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                                lost the will to change

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            a t r i p i n t i m e
                    all is lost again

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                      yardιѕ is a magnificent world of many cultures, spread across thousands of miles of beautiful terrain, different climates, and fantastic landscapes. Dangers lurk around every corner. There is constantly a plan to overthrow a government, whether it is corrupt or even peaceful. Blood-thirsty creatures and savage beings roam the land, searching for their next victims.
                      All over Yardis, the Royals are well-known by their subjects. Some people hate them. Some even love them. It is a wide spread rumor that all of them are spoiled rotten and don't know enough about the world to even be able to rule over it. It's really too bad that they would all be forced to be leaders so suddenly..

                      Recently, an idea was brought upon by the Head Advisor to the King of Salorite, that in order to strengthen ties with the other Kingdoms and give faith to all people, all of the royals would put forth their children to marry each other. It was a silly idea that did not make much sense, but the King (whose brains were never his strong point) agreed and spread the word.
                      Somehow, all of Yardis reached an agreement, and thus, the Unity Pact was born. On this day, children from all over Yardis would marry each other and begin a new age of peace. They would be sent to the central state of Bhegin (the place where negotiations are held, and also a terrible idea) to meet each other and exchange their vows.

                      Little did they all know, that there had been an evil plan brewing for over a hundred years that was about to burst from within a well-trusted nation that would cause Yardis to sink to its knees. Our betrothed would be forced to embark on a mission that would change their lives, and perhaps even save the world.
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            t h e r u l e s
                    save your breath

                      » lιтeracy This is a Literate RP. As much as I hate the term, it is Gaia's way of distinguishing writers from each other. I need a minimum of 2 paragraphs per post.

                      » godмode Don't control anyone else's characters and don't kill anyone off unless you've discussed it with them. No one is allowed to be the best in the world if they are 18 years old, and no one is allowed to be immortal.

                      » cooperaтιon Don't RP with yourself. If you have not interacted with anyone for 3 posts, I will have to ask you to make more of an effort to get along with people.

                      » reѕpecт Be nice, both IC and OOC. I don't mean that your character needs to be nice, just don't ignore people on purpose. Respect everybody, please.

                      » dιverѕιтy Please don't make all of our characters white people (I don't know how many times I've scrolled through RPs just to see the cast of Gossip Girl over and over again.) This RP requires a diverse cast.

                      » pιcтυreѕ Illustrations only, please. (Anime photos, paintings, whatever. Just no real people.)

                      » cнaracтerѕ Please only one character per person. if you are here for a long time and post consistently, then I will let you make a second one.

                      » мagιc Magic is very minor in most cases in this RP. Chances are, unless you're an old wizard, you can only control fire a tiny bit.

                      » roмance Follow the rules and keep this RP Pg-13.

                      » proғιleѕ Please fill out the reserve form first and title it, "I ROCK." When I accept it, work on your profile and send it to me with the title, "Unhappily Married." This profile format will look weird in a PM. Do not try to fix it. I don't care if the format of the profile is screwed up in the PM. Send it in the PM. Don't send me a link to the profile, don't put code tags on it, just send me the profile as it is in the PM.

                      » coммυnιcaтιon Feel free to rack up the posts in the OOC thread. It would be awesome if we all could talk about plots and life and everything else. Try to have the chance to talk to everyone.

                      » acтιvιтy Be active. If you need to leave, let me know, I won't judge you. If you need a break, tell me. If you're having trouble, I need to know that too. You can even talk to me if you are having a writer's block. Whatever happens, just PM me.
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            t h e c a s t
                  cold-blooded faith

                      The roles already listed are ones that are integral to the story. We also need guards, maids, citizens, and any other roles you can think of.

                      We need bodyguards and devotees.

