATIONALnumbers
    Syns Concubine 3 -- II Secrets II
    Syns Head Guard -- K4M1_Kun
    Syns Guard --
    Syns Guard --
    Syns Servant -- Akumu oukoku
    Syns Servant -- Ninja cafinated_coffee
    Syns Messenger --
    Syns Spy --

    Queen -- IRRATIONALnumbers
    Queens Right Hand -- RLRLR
    Queens Orcale --
    Queens Male concubine -- K4M1_Kun
    Queens Male Concubine 2 --
    Queens Head guard -- Seeker_of_Justice
    Queens Guard -- xzCoco_Knightzx
    Queens Guard -- xzCoco_Knightzx
    Queens Guard --
    Queens Servant -- K4M1_Kun
    Queens Servant --
    Queens Messenger --
    Queens Spy --
    Queens Alchemist -- x_Undefined-Silence_x


    Rebel Angels Leader - x_Undefined-Silence_x
    Followers-- RLRLR
    La Belle_ Sara

    LONERS --
    Ninja cafinated_coffee

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      Kingdom of Heaven is a public && group roleplay.
      created by [ x_Undefined-Silence_x ]

sтσʀy- - { RULES } - - { PROFILES } - - { LIST } - - { OPEN }
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      {Do you taste sin? Do you feel it? Do you see it? Do you hear it? Do you smell it? Can you do any of those to me? Then you have experience sin.}

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                                                  Syn sighed a breath of delight as he relaxed into his throne. Upon his head sad a newly made and polished crown that fit to near perfection. Frankly he could get used to this new King look. It looked good on him. He could also get used to this castle being his.. This throne room was perfectly suited to him. It was large, dark and quiet. The single throne sat in the center of the room with a blood red carpet leading from the main door to it across the hard stone flooring. Pillars lined the sides of the room and next to each pillar was a candle stand and a suit of armor. On each pillar, a shield was hung with swords across them. There were only a few candle stand lit, which kept the room at a good median of darkness. Just light enough to see but dark enough to keep to Syn's liking.

                                                  Syns fingers ran across the smooth silk fabric that covered a section of the arms of the throne. It was made of black marble, yet there were sections of fabric designed into it so that there was comfort amongst the hardened throne. The seat he sat on was of the same fabric as well and the throne sat tall, towering high above his head as he sat there with elegant designs of carvings and engravings. Yes.. Certainly a place of class... He didn't know why Clayson never used this room. He always prefered his office or his room.. But never his throne room. It was stupid.. Letting a perfectly good room like this go to waste. Most of the time the King was out in the garden. The garden. He intends to take care of that place quickly. It's ugly to have around a castle.. All those flowers and bright colors.. Those horrible smells coming from them and that waste of water that flows through it. It's a waste of space. He will tend to that soon.

                                                  Leaning his head back, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Ah yes... Smells like victory. He knew at this moment, creatures of all design crawled the land he now owns... Terrorizing people and taking over villages to ensure control of any other demon on this land.. And killing any humans this land may be harboring. They are of no use to him.. Why Clayson kept them around is beyond him.. But they must be weeded out.. And slowly, his creatures and zombie army presses forward, closer and closer to the angelic castle every second he sits there. He has no doubt he can bring this war to an end and take control of everything soon. His army is neverending... Fueled by the depths of hell itself.

                                                  But just because a war is raging, doesn't mean his new people can't enjoy themselves. The demons that live on this land are still free... They are just not to go against Syn or die.. Thats all... And the humans are worthless anyway.. He agrees with the angels on that part.. But he still doesn't want them in control. Soon, even they would bow to him. Everything is coming into accordance.

                                                  F U L L D E M O N F O R M

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User ImageUser Image

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    00Do0You0Wanna0Fig ht0It0With0Me?!?

