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We Are...

The Lepers and the Outcasts...

The Thieves and the Murderers...

The Bruised and the Broken...

The Strong and the Proud...

We Are The Black Company...

We Are Free...

We are the last free company of Khatovar, a band of outcasts from all places, not needed, not wanted, all of us have a shameful past, one that we left behind when we joined the company. We are nobody and no one, our names are hidden, we go by an alias only, based on what we are, what we do, even how we look. A band of brothers, thrown together by chance, but closer than blood. We live together, fight together, and we will eventually die together. We are mercenaries, angels of battle, or demons from hell, it all depends who is supplying the coin. We wil fight for anyone for the right price, but we have our standards. In all we do, we give our all, it matters not who asks or what is asked, we simply do as asked, and do it well...

The code of the Company
One - Forget your past, forget your name.
Two - Should death come upon the Company, you may choose to disband and return to Khatovar.
Three - Service for coin, always, no exceptions.
Four - Serve your commander, serve your comrades and then serve your client.
Five - If thy client betrays the Company, any member of the Company has the right to retaliate.
Six - When a comrade falls victim to death, he shall always receive a proper burial, and the body shall not be humiliated.
Seven - Never forget the General Orders.

This RP is loosely based off the book series, The Black Company. This story takes place long after the events of the first three, so no characters from the books will be accepted. You do not need to know anything about the books to join, just be willing to work with the people who do know the series well.
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The Story

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The Black Company... A name of times past, a name of legend. The mythical company that centuries ago was hired by the Lady of Charm, a woman of incredible and terrible powers, and was caught up in the storm of change that would break across the world as the Lady went after her lord and master, as well as her husband, the terrible and immensely powerful being the Dominator, a man who held the entire world in his palm until the world rose against him. It eventually took the aid of a being so old as to transcend time itself to bind him deep in the twisted and shadowy place known only as the Barrowland, a place so saturated in deep and twisted magics, simply setting foot in it is tantamount to suicide. The Dominator, awakened from his slumber, tried to rule once more, only to be met in a battle of men and gods, the Lady, her master sorcerers The Ten Who Were Taken, and the black company, together with the aid of Old Father Tree, the eldest being on the plane, against the Dominator, and they almost lost. Still, with the aid of the mythic White Rose, and her power to nullify magic in an area around her, they were able to rob the Dominator of much of his power, and subdue him. The Black Company was all but destroyed, the Lady robbed of her powers, and the White Rose left, vanishing from view of the world. Afterwards this time became known as the War of the White Rose.

But that was then, this is now...

It has been centuries since the Black company of legend aided the Lady and the White Rose in their defeat and imprisonment in the Dominator. All that remains of those times are Old Father Tree and the Plains of Fear. Now those names are merely legend, or at least they were until a few years past. In all times there will come a Dominator, and his wife the Lady, and with them, ten new taken, the greatest sorcerers of their time, revived by twisted magic and bound to their lord and lady's will until death should take them. As was foretold, a new Lady and Dominator have risen, and they seek to take the world from their base in the ancient and magical City of Charm. The almost destroyed Black Company had faded from view, but with this new threat the mythic company has resurfaced, taking the war to whatever side, and preparing to fight for coin, as they always had. No one has yet seen this Lady and her husband the Dominator, but rumors abound of a lady so beautiful she could stop your heart with a smile, and massive man, lean and well built, and with an appeal that no woman can resist. The taken however are another matter, terrifying beings named for what they are and what they do, these twisted undead sorcerers are now a common sight, spreading death and destruction in their wake. Hiding their true names, which are capable of robbing them of their powers, The Lady, Dominator, and Taken have ridden forth in fury. The only safe place on the globe is the Plain of Fear, a desert that is home to Old Father Tree, a being whose powers give even the Dominator pause.

