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Anna had no choice but to trust the guy so it was a good thing he seemed to be a kind soul. When he helped the knight to her feet she leaned on him heavily for support until she was able to sit back down on one of the benches. So, he had been the one to treat her wounds? This caused Anna to turn and look at him with a weak smile,"T-thank...you." she uttered with a hoarse and weak tone at first before she managed to clear her throat a little. She was extremely grateful that he had taken the time to help her and for a moment she turned back to look at the floor in front of her. Her armor rested slightly scattered along side the bench and realizing that her mind went back to his statement about seeing her in her underwear and how she could have asked for his cloak," I-I'm sorry, my underwear will be staying on!" she suddenly declared her face a rather vibrant red before she turned back away from him," As for your cloak, I wouldn't want to risk ruining it." she admitted her voice rather small at the time considering she was highly embarrassed. Things remained quiet for a moment between the two before she was able to look over at him again.

"Yes I am, my name is Cianna, most simply call me Anna. I'm one of the few knights that remain there." she admitted before she sighed softly and lifted her hand to examine it. It seemed her right hand was okay, which meant she could still wield her sword. She would simply have limited mobility and attacks with it due to her shoulder for a while. Her shield arm similar, to an extent, she would have limited force behind it. She was definitely in no condition to fight anymore," Have you ventured to Sorvetta many times?" she inquired her eyes sea foam green eyes moving to the boy while various strands of her long hair fell into her face causing her to lift a hand and brush them behind her ear quietly.
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Weltur Maldrith
Location: Abandoned Church


Not bothering to watch the Dhampir as it stalked off, Weltur kept his gaze directly upon the face of the vampire in front of him. He could tell what she was thinking; the bloodlust in her eyes was clear. His brow furrowed in irritation as she condescended to him. He'd let her speak, but Weltur had a feeling she might end up dead- really dead, this time around- by the time he'd left her abode. It would all depend on how she conducted herself now.

Weltur mumbled an incantation under his breath, and a number of pulsating orbs of light floated from the cages on his back, drifting about the vampire's chamber as they grew brighter, until eventually the entire place was lit with a warm, comfortable light that rather detracted from its carefully-cultivated atmosphere of shadowy foreboding. He spoke to her laughingly, dismissively. "You are a member of some splinter sect, are you? Pity the Order of the Yellow Sign has been bastardized by foreign idols. No matter- I'll unite all followers under the banner of the Yellow Order soon enough, for we were the first, and shall be the last." He began to pace about the now bright room with Kul-Malith in tow as the army of Strifesworn, now entirely underground and far too large to fit the church, began to file in, many lining up against the walls while the remainder stayed in the tunnel so as not to crowd the place too badly.

"Your threats do not frighten me, and you would do well not to make them. I see that you have not been gifted with any of the Yellow King's powers, for your flesh is pale and soft, and those that are bequeathed with his might are tough and earthen-hued. Your kind hides in the shadow, fleeing the solar eye of the King. I am gifted with a power that will bring your kind to a quick end. Fly at me and I shall leave you a heap of ash." His expression here lightened rather suddenly. "...But I shall answer your questions out of courtesy, for I would hope to pass through here without having to slay a creature so exquisitely predatory. I was the one who brought the Yellow Order to its height of power. In old Fahrum I studied the Book of the Yellow Sign and rose to prominence in the Order. I slew the false king with my own hands and took his land for the Yellow King. The Radiant One rewarded me with incredible might, and the Order ruled for years, until the fool populace rose up and toppled it. I was the only one of the high priests to survive." Having walked in a circle around the room, Weltur came again to stand in front of Nazarene.

