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The World of Asriel

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The lands are divided by elements, the elements influencing the lives of the people and creatures that live there. Earth, water, fire, wind, electric, light, and dark. These powers live within the land and the things that live there, devastating powers of the elements are yours to control.

Pyrynn - Fire

Mounds of sand are all that make up this town's. Mostly desert, the only thing keeping the town alive is it's optimum spot for trade and commerce. Anything you could possibly want is bought and sold in the market place. An oasis in the center of town is the life line of the village.

Elon - Electricity

A city that is highly advance, the pursuit of knowledge taking place above all else. Surrounded by machines, discreet buildings and numerous scholars. The leader of this town is Savant Grex. This town excels in moving forward, thus the city and it's people are ever changing. New discoveries are always being made and the impossible and improbable happen often.

Aquaria - Water

Gallons of water make up this beautiful underwater paradise. This place is made up of twisting tubes underneath the seas, large compartments making up housing areas and the castle of the water city. The flowing nature of the water keeps the town neutral in any wars.

Rixis - Earth

Composed of mostly a thick jungle, the people here are natives. The land keeps them secluded from others, it's rare to see them outside their home. The land is alive with flora and fauna, the people living at peace with nature.

Uvini - Dark

More of a slum than a home to any, this town lies in a gorge that rarely sees much light. Many mercenaries and thieves have made their home here. In this place, power rules and the weak are never seen again. The dark keeps the people and their secrets hidden from the world above.

Altamira - Wind

This breezy village is high up in the sky, the land enchanted to float among the clouds. They prefer to be overseers rather than get involved in the conflicts of the ground below. The town is very self-sufficent and they no longer need to rely on any other nation or country.

Silvante - Light

A very clean, pure kingdom, at least so the appearance suggests. They are very heavily regulated on rules and order, the queen of this land is Paradigm. Behind closed doors there is no difference between dark and light, a seedy underworld is hidden beneath the white walls.

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Town : What town do you reside in?
Username :Self Explanatory

Leader of the Light
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Name : Paradigm (Citrine) LaMonx
Age : 23
Element : Light
Powers : Able to bend light into objects
Personality : Vain, haughty, confident, flirty and secretive
Bio : She was the last in line for the throne, her father finally passing on before she was named heir. A spoiled girl who knows little of the world around her, she flirts or uses her power to get what she desires.

She claims the name Paradigm, her elder sister's name, her real name being Citrine. When her father died he said she'd never claim the throne as her own, instead it would go to her half-brother who wanted to control everything. The princess hired an assassin to kill her father and covered up her sister's death, claiming Citrine died instead.

The woman no longer knows where Paradigm ends and Citrine begins, instead of even trying to figure it out she thinks only of her country. She wants to become a great leader for her country but doesn't mind ruling beside a king as long as her country is happy.
Town :Silvante
Username :Seranaide

