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Paradigm LaMonx

Rubbing her head, she didn't move away from the wall and attempted her best to keep her anger in check. "I keep ending up back here, I'm lost...I can't leave." She stressed, noting the iridium he was munching. An idea flicked through her head, she took of her assorted bangles, tossing them near him.

"They're iridium from my home, made specifically for the royal family so they have interesting properties. Similar to the pendant I showed you from before, your memory isn't gone, I assume?" Paradigm asked, watching 'Grex' warily and wondering if she was actually going to end up stuck here with this thing.
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Grex groaned, smacking his metal arm down hard into the desk, causing the light underneath it to cease working, aswell as breaking the hardlight surface, he turned slowly to her, in a darker tone than Grex's voice was, he managed to muster a single sentence "I'm p-paralysed...Not stupid...B-....Be...Be thankful...I..." He hissed, chomping on more iridium, as though he were starving for it's nourishment "I r...Remember...You......B****" He finished, coughing slightly, it took a lot of energy to be able to control his tongue in that manner, it was un-natural and hardly a viable option if he wished to communicate, he moved over to another desk, shifting through the books until he found one, dusty and falling apart, slamming it upon the desk, opening it to what seemed a specific page, an old fairy tail handed down over the years, about the hero's of an ancient world, he pointed over to the one of the figures...Looking a little like a smaller version of himself in a cartoony style, away from all the other leaders. The Metal Mancers were a race destroyed by a few of the other nations eons ago though, so they were long forgotten, thought of as a myth...After showing her he snapped the tome shut and put it back where it came from, returning to her, pointing both to her, and then the door, not amused with her at all.
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Paradigm LaMonx

The woman stood her ground and shook her head. "So you're old, and strong, and amazing, okay." A frown creased her face, looking at the door and knowing it would be a better choice to leave. "Even if I leave, I'll just end up back here. I'm sorry, but I'm lost and here and you are the only thing I know aside from Markus."

She chewed on her lip in thought for a few moments, crossing her arms. "If I could find him myself, I would of already. I would leave you alone and never show my face in Elon again, but that's harder to do than I thought." Laying a hand on the ground, she tried to sense out the king's own light, different from her own yet still light. She still had no power left and couldn't even get a vague direction.
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Grex huffed, seemingly within a fraction of a second, he had her by the neck, hoisting her up with his metal arm, then letting her down, slouching as he walked over to a screen, a momentary lapse in his control over his emotions, using his non solidified hand to type a message out, then showing it to her on the screen. It read;

'Even if I did want to find that stupid boy, I couldn't, For as weak minded as you are, I hope you realise i've lost my voice, thus i'm unable to give a direct order to find him, thanks to yourself. Note this though, as soon as you are out of my city and back in your own, i'm closing all portal support for your towns, caravans, and also reclaiming any technology of elonian descent due to your treacherous actions...'

He grumbled, erasing the screen after, bringing up two more, flicking between them quietly before turning his attention back to her, his stare unfaltering, she wasn't wanted, but it was hard enough getting rid of her, he also wanted her in a place where he knew he could sort her out...Though, they would be allies no more...Ever.

He typed again, showing her after;

'And if it wasn't obvious prior to you destroying my one form of solidarity and emotion, be it known that the treaty is over, we are no longer allies, and from this date until I reside, will never, be allies with the light faction.And you can be sure that when I am fully recovered and able to battle, I shall come for you, and I will kill you on the spot you stand, no armies, no guards, no allies, just myself, ripping your limbs from your body and beating you to death with them"

The screen disappeared after that as he closed his eyes, the grin still remaining, all a bit cartoony as he attempted to rest, his headaches were gone...Which was a plus..
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Paradigm LaMonx

The Queen froze as he grabbed her but took no actions, letting out a breath of relief when he let go. "Please, you're that old and know you hardly need words to get your point across. It's fine if you don't want to ally with me, kill me if you want." Her eyes shone with determination as she stood, slamming her hands on his desk.