"Now I know my mistake. It is not enough to slay the ruler and hope the people will follow. This city will be cleansed of all but the young, who I may teach as I see fit and thus raise a generation of loyal members of the Yellow Order. As for your kind, I have naught but respect for them, and though they were few and far between in Fahrum they were much beloved by the Order. Why, I took one for my wife once. She's gone now- Slain by some Dhampir involved in the uprising. The point is that I would not much like to kill you, and your help in taking the city would be greatly appreciated. I am Weltur Maldrith. What is your name?"
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- Drythe Hallover -
- [X] -
- Repentant Catastrophe -

Drythe had Catrina clinging to his arm on one side, and Cyneward clutching onto his shoulders from the front. He heard the words that his devil of a little sister had to say as they slithered into his ear, like they always did when she whispered like that. Cynewards outburst shocked him, his eyes wide as he cried and shouted in front of him about history repeating itself. He tried to interject with doubt and feebleness.
"B-But I..." He couldn't stop Cyneward's rampage of desperate logic, though. After he was done, Drythe glanced at Cat, then looked back at his fellow young warrior with wide, tear-filled eyes before lowering his head.
His next lines were intended for both of them, but he said them to the floor so that Cynward wouldn't be able to tell that they were meant for her as well.
"If I give in now, things will go back to the way they were before. I have done terrible things in the past and all I want is to make up for the pain and suffering that I've both caused and had to endure. My blood is going to be on the hands of the innocent whether I stand and fight and fail, or I give in to despair..." He was silent for a few more moments, then took a tight hold of Cyneward's hand.
"I'm not going anywhere, and the past will not repeat." He turned to face Cat with a coy smile on his face, his mind was still a complete mess, but Cyneward's encouragement had recovered him, for now.
"Did you hear that, sister? Your big brother isn't going anywhere. Not to worry." He was afraid of what she had said before, but it was like his friend had pointed out. There was going to be blood whether or not he was the one spilling it.
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~Shadow Cat Walker~

Catrina stood there listening to the two men, she was about ready to gag. Really? Humans were such strange beings. She shook her head as she listened to them before she heard Drythe's words and her eyes narrowed. It seemed like a losing battle and their game was now at a stalemate. Curse that boy and that stupid wretch of a healer. They cleared up his mind and it would take much longer to drive him to the edge once more. "Tch, I think I'm going to puke. You humans are all the same. So weak, so driven by such petty emotions. And here I was thinking you were about to once again transcend normal humans, Drythe. Oh well, I guess this game is a draw, for now, but as for those two." She paused and cast a dark eye towards Cyneward and Arina, her facade was now over as the shadows licked at her very being as she started calling them to herself. "Because they just don't know when to stop, I'll assist them and stop them myself. I can't have you have complete mental clarity." She said in her normal, darkened voice before the shadows formed the girl's large Broadsword. She held it much like a bat, resting it on her shoulder as she watched for a minute before a dark smile crossed her face. "You chose to have this happen, Drythe." She said before she sprinted at Cyneward. She then brought the sword up, above her head before, with surprising strength, she attacked the knight with the large sword, hoping to cleave the man in half.
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★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф

Will it ever end?
Will I find what I'm longing for?
Will I ever walk out of the shadows so grey?
I'm condemned, I am hallowed
Icy fields they won't hurt anymore

★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф

User Image Nazerene said nothing as she allowed for him to say what he wished to say, she watched him with hungry eyes, seeming to drink in his words as he went on. She could not help but let out a low hiss when light that foul brightness was in her home, her's was a place of darkness and still decay. When he was done, Nazerene stood, she came and stood before him, taking in deep his dry scent as she looked up at him. Running one pale cold dead finger down his robed chest in a playful tease she spoke, her voice sounding as smooth and as inviting as a goblet of sweet spiced wine.
"Make no mistake I am indeed gifted, just not in the way you were. For insted of having been favored by the king in yellow, I have instead been blessed by the Queen of Empty Night herself, for it is she who saw fit to birth me through the fangs of another, she too saw fit that I undergo the highest of rites, I was made my sweet, into the tampered dagger of her dark will, through me her holy design will be realized, for it is taught to my brood that our holy mother and the one in yellow seek the same outcome, and if that outcome is birthed from the foul sickness of yellow or the dark nothing of the way of black what does it matter which design was used, if all of creation can be brought to task, then surely both will be most pleased" the vampire said, her rats swarming to be close to their queen as she narrowed her eyes and for a moment gve the other such a rage filled glare that it could have melted stone.
"This vampire what did she look like, did she have red hair, what was her name?" Nazerene asked as she glared at him for a long moment before she took a single calming breath and calmed herself. However, that single show of sudden blind fury was enough to reveal the vastly unstable mind behind that seemingly cute innocent face, as well as something else, something far worse the a might be mad vampire queen. After a pause to seemingly gather her thoughts she resumed.
"I suppose it dosen't matter for surely you would be here before me if you had indeed crossed paths with her. And in any case the subject of Makers is rather moot considering I highly doubt she was even into the male race of anything" Nazerene sighed.
"My name is Nazerene St.Claire, my last name given to me by the one who birthed me anew and taught me the way. But that is nither here nor there for I will guide you through my dark empire to where you wish to go, I may even join you to aid in the cleansing of those who fight the way of the right" she turned away from him then, gliding out of his light and into the waiting dark gloom, turning back to him she stared with bright yellow eyes filled with wicked amusement.
"Comming?" she asked.
"For the will of one in yellow and she of the nothing can not be done by merely standing around, come we will talk of things while I guide you through these dark hollowed halls and chambers" and with that, the vampire queen walked into an opening in the wall that literally hadn't been there a moment ago, she was followed by her horde of rats, it was clear she expected him to follow her.
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Denerius Belfore

