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Who is the most tragic figure?

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Terra, Shin, & Garnet vs. Amethyst

Garnet looks up seeing Amethyst powering up.

Garnet thinking: Damn it, with that much mana flowing through her she's as good as bullet proof. Even if I loaded a special round it wouldn't do any good. What the hell are those two thinking? If she claps like that... she'll wipe both of them out, even I might not be safe at this range.

She takes a chunk of soul gem and drains 99% of its energy after forming it into a bullet.

Garnet: One shot, hope this works.

Garnet fires when Amethyst's arms twitch as they move forward. At 1st it seems her timing was off, the bullet would hit Amethyst and bounce off before her hands came together. Garnet uses her 1% energy influence on the projectile to slow it down so that Amethyst catches it. The vacant space in the soul gem is filled with Amethyst's energy. The shock wave of the energy exchange strips the leafs from the 1st circle of trees around Amethyst.

Amethyst seems confused as to why the area around her isn't a crater.

-Team vs. Chimera-

As the team thinks of their next move against the massive monster, fire comes at them from Emerald who wasn't controlling it very well. The fire washes over the team grazing some smacking into others. Sakura tries to protect those that are closer but her spell rebounds, strings of white mana erupt from her arms and hands as she falls over. Her mind and spirit were more then ready to continue but her body and mana reserve said otherwise.

At this moment the chimera takes its chance and leaps onto the distracted team. A red ball about the size of Pearl crashes into the side of the snake head causing the fang to pierce the lower jaw. The ball explodes and Pearl falls to the ground gasping for air as Ruby calmly walks towards her.

Pearl: Spirits of the rock, shield me.

A rocky texture goes over her skin as Ruby drives her foot into Pearl's side sending her rag-dolling through the air. Her energy is hemorrhaging as bad as her insides judging by the way Ruby seems to be blowing through her summons.

Ruby: Damn, didn't mean to knock her that far.

Her red eyes show that the savage beast is leading the charge right now. She looks over at the team and then the monster before rushing to chase down Pearl.

The chimera gets up after having all 3 of its heads critically injured it stirs into new life.

The lion head gnashes its teeth together till its head turns into a bloody mess that begins to fold in on itself, blood, tooth, and fur come together in one ugly pile before a fist erupts out of what was once the creatures forehead. A raw flesh figure of a man roars as he pulls himself out of the rubble that was once the lion head. The monsters teeth form a "V" shape going from his shoulders to his crotch. After emerging the "man" relaxes onto his bed made of the mane.

The snake head bends back, the mouth line extending and tearing at the flesh. The fangs become ears and another pair of eyes appear having been hidden in the original mouth. The snake has transformed into an Anubis head, the eyes that oversee the dead now gaze upon the team.

The flesh from the goat head melts away revealing an undead dragon, the horns twitch and move as they unfurl to reveal two naga litches their tails digging in under the black scales of the dragon to fuse with the monsters skull. The fire of the underworld burns within the dragons hollow eyes and the stagnant air of death comes from its mouth. Kat can see that one of the skeletons has a palm print burned onto its face. The pale light in its vacant sockets seem to be aimed at her.

The tail is raised high, the spikes move, and the steel skin spell is removed from it as the monster opens up its large center eye. A beholder gazes at them over the heads of the true chimera.
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Hijiri would sigh a bit from feeling Ninja's pat on her back as she fixed her posture ready for another attack.

Hijiri--Well, it tried to kill me, so instead of running, gonna punish it, any idea how we can break through that defense?"
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-The chimera transforms-

Ninja: Divine intervention?
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The hiatus is so real ))

*Terra and Shin move in with the failure of Amethyst's nuke attack. They chain their movements, Terra giving Shin speed boosts. Terra uses her katars, slamming Amethyst with multiple elements, as Shin forms Scarfy into a rapier, taking the openings he can when Amethyst blocks Terra.*


Kat: ...

*She raises her spear with one hand, pointing it at the chimera head looking at her, as she forms a chain of mana crosses in her other hand, ready to fight.*
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Hijiri would scratch her head some at the suggestion as the chimera took a different form.

Hijiri--At this point, I'll take anything, but that armor has to get broken or we wont be going anywhere
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(I hate my sinus's. Coughing up green and slide whistle noises coming from inside my head)

-Terra & Shin vs. Amethyst-

Terra gets in a few good strikes feeling her katars cut through Amethyst's chest. If she kept up her assault after three strikes Amethyst would tank the 4th slash to stick Terra with a finger on her right hand.


The main eye looks down at Diamond who begins to dissipate.

Diamond: What the hell? No, dam... Damn it!

Her energy is forced back into her gem which falls to the ground.

Kat who had been standing a few feet away losses a section her chain.
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Ninja: That ain't armor girl, this things hide is just that tough.

Diamond: Okay, so beholders negate all magic with their main eye. That makes me useless for combat. Would someone be kind enough to pick me out of the mud?

The "man" between the two heads lifts off his bloody fur cushion.

Man from the lion head: What's the matter children? Are you afraid? It is only natural when you behold such raw masculinity. By the way girl, I believe you have already met one of my partners.

The dragon head ducks down allowing the litch nagas to be level with the "man". The naga with the hand print on her face is closest to him.

Man from the lion head: She's a lot less lively then when you last met, but you already knew that didn't you?

-Terra & Shin vs. Amethyst-

Terra sinks her katars deep into Amethyst's shoulder when she feels something poking her. Suddenly lightning surges through her body stunning her. Shin stabs her in the side only to receive a sonic blast that nearly blows out his ear drums. In the second it takes to regain their senses Amethyst drops back, plants one hand on the ground, and kicks both warriors in the chest with her powerful legs. They see she has marks on her feet but none of them are active. The two are knocked into some trees as Amethyst pulls herself up.

Her left hand lights up, namely her index finger, middle finger, and pinky finger. She rips the tattered remains of her shirt off revealing a one piece of armor. She rubs her left hand over the wounds and they begin to mend.

Amethyst: I'm sorry things are like this. I really would like to fight you Terra, but on better terms then this. I see such strength from you, easy to see why Ruby trusted you and you alone with a GEM fight. She knew you could handle yourself and control yourself. *chuckle* Plus I find this cat and rabbit thing rather funny.

Garnet looks at the scene unfolding.

Garnet thinking: How is she able to keep casting like that? Rune users usually have smaller mana reserves... oh crap.

Garnet: You stable? Ya, you'll live. Good, well, another fight won't kill me... famous last words.

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