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                    location: (Tyrley) Morden, Rochford company: Morri, those in the King's Hall

                    It hurt knowing that. He wished his cousin and uncle would right things between them. It was not that he wanted Oak to apologize, more that he wished his uncle would find his faults and make up for them. Before he could explain, the baron went to apologize to Serah and tend to his head. He wanted Oak as Lord Protector for there was no one he trusted more, but this bothered him greatly. Rock crossed the hall to his throne. He sat down to think, feeling the smooth wood of the arm rests with his hands and gazing up at the high arches in the ceiling. There were some places in the wall, perfect with the way lighting filtered in, where he could mount something. He vaguely remembered some religious idol being up there before in the beginning of his father's reign and then an animal head of some kind. He wondered what had happened to them. But back to Oak and Haster...

                    Your Majesty, he heard and dropped his head to see the princess of Hackathorn. She addressed him normally and politely... had she been acting during his wedding or had she dipped into some unknown drug? Rock was not in the mood either way and a servant came from down the hall. She asked for Angeline and he had that servant go find her. When she arrived, she asked him what this was--as if he would call her before them to sentence her to death. If Verity had come to ask for her head, then he would not permit it. That seemed to him, far too cruel, and she... for a brief moment, thought it was that. His mood couldn't be worse.

                    It was Morri's appearance that saved him. He didn't think much of it as he took a moment from explaining everyone's presence to kiss her. Rock placed a hand on her side, pulling her closer to him as he watched Vaughn propose his marriage. Or rather, reveal that he had already promised to marry her. He had nothing to say until Angeline accepted, declined, or either queen cut into their discussion. Angeline had been staying on due to his wife, whatever she decided to do about the girl was mostly fine with him.

                    His day had begun with the delivery of a blonde woman's hair (he suddenly became interested in Angeline's hair and saw that none of it seemed to be freshly cut from her head, he gave a sigh of relief), an altercation with Oak and his father, an injury to Serah Avalon's hands, and it seemed to go on to terrible with Verity and Vaughn's visit to bring the news of Victor Thornias. Although he had been mad at him for his decision to leave Angeline and take a Montarran whore home with him, he had been at one point his friend... He wanted to know about these thieves and how Verity was going to deal with them.

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                    Location ::: Westrock, Acaelus ||| Company ::: Aryk

                            Thomas looked over the map the captain showed him. They would be in Elysia two or three days tops depending on the weather and he guessed he'll be there a long time. He was memorizing the route they were taking. He knew this things and knew things could go wrong. How many times did the storms blew him and his men off course? Furthermore, he didn't know this captain or they could encounter pirates. His profession made him this edgy and he liked being prepared. His eyes shifted from the map to the captain as he told Thomas he had met the queen before. "So you... you've met the ghost queen?" he asked in shock. It was to his knowledge that no one ever saw her, only the people in her castle, obviously.

                            Taking the wine, he drank it and savored it thoughtfully. He nodded to the man's question "What do you know of the queen of Elysia? And since she is not in good terms with you, maybe you can tell me how I can keep myself on good terms with her." he didn't want to fail his uncle so he hoped to be on his best behavior with the queen of Elysia. He had heard she was young so he was expecting a childish and immature little girl.

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Whereabouts ::: Eden, Noveria ||| Company ::: Melisende Stone

            He had expected to see Brookelle, not this woman who reminded him a bit of Elysia. She was greatly disturbed by the four heads he carried and he shrugged, setting them down. "A man that carries four heads is a man few mess with." he simply told her and listened as she introduced herself. He eyed her finally seeing the resemblance between the twins and herself. He gave her the letter and watched her stunning reaction. He hadn't expected it to make her cry so he wondered what exactly had Soraya written on it. He bowed to her kind words "Thank you." he let her take him to a table where he was fed and offered a room. "I hadnt expected such kindness in times like these. Specially not from the mother of those two." he bit into his sandwich and drank, eyeing her expression a the mention of her children before he continued "My name is Isaac Hunter, I am Queen Soraya's personal guard. Your kids couldn't be in better hands. "

            As he finished eating, he made sure to clean his hands and face and then continued "Your children thought you were coming to get them later..." he said it and let the thought linger before he continued "Thank you for your hospitality. I will stay the night unless her majesty or yourself has any need of me. After here I have to get some sword in Hackathorn from a Slevin Acaelus but I will return to Elysia. If you wish to write your kids something, you can leave it with me before I leave and I will make sure they receive it." he stood from the table and waited for her to lead him to his room. He was sure he stank and didn't wish her to smell him any longer.
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According to the Map ::: Morden, Rochford ||| Besides me there is ::: Oak