War threatens all the world, men flocking to all banners, preparing to defend themselves from the coming storm, and yet knowing it will likely not be enough. Even the many twisted creatures that roam the Plain of Fear are preparing for war, preparing to leave their safe haven for the first time since the War of the White Rose. But even in these dark times, a glimmer of hope still shines. There is rumor that the White Rose has been reborn again, and is hiding from view, growing her power that she may eventually be strong enough to fight the Dominator and the Lady. This rumor is given more credence by the actions of the Dominator and Lady, who are obviously searching for something, and searching desperately. And so the race is on, will the Lady and Dominator find the White rose and kill her, will the White Rose have the time to gain the strength she needs, and what of the Black Company, where will they be employed this time. Will they serve the Lady once more, or perhaps the white rose? Only time will tell, in this, the second War of the Rose.

The Current Situation

Old enmities have been set aside, her at the end of the world. All who survived the purge have gathered at charm, but let us start at the beginning. A massive battle was joined, with the forces of Charm locked in battle against the Nations, their new found eastern allies, and The White Rose herself. The battle raged, and the power unleashed, both physical and magical, rocked the entire continent, and what was to come, not even the powers of Charm could foresee. A massive energy flux erupted from the far north, deep in the icy wastes so long devoid of all life, a flux of power great enough to rival The Lady and Dominator. No one thought of this too seriously, and it was to be their downfall. From the north swept an army of what appeared to be rotting corpses, but they were no corpses, they were living beings possessed by spirits so twisted that their very presence rotted the flesh of their living hosts until they fell to pieces. And behind them came a being so ancient and powerful, nothing like it had been seen in absolute ages. Spellbinder, a being from the dawn of time, was able to put a name to this terror, this elder god, as he called it. He simply called it The Worldbreaker, an ancient being shrouded in ice and armor. Whether male or female he could not say, only that it was a being nearly as ancient as Old Father Tree himself.

The onslaught was terrible and relentless, millions of people slain in less than a month, all those that survived fleeing back to the great stronghold of Charm. All grievances and hatreds were put aside, though tensions ran high, as everyone knew this could be the end. The Company was released of their previous bargain with Charm, and was sent out with the Taken to try and buy as much time as possible for the armies and magi that now resided in Charm to prepare. As always, the Plain of Fear remained untouched, but even the numerous reclusive creatures that live there have begun to fight against these hordes from the north. A secret tunnel is under construction to reach from Charm to the plains, as Old Father Tree has agreed to coax his 'children' out of the old Black Company base and allow noncombatants to shelter there for as long as is needed.

We Resume this story one month later, on the edges of the Windy Country, all the able bodied soldiers that Charm can spare doing everything they can to hold back the tide of death that is sweeping across the nations. The elder god has not been seen on the field since, but that is of no concern to the allied forces, as it is all they can do to hold back the possessed. Some newer possessed, obviously inhuman, have begun to appear, and it remains to be seen what purpose they serve, though they seem to act as some sort of superior to the lesser possessed. Now all that remains to be seen is if the allies can stem the tide long enough to find out what The Worldbreaker wants, or, failing that, find some way to destroy it.
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The Rules

1. Don't Godmod or auto-hit. This rule is slightly mitigated for the Lady, Dominator, and Taken. If you are using one of those characters, you are using a character that is capable of taking on entire armies single handed. That being said, I, and any Moderators I add will be watching those characters closely.

2. Follow ToS

3. It's probably best to reserve before making a profile, because it's not guaranteed that you'll get the spot that you want.

4. Follow the rules of the creator, along with the three moderators of this role play. (Mods yet to be named)

5. As said before, this is a Literate or up role play, which means that you should be posting at least two good paragraphs. That means five good sentences per paragraph people. If you fall a little short I wont have a problem, but if you are regularly posting far less, we will have a problem. AND NO ONE LINERS!

6. Decorated posts are appreciated, but not mandatory, and I don't require much in that regard

7. Romance and violence is encouraged, just don't let it go overboard. If you're going to get down and dirty, time skip it please.

8. Send your pms to me or Saigon Samurai and title them, 'The Darkness', for the forces of the Lady and Dominator, 'The White Rose', for the forces of the united kingdoms, and 'My Blade for a Price', for the black company.