                    -- Serenity sat at her desk, starring harshly at the wood. The Rebel's hideout is big.. But so many humans have been swarmed here by the new infestation of creatures rising from hell that it's becoming crowded. This new king... Syn.. wants more control than he can handle. Serenity doesn't know where Clayson is.. Her connection seems to have been lost with him when he lost to Syn. All she can feel now is the misery of her people... And the people that are seeking refuge. This world is coming to its final ending... It seems the demons have the upper hand.. But this isn't what is supposed to happen. Clayson wanted to end the war. Syn wants to win it at any cost. She knows he is seeking her refuge. She harbors so many souls here.. This would be a feast for him. Wiping everyone out would be security that the Rebel angels wouldn't interfer with his plan to overtake the angels. She has to be extra careful now. One single hint of their location and all could be lost. She has shields surrounding her entire haven. These shields cover all and any trace of their existance. No power can detect them or get through unless they stumble upon them. If they do, there are trained guards at each post keeping eye and killing anything that crosses their borders. This war is becomings something of destruction... And Serenity doesn't like it. Sitting at her desk, she went over every possible detail of her haven she can go over to make sure nothing is amiss.

    Look into the LIGHT
    Rebel Angels Leader
    ҫσϻε ɴσω [ɩғ ʏσυ ωɑɴτ ɩτ] ↠ Rebel Angels Hide Out

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xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxC l a y s o nxoxoxoA l e x a n d e rxoxoxoT r i c k
f o r m e r K.I.N.G.

xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox { what else can I do but kill you ? }
xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxox < you don't need words for goodbyes.. Just death. >


The sky hasn't shown a sing ray of light since Syn has been in rule. Starring out the window of the small village home, Clayson couldn't help but fear for his land. It was in the hands of a cruel and evil man... And only god knows what he has done to it since the day Clayson fell to him. The memory of that pain stung his mind like a million needles in his head. For a second.. He stopped breathing. Did he truly deserve to have his throne back? He couldn't even defend it properly... How could he manage to get it back if he couldn't even keep it in the first place? He must seem like a pathetic king. It's horrifying.. The thought of letting all his once faithful people down. Now they bow to a man who inflicts such misery upon them. All those disgusting creatures he called upon ravage his land. Lord knows what he has done with the humans..

These thoughts are going to make him sick to his stomach. The room was already spinning... His injuries have not yet fully healed yet.. For some reason his body is having a difficult time rapidly healing.. So his process is going slow. The wait is killing him though. He is forced to stay in this small mountain home until he is well enough to get back on his feet. Though he should be grateful. He wouldn't have even been here if it weren't for Fraya. Her saving him from deaths grasp was a miracle no doubt. Bringing him to her home town to be hidden saved his life. Luckily no one but her family knows he is here. The creatures haven't made this far yet. The cold stops them most of the time.. But other times is that they don't believe a village would be placed here in the mountains on the edge of the land.

Thinking of Fraya, Clayson turned and looked at the door. She had left to go do something and has yet to return. It worries him with every time she leaves.. He fears she may never come back... For whatever reason. She is all he has left right now. And if she left... He would fall apart completely. Sighing, he turned back to starring out the window. Clayson sat in a chair that he had pushed near the window. For him, it was the only form of comfort he has besides Frayas voice. Looking at the sky makes him hope for sunlight... And hoping for sunlight gives him something to hope for, keeping his spirits high. Though with the world slowly darkening every second he sits here... His heart can't seem to start beating it's normal pace again.
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"What if I say I'm not like the others..."

            Silence sat on her bed, starring out the window with her hand covering her chest slightly. It mainly rested on her neck, running her fingers across her skin with a worried look on her face. It was dark over there... That place where she isn't supposed to go... Way off in the distance... It's dark.. and the darkness seems to be crawling towards them as if its alive and wanting to blanket the world. What is over in that place? It didn't look that way awhile ago. Did something happen? Are there people in that direction as well? Why is there a weird feeling in the air? So many questions... And not enough answers to them. Is that where nighttime is at when its daytime? Does it just move to the other end of the line and come back when its time? She didn't know but it looked rather dark.

            Humming to herself softly, Silence brushed her pure white hair from her face as she turned around and crawled off her bed. Her bare feet touched the stone floor and a shiver was sent up her spine. Her fingers played with the ends of her white dress as she walked over to the mirror that was above her dresser. Silence looked at herself.. Starring aimlessly at the person in the mirror. She had learned only a bit ago that it was her that she was looking at and not another girl.

