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Things used to be simple. Your Grandparents used to tell you stories of the times before the wall's broke. It was almost a hundred years since the wall's that veiled the supernatural realm broke, allowing them to spill over into out world. Human's fear what they do not under stand and thus a world war was declared. Most of the major cities were reduced to ash in a matter of months and the few that were left standing weren't inhabitable. It wasn't until humanity saw itself dying, on the verge of extinction that they tried to find peace. Effort has been put forth by both parties but tension is still tight, especially among the long lived. Now, with food and water hard to come by for both the Supernatural and the Humans it's important to learn to work together to overcome their own obstacles. The world needs a new leader, someone to guide though these dark and trying times. The question is who, and more importantly what species? The Earth is just now starting to rebuild itself. Let's not kill it again or else it will be the end for all of us.
This Rp will take place in the main city being rebuilt. It is very simplistic. Think vaguely medieval, with most houses and buidling being made from wood and scrap or straw. The main frivilous thing in the main city is the tavern. The Tavern makes their own ales and drinks from things they could find in the fields. It's not high quality stuff but better than nothing.
Pretty much all technology got destroyed in the word and with the power grid having been knocked out for so long people start reverting back to fire to cook with and candlelight to see by at night. Modern clothing still exists just most likely run down and tattered due to the harsh living conditions. I'm going to leave the plot semi-vague because I think its more fun to start playing it out and see where it goes

Also as a side note, part of the idea is that all of these creatures WERE on earth hundreds of years ago but they left when they found out how to open the portal to the other realm and could come and go as they pleased. Thats how we have legends and stories of these creatures now. Some of the VERY long lived (e.i. "immortal) Might remember the first time they were on our plane. When the walls fell and the supernatural realm crumbled apart so they can't go back now.

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OOC Thread
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1- This is my RP what I say goes.
2- No godmodding or killing anyone's character without mutual consent.
3- This is a semi lit RP meaning at the very least three to four sentence post and at least make an attempt at proper grammar. No **'s for actions and write in third person.
4- No mary sues. This is meant to be a bit on the darker side. Give your character some depth and if you go with something like a fae character, read up on a bit of lore. I do want to see any cutesy I fart rainbow's tinkerbell types.
5- Romance is Permitted but keep it pg15. If your characters start getting heavily involved then fade to black please.
6- Cursing is permitted but keep it reasonable. You don't need to cuse in every sentence.
7-Don't go crazy with your characters abilities.
8-pm your profiles to me with the title "life in shadow" so I know you read the rules
accepted Profiles will get posted by me in the post below this. Do not post your profile here
wahmbulance 9- You must post at least once a day. if you won't be able to do this pm me ahead of time so we know.

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[b]About me:[/b]

Species List
Your character must fall under one of these categories. Please note that humans do not have special abilities or powers. Under the abilities slot just put what they're good at like a talent.

~Half Breeds
(As in a mix of two breeds already listed)
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......................................... Fae ..............................................

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Name: Veradae
Species: Fae
Age: 460 looks about 20
Height: 5'2"
Weight:106 lbs
Abilities: Glamour and a razor like claws.
About me: Veridae is a descendant of the Scottish Baobhan Sith fae that would glamour themselves as young maidens in long green dress and entice men to dance with them. They would then use their claws and rip into their throat while they danced, drinking their blood. They didn't always kill their dance partners but the ritual is still fueled by craving of blood much like that of a vampire. Veridae enjoyed the dance but now with the humans dwindling its harder to do. She's thought about trying it with other creatures but didn't know how her body would react. She has horrible spasms and illness if she tries to drink the blood of an animal or anything that is inherently innocent, including children. She's normally found walking the woods around the main rebuilt city, eating fruit and nuts but always looking for her next dance partner. The inner hunger is starting to drive her mad. As with most fae, she is also violently allergic to iron.

..................................... Shapeshifters ......................................

..................................... Humans ......................................