            Miss Avalon rejected the help of the servants in getting bathed and dressed. Being impotent of her hands was embarrassing enough, there was no need for the whole service staff to see her as she was brought into this world. She tried to make the soap work with her but the slippery little bugger was not cooperating. There was one insistent servant maid set at her bathroom door and after many promises of not staring, she sighed and gave in. The woman set to pass the soap along her body and began speaking of the Baron Oak and how she had taken care of some of the women he had spent the night with. Why was she sharing this information? Only the gods knew. Serah knew of the baron's fame just as much as she knew of Drake's. They were both proper whores but since she had realized she was ugly, she did not worry about either of them trying to get her into bed. Being ugly had it's advantages.

            She dismissed the maid after she was bathed and put on the towel herself as best she could. How people with no arms managed to put clothes on was mystery to her and she soon had a new found respect for them. She decided it was better to put on her cream colored dress. It had a long loose skirt and even though it let her shoulders and chest exposed a bit, it had long sleeves that could hide her new injury pretty well. She slipped into comfortable slippers and walked out of her room where the maid was still waiting for her to direct her to the private dining room. The food was ready and she was ready to eat it.

            She had requested bread with butter, sausage rolls, clams, sweet potatoes cut in strips, cheese and grapes. She hoped Oak would like her selection but didn't pay much mind. She was getting off easy considering he wasn't to blame. She hadn't known what came over her when she saw Oak so mad. All the times she had seen him, he always was either drunk or polite to her so seeing him like that had startled her. She mildly wondered if they should write the letter to her parents first or not as she arrived at the room.

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Location: Haven, Elysia
Speaking with: Vorlander Solaris

She listened and felt a little easier about his explanation. “I do know the College of Healing is in need of very fine knives…But thinner…” She held up a parchment. “Like this thin. They say they need it for examining cadavers without damaging things, and for surgeries.” She made a face, that was nothing she wanted to think about with her vivid imagination. “I can definitely see where these people could be put to use. But thirty-five percent---”

There was a knock at the door before she bid them enter and a servant brought her a letter bearing a rather unusual seal. She had seen it before, a lotus with an orb and a trinity symbol within it. “One moment…” She broke it open and thanks the heavens for it. She could not put up thirty-five percent, but…

“I can only do fifteen percent from the Kingdom’s funds. I can do another five percent out of my personal funds. As I said, I want to put back more for emergencies, and there are the Ambassadors coming I have to consider funding for as well.” And the festivals and she was sure there would be other things that would come up. Soraya had been taught to be careful with any spending, not matter what it was. The gifts she had commissioned were an extravagance, but it was from her own funds that she had rarely used outside of getting materials to donate to charities and the like. Then there was the Healer she would pay for out of her own funds to aide with King Victor on the road to recovery…

“However, the Temple of Beshala and Ushara is asking for any openings in the trade programs. They pay a majority of the fees associated with their training so that they may keep more of the money that their people earn. It is how they fund their Temples.” If the Crown paid for training, then that person worked for the Crown for a predetermined amount of time in their field. “I can ask if they would be interested in the remaining fifteen percent, and they can have a discount on all their people they send for training, and only work with the Crown on an as needed basis, emergencies and the like. We do such things where the College of Healing is concerned. Is that agreeable to you?”
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Location: Venereia, Hackathorn
Company: Everyone in the hall

They waited for Angeline…Was it wrong that a part of her hoped that she would say no? She mentally shrugged it aside. The proclamation that she was not allowed back in the Capitol would stand, so unless Vaughn did a major screw-up, it wouldn’t be hard to pretend the woman didn’t exist unless someone reminded her. She rather hoped Angeline didn’t think that her bringing Vaughn here was any indication that she’d grown fond of the thus-far-ex-sister-in-law…If it wasn’t for the problems that Angeline’s presence was causing, Verity would have been content to leave her here to rot…But the King and Queen of Rochford obviously wouldn’t like it, and Verity had enough things to contend with…She could swallow her own dislike of Angeline if she had to in order to keep one less issue from being dropped on her lap.