            It was rather nice of the servants and the queen here to give her this room. Though she was a bit sad she didn't get to share a room with Richard or Alex, she was still happy that she was trusted a bit more. Richard.... She hadn't seen him much lately because he was off putting white cloths on peoples boo boos. And Alex.. He's been busy fighting people.. Or... Keeping control.. As he likes to call it. Silence has been rather lonely lately... Both her friends are at work. Sighing she began to think.. Looking to the window.. A thought crossed her mind. What if she took a small trip to the other side? Just to see what it's like over there? She will be back before anyone knows she's gone... And it will be a short trip.. There and back.. Just a quick peek won't hurt anything. Silence smiled softly and nodded her head as she turned and walked from her room, closing her door behind her and heading down the hallway. There were certain paths in this castle that she has memorized to get her from one place to the other. She at least knows how to get to the front door... And from there she can just walk in the direction of the darkness.

            As she walked, her long white hair flowed behind her with her dress. As she passed people in the hallways, they either smiled at her child like smiles and waves or they looked at her as if she was crazy, or some kind of bad person. She didn't understand how some people could be nice and some could be mean but she tends to leave the mean looking ones alone and only wave to the nice ones. The nice ones seem to like it more. Maybe on this adventure she will find or meet some more friends to add to her list. That would make her happy.. That way she can have someone to play with when Alex and Richard aren't around.... Like right now.

"...what if I say I'm not just another one?"
xxxxA v a l o n xxxx
R e s e n t t i a

t h e H A R D A S S man


₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ † ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪

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                                    ₪ Avalon stood outside the castle, his sword at his side and his eyes narrowed at the demons territory. Something has happened. Something is wrong. It's normally not that dark. There's a thickness in the air and a feeling of strange danger. It excites Avalons senses. He knows something is wrong and if something is wrong on the demon territory, it is about to get alot worse for the angels. Though he knew they would be able to handle whatever the demons have to throw at them... Hopefully. They haven't tried anything that they haven't already seen. So how bad could it be?

                                    Avalons train of thought was interupted as Silence skipped past him. His eyebrow raised in suspicion. What was she doing outside the castle? And running around without anyone with her? Doesn't she still have the mind of a five year old or something? Avalon watched her start to trot off towards the darkening horizon.

                                    "Hey. Wait." Avalon said as he walked after her. She stopped before she got to the gate of the castle. Turning she looked back at him as if nervous that she had gotten caught.

                                    "Yes?" She asked politely. Thats how she was told to ask people when addressed as such.. Or thats what Richard said.

                                    "Where are you going?" He asked her a bit suspiciously.

                                    "Uh... I'm going on a walk... It's warm in the castle and nice out here...." She said playing with her thumbs.

                                    "Does Alex or Richard know you are out here?" He asked

                                    Silence looked to teh ground then back up. "Yes." She said bluntly. Avalon kept his eye on her for a moment. The girl seemed innocent enough.. What harm could she come into on the angels land? Sighing he nodded to her and turned around to walk back to his position.

                                    "Fine. But don't go too far." He said. With a happy smile, Silence thanked him and took off running through the gates and into the land.

₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ † ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪

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Dangerous Hunter

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-Do you know who I am?-
Journey to the land of the souls long forgotten.
- 'They' call me Judgment-