Denerius had watched Cyneward pulling Arina and Drythe from the tent, Cat following along as well while he struggled with one of the strifesworn. Runes had begun to trace themselves across the ground and snake towards the monsters, making Denerius withdraw quickly from the one he was fighting, taking a slash to the arm as he did so before the circle triggered at Atrym's command and impaled the strifesworn scattered throughout the tent all at once. It seemed that all of the monsters were gone now, leaving only one thing to do, check the wounded, it was easy enough to see that almost all of the injured people who had been recovering in the tent were now dead or nearly so from the attack. Only a young girl who had been injured in the attack on the docks seemed to have any life left in her, and he kneeled down beside her where she lay on one of the cots, taking her small hand in his own as he looked at the grim sight of the dying girl. Smiling a sad smile at the young man, the girl gave his hand a weak squeeze, "Don't be sad mister... I-I'll be with m-mommy and daddy..." she uttered hoarsely before the light faded from her tired eyes and her hand slid from his grasp. She was gone and there was nothing that he could do to help her, had a healer been there they might have been able to save her, but the healer was downed int he attack as well.

Some monstrous person had brought their minions into this tent and targeted helpless people who posed them no threat, they'd killed or at least severely injured the only healer left int he city that he knew of, and in doing so had signed the death warrant for many people. Someone was going to pay for this. Clenching his hand into a fist as he stood, Denerius grit his teeth until his jaw ached, there was so much carnage in the city, but the one place that should have been a safe haven had been destroyed. The only people who still lived had left the tent, and he had every intention of confronting them, throwing the tent flap aside, he stormed out in time to see Cat giving up her charade, the little girl speaking of humans being weak and driven by petty emotions as she yammered on about other such things his hand gripped his dagger tighter. He was beyond caring what excuses she might have, or even if she had been the only responsible for the attack in the tent, right now she was clearly an enemy, the girl charging at Cyneward and striking at him with the sword she'd summoned from shadows. Had he still possessed his throwing knives he would have launched them at the girl, but he had lost them to Weltur, he was limited instead to just his dagger, and so after she had attacked Cyneward he leaped at the girl. "You will pay!" he shouted as he lashed out at Cat with a series of rapid swipes through the air, his dagger may not have been as powerful as a large sword, but it allowed for fast attacks.
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- Cyneward Atreus -

- The Ex-Knight -

Cyneward smiled calmly as Drythe took his hand, this would be an important friendship that had been formed between them. Giving a grateful nod of agreement, he let out a relieved sigh, at least one thing beginning to look up for them. "Very well. Then we shall face the coming storm together, and change what fate has written time and time again. It will be an honor to have you at my side, Drythe." he told the young man as a small bit of confidence began to rise in him. He took a step back to allow him to speak with his sister, however the blonde ex-knight raised an eyebrow as his 'little sister' began to speak rather oddly.