"At the very least, you can try. However, if you want me gone then help me out. Neither of us are in a condition to fight. I'll make sure next time I'm more than a formidable opponent by myself." No more would she let men push her around and change her decisions. "What was I supposed to do, anyway? Go against Zenon and die for you?" It was muttered more to herself than to him, she looked desperate. "If I could make it up, I would of. If I could of found any other way, I would have...why didn't you just stand down? You had nothing pushing you into it..."
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Grex grumbled, typing out a message slowly in response, spinning the screen to her still in his lax state of motion;

'We...You and me...Had a treaty...If he laid a hand on you, he'd have been dead, but you took it upon yourself to attack me first, and you threatened Ox. You are not a ruler...But a child. You said you had no way out of it? You could have shouted, kicked and screamed, or taken the mature route and walked away. It wasn't my place to walk out of my own lab, my own home...But you decided the best course of action was to attack an ally in cold blood...And of course, I had plenty pushing me into this, I had to defend myself against your stupid temper tantrum, you nearly killed the fire brat too....I had to get him out of the way of your second attack, his body wouldn't have survived what you threw at me...Now leave before I finish the job, I still have enough energy left to tear you a new one...Child." He grumbled, crossing his arms, feet up at his desk, drifting off into what appeared to be a peaceful slumber, and after what he had been through, who could blame him. After a moment or two, his arms went limp and hanged off the side of the chair as he snorted slightly as he slept, a little like a chubby child, not a snore, a bit like a gurgle, his vicious maw open a little, exposing a large pink tongue inside, it was a wonder he wasn't dribbling at this point.
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[Tristus Fatum

All I wanted was peace!

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He had found his usual spot in his usual cozy bar, ordering his usual stead dinner. He enjoyed this city. It was just... fun to look at. You could see the charges running through the floors, the lights blinking with life. He had always felt electricity really brought a great sense of... 'being' into the world. Just about as much as fire or water would. He sat there, his eyes trailing along the fine craftsmanship of this Tavern, enjoying the old wore down look; he enjoyed the little things.

His plate was sat down in front of him, the steak still sizzling. 'On the house, Tristus,' the woman said. That was a first... what was that all about? He looked to the Chef and saw him smile and give him a thumbs up. Sure... he was a regular, but was he THAT regular? He knew the chef's name was Terry and the that Waitress was Saris. He knew a bit about their pasts too... but was he that liked in this place?

"Huh..." You make impressions sometimes, he guessed.

He then noticed something that WASN'T regular; a red haired man with a wound opened up on his back. He watched the man from a distance as he ate. He looked familiar. He couldn't put a finger on it. Where had he seen him? It didn't matter. He needed help.

He watched as the man pulled himself from the table and headed to his room. His own crimson eyes watched his movement and could smell the blood as it entered his nose.

"Well... that looks painful."

Now your blood will the foundation for that peace!
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Paradigm LaMonx

"It would have been the same as death..." She sighed to herself, a little of her energy had reformed so she spent it to form a blanket. The queen draped it over him and walked out, shutting the door with a soft click. "Zenon...if only you weren't such a thorn in my side. I need to get rid of that man and his blackmail..." No thoughts came to mind how to do this, she hung her head in defeat.

"Perhaps I should just...give him my crown. He knows I killed my father...if Silvante learned of that..." Another sigh passed her lips, thinking of her home and her family. Her memories came to surface as much as she tried to force them away.

A blonde girl who was about her age now laid in bed, the color gone from her face and skin cold. Paradigm, her older sister had gotten sick and passed away. She and her father stood at the bedside as a younger version of herself questioned the man. 'Will I succeed you since she won't?' The girl asked, looking at her elder sister with tears in her eyes at the death of the women.

'No, of course not. If not her, than your half-brother.' The stern man answered, her sister had told her of the boy she had never met. A cold, callous boy who was power hungry even at a very young age. He was sent away, she never learned where and she never cared to find out. He couldn't have the throne or Silvante would never know a moments peace.

That night she had hired an assassin, had her father killed in cold blood and covered up her sister's death. The young seventeen year old girl had fired everyone in the kingdom that knew her real name was Citrine and took on the persona Paradigm, claiming the throne as her own.

"He at least doesn't know I'm Citrine...maybe I can salvage this..." She sat with her back against the wall, staring at the floor. "My brother can't have the throne...and Zenon can't be allowed to speak of this.."

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Lucinda { Luce } Mehndi
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"If a tear fell from my eyes each time I thought of you, 
I would have a puddle of fallen wishes."

                                    Luce smiled at him when he expressed his excitement. He seemed to truly mean it as well, making her all the more excited. She watched as he stood, making his way toward her, kneeling in front of her. She could feel her cheeks color again when he pressed his lips to her knuckles, her mind going blank. It took her a moment to process what he had said before she could think of a reply. "You could stay here," she said, her voice soft. Flushing, realizing how what she had said sounded, she quickly followed with, "We have an extra room, so it won't be any trouble." She could feel her whole face turning red. She was surprised at how easy it was for her to blush around him -- being a natural flirt, she never blushed. With him, she wasn't sure when she hadn't blushed. 

