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The Adventure Begins

In the world of Thelania, the city of Feora has been home to many different races for many years. Humans, elves, dwarves, demons, vampires, faeries, and more have all coexisted in peace for as long as most can remember. However, all is not well. Several witnessed attacks have been reported, all carried out by an enigmatic race of monsters named 'Strifesworn' often targeting farms and knight camps. Some have been commissioned to hunt these monsters, and mercenaries like to involve themselves for the chance of some sort of reward. However, one thing is for certain - the Strifesworn are enemies to all, and if they are not stopped they will tear the city apart, perhaps destroy the kingdom, and maybe even take over the world. But uncertainty clouds any sure way to put an end to the menace, and unbeknownst to many, the Strifesworn are preparing to attack Feora, and as the situation currently stands, the city will be devastated. Many will have to unite in order to stand against the Strifesworn, but will they do so in time?
Join the fight, and protect your land!
...Or, choose to destroy it alongside the Strifesworn, as one of the select few who secretly lead the monsters...
Whatever your choice - for better or for worse, welcome to the world of Thelania.

1. If you wish to join, create one profile or more and send them to me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can and let you know if you may join. Once you have my confirmation, you can go ahead and join right in.

2. All characters begin in the City of Feora, wether it is their home or they are visiting from another city or elsewhere. This basic rule will be lifted once characters begin to travel to different locations.

3. I don't mean to nag anyone about it, but please follow Gaia's rules and regulations, you probably know what that means; romance is perfectly fine, just don't cyber. No killing characters unless you have permission from the player, and no god-moding or power-playing.

4. Please try to make sure that you're at least semi-literate. I won't ever tell you to write a novel for a post, but try to make sure you type more than a line or two for each post, that's all I ask. Spelling doesn't need to be perfect and most punctuation slip-ups are fine so long as they aren't confusing.

5. Make sure to keep out of character (OOC) chat in the out of character thread, please.

6. Your character(s) can be pretty much any fantasy-related race. Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Vampires, Demons, Faeries, Giants, Orcs, basically whatever you can think of should be perfectly acceptable.

7. If you decide to have your character enter a large distance away from the current characters, then do not expect them to run to your side in a hurry. If it seems like you're being ignored it's probably because you need to make more of an effort to involve your character. If you really do feel as though something's wrong, feel free to send me a PM and let me know, I'll do my best to sort out whatever the problem is.

8. Don't go looking for ways around these rules or loopholes. Just don't. I don't mean to sound strict, but I am the creator of this roleplay and what I say goes, test your luck with me and I won't hesitate to kick your a** outta this thread so hard you land in the chatterbox forum.

9. I won't ask you to put a specific subject title or anything when you send me your profile(s), I do like to show some trust in the players of my roleplay. Just please make sure you've read these rules and abide them. Thank you.

10. Oh, and before I forget, one last thing; respect others and they will respect you. Please treat everybody fairly and be pleasant, we're all friends here. Characters can say whatever they please to each other, just don't make insults and the like personal. Trash talk between characters is fine, but any negative behaviour towards other players isn't.

11. And of course, have fun!
The City of Feora

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The Strifesworn

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- Cyneward Atreus -

- The Honor Knight -

"Hahah! Felled another one!" A triumphant cry rang out through the open plains near the city of Feora. A grotesque monster slightly larger than an average human lay upon a patch of grass before dissolving into a pile of bubbling black goo, the odd substance seeping away a moment later. A young knight stood a few steps away, sheathing his sword and taking a contemplative expression. "More of them at the very outskirts of the city...what could this mean?" his brief look of concern was quickly replaced by a determined grin as he raised his fist. "No matter! That only means there are more Strifesworn vermin for me to slay!" he exclaimed with a victorious laugh before facing back towards Feora, and returning to the city.

Walking calmly through the market district, he grew closer to the residential district, a tavern or two scattered nearby. The young man pondered reporting his further discoveries regarding the Strifesworn to his mentor, but decided against it, concluding that he could handle things on his own. Leaning against the outer wall of a tavern he folded his arms and leaned his head back, looking up to the blue skies above. "A hero's work is never done, it seems!" he exclaimed with a smile, at this point it was fairly obvious that the Honor Knight, Cyneward, tended to talk to himself a little. "Hey, shorty! Keep it down, I can hear you over the roaring laughter from the tavern!" a fruit vendor called out to him.