Leader of Lightning
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Name : When it was asked for it's name, it replied in a monotone voice, "Inferi aetus" which appears to be latin for "A dead time.", though when other people talk of him after the event, he is referred to as being a Beast, or seeing as his previous manifestation was Grex, as Savant.
Element : From what is known, his element shows he is from ancient descendancies, holding a Metal element, thought to have been wiped out eons ago.
Powers : Primary power appears to be that of an illusionary prowess, being able to drag those he fights into his own realm where an "ideal self" fights the opponents. Anything that happens inside of the realm will not affect the opponent of the host on the outside world, but will allow for the host to make an escape. This power activates once he has harmed the opponent in some way, even something like a scratch will suffice should the enemy be weak enough. Ways to prevent the illusion taking over is much the same as the way the illusion is cast, by damaging the host. Secondary power appears to near ungodly speed and, as well as being quite strong, not so much superhuman strength, but enough to do some damage, and when coupled with the speed makes for a formidable foe. Final ability seems to be that he is able to change his entire body into a black metal, whilst it is able to protect him against most physical injuries, it should be noted that it is very susceptible to elemental damage, namely Fire, Electricity, and Light which don't seem to cause just damage, but also seem to cause him to turn highly aggressive when in the presence of one of these users. Elements that it tolerates the company of are those affiliated with Water, and Earth, these were apparently those allied with the Metal-mancers before their race were wiped clean.
Personality : This beasts personality seems rather simple for the meantime, doesn't act Hostile until is approached, or surprised. Seems almost philosophical at times, quoting things it's heard or read, not directly engaging in conversation unless it has something to show someone. It also seems unable to voice itself more often than not, maybe due to untold years of staying quiet.
Bio : From what can be dug up, and stories passed down. There used to be a legend of a skilled race of element users known as Metal-Mancers. They were close allies with the Electricity users, who they seemed to work with on a regular basis, coming together to create great things. Over time however, the electrical users wanted more, and threatened war upon those metal-mancers who failed to comply. Despite the Electrical users bringing the Fire and Light kingdoms into the fight, the Metal-mancers still put up a terrifying defence, but the result would be the same, the Metal land would fall. In their desperation, they had sought only peace, but decided that since they would fall, they would take their legacy with them, destroying themselves and their work so that it wouldn't fall into the hands of anyone else. It is not known how this metal-mancer has survived so long, but the likelihood is that it simply kept changing hosts through the years. After the destruction of it's race and it's pride, there is a likelihood that the being has been driven insane to the point of there being no recovery for it, but there is no telling as it seems to show the same aggression so anyone or anything that it feels a threat. It appeared as soon as Grex was defeated, emerging from his remains, coated in a splatter of blood, before the fight that followed where it escaped moments later. From what some of the historians who researched the age of the Metal-mancers, due to the severity of the war, and the metal-mancers sacrifice, they can only assume that Savant is the result of said war, a physical manifestation of the pain the Metal-mancers went through. It seems to be somewhat peaceful when approached by someone who has a set of books or reading material, at least until it runs out of material to read.
Town : The creature so far hasn't favoured any town, but appears to be sighted in the major libraries of the cities, oblivious to anything else around it until provoked. Usually steals books when it can.This may be an indicator as to something that the being did before being driven insane.
Username :Ipsywitch

Leader of the Dark
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Name : Daemon Alucard Kain
Age : Unknown Looks around twenty years old
Element : Darkness
Powers : Shadow Manipulation-Forming solid objects out of shadows
Shade Form-Forming his body into a black foggy substance
rendering physical contact useless.
Shadow Stepping-Moving from one shadow to another.
Shadow Viewing-Using shadows like a looking glass
Ultimate Shadow Form-Renders all his abilities useless but
increases his physical atttributes ten fold,
Causes his skin to turn pitch black.
Personality : Cunning, Psychopathic, Intelligent, Aggressive, and Power Hungry
Bio : Daemon had been the leader of the country for a long time. Longer than anyone would care to count. He had always used assassination and treachery techniques to get what he wants. He has also been known to always get what he wants.
Town : Uvini
Username :Legendary_Angel_Gabriel

Leader of Fire
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Name : Markus Exemplus Ignis

Age : 28

Element : Fire

Powers : Pyrokinesis, the ability to forge and control flame at will. Markus has trained for most of his life to utilize this ability and hone it into a natural reflex and a formidable weapon.

Personality : A very intense man, Markus never does anything in half measures and as such he's regarded to be fairly over-bearing to those of weak will. As an extension of this, he exudes a strikingly impressive aura of command about his person which both draws allies close and causes enemies to remain very weary.
Though he is a very serious man by reputation, the King of Flames harbours a warm heart and when in private he can be very playful, additionally his capacity for loyalty is immense.

Bio : Born to an ageing and frail king and his whore-concubine, Markus was raised not by parents but by retainers and palace-staff. His father figures were quartermasters, armourers and guardsmen while female nurturing came from scullery maids and serving girls. Not a desirable upbringing, but still he was raised a Prince and that had to be better than the life of most whores-brats. Besides a knack for causing trouble and resolving conflicts in a brutal fashion, his early years were unremarkable however his teens served to make up for that. With no legitimate heirs, the ailing king grew paranoid in his late years, especially of Markus who he knew harboured no love for his 'father', this paranoia came to a head when the king tried to have the boy killed. Aged 17, Markus found himself accosted in the street by a gang of twelve assassins. Only the prince left the street alive. A bloody, but brief civil war ensued and Markus claimed the throne on his twentieth birthday. Eight years on, he rules still.

