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. V a r a m a ð u r . V e r u l e i k a .
T h e x O t h e r w o r l d

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"How fine is the mesh of death...you can almost see through it."

                                                        -- JANE HIRSHFIELD, "The Present"

              D e s.c r i p t i o n :

              Varamaður Veruleika, also known as the "Otherworld", is a spiritual realm that is
              understood in various ways. Some experience it as the afterlife, the underworld, a dream,
              a chimera, a vision or hallucination, an apparition or an angel. It is the whisperings of the
              subconscious and the ramblings of a madman. It is the occasional nightmare,
              the figure at the foot of the bed.

              Most have glimpsed it, for it mirrors the realm of the living.

              The Otherworld is an alternate reality with no government.
              The souls of the dead wander here endlessly. Some become more than they
              were in life, empowered by their will to exist. They exploit the lawless chaos
              of the Otherworld to influence the living, be it in positive or negative ways.
              Here are your guardian angels and your malignant spirits.
              The chilling presence and the poltergeist.

              It is also a place for the mind to visit. Psychics, schizophrenics, seers, and prophets
              all tap into the Otherworld and interpret it in awe. Those unfortunate enough to be
              especially in tune with this realm are said to be claimed by dementia, and are
              tranquilized, lobotomized or worse as a "cure".

              The Otherworld also serves as the environment within which dreams and nightmares
              are experienced. Sometimes these visions are influenced by the inhabitants of the
              Otherworld who happen to stumble upon them. They may even be induced from
              the start by Otherworldly beings as warnings or attempts at communication, but they
              can also serve as a useful way for the subconscious to communicate with the self.

              A c c e s s :

              There is no single entrance to Varamaður Veruleika. Some come in death by
              way of the boatman, others find rips in reality and curiously slip through. Dreams
              and nightmares provide another in. Priests, witches, or psychics can be consulted
              by the living to visit the Otherworld, but they must be careful not to become lost
              or trapped by jealous, malevolent spirits who sense the pulse of life on them.

              Psychedelic drugs can also dim the boundaries between the natural world and
              Varamaður Veruleika, though the severity of it's effects depends on the
              drug itself and of course, the dose.

              I n f l u e n t i a l x F i g u r e s :

              Despite common depictions of the afterlife, there is no central power that
              rules the Otherworld. There are, however, figures of influence who hold more power than
              others. Their alignment and allegiances vary. [Active members will be added by request]

              Luka: Played by Viice.

              MORE SOON ~ REVAMPING

              References: [ x ] [ x ]

              Chell: Played by Viice Chell, as mentioned above, was created from the clay of the river styx.
              She is "possessed", or serves as a vessel, to the powerful spirit of Luka, and was created
              in the spirit's "walking image". Traces of Luka can be seen in Chell's appearance; she sees her as
              her "mother", and wants nothing more than to please this obscure figure who brought her into existence.

              MORE SOON ~ REVAMPING

              References: [ x ] [ x ]

              Charon: The Boatman
              : Played by Nation Prophetic. (description coming soon)

. A n n o u n c e m e n t s .

                2/10/13 ~ WE COULD REALLY USE SOME BANNERS GUYZ! I'll pay you, PM me if you're interested.

                2/10/13 ~ I have changed Loki's character drastically. Her name is now Luka, and another influential character, Chell, has also been added. Details about these characters can be found above in the section on Influential Figures.

                2/10/13 ~ Yes, that is now three announcements in one day. @__@ Our thread has the honor of now being directly linked to the infamous Malevolence of Innocence thread by our beloved Leo. There will be a similar connection between Mal and Otherworld as there is between Otherworld and The Black Cherry; both thread have a sort of active "portal" or area where the lines between the natural realm and Otherworld are blurred and can be crossed without the assistance of some sort of medium. There will be a post made about this in the near future, and another announcement when things have been more clearly hashed out between Leo and I.

                5/20/13 ~ The thread has been moved from the Commerce to Barton Town. Just a little heads up!

