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- Cyneward Atreus -

- The Ex-Knight -

Cyneward panted softly as he recovered from the sheer shock of having a big toothy familiar flying at him, before turning to look upon Drythe, eventually calming down and watching him with a firm stare. "....." after a moment of silence, he opened his mouth to speak - albeit reluctantly. "One chance, Drythe. That's all I'm giving her. After that, she's on her own, and the two of you will have to decide between us or her." he told them, folding his arms for a moment, before he gave in and let out a sigh, allowing his arms to fall to his side. "I'm sorry you two, I'm not used to the whole strict leader routine." he explained, shaking his head.

"I'll try my best to keep a handle on the situation, but I'm probably going to need the two of you to help me. But I will defend anyone if it comes to that, alright?" he asked both Drythe and Arina, before focusing on the healer. "Will you be able to carry her? If not, myself or Drythe can. Perhaps I can arrange an easy method of travel to Nayavere. We need at least something to be easy for us today." he told her, managing a weak smile before he caught sight of a familiar face approaching. Placing a hand on his hip, he raised his eyebrows. "Well, look who decided to take their time. Waiting for your dramatic entrance, were you?" he asked jestfully, moving to his shirt and scalemail coat to place them back on once more.
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- Drythe Hallover -
- [X] -
- Repentant Catastrophe -

Drythe smiled lightly as he heard Arina speak. Every word giving him a little bit more hope. If that could be done then all of his problems would be solved, pretty much. He nodded to her slowly.
"I can carry her on my back, if needs be."

He looked back to Cyneward, who was yet to give a response to his revelation. He wasn't entirely sure what to expect, but he had faith in his new friend that their exchange earlier was for more than nothing, and he would try to accept him and his wishes. One chance, that was more than he could ask for. He nodded at his friend.
"I'm sorry that you have to know that about me, friend." He sighed with relief. "Thank you. ...I...I just want to see if it can be done." He glanced at the unconscious Cat. "As much as I have known sorrow, I have also known great happiness in the last couple of days. She needs the chance to feel that, and see like I did that life isn't just about violence. ...If it comes to it, you can trust me to do what needs to be done."

Upon spotting the other knight appear, Drythe suddenly felt very uncertain. With a preference for hiding in the shadows, to not see and not be seen in return, being bathed in light by the man's armour made him feel exposed and uncomfortable. He hoped that the people he had unveiled his secret to would understand that they were not to tell anyone else. They would have to understand if he wanted to live long enough to resolve matters.
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< Sir Justin Ramarith >
< O >
< Righteous Phoenix >

In the time it took for Cyneward to notice his illuminating presence, Justin couldn't help but sense the very odd atmosphere among the small group that were gathered outside the healing tent. One of uncertainty and animosity, but everyone looked to be perfectly friendly with each other. They were looking after a small child by the looks of things. What was she doing on the battlefield?

He frowned at Cyneward's eventual comments, not quite understanding that it was his coy attitude telling Justin that he was pleased to see him.
"We came as fast as we could after receiving the distress signal. As for my entrance, the Strifesworn need to be aware that we will not accept their actions. They may have taken the city, but my men will work to be sure that they are not ready for another assault of this magnitude for a long time. I rarely use my powers for show like that, but I felt it was necessary."

He folded his arms, the light from his flames slowly calming into nothing and walked closer to the boy to examine his wound.
"You've seen better days. That's an impressive cut. Looks like it's healing has been rushed though. I assume to make sure you lived." After a short pause, he stood up straight once more and let everyone know what was going on.

"I've arranged for as many carriages as can be spared or salvaged to take survivors back to Nayavere. Those who chose to stay home are currently setting up a space for you to sleep and be treated. We're leaving as soon as those carriages are full. If you know of any more survivors then bring them to where the road leading out of Feora crosses the hills. They are waiting there." He thought for a second, and then changed his mind after looking the group over once more.

