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Irina Katarina "Dutch" Douchlenova
Company: Alone and loveless crying
Mood: Busy cooking and singing
OOC: Chipotle = Mexican tasty juicy spice

Again, after finishing cutting the cheese she started to the same with some strange veggies, called advocados, black on the outside and green in the inside, both the cheese and this things where cut in small cubes and placed in a couple of big bowls

After this, she threw the knife to the table where the chicken meat was before been threw in the pot to boil, by now the fire raged quite a bit, and the meat was well boiled and tasty, she started pulling out the chicken, which took a while, since they where a lot

After finishing this, she put the veggies on the pot and let them boil, to then start cutting down the chicken and stripping them until they became thin juicy lines of meat, then she threw them again on to the pot and taking some chipotle, a small little red, spicy veggie, she place the red small things on another bowl, making now 3 bowls with stuff, the luch was almost ready

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arrow Captain Lyger Rinzyu
The Dauntless
Pyandonea: Dauntless: Top Deck overlooking main deck
Company: Anora
Mood: >.>

Lyger shrugged shaking his calmly as he turned to her,

"just wondering how this'll all turn out ya know... With the treasure" staring at the ship ahead he remembered watching the man who'd proposed the idea talking to a monkey as though having a conversation with it. This alone made him uneasy, the only reason he hadn't questioned alot more was because Victoria was behind him on it.

"You know how everything always goes how we want it right?" he asked sarcastically, a hand reaching out to tug her slender form to him. "Just expecting more of the same I guess" he said flatly, accepting the possibility that this would all go smoothly as far too good to be true.
arrow New Ship "???",
Location: Lower Deck: Out to sea
Mood: >.>
Company: Shelby

Cylas nodded calmly as they paused for a moment, "hmm" he said calmly, deciding the cannons of the Dauntless weren't part of their tour. Extending his arm for her to smoothly thread her arm through, he'd guide her back down the deck once more, completing their lap and reaching the steps leading below.

"After you" he said calmly extending his free hand out for her to move in front of him. As they ventured towards the bottom of the ship, he'd grin looking around the area, very much curious about it since it was his first time seeing it. Looking around a bit, he took up a casual strolling pace with her, making their way down the hall and admiring the ship's innerworkings.

"I could get used to this" he said stepping into the kitchen at the far back noticing that Bryce had been shipped over here.

"Yo cuz" he said with a wave, "glad to see we got ya in the divorce" he said chuckling a bit, Bryce smirked and nodded, "hell yea Cy, who's the pretty lady?" He asked turning to face her, "when did you get so lucky Cy?"

Cylas chuckled a bit gently kissing her cheek, "I dunno honestly" he said shaking his head, "musta done something in a past life" he said with a mock carefree shrug.
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{Back on the floating b*****d things were heating up exponentially. Haloeye had caught sight of ships on the horizon thanks to his handy telescope and had immediately called for manning of the ship and for everyone to get to their stations and prepare for leaving port. He meanwhile made his way to the helm of the ship, stepping on a larger ivory inlaid circle on the helm of the ship which began to glow a soft white as he prepared the ship with energy for take off. He wanted to be further inland and unapproachable by the seen born ships within a few moments, Haloeye knew that if he could do that much he stood a much better chance at fighting off this navy vessels. He wasn't sure who they were but he had a good feeling they weren't friendly from the flags he'd seen over them.}
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{Haloeye then called out for Beatrice.} "Beatrice, Need you up here my dear sweet flame." {He had a lot of pet names for his Gunnery and first mate so he was sure she knew who he was talking to if her name hadn't been enough. As he waited for her appearance he turned his head to look out over the sea once more in preparations for what was coming, And like a storm he was prepared to lay waste to any who got in the way of his plans. Plans only he was currently and completely aware of.}
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"The Healer"

xxxxxx Seroc chuckled lightly. "Cause you happiness, huh? Well I guess that's all any man can ask for concerning a lady, I suppose," Seroc said as he finished filling her bowl. He walked back over to Catina and placed it in front of her.

xxxxxx He smiled at her when she agreed to stay and help him. "Alright then. I would love to have you," he said as he finished up his soup. "I have an extra room here so I suppose that will be your room from now on. Once you finish eating, I'll show you around." Seroc leaned back and stretched, his stomach full and he was also happy to have such good company. "I can also show you my apothecary if you would like. It's where I keep all my medicinal herbs and medicines. You will be there a lot considering that's where I'll be teaching you," Seroc said with a smile. "I also have a closed in bathing area if you want to relax. It is sitting over an underground spring. It's clean and refreshing and I can heat the water if you would like."