                                    When he said something about waiting longer, she shook her head, smiling -- partially grateful for the momentary distraction, hoping the rose color staining her cheeks would fade. "I had everything I need here, more than enough, actually. You're village needs help, so tomorrow is fine. I want to help as soon as I can," she replied, watching as he stood. 

                                    Luce could feel the heat rising from her neck, uncontiously standing, as well. She staired in his eyes, seemly hipmotized. She felt the blushrush to her cheeks again, quickly looking down, fumbling with her shirt. "S-sorry. I didn't mean..." she trailed off, unsure of what she was apologizing for. For being attracted to him? For standing at him? She want sure, causing her to fumble with her shirt even more.

● ► Hope is the worst of evils, for it prolongs the torment of man.
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The next day, Grex was already up, having spent the night tinkering with some of the system in the lab, a mess of wires and sensors, changing things to adapt to his old self, seeing as a lot of the systems depended on his electrical prowess, he would now have to adapt it to work with his magnetic abilities. It wasn't as if he would have to change all the systems, just the main system which sent out the orders as it were. A few hours later he slipped in the last few cables, closing the main panel and sealed it shut, moving back a little bit, pulling up his metallic arm, a small screen forming in the air, he smirked as it disappeared, looking up at the rest of them, everything falling into place again...

...Still, he had to learn how to speak again, which wouldn't be too easy.
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☠ The thing with me is, I'll literally melt your ⒽⒺⒶⓇⓉ

            Markus remained in the bar for a short while, soaking in the atmosphere of the place. There was a rancid stench that he could not quite place, though the other patrons didn't seem to pay it any heed, which led the king to the conclusion that it could not be anything out of the ordinary.

            Nearby locals traded gossip and secrets over foaming glasses of jet-black ale as they tucked into meals more grease than food. The barman slid one of the drinks over to the place where Markus stood. He reached out and gripped the filth-encrusted glass, tentatively lifting it up to meet his lips. The liquid inside was lukewarm, bitter, and although nobody complained of the fact, clearly watered down heavily. Still it left a dull burn around the lining of his throat as it sunk down. He risked two more large gulps of the ale before setting the half-empty glass down and making for a door at the back of the chamber.

            He had been given a room upstairs, though when he arrived at the chamber it was found to be worse than Markus had expected. The bed was little more than a stained mattress, infested with various examples of insect life, and besides for a damaged old dresser the room lacked any other furnishings.

            He shrugged, the room was a sty, but it had blankets on the bed and lacked a window. The only two things which the king cared about, given his current predicament. He set abut tearing up the bedsheets, forging a collection of dry, itchy bandages with which to treat the open wound upon his arm.

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Paradigm LaMonx

She awoke slowly, stiff from sitting against Grex's door all night. Instead of trying the woman gave up and camped outside all night. Stretching, Paradigm looked around briefly, sunlight filtered in the broken windows. Her energy was hardly where it should be, but at least she could form new clothes. Rather than replacing her Pyrynn dress with her Silvite one, she simply fixed the rips.

"I'm still stuck here...I wonder if I should attempt to leave? I still have no idea where I'm going, Grex is no help..." Tapping her foot, she hummed in thought, indecisive as to what actions she should take. The Queen was groomed to be married off and obtain more land, not to rule her own and it showed clearly in her actions. Something she wanted to fix about herself but had no idea how.
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He waited for his queen to wake before showing himself. He yanked her up by her arm, laughing darkly to himself. I can't believe you managed to stay alive. What are you doing? He wondered if he should just off her before her power returned for a moment. It'd be quite easy. Her adviser pinned her smaller frame to the door by her neck, grinning at her wide eyes. It was so easy to scare her, she was a terrible queen.
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Zave Aetiel

To say Zave was a bit surprised at her forward proposal was an understatement. She made quite the strong impression to say the least. "Well, if you're sure it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience." This was someone he was going to have to work closely with for a while, may as well start now and get to know her. That wasn't the only reason, but he couldn't quite admit that yet.

"And..." He touched her cheek lightly, adoring the rose tinted flush. "That's quite a lovely shade of pink on your skin." At her stuttering and apologizing profusely, he couldn't help frowning. "Why are you apologize so much? I didn't mean to make you so timid, my intent wasn't to intimidate you." Was he that imposing she could barely meet his eyes?

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