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(Part 1 of 3 for massive posts. G.E.M.S this is nearly 11 pages in word)

Terra & Shin vs. Amethyst

Terra and Shin struggle to move their bodies from the trees they had been kicked into. Amethyst lights up her arms.

Amethyst: I expected better, maybe when you wake up we'll be friends. Sorry if this kills you, I promise I'll revive you if it does though.

Her arms move with dramatic flare as she readies her final strike. Terra's eyes flick between Amethyst and Shin when a ball of orange energy rushes Amethyst. Amethyst changes the direction of her attack and both blasts hit the green energy ball. As the two attacks collided Garnet's fist emerged from the sphere and struck Amethyst in the chest sending her flying. Both attacks wash over Garnet but subside. Her back is to Terra and Shin.

Garnet: Get out of here, I'll finish this fight.

Terra: But...

Garnet cuts her off

Garnet: That hesitation just now would have been the end of both of you. Get Shin somewhere safe and where you can be of use. I don't want or need your help for this fight. Just go.

Terra hangs her head before grabbing Shin's wrist and going to help the team with the Chimera.

Amethyst comes walking from the tree line dusting herself off. She looks at Garnets front, torn to shreds with multiple burns and lacerations with one eye shut.

Amethyst: Didn't figure you for the heroic type.

Garnet: I play the numbers game. You would have beaten both of them and then we'd be here. At least this way I can keep 2 more players in the game.

Amethyst: And what do your numbers say about beating me?

Garnet: Under normal circumstances I put the odds at 60/40 in my favor.

Amethyst: And with those injuries?

Garnet doesn't say anything but grimaces slightly.

Amethyst: Same odds but now in my favor. Very well.

Amethyst holds up her right hand a rune appears under each of her finger nails. A blade of darkness extends from her index finger and a blade of lightning extends from her ring finger, both blades pierce Garnet's shoulders.

Amethyst: Let's tips those odds even more in my favor.

Garnet: Blades? But... when you hit Terra.

Amethyst: BINGO, I could have slid a blade right between the princesses ribs and been done with her but I wanted more. But because of that useless minion she couldn't give it to me.

A fire blade comes from her middle finger and Garnet has to move her head to avoid a direct hit.

Amethyst: Let's see if you can give me a reason to cut loose.

She presses the fire blade against Garnet's face.

Garnet moves her tail and pulls her gun from behind her back and fires it. The bullet goes through Amethyst's wrist disrupting her mana flow which allows Garnet to slide off the blades and gain some distance. She puts her gun in her hand and points it but Amethyst snaps her left hand and a jet of water knocks the gun out of Garnet's hands. Amethyst places her left hand on her wrist to heal it.

Amethyst: How did you manage that? I thought the kick would be to much for your tail, also how did you pull the trigger?

Garnet: Very modified gun. Secondary fire to be triggered by my energy alone. Far less powerful but much more manageable.

Amethyst charges Garnet blades forming from her finger tips. Garnet meets her half way and manages to lock hands without taking damage. She instantly begins overpowering Amethyst, tilting her hands back till her wrists begin to crack. Amethyst grins.

Amethyst: You strong types always go for the test of strength.

Garnet: s**t!

Garnet pours on the power in her grip to shatter Amethyst's hands and fingers before Amethyst's palm rune goes off destroying her hands. Garnet stumbles back but Garnet allows no retreat, delivering a devastating round house that sends Garnet careening towards a tree. She flaps her wings to right herself and plants both feet onto the tree, she looks towards Amethyst and unleashes a ball of fire from her mouth. The ball washes over Amethyst burning most of her tattered clothing. As she is reeling from the attack Garnet launches off the tree stretching out her right hand which has the claw on it. She withdraws two blades to improve the impact and aims for Amethyst's heart. Just before Garnet's claw touches her fur, a rune near Amethyst's heart activates stopping Garnet's attack.

Amethyst: If your arm is good enough to risk a move like that, maybe I should take another chunk out of it!

Amethyst tilts her body causing Garnet to move forward being carried by her momentum. Amethyst opens her mouth and a rune on the back of her front teeth light up as does her jaw. She bites down hard sinking her teeth into Garnet's upper arm and shakes her hard enough to dislocate the shoulder. Garnet goes to bite back but her head is wrapped up in one of Amethyst's huge rabbit ears and squeezed as if in a vice before being spun around and smacked a few more times by Amethyst's ears.