9. Don`t post once then disappear.

10. Try to post at least twice to three times a week at least, if you cannot, please explain why to me in a PM, and I will make an allowance for it if possible. If you do not post at least once in a weeks time without explanation, I will remove you from the RP.

11. Please let me know if you are going to be gone for a while so I do not remove you from the RP. If something outside of your control happens, send me a PM when you return to explain, and I'll try to get you back in.

12. The max number of characters you may have is three.

13. I am god, my moderators are god when I am not here. You listen to them, they listen to me. We clear?

14. Put a burning_eyes in your profile somewhere to show you have read the rules.

15. Oh yes, I personally am a fan of gore, especially in an RP like this with dark overtones, so I don't mind if you go into explicit detail of how you dismember a person, but it may offend others. If you want to go into detail go ahead, but if anyone gets offended please reign it in or I'll have to take steps. Also, if you know you are offended by that sort of thing, please bring it up in the OOC beforehand, its easier to prevent the problem than it is to try and fix it once it has occurred.
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All of these spots will be given on first come first serve basis.



On a side note, the taken are generally named for what they do, or how they died, such as The Limper, The Hanged Man, and The Howler, or names like Whisper, Night Stalker, and Bone Gnasher. I am not making this necessary, but it is appreciated if you do that for a name.

Thank you.

Also the listed spots are merely the most important characters, if you would like to make up a position or spot for any of the factions, feel free to do so.

Also, other than the Taken who came from who knows where and can be who knows what, most non humans would have originated from the plain of fear, and most would have been human originally if they can still function in normal society. There are exceptions, but that is a general rule.

The Lady: open/reserved/taken (Xeo27)

The Dominator: open/reserved/taken

The Ten Who Were Taken:

1. open/reserved/taken (Shinu Eru)

2. open/reserved/taken (cypress8blade)

3. open/reserved/taken (RLRLRMASTER)

4. open/reserved/taken (Dinivas)

5. open/reserved/taken (Blu_Libra)

6. open/reserved/taken (Rayzah)

7. open/reserved/taken (Sofa Pirate)

8. open/reserved/taken

9. open/reserved/taken

10. open/reserved/taken

Black Company Captain: open/reserved/taken (Saigon Samurai)

Black Company Lieutenant: open/reserved/taken (LOVE LETTER from my heart)

The White Rose: open/reserved/taken (cypress8blade)
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Profile layout (Courtesy of Azure Ryuu)

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[color=black][size=11]Name ✔ Full name, no abbreviations.
Age ✔ Age written out
Gender ✔ Male or Female
Side ✔ Charm, Nations, Black Company
Race ✔ Race here. If its an uncommon race, I may ask for a description.
Height ✔ Height in feet and inches
Weight ✔ Weight in pounds
Hair Color ✔ Hair color
Eye Color ✔ Eye color
True Form ✔ This is for creatures with other forms. Put a url picture of your other form here. If this does not apply, delete it.[/size][/color]

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[color=black][size=11]Please put this in list form with nice descriptions of each ability. Try not to make your character too powerful, unless you are the Dominator, Lady, or one of the Taken.[/size][/color]

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Full Name

✘On The Surface✘

Name ✔ Full name, no abbreviations.
Age ✔ Age written out
Gender ✔ Male or Female
Side ✔ Charm, Nations, Black Company
Race ✔ Race here. If its an uncommon race, I may ask for a description.
Height ✔ Height in feet and inches
Weight ✔ Weight in pounds
Hair Color ✔ Hair color
Eye Color ✔ Eye color
True Form ✔ This is for creatures with other forms. Put a url picture of your other form here. If this does not apply, delete it.

✘Cutting Deeper✘

Personality ✔ At least one paragraph.

Biography ✔ At least two paragraphs.

Wardrobe ✔ Things your character likes to wear. This could be colors, styles, and types of materials. Or nothing at all.

✘Powers, Abilities, and Weapons✘

Please put this in list form with nice descriptions of each ability. Try not to make your character too powerful, unless you are the Dominator, Lady, or one of the Taken.