                      The Pairs

                      Earth Princess 1 - Darkness Prince 2
                      Earth Princess 2 - Water Prince
                      Wind Princess - Fire Prince
                      Fire Princess - Darkness Prince 1

                      e a r т н

                      | daughter one | Taken |

                      User Image
                      Kora Zhaddagh
                      Princess of Shazgard
                      Green and Grey

                      | daughter two | DECEASED |

                      | Bodyguard | AVAILABLE |

                      | Devotee | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Bijoux Samedi
                      "Reformed" Shasta Sand Pirate
                      Caribbean Green (#00CC99) and Cinnamon (#AA6600)

                      | Other | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Danika Martiz
                      Dradican Mischief Maker
                      Dark Violet

                      | Other | TAKEN |

                      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                      Eston Yates
                      Gradius ; Scholar
                      #8d785d & #4a3e30
                      Cherette Lealith

                      w ι n d

                      | daughter one | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Sylphira Christalle
                      Princess of Laelie
                      Medium Violet Red

                      | Bodyguard | Taken |

                      User Image

                      Anna 'Annabel' Crowbers
                      Laelie Kingdom, bodyguard

                      | Devotee | OPEN |

                      | Other | OPEN |

                      d a r ĸ n e ѕ ѕ

                      | son one | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Cin Igalios
                      Dradecus, First Prince

                      | son two | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Reriic Igalios
                      Dradecus - Second Prince
                      Black, Firebrick

                      | Bodyguard | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Elya Meister
                      Bodyguard of the Princes of Dradecυѕ
                      darkgrey and black

                      | Merchant |
                      User Image
                      Sonya Alin'Ra
                      Dradecυѕ- Merchant, Prostitute, Entrepreneur

                      | Devotee | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      u25a0 Alistair Meister
                      u25a0 Twenty three
                      u25a0 Royal Guard of the Dradican Royal Family
                      u25a0 Cadet Blue
                      u25a0 timt454

                      | Other | AVAILABLE |

                      l ι g н т

                      | no children |

                      | Rite of Salor| TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Dalena Snow
                      Twenty Two
                      Rite of Salor, Faith
                      #f8ff24, #27295e & #c7c6c1
                      Musical Stereo

                      | Rite of Salor| TAKEN |
                      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                      Christopher Metus
                      Rite of Salor, Forgiveness
                      Sea Green

                      | Rite of Salor| OPEN |

                      | Other | AVAILABLE |

                      ғ l a м e

                      | son one | twin | Taken |
                      User Image
                      Kunal Sa'ir Mahapatra
                      Prince of Gradius

                      | daughter one | twin | Taken |

                      User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
                      Bashirah Mahapatra
                      Princess of Gradius
                      #FF4900, #FFA200, #A02860, #A62F00

                      | Bodyguard | TAKEN |
                      User Image
                      Chandar Hari
                      Gradian Mercenary
                      Goldenrod & Crimson
                      Angst Werewolf

                      | Devotee | AVAILABLE |

                      | Servant | AVAILABLE |

                      | Other | AVAILABLE |

                      a q υ a

                      | son one | Taken |

                      User Image
                      Jean-Baptiste Laurent
                      Zuleidi, Prince.
                      Royalblue, Skyblue.
                      Rada Han

                      | Bodyguard | Taken |

                      User Image
                      Adele Vanadis.
                      Bodyguard to the Prince of Zuleidi.
                      Steelblue & #3e50c7.

                      | Devotee |TAKEN |

                      User Image
                      Isis De La Mer
                      Zuleidi, Healer/Priestess
                      mediumturquiose, teal

                      Missing or Dead

                      User Image
                      Navid Malak
                      ■ 28
                      Senior Dragon Knight of Gradius
                      ■ Firebrick and Black
                      Rada Han

                      User Image
                      Suri Yvane
                      Laelie Maid
                      Green Olive

                      User Image
                      Catalina Martiz
                      twenty three
                      Dancer of Shazgard
                      Medium blue

                      User Image
                      Rohan Timirh
                      Twenty Five
                      Gradian Wild Hunter
                      Darkgray & Red
                      Cael of Hyrule