Location: Seroc's Cottage
Company: Catina
Mood: Calm but happy
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Beatrice Bombshell

Location: The Floating b*****d.

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For hours she had been scouring the stores, looking for a new something. Finally, she had retreated back to her bed down in the barracks. Though, if anyone were to notice, now, she had been sitting in a back corner on the deck, watching the crew. There was another woman on board. One that she'd hadn't been told about. Perhaps she was too busy to notice, nor care.
Hmph. Just another wench to watch out for.
Beatrice was the jealous type. A fiery young woman who was not interested in many men, but those who she wore, she claimed with force and would enforce her claim to any stray b***h that would try to mark on HER territory.
But even as she was giving the crew that evil eye, her ears would pick up a melodious sound to snap her out of her jealousy.
Stepping up behind him, Beatrice smiled, seeing her beloved. "Hello Darling. " She cooed. "Did you miss me?"


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User Image {Mr.Grey smiled and nodded to her.} "Very much so, Though we need to prepare to set sail and leave. Their are unfriendly ships on the horizon and I want us over land soon so they can't give chase. And if they are stupid enough to try we'll just put holes in them once they are beached." {He smirked momentarily before looking to her.} "Would you go and make sure that we have all the ammo and powder that we need and that the gun crews are ready? I don't want to be caught with our pants down figuratively speaking." {He then turned his head to look back over the ocean, meanwhile a small tornado of wind seemed to be swirling around his feet. Sealing him there and also beginning to generate wind through the rest of the ship causing them to start rising from the water by a few inches but still enough of them in the water to let on any more crew members who might be late. Though if they were they'd be in for a serious scolding..}
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~ Keira "Kat" O'Connor ~
Crew Member of the Floating b*****d
Location: Returning to the ship
Company: Alexi, Mr. Grey, Beatrice, and Crew
Mood: Amused


After their breakfast, Keira chuckled with Alexi as they made their way back to the ship. Apparently just in time since, by the looks of it, they were preparing to leave. "We've got good timing by the looks of things..." She said thoughtfully as she glanced to Alexi as they boarded the ship, just before he began raising the ship. Glancing to the captain and first mate, Keira nodded to them. "Captain..." She said as a greeting before she glanced back to Alexi with a smirk. "We'll have to do that again sometime, ya know, when we're actually in a port that is." She said with a wink before sighing. "Let's get to work then, Alexi..." Keira said with a chuckle before crossing the deck and making herself useful.


[[ OoC: Since the ship is leaving, I am sending Alexi and Keira back to the ship. Hope you don't mind, Ashes2Asche, but I didn't want them to be left behind or the RP put on hold. ]]
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~ Anora "Envy" Lefevre ~
First Mate on the Dauntless
arrow Out at Sea, Dauntless: Top Deck
Company: Lyger
Mood: >.>


Anora listened quietly, her head nodding lightly in agreement. "Yes, I know love..." Anora said simply, keeping the rest of her thoughts to herself. She was worried about how this voyage would turn out, but not just about the treasure. Sighing, Anora pushed off the railing, her thoughts drifting further to her and Ly's relationship. She was beginning to worry that she wasn't making him happy enough. Shaking her head of those thoughts, Anora looked to Ly with a slight smile. "We'll just have to wait and see how it goes..." She said lightly.


[[ OoC: ]]
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H.M.S. Foward unto dawn, Closing in to Pyandonea
Her majesty High Admiral Alessia Ericka Leshner, Duchess of Summerset
A.K.A.: Queen Admiral Magnus
Company: Bunch of officers
Mood: Royally intimidating
OOC: New chara! yay!...I know I regret this later...

5 ships bearing the flag of the once mighty flag of the Great Britain closed in towards Pyandonea, altough not openly aggresive, the entire line of cannons of the ships where open and ready to fire, their crew was at their post ready in case the people of the port decided to be hostile

At the head of the formation, two frigates lead the way, followed by two galleons, but what catche the eye more to any onlooker from afar as the last ship, a behemont of the seas, the H.M.S. Forward onto Dawn close the formation its 84 cannons (42 per side) made the already imposing view of the ship became terrifying

On the deck of the massive Battleship, Alessia stood, sitting beside the wheel, on a finely crafted wooden throne, on her lap, a large rifle rested, she was cleaning the long cannon, as if nothing else on the world matter, however, her gaze was horizon, scouting the port ahead

