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2005 (Deceit joined this year!) 0.13846153846154 13.8% [ 9 ]
2006 (Ferret joined this year!) 0.13846153846154 13.8% [ 9 ]
2007 0.13846153846154 13.8% [ 9 ]
2008 0.046153846153846 4.6% [ 3 ]
2009 0.061538461538462 6.2% [ 4 ]
2010 0.10769230769231 10.8% [ 7 ]
2011 0.076923076923077 7.7% [ 5 ]
2012 0.046153846153846 4.6% [ 3 ]
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          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxLOCATION : BAR
          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCOMPANY : [********]
          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxMOOD MUSIC : N/A

                                                            The stuff’ll kill you? Sure felt like it. Slowly Yvette opened one eye to look at the man, only to see his expression mocking her. She could feel annoyance start to bubble under her skin. She hated that look. He thought down on her. She had just realized. Her eye went from the cracked glass that was being waved in front of her to the man that leaned in. The next few words would set her on fire. One thing Yvette hated was to be looked down upon. To be called weak.

                                                            Yvette was not weak.
                                                            She was never weak.
                                                            She will never be weak.

                                                            A loud growl and Yvette pulled her head from the table. She instinctively reached out and grabbed the man’s collar. “Oi, I ain’t weak.” She shot daggers into him, wanting her glare to penetrate his sunglasses and melt his eyes. Fortunately she didn’t have heat vision. The quick movement made her sway slightly before she moved in closer, pulling him closer as well. “I ain’t no ********’ pansy, got it? I can handle another shot.” She roughly let go, pushing him back slightly before reaching to snatch the glass from him. “Pour.”

                                                            She would show him. She could handle it. Who did he think she was? Well probably some random chick that was asking for a death wish with that kind of drinking, but hey. He would soon enough learn who she was. He would learn either by her drinking or through an extra hole in his face. Either way worked for her.

                                                            STATS : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                                                            xxx HPXX ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 100%
                                                            xxx ADRX ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 0%
                                                            xxx STAM ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 100%
                                                            xxx RAGE ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ 0%
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Xavier heard the clicking of his dressy shoe-heels on the tile as he walked. He heard a beat in it, the click-click-click, mixed with the beeping, the talking, and one panicked, crying, frantic scream which consumed the sound of a death as spoken from a heart-rate monitor. Xavier watched as he walked by, as a woman cried over her husband, fighting nurses and doctors who had been trying to save his life. All the while, the ignorant heart-rate monitor persisted, letting all around know of the death.

Xavier reached the elevator, and rode it up to the ninth floor, where he disembarked the metal deathtrap, and moved his way to a certain part of this floor of the hospital. It was one of those more defensible areas, with longer hallways than was the usual, and not nearly as many corners. It made it hard for an escaped convict to escape without taking a shot to the spine.

Smack center in the middle of the hall were two SWAT members and five cops on the other side of the hall from the SWAT mini-team. Xavier approached, and saw through the window as a SWAT member rudely tried to defy physics, in hopes his gun and another man's stomach could hold the same position in space at the same time. Xavier placed his hand on the doorhandle, and immediately the SWAT member to his left pushed on him, yelling at him to back off. All of the police at Xavier's back has their hands on their unclipped pistols, waiting.

This wasn't according to his plan. Xavier gave a glance to the SWAT member to his right, who gave a strange expression, that others would find undefinable. Xavier shrugged, and reached forward, loudly banging on the door.
"Sir, I suggest you open this door before I get your pudgy little a** ******** fired."

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Tessa The Shapeshifter

-~-{[( Cowardice at its Best )]}-~-

Tessa cried out, surprised by the sudden violence. She made the attempt to move, to back off, but found herself incapable of such a task whilst her two arms were firmly chained to the medical bed. The handcuffs rattled angrily as Tessa struggled. She stopped dead whenever she heard yelling outside of the door. Tessa looked up, heard a loud knock, and then someone was yelling... At the police chief? The man looked behind him, at the door, his face showing a mix of anxieties. Tessa was worried now, because this was clearly someone above the police chief. Someone who could easily be so much worse. Tessa watched as the police chief nodded at the SWAT member, who opened the door. A man, dressed in a fitted suit, with a black-and-blue color scheme, walked into the room. He looked like he had just come from some fancy dinner, or a super-rich-party, and had an air of control. He seemed the kind of man who never worried.