Garnet leaps into the air and takes to the sky. She stops the bleeding in her arm before dive bombing Amethyst whose left hand is glowing as she tries to repair it. Garnet lets loose a barrage of kicks from the air only to have each one blocked by one of Amethyst's legs. Every 3rd of so kick the explosion rune on the sole of her foot goes off dealing serious damage to Garnet's legs. Garnet waves her ruined hands around scattering blood everywhere.

Amethyst: You're getting into a leg match with a rabbit. Not a good match up, how much longer can you keep this up?

Garnet's tail whips out and the hidden blade pierces through the explosion rune and Amethyst's right foot.

Garnet: Long enough.

Garnet flies up carrying Amethyst and shaking her violently to break or at least dislocate her leg while ensuing she doesn't gain her bearings enough to land a good counter hit. After ascending far above the tallest trees Garnet slows down to ensure her aim is right but at that moment Amethyst points her left index finger at Garnet and a light bullet pierces her chest. Garnets tail relaxes and Amethyst begins to fall, she takes aim again but Garnet clenches her bloodstained teeth as blood leaks from damaged lungs and unleashes one final dragons breath. The roar the accompanies this stream of fire breaks Amethyst's concentration as she has to clap her hands to her ears while the fire consumes her and pushes her towards the ground. Even with her bodies protective runes she slams into the center to Garnet's latest creation, a blood rune trap. The blood forms tight bonds the tie down Amethyst with such force as to break bones and damage internal organs. As Amethyst struggles against the binds Garnet comes crashing down, her body collides with Amethyst in a full body tackle.

Both of them lay there, to injured to move and utterly spent. All that is left for them is to bleed and hope they don't bleed out completely. Garnet looks at the crumpled form of Amethyst, struggling for breath as she tries to keep her eyes from closing.

Garnet: 2 for 1... not a bad deal.

Her head sinks down and her eyes close.

-Onyx vs. Emerald-

Emerald looks through his portal and picks out a soul from the nether world, he grips it tightly and it forms a large double bladed ax. He walks towards Onyx who has risen to his knees a little ways off.

Emerald: Frozen by hellish wind and scorched by divine flame yet you still posses strength enough to continue fighting. What drives you?

Emerald reaches Onyx and raises the massive ax to strike him down. Onyx transforms into his dark form, the feral wolf man catches the ax in one hand, he slowly gets to his feet.

Onyx: Regret

He slashes Emerald with his free hand, the deep cuts cause Emerald to lose his focus and the ax vanishes. He stumbles back.

Emerald: What do you have to regret?

Onyx just unleashes a maelstrom of attacks laying waste to Emeralds attempts at defense. Emerald reaches behind his back after avoiding a cut slash that could have disemboweled him. He forms a large round great shield in front of himself. The golden shield repels Onyx's attacks back at him but he doesn't seem to notice as he dents and damages the shield, finally breaking it with one massive blow. But Emerald had not been sitting idle while the shield had been up. When Onyx broke through he was met with a spear that pierced his stomach. Onyx leaned harder pushing the spear all the way through which got him close enough to wrap his jaws around Emerald's head. Onyx jerks his body violently back and forth slamming Emerald's body into the ground multiple times before throwing him away. The spear dissipated while Emerald was being thrown around but the wound is slow to patch. He moves towards Emerald who is forming a portal on the ground. When Onyx leaps Emerald goes through his portal, Onyx stands on the portal but can't go through. He claws, bites, and blasts the portal but nothing happens.

-inside the base-

Mystic: Emerald has left the arena. If his portal should be destroyed.

Spinel: His rune will activate and he'll be returned here. Don't worry, I don't want to see anyone die either.

-back to the battle-

Emerald lands in a resting place of the gods. The fountain patches up his wounds and the muses playing their instruments calms his mind enough to formulate something to do about Onyx. Onyx also hears the music and reverts to his normal form.

Emerald: I'll be damned, *chuckle* music can calm the savage beast.

At that a very drunk god in a toga stumbles through the door followed by an attendant. The muses continue to play.