✘Final Standing✘

Theme Song ✔ Url to your theme song here.
Other ✔ Other tidbits you might want to share. This can be fears, likes, dislikes, bad habits, and secrets.

✔ Username ✔
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Places of Note

Charm: The home of The Lady and Dominator, this city, set in the center of the northern continent, oozes magic, power, and cruelty. A city of incredible beauty, Charm entrances all who see it, though it may take more than just their hearts. The wise traveler will aviod this place, unless they seek to join The Lady and the Dominator in the conquest of the world.

The Windy Country: A desert country of mountains and wind, travel is treacherous and many a man has lost his life trying to cross through the desert. While it certainly takes longer to travel around it, the wise man takes the long way, or risks death.

The Plain of Fear: A desert in name only, while full of sand, there is life, and danger, everywhere. Positioned at the center of the desert is a transcendent and immortal being, Old Father Tree. Where he came from is debatable, as well as what he truly is, but he has been there from time immemorial, perhaps even the beginning, and the plain is an area that his immense power has twisted and warped over time. The very world is fluid in the plain, shifting constantly and forming bizarre creatures like the Menhir, a race of mobile speaking stones, and other oddities, such as whales that fly and numerous other creatures. Change storms, sudden outbursts of power from Old Father Tree, roil across the landscape randomly, morphing and twisting all that they entrap, be it animal, plant, mineral, or human. Many creatures that were human reside in the plain, and all the creatures are dangerous, though not all are overtly hostile. No two creatures are exactly alike, and all are powerful, and many are far more intelligent than they let on. An ancient Black Company base is built underground, beneath Old Father Tree, and though it is long since overrun by the natives of the plain, if it could be reclaimed it would be an incredible asset.

The Barrowland: An ancient forest of terrible magic, the grave site of all the former Dominators and their minions, the land it twisted, dark, and deadly. It is ill advisable to set foot within the lands, though some do, and most of those are never heard from again. The nations have a constant number of guards constantly patrolling the Barrowlands, looking for any sign of movement from within, as it will most likely be one of the many deadly 'inmates'.
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Additional Information

White List:

Black List:



World map:
The northern lands
The southern lands
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Charm, a throne that’s beauty surpassed any other, standing high and proud.
From outside of the walls, it was eerily drawing like fire for an insect; many souls
had wandered in and either never returned or were forever changed into something
immoral. Unlike any other city, Charm should have been a haven and was suited
to be put into any fairy tale. However, it was home to some of the most menacing
Overlords the world offered. One particularly that wandered the Hellish place was
The Lady; Ruler and charmer, among other things. Her presence made most being’s
hair stand on end and a chill run down their spines, while some fell to their knees at
the sight of the beautiful and young lord.

Among the buildings, near the end of the city, stood a rather large building that resembled
a medieval castle; High pillars erupted from the ground and held the towering architect, a tall
slab of stairs leading up to doors that lead inside the personal home of The Lady. In one
of the rooms that had a dome ceiling and a small practice arena in the center, there were
humans standing within the arena’s cube and guards aligning one of the walls. The captured
slaves were slouched over, dirty and dressed like peasants. One of them whispered to
himself, as if he were praying to the Gods to save his life or strike him dead now, whichever
would be better in this situation.

Behind the arena, where the floor was raised, sat an elegant woman. She hardly looked
the age of twenty five, yet her piercing eyes and the way she carried herself seemed to
prove the accusations of immaturity wrong. The man who had been praying to himself now
looked at the guards, then at The Lady, immediately moving his gaze afterward as if it were
a sin to look upon her.

“I beg of you, m’lady,” he pleaded, choking on his own words when tears filled his eyes.
“This is my family, my family! My daughter- Sh-She’s only eight years old… Please, let us go
and we’ll never return, I swear it! Please, God!” Each of his panicked words filled the
room, echoing off the walls and creating a sly smirk on The Lady’s lips.