Taking a cautious step back, he frowned with suspicion. "What are you talking about, miss..?" he asked before his eyes widened as the girl summoned a weapon, surprise coating his expression as adrenaline began to pump through him. "What...!?" he gave a cry of confusion, noting that she not only seemed to target him, but also Arina. As the small girl suddenly lashed out at him without warning, he swept up the flagpole as quickly as his reflexes allowed him, moving to defend Arina's motionless body as he placed himself infront of her, lifting the flagpole in a desperate attempt to defend himself and the elven woman. Catrina's broadsword tore through the wooden pole with ease, the blow it delivered only mildly softened. Slicing into his bare skin, the blade tore a large gash into the half-demon's shirtless chest as he let out a horrible scream of agony, his blue blood pouring forth from the wound, more shooting from his mouth as he attempted to speak, only to choke on his own blood as he fell back upon Arina's body, barely able to move as he still attempted to protect her. This was it, wasn't it? After everything he'd been through, he was finally going to fall here, the last of his strength ebbing away.
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~Shadow Cat Walker~

"Kukuku." Catrina laughed a wicked laugh as she heard the confusion in Cynewards voice before he moved to defend the elf. She then heard another cry out at her. She then grinned a wicked grin as she felt her blade tear through the man as she quickly turned to black the attacks from the other man who was now attacking her with a dagger. "Really? It's almost insulting, thinking you can defeat me with that little toy." She spat coldly as she felt it tear into her side for a minute before she moved away from his other attacks. "Looks like I'll have to finish you off as well." She said with a dark grin before she charged at the man. It wasn't until mid strike that she heard a voice she hadn't wanted to hear. It distracted her for a moment as she stopped in her tracks and saw the healer start to move before she spoke softly. "You. You wretch. I can't believe you're still alive!" She shouted with outrage. If the healer was still alive, it would make things harder for her because that woman seemed to be able to sooth Drythe's mind. "Never you mind though. I'll make sure I finish the job." She shouted as she started to charge at the woman now, ignoring all other people around before she watched as the woman seemed to dance away from her attacks. While they were lazy and slow, she was still able to move away and that caused Catrina to only get angrier. "Hold still you little bug!" She shouted out of irritation before the woman seemed to appear behind her. She then felt arms wrap around her small frame as the elf hugged her close, stopping her rampage. How dare she?! Though as the woman spoke, Catrina started to feel sleepy, not noticing the herb that the elf was holding. It wasn't long before the demon fell limp in the elf's arms and the healer seemed to drop to the ground.
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Jake Lautter
The Devil Threads

Jake had appeared out of nowhere it seemed but stayed quiet where he sat on the edge of three story building’s roof, with his legs dangling off the side as he stared down at the scene below between Cat, Cyneward, Drythe, Arina, and Denerius. There were others around but these four were the most interesting at the moment so Jake kept his solid black eyes on them, a happy grin across his face. Jake was not alone on the rooftop, though he was the only living being at the moment. In his boredom he had caught a few of the archer’s on the rooftops and about a dozen of their corpses lay either slice to shreds or strangled to death all over the rooftop behind him. He paid none of the corpses any mind at the moment however; they had fulfilled his want for amusement already and were now little more than dirt to Jake. When Cat was finally knocked out by the female elf healer Jake’s grin widened a bit but he still stayed quiet and watched, a few of his Devil Threads began to rise off of his form however like hovering snakes about to strike out.
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~Arina the Dancer~