. R u l e s .

                This is a GM thread assumed to be part of Sigil, but it is not limited to characters who are from Sigil.
                Anyone is welcome to write here, so long as they have not been blacklisted.

                I do not want profiles, consider this a walk-in thread. Any race is permissible, but keep in mind
                that if you're a ninja-clown-cat-fairy you probably wont last ten seconds here, because the regulars hate that s**t
                and they'll probably tear you apart. <3

                Out of character posts should be kept in the OOC thread, I'm very strict about this. I will delete your
                posts if they are not in character and possibly blacklist you if you continue to spam the IC thread.

                This thread is very free-form and abstract. You may make up places within the realm for your character to discover. Create buildings, forests, oceans, I don't care, just have fun with it. The Otherworld is your oyster.

                Please be mindful of post orders; yes we take a long time to post sometimes, but don't skip anyone unless you have their permission or the situation REALLY calls for it please. This tends to cause confusion and can be frustrating to writers who had plans to say or do something, but were skipped because they had to do the dishes or milk their cat or something.

                Remember, your characters can visit as living beings or through dreams or visions. Not everyone in this realm is dead.

. H e l p f u l . G u i d e l i n e s .

                Again, it's good to remember that this thread has virtually no limitations.
                We don't care how powerful your character is in this realm, we are most concerned with creating an
                interesting role playing experience.

                Know that even though there is a boatman and a river styx, this is NOT just an underworld thread.
                Varamaður Veruleika (pronounced varah-mah-thoor vair-oo-lee-kah) literally means "Alternate Reality" in Icelandic.
                Do not let yourself be limited by conventional views of hellfire and little demons with pitchforks. Also, remember
                that because it's not just an underworld thread, you do not have to have a bad experience here. It can be a pleasant
                afterlife for your character, or the dreams you play out can be nice ones. If you're planning on asking me whether
                or not you can do anything, remember that I will probably say, word for word, "I don't give a ********]

                I encourage you to interact with others as much as possible, even if you're here in a dream/nightmare.
                You'd be surprised how much others can contribute to the development of your character. Visit us in
                the OOC thread too! It's good to know who you're writing with, and the OOC thread is pretty fun. (:

                If you visit the thread as a mortal, remember the dangers of becoming trapped in the Otherworld.
                You can come with a psychic guide of some sort, as described above, but remember that mortals
                are always taking a risk by simply crossing planes. There are many malevolent forces here, and they
                are often jealous of the living. Also, watch out for Luka, the greatest trickster of them all!

Much more soon. Have a good question you think belongs here? PM me!
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Sigil: The City of Doors
Malevolence of Innocents
The Worm That Gnaws In The Night
[******** This Quest
The Spirit Villa

❤ O P E N ! ❤

Hilarious Lunatic

    Unspeakable Tragedy
    "Ready or not,"

    Ahead he marched, progressing toward her, approaching deliberately. Digit's were put in motion, gesturing menacingly, pulsing as they fluctuated. Heat engaged as he verged upon her, enclosing the minimum absence between them, leer amplifying each tread closer.

    "Here I come."

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                          As it turned out, she did not move quietly; a ricochet of childlike giggles which only disturbed the tick-tock of clocks. Thousands of clocks. Grandfather clocks in black cases, dense charcoal towers. Wrist watches with broken faces on hands with six fingers, severed by darkness at the elbows. Each one seeking to caress, ravage, and seize. Mello could feel the hollow breathes of expanding ribs, the way each one splintered and ached until the exhale rid her of such. It was an exciting chase! Slow-mo sprints through invisible molasses elongated each movement, a study of reflex and precision before the view zoomed. Every action sped up, the loop uncontrolled as the scene unfolded. From the dank alleyway to some hellish corridor riddled with timepieces, and now, it morphed again, the hallway stretching until its end seemed impossible to reach.