Turning her head, The Lady gazed upon the little child, sheepishly standing against one
of the guards that held onto her. The child’s face was stained with dry tears and
snot, sniffling while she listened to her Father beg for their lives. The Lady ignored
his words, instead standing to move her body in front of the girl. Snatching the girl’s
chin in her hand and turning her head from left to right roughly.

“Your daughter will be fine, as long as she knows how to obey and listen to her
Mistress.” The Lady’s cold eyes met with the guards, followed by her waving her hand
towards the man and the other wastes of life in the arena. Fortunately, the child was still
young and still absorbing in what was right from wrong, a perfect candidate to throw into
her army. “Take this girl and put her through training. If she doesn’t finish, feed her
to the beasts.” With those words, The Lady wiped away a fresh tear from the girl’s
cheek and smiled, turning towards the arena just as one of her guards sliced through a
woman with his ax. The girl’s Father cried and pleaded even more before he was cut
down like the rest of them, leaving a pool of body parts and blood across the pearl flooring.
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The Spellbinder
Death cannot hold that which magic commands...
And what death cannot hold is mine to control.

Canus Ahriman Lues, a legend, a myth, a story told to naughty children to quiet them, to make them behave. Now the first of a new generation of Taken, The Spellbinder. His home, catacombs deep beneath the fabled city of Charm. A city filled with such Beauty that one would think it heaven, a place of peace, prosperity, and safety. One would not be more wrong, roaming the gilded streets were the monsters from the nightmares of humanity, The Ten Who Were Taken, and above them, The fabled Lady of Charm and her husband, The Dominator. A city of beauty and light in the clutch of a darkness so powerful it could seem to blot out the sun. Spellbinder loved to call this city his home, and despite his initial displeasure at being revived only to be bound, had grown to love his work under his lord and lady. This day that job was dull however, nothing to be done, nothing to be killed, nothing to really destroy. He was a Taken for whom travel was difficult, and as such was rarely dispatched outside of Charm. Not a bad thing for those seeking the easy life, but for a man, or the remains of a man, like him, it was not the perfect life. It was this tedium, this boredom, that had led him to the arena this fine day. A fine day because it dealt with death, the death of a number of slaves to be precise.

He had drifted into the Arena in time to hear a mans desperate plea for his family, and a cruel grin spread across his features. He knew what fate awaited the man, and his family. The girl, she would be molded into the perfect soldier, totally obedient, and infatuated with her lord and lady, the rest of the family, well, they would wish they had been that lucky. He drifted up to hover just behind his lady, single eye gleaming with delight at the carnage that ensued. His eye glowed strangely, and a pair of hands, severed at the wrist, drifted into the air. They were the hands of a young man, just older than his teens. They drifted over to Spellbinder, who examined them closely before nodding once and drifting closer to his lady, the hands grasping her shoulders and kneading at them, a gentle and he hoped welcome massage.

"Oh, my Lady, my Lady, what a bloodthirsty young woman you are. If only I had known you in life, we would have been... very close." He was forced to bend over quite far due to his height to place his head in a good spot to speak to the Lady, his voice was a dry, dusty whisper, but it carried an odd weight. "I love this sort of thing you know, but it has been so long since I have enjoyed a good slaughter myself, when will you let me act outside the city Lady, what must I do to earn that right?" Any other being would never have dared to talk to the Lady in that manner, and many would rather take their own lives than place a hand on the Lady uninvited. But that was other beings, Spellbinder had died before, several times actually. Death held no fear for him, it was like an old friend, always there for him, always around for him to talk to, to confide in, and eventually to go to willingly when he was to pass on. "So, my Lady, what wonderful things do you have planned for me today?"
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A woman stood in front of her reflection, she didn’t move, she didn’t say anything, she just stood there. A blindfold covered the woman’s eyes but even though they were covered, it was like she was looking at something. She reached up and untied the blindfold slowly. As it fell, the woman met her empty black eyes in the reflection…it was…it was wonderful. A light smile appeared on the woman’s lips as she reached up and touched her reflection, and then she was snapped out of her daze by a small sound coming from her feet. The woman quickly tied the blindfold back over her eyes before reaching down and picking up the small creature who cried “Sorry kitty, was Oydne ignoring you?” the woman named Oydne said lightly. The small kitten rubbed its head against Oydne’s cheek “You’re so cute” she said rubbing the kitten’s head. It was amazing, how a woman like Oydne could be kind to such a fragile creature. Small animals were about the only thing Oydne was kind to, them and of course, her Mistress and Lord. Oydne found this kitten outside one day, she was had asked her Mistress if she could keep it and she was a loud to…but she had a feeling her Mistress would take it away if she ever messed up. Speaking of her Mistress, she needed to go see her today.

