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Who is the most tragic figure?

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*Judas looks at ruby and sighs slightly, suddenly he hugs her and then lets her go, shaking his head, he walks away quietly*
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Ruby: I don't get it. Why?

She looks down at the pendent and pockets it. She makes her way to her teams room but finds a note on it. The note says to come to the cliff outside of the stadium. A small stone is taped where the signature should be. A garnet to be precise.

Still out of sorts Ruby walks out to the location. The hooded figure is sitting against a tree. The sun is beginning to set into the sea.

Garnet: Me oh my what ever happened to you? That fire seems to have left your eyes.

Ruby: The hell do you care? Why did you want to see me?

Garnet: I've reviewed your files Ruby, I've also analyzed what I've seen today. I'd say I have a 40% chance of beating you in a straight up fight.

Ruby: So what? You're hear to jump me with the other gems? Poison me, throw me off this cliff?

Garnet: Hardly, I despise Topaz and Diamond's artificial flesh, poison doesn't work well on you, and you would surely drag me down with you should I manage to throw you like that. No I just wanted to talk to you about those you associate with. I will be fighting Judas in the next round.

Ruby: I'm still wondering why I should care.

Garnet looks up at her smiling.

Garnet: I was hoping you wouldn't take it personally if I took some of your toys. I promise I won't break them.

Ruby: I'd like to see you try.

Garnet gets up slowly, she walks over to Ruby and places a hand on her shoulder. She touches two fingers to Ruby's neck and snares her. Runes appear on Ruby's neck and begin to strangle her as they try to bind to her. A small symbol appears on the back of her neck and begins to glow red. It flashes for a few seconds before it blows and the collar is destroyed.

Ruby is still on the ground recovering from the shock of repelling the binding.

Garnet: That's the rune collar we all have. It binds us to our handlers, the ones who cast it on us. We can't go against them so long as these runes are on us. Of course there is one catch to this type of binding. The subject has to be in an extremely weakened state otherwise their energy pops the main seal.

Ruby: What the hell does that have to do with...

She rushes to her feet and nearly puts Garnet through the tree. She keeps her forearm firmly at Garnets throat.

Ruby: You even try that s**t on Judas, and tournament or not I will ******** liquefy you.

Garnet: *gasping* Well then...

She kicks Ruby hard in the stomach causing her to slide back.

Garnet: Guess that means we won't be friends when this is over. And here I thought you'd be willing to share. By the way I wasn't thinking about Judas, no I had my eye more on Kat. She looks so cute, like a little doll almost.

Ruby seethes and fumes, she seems on the verge of going nuclear.

Garnet: It doesn't matter, once this tournament is over only one of us will be left truly standing. And if that person isn't you then your protests will mean nothing.

Ruby: You know what. Screw it, I'm going to pummel you.

Ruby charges Garnet and aims a punch squarely at her face. Garnet throws aside her hooded coat and catches Ruby's fist with one hand. She pulls Ruby in close before flipping her over her shoulder and into the tree.

Garnet stands at 5'10 with an almost herculean physique. Her piercing orange eyes stare out from her pale face. Most of her body is covered in blue fur with white and black patterns running through it. She has wings with orange feathers but the edges of the wings are clearly demon as is evident by the sharp points at the tips. Her tail is wrapped around her waist like Ruby usually has it.

Ruby regains her senses and leaps to a low branch as Garnet kicks where Ruby had been nearly getting her foot stuck. Ruby swings back kicking Garnet in the face but Garnet recovers quickly and grabs Ruby's foot slamming her into the ground. Ruby kicks her free foot out making solid contact with Garnets knee... but Garnet's knee doesn't break, in fact it hardly moves.

Garnet tosses Ruby aside allowing her get up. Ruby charges again but instead of one solid punch goes for many quick strikes. She tags Garnets face and torso a couple of times before Garnet catches her arms again.

Ruby blows fire at Garnet who breaths fire at the same time. The two stand there locked in fire breath before Garnet's fire proves to be the stronger and over powers Ruby's flame throwing fire in her face. Garnet knees Ruby in the stomach as she staggers from the fire before clocking her in the jaw.

Ruby gets back up.

Ruby: What the hell are you? Your bones don't break when they should, your strength is unnatural even by our standards, and your breath is better then mine.

Garnet: Maybe I'm just better, did you ever think of that?

Ruby's eyes light up.

Garnet: Not going to work, soul gem contacts. Incredibly painful to install but worth it.

Ruby goes for a gut check and is blocked, but this was a fake out so she could place her free hand on Garnets forehead. A brief flash and Garnet is stunned.

Garnet: What was that?

Ruby lands three devastating blows before planting her fist right between Garnet's eyes knocking her down.

She raises her hands to do Ruby Flare but security has heard the fighting and come to check it out.