"On second thoughts. Considering the state of your party, and the fact that you have a child with you. I will accompany you to the rescue point." He nodded to himself, Cyneward alone was a promising student of Malith, and worthwhile to make sure he left the city safe. Anyone whom he thought worthy of removing from immediate danger would do for the austere knight.
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The girls face flushed again before she moved away from him a little in a shocked manner," Y-Yes! I'm positive!" she answered before the girl carefully lifted her legs and pulled them close to her body. She ached, every muscle in her body felt as if it were being torn apart and that was likely due to the strain of battle. Sure she had rested for a while on her journey over but she still hadn't fully recovered from Sorvetta's attack. She had been lucky to get away from that attack with barely any wounds but this time, she hadn't been lucky at all. Her head ached horribly and after a moment she lifted her hand to cover her eyes. She wanted to cry, not only because of her physical pain but because she had let everyone down. The pain inside caused tears to drip from her tightly closed orbs as her body quivered. It wasn't until her sword and shield were brought out that she turned and gazed at the man in a slightly surprised manner. He had been nice enough to retrieve her weapons? He really was kind, though obviously odd. This fact caused the knight to smile faintly before she chuckled and wiped at her eyes," Thank you, very much uhm..." she paused realizing he hadn't introduced himself before she took shield and slid her wrist and hand into it.

'Can I at least wield them?' she wondered to herself before her hand closed into a fist and she tried to curve her arm. This action was a mistake however for the wound traveling up her left arm pulled causing a great deal of pain and her shield clanked against the stone floor with a loud echo. It was painful, very much so and it would take her a considerable amount of time to recover but she was confident she would be able to," You know, you're a very kind soul, Sir. Most would have simply left me to die on the battlefield and I wouldn't have blamed them in the slightest. I had prepared myself, mentally, for the departure but then you appeared and gave me reason to continue living once more. I will forever owe you so if you ever are in need of assistance, please, do not hesitate to ask." she voiced before she painfully reached for her shield," I am shocked, though. You retrieved my belongings. That is a rather odd action for me. I suppose because I would be far more worried about the person's life." she added with a soft and amused chuckle. Her mood soon changed when she heard him speak of Sorvetta and for a moment she paused in her actions of picking up the shield and simply looked at the ground her eyes brimming with fresh tears," Sorvetta is..." she paused for a moment to clear her throat,"...was..." she continued, "a wonderful place. Not to long ago, we experienced an attack much like this one but less devastating. Sorvetta lies in near ruins now. We managed to protect most of it and we're quickly working to rebuild it but it will never be the same. The blood that woman and her companions shed within my precious homes confines will forever stain our memories." she concluded her eyes shading over as tears dripped to the ground.
Artym Kay

“My name is Artym Kay.” Artym said inclining his head to Cyneward. Seconds later Balor came crashing down from the sky.

Artym recognized Balor immediately even as he was scrambling out of the way. The familiar's sudden arrival and equally sudden departure didn't sit well with Artym. It suggested that Maeve was either engaged in combat or had bidden her daemon to do so. So he tracked Balor's progress back up to the rooftops with mild concern. He was somewhat surprised when Denerius followed. If the green haired man knew Balor then he was likely on good terms with Maeve. Hopefully he would look out for her until Artym had finished his business with the others. Which actually was going to take as long as he first though. When he turned back they were giving their consent to bring along the demon child. Fools...

The arrival of Justin was Artym's cue to leave. Now that the others would be cared for he could focus his attention on Maeve and Denerius.

“Sir knight.” Artym said addressing Justin. “There are others who need to be evacuated. I will bring them to the rescue point. Beware of that child though, she is not what she appears to be.”

With that said Artym set off for the rooftops. He tried to follow the same path Denerius had taken but found the younger man's acrobatics a bit too much for him. He had to take a detour along a set of window sills before finally finding a place where he could hoist himself up to the rooftops. The exertion left him breathing hard and Artym couldn't suppress a quiet chuckle. A few years ago he would have been able to do that without issue. Maybe he was getting old. Or maybe the day's earlier exertions where finally catching up with him.
Quietly he sidled along the rooftop keeping as low as possible so as not to alert the person Maeve was talking with.

“Your friends are idiots.” Artym murmured as he came alongside Denerius, “What's happening?”
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Jake Lautter
The Devil Threads

Jake shrugged at Maeve’s first comments and answered her almost instantly. “So I am a bit of a hypocrite. So what.?” He then sharpened his eyes on Maeve at her final words before speaking as he rose a finger and pointed at her familiar. “I want that! Not yours, of course, but I want my own, and I want to make it out of my demon. Regardless of what you may think I enjoy being a human much more than a demon, and I think whatever you did to make your ghoulish friend there is what I need to know how to do with my demon.” As he finished talking he stood up and stretched a bit, seeming rather causal as he did so.

