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Divona Arethina
The Chubby Chocolate Southern Loli Demon

Divona smiled up at Shin as he introduced himself, giving a nod to confirm her own name, "Wonderful to meet ya Shin." she said, listening as he went on to say something about his father and his work, but part of it was lost on the demon as a strange woman popped up, spouting something about a man who ran past and his girlfriend, as well as complimenting her halberd, to be honest she didn't catch all of it. This was certainly the strangest day she'd had in a long time, very busy and crowded but she'd never minded crowds too much surprisingly, she was a small town girl, but she'd always loved the market place and the big cities she'd visited since she left home had gotten her very accustomed to large crowds. "Er, thank you?" she said in regards to he comment about her weapon, trying to follow the fast paced and somewhat jumpy line of conversation the girl had spewed out, but it was a bit complicated, guards and elves and who knew what. Divona couldn't help but laugh softly and shake her head a little, "Ain't you a spirited one? A brawl? Maybe these knights here would like to lo-" she cut short as she glanced over to see that Cyneward was close to Nico, looking as though he was about to strike him, with Anna holding onto his arm. The demon caught something about an army of monsters headed toward Feora and felt her heart skip a little as the concept struck her. Were they the same monsters her caravan had been attacked by? The Strifesworn was what the knights had called them, if there was an army of those creatures headed toward Feora and they'd already decimated half of Sorvetta, the city was definitely at great risk, and likely ill prepared right now. It took a moment for Shin's question to sink in for the demon, shaking her head a little she looked back up at the tall man, "Uh, sorry, traveler..." she answered, clearly a little distracted by the news about the monsters.

Divona was startled out of her thoughts by the shattering of glass as a man flew through the window of the tavern they were all standing just outside of. Yelping, she stumbled backward, catching her balance using her halberd as she blinked a bit. She'd been sprinkled with bits of the colorful glass and it took her a moment before she realized that there were a few bits in her hair as well as down the from of her dress. Frowning she brushed her fingers across her dark hair, dislodging bits from her pigtails before she had to fish her hand down her dress a little to get a few pieces, being careful not to cut herself on the sharp edges as she cast aside the shards. "Well, that's one way to make an entrance, or an exit I suppose, ya mind not covering us in glass next time though?" the demon requested with a small laugh, keeping good natured as usual despite the bizarre circumstances, though her mind quickly turned back to mention of the monsters that would be descending upon the city within the next few days more than likely. Turning to look at Cyneward and Anna, the demon cleared her throat a little, "You ought to take her to give her report." she suggested, though she was sure they intended to do so.
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~Arina the Dancer~

After many successful performances and many kind donations, Arina and the band of street performers started off, heading towards a local bar. She figured it'd be crowded, but she wanted to share her good fortune with those who might need to drown their minds in a tall glass of ale. She giggled happily before she started to skip. Nothing could bring her down. It wasn't until she walked into the bar that she saw the end of a "fight," resulting in an orc getting his arm broken. Arina only frowned slightly as she watched the scene unfold before she shook her head. She wasn't about to judge someone. That wasn't her job. She watched as the scene in front of her unfolded before she shrugged. The least she could do was heal the poor man's arm. She listened and watched as the orcs started to rage against a demon who seemed to be the culprit of the attack. It didn't bother her any. She only smiled as she walked towards the hulking creatures. She noticed some of the glares that they gave her. She had a feeling they didn't like her. She wasn't one of them and she had not doubt that they could squish her if they truly wanted to. As they tried to push the girl away and became a little aggressive, thinking she was a mere bug in their sight, she danced out of their reach, moving quickly from side to side and avoiding any attacks. She wasn't there to fight, just to help.