Town : Pyrynn

Username : Malkav the Madman

Leader of the Water

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Name : Salina Merriel
Age : 19
Element : Water
Powers : Salina is able to heal with water and make most things out of water. To a leaser ablity she can use it as a weapon.
Personality : Sweet, Gentle, Protective, Intelligent, Prideful at times
Bio : Salina only became the leader of the city Aquaria a short time ago, when her father was killed outside the city. Salina's mother died giving birth to Salina so she never knew her mother. As a result, Salina was left in charge of the peaceful water city. Some what trapped since if she ever leaves she might meet the same fate as her father before her.
Town : Aquaria
Username : Angel_of_Death1665

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Name : Ox Spirit
Age : The body is around 30 years of age but the spirit has rule the earth kingdom for a very long time.
Element : Earth
Powers : Uses spirit energy from nature to manipulate the earth
Personality :Strong, Brave, Caring, Kind, and Protective
Bio : The Ox Spirit has governed and protected the forests for a very long time. Keeping his kingdom at peace, Ox taught the natives about respecting the land and it's creatures, keeping in touch with their spirits and the spirit of nature through meditation, and how to work hard, stay healthy, and be brave, kind people. Ox Spirit has to change physical bodies after every hundred or so years but his horns always grow onto each body and his war axe is always handed down to each new body he is born into. His axe is a symbol of his kingship and is just as strong as he is.
Town : Rixis
Username : xxXTwiinArmageddon2Xxx

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Name : Eiji Syuuske
Age : 19
Element : Wind
Powers : Eiji can enchant every weapon he possesses with the power of wind. He can manipulate the wind around him into its own weapon (I.E: bursts of wind gusts, surround his hands and feet in mini tornadoes, Form long and short range weapons}. Eiji can also glide/fly for a short period of time
Personality : Free Spirited, Tactical, Calm, Confident, and Aware
Bio : Eiji was born into the royal family whom ruled the fine land of Altimira. Ever since he could walk his father, and many teachers around, molded him into the ideal ruler. Although he was raised to be always on his guard and never to let people get too close to him, he does the exact opposite, he loves to meet new people and just have fun, but he also knows when it is time to act more maturely. Recently Eiji had taken a small leave shortly before he was appointed to the throne to go out on a long training journey and to find himself, which left someone else, whom he trusted, to take over until he came back.
Town : Altamira
Username : Broken Hearted Killer

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Name : Zave Aetiel
Age : 19
Element : Fire
Powers : Not particuarly skilled with his element, he instead prefers technology and makes strange gadgets.
Personality : Quiet, socially awkward, intelligent, blunt, insomniac
Bio : Zave's father died when he and siblings were young, he now works hard to support him, his elder brother and younger sister. He's a bit awkward since he worked and never had friends, not that he minds, his family is enough. He sees family as very important, and goes extremely out of his way for them, as such he over works himself and rarely sleeps. He is very blunt and often offends without meaning to, however he's not too stubborn to apologize for it. He came to Elon in hopes to improve his career and create something amazing.
Town : Pyrynn
Username :Seranaide

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Name : Sollux Captor
Age :19
Element : Electricity
Powers : Electric blasts from his eyes and hands.
Personality : Tricky, devious, cunning, calm. Often tries to prank others through computer viruses.
Bio : Sollux is an orphan raised on the streets of Elon. In his early years, he struggled to feed himself and never had anywhere to sleep but this didn't get him down too often. He always seemed to have a plan for getting what he needs, whether it involved committing a crime or not, didn't ever stop him. Later on in his life, he took to programing and coding. An easy talent to get behind in Elon. He became an expert at it though and started using it to his advantage. Hacking his way through life landed him steady income, a home, and all the latest technology need to keep him afloat. Personally, he wants to rewire the entire city to that he could easy control things from his computer but Savant Grex would never allow that from him. Savant Grex bothers Sollux all together. Sollux spends his free time trying to dig up dirt on Grex but hardly ever finds anything good. Sollux often drops in on Grex to run new program ideas by him. Grex hardly uses any of them though. Something about too many viruses in Sollux's programs.
Town : Elon
Username : xxXTwiinArmageddon2Xxx