The two see them and decide to call it quits for the night.

Security: What is going on out here?

Garnet: Oh nothing, I just couldn't wait two more days so I decided to ask Ruby here to a sparing match.

Ruby eyes Garnet but nods in agreement.

Security: Please refrain from such conduct during tournament time. It doesn't do you any good to spare so violently and then be too injured to fight the next day.

Ruby & Garnet: We heal fast

Security: Very well, as long as this isn't one side trying to remove competition. Carry on.

The guard leaves and Ruby looks at Garnet.

Garnet: Just when we were getting warmed up. But I suppose it's for the best. Here take these.

She tosses the formula for the collars and three mana gems.

Garnet: Get used to it. It's gonna be the thing everyone will be wearing shortly.

The gems are perfect mana signatures of Garnet, Diamond, and Topaz.

Ruby: And these?

Garnet: Diamond wants you dead and Topaz is a loose cannon. Wouldn't want anyone getting the drop on you. See you tomorrow Ruby, tell everyone I said hi.

Ruby makes her way back to her teams room and looks at the items. She sits in at a desk in the corner of the room.
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*Kat goes to where Shade is and checks on him. She knocks on his door, nervous anticipation filling her.*

Kat: Shade?

*As Ruby walks away from Garnet, she spots Terra under a very dark tree, eyes red, but remaining in place. She follows Ruby as she approaches, her eyes shifting back to pink.*

Terra:....Ya alright?
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Ruby: My jaw feels like powder and my guts aren't faring any better. Nothing a little rest won't fix.

After a small pause.

Ruby: How much did you see and hear?
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*In Garnet's room after she returns. The man with Rezile's face is sitting in the corner eyes wide with insanity*

???: Why...why didnt you let me come...I wanted to kill her, I wanted to see her blood.

Lucius: He's been like that for the past hour or so. I really think that they put too much blood-lust in him. He didn't fight today, I think it's starting to get to him. Also, he went to talk with Cain. I have no idea how he kept from attacking him.

???: Kill...Judas...I'm gonna kill him...is that wrong?

Lucius: and there is that...I think the bits of Vladimir they used to bridge the gaps they couldn't get from the main samples are starting to dominate. Normally I'd say blood doesnt work that way, but with Demons and Bloodgrave's at that, there may be some residual soul bits stuck to the making spell...
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Garnet: It was a calculated risk. Only time will tell if it pays off. Hopefully he'll hold out till our match. What will we do? Elimination or all at once. Judas is the main problem but that Milenko has some very powerful abilities as well. Be prepared to take both of them out as quickly as possible when the time comes.
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Lucius: Hmm. Well your the boss.

???: Kill....Blood...

Lucius: Can you do something about him?

*he nods towards his team mate*

Lucius: maybe put him to sleep. or let him kill somethi--

*he is cut off by the shrieking noise of a wandering field mouse meeting its end*

Lucius: Never mind....
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Garnet: Given his state if we do 1 on 1 he'll want Judas. Unknown factors about how well he'd do. In a team fight we can count on him being a decent distraction for Judas while we mop up the other two. Yes that does offer the best controlled scenario.

She turns in her chair and digs in the desk. She tosses a syringe at Lucius.

Garnet: If he starts getting to rowdy give him a dose of that. Should take the edge off for the night at least.
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Lucius: As you wish.

*He picks up the man and leads him to a chair, wrapping him in a blanket*

Lucius: Come on big guy, lets get you some rest.
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*Sighs, looks around and sees everyone leaving, nobody really noticing him, and walks off somewhere*

Lux: "Wow, if I were someone trying to cause trouble around here, these guys would be messed up. So much for security."

(ooc edited lol, sorry, forgot about the script format)
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Terra: Enough; Ruby, I know things are tense between ya and some of the group. But I made a promise, both to ya and my mother, that I would stand by your side. I will continue to do so. Just...be safe, okie? I will tell Kat vaguely be on her guard.
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Ruby's eyes soften a little.

Ruby: Thank you Terra. Now I have to do some thinking, get some rest, and don't pretend to be sleeping either.

After Terra leaves Ruby looks down at the items. She looks at the formula for the collar when an idea occurs to her. She calls up Roh.

Ruby: Hello Roh. I know you study magic but what's your rune knowledge?

Roh: Please when I'm not studying advanced spell formulas *under his breath* and by studying I mean showing up every arch mage within a 10 mile radius, *back to normal* I teach rune history at the Academy.

Ruby: Then what can you tell me about this?

She shows him the formula.

Roh: Where the hell did you get this?

Ruby: Someone I really don't like.

