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Table Of Contents

1. The Tale (The Story)
2. The Laws (The Rules)
3. The Bones and Souls (OC Character sheets and Soul Calibur Character list/who plays them)
4. The Cast (OC Characters)
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A Soul Calibur3/4 RP


Story: Four Years after the Events of Soul Calibur 3, The Azure Knight, NIGHTMARE lives on. He is but a wandering Demon, eating Souls that he deams are full of "Evil Energy". If that is what he is truely after, then he is in for a feast. Somewhere in the Far-West of the known World a being soon to be known as Malificius The Hell Knight grows stronger with the help of a newly created and more powerful Soul Edge. His rising well cause unheard of Chaos and Pain. The growing power of this Hell Knight well gather Warriors from all over. The only way to defeat Malificus is for these Warriors and the Warriors who fought the Soul Edge four years ago to unite
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1.Follow site Rules.
2.TWO OCs Allowed and ONE Soul Calubur Character Allowed, for a total of 3 Characters
Any character has ALL Their Weapons. This includes OCs
3.Before you Battle someone you must put:
*Opponent's Name here*
At the top of the first post of the fight. BOTH Opponents must do this
5. Romance and PVP allowed, but keep Romance Pg-13 and no killing other peoples characters in PVP
6. Cussing allowed.
7. PM Me Your Profiles, put "The Fate of Souls" as the Subjest so I know you read these rules
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Soul Calubur Characters:
Mitsurugi : Sean Hiruki
Seong Mi-na
Talim: X-Nabi-X
Tira: Phyrus

Character Sheet:
Alliance(The Heros,Nightmare or Malificius):
Main Weapon:
Apperance(Pic please):
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Username: XSean HirukiX
Name: Sean Greymore Hiruki
Alliance(The Heros,Nightmare or Malificius):The Heros
Class:Sword Master
Main Weapon: Katana, Chinese Sword and Iron Sword
Personality: Smart, funny, Kind, loving
Apperance(Pic please): User Image
Username: XSean HirukiX
Name: Malificius the Hell Knight
Alliance(The Heros,Nightmare or Malificius):Malificius
Class:Barbarion/ Hell Knight
Main Weapon:Soul Edge
Personality:Evil, cunning, Brutal and heartless
Apperance(Pic please): User Image
Final Form:User Image
Username: Lord_Desh
Name: Deshwitat L Rudbrich
Age: 267
Alliance(The Heros,Nightmare or Malificius): Malificius
Class:Sword Master
Main Weapon: Claws, Katana
Personality: Cold cruel, merciless
Apperance(Pic please): User Image
Username: Phyrus
Name: Rix
Age: 21
Nationality: It's believed to be persia, but the truth is unknown
Alliance(The Heros,Nightmare or Malificius): The Heroes
Class: Assassin
Main Weapon: Crescent Moons: Dual Wave Blades(like elbow blades, but larger in size and curves all the way around his forearm. His have been modified so that they can flip around much like elbow blades allowing for a more modified move set)
Nightblade: A blade dipped in darkness that is much lighter than it appears making most people feel off balance when holding it due to it's size.(is the one in the pic)
Personality: cold and heartless, The only time he feels any emotion is when he's fighting or killing someone, and thus has a pure addiction to killing. He won't always kill every one he meets, but it's fair to say to use caution when speaking wit him. It's as if he's been stripped of all emotions, and this could be very true for him for his face is always emotionless except for when fighting, which is the only time he'll ever show happiness, anger, or sorrow.
Bio(Optional): Rix's past is unknown, the only thing known about him is that he wok up in a town in persia. The only thing he remembers is waking up in a town somewhere in persia, after the Azure Knight slaughtered everyone but him. Instead of growing hatred for the knight he simply grew emotionless, unable to deal with the emotions that would surface from such a tragic event. However, when confronted with the choice of killing someone or not he finally felt all the emotions, and found that the only time he ever felt any emotion is from killing or in the process of killing others. He hates the Azure Knight for doing this to him and thinks that the only way to restore his emotions is by killing him and Soul Edge.
Appearance:User Image
Username: X-Nabi-X
Name: Jolie DuMetz
Age: 22
Nationality: French
Alliance: The Heroes
Class: Sage
Main Weapon: Chinese Sword
Personality: Jolie is quite stubborn and stern. She hates any man who dosn't treat her as an equal because of her gender, and often beats them senseless to prove her point. An anger streak a mile wide, she is rarely the tender, caring woman she was in a fromer life.
Bio: Jolie was once a kind, caring young lady. She was, as she now puts it, nothing more than a useless doll to be looked at and admired. She live a normal life, the daughter of a reknowned swrdsmaster, and somehow caught the eye of a dashing young swordsman (Family connections is whatshe puts it up to). They were betrothed, and everything seemed perfect. That is, until the Azure Knight appeared. He slaughtered her father, her betrothed, and everyother person who openly practiced swordsmanship in the area.
Some say she wants that power for herself.
She'll deny it with a wicked smile.
'No,' She'll say, 'I'm out for revenge.'
Apperance: User Image
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Welcome, Phyrus
Just need a few more, mayb a lady or two and then we well start
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The Cool winds blew over the hills of the small village in the Country that would be called "Berlin, Germany" in the future. A strong young man, clad in light silver armor stood atop a rocky hill overlooking the village. His deep blues eyes scanned the terrain and environment. Winter was aproaching. And by the Gods, He hated the bloody cold. He took off his left glove and combed his growing, yet still rather short blonde hair back as he thought. In the cold silence of things he heard his companion grunt in annoyance

"Why the Hell are we here, Sean? There is no one worthy of my blade here." He growled deeply.

