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Who is the most tragic figure?

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Corrugo walks through the path of woods, his mind debating on where to venture next. He began searching about a year ago, and continued training. Mostly stray animals, and the occasional bandit. His martial art skills were improving alot, he was proud of himself, but he knew he wasn't strong enough. He wasn't sure what he planned on fighting, but he knew he hadn't reached his max yet, and that was his goal.
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(since mort isn't here to talk we will assume he follows the group) Our first stop should be a town named Lake view. Its about a two day treck from here guys but its the closest town. *mutters under breath* thats the price we pay for living in the middle of no where.
Edgar drummed his fingers on the table, trying to bring some kind of noise, clamor, anything other than the silence that always seemed to hang over his roadside tent like a cloud.

It wasn't working.

Normally he would be glad to not be busy. When you were an affordable, accurate seer like he was, people tended to come to you with the most inane things.

"Is my girlfriend seeing someone else?"
"Is this infected?"
"Where is my cat?"

Day in and day out. Still, it paid for his meals, so he had no real right to complain. Not that it would'nt be nice if something more... important would come up. Anything.

As luck would have it, this train of thought was broken by a sweaty, older-looking man coming in through a tent flap.

"Erm... hello! Erm, yes. You're the oracle? Edgar?"
"That's the name they tagged me with, sure enough. What do you need?"
"Ah...! Good, good! I... yes. I was planning to make a... business trip to the Village of Legends soon." The man lowered his voice, whispering conspiratorially to Edgar "I hear the gambling is good." He grinned knowingly.
"I've never heard that particular tidbit... I'm guessing you want to know if it will go well?"
"Yes. Don't want to waste all the money if it turns out poorly. The wife would kill me! You know... women, eh, eh?"

Edgar began rubbing his temples, already somewhat irritated with the man. After a calminhg breath, he began to focus, as a blurry vision swam to the surface of his mind. "Right, right, I'll just check up and see how things are over in... oh... oh my God."
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He stopped. One foot lay on the ground the other seemed to almost hover about it. The wind seemed strange for a second, but he decided to ignore it. He took a mental note of the forest path and closed his eyes, mentally recreating the map he recently looked at. "Alright the last town I was at was Lake View." He tried to recall where on the map it was, then he found it, three cities, were about the same distance from there. The direction he was heading, was closest to Village of Legends. He smirked, he had always wanted to visit there, never made it close enough though. Now was a good a chance as any.
Name:Emiya Shirou -Refers to himself as Archer
Age: 22
Town of Origin: Forgelake
Class: Multiweapon
Weapon(s): Various
Dark side source: Sword of Gilgamesh- Enûma Elish
Light side source: Sword of Arthur- Excalibur
Self source: Strength
Brief physical description:
User Image
Personality: Sarcastic and cynical - but under his apparent hardened exterior lies a complex and dark persona that unfolds throughout the story.
Small back story: Having been iven the blessing of the Metal element, Emiya found that he could forge weapons of legend. Using this skill he worked as a body guard for the noble Tohsaka family. However on one occasion he failed in his task and the daughter of the family, Rin Tohsaka, was assassinated. Now cast out from the village Emiya finds the idea of "wanting to save everyone" as a foolish and impossible task.
"..Oh..Have you been there before..? You seem to know where your going."Sasha questioned him referring to the fact that he just randomly started to head to this direction. She steadily took quick, swift step's forth after Dr.Dilbert looking up at him, before looking toward's the road...
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Yup. I've been there before. It's a good spot to train when you get tired of the meadow and woods around here. It's been a bad start for the day. Lets go up this hill and wait until the light is better. *Gets to the top of the hill and makes a fire* It's to earlly for this kind of journey. Lets let the sun rise and say goodbye to home. *looks back west to see his frozen home as the sun begins to make the icy surface shimer*
Edgar gawked at what he saw in his mind's eye, hardly believing his own second sight, yet there it was. The Village of Legends...