Drunk Thunder God: No one ever comes to visit. Even my brothers don't bother to say "Hey dearest brother, just passing by and thought I'd see how you're doing".

Emerald thinking: s**t! Alright just edge my way to the portal, please don't see me.

Attendant: Now now my lord I'm sure they're just very busy people.

Drunk Thunder God: For 100 years?!

Attendant: What is a century or two to you?

Drunk Thunder God: Time to feel lonely.

Attendant: Oh dear sir, it seems pests have snuck into your chambers.

Emerald thinking: DAMN YOU LUCK!

The drunken god pulls out a thunder bolt and lobs it at Emerald. Emerald dodges the sloppy throw and scrambles on all fours to the portal.

Emerald: A thunder god!

Drunken Thunder God: That's THE Thunder God tos you morsel.

Attendant: Mortal sire.

Drunken Thunder God: What he said.

He throws another bolt as Emerald is halfway through the portal which smacks him in the rear and sends Emerald high into the air. Once he is through the portal vanishes. When Emerald comes down Onyx has shifted into his light form and does a quick draw slash. Emerald hits the ground hard but regains his feet faster then normal. He forms a portal but just before he sticks his hand through Onyx slashes at his hands forcing him to dispel the portal. When does manage to grab a soul Onyx strikes it before it can take shape. After several strikes like this Onyx sheaths his sword and intensifies the aura around his hand. He rushes in and palms the top of Emerald's head, the energy wave passes through the crown of his head and exits through the soles of his feet, Emerald collapses to the ground in a heap. Onyx turns towards the team who is having a difficult time.

-Opal vs. Sapphire-

Opal stands on the icy platform looking into the water that has become clouded by blood and ice.

Opal: Don't tell me that's all you have! From the way you handled Judas and Susano'o I was expecting more.

A jet of water jumps up and pierces Opal's leg. The water swirls and another jet hits her and then another and another all from different angles.

Opal catches on quickly and begins jumping back and forth to avoid the jets. She begins swinging her scythe around in a circle to form a ring at least 15ft in diameter. She kicks off her spell creating a whirl wind the sucks all the water out of her circle and creates a frozen cone around her platform. The ice is clear allowing her to see into the coves waters.

Opal: Did I get her?

Sapphire touches one end of Opal's platform and it evaporates causing the catwalk to tilt violently in one direction. When this happened Opal dug her scythe into the ice catwalk and swatted away the attacks that came her way. This was a distraction as the other side of the cat walk was hit with a similar attack. The catwalk was more level but now she was 20ft below sea level. Opal looks around the frozen walls and sees Sapphire moving through the water.

Opal thinking: She's enchanting the water around her body to propel herself through the water... she must also be enchanting herself to breath underwater. Damn, this is a hard spot to fight from.

Sapphire launches a few vials through the ice wall at Opal who slashes them down. However the 2nd vial explodes in her face knocking her back. Sapphire moves through the water but Opal lets out a shockwave slash ahead of Sapphire. The attack misses but it does stop Sapphire from moving and the hole in the ice wall lets forth enough water to wash Sapphire onto the catwalk.

Opal: Get up.

Sapphire digs into one of her pouches and throws a dozen throwing knives in a fan towards Opal. The knives that would clearly miss begin to arc back in. Opal raises a hand and releases a controlled shot that takes each knife down before hitting Sapphire in the face with a quick blast.

Opal: You really think you stand a chance of beating me at range?

Sapphire throws out another batch of throwing knives. Opal lazily shoots the knives arcing in her direction before targeting the perfectly aimed knife. Her blast is dispelled however as the knife isn't enchanted with homing but pierce. Opal hastily hits the knife with you scythe but a hidden knife hits her leg releasing its paralyze enchantment. Sapphire runs up and grabs Opal's garb. She enchants Opal's clothes with lightning and Opal is stunned further as her body is ravaged by electricity. Sapphire takes this opportunity to enhance her strength and takes free shots at Opal. After several painful blows Sapphire reaches down and picks the still writhing body of Opal.

Sapphire: Even Judas couldn't get out of this on his own. What chance do you have?

Opal: A better one b***h.

Opal kicks out hard using Sapphires chest as a spring board to leap backwards. The seams of her clothing give way as she breaks free of the electrified attire. Escaping though comes at a substantial cost leaving only her unmentionables between her and complete dignity destruction. Sapphire drops the dress and looks at Opal.