That was a mistake. "Who are you calling shorty!?" Cyneward screamed at the vendor, a large Orc. Swiftly raising his arm the knight fired a crossbow bolt from the unique bracer that sat upon his arm, the projectile piercing a watermelon and causing it to burst into pieces all over the wooden stand and the Orc himself. Giving a cocky grin Cyneward loaded another bolt into his bracer, raising an eyebrow at the fruit vendor. The Orc simply gave a grumble, not caring to challenge a foolhardy boy, and began to clean up the mess that remained.
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Hilarious Noob

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A gentle huffing sound arose from Cianna's throat while she remained doubled over for a moment. She had just run far more than the average person should have but in her eyes it was a good bout of training. After she caught her breath the blonde headed girl straightened her pose and proceeded to make her way towards the city of Feora. It wasn't long after that she emerged within the city's confines that she found herself looking around with quiet bewilderment. She had made it but where did she go now, maybe if she found a knight or someone of a similar status she would be able to figure out her next course of action. After some time of searching, however, the girl sighed and stopped in her tracks. She had no idea what she was doing. She remained in thought for the time being until a sound reached her ears and caused her to turn her attention to a local orc vendor.

"Ah, sir would you like some help?" she uttered and quickly approached the man kneeling down with a gentle clank as her blue and silver armor struck the ground. She didn't bother waiting to see if the man answered as her hands quickly set about cleaning up the mess alongside him. It was going to take her a moment to register that someone had caused him the misfortune he was experiencing but for the time being she simply continued to clean
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Hilarious Noob

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"Hey! You cheated you piece of s**t!" a rather loud, gruff male voice called out from one of the taverns alleyways. This would cause most people to turn and gaze but luckily for Shin there wasn't anyone to concerned with the outburst. The demon had been a simple game of pocker with a few of the lower class citizens and they, apparently, really didn't like to loose. The problem with bending to their accusations of cheating was that then he'd have no money for food or lodging. Keeping that thought tucked away within his mind the demon prince quickly sprung to his feet, stuck his tongue out while gathering up his profit and shot form the alley way," Bite me! I've never cheated a day in my life!" he yelled out glancing ove rhis shoulder with a grin before he took notice of the three men tailing him and yelped charging even faster down the streets.

He was a nible boy and so he had no trouble leaping over things that obstructed his path. He was also rather good at dodging around people and soon he had managed to rush far enough away from the tavern that he was entering a much more busy section of the city. He had to loose the guys and fast or else he was goign to be sleeping on a roof somewhere with a bunch of unwanted cats and other animals he had no interest in befriending at the time.
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Perfect Hunter

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Divona Arethina
The Chubby Chocolate Southern Loli Demon

"Did you see that fat demon girl back there?" a woman asked in a slightly hushed tone as she walked alongside her friend, strolling casually down the city street past the tavern "Yes, oh how awful." the other replied as they paused to look at the disarrayed fruit stand where the orc was still picking bits of watermelon from amongst the other fruit with help of a young female knight before they carried on with a disdainful look. Meanwhile around the corner the two gossiping women had come from, a soft, rich feminine laughter filled the air, followed by some amused chuckling as a short, plump demon continued on her way with a friendly wave, having stopped to help a man she'd bumped into. The middle aged man had been carrying a bundle of things to sell and when the two had collided he'd dropped it all, getting it all picked up once more with the assistance of the polite and somewhat strange woman. As the man headed off to tend to his business, the demoness too continued on her way, smiling as she walked, or perhaps strutted would be a more appropriate term, for she walked with an air of proud confidence and her hips swayed in a womanly fashion, like a model going down a runway as some people stared at the unusual sight. Divona was in fact a rather unusual person, for how short she was, standing at a meager 5'0" even, she was large, possessing, as some might put it, a lot of meat on her bones, and her dark skin seemed a bit less frequent among demons, but perhaps the strangest things about the girl were her lolita dress accompanied by the halberd she carried, having no belt for the weapon at present time.