Astaroth moved into her peripheral vision and she turned, a brow raised in a silent inquiry of What? and he was grinning like a creepy shadow cat. He lifted his hand up to his chest and made a little gesture. She looked at his fingers then back to his face, not quite getting his meaning. His pinky pointed to her and then back to himself. She looked down and noticed that the bodice was a little loose…Her untied bodice was still a lot more modest than the court attire that had women look like they were one laugh away from busting out of their tops…She gave him and exasperated look and quickly yanked the laces, tightening the bodice while everyone had their attention on Angeline and Vaughn.

The King of Rochford looked like a man who was prone to scowling…Well, the Queen had to deal with his scowls, Verity wouldn’t once Angeline answered Vaughn. She wished the woman would hurry up with it so she could get back to Hackathorn…She had a mess waiting for her and she was eager to get started on cleaning it up as best she could. It was stupid, but she felt like the sooner she straightened up the mess, the sooner Victor would wake up…It was a good motivator. And Verity was all about motivation.
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Location: Broken Ocean, North and East of Noveria
Speaking with: Thomas Idane, the Crew, some people in a rowboat, and Rune

“Yeah, you could say I met her.” He took a sip of his drink and gestured for the man to sit down at the table, Aryk took the other seat. “I went looking for my brother and found out he is the personal guard for the Queen of Elysia. We got into a fight when I gave him an earful, some kid kicked the table over when I got thrown onto it and I got thrown face first right into Queen Soraya’s chest. She didn’t appreciate that…And I understand my sense of humor isn’t want highborn ladies appreciate.”

He chuckled at the memory. “And I’ll admit, I picked on her a bit. Jealous she had my brother all these years and while I was doing all this, he’d been sitting on his a** babysitting. She’s a nice kid. Sweet. I understand she’s got a sharp tongue, in a polite way. She does have a temper, but it’s hard to provoke.” He rubbed the back of his head at the memory of the broom getting broken across his skull. “But you grew up around highborn ladies. I think you’ll be alright. Just don’t go trying to touch her.” He refrained from telling him it was because Isaac might cut his hand off for the offense of touching his precious little queen, but he’d let him find that out on his own.

“Captain!” There was a thud that was supposed to be a knock and then the door opened. “There’s a lifeboat floating out on the ocean. Looks like there may be people inside. Orders?”

“Go fish them out!” Seriously?! They did some questionable things, but they’d never left people to die on the water…They would kill them and just use them to feed the fishes if it came to that, and that was very rare…And even then…It was pirates… “It seems we get to play rescuers. If you’ll excuse me, General, I have some guests to welcome aboard.” He finished his cup and set it aside before he gave the man a bow and walked out of the cabin, working with his men to get the most out of the sails to get to the ones on the water.

Less than half an hour later, they were looking down onto the little lifeboat. “Get the ship’s Healer!” He yelled and there was a great deal of movement. Two of the men looked near dead, the other three huddled close to them for warmth. “We’re going to get you out!” He told the group on the boat and he watched as the rigging was set so that they could simply raise the boat out of the water by ropes and pulleys…A few minutes later, the rowboat was set carefully down and the men cleared out for the Healer…A mean looking man who had a bag slung over his shoulder and a load of blankets in his arms. He threw them around each of the ones upright, and draped the mover the prone ones. “Find them some dry clothes! Get these three something hot from the kitchens…” He ordered and fished a salve out of his bag, and a box of herbs. “Make a tea with that, they need to drink it. They don’t need wetlung…” Someone took the box and hurried off to the galley. “Here.” He handed the girl the salve. “Put that on your wounds.”

Someone came through while the Healer looked over the other two. “Here’s some clothes.” Aryk gestured. “You can change in my quarters.” He poked his head in and removed the General with a little nudge. “There’s a girl among the group. They need to change.” Thomas nodded and stepped over to have a look at what was going on while the other three went to change. He walked over to the Healer. “Well?”

“I say we make for shore. This one…Looks to have been poisoned. Short of making him vomit, I don’t know enough about poisons to know the antidote. That one…I can put things to keep an infection from settling in, but if the knife went back too far…I can cauterize it, but…Ask his friends.”

“Make for Cathedra’s Blessing.” He ordered and then went to knock on the door to his cabin. One of the men came out, the one with shorter hair. “We’re heading to Cathedra’s Blessing in Elysia. My Healer isn’t used to poisoning. He’ll purge him, but that’s all he can do without knowing what sort of poison he was given. The other one…He said he needs to cauterize the wound. We have the tools to do it, needs done on a ship, but is that what you think he’d want? Either way, he’s going to lose that eye.”
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Location: Morden Rochford
Speaking with: Serah Avalon

Oak got his head stitched up and then went and got himself cleaned up. He carefully dressed himself and then went to join Miss Avalon…He heard a familiar voice before he grabbed hold of a servant. “Tell me Verity isn’t here.” The servant looked bashful. “I would like to Baron, but I can’t lie to you.” Oak let him go and brought his knuckle to his mouth, biting gently before he waved the servant off in dismissal. “Don’t tell her I’m here.” He told the servant who nodded and quickly walked off.