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Name: Theta (A code name, she won't tell her real name)
Age: Looks around 26, she won't speak of that either
Element: None
Powers: Her glasses can spot physical weakness as well as give stats about the person, turn into a red fox
Personality: Blunt, focused, motherly, oblivious and anti-social
Bio: A scholar from Uvini who participated in expirements on people, she detested doing it but did so in the pursuit of knowledge. Eventually she left as one of Daemon's top researchers and went to find something 'more'. She longs to animate the dead simply to be able to, will do anything for science.
Town: Uvini
Username: Seranaide

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Name : Dominix Harris
Age : Nine-teen
Element : Electricity
Powers : Can control the electrical current around and inside his own body, can always see and understand the flow of electric waves
Personality : Dominix is a very adventures person, he craves adventure and knowledge. He was a bit of a prankster in his younger days and its still seeps through from time to time. He comes off a bit serious when away from his home or a land he is familiar with though he lightens up quickly.
Bio : Dominix was raised in a home for monks from the time he was young. His parents were much to young to take him on so they surrendered him to the church for safe keeping. Throughout his life he has taken a interest in not only the source of his power but the way the world works. It was rare to find him without his nose planted in a book. Needless to say he is a fairly smart person and after graduating school he left the church to begin his travels of the world.
Town : Elon
Username :Shadow_Romeo

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Name : Kylie Summers
Age : 21
Element : Earth
Powers : Kylie is skilled in magic growing, plants, vines, flowers ect. She also knows a great deal about plants and knows which can heal and which can be used to kill.
Personality : Kylie is smart and quick on her feet. She is independent and knowledgeable about the ways of the forest. She is also rather calm and prefers to think things through carefully.
Bio : Kylie has lived in Rixis her whole life, never really thinking of visiting the other kingdoms, why should she?? She lives deep in the forest and is known for her potions, made from the plants of the forest. Everything from healing potions, to poisons that are quiet effective. She really doesn't feel she needs much more than the life she already has.
Town : Rixis
Username : Angel_of_Death1665

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Name : Geru Terror
Age : No one can really tell. No one even knows what he really is.
Element : Darkness
Powers : Manipulates his body in whatever way he wishes for create fear in others.
Personality : Pure Hatred, Chaotic, Bloodthirsty, Cruel, and Completely Insane
Bio : No one knows how Geru came to be. He is recorded in history as a sort of boogie man, Scaring people to the point of mental shut downs and reports of missing children, never to be seen again. Some say he was formed from the sins of mortals, some say that he was an experiment gone wrong by some mad creator. He is no normal being and has caused hundreds of deaths. The current rumors of Geru is that the King of Darkness sealed him away forever, a long time ago.
Town : Uvini
Username : xxXTwiinArmageddon2Xxx

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Name : Syreve Naoya
Age :20
Element : Fire
Powers : Disk of fire, flame whip, flame armour
Personality : Laid back, critical, sarcastic, confident, flirty
Bio : He travels from city to city, more of a drifter than anything. The man claims he's on a quest for love but he definetly has other in tentions. His family has died when he was a child, he worked as a guard for King Markus for a short time.
Town : Pyrynn
Username :Lucretia_Necro

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Name: Zenon Yggdrasil
Age: 26
Element: Light and earth
Powers: Physical strength, short distances of flight, and basic knowledge of light and earth techniques.
Personality: Conniving, manipulative, short sighted, uncompromising and spiteful
Bio: Paradigm's adviser and unbeknownst to her, her half brother. He feels the throne rightfully belongs to him but makes no moves on it. Paradigm makes a nice figure head and generally leaves everything to him anyway. The royalty has a hidden ability to change into powerful dragons of light when their power reaches full, they grow their horns and wings. Being a halfling, he only has the horns, his powers far below of what a pure breed would be.
Town: Silvante
Username: Lucretia_Necro

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Name : Lucinda Mehndi.

Age : Eighteen.

Element : Wind.

Powers : Luce can create spells that manipulate the wind. She can also move objects, making it seem as if she is using telekinesis, when it is really the wind. She can heal others using her spells, but not herself.