Sapphire: *held back laughter* A... A push up? Sweet mercy I thought you were lacking from the start but even with support... you're definitely the flattest Gem.

Opal's eyes flash as she blasts Sapphire into the icy wall. The rain falls down the hole they find themselves in and lightning arcs across the sky. Opal comes in to finish Sapphire with one massive slice but Sapphire flips up and leaps off the wall away from Opal. Opal fires blast after blast at Sapphire who leaps around the icy walls, each missed shot spawns a small ice bridge till the fighting arena looks like a giant iced over KerPlunk game. Opal stops firing and moves up, using her ice bridges to close the cap, with each leap she swings her scythe really hard. When she nears the top the figure she thought was Sapphire vanishes as Opal is blind sided by a full body tackle.

Opal: How?!

Sapphire: I enchanted the air to become reflective.

Opal: Damn b***h!

Sapphire: Such a filthy mouth. That dainty demeanor is just a facade to mask your bestial side. Now just go limp and I'll make this quick.

Sapphire grabs Opal's throat while enchanting her own feet to gravitate towards the ice wall and starts running. Opal's back is shredded by the rough ice as Sapphire uses her body to carve a line straight up the wall. Opal grabs her scythe tightly with one hand and Sapphires arm with the other. She digs her scythe into the wall to stop Sapphire from running and keeps her neck from breaking by arresting Sapphire's arm. Opal goes into overdrive to peel Sapphire off the wall and fling her into the center of the arena. She leaps forwards with a roar and hacks at Sapphire tearing most of her wraps and leather straps to shreds. Opal catches Sapphire in the arc of her scythe and then rockets down. The ice bridges dispel returning Opal's energy allowing her to continue accelerating, as she drags Sapphire down her time copies activate and each of the hard swings she did while going up hit Sapphire square.

Opal: Opal OBLIVION!

Opal slams Sapphire with all her strength into the main ice bridge shattering it, the shockwave causes cracks to form in the walls and water begins to gush out before the wall gives way completely. Opal looks down at the crumpled form of Sapphire and sighs. The water comes rushing in consuming both fighters. After the waters have settled a small bubble walks onto the shore. Opal had formed a barrier to protect both her and Sapphire. She drops the 3/4 naked figure onto the bank and spits to the side.

Opal: b***h my brother hits harder then you. I can't lose to you, not till I show Ruby who's boss.

She looks over at the dire fight against the Chimera before looking down at herself.

Opal: Ruins my favorite dress and then doesn't even have clothing for me to steal... figures.

-Topaz vs. Bloodstone-

As Bloodstone slams into the rock face the remnants of Topaz's limps that were embedded in the rock form barbed spikes that hold him in place.

Bloodstone thinking: He has control over his metal bits at this range?

Topaz glides to an adjacent pillar and digs his tail into the side since he has no legs and only one arm left.

Topaz: Let's finish this like real dragons! Show me what a "true" dragon is capable of!

Topaz takes a deep breath, the scales on his chest quake as his breath strengthens within him. Bloodstone's scales quiver as he too steadies his breathing and prepares to unleash his full might. The two look at each other as rain pelts them in the face, suddenly a bolt of lightning strikes between them and they take that as the signal. Both dragons unleash a torrent of intense elemental breath. The two forces collide in the air and a struggle begins, who has the better lung capacity, who's fire burns brighter. Topaz's lightning struggles to overcome Bloodstones fire till the pent up energy explodes outwards. The pillars both dragons stood upon lose their tops as the fighters are knocked backwards into the darkness.

When the dust settles both dragons are almost completely buried in rubble. Topaz manages to crawl out of his pile before collapsing to the ground, he rolls his head looking for Bloodstone, he sees Bloodstone unable to pull himself from the rubble before fainting. Topaz smiles to himself as he too submits to Morpheus.

-Ruby vs. Pearl-

Pearl skids along the ground her earthen armor turning to dust. She pulls herself up on shaky legs and looks at Ruby with fear.

Pearl: By the beasts that dwell in the darkness beyond the flames of the abyss and those that float beyond the shimmering lands. Grant me the strength to crush my foe.

Ruby slams her foot into Pearls chest again, sending her sliding.

