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Who is the most tragic figure?

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Ruby: DON'T WORRY ABOUT YOU?! For God's sake that's what I do, you just survived a very traumatic experience and yet here you are flying around like it's any other day when you should be resting and recovering.
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*Judas takes a deep breath, he releases his form and returns to normal. he looks back at ruby and smiles*

Judas: Like I said, I'm fine. I have a new reason for living, a new outlook on life. honestly, Its been a very long time since I felt this clear.
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Ruby sets down and folds her arms.

Ruby: Since before I died you mean.
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*Judas shrugs, and laughs a bit*

Judas: Maybe, Maybe not.
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Ruby seems introspective and after a few moments she looks sad.

Ruby: Judas... I'm...

She shakes her head to dispel the heavy morose air about her. She doesn't smile but puts on a neutral face.

Ruby: Never mind. Don't stay outside to long, you still need to rest.

She makes her way toward the door to go inside.
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Time passes and the team heals and gathers its strength. Ruby only gets one report from the knights telling her that some people had been spotted a mile from the arena in several locations but nothing of interest otherwise.

The team flies in as storm clouds follow behind them. The ship sets down a ways off from the actual arena. Ruby adjusts her gauntlets and tweaks her necklace a little.

Ruby: Let's go everyone. We've got a war to win and futures to forge.

Opal: Of course sister.

Garnet: Confirmed.

Onyx and Topaz shoulder their weapons and let out a grunt as they nod their heads.

Susano'o rubs the Opal hair pin in his hair and nods.

Ninja: This is gonna be one hell of a fight.

Sakura: I'm with you, now and always.

As the team makes their way through the forest the storm worsens behind them as lightning and thunder streak across the sky.

They emerge from the woods and see the enemy already massed in the field zone.

Bloodstone, Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Pearl, Peridot, 3 men in white armor suits, 3 men in black armor suits, and a massive Chimera.

The Chimera has a ram head, a lion head, and a snake head. It's tail appears to be a spiked ball.

Spinel is in front of them.

Spinel: Hello everyone, so glad you could make it. What's wrong Ruby? Lost your taste for trying to kill me?

Ruby: I know you aren't here.

Spinel: *chuckle* You know me to well. I'll be there once the fighting is done. Make sure to give us some nice data. Bye bye.

Spinel vanishes leaving the teams on either side of the field to stare each other down.
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*Bato cracks his knuckles and stretches his new arms. he grins and his fangs glint. Cain's eyes move rapidly sizing up the opponents. He seems curious about the armored men. Milenko pulls a giant book from her bag and drops in on the ground, it flicks open to a specific page. Judas smirks and flips off the enemies*
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*Kat stands next to Shade, her spear in hand, half-way slung over her shoulder. She stands firm, the wind blowing her hat a bit.*

*Terra has her arms crossed, her eyes fierce. The pupils rimmed in a dark, blood red as she stares down Amethyst.*
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(Everyone else will get their stand off post but I wanted to get this scene done while it is still in my memory)

Ruby had talked to the team before so they knew what her next move was going to be. She stepped forward ever the cocksure type but now she has a very aggravating arrogance about her.

Ruby: *Yawn* Why do you even bother? There isn't a GEM among you that could take me in a 1v1. Hell I'm willing to bet if you all pooled your insignificant talent you'd still fail to make me fall. Tell you what I'll give you 1 free shot, I won't move from this spot, I won't try to defend myself, and none of the people behind me will try anything.

Sakura: But Ruby.

Ruby: Relax Sakura. So... what do you say?

Sapphire: *laugh* Alright, I don't know where this tone came from but if you think you've got the brass to back it up who are we to turn down a free shot. Everyone, fire at the air above me!

Sapphire raises a finger and enchants the air above her head to become a black hole of sorts. All of the GEMS fire one very powerful attack each and their energy is compacted and unified.

Sapphire: Now remember, no flinching.

Sapphire throws the sphere of energy at Ruby, when it gets close Ruby's necklace jumps forward. She had been wearing Diamond who had been holding her shield necklace.

Diamond nullifies the massive energy ball and absorbs it. As the energy spirals around her it seems she may be overcome but grasping the shield she maintains her focus and manages to make an energy body for herself. She smirks at the enemy team.

Sapphire: Ruby! YOU LYING WRETCH!

Ruby waves a finger.

Ruby: Where did I lie? I didn't move, I didn't try to protect myself, and no one BEHIND me tried to help.

-in a lab-

Spinel is laughing to herself.

Mystic: Very well played.
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*Judas smirks, his eyes light up with excitement*

Judas: Hardly the turn out I expected.

???: Looks like we Arrived right on time.

*Vlad and his crew step from the left side of the forest, the Gladiator is grasping a figure my the back of the neck, he tosses the man at Ruby's feet. the Man has two stumps on his back where wings used to be*

Vlad: Glad to see we didn't miss the fun. And that's a present. Michael the 5th.

Kareki: Seems like there should be more of these assholes. almost 2 to 1

*Kareki slams his massive sword into the ground and cracks his neck*

*cain notices only Vlad, DL, Kareki, Ochiba, Damien and the Gladitor have come*

Cain: you guys seem a bit light.

Damien: We left the kids at home.

*Damien draws both his Katana and Broadsword. his hair is spiked in the back with bangs hanging over his eyes, One of his eyes in blue the other is Red. He smirks and gets ready to fight*

Ochiba: Looks like we have our work cut out for us.

*Ochiba tosses his umbrella to the side and unwraps B2's sword, his eyes activate*

*The Gladiator heaves his massive Axe off his back and stands silent and ready, the angelic and demonic runs carved into his body light up*

*DL activates his Voodoo mode and unsheathes his trench knives. He sets his eyes on Sapphire*

*Judas turns to Damien*

Judas: Who are you, Really?

*Damien smiles and shakes his head*

Damien: I'll tell you when we win.

Judas: Deal. Lets go!

*Judas tosses, Vlad the Nightingale Orb. Judas and Cain Charge forward targeting Emerald, as they dash in they both transform, Judas swings his Sword sending a wave toward the Gem, Cain follows behind the projectile and attempts to strike a blow to Its stomach*

*Ochiba and Kareki Launch an assault on the Armored Men, Kareki grabs his sword and does a mid air flip crashing the blade into the earth creating a fissure. Ochiba calls a storm of Sakura petals and sends them forward, they explode on impact.*

*Vlad and Damien attack Bloodstone, Damien launches a melee assault using both moves of Rezile and Calza, his speed parallel to their own, his strikes precise and calculated, focusing on vital areas. Vlad summons the Holy sword and strikes in time with Damien, Each strike happens after the other giving one another time to recover while still pressuring the Target*

*DL, Bato, and the Gladitor Stand on Milenko's sides, She begins to channel her Tome, and starts summoning spirits, the Shadow of the Dragon they had slain manifests and charges at the chimera*

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