Personality : Luce is a bright girl, very smart for her young age. She likes being around others and helping them feel better. She can pick up on other peoples emotions easily, and always feels horrible if she can't help someone feel better. She is a bit of a flirt, so no one can really tell if she is purposely flirting with them or not. Luce enjoys being around otehrs, but also treasures her alone time.

Bio : Luce grew up in Altamira with her parents, living a very confortable life. They were both healers, both with their own way of healing people. When Luce came of age, her mother taught her how to use her powers to heal people using her control of the wind, but her father disapproved of this because he saw it as "untraditional". With this, her father left and hasn't been seen since Luce was sixteen. Since then, Luce has learned slowly how to master her powers, learning of different abilities everyday, but only perfexting those she thought would be most useful. slowly, she found she could only do the things she had mastered, making her one of the best healers in Altamira.

Town : Altamira

Username : iBitterSweet Moments

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Name : Nyx Tana

Age : 17

Element : Dark/Fire (see bio for explanation)

Powers :
☢Elemental control: Disappearing into shadows, giving darkness physical form, turning the sky black as night at mid day
☢Pyrokinesis: Imagines a thing on fire, and it ignites; this causes her eyes to turn blood red

Personality : Short-tempered, but loyal; Extremely strong-willed; Aggressively protects those who win her favor; Flirty; Extremely moody (see bio)

Bio : Nyx was raised by her mother, Elda, in Pyrynn. She's a b*****d child- Her mother was raped when she was 16 by a man she knew only as Draven. Elda rarely spoke of Nyx's father, telling her only "You must stay away from Uvini, Nyx, you must! Draven will find you..." In fact, those were Elda's last words. When Nyx was 13, her village was raided, and all were slaughtered, save for those who fled in time. For days after, Nyx had feared her mother dead, until the one night she returned to the village. Her mother lay on the floor, a spear piercing her stomach. She whispered that same phrase, which she'd repeated to Nyx over and over since she was young. Now, Nyx wishes to find her father and make him pay for what he did to her mother... After all... He was the one who had killed her.

Town : Moving from Pyrynn to Uvini

Username : xXForeverxFallenxNyxXx

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Name: Ruelei Farin
Age: looks 15
Element: Earth
Powers: Uses flowers and petals for his attacks, able to turn petals into razors, can heal to a small degree
Personality: Evasive, soft-spoken, peaceful, easy-going and mischievous
Bio: A traveling bard who wanders from town to town, he likes interacting with people, especially the leaders as their personalities tend to be more fun. He doesn't remember how long he's been around or much about the world, but he loves learning about the people around him.
Town: Rixis
Username: Lucretia_necro

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Name : Jace Rivaan, Alias; The Sage Spectre
Age : 21
Element : Light
Powers : Jace's control over light focuses on 3 specialties complete with alliteration;
- Fading: Vision is based on the reflection of light on various surfaces. Jace can allow that light to pass through him entirely, rendering him invisible.
- Phantasms: Jace can weave light into elaborate illusions...perfectly convincing mirages. They are warm to the touch, but otherwise cannot interact with solid objects or make sound.
- Flash Point: Jace's masterstroke; in a flash, he can convert his mass into light and bolt from point to point at light speed. It looks like teleportation. Like his phantasms, he cannot meaningfully interact with solid objects in this state.
Personality : Jace is sarcastic, flirtatious, and relatively amoral. He's a thief for a living, after all. He lives for the moment and does seeks nothing but thrills and fun. He doesn't like killing, but has no problem with violence, even taking his time to master two different unarmed martial arts along with knife fighting (And let's not forget throwing) to keep his body in shape and defend himself when necessary.
Bio : Jace makes his living as a master thief...a job perfectly suited for his light based abilities. He enjoys the finer things life; wine, women, and laughter, and his skills have made his life carefree and easy for the most part. He tends not to take sides in larger issues...not caring about wars or nations...simple doing whatever makes him smile. He is often hired to steal priceless objects for others, ranging from jewels to artifacts to documents, and this kind of commissioned work often pays much more than fencing random valuables. When he's not stealing, he can usually be found lazing about at home or partying in a bar.
Town : Despite being born in Silvante, Drake makes his home in the seedy slums of Uvini, where criminals can thrive openly. He also has a home in Elon...the tech there usually fetches high prices.
Username : DiegoAvalon