                      User Image
                      Rah'kmon Traiho
                      Earth, Bodyguard, Teacher
                      Teal, Brown

                      User Image
                      Zaara Zhaddagh
                      Twenty three
                      Princess of Shazgard
                      Purple and Gold

                      User Image
                      Alexi Chernobyl
                      Rite of Salor, Fortune
                      #663300 & #407e65.
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            p l a c e s
                  leave them behind

                      User Image
                      dradecυѕ, тнe ĸιngdoм oғ darĸneѕѕ - CLEARED
                      The Kingdom of Darkness is also known as the City that Never Sleeps. It's a city that never sees the light, literally-- because it is always plunged into eternal darkness. Because of this, Dradecus has become the epicenter for tourists and adults who enjoy an exciting night life. Its native people are actually elves, and it is said that all elves outside of the city are just a product of an exciting night in Dradecus. The King and Queen of this city are like celebrities. The people consider their royals as friends, rather than rulers, and will defend them to the death. The Kingdom of Darkness is overpopulated, however, and has a booming homeless population.
                      Dradecus is reminiscent of a Miami Beach/Las Vegas culture.

                      The only elves in Yardis originate from Dradecus and nowhere else. Any other elves in the world, whether they are of mixed-breed or not, have Dradican blood. The native elves of Dradecus all have similar features. Their hair and eyes are dark and their skin pale as the moon itself. Many other Kingdoms look down on Dradecus because of the antics of the elves that rule over it. The elves have a tendency to be rowdy, vulgar, sexually liberal, and commit more crimes than the average human. As for magic, most elves can't be bothered to utilize it, but those who do, show their full power within darkness. If the sun is ever beaming down on them, it is a painful struggle to ever use magic.

                      It is to be noted that most elves greatly appreciate the beauty of non-elf features, but it is considered taboo to marry someone who isn't an elf. Human/Elf hybrids are not uncommon, but they are all bastards. A relatively common practice in Dradecus is for two elves to agree to marry each other to keep up appearances, but will often have a human boyfriend or girlfriend on the side. The Dradecus elves are disliked by the Fire kingdom, who are largely xenophobic. Other human kingdoms claim to find them great fun but frown upon their habit of inter-breeding like rabbits.

                      House Igalios
                      User ImageUser Image

                      Ashcroft Igalios met Penelope Fratello at a banquet meant to find him his bride at the tender age of eighteen. She was the daughter of the Captain of the Royal Guard, and an eligible candidate. Penelope, who was of equal age to Ashcroft, was the only woman at the banquet who refused to dance. Ashcroft, being a man who loved a good challenge, was captivated by her, much to the dismay of his parents. When he pulled her aside at the banquet and ask her if she would be his bride, she famously replied, "You're a meat-wad." It only encouraged him, so Penelope challenged him to a game of cards. "If you can beat me, I will marry you." So the battle began. Every other day, he would challenge her to another game of cards, and every week he would lose. No matter how well he calculated, or how much he practiced.

                      It took a whole year for Ashcroft to defeat her. Over that time, Penelope grew quite fond of him, and they shared many laughs together during their bouts. He beat her by cheating, which prompted her to reveal that she had also been cheating the whole time, which made it so that she had fairly lost the match. By that time, the two of them had grown to love each other very much. Ashcroft embraced her stubborn, tomboyish nature, and she, his perseverance and loyalty. Together, they were a force of intelligence to be reckoned with, a bond to never be broken.

                      User Image
                      laelιe, тнe ĸιngdoм oғ wιnd - CLEARED
                      Located deep in the forest, the faeries of Laelie live in isolation. They are ruled by an over-protective Queen with a distrust toward the Fire and the Water Kingdoms because of events passed. The faeries are a cheeky bunch who love practical jokes and trickery. Their original forms are about the size of one's hand, but they can assume the forms of humans, only without their tiny little wings. Laelie is a Kingdom known for its wits and cleverness. They are thrifty and they are very smart, although uneducated about the outside world.
                      Laelie is reminiscent of a Chinese/Japanese culture.