It seemed the orcs were agitated at her dancing around their shoves before she managed to break past them and approach the one with a broken arm. "This might hurt a bit love, but only for a moment." She said with a whimsical voice before she lightly touched the orc's arm, and, with surprising strength, cracked the bone to where it should be before she started to heal the tissue around the bone. She wouldn't be able to heal it completely, but with a small amount of rest, it would be good as new and he could go back to doing whatever it was that orcs did within a week instead of months. She grinned her cheerful grin as she wove the spell to mend his arm, orc's anatomy was quite different than what she was used to, but within a matter of minutes, she was able to mend it to where the pain would be gone and all he'd need was a little rest. "There, now it'll be better in no time love, just try to be careful not to put too much strain on it otherwise it'll break again. It should be better in about a week." She said with a smile before she quickly ducked away before she joined up with her group again. She saw that many people were dumbfounded by what she had just done. She evaded an orc's attack and healed one's arm without asking any questions. She knew that orcs were treated differently than most other races, though she didn't know why. They never really bothered her.
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Denerius Belfore

Denerius felt a cold chill sweep across his skin, causing goosebumps to crawl up his arms, hearing the voice of a woman behind him. Looking over at the woman, she gave the young man the creeps, crossing his arms he did his best to ignore it, not wanting to be rude, he turned his attention back to the fortune teller. Considering her words, he reached a hand up to play with his scarf a little, what should he ask? He didn't really want to know about his death, it would come when it was meant to, he didn't need to know the details, everyone died, that was the cycle of life and he could live knowing his time would come someday. Clearing his throat a little he looked over at the woman behind him again, stepping to the side a little so he wasn't in her way, not that she seemed to be bothered or possibly even aware of his presence at all, "You can go first." he said in his usual quiet tone, trying to sound polite, but it just wasn't a natural tone for him, and to be honest, something about her really bothered him. He needed to think more on his own question and so for the moment he would just let her ask her own and perhaps get a feel for Maeve and how genuine her abilities might be. Glancing around a little, Denerius noticed an old man looking at them for a moment, but he then began to work with his herb and Denerius decided it would be rude to stare, instead turning his attention back to Maeve and Nazerene, his fingers shifting the fabric of his grey scarf in a contemplative manner.
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Grimgor was fuming with anger now. Not only has this little demon man insulted him, but he walked away from the challenge! Was he too much of a coward to try and fight back? "Ya runnin' scared ya pansy? Bah, I guess if I was small I would run away and hide just like you. Come on lads, this git isn't even a challenge to the smallest goblin." Grimgor yelled at his mob of orcs. He turned around and was surprised to see that the orcs were trying to shove some woman away. Not Waznik of course, he was watching with a face of confusion. In no time flat, the woman managed to get past the orcs and heal the one who had the broken arm. The orc himself nodded to the girl with a blank expression when she spoke to him. Just as she left, Grimgor came in and cuffed the orc in the back of the head. "Don't you get soft on me." The orc rubbed the back of his head and quickly nodded to Grimgor. "Lets get out of here boys. Nothing left to do over here anyway." Once again the orcs stormed through the city streets in search for some last minute entertainment.
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The demon prince glanced up from Dinova when his peripheral vision caught the movement of a familiar figure. The girl form the weapon shop hadn't continued moving through the city like he had expected her to. Instead she was coming to a halt and he could tell she was listening in to the groups primary conversation. Her actions gave it way even if only a little. He didn't mind int he least, however and after a moment when his question was answered he held a hand up in an apologetic manner before his face," Please, Divona, if you'll excuse me." he uttered before he dismissed himself and strolled towards the woman and her horse.

"You know, I don't think they'll mind if one more person joins in. They seem like a rather lively bunch as in. Unless you're simply gathering information and listening for rumors. In which case I can understand your distance." he acknowledged before he lifted his hands and placed them behind his head with a rather large goofy grin on his face. Sure, he was probably the most childish character from the group but he took pride in the fact that no matter how grim a situation was he could always find some way to pop out a smile. After all, when you're the son of a demon lord who has little to no respect for you as an individual, you learn to just smile your way through it, right? Well, Shin could have become a self centered a*****e or something far worse but he hadn't and he was proud of himself for how he had turned out.

His thoughts remained as they were until a rather loud crash sounded behind him and the demon found himself turning around on rather high alert suddenly. His features had completely changed for that moment. His eyes had narrowed into a more serious and focused gaze and his wrist and fingers had moved just right for a single playing car to drop from his sleeve and take its place between his first and middle finger. He had prepared to attack the cause of the commotion, fearing it may have been the first of many monsters the blonde headed girl had spoken of but to his relief it was only a male involved in what appeared to be a bar fight.