On her side, a young officer held a scope "They don't seem aggresive your majesty" he opened a dialogue with the queen, which turned out to be her, Alessia, it was weird that in this world on this age somebody still held that tittle "I hope they don't Lt." she said, her tone serious but still warm enough to not sound aggressive "Its been a long trip home, I do hope that, beside pirates we can find people who wants to join our society"

The trip from Summerset island, the place from where she took part of her name, her territory and nation has been long, she left port with one idea on her mind, find more people willing to help them raise a new nation, a new golden age of the old United Kingdom, from where her ancestry hail, and of course, rid the world of its worst cancer...pirates

She had heard of the pillaging, the rapes, the murders, and even tough her nation had the might to face them, they stood on the safety of their waters, that until her mother passed away and she, at the young age of 18 took the throne, the moment to act was now, she couldn't bare to see people suffering, people affraid of such vile rabble, she will not stand idle to this, not anymore, and not only that, she will give them a chance to take back what the pirates rob them..

Their dignity.

"Long live the Queen"
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Max sat up in the crows nest looking at his treasure map, he could hear the voices in his head and this one wasn't Cujo. "Max, they're going to take it from you. You should kill them all" it said over and over. "NO! NOOO!" Max shouted angrily. Part of his mind knew it was just his head playing tricks on him but that part of his brain was slowly being taken over by the paranoia. "YOU WONT HURT THEM!" Max shouted at the top of his lungs as he drew his GLOCK pistol "I WONT LET YOU!" Max screamed, it sounded as though the man was in agony. Victoria and the rest of the crew were the closest things to friends Max had since before the accident. Part of him knew that he was about to lose control and do something stupid, he pulled a pencil from a pocket on his armor and wrote a note hastily on the back of the map, detailing how to get to the treasure precisely as well as the location of the blueprints. He folded it back up and set his knife down on top of it to keep it from blowing away. He Max sat down in the crows nest and began breathing heavily "I won't let you hurt them.." Max gasped before racking a round into the chamber of his 9mm Glock pistol. He pressed the barrel under his chin and smiled, he'd be at peace soon. With a defeated sigh Max pulled the trigger, the hollow point bullet tearing through his lower jaw and through the roof of his mouth before blowing a small hole out of the back of his head. Max slumped over in the crows nest, his gun falling from his hand to the main deck below.

"Mr. Glock, what do you have to say about that?"
Mr. Glock of course is going to say bang..

Location: Crows Nest - Prince Of The Sea
Health: Perfect
Mood: Annoyed
* OOC*
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"I'll be whoever you want me to be, baby"

xxxxxShelby danced along after Cylas and hurried on down as he let her go first. She looked around, ducking in and out of places in a hurried fashion. She'd twist and turn at every little corner, quickly going in a different direction as Cylas caught up behind her. Then they found food and a familiar face. But then Shelby realized that she wasn't very familiar to him as he spoke up about who she was.

xxxxx"Bryce, you don't remember me from the Dauntless," Shelby pouted, puffing out her bottom lip slightly as she crossed her arms over her chest. Then she put a finger up to her lips as she pondered, tilting her head slightly up as she did so. "Hmm.. Well I suppose I wasn't exactly a face that was easy to spot," she giggled in that high-pitched voice. She moved to hug her arms around Cylas' arm. Then she heard his remark and pursed her lips off to the side to show her disagreement. "Pft. Past life," she teased him. "In my next life I'm going to come back as a pig," she grunted. "Guess I need to stop being such a bad dirty girl. Y'know... I could use a bath...," she remarked. Then she realized how she had worded her sentences and blushed heavily. She laughed gently and gave a smile up to Cylas. Then, as she caught Cylas' eye, she couldn't help but hold his gaze a moment, just looking to him. She enjoyed letting him chase her, but she knew he had to catch her every now and then in order to make it interesting. He was a nice, hard-working man who had gone through a lot in his life. She wished she could somehow rise to his level to know what all life had to give and take away, but she hadn't gone through some horrible event yet.

xxxxxHer gaze suddenly went back to Bryce as her blush lit up again, showing that she had become a little lost in thought and she laughed at herself. "Sorry Bryce," she spoke as she extended her hand to him. "The name's Shelby. And I'm glad we got you as well! I love your food!" she chattered.