                      Faeries reside primarily in the Kingdom of Laelie, but may also be found in smaller woodlands, but always in a forest or a jungle. These creatures are humanoid in appearance, but have brightly colored features. It isn't uncommon to sometimes see a faerie with blue or painted skin. Their ears are pointed, like an elf's and insect-like wings sprout from their back that allow them to fly. Faeries can easily switch from their small to their human-sized forms. Some have even been known to live their lives outside of the forest alongside humans, but they are banished from their homeland forever.

                      Faeries are very adept at magic. However, depending how far away from the forests they are, their magic becomes weaker and weaker and eventually will stop working altogether until they come closer once again to the forest from which they draw their power. The faeries have a severe distrust toward those from the Fire and the Water kingdom, and have a general skepticism toward all of the others. They place great faith in their Queen.

                      Since faeries are born spontaneously when miracles happen in the outside world, it's common for them to choose someone of the same gender as a life partner.

                      House Christalle
                      User Image

                      User Image
                      gradιυѕ, тнe ĸιngdoм oғ ғιre
                      This Kingdom is located underground, inside of an active volcano, but protected and cooled by ancient magic. It is ruled by a King and Queen that are seen as a 'power' couple, stern and domineering. Gradius takes a no-nonsense approach to everything they do, and take very little time out of their work to have fun. Gradius is known for their metal-work, weapons and armor, precious stones, and their beautiful people. In the past, they once threatened to burn the forests of Laelie. It is widely known that the royals and many of the people of Gradius have terrible tempers.
                      Gradius is reminiscent of a Middle Eastern/Indian culture.

                      The Supreme
                      Native Gradians refer to themselves as the Supreme because they are raised to believe that they are superior to all of the others in Yardis and have worked very hard to get to that point. Gradians are naturally incredibly beautiful people, noble in appearance, tall, and graceful. At birth, they are all given a task, which they will educate themselves in and dedicate themselves to, whether it be blacksmithing, mining, research, or healing. It is important to Gradians that they preserve their beauty, culture, power, and order.

                      Gradians are known to be 'seen and not heard,' and also the ultimate party-poopers. Showing emotion is a weakness. As a result, there are a few incidents each year where citizens have cast themselves into the lava pit because they could not handle the pressure of living up to Supreme standards. Even so, Gradians are amazing artisans and their armor and weapons can fetch thousands of coin on the market. 'The Supreme' are very magically adept towards the element of fire. They are completely fireproof, as are their garments, and can control flame as long as there is a source present.

                      House Mahapatra
                      User ImageUser Image

                      User Image
                      ѕнazgard, тнe ĸιngdoм oғ earтн
                      The Earth Kingdom is ruled by a King and a Queen who share their power equally. The King rules over the land and the people, while the Queen is in complete charge of the military force. Shazgard is located in the Red Fields, on a plateau in the middle of a canyon. Populated by all races, Shazgard's people are known for their fun-loving spirits. They are known for their music, dancing, stage plays, and exciting festivals.
                      Shazgard is reminiscent of a Caribbean/Latino culture.

                      People are drawn to the Kingdom in the canyon for its spice, it's life, and its vigor. The people of Shazgard call themselves 'Shastas.' They are mostly human, although people from all places live there. The elves find natives from this nation as supremely beautiful, because their features contrast theirs so differently, with tanned skin and sometimes very fair hair and bright eyes. From here, all of the most famous actors and dancers hail. Performance art, to Shastas, is like swordfighting to the Zuleidans. They have learned to utilize their body language to its fullest.

                      Shastas have great pride in their nation and culture, believing that their military forces and natural defense is the best in Yardis. Since these people encourage their own to travel, and welcome all races into their kingdom, they are quite judgmental toward the faeries of Laelie for doing the opposite. As far as magic goes, they aren't experienced with major magic as the Gradians are, but they have such a strong connection with the earth that some magic comes naturally for a few citizens.