Oydne set the kitten down on the ground “I’ll be back, don’t worry I left plenty of food for you” she said in a soft tone. Oydne’s voice was always soft…well as long as she was calm it was. Her…other self was…loud…and…showy. Oydne left her home to be greeted by the beautiful city of Charm. To be honest…Oydne didn’t like this city, there wasn’t any good food around and by food, Oydne didn’t mean chips or meat. Oydne’s food was the life essence of men and women…though she prefers males. The color of people’s souls determined the taste of their life essence. Most of the people in Charm had either black or red souls, black essence was bitter and gross, while red essence was sour. Oydne’s favorite type of soul was a white soul, white souls belonged to the pure of heart, they were sweet like candy. She’d always wanted to taste her Mistress’s or Lord’s essence, but sadly she couldn’t see their souls. She wasn’t sure why, but she had a feeling it had something to do with their power. Oydne gave a small sigh as she made her way towards the arena. She knew her Mistress would be their enjoying a good slaughter. Sometimes she wished her Mistress would allow her to eat those helpless people…even though their souls were boring and tasteless…it was still food.

Oydne was surprised to see the Spellbinder who her Mistress, he was like her, a servant to the Lady and yet it was also different. He didn’t get to go outside that often…not that Oydne cared or anything. She didn’t really know him that well…she didn’t really care to get to know him either. She’d work with him but that was it. The only person she wanted to know more was her Lord…but sadly he rarely spoke to her or he was always around his wife. Oydne stepped into the arena and slowly walked up to her Mistress. She bowed her head “Hello Mistress” she said softly “I’ve come to tell you that the Black Company…it seems they are going to be making a move soon” she said looking up at Spellbinder “Should we strike first?”. Oydne didn’t want to admit it, but she was eager to go. She couldn’t wait to taste the sweet essences of the black company members, just the thought of it made her hungry.

The Lady stood silently while the guards dispersed and the child
was drug outside of the room, peering with a dull expression towards
the carnage in front of her. Her hobby brought happiness to her
heart, or at least, she compared it to happiness; as if bringing enjoyment
to her forces and tossing innocent children into her army could be similar to anything nice.

My sweet servant…” The Lady curled her lips into a
small grin while the hands kneaded her shoulders, lingering in her position
for a minute or two before turning towards her two prized possessions, the
hands falling from her body. Powerful being or not, getting a chance for
relaxation was special. “There is so much to do and so little
time, my pets,
” speaking to them both as she stepped towards their
direction, looking from her Spellbinder to Odyne, exploring the right words
to say in her mind. “I am aware of the reports of the Black Company
and while they are a threat to me, I feel I mustn’t invest a lot into having them
taken care of. That’s why
,” she continued, looking at the Spellbinder
specifically, “I need my capable and loyalist creatures to deal with
whatever effort they plan to act out.

Although The Lady was certain she would have to meet the Black Company in
battle sooner or later, she reminded herself to play her cards carefully. She, the
Dominator and their followers were the bad guys and the possibility of the good
guys making them believe there would be an attack against them could be a tactic
to get them in the open and into a trap. “Odyne, do you know of any
details, hm? I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed if there ended up not being
any souls for you, dear,
” chuckling lightly at her sick joke.
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The Spellbinder
Death cannot hold that which magic commands...
And what death cannot hold is mine to control.