The man blatantly ignored the Police Chief as he spat out words, and walked over to Johnny, hand extended, a bright smile on his face. He introduced himself as Xavier, before finding the seat on the opposite side of Tessa's bed from Johnny, where he sat down, grasped Tessa's handcuffed hand, and said the same to her.
"Xavier? But... who are you? Why are you here?" Tessa asked, nervously. She wanted to understand.

The Police Chief did not hesitate to join in her questioning.
"Yes, Xavier, why are you here? How did you know I would be here? What are you doing?"

Xavier responded with an almost terrifyingly calm voice. He had a slightly cheery tone to it which made him all the more ominous in Tessa's eyes, "Mr. Walden... Police Chief... I am here to ensure the deal we made continues to be held. However, seeing as he has been giving me the sign since I got here that you're a moron, it seems I've been betrayed by you, sir." Xavier pointed to the SWAT member in the corner of the room. He had been holding his gun left-handed since he had hit Johnny. The police chief looked, startled as the SWAT member waved his gun, SHOWING he was holding it wrong. Making it obvious to the fat man.Tessa looked back at Xavier, who now had a much deeper smile, his eyes locked on the police chief like a tiger, about to pounce. "I am not fond of betrayal, sir. So, what were you going to do? Sell them to the BlueLight Genetic Studies laboratory? Or take them there on good faith, have them cut open and studied? Heh, I am in control of that lab, and we both know no other place would do such a thing. We also know higher forms of government are not the path either of us want to go, especially since you want very badly to keep those skeletons neatly tucked away in your closet. So, Mr. Police Chief... Do you know what happens now?"

Tessa watched Xavier as he spoke, and watched as his eyes didn't wander. They looked right into the Police Chief's eyes, borrowing into the senior copper like a power-tool. Xavier's eyes never even glanced to the others in the room, and that was beyond intimidating.

The Police Chief studdered a couple of times, clearly incapable of words. He looked panicked, terrified. And then the SWAT member raised his gun, firing once. The police chief dropped, while six more shots fired off from the hallway. Tessa craned her head to see through the window that only one SWAT member remained, the rest dead. Xavier stood open, grabbed the key off of the police chief, and came over to Tessa. He unlocked her handcuffs, and then unlocked Johnny's. He turned to the SWAT member, and told him to plant the evidence. The SWAT member stepped out, and began helping his partner in the hallway.

Tessa sat up, rubbing her soar wrists, looking at the man, who was looking at the Cooler with an intense gaze.
"I have a job for you. The pay is good. Are you up for it?" Tessa watched, silent. A little stunned by all this. Was this the man who was in control of her fate? This sharply dressed, terrifyingly cruel, constantly smiling man?

Verlin the Cooler

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It all happened so quickly that it almost left his head spinning. The sharp dressed man, Verlin now knew his has Xavier, surprised him with how much control he had over the situation. As Verlin was uncuffed and heard Xavier give him the proposal he again was shocked, but he knew he didn't really have a choice. He looked to Tessa then back to Xavier,
"Yes sir, what ever you need me to do. The money was good last time." Before following Xavier, Verlin bent down and unholstered the police chief's sidearm and put it into his jacket. He had no intent of hurting anyone, but you could never be too careful around these cloak and dagger folks.

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Xavier watched the Cooler remove the pistol, and smirked. It almost had the impression of someone saying I Told You So, but Xavier had no intention of elaborating on such a smile. He turned and looked at the medical clip-board on the end of Tessa's bed, and smiled. "Your name is quite original, Jane Doe." Xavier scanned the clipboard, flipping through the few pages, nodding to himself. "My proposal goes as this, mister assassino. Jane Doe here is of importance to me. After seeing what she could do last night, and you saw as well... Her ability to shift form has great application beyond the obvious. If we allow her to be a destructive force, she will damn you, myself, and everyone else in this city. The moment a military brass hears of a creature capable of such... immunity to damage, I suspect the first option after planes dropping very indiscriminate bombs would be a malfunction at the local nuclear reactor. So clearly, we have reason to fear this young woman, beyond the fact that she could eat us both."

Xavier turned to Tessa now, and his smile was very gentle. He was unbuttoning his shirt as he spoke. "Young lady, I have a proposal for you. Do you see that there is no way you can continue eating people, causing destruction like you did last night, and live? Eventually, fire will be sent out to cleanse Nexus' streets, and if things get out of control fast enough, I doubt there will be another massacre before that happens. You could be a game-changer. So, what I'm asking is... Partner with this strapping young gent here." Xavier pulled off his button up shirt and jacket, revealing a blue T-Shirt with skulls on it underneath. He then slipped off his slacks, revealing blue skinny jeans underneath them. Xavier quickly removed the jeans and shirt, leaving him in just his snugly-fit boxers, which made him seem showy. He showed no embarrassment as he tossed the shirt and jeans to Tessa. Xavier then slipped back into his slacks and shirt as he continued.