Slowly, upon hearing people bickering and hearing what sounded like fighting, Arina stirred slightly as the wound on her back started to heal before she felt Cyneward fall on top of her. She grunted slightly as she felt the pressure on her wound before she struggled to sit up and saw what was going on before she felt awful as she watched the little girl attack the other man who seemed upset by her actions. She then looked down at Cyneward and gave him a weak smile before she ran a hand through his blond hair. "It'll be alright. I'll stop this fighting." She said in a soft voice before she muttered something incoherent under her breath, starting to heal the knight's wound before she carefully stood up and saw the girl now looking at her. Arina had a plan that she had hoped would work, she would just need to expose the girl to an herb that's pollen was used as a sleep aid. Then the girl would be out cold without any more blood needing to be shed. She then smiled kindly at the girl as she seemed to threaten her once more. Poor thing was starting to get angry. Arina couldn't help but smile as the girl pressed forward and started attacking her now. Using some of her dance moves to avoid attacks Arina looked for an opening as her body continued to protest the movements she was trying to force them to do. Finally, while the girl was in the midst of a downward slash, Arina moved behind the girl and slowly wrapped her arms around her, holding her close as she pulled the herb out of her pockets. "Please, calm down little one. I don't want anymore bloodshed. Please, just relax." She cooed softly in a nurturing voice before she held the girl in a light hug. It took little time before she felt the dead weight of the girl fall into her arms before Arina herself fell over from all the strength that she had used that she hadn't quite had yet. "That's a good girl." She whispered quietly as she had the young girl's head in her lap as she stroked her hair lightly. She then surveyed the area and a small frown formed on her face. "What happened? Why are we out here?" She asked, not to anyone in particular, but to anyone with an answer for her.
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- Drythe Hallover -
- [X] -
- Repentant Catastrophe -

Drythe's slim, smug smile didn't last for very long. He knew that Catrina was going to be angry, very angry, but he didn't account for the sudden outrage that ensued. It was all a blur to him, in his weakness he had no time to react and could only cry out Cyneward's name as the large blade cleaved down into his body and his new friend, of whom he suddenly felt very close to after he pulled him from the brink of insanity, fell limp to the floor. Drythe cried out.
"NO! Cyneward! No!!" He gasped in continued horror, whirling around to see Denerius take a pot-shot at Cat, too. As far as he could see it, everyone was too injured to even have a chance at taking her on, especially seeing as she was completely healthy.
She was right, he chose to have this happen. He chose to keep his sanity and as a result, everyone stood to lose their life. What were the chances of him leaving him alone if he chose to embrace his old self, and fall into despair once again? Slim. He was trapped, either way they were in big trouble. The only advantage of this path was that the blood wasn't on his hands. But, of course, to him it was.

Moments later he saw Arina regain consciousness, and he tried to tell her to run, being too panic-stricken to do much else. Her efforts were very impressive though, despite Drythe's pleas. He braced himself, expecting the kind and nurturing elf to drop once more. But she didn't, it was Cat that fell unconscious this time. Shocked beyond belief, Drythe watched the elven woman gently pet the demon. Almost lost in the peculiar situation, he turned and spotted Cyneward on the ground once more. Tears streaming from his eyes once more, he sunk to his knees and sobbed loudly over his broken body.
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Enduring Genius

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< Sir Justin Ramarith >
< O >
< Righteous Phoenix >

The darkened hills overlooking the city suddenly found themselves bathed in a radiant orange light, as if a giant torch had been lit in the distance. In the centre of a small but well-equipped group of men stood a tall individual in a very large set of solid armour that looked as if it was on fire. His long brown hair flowed down behind him. Flames stretched out on either side of his back like incandescent wings. Justin Ramarith stood proud with his soldiers and called out to all.
"To those who live, aid has come! To those who have attacked our precious neighbour, begone or prepare to face the wrath of Nayavere!"
After his short but sweet announcement, a wave of soldiers, a hand full of knights and a crack team of healers let themselves loose on the battlefield as Ramarith took a step back, followed by a tremendous leap across the landscape and into a group of Strifesworn. The ground cracked under his feet and with a great sweep of his zweihander, reduced them all to a mess of burning blackness. He stood, ready for the next.
"Run, Strifesworn! Or face the Phoenix Knight."

