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Who is the biggest dirt bag in A Midsummer Night's Dream?

Oberon 0.16 16.0% [ 4 ]
Puck 0.24 24.0% [ 6 ]
Demetrius 0.08 8.0% [ 2 ]
Egeus 0.04 4.0% [ 1 ]
Shakespeare 0.48 48.0% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 25 ]
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Ruby: I had no plan of invoking my contract. His battle, his power. You are forbidden from invoking or forging contracts also. I reject the barrier, both sides will show respect for their combatant and not interfere. But I will not hold your actions during this fight against your crew. I can agree to that.

Ruby looks over her shoulder.

Ruby: Judas, Cain, do you have anything to add?
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Vlad: I said 'The winner AND his crew" do not try to be sly with me Ruby, Semantics are so VERY important in this matter.

Judas: just to clarify EVERYONE is forbidden from interrupting.

*Cain shrugs*

Cain: why would I have anything to add? this Isn't my fight.
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Ruby: Indeed semantics are important. But fine I won't hold the this fight against you.

-Judas and Cain speak-

Ruby: Those are the rules we're setting up Judas. Just thought I'd ask Cain, it may not be your fight but this is a family matter after all.
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*Vlad snickers*

Vlad: Well then, Judas, Where should we have this out?

*Judas thinks for a moment*

Judas: this Island.

*Vlad's eyes shift for a moment, and then he laughs again*

Vlad: Very well. see you there.

- the team warps off Vlad's ship and both ships land on to the deserted island. Vlad and his crew get off,some of them perch in trees, to watch others sit on boulders. Vlad steps out to the middle of a clearing and waits*
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Hijiri would look around the island as she watched the ships land in the distance. Hijiri would approach Ruby and whisper to her*

Hijiri--Ruby if this Vlad person is as you claim he is should we be ready for any traps and such?
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When Vlad is away from her and the team she walks over to Judas. She in anxious as she scans the area for anything that would be out of the ordinary.

Ruby: Judas...

When Judas turns to her she gives a peck on the forehead.

Ruby: For good luck.

She walks to the shore so that none of Vlad's minions are near here.

-Hijiri speaks-

Ruby: It's never a bad idea to be on guard. Keep an eye on one foe and watch his movements. Don't want any of them sneaking away.

Asuka is beside Ruby as well. Those with incredibly sharp eyes would see a faint glimmer of something surrounding her.

Asuka: Glad we didn't have to twist his arm to get off the ship. I'd have hated to wreck such a fine piece.

Sakura: Ruby are you sure about this? You're putting a lot on the line here.

Ruby simply nods.
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*Cain and Judas clasp hands and hug before Judas steps up to face Vlad*

*Cain walks over to the group, he seems worried*

Cain: He uhh...he told me to give this back?

*he holds Ruby's gem out for her to take*

- after Ruby's response, Cain and Ochiba's eyes meet, Cain walks over to the middle of the sidelines where Ochiba has set up a small tea table. Cain sits next to him and takes a cup from the table*

Ochiba: Long time Cain, how have you been?

Cain: Never better. Look, just because Vlad says he means the rest of us no harm, doesn't mean you and I don't have a score.

Ochiba: Oh come now, I never had any intention of killing any of you. I just thought it'd be interesting to see from the other side.

Cain:...that doesn't excuse treachery.

Ochiba: Cain, "Treachery" such a harsh word...I like to think of it as "Life style differences"

Cain: At any rate. Who do you think will win?

Ochiba: my eyes tell me Judas-san , he is more fit and has more experience in battle. But my Samurai instincts tell me that Vlad-Dono is the clear victor. Speaking of Warriors. I heard a boy has awakened your Warrior's eye. you know its similar to my yin-yang sight. able to read movements almost instantly, find weakness in the enemy body and expose movement flaws. if we were to fight...both of us would surely die...

Cain: I believe you...he is my student now

Ochiba: Good for you, I never found a pupil worth my time sadly, but my master B2 was a great man. Oooh its starting!!!

*Judas throws his coat to the side and cracks his knuckles, he grins and focuses in on Vlad. Vlad twists his neck the joints popping as do his shoulders he throws his gloves to the side revealing his clawed hands his eyes widen as his gaze meets Judas*

Judas: Vlad...last chance Give up this silly notion and come home with us. I will forgive you for killing our Father.

*Vlad spits at his feet and laughs*

Vlad: Give up? you're about to give me a chance at what I want, why the HELL would I give up!?! Besides, the Force I've invoked...I can't up now, HE won't let me.

*Judas' face is somber*

Judas: So be it...three...


Judas/Vlad: ONE!!!!

*Judas Rockets forward landing a powerful full body punch to Vlad's face, Vlad shoots backwards and skids in the sandy terrain, he cracks his neck back into place and spit out some blood*

Vlad: Not bad.

*Vlad dashes back to Judas, Judas braces for an attack but Vlad vanishes and appears above Judas smashing his forearms into Judas' head forcing him down, Judas Stumbles, Vlad is below now and knees Judas upwards, Vlad catches him by the neck and slams him into the ground. Vlad is about to land a punch but Judas Roars sending a shock-wave to knock Vlad off him, Judas jumps to his feet and slams his steel-toed boot into Vlad's temple sending him stumbling sideways, Vlad jumps backwards and the two catch their breath. Vlad pulls an orb from his belt and it takes the form of a spear, Vlad thrusts the blade at Judas, Judas quickly forms his sword and parry's the blow, the two trade parries back and fourth, Judas sees and opening and plants a kick to Vlad's chest, Vlad takes the brunt of the attack but seems un-phased and counters by thrusting the spear through Judas' side. Judas snaps the spear head off and pulls it from himself. Vlad smiles and smacks Judas in the head with the pole, it shatters upon impact leaving splinters around Judas' left eye the blood trickling blurs his vision, Judas rolls backward to catch his barrings*

Vlad: Hehehehe...give up!

Judas: NEVER!

*Judas jumps forward the two lock arms and begin to struggle. Judas Head-buts Vlad twice, sparks fly as their horns Scrape against each other. Vlad bits Judas on the neck tearing flesh off and leaving a sizable wound. the two disengage and jump back staring eachother down, Judas' wounds heal slightly as do Vlads. they both smile, the same cocky Rezile-like smile. before uttering in unison*

Judas/Vlad: Satan-Soul!!!!!!

*the two change forms and two identical Demons take the place of Judas and Vlad, Judas' Red and Green monster that the team fought with Syrus, and Vlad the same except red with white fur/spikes/ect.. The two rush eachother again and a Boom follows the impact.*

(( pause for reactions to all this jank))
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*Terra stands back, next to Shin, watching. Her pupils wide in anticipation. What was going to happen? Who would win? What would this do to the fate of the world?*

*Kat and Shade watch as well, horror written all over Kat's face.*

Kat: Will Vladimir win, Shade?
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*Shin smiles a bit from looking at the scene, loving the emotions felt through everybody at this fight. Shin lays his scarf on the ground, morphing into a cozy little pink seat. He pats the seat looking over at Terra*

Shin : Terra, have a seat. This may take a while.
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Terra: All right..

*She sits down next to Shin quietly, staring out into the battlefield.*
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-When Cain hands Ruby her chunk of soul gem back-

Ruby: ******** idiot.

-The fight goes on-

Ruby thinking: When is he gonna bust out that golden orb he made?

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