As The Lady shrugged the hands from her shoulders, they came to rest floating at Spellbinder's side. He shook his head slowly, disappointed with the decision, but he would obey as he always had. "Oh, that is... Unfortunate. At least the others are sent from here on occasion. I can understand your will and logic my Lady, but I need to venture forth at some point. There is little I can do here, I cannot bolster our forces with the dead, I cannot sow discord with the cult I created. I will obey you without question of course, but I am of little value here." He was of course completely honest when he said he would obey any order or decision The Lady made, but he was also completely honest in saying he had little use stuck in the city. It was not like they had an army of corpses available to him to raise, at least not one he had access to. "Apologies my Lady, I did not mean to question your judgement. I just see so little that I can do for you here."

He had ignored Odyne until he was done addressing The Lady of course. Now he turned to her, further addressing the questions The Lady had just answered. "Well, you have your answer, and what did you mean by we? Do I look like I am capable of making a preemptive strike?" The hands he was 'borrowing' were moving as the would if they had actually been his, gesturing towards him in a sweeping gesture. "My arms are bound, my legs are bound, and I can only hover. I would not be making a preemptive strike. You would be making a preemptive strike." One of the hands pointed at her somewhat accusingly. "Either way, The Lady said no, we are to remain here and serve her in whatever capacity she so chooses." That being said, he fell silent, waiting for the orders he was sure would come soon.
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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Darius Riven Moore

The Tattered Knives Have Shattered Lives, » The Tattered Knives Have Shattered Lives,
Those Broken Verses Are Spoken Curses, » Those Broken Verses Are Spoken Curses,
These Jaded Ways Shall Not Be Swayed, » These Jaded Ways Shall Not Be Swayed,
So Rest Assured That You Shall Fade. » So Rest Assured That You Shall Fade.

The market in Dadiz was filled with the usual bustling and hustling between merchants. The customers crowded the streets eager to find something worth spending their hard earned cash. The merchants were eager to exchange their goods for the highest price they could get out of the people. In a nearby alley a two figures stood quietly conversing of the wares that the first man had to offer. The wares were inside a satchel resting above an empty barrel. The person selling it was dressed in hooded cloak to help conceal the rest of his wares. The second man wore dark clothing with a chest-plate, shoulder-guards and gauntlets.
"This is the strongest you'll find anywhere. I promise you that you will find no better. The apothecary who made it has used the deadliest materials from the swamp north of here. Double your price and we'll have a sell." The shorter man told the taller one. He tapped his fingers on the satchel slowly growing impatient with the deal.
"My offer stands and won't change. You either take it or not." His voice was a deep husky one, and it clearly held authority. He was planning on leaving the alley with the poison one way or the other, and his hand settled on the sheathed dagger strapped to his belt, "One way or the other I am leaving here with it. So make your choice."
"Your bluffing right?" The vendor's eyes shifted between the cold stare of the man and his hand that had settled on the dagger.
"Try me." The taller man began to unsheathe his weapon to prove his point but the merchant was already intimidated and nodded his head. The merchant removed his hand from the satchel and lifted his hand to the pouch of coins that were offered to him. The taller man gave him the pouch and took the satchel. "Thanks for the business." With a chuckle, the man opened the satchel, took out two vials, and threw the satchel back at the merchant. He placed the vials in a smaller satchel attached to his belt before walking out of the alley.

The sun appeared to be going down and he decided that it was time he became acquainted with the employer he had come to meet. His Captain told him that the meeting would take place in a tavern called the Howling Gale. He had split up with his companions but clearly told them to regroup at the Howling Gale before dusk. By then he would be done getting the mission details and they could be on their merry way. He arrived at the tavern and looked around for the person who matched the description he was giving. Near the corner of the tavern a lone soldier sat drinking an ale. The soldier had scarlet hair with a matching chin strap. Casually he walked over to the soldier and sat down across from him.
"Darius?" The soldier asked him before taking another swig at the ale. To that Darius gave a nod and took out a parchment with writing on it. He handed it to the soldier who took a quick glance at it before looking back up with a broad smile plastered on his face. "Good, I've been expecting you..."

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