"I will not force you to partner with him, and by extension, myself. It is your choice. I cannot stop you, and an unwilling ally is a backstabber in the making, anyhow. I just want you to understand this fully. I saw how you were last night, and in his presence, you are someone different. You stand to lose nothing and gain everything by aiding him. And sir," Xavier addressed the Cooler now, "if she agrees to it, keep her safe. I want her to not get dissected, if possible." Xavier was now fully clothed. And he had said all he wanted to. Tessa had incentive to stay near the cooler, lest she bring about her own doom. And the Cooler had incentive for the same reason, plus money. Xavier wanted them to realize that the situation could be very bad, and their actions could bring about horrid things.

Xavier was now dressed again, shirt tucked in, looking spiffy once more. He smiled, said his goodbyes, and stepped out. Outside, were the two SWAT team members, standing over the several bodies, along with several cops who had since arrived to investigate. Xavier's men were notoriously good liars, and Xavier could tell the situation was under control. As he walked by, he heard some spiel about a super with the power to control minds. Oh, Supers really were game-changers. They took all the old rules and threw them into a closed window, for the ******** of it.

Xavier walked down one hallway, then another, until he found himself in one of the hospitals labs, where a couple of doctors were looking at blood samples. Xavier moved into room, the door closing behind him. One of the doctors looking up, giving Xavier a questioning look. Xavier immediately said,
"Health and safety inspection." and that was that. He moved through the lab, eyeballing glass shelves, with labeled plastic cylinders, filled with red blood. Most of them were there so that they could be analyzed, the people whom's blood was in the containers needing certain tests so they could be diagnosed for this or that. However, Tessa's medical sheet said her blood sample had been taken an hour before Xavier arrived. Obviously, a normal hospital could not be expected to analyze and provide detailed reports of a blood sample that came from a being more multi-faceted than swiss army knife.

So Xavier would do them a favor and take such an overbearing workload off their hands. Xavier spotted it. The only Jane Doe in the place. He pocketed the plastic contained with the guile of a proffessional pickpocket, and then nodded to the doctor, and walked out of the lab. Now, he had something to do. This was good.

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Tessa The Shapeshifter

-~-{[( The Creature Can Only Be Human For So Long )]}-~-

Tessa was silent the whole time Xavier was present. Whenever he made eye contact with her, it was hypnotic. Like staring into headlights. Like emotions that consume that, control instinct. She felt sick to her stomach. She still didn't know what she was, or who she was. Tessa did not have words to describe a personality, or thoughts to place next to memories. So many things swirled in her mind as Xavier walked out, and Tessa was struggling to cope. "If I get away from you, I'll start killing again." Tessa explained simply to Johnny. If he mind consumed her body, she would be spread so thing... she would have no control. Whatever she was would be submerged, drowned underneath so many feelings, thoughts, and wants and needs.

Tessa looked up at Johnny, and felt cornered. Xavier didn't have to say it too terribly directly. He had made it seem like the girl had a choice, but she didn't. If she allowed herself to become a shapeshifter again, she would die. Everyone in the city would die. That wasn't good for anybody.

Tessa slowly, weekly stood up, pulling the iv out of her arm with a light cry. She then slipped the jeans on, which fit her a little baggily, but not bad considering the difference in size between Xavier and herself. Tessa put the t-shirt on over her hospital gown, and then took the gown off from underneath the shirt. She winced anytime she had to move her left shoulder too much, because the wounds still caused her pain.

Tessa stood there, barefoot, wearing baggy jeans that were long enough to double as shoes, and a shirt that draped her small form like a poncho. Ontop of that, her hair stuck up in funny places. She was not beautiful today.
"I'll go with you... for now..."

Verlin the Cooler

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Johnny watched Tessa get up from the bed and he held his hand out to help her.
"Here let me help you." Verlin felt a strange attachment to the girl and he knew he had to help her. He didn't want his city to be destroyed and all the innocents to be put out in a wash of fire. What had he gotten himself into this time? He was playing on a bit grander scale now and it worried him. She looked like such a helpless girl, but he knew what she could do. She was dangerous when he wasn't around her, and that made him worry that she might associate him with control. He knew that wouldn't end well.

"It's ok, I just want to help you Tessa."

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