The dining room where he was meeting Serah wasn’t far, but he felt like he was navigating a trap strewn path. Any moment now, the crazy girl could pop out. Why was it, every time he seemed to mention the girl, that she seemed to pop up out of no where?! He quickly entered the room, checking to make sure Verity wasn’t anywhere about to see where he was hiding and he shut the door behind him with a little too much haste.

“We said her name too many times! She’s like a bogeyman demon!” He chuckled, but was still nervous about her popping up. He looked at the food that had been set forth and gave an approving nod. He didn’t care for sweet potatoes, but if it was what Miss Avalon wanted, then he’d eat it and she’d never know! “Princess Verity is here. I heard her voice carrying down the hall. Let’s just linger here, if we can.”

He sat down near her and chuckled. “So, food or letter first?”
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Current Location: Haven, Elysia
Speaking With: Soraya

Your majesty, thirty five percent was simply my starting offer. I never expected to get the full amount. Fifteen percent is fine. Keep your own personal funds, I will speak with the Temple regarding assistance. You needn’t worry about lack of funding. He smiled politely at her and let his thoughts turn inward.

Fifteen percent was still doable, he had honestly been expecting little help as it was. The forges would eventually create him massive profits. While they were a community project, his company was providing the funds needed to build most of them. He would ultimately control them but would do exactly what he had told the Queen. While war was profitable, diversifying his holdings was necessary now.

Oh, on unrelated note. I’m have a small dinner as a house warming event. I’d be honored if you would consider joining us. I’m personally cooking.”
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Location: Who knows?
With: Rune-Not Rune-Armand

Hot and cold…Cold and hot…Shivers…Sweating...It was awful…She couldn’t remember ever feeling this bad…Her side was on fire, but the rest of her was freezing, except for when warmth caressed her…She heard voices, murmurs, chants, instructions…Over and over it went. Her throat…It burned worse of all when she came to enough to open her eyes…She couldn’t see anything in the dim light. “Look at those pretty eyes.” The smiling face that came into view wasn’t one she was familiar with right away, but it reminded her of someone… “Rune…I thought you were cute before…” Something was tipped over her lips and she managed to swallow it before darkness enveloped her again.

Strange dreams plagued her…Surely she was dead…If that had been Rune, then they were dead too…They were all dead…If she were dead, she hoped she was a ghost…Then she could haunt that b***h who stabbed her and threw her into the ocean. More shivers, more cold, more fiery burning…Another oblivion that she was dragged from for another glance at Rune-no-Rune, another sip of something that soothed the burning in her throat before another round of inner turmoil.

The next time she came to, she wasn’t given the drink right away. “Rune…You changed…” Her head rested back and the man smiled. “I’m not this Rune. My name is Armand.” She sighed. “Mm…Too bad…I like Rune.” The man laughed gently and laid something on her side that stung and soothed. She tried to tense away from it, but he put a hand on his shoulder. “Your friend has refused to go to the temple, but it’s going to get even colder, so we will be moving you. The travel will be short, but it will cause you a great deal of pain. I am going to give you something that will make you sleep very deeply.”

“Why tell me?” She just wanted to go back to sleep. It hurt to be awake. “I need you to eat a bit and drink something before I give you the drink. This tea is very strong, and if there is not something in your stomach, it can cause inner burns. And you may have some throat burning for a day or two after you wake.” She couldn’t nod she only lifted her hand and he shook his head, putting it back down at her side. “Your little boat here…”

Everything rushed back to her and he had to hold her down to keep her from injuring herself. “We’ll take it. I have summoned more men from the Temple to carry it. The way your friend is guarding it, it must be important, especially since keeping it nearly killed the two of you.”

“Won’t let that b***h have it.” He laughed at that. “Don’t worry. The Devourer consumes secrets. We won’t even open it.” He assured before he gave her some thick pasty nastiness that tasted of beef broth. “That’s foul.” He chuckled again. “You’re ill. But get it down. Then we’ll give you something to drink, and after that, the tea. When you wake up next, you’ll think you’re in Paradise, so don’t go thinking you died on us.” She ate until he deemed it was enough. Then she drank. The tea…She drank it, it burned like acid, but he quickly had her wash it down. She coughed, his arm holding her before oblivion took hold of her with a vengeance.
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location: Eden, Noveria company: no one

        "Pretty horse, I think I'll take it."