Following along the same path the chatty women had taken, Divona spotted the ruined watermelon as the orc and the blonde knightly looking woman helping him cleared up the bits. The scent of the watermelon reached the demons nose and made her stomach give a grumble as she rubbed it with her free hand. "I'm so hungry my guts rubbin' a blister on my backbone." she mumbled more to herself than to anyone else. She'd been living off of bread crusts and cold porridge from the church which had been helping out the needy, providing food and shelter when able to those who needed it. Unfortunately Divona didn't have a single gold to her name right now, having been unable to find any work in Feora since she'd arrived a few weeks ago, having no particular trade skills to put to use. "Ya'll need any help over there?" she asked after clearing her throat a little, approaching the orc and the woman helping him with a friendly smile, unaware that the source of the broken watermelon was standing a short ways away from the small group.
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Perfect Hunter

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Denerius Belfore

Denerius sat perched along one of the low walls that separated small sections of the city, surveying the hustle and bustle quietly as he contemplated where to search for work today. He had a few frequent clients that basically hired people like him to work for their own clients, he didn't care for the middle man business, so much got lost in translation, but it got him work and that was what he needed, some people preferred to be discreet about their hiring, and some simply knew no other way to find what they needed. He could check in with a few today, he hadn't had any work since last week and his funds were running a little low, hopefully someone had need of a scout for their expedition or perhaps they required a bit of additional force, he was skilled enough with his dagger after all, it may not seem as impressive as a sword or some such, but it was fast and that suited him well. In fact right now he would take a job so petty as tailing some nobles lover to see what they got up to in their time apart just for a bit of coin, his room at the inn wasn't free and neither were his meals and he had only himself to rely on to keep a roof over his head and food in his belly. Hopping down from his perch, Denerius began to make his was through the city toward one of his usual job offers, raising a brow slightly as he noticed a tall winged man dashing through the city with people in pursuit before they seemed to lose him. Shrugging a little he continued on his way, entering a small building and heading to the back, ducking under the cloth that hung over the doorway. "Belfore, good timing, I just got a great contract for assisting watch-guard duties on the walls, they're looking for some extra people to man the battlements." a short skinny man with a terrible set of mutton chops said as he looked up from his desk at the tall green haired young man. "Hm, sounds good, I'll take it." Denerius said in his quiet tone. Nodding and shuffling through some paperwork, the man handed over a few pages for Denerius to sign, which he did before turning and leaving the building. Running a hand through his hair, he began making his way through the city at a leisurely pace.
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Hilarious Noob

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"Ah, you dont need to fret in the slightest. The mess is nearly taken care of but the offer is much appreciated." Anna voiced before she stood up and straightened her posture so that she could extend her hand in a greeting, "It's a pleasure, might I ask the two of you a question, however?" the blonde inquired quietly to both the orc and the arrived demon," I guess before I ask I should at least introduce myself. My name is Cianna, most simply call me Anna." she added in an out of order statement before she cleared her throat softly," Forgive me, it has been some time since I have interacted with people. I come from Sorvetta, a small city to the east. I was asked to come here to hold a council with the knights of Feora. My problem leads me to my question, however and so I ask, do either of you know where I might find the headquarters for Feora's knights?" she inquired with a hopeful look.

There were urgent matters that she needed to inform them about and this was the quickest way she could think of to do so. After all, who would know better than the locals of the city? She hadn't quite taken into consideration that they may have been travelers which was a mistake she could easily pin on her, well, slow way of thinking. She wasn't the smartest person but she knew enough. That was all that mattered, right?
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Hilarious Noob

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Not to far from where the vendor had been going about his daily business, a young vampire had rested. Nicolai, often known as Nico, had been peacefully enjoying himself upon a rooftop where he was snoozing peacefully before the commotion below had caused his amber eyes to open and a low grumble escape his throat. After a moment he rose into a sitting position and watched the Knight silence the orc with a single shot. Was he flaunting his status as a knight? Something didn't settle well with the vampire and soon after he observed the blonde offer the vendor a hand followed by the darker skinned demons approach," Well, I most certainly won't be getting anymore sleep here..." he grumbled trailing off before he fell from the roof with a gentle thud as his feet and hands broke his fall.