As he was stretching he heard a familiar voice that made his raise a brow and with a light cheerful chuckle he looked back over his shoulder and down onto the street where he spotted Arina. Then with closed eyes, a friendly wave and a cheery voice he spoke down to her. “Good afternoon Miss. Beautiful. It is so good to see you are in good health. Seems that is a rarity in this city at the moment.” It seemed that for now Jake had no idea of the two stealthy gentlemen watching him from the shadows behind Maeve, and he also seemed to not mind the agitated presence of Maeve’s familiar either. In fact Jake seemed very care free at the moment. One could only wonder if he knew something no one else present did.
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= Vincent Arwel =

= The Cursed Hunter =

Vincent shook his head with a smile as Anna confirmed her decision. As she trailed off as she was thanking him, he raised his eyebrows. "Ah, yah, where are my manners? Vincent Arwel, at your service." he told her with a brief relaxed salute, before raising a hand as she fumbled with her shield. "Oi, girlie! Take it easy, ya hear me?" he told her before turning his head and looking away as he scratched his nose. "Ah, I'm no kind soul, believe me. I am a bad, bad person. I don't even deserve to be complimented by you, honestly." he told her with a shrug before Epithesi appeared in his grasp, silently raging as it almost trembled with energy, begging Vincent to take the woman's life. Dismissing the cursed sword with a growl he shook his hand swiftly afterward, as though it were on fire or something. "Away with ya, bleedin' burden!" he cried, giving a tired sigh.

Turning his attention back to Cianna he pondered her offer. "Ask for help? Me? Hrmm..." tapping a finger against his chin he thought for a moment. "...Nah, m'afraid I canna' do that, love." he concluded, shaking his head. Giving a frown of pity as she spoke of Sorvetta's state, he paused, silently thinking about the words she had spoken, before, after a moment of quiet peace, he raised his head, a curious expression upon his face. "A woman?" he asked, tilting his head and taking a moment before asking the rather important question weighing upon his mind. "...Was she attractive?" he finally queried. Well, it had been an important question to him, anyway.
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❂☽ Maeve ☾❂

The woman hardly cared about Jake's apparent hypocrisy about manners and behavior. After all, she just wanted him gone. One would have to be blind or delusional to not realize that it was he who had slaughtered the men lying on the roof around them. He was a bitter reminder that any sentient being was capable of being a monster. But what startled her was his sudden movement, pointing at Balor and declaring his 'terms'. Her familiar snapped his jaws and growled. He wanted what?!

"I think I must have misheard you," Maeve hissed. Her mercury eyes narrowed. It was irrational how angry this was making her, but she couldn't help it. How he acted as though Balor was nothing more than a toy that she had created on a whim. The creature in question snarled, his tail slowly uncurling from around his mistress' waist. Every talon was being slowly flexed, as though he was preparing to take down prey. One of the shide's hands landed on his back, restraining him. "In the event that I did not, I refuse." A quick jerk of her hand dragged her palm across the spike of Balor's shoulder, drawing blood.

"Si vinxa ihk dout bisai. Lae iacona, si majak wux sia iejir. Jaka ssifisv, halkvri wux re rigluina tenamalo." The dismissal fell from her lips in a jumble of syllables. Balor gave a low rumbling growl as his form began to dissipate into the gray mist, before being scattered by the breeze. She did not bother to tend to the small wound on her palm, and only just remembered to close her third eye. While Jake glibly greeted the healer who was apparently below on the street, she murmured under her breath, practically hissing. When he turned back to face her, Maeve was waiting. "I will take my leave, rather than waste my breath on you." Her voice held a dangerous undercurrent, once again with the slightest hint of a keen audible only to those with hearing more superior than the average human's. With that she turned, and began approaching the edge of the roof, already plotting her route down.
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"You went out of your way to help me, that alone is an action worthy of a compliment, Vincent." the Sorvetta knight answered with a smile before she relaxed a little and glanced to the boy as his blade was summoned," Interesting, I can't say I have ever met someone that summons their weapon in such a manner." she admitted before she watched him dismiss it in a rather irritated manner allowing her face to harbor a confused appearance for a moment. He was a strange one indeed and he peeked the girls curiosity enough for her to inquire as he refused her offer for assistance, "Why?" she wondered out loud an even more confused look crossing her features before she gathered her thoughts forming a proper question," Everyone has the ability to ask for help if they need, why not you?" she wondered out loud before she turned her gaze to her shield upon the ground and allowed her mind to wonder over the deep grooves embedded within it. The fight had been a tough one, she had been ill prepared and because of that she was in such a state. Just how had that woman become so strong? It was unreal, she was far more experienced than anyone Anna had encountered. With her thoughts resting on her battle with Eoforhild, Anna remained quiet for a moment before the boys questions reached her ears.