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Name: Alessa
Species: Human
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 110 lbs
Abilities: She is a gifted singer and violinist.
About me: Alessa had never really feared the supernatural creatures though there was often a lot too fear. This lead a lot of the local villagers to believe that she is touched in the head with madness and to be honest she might be. That might be why she isn't hesitant to speak with the supernatural. She had a hard life and spent most of her childhood fending for herself in the woods before she stumbled into the small town where the tavern was. She's been there ever since, performing at the bar to entertain and lighten peoples spirits.

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Name: Timothy Jones
Species: Human
Age: 22
Height: 6'4
Weight: 195
Abilities: Master swordsman and leader
About me: Timothy was born into a family of warriors. Growing up he was taught to fight and to stand up for the weak at any cost. His family line were part of a growing moment of Knights that have started to stand up for the human race. After the war knights were spread thin from the costs of war. They soon began their own familys and it grew from there. Tim now roams the lands protecting the humans from the supernaturals as well as other humans who wish to cause harm..

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Name: Damien Aster Caine
Species: Human
Age: 54
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190 lbs
Abilities: Since he's a mere human his skillset is limited to hand-to-hand combat as well as proficiency in multiple weapons including the sword and spear. Also, he has vast tactical knowledge which allows him to analyze situations. (What, it's an ability. xP)
About me: Damien was an adventurer at the start of his adulthood. He traveled the wasteland searching for relics of the world before. During this time he gathered knowledge of peoples, cultures, languages, fighting styles, and much more in his search for understanding. Eventually, this search led him to a cabal of rogue angels who, disgusted with the treatment of the earth, had decided to band together in a rather small group to get back at those who had destroyed creation. Among the camp was a female angel who was held prisoner and was tied up next to the fire. She was badly wounded and, wanting to help, Damien made the decision to go in and attempt to secure her escape. His initial effort at stealth failed due to poor luck and during the ensuing conflict he was gravely wounded. As the angel who he had attempted to rescue was dying she used the last of her ability to heal his wounds as a flash of light enveloped him, transporting him far away from the camp. As Damien awoke he found next to him a baby who appeared to be human, though as it opened its eyes he immediately knew this baby held the essence of the angel he had attempted to save and had died to save him in return. He named the child Aedan, little light, and raised him as his own.

..................................... Demonic ......................................

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Name: Rost
Age: 5000 looks 22
Height: 6'5
Weight: 185
Abilities: Animal like senses and strength, the ability to look into people's eyes and see into their souls.
About me: As with most demons, Rost roamed the Earth searching for way to cause harm, chaos, or death to the human kind. He fought in the war against the humans, and saw many of his friends die in the conflict. Now, he seeks revenge on the human race for causing him to be trapped on the human plain. He does this by hunting down humans for sport. As for the other races, he thinks of them as lower forms not worth his time, as most demons believe.

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Name: Joric
Species: Former human, Demon
Age: Several thousand years
Height: 6'0
Weight: 167
Abilities: Master illusionist, can summon anyone he's killed to fight for him
About me:
Few know Joric's origin, and most do not know that he was not born a demon. He was born to a small village in the mountains as a mortal human. As a child, he often enjoyed to explore the caves and paths up into the mountains. On one such occasion, he discovered a cave, inhabited by dark and strange beings he'd never seen before. He was pulled in by them, and was dragged down into Hell. He was tortured and driven mad by them, and was turned into one of them, a demon. His time outside the wall was short, he wreaked havoc on his village and to many others, before he was forced behind the walls. His reputation among the mortals as a ruthless monster faded with centuries, but once the walls broke, it was like a field day for him. He quickly gained fear over humans, and many other races a like.

Personality wise, he's very unpredictable. He is weak in physical contact, as well as mentally. He is one of the more insane demons, and lacks planning and tactical thinking skills. He is loyal to no race, and is obssessed with gaining more lives for his repertoire of undead minions.

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Name: Rove
Abilities: can conjure fire
About me: Rove is a very old and powerful demon. He rules a faction that is trying its best to unite and control the whole demon race into one power.