"Hey, Mr. Knight, shouldn't you respect the people of your city instead of bullying them." he uttered with a disgruntled look spread upon his features before it fell into a more nonchalant expression and he lifted his pinky to scratch the inside of his ear," I mean, I myself am no where near a saint but you seem to bring a bit of dishonor to the title Knight. I'm just saying." he added before he turned his attention to the two girls and the orc vendor and lifted a hand in greeting," Yo, how are the two of you today?" he inquired before he turned completely to face the two of them to offer up a respectful bow.
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~Shamera Utaku~

Leading her horse through the city, Shamera walked down the street, looking at everyone who shared murmurs and odd looks at her. She knew she was an outsider, just her garb was enough to give it away. Not to mention, many people kept their steeds in a stable. The poor dears. Horses needed room to run and be free when they were not with their riders. She let out a small sigh as she shook her head. It was truly sad, their culture was so different. Shamera took note of all that she saw and where she might be able to find the supplies she would need to start her hunt for this new evil once more. She then looked at her tired horse before smiling slightly and patting it's head before she decided it was time to stop and rest. She knew the law in this city was to keep one's horse tied to a post, which killed her on the inside, but she found a place where the horse would be able to lie down and rest. Once the horse was tied up, she sighed as she patted his neck and left it with a feeding bag before she strapped her naginata to her back, she would need to find a black smith to get the blade sharpened. That was just the first thing on her list. She walked down the street, contemplating a few of her thoughts before she heard children running around and playing a game. She couldn't help but smile at them, though their parents were in sight and for some reason their parents didn't want her near them. So without stopping, she walked to where she had seen a weapons smith before she stopped to look at the quality of weapons that he had kept. Nothing too impressive like what she was used to seeing, she almost wanted to look elsewhere. Once the weapons smith walked up, Shamera pulled out her naginata and set it on the counter. "I need this sharpened please." She said in a stoic tone before she placed a small bag of money, though enough to cover the cost on the counter, before she merely walked off. There wasn't enough time for her to stay and chat with him, she would need a few more provisions first, then she might be able to relax and speak with people.
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- Cyneward Atreus -

- The Honor Knight -

Glancing at the new arrivals Cyneward continued to hold his smug expression upon his face, until he gave a double-take at the odd sight of the very unique demonic woman who strolled along, and frowned at the phrase that she came out with. Raising a hand to rub the side of his face with an utterly bewildered look he murmured to himself. "What does that even...mean..?" he pondered, before something instantly caught his attention. The blonde woman - a fellow knight - was asking about the headquarters of the knights. And so, the young man would once again take his chance to be the center of attention, which the vain boy adored.

"Did I hear that correctly?" he began, approaching Cianna and those near her. "Well as a matter of fact, you are very fortunate! You just so happen to be standing before the Honor Knight, chosen saviour of the people!" he raised his hand to his chest proudly with an equally proud smile. "Now, judging by the fact that you referred to the location as 'headquarters' rather than 'barracks' I assume you're new to the city. In that instance, allow me to assist you! I can lead you to the--"

The young knight was suddenly interrupted by the deeper voice of the vampire who appeared, causing him to narrow his eyes and turn to the taller male. For a moment he showed a flash of anger, but he fought this back, regaining his cocky grin. "Hah! A simple misconception! I would never dream of such--" the Orc suddenly interrupted him. "I called you short so you defaced my stall." he stated before Cyneward flinched with a 'gck!' sound. "And you should have known better! Speaking to an enforcer of justice in such a way! But I believe you have learned your lesson, and I am willing to forgive this incident."

Turning his attention back to the vampire he frowned. "As for you, I am not any regular knight, I'll have you know. I am Cyneward Atreus, slayer of the Strifesworn! I will protect this city, no matter what!" in truth, Cyneward was good-hearted and only wished to do the right thing, but over-confidence and an inflated ego had gotten the better of him.
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~Arina the Dancer~

"Ladies and gentlemen, may we have your attention?" Arina's voice rang out sweetly through the busy streets as her group of performers sat ready to do what they did best. There had already been a group of people who had gathered, many people knew them and enjoyed their little shows. The thought couldn't help but make her smile. Once there was quite a few more people there, she only smiled as she took off her cloak. She then nodded to the musicians of the group before the sound of drumming began to echo in the streets almost demanding the attention of those close enough to hear. Arina smiled as she welcomed people for a moment before the flute players and the sitar player began to chime in. Arina started out with only a few small, but elegant movements while she moved her hips to the beat of the music. Soon, she began to use much more intricate footwork, making the dance even more enchanting as she could feel the music move past her ears like water and tried to mirror the sound with her dance. A dance that she had practice many times before to perfect it into the most beautiful thing she could. She could feel all eyes shifting to her as she enjoyed the performance until the music ended. With one last beat of the drum and spin on her toes, the entire performance stopped and the streets fell silent for only a moment before she could hear applause. She watched as one of the children who helped the group walked through the crowd, collecting donations before Arina and the others of her group gave a slight bow. It was a better performance than they had anticipated.

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