                          Idly the stream of platinum strands shifted, over a shoulder he was spotted, closer and closer, looming evermore. Quickly feet pivoted, her arms stretched out, it looked as if she was leaning, further, gravity running claws through silk tresses.

                          "Hurry Maligno..."

                          Once hand-in-hand, the free fall triggered. The hungry void opened wide, consuming, and they'd lethargically descend. It was beautiful, layers uniquely embellished to an owner, god or monster, neither was seen.

                          Which hole am I going to follow you into?

                          ...which hole indeed. You tell me.

                          Whichever one is the deepest.

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Name: Bonez

He always took daily trips to the otherworld, it helped sometimes to see his wife and child. AT least to relieve old memories of his time in the west; However, It didn’t help that as ghost they barely remembered him. Zombie, an undead being cursed to walk the land of the living, preferably for brains. Luckily he was one of the few who didn’t have to resort to such cannibalistic actions. HE was standing in front of the store noticing his grotesque look. His skin was rotting and falling off, his eyes were gone, most of his body was literal bone, and his golden brown locks, were now colored a pure white.

A Sigh, and a tilt of his brown, dirty hat, and made his way from the lake. He was thinking of going back to the world of the living. He still had a job to do justice did not right itself. It was the only reason he was revived, to adhere justice and right wrongs. Not the kindest of task no doubt, but it was the task it was cursed with. He stared at the small lake, the mist that fell from the waterfall surrounded the lake of dead souls. He turned away and walked away.

He slowly moved in between the crowd, he didn’t want to pay attention to all of the inhabitants. Being hald dead, he certainly didn’t want to share the living that had travelled there for their own purpose.

((God I’m not sure if this was a good entry post…))
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The echo of the report bounced off the walls with a POP and a slow sizzle and warmth across his face. Lights, camera, action. Fading to white through some parting curtain of colors and splotches and twitchy sounds. The breath left. The blood pooled. All that mattered before was gone. All that meant anything meant less than nothing. Shouting. Tears. He couldn't see her. But he felt her fingers clenching him. Trying. Pulling him as though to bring him back...


Fade to black.

Parting by, through the passing pale of faded shades and twisting currents, spiraling behind, went the wake in the shadow of the reaching press that pushed at the gaping midst of some shady figures motion. It spread wide the world between a gap in the darkness and the murky, foggy ways of the path before it... Things always became more twisted as time passed by the contours of this impermanent space. More malleable... More impressionable. The folds of fabrics and sanguine spirals spun away into the reaches where a vestige flowed behind the shadow. Whispering off into those black reaches that grasped at the tresses of his knowing way and mingling with the eerie light from a flickering lantern that hung from some crooked carry behind.

Nights like these... He almost missed the days.

A slender finger sluiced between that darkened cowl and the length of pole that moved in his grasp with a timeless patience. It procured a twirl of ragged beard that twisted in almost nervous twirls off the finger on it's gray and lengthy strands. The passenger was quiet. Consoled in the folded rags of a burial garment that clung to the cold body. The glimmer of lantern-light flickered off those coins covering eyes that were sealed in the manifest of some hope for dreaming sleep. Some came and went without even moving from their place of rest. Some stood and spoke. Some jumped ship like rats from a fiery cage that they never even knew existed. All met with the same service. All moved to the same end.

This one twitched slightly with every sloshing graze of his pole through the water along the side. Clenching those eyes shut and mouthing some language he didn't care to identify. The hands grasping at himself... Pinching like a schoolgirl who had just been kissed by her crush for the very first time. Shaking. Mortified. Justified.

A shore from some distant reach boiled out from the blackness before him... And the Boatman moved along the river Styx towards this Otherworld... Speaking from the obscurity of his cowl to address his passenger with a voice that sounded as granite being dragged across granite... Heavy and commanding... But without malice.

There was plenty of that coming for this passenger without his help.

"It's time Thomas Messenger... Your stop is coming up."
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The Otherworld

'From now on, I'm gonna make the world be as it should!'