                      House Zhaddagh
                      User ImageUser Image

                      User Image
                      zυleιdι, тнe ĸιngdoм oғ waтer
                      Zuleidi is a coastal city with one side facing the ocean and the other side facing a wide, open field, with farmland, gardens, and no real natural boundaries protecting them from attack on that side. Its staple is a massive lighthouse, created to see the fishermen back from their voyages. Ruling over this city, is an adventurous King, a recent widower, who is still in mourning over the death of his lovely Queen. Zuleidi is known for its wonderful food, adventurous people, and great swordfighters. Unfortunately, they are also known for pillaging foreign vessels and kidnapping faeries.
                      Zuleidi is reminiscent of an English/French culture.

                      The Zuleidans call themselves 'Seafolk' for good reason. They appear human, but have patterns etched all over their skin like fish do. All natives from Zuleidi can breathe underwater, but intermixed citizens cannot. Since the Seafolk aren't very adept at magic as well as they are physically, they find magical things to be fascinating, which is why they sometimes make a sport out of finding and catching faeries.

                      Zuleidans are not lazy people like the elves of Dradecus. The majority of them are fisherman, ship-builders, explorers, and practice sword fighting. Twice a year, in the Summer and in the Winter, the nation of Zuleidi and the nation of Shazgard come together for a huge festival to celebrate an age of peace and friendship between the two kingdoms.

                      House Laurent
                      User ImageUser Image

                      Gerard Laurent
                      Jeanette Fleurette

                      User Image
                      ѕalorιтe, тнe ĸιngdoм oғ lιgнт
                      The Kingdom of Light is ruled by a single King, who has seventeen advisors because he isn't known for his smarts in the least. His Kingdom is located on top of a snowy mountain. All of the buildings in Salorite are domed, with lightning rods that provide power to every household. There is lightning constantly pummeling the city, but related deaths are nonexistent because of the lightning rods and the materials that make up all of the buildings and much of the clothing. Salorites are very spiritual people and are known for their artisan crafts and beautiful architecture. They are at the forefront of technology, being the only Kingdom in Yardis to utilize electricity.
                      Salorite is reminiscent of a Russian culture.

                      The Rites of Salor
                      The Rites of Salor are a team of seven sages that serve as advisors to the King. They are all spiritual leaders of seven different temples on the Salorite mountain. All seven temples are used to pray to seven different gods, all for different situations that the people may find themselves in. Fertility, Love, Fortune, Health, Faith, Forgiveness, and the King's personal temple.

                      The Unity Pact is a delicate matter to the Salorites because it involves all of the royal children marrying into each other's families and joining all of the Kingdoms by blood. Salorite does not have any royal children of its own. The King's wife died many years ago, struck by lightning (which is a bad omen) and he has ever since been single and childless. One could argue that even though Salorite has a king, they are ruled by the Priests, his advisors, instead. For the past few years, while the pact was being negotiated, Salorites have been relatively silent. Although they have been allies with Gradius for some time, even they have not heard much word from them.

                      As I am aware that every culture mentioned is much different from each other, they are supposed to be a mix of the ones mentioned, not one or the other.
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            t h e s o u n d t r a c k
                  survive paranoid

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    Rich Businessman

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        User Image
            t h e s k e l e t o n s
                  burn it off

                      credιт ғor ѕĸeleтonѕ :: [ bloody rawrs ]

                      [img]100x100 icon here[/img][size=10][color=dimslategray]
                      [color=postingcolor1]■[/color] NameGoesHere
                      [color=postingcolor2]■[/color] AgeGoesHere
                      [color=postingcolor1]■[/color] Kingdom&Role
                      [color=postingcolor2]■[/color] PostingColor.
                      [color=postingcolor1]■[/color] UsernameHere[/color][/size]

