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Enduring Bloodsucker

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-Derrick Cole-

Derrick was in the room he was lead into, seeing it wasn't really his, but it was better than being in the halls in his condition. He held himself up against the wall farthest from the door. He was trying to figure out all of what was happening. After a few seconds, he looked up at the ceiling, seeing the light in the room. Was I...drugged? He thought to himself as he looked back at the door.

Thoughts: What the hell happened to me?
Attention: His room and ailments
Current Area: Room
OOC: I almost forgot about this character! lol can someone help me with him?
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Enduring Bloodsucker

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-Alex Shire-

Alex looked up at Glory, seeing her back to normal before he chuckled. "Yea, but unlike you, I'm more fascinated by the fact that she is." He said as he smiled. Granted, the experience was questionable, but he was enjoying the difference in his newest friend. She may not be entirely human, but she does have a humane heart. He thought to himself as he looked up at Lyric again, his curiosity only growing.
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                                                                  Lyric blushed a bit when she was hugged all of a sudden, but nodded and was really just glad everyone was happy again. She put the book away, hiding it inside her sleeves as Mr. Goop crawled up onto her lap, growing sleepy. She rubbed his head then looked at the others. "G-Glory's right... I was trying to keep it a secret, like everyone else was." Her stomach growled all of a sudden and she just realized how hungry she had become. Unlike the other residents, she couldn't go on so long without food and she had neglected to take a single bite at the dinner table. She blushed and looked at her feet as she got up, heading toward the door. "I'm going to go get something to eat... okay? I-I'll be back soon."

                                                                  She went out into the hall and took a look around before beginning to quickly head downstairs, not looking behind her to see if the others had decided to follow along, carrying Mr. Goop with her.
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Felix Hammer

Felix had stuck around, mostly as he was a little curious about Lyric's magic, but after going and getting turned into a wooden puppet, he was fine with leaving. Turning, he found himself returned to his normal form just before be closed the door behind him. Adjusting his clothes, he walked off to find both his earmuffs and someone to help out Lyric.

Walking through the halls, he figured out a couple of things thanks to all of the echoes in the castle. A pair of twins had locked themselves into a room on the first floor. He'd deal with that after he'd dealt with Nastelle's earmuffs and Lyric needing magical help. Sighing, he opened another resident's door to ask if the person inside had seen Nastelle's earmuffs. He found himself looking at Allie and the red headed human in bed together. He did not look surprised at all.

"I apologize for the interruption Madam Anderson, I merely wished to know if you had seen Madam Genic or her earmuffs. Madam Lyric needs some help with her magic, and you are aware of how much Madam Genic hates these storms." His voice held no emotion as he spoke, nor did his face betray any of his thoughts. "I must say though. I must say thought, I was unaware so many of you residents wanted to... what is that phrase? Ah yes. Get laid."
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He gave her a slightly strange look when she said there are special ways to keep Ember silent, he shrugged deciding He rather not ask, He smiled, " Well thats good.." He chuckled when she asked him how come he didn't freak out like the others, " Well all my life i have always hoped Supernaturals were real, i wanted to be one.. so when i finally found out they were real tonight I was happy as hell."
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Enduring Bloodsucker

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-Alex Shire-

Alex looked up as Lyric went out, trying to figure out what she was doing. He then looked back at Glory and scratched the back of his head. "So...what was it like being a guy for a little bit?" He asked her, just trying to pass the time until Lyric returned. Wondering what she was doing was kind of making him curious.
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alicia (Allie) Anderson

mmm humans are so much fun to play with...
Allie giggled and said "really, well glad i could help you achive your dream, but yes most supernatural things are reall, others are not so much what you think". she sat up a bit and then she summoned a book then opened it to a human picture of a unicorn nice pretty and white. then she opened another book and showed a unicorn that looked compleatly different. she looked up at him and said "like unicorns most people think they mean purity trust me if you see one run unless you want your face eaten off." she wrinkled her nose then flipped to a picture of a fairy and said "these little buggers are not fun at all, their annoying and are bossy as all hades." she shook her head then she smiled and set the books aside and asked "soo how has the rest of the world been, i havn't left the castle since the last world war. unless another one has started"?
ooo a new batch is here....

...let the games begin!!

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