And... if such a town, with it's heroic reputation, were to fall then the rest of the country may be in danger as well!

"Is... something wrong, Mr. Isitrus? Am I going to lose a lot of- hey!"

The sweaty man was pushed aside as Edgar hurried out of his tent, hastily stuffing some bread and fruit into a travelling sack. Outside, he saw a brown horse, tied safely to a tree. He called behind him, to the man in the tent.

"Is that your horse? I have urgent news that needs to reach the king right away! The Village of Legends may be in danger!"
"Yes it's mine, but what are-"

The man didn't get to finish his sentence before Edgar was off, heading North, toward the capitol.

He would, however, has to go past the Village. Hopefully, he would reach it before the disaster occured.

((Is the area we're in a kingdom, an empire, or... yeah. ^^;; ))
"..Well if you say so..."Sasha said now looking back to the frozen village, before sitting down next to the fire now looking down at it an another heavy sigh escaping her. Having taken no other item's with her other than her weapon's and of course some gold if they needed to buy some thing on their way she took out her weapon's from the pack she had taken with her now setting it on the ground...
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(it is now. This is why I made this thread. The story fills out better with the use of other ppl)
Emiya had arrived in Lake View during late afternoon. This place wasn't his destination, just somewhere he had come across in his wanderings. Stepping into the town, he made for the nearest tavern he could find. As he stepped inside all eyes in the room turned to face the stranger who had just entered, the room was deadly silent as Emiya made for the bar, the floorboards creaking with each step he took. PLacing his hand on the bar a small glow came from underneath, and when he moved his hand away two coins were there "Ale......" He muttered
Name:Kacheif (But everyone knows him by Drk Oblitr8r ((Pronounced Dark Oblitrator)))
Age: ???(Unknown)
Town of Origin: Darkness Town
Race: Half breed human and devil
Class: Two handed gunsword style
Weapon(s): One huge two handed sword and two modified hand guns (which he crafted himself, they do have names but he doesn't say them aloud often)
Dark side source: Dark powers.
Light side source: The Sun
Self source: Demon's power life
Brief physical description: Basicaly like my avi but with a red trench coat
Personality: Cocky, allways fast to a joke but when it's time to fight he becomes a different personality, A fast on his feet man of little words
Small back story: A travelling warrior that has revenge on his mind
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His pace slows down abit, the wind seemed hotter. It usually meant a fire was somewhere. It was hard to tell with the wind. It could be a small flame really close or a big fire really far away. Worked with ice aswell. He had noticed the closer to the village he got, the colder the wind from that direction seemed to be. Now it was cold air rushing towards him, and hot air, by his side. He ran over to a tree and leapt onto it. Grappling the bottom branch and swing himself onto it. Then branch by branch he reached the top of the tree. He looked to the side to see smoke rising from a hill, and then forward to see, a crystal-like village. It seemed to shine when the the sun hit it, and everything seemed see-through. Then he thought of the air. "That's not crystal. That's ice." He leaped down from the tree in the direction of the hot air, and slowly glided to the bottom. Thankfully hot air rises, and it helped slow the fall or his legs would hurt.

He thought for a couple of minutes, and figured the people on the hill may know why the village is covered in ice. He began walking toward them. Slowly. Incase they weren't friendly.
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*senses somthing* Sasha on your toes. Mort watch our back. *yelling twords the forest* who goes there! *mutter to himself* I wish I could think of a better line then that, who ever that is probably thinks I'm an old foggy now.
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Who goes there? Thinks Corrugo, Who in their right mind still says that? He closed his eyes, feeling the wind all he can, he sensed some movement, they seemed to be moving, but not much. They weren't retreating, nor coming after him. He took that as a good sign. He spoke quietly into the wind, and hoped it would carry to them. He didn't feel like yelling. He said, (I mean no harm, I come to ask a question regarding the village you seemed to be leaving from.)

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