                      [center][color=yourcolor][size=16]Character Name[/size]
                      [size=9][b]"Personal Quote Here."[/b][/size][/center]
                      [size=11][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list]•"Something about your age."
                      •"Something about your eye and hair color."
                      •"Something about your height and weight."
                      •"Something about the place where you're from."
                      •"Something about your role."
                      •"Something about the skill that you have or don't have."
                      •"Something interesting about yourself."
                      •"Something else interesting about yourself."[/color][/size]
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            L e g e n d a n d L o r e
                  believe them or not

                      Gods and Goddesses

                      The Red Shaman, Xochipilli

                            This God was said to have created all of land in Yardis. He stacked the mountains high and carved the canyons with Athelesia's waters and is said to have brought the gift of song to the land. Many Shastas say that whenever there is an earthquake, it is because Xochipilli is busy molding the earth.

                      Haya-ji and Hanako

                            The Mother and her Child, Haya-Ji and Hanako created all of the life in Yardis. Haya-Ji created the people, the animals, and all over living creatures, while Hanako breathed life into all of the plants and the flowers. Hayaji is the Goddess of Fertility and Maturity. It is said that she once scolded Aldwyn when he was a child, and that is why he grew to be wise. Hanako is forever bound to childhood. She is the Goddess of Innocence and is said to be the one who paints a faerie's wings when they are born.

                      Aelfric the Cunning

                            The youngest of the three brothers. While Aldwyn is sensible and Andrew is righteous, Aelfric was the daredevil of all his brothers. He was so reckless that even Haya-Ji could not restrain him, and so quick that no one could catch him. Aelfric enjoyed the darkness and created the moon to spite his older brother. He brought sin to Yardis, the thrill of misdemeanor, and the excitement of risk. It is because of him that Izar was born.

                      Aldwyn the Wise

                            The middle of the three brothers. Aldwyn was an unruly child who was thought to be useless compared to his two brothers. When Haya-ji scolded him for teasing young Basanti, it is said that his tears created the stars in the sky. All of his apologies became constellations, and he grew to be the wisest of all his brothers. Aldwyn brought sense to the world. He brought conscience to the people and the art of language to Yardis.

                            Upon encounter, it was discovered that Aldwyn is actually a woman.

                      Andrew the Brave

                            The oldest of the three brothers. He is the strongest of the three and is also thought to be the most handsome. Andrew traveled the land and spoke with all of the Gods, asking them what they needed to better the land. When he returned from his journey, Andrew created the sun and hung it in the sky, even though it burned his hands, giving light and warmth to the whole world.


                            The great dragon of the mountain, Proskovya was the Goddess of Dreams. She never came down from the mountain, but appeared to others through the mind, from the dream world itself. It is said that Aelfric and had insatiable lust for her. He infiltrated her dreams world and seduced her into killing her husband. They made love, and Izar was born. Since Proskovya regrets all of this, she caused her mountain to erupt, creating the volcano that now houses Gradius.

                      Izar, the Illegitimate

                            The second great dragon and child of Aelfric and Proskovya. She often takes control of the dream world and brings nightmares to Yardis' people. She is an evil spirit who has no sense of righteousness. The first time she tried to infiltrate Yardis and bring chaos to the world, the Gods sealed her away forever. It has been prophesied that Izar would break free from her restraints and try to take Yardis once again.

                      Nayak Bandarji and Basanti

                            God and Goddess of Gradius respectively, these two are looked upon as the most beautiful creatures in the world. They are so perfect that the mortal eye cannot lay eyes on them for fear that the human body will literally crumble in shame. They are husband and wife, and a superior team in all fields: combat, politics, the arts, and all of the things more important than love. These figures are whom Gradians try to model themselves after. It is boasted that Nayak brought law and order to the world, while Basanti brought grace and the art of dance. It is also known that flames never danced before they saw her beauty.