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There are far worse things awaiting man than death
Come taste what I have seen
I'm spreading my disease
I will feed upon His precious child
The human race will bleed, they will serve my need

★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф★┣┓┏┫×╰ノ◢ ◣ ◥ ◤ Ω ж ф

User Image Nazerene thought, she licked her lips as about ten thousend and one thoughts raced through her mind finaly she spoke.
"Tell me who's life i will end to sate my need, tell me what card, bone and flesh show you, tell me my own future" the vampire said and came even closer, pointing first to the cards, then the bones and finally her own linless palm, which she then held out to the woman. Her bright yellow eyes seeming to burn the hunger for something, but of what it was hard to say. Nazerene waited for her to do as she told her. The things the vampire wanted to know were simple, she wanted to know who's life she would take, her own future, and most of all, who stood between her and that which she wanted most...

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Nico had simply relaxed after the ordeal with Cynewards temper. He had been preparing to dismiss himself form the group and go about his own business when the sound of shattering glass stole his attention and caused him to, like Shin, fall into a combat ready state of mind. He was quicker to process that it was only a bar fight, however, and once the worry had subsided in his mind he moved to the newcomers side," Hey there, you okay?" he inquired curiously with a raised eyebrow. Of course the man was probably experience a slight bit of pain, he didn't know many who were chucked through a window and perfectly okay. After some time, though, he seemed to prepare for combat and hold his own. Watching such a sight caused the vampire to take a step back and shrug.
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~Shamera Utaku~

Shamera quirked an eyebrow as she watched the man fly through the window and watched with a confused look on her face at the reactions of the others. She then watched as the man from before approached her once more and furrowed her brows, not in anger or frustration, but again, in confusion. He was inviting her to join the group? It seemed odd to her, she didn't really understand why he would do that. The only reason why she had stopped was when she saw the boy get ready to attack the other man before she then heard something about those damned monsters attacking. She remained silent for a while before she felt her steed push her with his snout. She quickly looked over to the horse and patted his nose for a moment before she looked at the demon in front of her and crossed her arms over her chest. "I wasn't trying to listen for rumors, I stayed around because I didn't want to see the child behave so poorly and attack that other man. Then when I heard what I had of the creatures, it caught my interest. I've been fighting them along the country side trying to keep them away from some of the smaller villages." She said, making sure the man knew she wasn't trying to listen in and butt into the conversation. She inhaled steadily before she then shook her head. "I'm not sure whether joining them is a good idea. I'm an outsider and it's rare anyone in this city speaks with me. They normally just glower or stare and then walk away. I'd prefer not to butt in and make someone uncomfortable." She said as she shrugged. It was the most she had spoken to a person at one time and it felt odd to her. For the past three years her only real companion was her horse. It was sometimes a sad realization, but she was a warrior, she wasn't about to make friends just to leave them. She would never be able to live in one spot for too long and she often times left people behind.
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"Connect the cuts. Connect the cuts." A voice whispered. Lacie's vision blurred as she stared up at a ceiling. Several figures dressed in black stood over her, looking down at her bound body as it struggled against it's leather restraints. She could hear a scream leave her throat as a man brought down a knife and dig it into her abdomen. "In the power of the Unnamed God I compell the demon to leave this child's soul. May her blood be purified." The blade dug lower and lower, her body slick with it's own blood. She released a cry of somebody's name, but it was too mangled with pain to make anything out.

The small girl awoke in fear, sweat caking her skin as her breathing struggled to even out. Dreams like that seemed to be getting more frequent and worse. Lacie brush her fingers through her white hair as a man walked in, crossbow ready to fire at the enemy who intruded his mistress's quarters. "Just nightmares, Break. Is my bath drawn?" The man looked at her in worry but said nothing on the matter, nodding his head to her question and helping the shaky girl get ready so they could depart. In a few minutes the girl was dressed in a pale blue dress and on her way out to the town. She conversed lightly with Break, who remained silent as he kept a careful eye on his charge. The girl, since her memory loss, had been prone to shake constantly and it worried her doctors. Lacie wasn't bugged by her health in the slightest but rather was bugged by the fact she couldn't remember how she came to lose her memory in the first place. But she hardly remained on the thought for long, since it caused more trouble than it was worth. The girl stopped to buy a few flowers from a young girl, tucking it into her hair with a quiet smile. "Where should we go today, Break?" She asked her guardian as they ventured through the town.