        He didn't like it when she did and tied him up to a log. "Give that back!" he yelled and struggled against his bindings as she picked through his belongings and put on a ring she found inside.

        "Looks better on me," she admired the piece of jewelry and then ran at the boy. She kicked him in the gut. Her boot then pressed near his head as she shoved him into the freezing cold and rushing water. He dipped below the surface and then popped right back up farther down, sputtering and coughing. She waved goodbye, then turned back to the Noverian side and the beautiful Elysian horse. Ellyena patted her neck and climbed into the saddle. Whoever the little brat was, he sure had a fine ride. It was a pity he had been traveling alone. Poor timing for him to run into her when she decided walking and a boat was too tiring. Her gold stashed in the saddle bags and she was riding into Noveria.

        It was as she paused before the gates of Eden that a man and his three friends stood up to greet her. "Pretty horse..." he said and she resisted the urge to roll her eyes, instead rolling a knife between her fingers.

        Her foot went into his mouth when he got too close. "Aw, thank you!" she said and smiled, brushing her red hair from her face when he fell backwards. His friends would suffer worse. And they did. Once she was finished, she rode into the city licking her bloodied lip in search of an inn to stay the night. She was tired and wanted to rest before pressing onward.

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» tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
location: Morden, Rochford
with: Vaughn

                                  Her heart squeezed painfully in her chest as Vaughn explained to her why they were there, the feeling growing worse when he took her hand. Angeline's hand still donned the signet ring he'd given her so long ago, but now, she only thought it to mean less to him. "You think I'm stupid too, don't you?" She asked, voice pained and barely above a whisper. She withdrew her hand from his and folded it over the other in front of herself. He'd been forced to come before her. By whom and under what circumstances, Angeline was unsure. She may have been stupid, but she was human. She attacked her bottom lip with her teeth and fought back tears.

                                  She painted on a smile they'd all recognize from her time as queen. "I accept. It is reasonable, and a better place than where I would surely end without it. It was what I had wanted anyways." Angeline said with a curt nod and a swish of her black velvet skirt. "I should pack my things. I presume you'd all like to return to Hackathorn immediately." She turned to leave and could hear the stunned Queen of Rochford clear her throat.

                                  "It's settled then. Verity, I know it seems like I'm only extending charity, but out of my personal funds, I'd be agreeable to send Angeline a little money to be able to afford her estate long enough to enjoy being a newlywed. She'll find it hard to adjust otherwise. And... I'd also like to extend my prayers for your brother's wellbeing and the wellbeing of your kingdom." However much Morrigan was rather in a state of displeasure over them, Angeline thought.
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Location: Neverspring, Elysia
Company: Bernard, and Vex

The trip would normally not have taken even an hour, but with the care he was showing to not tear the stitching on the girl’s side, it took them nearly four. Neverspring was not what one would call homey or welcoming, but it sufficed for its purpose…The Temple of Beshala and Ushara however was a beautiful oasis, high summer in the midst of winter, the low building with its glass domed ceilings and private gardens and secrets a mystery for the world to enjoy.

He looked back at the woman and man, a smile on his face. “Welcome.” He looked to one of the Kalos and smiled. “Please have her taken to the room prepared for her. Have someone sit with her and come get me the moment she shows signs of waking.” They nodded and went off. He looked back to their guests. “Rooms have been prepared for you as well, but let me give you a quick tour…”

He gestured around the glass domed welcoming area where a fountain burbled happily. “This is the Outer Gardens. This area in particular is the welcoming area. Here, followers use their bodies to worship the Devourer. Any who come here to worship at the altar are not turned away, nor are they charged. If you seek the companionship of men, you walk through the gold gate; women, you walk through the silver gate. There you will be approached, you may accept or decline, once you accept, you will spend some time bathing with your partner and then you will go…Worship.” He gave a knowing smile. They were adults, they could fill in the gaps themselves. “Females are called Heirodules, males are called Kalos. But Devouring Boy or Girl works just as well. Usually, afterwards, you would be taken to share some nourishment and then to the Departing Gate, but you’ll be brought back to here so you may get to your quarters.