Sean smiled at his Samurai friend, "Because, Mitsurugi, I have a feeling about this place. My Ginkiba...My Soul Calibur senses something evil in this land." He grabbed the blade he was speaking of, A long silver Katana with the appropriate name of Ginkiba, or Silver Wolf Fang.
Little did he know how right he was.

"It damn well better be something like Soul Edge, or I'm gonna have your Head" Mitsurugi grunted again.

((Sorry the post is so short. Writers Block is a b***h. Anyway, Welcome, Nabi. We can begin now))
a shadowed figured watched from the trees smiling revealing two sharp pointed canines
ah samurai and his buddy eh intresting ill follow them to see what their after theres some very powerful blood here i can smell it
Rix had been travelling down the hills of Germany, the shadows calling to him to come here. He was deeply connected with the shadows since he'd created his sword out of them, and they often spoke telling him which way to go. Tira was travelling next to him with a bored expression on her face. "Ahh I wanna kill something." She whined to him, and he just looked back to her and sighed. "......soon...." He said to her in an emotionless expression. His black cloak wavered in the chilly air a bit, and his white silvery hair was hung around his shoulders completely straight. Silver eyes gazed upon the landscape, and taking in his companion with a little bit of worry knowing she could go off at any moment, but than again so could he. Despite the fact that Tira fought for soul edge and Rix fought against it, the two had decided to travel together for quite a few reasons.

One, they were both searching for the Azure Knight so they could defeat him, even if their reasons were different their goal was exactly the same. Two, they both had an addiction to killing, though for completely different reasons again it was still something they seemed to have in common. Rix actually hoped he could somehow see if he could get Tira to not kill so mindlessly, though this was proving difficult as the days went on. The third and final reason, was because neither of them felt anything from trying to kill one of the other. Rix could feel nothing as he had tried to attack Tira, for it was almost like trying the kill himself, and Tira could feel no joy since Rix didn't show any pain or fear from death. So, for these reasons they figured they might as well travel together for a while until they could defeat The Hell Knight, which neither of them liked at all.

Tira than stopped and stood in front of Rix, "Well perhaps I could kill you," She said to him sounding absolutely pleased by the idea, and he just stared at her, completely emotionless as she said those words. "Gah, your such a killjoy." She said to him and continued on her way as Rix just sighed at this. They were travelling in a village that neither of them knew about near the western part of the known world. It was close to britain in a place called Germany. Rix was amazed that Tira hadn't gone off killing every person she saw in sight, but he figured even she had to have some self control or else she would have been as infamous as the Azure Knight and the Hell Knight. He figured that others must be here searching for the sword and the Hell Knight, but why he wasn't entirely sure. The shadows seemed to call to this place like it was going to be a battle ground, but Rix had no idea if this was true or not. Him and Tira continued to walk through the town, a few people gazing at their odd appearance but noone spoke to them.
The cold, misty winds chilled her. Yet the icy breeze felt comforting to her body. As if they reminded her of what lay ahead. She pulled her long wool coat closer to her body. A last gift from her mother before she left home. The thick scarf around her neck she had manage to steal - She had left a littlemoney to pay for it, but it was stealing nonetheless. Her sword was strapped onto her back, and her blue eyes were narrowed. Alert. Something was present, and she intended to know what. There was something powerful in this place.

Jolie sighed as she tugged the coat tigher around her slim body. She would never be warm if she kept going north, somthing she'd have to deal with in the long run. Maybe she'd steal another coat. Tha, and a nice pair of thick pants.
"Mon Dieu! Why did I have to wear such impractical armor?" She asked herself, shuddering slightly in the cold. Easy. That was the only female armor left in her village aer the Azure Knight had arrived. It was legendary, said to have belonged to a great amazonian queen from long ago. Impossible. It was made too recenty for that. But ever town had a legend, and the villagers often laughed at that one.


Talim hummed lightly to herself as she felt the cool breeze upon her face. It was a gentle wind, but it had the sharp sting of shaows to it. There was something wrong about this palce. As if... As if it were to be a war fo the darkness. She shiveed lightly, not bothered by the cold but by the violent edge of the wind. It seemed to become icy just at the thought.
"I must do this. To protect everyone!" She thought, trying to strenghten her resolve. The last time she had stopped journeyg,the Azure Knigt had come again. And this time, he had slaughtered amost everyone.