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Name: Irial
Species: Demon
Age: 4000
Height: 6'0
Weight: 165
Abilities: Makes deal and contracts for whatever your heart desires...as long as your willing to pay the price...
About me: Irial is a crossroads demon. Under most circumstance he must be summoned for you to get his attention. There have been, rare occasions where he's sought souls out however. Before the wall fell, humans tended to ask him for things like fame and fortune. Now however it seems people are far more willing to sign their souls away for thing that were once commonplace, food, water, shelter....Irial is perfectly content with this new world with so many desperate souls willing to make a deal. He tends to stay out of race politics and wars, so long as his ledger is in balance.

..................................... Angelic ......................................

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Species: Angel

Age: Has been on earth for 350 years, appearing to be about 22 for all of them

Height: 5'7" (just above average when he took this appearance)

Weight: 135 lbs

Abilities: Can heal with a soft, warm light. Can also wield that light in a scimitar-esque style. Is dexterous and lithe, but not particularly strong.

About me: Azi was sent down to Earth long before the wall broke in an effort to stop it. This effort obviously failed. He was always more interested in accumulating knowledge and reading books than actively combating the forces from beyond the wall. Azi is scatter-brained but very intelligent... having so long to have learned so many things. He often wanders off into his own thoughts and loses track of things around him. Enjoying nothing more than to converse with humans (or recently feys, mixes, most anybody really) he has only really had problems with demons; it isn't that he doesn't like demons so much as they always seem to be trying to kill him. Regardless Azi will spend hours shooting the breeze with just about anybody who will talk to him, but rarely truly opens up to people

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Name: Rhiannon
Species: Angel
Age: Several thousand years; Appears to be 19/20
Height: 5'7
Weight: 145
Abilities: She uses the light and holy power to kill demons, using a holy sword. Healing isn't her specialty, but she does have minor knowledge of it.
About me: Younger sister of Joric, by a year. She had been eight years old when Joric had gone missing from their village. She and her family looked for him for a while, but a year or so later had to assume he had died somewhere on the mountain. She had been 19 years old when Joric returned from the mountain, laying waste to her village and its people, including her. She along with her family were savagely slaughtered by the now deformed and insane Joric. Dying the undeserved death she had, still being innocent, she ascended and was chosen among the others killed by her brother to help purge the world of other demons like him. She was trained by the angels in the art of killing demons. Once the walls were broken, she knew he would have escaped, and began seeking him to not only exact her revenge, but to hopefully save others from his bloodlust.

Rhiannon is just and fair, but is ruthless in battle. She prefers to stay out of conflict with the other supernaturals, at any means necessary, but will hunt and engage combat with demons. She is reserved and does whatever she can to help within her power, and would never neglect anyone in need of help.

..................................... Vampires ......................................

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Name: Mallory Traige
Species: Vampire
Age:350, appears 23
Abilities:Abnormal strength. Mind Control, as well as the power to make a person forget, eye contact if willed. Can often tell the difference in species by scent.
About me: Mallys choice to become a vampire was never given. At the age 23 she was attacked bitten and bled nearly to death. An elder Vampire helped save her and show her the ways to live and feed. Still barring the scars from the attack Mally is set to find those who originally attacked her. Knowing only one or two have survived since the wall fell.

..................................... Half Breed's ......................................

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Name: Aedan Aster Caine
Species: Human/Angel cross species.
Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 175
Abilities: As of current, Aedan's abilities have manifested as the ability to 'quicken', or use intense focus to create massive increases in his mental and physical movement and reaction time. Depending on the use this skill can have a disastrous result on his body. This is countered very slightly by his angelic nature which allows his body to heal slightly faster than a normal human's allowing him to heal in a week what would take a normal person at least a month. He is skilled in the use of a sword, which he displays through the use of his katana, and possesses some of the tactical knowledge of his father.
About me: Raised by Damien, he witnessed the best and worst the world had to offer. Ever aware of his heritage Aedan constantly dyed his platinum hair black in order to fit in better with his father. Over time, his faith in the world waned causing him to become distant, though he still retained faith in Damien who he consistently looks to for guidance whenever he is having trouble

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