Pearl: Anything will do, come on I'm desperate here!

Ruby steps in and aims a tonfa strike at Pearl's jaw as two flashes happen at the same time knocking her back. Pearl has a demonic looking shadow that stretches out in front of her on the ground but the eyes of the shadow glow red as well as a divine silhouette that mirrors the demonic shadow except it is above the ground and has golden eyes.

Pearl: Holy crap. This is my chance! Get her!

The two shadows attack Ruby from above and below trying to pummel her. After a few hits Ruby figures out a pattern and begins to block and parry the strikes only getting hit by every 5th strike or so. She dives forward taking a few hits but planting the heel of her tonfa right into Pearl's abdomen. Pearl and her twin specters are knocked back.

Pearl: What use are you if you can't defend against an attack like that. Give me your strength and I'll show you how to really fight!

The light and darkness unravel into thread like wisps and intertwine with one another and Pearl's body. Pearl begins to laugh at the intense boost to her power as well as the slight fracturing of her mind.

-in the base-

Spinel: Interesting... Pearl shouldn't be able to control spirits of that caliber.

Mystic: Any ideas?

Spinel smiles to herself

Spinel: If the heavens and underworld are willing to work together to destroy her... what kind of threat do they think she'll become? *chuckle* Fascinating.

-back to the battle-

Pearl flash steps in front of Ruby and uppercuts Ruby's ribs. Ruby is sent ragdolling into the sky. White and black spots appear and disappear around Pearl's right arm as she fire a hail of energy blasts at the tossing figure of Ruby who is bounced around from blast to blast before landing with a thud. Ruby quickly gets to her feet only to be clotheslined and elbow dropped into the ground. Pearl quickly gets up and spins Ruby around by her ankle before tossing her away.

Pearl: Oh my god, this power, it's incredible. *Her eyes flash black* Tear down the gates *Her eyes flash white* Freeze the hell fire *Her face begins to crack as she laughs uncontrollably*

Ruby struggles to pull herself up, coughing up blood as she tries to patch up her shattered insides.

Ruby thinking: Damn, she's breaking. It's too much for her, her body simply can't take it. I've only got a few minutes at best. But she's so strong, I can't match her in a fist fight right now. Think!

Pearl charges in with a straight jab but Ruby is able to divert it and drives her knee into Pearl's chin. Peal barely flinches from the attack, but she does grab Ruby's ankle and slam her around for a bit before chucking her. Pearl's shoulder unravels for a moment but the black and white threads put it back together.

Ruby thinking: She's unraveling... that just might work.

Ruby shifts into her light form and takes aim with needle thin arrows. She fires at the dark threads that make up Pearl's body. The severed threads whip out like cords under tension and Pearl actually staggers allowing Ruby to fire off another volley. Pearl regain her footing and the threads begins to move. Her front becomes all white and the black threads move to her back. Ruby's 3rd assault is absorbed.

Pearl: Yes, give me you energy, I'll bring it into myself and grow stronger.

Ruby: I can work with that.

Ruby puts her free hand to her chest and grabs a light orb that she slaps onto her bow, as she pulls back a massive arrow that shines brighter then any arrow she'd fired before forms. The arrow screams towards Pearl... who absorbs it. Ruby turns into her dark form when the arrow is absorbed.

Pearl: That was your best shot? Such a shame, oh well, time to crush you.

As Pearl pulls her arm back the light side of her body tries to encroach upon the dark side. At this the darkness begins to fight the light. Pearl tries to interweave the entities again but both forces are trying to destroy each other while they are within her. Pearl's body is torn apart like a battle field during a war she screams as her body is torn apart then mended only to be torn up again.


Ruby: I gave you my light, when you absorbed it I started to tip the balance. Both sides are equal in power so you acted as the focal point. With the balance destroyed... well you see how that goes.

Pearl: Stop it! MAKE IT STOP!

Ruby squats down next to the writhing Pearl.

Ruby: Let them go, let the power go and you'll be safe. It's the only way.

Pearl tries to attack but to no avail. She finally surrenders and dispels the summons from her body, Ruby's light orb comes back to her allowing her to return to normal. Ruby places a gentle hand on Pearl's shoulder.

Ruby: You put up one hell of a fight but now it's time to rest. I'll see you when this is all over.