                      The Sea Witch, Athelesia

                            The creator of the seas and the lakes, and lady of all water, Athelesia is said to be a delicate maiden with the tail of a fish and the torso of a human. It is said that Xochipilli and Athelesia were lovers, and their passion created the waves that crash into the land. When Haya-ji created life in Yardis, Athelesia wanted them to know the joy of love and happiness. So, she sacrificed her heart to them and gave the gift of love to the whole world. It is said that the typhoon season is caused by her bitterness.
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        User Image
            l o c a l m a p s
                  dark beings to rise

            Map of Gradius
            User Image

            1 – The Central Altars and Everlasting Flames, Aman Jyoti:
            Located on the first three floors of Gradius, always in the heart of the platform. Practicing their faith is an integral part of most Gradians’ lives. Twice a day – before breakpast and before supper, the whole city congregates at the Aman Jyoti to pray. Oh holidays, weddings, and funerals, the altar is decorated with blossoms, fine fabrics, and jewelry. On every level, iron and gold casts of both the past and the present heroes watch over them as they pray.

            2 - Shah Kali Burj-e-Azam Kottaram, The Royal Palace:
            A breathtaking, bold structure chiseled from the volcano’s shimmering black onyx. The story of Gradius in both image and an ancient language is etched carefully into the stone. Gargoyles shaped like spined fire lizards watch over the city from the palace domed towers. The palace guards the city’s water reservoir, and lays beside the lava pools thatdraw the magma from within the mountain and distribute it to the rest of the city.

            3 – First Level – Brahma
            Reserved for the most important members of Gradian society. The people who have been privileged to live here have contributed extraordinarily to the success of their nation such as the Pundit of the temple, historians, record-keepers, government officials, members of the royal family and other prestigious houses. The upper floor also boasts schooling for young men and women being groomed for government work since birth. All official business takes place here. Occasionally, high profile weddings are held here, as well as public court for deserters and criminals, and ceremonies for particularly honorable citizens.

            4 - Second Level - Vaishya
            The most population-dense floor of Gradius. Most citizens live here in a large, well-maintained city. At night, hundreds of lamps light the dark pathways. While one half of this floor are meant for living, the other half is reserved for the market. The market is incredibly busy every single day, and houses some of the best crafters in Yardis. Shops boasting the famous Royal seal are businesses that have served the King throughout many years with their quality products and services. Most events take place in this vast area, from annual tournaments to determine the nation’s best warriors, dancers, artists, and scholars, to festivals, holidays, holy days, weddings, and public executions.

            5 - Third Level - Bhangiya
            The third level of Gradius is reserved for the citizens born into poverty. Upward mobility is rare, as professions are normally kept within the family lines, but it is possible. Those who never make it there are stuck on the nearly barren 3rd level. It is dusty and impossible to grow any type of plant here. Whatever animal happens to wander into this floor quickly ends up being fought over for food. This is the last floor that receives water rations, so crime is rampant and many people have lost their way. The King’s vizier would notmally boast that the only reason these people don’t advance in society is because they won’t stop fighting with each other, but a quick trip here will tell you that there is much more wrong than the higher ups would have you believe. This floor’s primary revenue is driven by donations, crime, prostitution, and the selling of daughters into higher class society.

            6 - Fourth Level - Kshatriya
            This fourth level of Gradius marks the beginning of the mines leading down into the center of the volcano. Because of the intense heat, unusual and dangerous creatures make their homes there and thrive, which makes this level the best place for soldiers to train. Every other day, when they are not being formally educated, the men being groomed to become knights march from the barracks of the royal palace, through the three levels, and into the mines to train. Their primary job as trainees is to make sure the mines are clear for the hunters, scavengers and jewel and mineral miners. Miners are well-respected members of society. With a tendency to die early, miners are protected and taken care of by the Brahma for their sacrifice. This level is deadly for those who do not learn to navigate it. It is easy to get lost within the vast tunnels. One can easily get lost within the depths of the mountain and never be seen again. Few have claimed to have seen the heart of the volcano.
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