"A-Attractive?!" she blurted out her head quickly turning to face the man a rather shocked look on her face. Had he just asked her, a girl, to tell him if another girl was attractive?! This came as quite the shock to the blonde and before she knew it she was tripping over a response," I-I don--S-she--I'm a girl, why would you ask me!? I don't look at other women in such a manner!" she answered her face turning a rather vibrant shade of red as she tore her attention away from Vincent. The question had taken her by such surprise that she hadn't taken the time to think things through and for a moment she sat there in thought before she spoke again her features taking on a much more sullen appearance.

"I suppose she does harbor a sense of beauty and elegance but I will never be able to see her as more than a monster. She took the lives of so many I held dear that her beauty will forever be spoiled." she answered with a more serious tone before she turned her attention to the unique man beside her, "You don't seem like her but earlier, you spoke of yourself as a bad man. So my question to you now is, are you the same as her?" he had treated her with concern and worry up until now but had it been an act? The knight should have been far more wary to start but due to her nature she had offered him trust. Was that a mistake? Was he going to use his displayed kindness as a tool against her? Did he work with the woman she had entered combat with? Though she gave no visible or easily noticed sign, the female knight tensed within the long coat that obscured her battered body and prepared to make a break for her shield on the ground should things suddenly turn sour between the two.
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Dapper Dabbler

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~Arina the Healer~

"It might be best for now. Till this wound on my back heals, that is. But make sure that no harm befalls either of you. I don't want her to hinder you." Arina replied to the two boys asking if they should take the girl from her before she heard Artym's words. "Oh hush. You don't have any right to be talking about her like that. I have half a mind to put you in your place." She said in almost a motherly sounding voice before she laid the unconscious demon down on something soft before she stood and stretched out her sore and tired limbs. She couldn't help but smile as she heard Jake's words. "You flatter me, though I wonder, whatever are you doing up there? Were you hiding?" She teased gently before she heard another man talk as he spoke of evacuation. She frowned slightly as she looked over at the now deceased. Many of them would have been too wounded to move and would have died eventually anyways. She guessed she would have to thank the little demon for killing them when she did so that they wouldn't be left behind to suffer more. She wanted to give them all a proper burial though. Even still, she knew she wouldn't be able to. There were just too many dead. She then looked back at the man as he spoke of helping them get safely to the caravan so that they could leave this city. She hadn't wanted to leave her home. She had worked so hard for what she had, but it seemed it was a pointless battle when there was too much destruction and more Strifesworn coming later.
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- Cyneward Atreus -

- The Ex-Knight -

Cyneward gave Arina a calm nod, reaching over to scoop up Catrina and rising to his feet, however after a moment he stumbled due to his extensive injuries, giving Drythe a meek raise of his brow. "Ah, on second thought, she's your...erm, whatever she is. I'll allow you to carry her." he told him as he passed the small girl to him, before turning and frowning mildly at Arina. "Do you need any assistance reaching the carriages? If your injuries are proving to be too much as of right now, I can help you on your way there, if you wish." he offered, before looking up at Ramarith as he spoke of joining them. "Very well...wait a moment, what about--" he paused, trailing off as he thought about Anna. If she weren't nearby by now, or with any of the others, then she was likely already dead. Giving a distant sigh, he shook his head. "Nevermind. We're ready to depart. I would add 'sir' to that, but you are no longer my superior, Ramarith."
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= Vincent Arwel =

= The Cursed Hunter =

Vincent rubbed the back of his head awkwardly as Cianna asked why he couldn't request help. "Let's just say alot of issues surrounding me currently aren't entirely what I'd want to involve anyone else in, given the choice." he told her cryptically, before a devious grin spread across his face as she grew flustered at his questioning. "Well now, no need to knock it love, plenty of gals have certain feelings about other women. Certain, passionate, inescapable feelings." he told her, adding emphasis to each word as he leaned forward to the woman with lack of care for personal space or comfortable boundaries. After a moment he backed away once more, only for his eyebrows to raise with interest as the woman followed up her confused outburst.