Pearl tries to get up but she is spent and closes her eyes. Ruby walks towards the chimera but runs into the collapsed Judas and Bato. She kneels next to Judas and puts his head in her lap.

Ruby: Oh Judas, I'm sorry. If only I'd been there for you maybe things would have been different. But now it's time to rise one more time.

She leans down to kiss him but stops herself.

Ruby: No, I have no right.

She gives him a peck on the forehead before setting him down walking towards the carnage.
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(I am working on the posts. Sorry for the delays it's just a lot of writing. Amethyst's fight alone is 3 pages long)
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(I'm booked solid for subbing this week so my posting is gonna be slow. Also Z, Shadow, Hijiri PM me a form for your characters. I think this monster would be a good opportunity for power growth. Also constant 40mph winds tomorrow night going into Thursday.)
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(Alright, I'll take care of the Chimera fight. I've got a sub job tomorrow so I'll be dead during the night. I should log on Friday after work unless something comes up / my mood setting is on poo)
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(Dang it. I check here almost every day and two responses is all I have for a week of watching? But Christmas is coming up so things are gonna be a little busy for everyone. Freaking life getting in the way of fun. Also my timing is terrible since when I do log on it seems most people are out for the night)
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ShadowKitty Crescent
Ummm...dude, at least for me personally? I've been busy. And no offense, but it's not like you ever get online anymore, either. Hard to try to engage and have fun with someone who's basically a stranger within our Raidcall channel...))

I agree with this - in addition i just dont wanna do mid boss smile
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Ummm...dude, at least for me personally? I've been busy. And no offense, but it's not like you ever get online anymore, either. Hard to try to engage and have fun with someone who's basically a stranger within our Raidcall channel...))
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Alright team group up. I've been trying to get this round going, I even skipped the warm up phase to the real reveal and I've done a few rounds with it. What do I need to do?

If there is nothing I can do and there is no hope for getting a fun fight out of this monster just tell me and I'll take care of everyone and move to the finale.
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Ninja: That ain't armor girl, this things hide is just that tough.

Diamond: Okay, so beholders negate all magic with their main eye. That makes me useless for combat. Would someone be kind enough to pick me out of the mud?

The "man" between the two heads lifts off his bloody fur cushion.

Man from the lion head: What's the matter children? Are you afraid? It is only natural when you behold such raw masculinity. By the way girl, I believe you have already met one of my partners.

The dragon head ducks down allowing the litch nagas to be level with the "man". The naga with the hand print on her face is closest to him.

Man from the lion head: She's a lot less lively then when you last met, but you already knew that didn't you?

-Terra & Shin vs. Amethyst-

Terra sinks her katars deep into Amethyst's shoulder when she feels something poking her. Suddenly lightning surges through her body stunning her. Shin stabs her in the side only to receive a sonic blast that nearly blows out his ear drums. In the second it takes to regain their senses Amethyst drops back, plants one hand on the ground, and kicks both warriors in the chest with her powerful legs. They see she has marks on her feet but none of them are active. The two are knocked into some trees as Amethyst pulls herself up.

Her left hand lights up, namely her index finger, middle finger, and pinky finger. She rips the tattered remains of her shirt off revealing a one piece of armor. She rubs her left hand over the wounds and they begin to mend.

Amethyst: I'm sorry things are like this. I really would like to fight you Terra, but on better terms then this. I see such strength from you, easy to see why Ruby trusted you and you alone with a GEM fight. She knew you could handle yourself and control yourself. *chuckle* Plus I find this cat and rabbit thing rather funny.

Garnet looks at the scene unfolding.

Garnet thinking: How is she able to keep casting like that? Rune users usually have smaller mana reserves... oh crap.

Garnet: You stable? Ya, you'll live. Good, well, another fight won't kill me... famous last words.
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(I hate my sinus's. Coughing up green and slide whistle noises coming from inside my head)

-Terra & Shin vs. Amethyst-

Terra gets in a few good strikes feeling her katars cut through Amethyst's chest. If she kept up her assault after three strikes Amethyst would tank the 4th slash to stick Terra with a finger on her right hand.


The main eye looks down at Diamond who begins to dissipate.

Diamond: What the hell? No, dam... Damn it!