Such dark things lurked within the Demonic castle walls. From zombies to miss matched monsters - it had it all. The halls had been changed to suit it's dark overload, creatures patrolling it for intruders - or those who dare to try on their masters life. But - something was. . a miss in this place. Deep within the castle, a soft - kind aura did exist.
Perhaps it was not true 'kindness' but the understanding of it. Maybe even a respect . . even so . . how could such a thing be here? Simple - it just was!
Venturing down the long winding halls - almost labyrinth like in it's design. One may come across a door - guarded by two draconic demons. Further more - if one was capable of entering the room they would see the most . . strangest. . of things. The room was full of what looked to be demonic rabbits! Little fluff balls with horns and wings! Well they were. . rather cute. . but. . still why? Again, very simple! The owner of the room likes things small cute and fluffy! Where is the owner of this room? In her bed - snuggled by many many demon rabbits!
As the morning went on, the girl in the bed stirred - softly waking to the sound of maids walking though the halls, carrying trays for other demons who were at work.With a soft groggy moan, the girl sat up - causing the rabbits to wake and crowed about her looking for a pat on the head. Rubbing her deep red eyes, she smiled and pat them.
Rising from the bed revealed her full form. Being a rather petite young lady . . there was really not much to look at - long white hair that touched the ground, two black horns crowned her head. She looked to be rather frail - easy going and innocent for one living in a demons den. Turning about, she made her way over to a small bathroom - splashing cold water on her face before putting her arms up. " Good morning! Today will be a good day!" Putting her hands on her hips she nodded with a hearty huff.
Going back into the room, she went over to where some cloths were hung. Her clothing was mostly that of simple white or red dresses - with the occasional 'fancy' or 'proper' dress. Perking up , she picked one red dress that she had seemed to grown attached to. It resembled Syn's old look in the red colors and 'sharp' design but the similarities stopped there.
Putting her dress on, taking off a white night gown and placing it in a bushel - she looked about the room and thought to her self for a moment. " Ah! I should see what Syn is up to! Maybe I can show him something new! . . I hope I learned something new. . ." Tilting her head she 'hummed' to her self. " Well I will never know by just sitting about!" Quickly, she went to leave the room - opening the door quickly and running out - she tripped.
Putting a claw over it's face, the guard just bent down and picked the small girl up by a back ribbon. Placing her down gently - it brushed off a few specs of dirt before sending her on her way. " Thank you! " With a smile, she ran down the halls with her arms out - rather excited for a new day. Syn was in charge now! And better yet he was family! Well - at least creator . . .Regardless - he was a kind and decent being . .to her anyway. . To the masses he was a Tyrannical Lord of darkness.
Skipping along, she came to a stop on a 'bridge' between a tower and the main castle body. Looking out of the large windows she could see the massive army of Syn's marching off to battle. With a small smile she hopped up into the window and watched for a moment - her eyes glowing a soft red. " There's no need to justify the meaningless destruction. The voices always tell me that - it's how its meant to function. " Hopping down, she had the same off putting smile and swayed side to side - speaking in a sing -song like voice. " Everything's in order~ Everything will come in time~ Just as long as I complete the tasks that are mine~" Spinning about. Some guards just looked at the child like girl with their heads tilted. She was odd . . to say the least. But it was one of her 'moments'
Pressing on, she eventually made her way to Syns throne room. Pushing open a rather heavy door - she looked about before spotting him on his throne. " Father! " Perking up, she started to rush over to him - taking to the air she flew up to try and 'tackle ' (glomp) him from the air! . . . But. . went to high and ended up hitting a hanging light fixture which caused her to fall back down to the ground before him.
". . . hnng. . ." Sitting up she rubbed her head. " s-so close. . . to high. . Missed" She seemed to be close to tears - but stood up and gave the 'king' a proper bow. " Good morning!" Putting her arms up she just smiled. Oh She was a rather - interesting girl. To those who knew - she was the living embodiment of the first circle of hell . . known as Limbo. It is she who decides who goes to heaven . and who is cast down into hell - yes . . your fate lay in the hands of this girl. " So so! Has father done any king things today!? I saw an army move out a little while ago. . .I know your awfully busy most days . . but I always like to see if there is anything I can do to help! I know I cant do much - yet . . B-but I have been practicing a lot! "Going side to side she just looked as happy as a clam. This tended to creep the servants out - no one was ever this happy around the man. . not . .willingly anyway.


Location || Syn's Castle - Halls ->Throne room.
Feeling || Rather chipper!
Theme of the moment || -Fireflies Heave-
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The demon sat in her new, much bigger room than the one she had before. The bedding was made of silk and she laid on top of the blankets casually. After returning to the castle, she had taken Syn up on his previous offer, becoming his concubine. Not only did she owe him a great debt for helping with her revenge, but she was proving a point as well. A point to her soulmate. She didn't expect to do much with this job, though, or rather, she didn't think she'd have to, considering that Syn now had Reina as his soulmate. Though, when she did return, she was still injured a great deal, but refused to go to the infirmary. She didn't like it there. Instead she just stayed in her room for a long while. Emiko leaned back in her bed, stretching her arms over her head. Her wounds had healed finally, and she was ready to go out after so long. However, she was feeling lazy.