The echo reverberated against the corners of the psions mind, beating like a hammer against a stone wall. The psion, sitting upon the crystal throne of his own mind listened to his own echoing internal voice. His face sported an inquisitive expression, the psychic knew something was wrong. He glanced around, looking to the farthest corners of his own imagination. Finally, he found what he was looking for. At the back of his mind, was an anomaly, a crack in his own subconsciousness.

As moments passed, with time this crack grew into a gaping hole. Tres stood from his throne, curious and yet at the same time somewhat apprehensive. He did not know what lay beyond the walls of his mental plane. By his own imagination, a light year was no longer than an inch and with a single step he traversed the distance to stand before the anomaly. Though the hole should have been massive with its size visible from such a distance, when he stood before it it was only large enough to let his body pass.

Tres stepped through the gap and upon blinking within the darkness he opened his eyes to a bright light. His crystalline arm glistened brilliantly as the sun beat down upon him harshly from above. The salty air cleared what he imagined were his senses. Nude and brilliant he stood upon a wooden pear, overlooking a mist covered ocean.
Eyes green as grass on a hot summer day flicked open in a moment of stunned surprise, as though something had been shoved up somewhere it shouldn’t have been with a “SURPRISE!” tagged right along the end, and It didn’t help that as she stood one hand was rubbed along her backside ( though that’s mainly because she landed on it ). Despite how real this place seemed to be in accordance to her everyday life, there was something terribly wrong with it that she couldn’t quite put her finger on, and for some reason, she didn’t want to. It was like being afraid to kill a wasp in fear of being stung. Scarlett shifted her hand to her waist, brought her other hand to the string of black pearls around her neck, and frowned in a rather severe way that didn’t fit her mouth structure quite right, in fact, it made her look quite prude.

“Now how in Hell’s name..” she muttered briefly to herself, before taking a few paces away from the flattened grass where she’d woken up not five minutes prior.

Apart from the strange thing she couldn’t quite put her finger on, there was also an eerie silence that, though blessedly pure, made her feel like she was in complete, and in a manner, without the usual voice of Sadistra droning in the back of her mind, she was. “A dream…” she told herself, and felt instantly more comfortable as she took a few decent paces away from the spot she had been, and suddenly found herself at the edge of a ocean. One hand was lifted up, brought cascading back through a head of fiery red curls, and then lowered to lay even with her eyebrow as she shielded her eyes against the harsh glare of the sun. Opposite of her usual nature, the naked figure at the end of a wooden pier had gone unnoticed.
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The Otherworld

The psion looked around. In his unconscious state, his conscious mind's tether to his physical form had been broken. He imagined that with his psionic power, his overactive mind had simply wandered off. Tres smirked as he imagined his brain stretching its legs. Tres eventually found another figure to the left of the pear, in an oddly placed rolling grassy green hill.

"HEY!", the psion shouted, wondering if she was a denizen of this place.
“How very peculiar..” she wondered briefly aloud to herself, wondering if perhaps this was how Alice felt as she fell down through the looking glass, or the rabbit hole ( whichever version one may preference ) before shaking her head, and chuckling softly. No, Alice would have felt much more bewildered having grown up in an idealistically normal world without supernatural interferences, unlike Scarlett who had grown up in this world of strange happenings, and long since had grown used to it. She glanced down upon herself and reflected in wonder why her subconscious had chosen white for her to wear in a sort of silky gown that graced the tops of her bare feet, and left her arms nearly bare except for her shoulders, and her bosom conservatively concealed, as anyone who knew Scarlett would blanch at this terribly uncharacteristic outfit. She sort of liked it though.

Upon hearing someone shout at her, she turned halfway in his direction and tilted her head to the side as she observed the nude figure for a brief moment that felt more like an eternity. “Yes?” she asked curiously, and despite having spoken and not shouted, she heard her voice carry peculiarly so that it would resound out and to his ears no louder than the originally spoken word. She finished the turn towards him and took a few steps in his direction before pausing, and folding her hands behind her back. “Can I help you?”

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