"Ohh, so you do have an eye for female qualities? Bit insecure about it, are yah? Nothin' to worry about lass, there's nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, there are some people who view that as a positive quality, I myself don't mind either way, but it certainly interests me regardless. Perhaps you should let a lady or two know what ya think of 'em." he suggested, before rubbing his neck as she ruined the moment with talk of the lives the woman mentioned previously had apparently taken. The blonde girl proceeded to only make matters more uncomfortable as she seemed to grow suspicious of him, asking if he was the same as this murderer of a woman.

Raising his arms out to his sides he cocked his head to the side casually. "No two people are the same, girlie. I could be better than her, I could be worse. Depending on how you look at it and how our own actions match up, we might be vastly different or somewhat alike, but not the same. Only flag I fly is my own, though I admit, that flag has been tarnished against my will. By what, I am not at liberty to say, but I assure you I've had no choice in the matter. But right now, I've saved you, and have no intentions of harming you now or in the future, so rest easy." he assured her, sitting back down and resting his head back against the wall.
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Weltur Maldrith
Location: Feoran Plaza


Weltur nodded and gave a few claps in approval as Nazarene's magical attack tore asunder a group of the fleeing defenders. This woman's dark magic alone made her a force to be reckoned with. He was certainly glad that they had met on polite terms, rather than on the battlefield.

The Strifesworn seemed to have gained a decisive upper hand now, and even as this new group of enemies hewed apart Strifesworn, their uniforms so stained with black as to be indistinguishable from those of the Feorans, they were slowly but surely being pushed back, the powerful warriors finding themselves unable to keep up with the seemingly unending flow of Strifesworn over the battlefield. Victory was assured; Weltur's presence would certainly not be required for the short remainder of this battle. At Nazarene's gruesome description of her plans for the shide, he frowned slightly and examined her.

"Not one for subtlety in your descriptions, I see! Well, I can tell you that I simply cannot in good conscience allow you to do as you wish with that woman while she adheres to my terms. I do not break my promises, Nazarene, not under any circumstances. I am a man of my word." He paused, brow furrowing in thought. It would not do to alienate Nazarene, but neither was Weltur willing to compromise his set of simple but rigid principles. How best to deal with this situation?

His train of thought was interrupted as a telepathic message broadcasted itself into his and Nazarene's minds, taking the form of a distinctive female voice, shrill and nervous-sounding. "Father, it's Loma! I didn't realize you were even still alive; I'd assumed some angry villagers would have smashed up your phylactery by now. You're with another vampiress? Figures. Well, we all have our types. Anyway, I'm coming to help out, so expect me in a day or so. And don't kill anyone in the prisons! I have to talk to them about something." Weltur chuckled. Did she really believe he wouldn't know her reasons for needing to speak to the city's criminal element?

Weltur turned to Nazarene, shaking his head in disbelief. "That was my daughter. She tends to finally show up to assist right when the danger's finally gone. Unreliable, but quite powerful in her own way. At any rate, here is what I have decided: If that shide is assisting our enemies in any way, she is fair game and you may do whatever you would like with her. If, however, she is giving them no help whatsoever, then I am afraid I cannot allow you to harm her in any way. So find her, and learn of her true intentions before you kill her. Something tells me she may be taking my terms rather loosely."
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Hilarious Hellraiser

★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф

Will it ever end?
Will I find what I'm longing for?
Will I ever walk out of the shadows so grey?
I'm condemned, I am hallowed
Icy fields they won't hurt anymore