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Having heard Shamera begin speaking, Shin turned his attention back to her spinning the playing card idly on one finger. Of course he wasn't trying to show off or anything it was just something for him to do before tucking it away. Once it had vanished up his sleeve he found himself crossing his arms once more and actually adopting a distant look for a moment," The monsters seem to keep growing in numbers. It's a little unnerving to be honest. I've attempted to speak to my father about the matter but of course the man simply shrugs it off and claims I'm crying sheep in an attempt to be brought back into the Isou territory." he uttered. It was true, his father really didn't think much of him but it didn't matter.

"It's a kind thing, to protect smaller villages. Not many of them have anyone who can wield more than garden tools." he voiced with a slight chuckle referring to the fact most of the smaller settlements were nothing more than farmers who traveled to the cities to sell their goods. Learning that she had done her part to assist them Shin felt a little respect growing inside him for the woman. When she spoke of not wishing to join due to being an outsider the demon took a look of confusion, "That isn't much of a reason to keep to yourself. I can name at least three outsiders standing right here by this vendor. Anna, Dinova and Myself. I'm unsure about the rest but you aren't alone in that regard." he voiced allowing another large grin to coat his face, "It's always nice to have company, being alone can be rather boring and lonely. Well, you do have your horse there but having another soul to speak to is also a good thing!" he exclaimed his carefree attitude showing through.
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~Shamera Utaku~

Shamera listened to the man ramble on about those who lived in the smaller villages and then about her not having that good of a reason to stay out of the conversation. Even when she was amongst her own people, Sham hadn't been a very people oriented person. She was always pushed to train hard and be the best so that she could take over the family's school. She lost herself in thought for a moment as she grimaced at the memory of those who had tried to push so much on her. She gripped the pummel of her katana tightly before she realized what she was doing and quickly released her grip. "I suppose, but you three seem normal enough to blend in, at least culturally. Not to mention, I really haven't spent much time interacting with people since I left my tribe in the wastelands three years ago. I suppose I'm a little rusty on the social aspect of life." She said in a rather monotone voice. It was strange, why was this boy trying so hard to get her to socialize with the others? Did he feel bad for her? Why should he? She then felt her horse push her once again, towards the demon in front of her. She turned around and looked at the horse, who seemed to be giving her a look, telling her to just go and talk with the people. She then gave the demon a side ways glance before letting out a small sigh. "I guess even my horse wants thinks I should join you all. You're a persistent bugger aren't you?" She said as she place the palm of her hand on her forehead before running her fingers through her hair and watching for him to take the lease.
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Shin's eyes fell onto the girls hand while her katana was gripped and for a moment his smile faded. Had he offended the girl with his carefree actions or disturbed some horrific memories that she didn't wish to relive or did she just plain no like his company? Confusion filled his features for a split second before he lowered his arms and opened his mouth to apologize. He never received the chance, however for she had already began speaking and addressing his earlier comments. He would have to apologize another time then. There would be another time right? While they had only spoken a few times the demon prince enjoyed the company of others and so she was far from an exception. He remained in his thoughts for a moment until he was labeled normal and that was when another confused look crept onto his features, "Me, normal? I'm far from it. My father is the ruler of the Isou demon region. By blood I am a royal amongst demons. That statement isn't to brag, however. I enter a city and I'm lucky if a demon doesn't recognize me and harass me with a roster of questions." he responded laughing softly before he offered up a friendly smile," To me, you're far more normal than I." he added before her horse took the initiative for her and nudged the girl towards the 6'3" demon prince. Out of pure instinct, Shin raised his hand and gently placed them on the girls shoulders in an attempt to steady her in case she lost her balance. Once he was sure she was fine, however, he quickly withdrew his hands and held them up as a sign of peace. He hadn't meant to just touch her out of the blue but it was a natural reaction. She did seem to be warming up a bit more but there was no way she would just accept being touched like that. For some reason, the demon prince could easily see her twisting his arm behind his back for even thinking such things.