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Name : Aleria Marie Enten
Age : Appears to be about 21, her actually age is unknown
Element : Light and Electricity
Powers : Aleria is able to suppose both elements to her hands, She can also flash teleport. With her light ablility is can summon a minor healing skill.
Personality : Bright, smart, rather serious at times, calm, curious
Bio : Aleira was born on the out skirts of Silvante, her mother a light being and her father was a electric being. Her mother had been odd for her race, she was very logical and enjoyed reading and study. It was because of this that her mother was helping her father doing research and experiments. The pair found common ground and decided to live together, Aleira was born unto them many many years ago. They split up some 1000 years after Aleria was born, her father moving back to Elon and her mother staying in Silvante. After a while Aleria moved off on her own choosing at this time to stay in Silvante rather than moving to Elon. Aleria enjoys reading and study much like her parents before her. She travels a great deal, with the aid of her powers.
Town : Silvante is where her house is
Username : Angel_of_Death1665

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Name : Terra Walker
Age : Looks to be about 23 but no one really knows
Element : Earth and Fire
Powers : Molting Rock- Mixes his fire and earth together to make a lava like substance to attack his enemies with.
Steel armor- pulls ores out from deep within the earth to create battle armor, it may not look good but it can protect his body from harm.
Firey touch- His hands catch on fire and when he touches something or someone they either melt or catch on fire.
Personality : Calm, Collected, Rather serious at times, Can be protective of the ones he cares about, and Willing to do whatever he has to do to get what he wants.
Bio : Terra was born knowing how to use the Earth Element, he spent many years perfecting his skills and finding the best way to use them in battle. Terra was a born fighter and did everything he could to be the best, however, he realized to be the best he needed to be stronger. So for reasons unknown and with anger in his heart he left Rixis many years ago on a journey to strengthen his body and mind, now with his journey complete and a new set of skills he returns to where he was born to finally prove to all he is the best.
Town : Mainly Rixis but he travels alot
Username :Onirama

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Name : Tara Igallus
Age :21
Element : fire
Powers : Tara can manipulate flames and make them shaped into weapons or objects for her personal use. She can also use the heat of fire.
Personality :strong, fierce at times, cheerful, cunning, intelligent, somewhat mischievous
Bio : Tara was born in Pyrynn and was used to the desert life since she was born. Her mother was sick and she died at the birth and her father was a traveller so as soon as she was born he left. Tara was taken care by an old pair of merchants, some kind people that sold charms and magic items. They raised her till she became 8, when they were too old to take care of her. She has been living by herself in the small village-town. She has been living a happy life and when she got at the age of 14 she started working as a merchant too to gather money. She decided to become a traveller when she was 17 and eventually find her father. After a long travel at Rixis she found out that her father had died. She was sad and decided to go back at her home town where she sadly found out that the old people that raised her had died as well. Even though in pain, Tara decided to be strong and she has been living independently in Pyrynn ever since. Her skills on the fire element have gotten stronger and she often gets in fights, sometimes with people who just ask for it and usually with thieves who try to steal from the big market place. Her strong will and personality have come in handy to her since she's been through a lot in her life. Her motto is "if your heart is still beating, you can still keep fighting!"
Town : Pyrynn
Username :TheDemon777

User Image : Tristus Fatum
Age : 28
Element : Electricity
Powers : Blessing of Charge: Charges the muscle fibers with electrical energy, sending the potential of the person's natural ability soaring.
"To me!" : Enables the user to summon his weapon from thin air to his palm, regardless of location or dimension.
Personality: Philosophic, Intelligent, Charming, Strong-willed, Calm
Bio : "We are worlds apart in our beliefs."
Once upon a time, a soldier, standing at over seven feet tall with a body as wide and power as an ox stood before the Thrones of the severed elements. Once upon a time, he beckoned for something to be done to mend the tithes. None wanted it. All were comfortable being segregated and arrogant. Their beliefs set them apart from his own. So... this soldier, one day, decided he would do something drastic, and declare war on all the elements.
"Damn your blindness! I only want to see a world were we are all equal! Where we are all able to be at peace! If you do not wish for peace, then the only logical answer is to give you destruction!"
Town : N/A
Username : The x Final x Boss