★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф

User Image Nazerene just stared at him her mouth hanging open to reveal her sharp fangs as she gazed at him utterly stunned. For the space of two heartbeats her reaction did not change, finally though she got her shock under control as she spoke.
"A true gentleman, and here I had thought they had all died out but it seems I am pleasingly supprised" Nazerene said after he had tole her of his 'terms', like she'd care what the little seer was doing, the children as far as the vampire was concerned were a side dish. It was the that seer of events that Nazerene wanted, it didn't matter how sh got her hands around her neck, it only mattered when. A look of puzzelment came over her face for a moment as she heard a girls voice in her head, when it was gone and Weltur explaind just who it was, a cold smile came across Nazerene's face.
"Oh... I Like her such a sweet voice Mmmm..." Nzerene purred as she gave him a single nod.
"Well now if your letting your spawn join the fun I suppose it would be considered bad parenting if I didn't let my own have a little fun, after all what kind of mother would neglect her own son". Nazerene turned her yellow eyes on the battle, she rised her left hand toards that hateful blue sky and let loose a single bolt of dark magic flitted through wih deep crimson. That single bolt of magic was atuned to Nazerene's 'children' it was magic that called her own to her.
"He should be here soon.." the vampire muttered as she gazed out at the city as if looking for something. Her gaze fixed on what appeared to be a single faint green light far off from where they stood, it could be seen ever so faintly seen in the distant.
"Dali..." NAzerene sighed, as if she were remembering a pleasent memory.
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Demonic Darling

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Denerius Belfore

Denerius remained where he was watching Jake and Maeve intently as he listened to their conversation, Artym's approach made him tense but his amber eyes shifted to the man and he relaxed again, remaining alert while he listened to him. He felt a very faint smile curve the corners of his lips at his comment of his companions being idiots, Cyneward had some sense to him at least, he'd first said Cat wasn't to go with them, but as their leader he supposed that the young man had to make some certain compromises to keep the whole group functional, at least the blonde had enough sense not to trust the little girl at all. Arina however, and Drythe, both seemed entirely foolish, unfortunately Denerius had missed Drythe's explanation of just why he was standing up for the girl, or he might have held a little more understanding in his case, but he had no idea, though even then he would have pointed out some flaws in the mans logic. "Indeed." he agreed before he heard Artym's question as to the situation on the rooftop involving the seer and the unknown man she'd been speaking with, he glared at Jake for a second as he answered, "I'm not sure to be honest, but I don't like it at all, I doubt he stumbled across these corpses on a rooftop stroll." he said, his voice barely audible to the man he was speaking with, and certainly too quiet for anyone possessing normal human hearing to make out without being right beside him as Artym was. The exchange between Jake and who he could only presume by voice was Arina made him grind his teeth together, he'd swear a blind and deaf man with no sense of touch or smell would be better at discerning good from bad than that daft cow was. He'd almost rather have a strifesworn watching his back, at least then he'd know to expect being attacked, he didn't know if he could even trust her to keep any of them from harm if she was so keen on playing mother goose with their enemies, for all that he knew Arina would watch as they were stabbed in the back and simply scold their murderer with a slap on the wrist. He could tell already that he was going to have no end of issues with the woman, as nice as she might be she was completely imperceptive and stupid when it came to to anything to do with judge of character.

Pushing his thoughts aside for now, he would have plenty of time to deal with them later, he continued to watch Maeve and Jake, the man had pointed at Balor and exclaimed that he wanted one as well a moment ago, Maeve didn't seem to take very well to that and he didn't blame the woman. Denerius watched as she desummoned her familiar, expecting for Jake to make some sort of move to initiate a fight against the now rather unprotected woman as she turned and prepared to descend from the roof. He wasn't sure how she was planning to get down, but all it would take was a bit of ingenuity and good balance and grace, what he was more worried about was what Jake might do before she could get down, he didn't trust the man in the slightest and so he observed closely. If the man were to launch any sort of attack against Maeve then Denerius would reveal his presence on the roof and try to stop him and unleash his own assault on him, and hopefully were it to come down to that, then Artym would help as well. If, however, Jake allowed Maeve to leave without harm, then Denerius was uncertain what he might do then, the sight of the mangled bodies that littered the rooftop made anger boil in his gut, but he didn't know this man and his possible strengths or weaknesses, if he didn't know his foe and he didn't have to fight them right away, he preferred not to, instead observing them to learn more of them before he would strike, right now it would be better to get everyone out of town however. He'd seen Ramarith and his new troops arriving, but just as he'd suspected, more strifesworn began to suddenly pour out from somewhere toward the center of the city, this attack on Feora was far from over, they would have no choice but to flee for now and return perhaps someday when they were stronger and better prepared with forces to even the odds.

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