"It seems so..." he voiced in response as she mentioned her horses will to push her into the social gathering, "I'm often regarded as annoying so, yes, I suppose that would make me persistent." he answered with a laugh before he turned from her and began to walk towards the group once more," By the way, does your companion have a name?" he inquired curiously coming to rest next to Divona once again," Shamera, this is Divona, Divona this is Shamera." Shin voiced with a light and friendly tone with a large grin coming into play once again," I thought maybe I should invite her to the gathering, after all this bunch seems like a lot of fun." he voiced with a light hearted laugh.
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Rayne Tsurana
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Rayne pushed the empty teacup away from her, standing up in the same fluid motion, chair legs scraping against the cobblestone. Grasping her spear, she hefted it out of the dirt, swinging it in a circle above her head for good measure before lowering it to her side, tip pointing into the sky. Without the faintest idea of where to start, she went with the safest action, go where everyone else is going. Perhaps she could glean some information about her new sworn enemy from simply listening to the babble and bickering.

She stepped through the large market, careful not to accidentally skewer someone with her weapon, but it seemed that most of the folk gave her plenty of room to maneuver, but whether it was her stature, armament, or the obvious fact she was an outsider was unknown. I'm used to being avoided, but it's different when you're in a place where nobody knows who you are. I'm not being given a berth because I'm royalty, or proficient in the spear, nobody knows who I am here. I'm just an outsider. Doubt began to seep into her psyche, Perhaps coming here was a waste of time, I'll just have to go this alone. She found herself lost in her thoughts, almost bowling over a young-looking man in faded black trousers, innocently looking at some delicious fruit. The tip of her spear knocking into the roof of the stand snapped her back into reality, inches from running into the man.

Quickly stepping back a pace, she nodded her head towards him, bringing her weapon close to her again. "Apologies, I wasn't looking where I was going."
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Nico, having just turned to begin strolling away from the crowd of people took roughly seven steps with his eyes closed completely lost to his thoughts when the sound of a loud tap rang in his ears and his eyes shot open. Before him another woman stood and this time she was apologizing. For a moment the vampire blinked while he put what was going on together before he took a second to laugh, "I should be apologizing as well, I was in the same boat. It seems my mind decided to get the better of me and distract me from my current activity of walking. Please, don't worry about apologizing." he responded with a warm and friendly tone before his eyes caught sight of the glaring orc. He really wasn't having a good day, it seemed his fruit stand was far to popular for its own good and no one was buying anything on top of that. They were all talking. Upon taking notice of that, Nico glanced over to the girl before he pulled out a few gold coins and set them down on the vendors stand and picked up a pair of apples holding one out to her," Here. A token of mutual apology." he voiced with a smile.
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Rockazoid Rolleroid
"Rex Termina"
Demons always get what they want.

It didnt take a demon to smell the stench of Iron burning as the large horse thundered down the street at double what a normal horse could ever dream of. It was enchanted after all... Shamens and Mages in the area would pick up on the magic aura of the beast. Elves would have been able to hear it breathing even if it weren't enchanted, miles away. Fact of the matter was, Rex had made no effort to hide his haste. Passing a group of people, one being a short pink haired girl, another being a dark skinned woman with a large halberd. Though those were the only two who stuck out too much, mostly because Rex had met very few with dark skin, and no one with hot pink colored hair. Though they were still paid no mind, as he simply curved slightly around them. He thought for a second, there was a turn ahead, left or right? Screw, cut right, as the horse slid, its hooves biting like claws to silk.


The scarlet cat

"Ge-ah what the?!-" Alexis grumbled. "There he goes!" She exclaimed. "Later folks" she said, giving off a salute half way. She quickly, and quite acrobatically climbed onto a roof, dropping the cloak and darted off, hands and claws behind her with a leaned posture, the typical assassin run. She'd been taught many stances by a previous employer, most of which applied anywhere... though her favorite was always "Tiger", being a cat person and having cat like reflexes. "I should have been born a cat demon..." she said. Stopping on a falg stand, to see where this oh so well hidden man was, she quicky caught his view, seeing him cut through an ally. She took a bite from an expensive snack, one she obviously didnt pay for, and had snagged from a guards hand at some point, though the guard himself would never be any the wiser

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