Her energy is forced back into her gem which falls to the ground.

Kat who had been standing a few feet away losses a section her chain.
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Hijiri would scratch her head some at the suggestion as the chimera took a different form.

Hijiri--At this point, I'll take anything, but that armor has to get broken or we wont be going anywhere
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The hiatus is so real ))

*Terra and Shin move in with the failure of Amethyst's nuke attack. They chain their movements, Terra giving Shin speed boosts. Terra uses her katars, slamming Amethyst with multiple elements, as Shin forms Scarfy into a rapier, taking the openings he can when Amethyst blocks Terra.*


Kat: ...

*She raises her spear with one hand, pointing it at the chimera head looking at her, as she forms a chain of mana crosses in her other hand, ready to fight.*
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-The chimera transforms-

Ninja: Divine intervention?
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Hijiri would sigh a bit from feeling Ninja's pat on her back as she fixed her posture ready for another attack.

Hijiri--Well, it tried to kill me, so instead of running, gonna punish it, any idea how we can break through that defense?"
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Terra, Shin, & Garnet vs. Amethyst

Garnet looks up seeing Amethyst powering up.

Garnet thinking: Damn it, with that much mana flowing through her she's as good as bullet proof. Even if I loaded a special round it wouldn't do any good. What the hell are those two thinking? If she claps like that... she'll wipe both of them out, even I might not be safe at this range.

She takes a chunk of soul gem and drains 99% of its energy after forming it into a bullet.

Garnet: One shot, hope this works.

Garnet fires when Amethyst's arms twitch as they move forward. At 1st it seems her timing was off, the bullet would hit Amethyst and bounce off before her hands came together. Garnet uses her 1% energy influence on the projectile to slow it down so that Amethyst catches it. The vacant space in the soul gem is filled with Amethyst's energy. The shock wave of the energy exchange strips the leafs from the 1st circle of trees around Amethyst.

Amethyst seems confused as to why the area around her isn't a crater.

-Team vs. Chimera-

As the team thinks of their next move against the massive monster, fire comes at them from Emerald who wasn't controlling it very well. The fire washes over the team grazing some smacking into others. Sakura tries to protect those that are closer but her spell rebounds, strings of white mana erupt from her arms and hands as she falls over. Her mind and spirit were more then ready to continue but her body and mana reserve said otherwise.

At this moment the chimera takes its chance and leaps onto the distracted team. A red ball about the size of Pearl crashes into the side of the snake head causing the fang to pierce the lower jaw. The ball explodes and Pearl falls to the ground gasping for air as Ruby calmly walks towards her.

Pearl: Spirits of the rock, shield me.

A rocky texture goes over her skin as Ruby drives her foot into Pearl's side sending her rag-dolling through the air. Her energy is hemorrhaging as bad as her insides judging by the way Ruby seems to be blowing through her summons.

Ruby: Damn, didn't mean to knock her that far.

Her red eyes show that the savage beast is leading the charge right now. She looks over at the team and then the monster before rushing to chase down Pearl.

The chimera gets up after having all 3 of its heads critically injured it stirs into new life.

The lion head gnashes its teeth together till its head turns into a bloody mess that begins to fold in on itself, blood, tooth, and fur come together in one ugly pile before a fist erupts out of what was once the creatures forehead. A raw flesh figure of a man roars as he pulls himself out of the rubble that was once the lion head. The monsters teeth form a "V" shape going from his shoulders to his crotch. After emerging the "man" relaxes onto his bed made of the mane.

The snake head bends back, the mouth line extending and tearing at the flesh. The fangs become ears and another pair of eyes appear having been hidden in the original mouth. The snake has transformed into an Anubis head, the eyes that oversee the dead now gaze upon the team.

The flesh from the goat head melts away revealing an undead dragon, the horns twitch and move as they unfurl to reveal two naga litches their tails digging in under the black scales of the dragon to fuse with the monsters skull. The fire of the underworld burns within the dragons hollow eyes and the stagnant air of death comes from its mouth. Kat can see that one of the skeletons has a palm print burned onto its face. The pale light in its vacant sockets seem to be aimed at her.

The tail is raised high, the spikes move, and the steel skin spell is removed from it as the monster opens up its large center eye. A beholder gazes at them over the heads of the true chimera.

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