Roh: Good because these runes were outlawed over 500 years ago. Used on high risk prisoners to keep them from escaping. Go beyond the range you were allowed and the collar would crush your wind pipe. After a jail break in which 7 inmates died people started calling the safety measure inhumane. * Sarcastically* Yes because heaven forbid that the death row psychos die before we kill them, stupid humanitarians.

Ruby: Ya, ya that's all well and good but do you think you can work up a counter to this thing?

Roh: That's easier said then done. Each collar is unique based on who it's put on. See this connecting seal right here? This takes in the victims own energy to act as the underlying clasp. This prevents a really powerful mages from simply blowing the collar off since the seal absorbs the energy. In order to make a true counter I'd need the mana signature of who ever you wanted me to make a counter for.

Ruby: If I had that how long would it take?

Roh: About an hour. Runes are very finicky, one wrong stroke and the entire formula is useless.

Ruby throws up seven signatures.

Ruby: Make these as fast as you can. Contact me when they are done. I'll owe you one.

Roh: You'll owe me seven, but I always do enjoy a challenge. If I recall it's evening where you are, I'll have these done before you wake up. By the way nice work on those gunners, think you could get me the number of that voodoo women? I'd love to talk enchanting with her.

Ruby: ...I'll see what I can do.

She ends her call with Roh and waits in the chair.

-Meanwhile in the Rune Readers Room- (Oh ya, I alliterated the heck out of that)

Old man: What is wrong with you? Wearing that outfit to the fight.

Girl: My armor got lost when we flew over here. This was all I had in my carry on. At least I won though.

Old man: Well your bag got here during the fights. Now you can look halfway decent when we face Cain and his band of psycho's.
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(Graves don't forget to put the name of who's speaking)

As Lux moves through the halls he hears a voice but he can't say from where it comes.

Guard: If you posed a threat to this facility or to our combatants rest assured you'd see more of us. The best security is one you can't see. Now a shuttle is leaving for the nearby town where spectators usually have a room reserved. I suggest you make haste.

(If no one has anything to do or say. I'm kind of surprised Arke isn't taking this time to set up the fight with Topaz's minions. Then we'll move on)

--------------------------The sun sets, the night passes, and day breaks------------------------

Ruby has received the collars from Roh. She hands five to Terra. She can see that four of them are for the team. Kat, Milenko, Hijiri, and Judas while the other appears to be for Garnet. They seem to be purely counter, they will only activate when the actual spell is placed on them. They could probably be placed at the neck line of a persons cloths without being noticed.

Ruby: See if you can get them to take those. They might need them. Tell them not to use Garnets until she is almost down.
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((Prepare for lots of question marks! ))

-Team Topaz Room of Reprieve-

A man with black hair with two red streaks sits in a far off corner of the room, distancing himself from the rest of the team. He appears to be a normal person that you wouldn't see involved with fighting but one thing that makes him stand out is that each of his hands are completely charred black although he still appears to have feeling in them. Bored, he juggles a white, black, and red flame in one hand and resting his head on the other.

???: So boring...

He suddenly begins to hear a loud sobbing that no one else appears to hear.

???2: Help me...

???: I'll be back.

The man dispels his flames and leaves the room without another word. He starts to wander the halls, following where he believes the source of the crying is coming from. The crying seems to actually go quieter the closer he gets until he finally comes across a huddled up mass of cloth lying in the middle off the hall. Upon closer inspection he also sees that there are two dead guards along either side of the cloth and there blood was pooling around it. The crying has come to a complete stop as he stands in front of the mass.

???: Well, that isn't normal.

A small child-like chuckle is now emanating from the mass of cloth.

???2: I'm glad you're here...I was getting oh sooooo bored.

The cloth rises until it's shape is obviously that of a young girl adorned in a hooded robe far too big for her. The hooded child moves uncomfortably close to the man.

???: So, you were crying and in a puddle of blood because you were...bored? That's...deranged. Let's find your parents, what's your name?

The man bends over to eye level with the little girl, which oddly makes her chuckle once more. She removes her hood and stares into the mans eyes, giving him the impression that he'll be swallowed up if he stares too long.

???2: My name is Vina and you?

???: I'm Zeith, Zeith Crimson. Let's find your parents.

Vina: No, no. There's no need for that. I said I was bored and I plan to entertain myself and I hear you are too. Let's help each other.

The girl lunges at the man without warning and grabs his head before forcing a kiss on him, her grip holding him in place surprisingly well for a child. As she kisses him, his veins become visible for a brief second and they seem to be filling with darkness. After the kiss concludes the girl is no where to be seen and all traces of the guards bodies erased. The man shakes his head and wipes his lips but has no idea how dangerous of a situation he has gotten himself into.

Zeith: That was...disturbing. I'm just going to pretend that didn't happen.

He laughs nervously and makes his way back to the team room.
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* stretches after getting up*

*stands by the fighting area as sh looked back on her fight with Baron*

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