((Short new character intro is short, but I think it gets the point across.))
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= Vincent Arwel =

= The Cursed Hunter =

Vincent raised his hands out to his sides, tilting his head with a mock disappointed look. "Aw, come on, you sure? Absolutely positive?" he asked before chuckling and shaking his head. "Ah, no worries, you wouldn't be ruining it." he told her, shrugging slightly. "Sins are far more of a burden than stains." he mentioned as he leaned his head back, staring at the ceiling. After a moment he looked back at the blonde, nodding as he reached over and retrieved her sword and shield, which he had brought along with them. "I could tell from your outfit and your shield. I haven't visited much, but I know of the place."
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- Cyneward Atreus -

- The Ex-Knight -

The life was beginning to fade from Cyneward's grey eyes as he looked upon Arina, his breathing faint and distant. His eyes held the peace of a man who knew his time had come, but Cyneward was wrong. He would not die, not now, thanks to the woman before him. After running a hand through his hair she began to mutter words he didn't understand, but they eased him as much as her reassurances had, and over time his chest wound began to heal, the half-demon raising his eyebrows in surprise as life began to return to him. Gasping for breath and looking at the elf with an astonished expression he leaned forward. "Arina...?" he asked, amazed at what she had done, against all odds.

Turning, he saw Drythe at his side, sobbing loudly. The ex-knight couldn't help but smile feebly. "On your feet, soldier. I'm not dead yet. We've still got work to do." he told him with a weary chuckle, sounding far more like an encouraging friend than a commanding leader. Shakily getting to his feet he was forced to lean on Drythe for a moment before shuffling forward, his eyes landing upon Catrina in Arina's lap as they suddenly exploded into their vibrant blue. "She happened. The wounded from your tent lie dead because of her." he spoke, answering Arina's question as his fangs began to show once he bared his teeth angrily, moving towards the unconscious girl and raising his fist in a rage, preparing to strike her.

Staying still for a moment, he eventually gave a sigh, slowly lowering his hand. "...Drythe. Your sister - I hope you know she's not coming with us." he told the warrior before looking back to Arina. "Are you alright, Arina? How are you feeling?" he asked with concern, also noticing Denerius and offering a grateful nod. "Thank you, Denerius. I appreciate your intervention. I...apologise, for everything that has happened today. All of this destruction, all of this suffering...it is my fault that Feora lies in flames. I've repeatedly let you all down.." he told them, his eyes returning to their usual grey as he looked away with an ashamed expression. "I...am so sorry.." he murmured, his voice heavy with sorrow before he was distracted only by the arrival of a certain 'Phoenix Knight'. Could it be? "That unbelievable b*****d..." he whispered to himself as the faintest of smiles came to him, before his eyes fell upon Arina once more. "Ah, and don't forget now, I believe you promised my companions drinks, did you not?" he asked with a feeble yet genuinely warm grin, fairly confident that this battle was over, for now. Feora was lost, but their lives were not.
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❂☽ Maeve ☾❂

Oh, the cliches of it all. The ex-knight's words were so perfectly poignant, as though he had read from a script, saving the line for the most dramatic timing. But they were sincere. Balor relaxed ever so slightly. How strange. Her answer for Weltur came from such an unexpected place.Had they not been in the middle of a war=zone Maeve would have laughed. As it was, before she could apologize for her own behavior, she was startled by the scream. She would have followed after Cyneward and Artym (whom she was really going to have to ask what was going on. Why was he treating her with such reverence?), but Balor turned and snarled.

Whatever was wrong with him had to be dealt with. She would have to apologize to the others for not aiding them later. Balor took off down the streets, Maeve dashing after him. "Balor, itheik!" No matter how fast she ran, she would not be able to catch up with him. The familiar doubled back, scooping up his mistress with one enormous clawed hand before returning to his chase. He dashed to and fro, like a dog trying to catch a scent. Finally a direction was decided upon: the way from the healer's tent. But the method of travel was different. With one of his hands full, a powerful leap and flap of his wings brought Balor to the roofs. A short dash and a few leaps later, they came upon an interesting sight. A young man, and a pile of corpses. Though some could hardly be called that, little more than shreds of flesh and bone.

They were archers from the city. Maeve could barely recognize their uniforms, so covered in blood and entrails they were. Balor placed her carefully onto the the roof. Her skin crawled as she examined the young man, unaware of the drama below. She saw the thin coils rising off of his body, and Balor crouched, waiting for her order. The woman did not know who he was, but her creature could smell the death on him easily enough. Her requiem would be long tonight. It took only one word for the familiar to leap at the man with a loud, snarling roar, twice as fast as any strifesworn and more deadly than Kul-Malith.


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