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Name : Enzle Ebitah
Age : 19
Element : Natural energy
Powers : Super speed and natural energy manipulation
Personality: Power-hungry, a bully, determined, cruel, unforgiving.
Bio : Enzle's father died trying to make money as a mercenary and his mother died giving birth to him. From an early age he learned to keep the pain inside and use it to fuel his amazing sword fighting abilities. Locke Obito was his best friend and through Locke he was able to forget his pain. He was soon appointed head guardsman of the travellers and would use his ability to fend off beasts who tried to kill and eat the travellers. One day he fell down a hole near the camp and into an old temple. There, a sword called forth his name. He picked it up and recieved great power. From that day forth Enzle set out into the world for reasons that remain unknown.
Town : N/A he is a traveller.
Username : Mr Smook II

User Image
Name : Locke Obito
Age : 19
Element : Natural energy
Powers : Super strength and natural energy manipulation
Personality: Cocky, brave, energetic, determined, kind, reliable.
Bio : Locke was born to a family who had been banished from the kingdom of light for 'crimes' he does not know about. He grew up with a small band of travellers in a cave that was situated a short distance from the Dark Gourge. Due to few resources the travellers began to die off. His best friend Enzle left the camp in search for something better. Only Locke and his mother remained. She asked him to carry out a promise. Locke set out at age 17, days after his mothers death and was determined to carry out that promise no matter what. He collapsed the cave to prevent anyone from desecrating his camps remains and travels to this day trying to help the world and find his best friend. He is called a freak or scum because he doesn't have an element that merits any town, city or village.
Town : N/A he is a traveller.
Username : Mr Smook II

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Name : Satoshi
Age : 18
Element : Wind
Powers :
Temporary levitation and higher jump/acrobatic skill
Enhanced Speed and Lung Capacity
Experienced Martial Artist and Weapons Master
Personality : Sato is literally a carefree type of person. He hates responsibilities of any kind and will much rather just sit atop a tree all day eating sweets and sleeping if he can. He doesn't really like concerning himself in the problems of others also making him a bit of a pacifist in terms of a fight. He will never draw his weapon unless he physically has to and if he does, he will most likely kill. Fortunately he hasn't drawn his sword in years....
Bio : Satoshi was raised by monks in the upper districts of Altamira. He went to church everyday with his mother and trained in the martial arts in the afternoons with his father, both of whom were already seniors as Sato was the last child to be born of five. Unlike his brothers and sisters, however, the boy never seemed to want to assume any type of responsiblity despite how capable he was of doing so. He surpassed his siblings in intelligence and skill yet never performed to his best out of pure laziness. He has recently decided to leave the land of altamira in order to see the land deemed so horrible by his family.
Town : Altamira
Username : Drake Dragooon

We are recruiting and open~
Elon - Lightning

Leader: Savant Grex


Sollux Captor - xxXTwiinArmageddon2Xxx

Dominix Harris - Shadow Romeo
Silvante - Light

Leader: Paradigm LaMonx - Seranaide


Zenon Yggdrasil - Lucretia_Necro
Pyrynn - Fire

Leader: Markus Exemplus Ignis - Malkav the Madman


Zave Aetiel - Seranaide

Syreve Naoya - Lucretia_Necro

Nyx Tana - xXForeverxFallenxNyxXx
Aquaria - Water

Leader: Salina Merriel - Angel_of_Death1665


Xi Rydel - Seranaide
Rixis - Earth

Leader: Ox Spirit - xxXTwiinArmageddon2Xxx


Kylie Summers - Angel_of_Death1665
Uvini - Dark

Leader: Daemon Alucard Kain - Legendary_Angel_Gabriel


Jinx - Angel_of_Death1665

Geru Terror - xxXTwiinArmageddon2Xxx
Altamira - Wind

Leader: Eiji Syuuske - Broken Hearted Killer


Lucinda Mehndi - iBitterSweet Moments

Kaiya Rivage - Lucretia_Necro
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