I'm currently masquerading as
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Location: Aboard the new ship
Company: Cylas
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Irina Katarina "Dutch" Douchlenova
Company: Cooking tools don't count
Mood: Busy cooking and singing
OOC: Meh

Dutch finally finished the dish for today's lunch, and as she used to, she took 2 full pots with broth (potatoes, green pumpkins, chicken meat) added the cheese and advocados along with some lemon, 2 spoons and took them to the Captain quarters, this wasn't the special dinner they requested, but it was very good, so imagine the quality of dinner Dutch was going to cook later on the afternoon, after serving another pot for her, she finally rang the bell for the crew, so they could come and eat

After taking off her apron, equiping her guns she made her way to the quarters and left the food for Anora and the captain, then she left for armory, once she reached the place, she took her food and eated, not hastily, but neither slowly, after enjoying a well deserved (and excellently cooked food) she cleaned her mouth and set to work

Taking 2 riffles, she started removing the wooden pieces from them, grip, handle, everything that was not made from metal was removed, she looked at the dismantled riffle and smiled "Wonder if he deserves this or not.. oh well I promised anyway" she chuckled, kneeling, her hands reached for the riffles laying on the floor before her, the riffles started to metl without any heat on her hands as Dutch's hands moved inside of them, her fingers coming out of the metal every now and then, while at her work, she whistled a tune, probably some smitty taugh her that song, since it sounded like and old forge

Tweaking the metal, she made one of the riffles into a long blade that covered the bottom of the other rifle, leaving the rifle cannon untouched, whith part of the rifle turned blade leftover she contructed the other pieces she needed and after a few more minutes, the gunrifle was ready, identical to what Cylas asked

"Dutchie, you are a genius" she congratulated herself, after seen the piece of art she just created, she re-assembled the rifle wooden pieces and left whatever was not used as spare parts, finally she left the armory and walked towards the crew barracks

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                      There ain't no rest for the wicked
                      Money don't grow on trees
                      I got bills to pay
                      I got mouths to feed
                      Ain't nothing in this world for free

                                        Location: The Deck of the Prince of the Sea.

                                        Company: No one

                                        Mood: Angry

                                        Full Health:

                                        Victoria was relaxing against the wall to her quarters, when Stone's voice made it's way to her ears. Use to him bittering and bickering with the invisible monkey, she didn't look you and just chuckled a little bit as she listened to it. Well at least, at first. The sound of his voice through her off and she looked up towards him. A split second later, the sound echoed through the area as he pulled the trigger and the gore of his body covered the Crow's Nest. A loud scream escaped Victoria as she realized what just happened and she took off towards the mast, growling as she ran " Stone, you didn't do this to me.." She whispered to herself as she crawled up the mast, her lean body hand over hand got her to his side very quickly.

                                        Looking down at the grumbled mess of the man, tears started rolling down her face as she looked him over, her eyes coming to the map and the pencil. It wasn't the fact that he'd left her with trying to find the treasure, it was the fact that he'd left her. This caused a great deal of pain in the woman's heart as she grabbed the map and stuck it into her pocket. With a heavy sigh and even heavier heart, Victoria reached the man's body and pushed it over her shoulder, using her tail to slide down the mass with him. Once she was on the ground, she looked around and pointed up. " Someone go clean that up." It was obvious in the woman's voice she was crying as she carried his body towards the railing. There was one thing you did with a pirate who was gone. Give him to Davy Jones to live on the water.. she was going to give Stone this. " Riposare in pace, amico mio. Vi sarà sempre la pietra del Principe del mare." She said softly as she walked down the plank and soon, tossed his body into the water, tears running down her face.

                                        At least he was with Cujo now.
                                                                                  No I can't slow down
                                                                                  I can't hold back
                                                                                  Though you know I wish I could
                                                                                  No there ain't no rest for the wicked
                                                                                  Until we close our eyes for good
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Dangerous Sweetheart

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.{Catina Maycke}.
User Image
*.*The Mermaid of the Dauntless*.*
Location: Seroc's Home

Company: Seroc

Mood: Happy

Full Health

Catina listened intently to Seroc as he explained everything to her, nodding as she ate. The food was good, better then what she got on the Dauntless any day. This was good, and it filled her up pretty quickly. A smile was planned on her face as she finished and pushed the bowl away, taking a moment to let the food settle. " That would be wonderful, Seroc. I'm pretty sure I need some fresh clothes and a bath. " She giggled softly as she looked down at her pirate wear, her eyes closing as she remember that was no longer who she was anymore. She was something else now, and just maybe she would be able to become something more.

Tossing the bandanna to the side, she moved the ringlets of hair from her face as she looked at him, her eyes opening back up. " If you show me where I'll clean up the bowls for you before you show me around. " She said as she reached for the bowls, her hazel eyes looking around the room. Leaving the Dauntless for the better, this was a new leash on a new live, and this was the person that was going to help her. At least she hoped.
I just saw Hayley's comet
She waved
Said, "Why you always running in place?"
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Even the man in the
Moon disappeared
Somewhere in the

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