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For centuries the wars of the Aru'Beran tormented the planet. The Scarluettes led bravely by their leader Ashito, the Arnition led by Feruchinan and the Knights of the Dissidence led by Empress Tirana A. Mariana. The wars raged on for over 400 years, about 350 years into it, the Arnition were nearly completely obliterated by the opposing sides, what was left of them still fought, on September 4, 4055 (exactly 375 years after the war officially began,) a new enemy arose, they were fierce warriors, nothing stood in there way, in less than three weeks, the Scarluettes were destroyed, the Knights of the Dissidence, in hiding, now, we are in a period between 4067 and 4069, this is where our story begins, we are the last hope of humanity, will you help us? Or will you fight for the dark..? Your destiny awaits...


Name: (Charachter 1st and last name/ user)
Race: (Demon, elf, human, ect.)
Bio: ( 4 sentences at LEAST, it can be as long as you want, hell, even a hole page!)
Pet(s) :
Power(s) :


1.No godmodding.
2.No auto-hitting.
4.Try not to 1-line (I understand rush post and not much to say)
5.PLEASE don't argue
6. HAVE FUN <3
7. Romance is encouraged, but keep it pg 14 please :>
Accepted Skellys

Name: Nicinence Tymance- w o c i i n w a T
Age: 17
Height: 6'5
Weight: 193.4lbs
Race: Arch Demon
Powers: Controls the power of Judgement, Darkness, and Flame
Weapons: N/A
Bio: Nicinence is the leader of Bravo Battalion in the Knights of the Dissidence, he is the youngest Grand General ever to have existed in the wars, and is quite a force to be reckoned with, he grew up as the son of the Arch Demon, Shichio Tymance, loyal servant of the empress, as a child Nicinence quickly learned how to fight, he witnessed his father's death by the hands of Ashito Streinge, the once proud leader of the Scarluette millitary, and has since devoted his life to the Empress and her cause.
Pic: User Image
Pets: 7 hellhounds and a raven named Klynz.
Name: Sam (He forgot his last name when he turned) <<xXLunar FoxxXx>>

Race: Hunter

Height: 5'4

Weight: 130.3lbs

Bio: Sam doesn't remember much of his past sense the virus had mutated his body into an ugly monster of his former self the only memory left was how he got infected. Sam had been home sick from school the day of the infection he didn't know what was going on he had slept through the panic people trying to flee the city, when he had finally woken up the power was out and it was still light out the front door was wide open and his mom was standing the the doorway so he called out to her "Mom?.." His mother spun around her eyes glowing yellow blood dripping from her mouth and hands she let out this horrible scream, Sam's first thought was to run but he couldn't move he was so scared his body wouldn't move his mind was screaming at him to run but he just stood there tears slowly forming in his eyes as his mother ran at him knocking them both over onto the floor that's when he was snapped out of it, he screamed and begged for her to stop trying to push her off the monster that was once his mother bit down onto his arm sinking her teeth into his arm but then a shot rang out. His father stood in the doorway with a pistol in hand he had shot his wife through the back of the head not even a tear in his eye, Sam pushed his mother off himself crying then his father pointed the gun at him and Sam flinched "Dad?!" His father glared down at him and he stated coldly "Your not my son anymore you'll be one of them soon your just a monster.." Sam quickly jumped up turning to run but his father shot him in the back his dad had thought he killed him but the bullet had passed straight through his shoulder everything went cold and he passed out. When he woke he couldn't remember anything but his fathers words...Monster monster monster...When he looked down at his hands they were long claws he rushed to a mirror his eyes were glowing deep green his skin was pale white...He was one of..Them..But Sam wasn't he didn't know that his body had fought off the infection before it spread to his brain he was still in control but his body would never go back it had mutated him that would never change...

Pic:User Image

Pet(s) :None

Weapon(s): Claws and fangs

Power(s) : He's a hunter if you don't know then you suck >>
Name: CDGP 34 or Suze / Tittle Mad
Age: 18
Race: Guardian
Height: 5'1"
Weight: I beg pardon?
Bio: Suze was not born, at least not conventionally. She is in fact the last surviving child of an experiment funded by the Scarluettes Code Named: Guardian Project (not terribly original, she has to admit). It was, basically, an attempt to make super soldiers. One that failed dismally but for herself, most of her batch did not make it past infancy, those that did were killed when the faction that created them was wiped out. Suze escaped entirely due to her diminutive size. Ventilation shafts and her have had a close friendship since the massacre of all others like herself. Sadly, she is rather vague on details concerning her actual genetic make-up. She is not entirely human... if she is human at all. She travels now, seeing the war ravaged world and dreaming of what it must have looked like before conflict ripped it asunder.
Pic:User Image
Pet(s) : Animals do not seem to like her very much
Weapon(s):Twin dao blades and/or whatever comes in handy.
Power(s) : Superior strength, agility, and reflexes; heightened sense of smell and sight, can leap tall buildings in a single bound (couldn't help it).

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