"I wish Yun-Seong was here like last time. He helped a lot..." She thought quietly, deciding to stat aking aroun for information. "E-Excuse me!"
had gotten bored watching the samurai and his freiend and decided to go into town for food he silently jumped out of the tree with his black robes and hair blowing as he landed and he set his red eyes towards the small village tasting the evil blood in the air
Tira and Rix continued to walk down the street of the village, wondering where it was they were supposed to get information from. Rix looked over at his travelling companion and knew she was getting restless, she needed to kill, and unfortunately so did Rix. He was urging to feel some kind, any kind, of emotion at the moment. None came to him however, the only thing he wanted now was to kill something, anything to feel atleast a little bit of joy, anger, or even sorrow. He saw a man enter with a black cloak and a sword, but didn't pay much attention to to him. This was it, Rix had reached his breaking point and now needed to kill something. He spotted a couple of woman down the street, and Tira could see the bloodlust that was in his eyes. "Killing Time...." She said playfully, and Rix nodded.

They followed the woman into an alleyway, out of sight of everyone else and the two killed them, right there on the spot. The woman had hardly any time to scream as Rix and Tira sliced through them, though their screams were short lived it sounded like it could last a life time. Rix could feel emotion again, and he felt a joy that could only be expressed through the death of someone else, Tira always felt that so obviously she was happier now as well. When they finished Tira had a smile on her face as usual but Rix just looked solemn now. He had done it, but why, for the small trace of joy that it left him? Thinking about it now he truly was cursed. Tira could see this and she just smiled at him, "aww, you know you wanted to, you sick freak." She said in a playful tone that became angry yet still playful rather quickly. He turned to her and didn't say anything, retracing his steps back the way they come. "...let's go..." He said to her, returning to the emotionless state that he had been before. He walked back out onto the street, a few people looking their way cause of the screams from earlier but noone said anything to them.
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The sun set as the two men sat in the tavern at the center of the village. Sean drank a frothing beer from a mug made of old copper, so old, in fact that there wasnt much copper left on it. His Samurai companion, Mitsurugi, drank his own Sake from the small saucer, which Sean forgot what it was really called. not that it mattered, anyhow.

"I don't understand you, Mitsurugi. How can you drink that weak crap? You need stronger Alcohol than Sake. Now Beer is a Man's alcohol!"

Mitsurugi scoft, "Feh, have your beers, You Irish-German b*****d. Sake is a Warriors drink. It is the only alcohol I need."

"You Japanese and your Sake. Very well, my friend. Cheers, to the Drinks of our people and to the Drinks of Warriors." He rose his mug as he spoke. Mitsurugi met Sean's Mug with his Sake saucer, then they brought their drinks to mouth and drank.
Mid-chug (For Sean, anyway) Their senses jolted. Their were some powerful souls in the town. Two good, two very very dark.
Sean brought his mug down.
"You feel that?"
Mitsurugi nodded "I know two of them. Talim...Tira." The Samurai stood up, "Talim is a peaceful soul and a good warrior, But I don't like the fact that Taki is here. I'll go after Taki, you get the other."

"You got it, Herr Mitsu" Sean grinned as he stood. The two bolted out of the tavern and went their seperate ways.

Mitsurugi found Talim before Tira. Thank Kami. Mitsurugi scowled, "What are you doing here, Talim. If your here than...Heh..Soul Edge" Mitsurugi grinned as he drew his katana and passed Talim. "There is an assassin nearby, Wind Priestess. I hope you can still fight."

Sean ran into the unknown good soul. A young French Woman. Very beautiful. He noticed a Chinese blade at her hip and he smiled. "Oh good. a Warrior. This'll make fighting the other one easier.." He breathed. He gave the woman a quick bow. "Sean Hiruki is my name. And we got trouble, miss. Hn. If suck evil souls are here, than my hunch about the Soul Edge and the Azure Knight are correct. Wonderful" His tone was a mix of happyness, hatred (When he mentioned the Soul Edge) and a bit of sarcasm at the very last word. Sean turned his head, his deep blue eyes darted left and right. "Schizze! Where in the hell is he? Come out, Assassin!"

((Hey guys my internet is being crappy right now and is either really really slow or stops working. I'll post when I can, though. Contact me on AIM or MSN if you wanna talk))
Talim nodded as she whipped out her elbow-blades into the preparation postion. She quickly ran after the samurai, catching up to him in no time. "I can still fight! Tell me... Is... The Azure Knight...?" She asked hesitantly. She had never really been comfortable around the samurai. In their breif encounteres, they had fought and moved on. But he was a good soul, and a powerful ally. If the Azure Knight, or one of his many assassins, were here, she'd need an ally like that.

The winds told her that two souls stained with blood were wandering through the village, fresh from the kill.

She hoped they were wrong.


"Trouble? The Azure Knight?" Jolie repeated. That was about all she had been able to catch. He was talking too quickly for her tastes, but she got the jist of the message. Either way, something about this warrior seemed all right. She could trust him, she felt.

Quietly, she pulled off her thick coat and scarf, tying them into a bundle on her back. Less clothes for the enemy to grab onto. She put a ready hand on her sword. If they would battle, she needed to be prepared. If it were the Azure Knight, she would need to be ready for anything.

Switching to English, a rather common language, she looked over at the man. "He won't get away very easily." She said in her heavily accented voice.

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