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׺°”˜`”°º× Alexander Sinclair ׺°”˜`”°º×

alex stood on the hill with a group of angels with him. "alright is everyone ready for this we are here to take this area back from the demons." alex called out to the angels and the roared as they raised there weapons. as they took a step forward and looked down towards the village there was a small army of demons in formation ready for battle.

"everyone ready" he called out as archers pulled back and took up into the air. "ARCHERS FIRE" he called out and arrows was shot off towards the army and then alex raised his weapons. "lets go for the kingdom" he yelled out and with a hard flap he took off towards of the army. "come down from the sky and who them your fierce roar kiri" he called out and raised his sword and lightening shot up towards the sky. dark clouds formed around them and a lightening dragon came out from the clouds. there was a roar as it disappeared and huge lightening sky hit down towards the ground causing a huge explosion. with that the angel took off towards the battle field to fight the demon army as the smoke cleared.

after a couple of hours the battle was over and the village was being repaired with angels being stationed there to protect the people from another attack. after everything was ready he made his way back towards the kingdom with what was left of his army that wanted to come back the others stood at the village. as soon as alex mad it to the angel land he dropped to the ground and let out a deep breath. "good to finally be back" he said walking towards the gate. there was a pause in his movement as he seen a figure of a girl with long white hair. his eyes widened as he didnt see her for a while but he figured out who it was. "SILENCE IM FINALLY BACK" he called out to her waving his hand out to her as he made his way over to her
OutOfCrayons [thoughts:] lol YUP

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׺°”˜`”°º× Troy ׺°”˜`”°º×

Troy was asleep in his room as he didnt have much to do during this time. after everything that happened he stood by seireis sides. slowly he woke up as he yawned and rubbed his head and his ears lightly he purred getting up from his comfy position. he changed into his cat form as he meowed and moved out of his room. he sniffed the air as he picked up 20 different scents and he hissed lightly walking towards the kings scent she was most likely with him because he was her father and he smiled lightly as he took off.

soon he got to the room and he was right she was there and he meow running over he jumped on her back as he missed his target and he blinked. his eyes widened as he looked down and slowly made his way up to her shoulder. he lightly purred and nuzzled her cheek as the small kitten sat on her shoulder meowing. "morning what did i miss" he said raising his paw he lightly licked it and watched seirei purring at her

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"What if I say I'm not like the others..."

            Silence didn't hear her name being shouted to her as she skipped off towards the demons territory. Of course it would take her days to really get there.. But she didn't know that. As she trotted along, she came across the edge of a tall, seemingly dark forest. She instantly stopped and starred at it. Wow... These tall things looked alot smaller from her bedroom window. Shrugging though, she ventured forward and squeezed through the trees and into the forest. She had never been this far from the castle before. It was interesting.. This place... It smelled funny and there were tiny little things flying through the air that kept getting in her face... And EVERYTHING was green. She couldn't make a silent step at all as twigs and leaves and plants crunched under her bare feet. How she didn't feel it, she didn't know.. Maybe she was accustom to it because she never wears shoes...

            Laughing a bit, Silence skipped across tree roots and lept over plants. She saw a few animals and decided to try to chase them.. It didn't end well for her. Leaning against a tree, she huffed and puffed for a breath of air after running for so long. Watching the bunny take off under a bush, she pouted. "No fair. You're small." She said. Taking a moment to breath, she took in her surroundings a bit more.. As she had gotten deeper int the forest she noticed it became thicker. Now that she thought about it.. She can't really remember which way she came from... Hm.... Looking to the sky she saw that one direction was brighter than the other... That must mean she is going further to her destination. Smiling, Silence ventured forward. Though she wished she had someone to play with for the venture to her adventure land.

"...what if I say I'm not just another one?"

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