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Sinestro Corps = The Yellow energy of Fear 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Black Lantern Corps = The Black energy of Death 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Red Lantern Corps = the Red energy of Rage 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 1 ]
Blue Lantern Corps = the Blue energy of Hope 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Agent Orange = the Orange energy of Avarice 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Indigo Tribe = the Indigo energy of Compassion 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 1 ]
Star Sappires = the Violet energy of Love 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
White Lanterns = The White energy of Life 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 1 ]
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The Lantern's Corps

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The Story:

It's been ten years since the Guardians chose their color to help form the Lantern's Corps. To help stop the spread of chaos. The Red Lanterns learn to control their erges for distruction of their fellow Lanterns and saving it for their true enemies. The White Lanterns were the last to be form for the life to help balance the Black Lantern Corps. The Guardians left OA to form a new plant to house the formation of the Lantern Corps.

But now with the return of the Manhunters, bent on revenge. Have been destroying worlds and murdering some of our best Lanterns. With the RIngs power to chose the next Lantern. We're asking you to take up the RIngs power and fight to save your fellow Lantern and those around the universe. Arise to the challenge and task of becoming a Legend in the Lantern's Corps.

Speak your Lantern Oath & become a Legend.

Lantern's oath can be located here: Lantern's Oath
The Rules of the Lantern's Corps:

1. Follow all of Gaia's TOS
2. I'm the creator of this RP. What I say goes.
3. Keep the fighting (of eachother) to a minimum. But keep it interesting if you fight.
4. No GOD MODING!!!!!
5. At least a minimum of one paragraph with at least a minimum of 7 sentences.
6. Enjoy yourself. There will be a lounge to relax.
7. All profiles must be sent via pm and shall be aprove by me. I will appoint one other person to accept and aprove profiles.
8. There will be a OOC page for this and a Profile page. Possibly a guild later on down the road if this does good or if people are will to go along with the idea to expand out ranks.
9. If you must do a little OOC please use the follow {{( )}}
10. Profile must be done in your color Lantern. (If you chose yellow or white, I know it's hard to read, you're welcome to use black.)

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This is how your profile shall and will look.

Lantern Name:
Lantern Color:
Bio: (please include of what you were doing when the Ring chose you)
Pic: (Prefer your character, but I will accept the Lantern's symbol.)

Profile Page Here

OOC Page

Lantern's OOC
The Enemy: The Manhunters

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Interstellar police

The Manhunters were the first attempt of the Guardians of the Universe to create an interstellar police force that would combat evil all over the cosmos. Their name and much of their code of behavior was modeled by the Guardians of the Universe on the Manhunters of Ma'aleca'andra (Mars) millions of years ago (This creates an apparent chronology problem, since the Manhunters were created many millions of years ago, while the Green Martian race came into existence from the Burning Martians only about 20,000 years ago). For thousands of years, they served the Guardians well. However, the Manhunters became obsessed with the act of "hunting" criminals. Their code, "No man escapes the Manhunters" (corrupted from the original), became more important to them than seeing justice done.

Sector 3601

When the Manhunters were replaced by the Green Lantern Corps, they retreated to Biot, their homeworld in Sector 3601, an uncharted area of space incapable of sustaining organic life
Remy Stryder

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Remy look out to the stars. New OA was different from earth. He never would have guess such a place ever existed, until now. The Ring had chosen him. Since the fall of John Stuart successor. It chose him, a Air Force Major in the Security Forces. A simple man who has done some good for once in his lifetime. Now he had a chance to become something more than officer. He was nervous deep inside, but he was excited to see a place new to him and far from earth. He trained with some of the senior Green Lanterns, got his a** kick many of times. But he grew in more than one way. His confidence double and so has his control of his fear. He heard stories of great Green Lanterns turning into Yellow Lanterns. But now that doesn't matter, they were united for the time being. Stories grew around the planet of the return of the Manhunters. He felt uneasy when he heard the stories, but he knew what must be done. He was ready for the task aheard of him. He was ready to meet and join the others in this fight, along his fellow Lanterns.

"You must prove yourself worthy to become a legend among the Green Lantern Corps Remy Stryder." The Green Guardian spoke to him on day one. His mind racing through the last few weeks of his arrival.
Sinestro (NPC)

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Sinestro saw the new Lantern gazing at the stars and flew over to him. He landed next to him and looked up as well. Then looked down as he placed his hands on the railing of the balcony. He kept quite for a moment before he spoke up.

"Its hard to imagine worlds that are filled with life other than your own. I've grown up with the knowledge of others out there. When I was chosen to become a Green Lantern, I was filled with honor. I already knew what was to come and I did my best over come everything in my way. But I grew impatient with the Guardians and when they made the Yellow Ring and gave it to me. I took the chance at it and to master it. I was hell bent on distroying the Green Lanterns till an old friend of my mine saved my life from the Red Lanterns." Sinestro spoke up finally looking over to the Green Lantern.
Remy Stryder

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Remy look over to Sinestro and listen to his words. He knew the man by his rep. and by the stories told by other Lanterns around him. He looked away and back up to the stars. He smiled as Sinestro finish for the moment. He stood up straight and looked over to Sinestro again. He began to speak in reply to what he spoke.

"It's an honor to meet you Sinestro. Thank you for the story. But why do you speak of it, I'm not worthy of your time?"
Sinestro (NPC)

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Sinestro grinned a bit with a chuckle. The statement would have been correct years ago for new comers. But he wasn't that man anymore. He hadn't been in a long time. He put his hand on Remy's shoulder and smiled. Speaking again.

"Who I was before, your statement would have been correct. But I am no longer who I used to be. I'm something better and stronger. I pass that story onto you, to let you know that you have friends and a new family among us Lanterns. Most of us will give our lives for the great good and others will throw you a side. Not caring what happens to you," Sinestro paused for a moment thinking befor he continued. "But your training will be your key as will your imagination. You have fear in you, but I also sense courage. Use it wisely Lantern. Come, we have training to continue."

Sinestro took off into the air, pausing a bit as he looked down upon Remy. Nodding for him to follow.
Remy Stryder

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Remy nodded his head towards Sinestro."Right, more training."

Remy took flight and followed Sinestro to the training area. He took in the sights as he flew over OA. Taking a deep breath, seeing all the Green Lanterns around and many with other color Lanterns, training and chatting. A smile came across his faced and then he looked forward. He notice Sinestro looking back at him. He flew closer to Sinestro till they got to the training grounds, landing down.

Remy and Sinestro landed on the ground. Sinestro stood and stepped away from him. Remy took a deep breath as Sinestro produced two swoeds in his hands.

"Alright, lets give this ago." Remy spoke producing a double bladed staff. Sinestro grinned as he walked towards Remy.
Sinestro (NPC)

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Sinestro grinned again and began blocking everything
Remy threw at him. As he came down with his staff, Sinestro blocked it with his swords and kicked Remy in the stomach. Sending him back aways. Sinestro laughed as Remy began to cough falling onto one knee.

"I figured you would have caught on by now
Remy. Shall we continue to dance?" Sinestro spoke with a laughter.
Remy Stryder

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Remy stood back up to his feet. Taking a deep breath, me cleared his mind of everything and began walking towards Sinestro. "Sinestro wants to dance, then we shall dance." Remy thought to himself. He began swinging his staff with more control. He began to swing it at Sinestro the closer Remy stepped towards him.

"Let's have this dance now." Remy spoke getting closer to Sinestro. His weapon hitting there marks.

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