“As for where you will be sleeping…”
He led them to a set of large double doors that were beyond the fountain. “This front hall is for guests of the Temple who are not residents. Your friend is being kept in a room you can reach through here…” He walked them to the end of the hall and pointed to a corridor. “My workroom, quarters, and her quarters are at the end.” He walked back the other way and showed off the rooms with comfortable beds and small stands for keeping things. “Your rooms are here. Pick whichever you prefer. You are welcome to roam this area, the Outer Gardens, the welcome area, and the town all you like. You may not go past the Large Gate without someone called an Adept, who is the female of my status, or another Jaryas, which is what I am called here. If you see an old woman walk about, she will be called Heiros, but simply keep your head down and be respectful. If she speaks to you, let her know you are the guests and she’ll overlook anything she may think as bad manners. You meals will be brought to this room,” There was a large room set with low tables and chairs, “should you decide against worship in the outer gardens.

“Now, are there any other questions?”
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Amy Lynn Hawke

►Don't want to let it lay me down this time.
Drown my will to fly.
Here in the darkness I know myself.
Can't break free until I let it go.
Let me go.◄


Amy's walk in the garden kept her and her son occupied most of the day until it was time to sleep for the night. She found her way to one of the guest bedrooms that was right next door to her sister, Cristina. Even then, she saw no sign of her around anywhere. Amy became nervous for her sister's safety and now, for her whereabouts. The child and the mother slept through the night peacefully than they both had in years. Once morning arrived, Amy attempted to clean up a bit before visiting the king again. As she put on clothing more satisfying to Elysian culture, she scooped up her child in her arms and swayed back and forth, comforting the tired boy.

Once Amy and her son, Leon were both clean and prepared, Amy left the room with Leon on her shoulders. The child laughed in excitement while the lady smiled in delight. She walked through the hallways, trying to find the King until she found his office, where King Gareth and Princess Tabitha were playing a board game. Amy couldn't figure out which game they were playing but it seemed more complex than what she could handle. She knocked on the door that was already opened, saying, "Excuse me Sire and Princess Tabitha, she curtsied, holding onto her child that was still on her shoulders. She swept him off her shoulders and into her arms once more. "I hope I'm not interrupting anything important." Amy felt a weird sense of deja vu with what she was saying, but she ignored the feeling and focused on her task. "I need to speak with you, King Gareth. We didn't finish our conversation, yesterday."

►Darling, I forgive you... After all,
Anything is better than to be alone.
And in the end I guess I had to fall.
Always find my place among the ashes.◄

Location:Emera, Valryte
Speaking with:Leon, King Gareth, Princess Tabitha

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Location: Morden, Rochford
Company: Queen Morrigan and King Rock

Angeline accepted. There was a bit of disappointment, but Angeline obviously realized there was a great deal more going on than it appeared on the surface. Good for her. She refrained from answering Angeline’s question on her intelligence. She’d made that answer known quite often over the years. No need to seem mean. She looked to the Queen when she spoke.

“It’s your money, Majesty, I’ll not tell you what to do with it. It is very kind of you to offer her the help. Your gods will surely reward you for your generous heart.” Personally, Verity thought the woman feared Ange finding her new life far too difficult and trying to come back to be a leech on themselves…Verity could understand…Balance of two evils…She’d like to make sure Angeline stayed far away too.

Though her other offer. “Prayers for his quick recovery are always welcome. Thank you.” She bowed her head slightly, giving a gentle curtsey. “As soon as Angeline has her things packed, we’ll be on our way. It will give the horses time to rest.” She hoped she could talk the escort into remaining with her and she and Astaroth could go on ahead. Two or four moved far quicker than a carriage, but they’d discuss that on the road. She doubted the escorts would be pleased, but then…She was the boss until Victor woke up…

"Your thieves, did you find anything regarding them?"

Verity turned her attention back to the King of Rochford. “I was told it was overheard they were going South, but no one has sent word of seeing them on the roads South to Valryte. They wouldn’t get through the Tolls without notice. My guess is they went to the coast and snuck their contraband onto a ship. If you notice anyone of previously unknown means suddenly spending a great deal of money in the next few years, I’d appreciate being informed so I can look into it.”

The King nodded and she smiled. “If you’ll excuse us, we’ll wait in the courtyard for Angeline to be ready.” He nodded and waved them off. She curtseyed again and walked back outside, pulling several daggers from her saddlebag before she started juggling them out of boredom. She hoped it would keep any Rochfordians getting nosey. She noticed a paper target on a nearly tree and she took the blades she was juggling, throwing them straight at the target. Four daggers were protruding from the same three square inches.

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