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Eaon Verite

An eye for and eye and the whole world goes blind

Once Eaon reached the ground she made her way to the darkest part of the alley, there she stashed her bag. There were four guards in that group and she assumed all of them were coming for her. She moved to the edge of the building and peered around the corner, two were headed her way, So I guess that means the other two are trying to circle around. She grinned, she was getting very excited, they were her prey and they had entered her hunting grounds. She licked her lips.

She waited where she was hidden, fortunately she was rather good at that, and watched as the first guard passed her, completely missing her, What don't they train them anymore? The second guard passed her, then grabbed his throat in shock only to find a knife sticking through it, and made a gurgling sound as he fell to the ground. The first guard turned around and pulled his head back as the knife came at his face, slicing his cheek open. He stumbled back and tried to ready his weapon, but she was already on him, sending a heel to his leg, dislocating his knee. He manage to yell in pain before she stuck the blade up under his jaw. She pulled back, the other guards would definitely come running now.

The third guard burst into the alley at a sprint, raising his gun and firing on the run. She dived behind a dumpster, narrowly avoiding the spray of bullets. She climbed to her feet and sprinted around the edge of the building, as the guard reloaded, and pulled herself up onto a fire escape. The adrenaline was coursing through her body, giving her the best kind of high, she couldn't help smiling. The third guard came around the corner and she pounced on him, driving her knife through his visor and into his eye. He started twitching as she removed the blade. She then peered around the corner to see a vacant alley, Where is the last one? she thought as she cautiously made her way down the alley and then found him. "This is guard squad tango 51," he said, talking into his earpiece, "Requesting backup at..." his sentence was cut short as a bullet hole appeared in the middle of his helmet and he fell to the ground. She frowned, she always hated wasting bullets.

She retrieved her bag and then gathered up guns, ammo and tech from the guards, they could alway be sold. She then stood in the alley for a few seconds looking over her work, she had becoming used to killing and in fact it sort of excited her being in a life and death situation. She checked her clothing for blood, Good still clean, she thought as she left the alley in a hurry, only taking back alleys. Only once she was at her car did she remove her mask, when she finished making sure the coast was clear. The adrenaline had left her system, but she was still craving more, "I need a drink," she said with a sigh, climbing into her car and driving home, "I wonder if that couple is okay though?" When she go home she stashed her gear, prettied herself up a bit and then headed to Landshark, she need to blow off some steam.

I guess then the goal is blind the rest of the world first.


I am here: On my way to Landshark by foot
I am with: Nobody
I am feeling: Anxious


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MOOD: x Blunt.
LOCATION: x Hampton's Steakhouse.
COMPANY: x Kairyn Farthou

Body: 100% —— Mind: 100% —— Spirit: 100%


                                            Well... she was going to prison. She just possibly murdered a co-worker in cold blood. Not even her boss would forgive her for that. Joanna was being insanely and unreasonably calm given the circumstances, she surprised herself even. Her mind wallowed in her work, until a young man with ordinary brown hair approached the woman with one-eye. He whispered something in her ear, she shrugged and shook her head. However the young man was persistent and quite possibly new to the industry. Nonetheless she took up her little scribbling pad and moved over to the table where Karyin Farthou inhabited to take her order and the order of the friend that she brought with her. "Are you ready to order?" She wasn't quite sure what was going on or why they asked for her at a time like this... especially after what just transpired just outside the restaurant. Regardless of whatever they were here for, she was still working and couldn't understand why the other young waiter's food proposals, wasn't sufficient enough. "Anything special for this evening?" " " " "

                                            ((Guys. I'm tired, and there isn't much to say. I'm going to bed. ))

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Nathan Mercer

Nathan made his next stop the place where he saw the red-haired elect girl and the fire. He arrived at a building that was full of dead elects and guards who looked like they had been charred to the bone. He whistled in amusement, chuckling lightly. Nathan observed the bloodbath a few moments longer before realizing he wouldn't get much out of this or catch the Elect who did it. He sighed as he took back to the rooftops. When he did he could see The Heavenly Nights Bar in the distance.

Liquor, he had almost forgotten what it tasted like.

He leaped down to the ground, landing in a dark alleyway. Making sure no one saw him, he stepped out of the shadows and into the street which was lit by the bar's illuminating signs. He walked in and through a small crowd of people who were already drunk. One bumped into him. On purpose. "The ******** *hic* you lookin' at?" a man, who appeared to be in his late forties and has obviously never had any dental care whatsoever. Nathan had two options; One: knock the guy out and cause a huge bar fight. That sounded like fun. Two: Say nothing and move on.

That human would thank him later on in life.

Nathan sat down at the bar next to a man who definitely didn't look like any of the drunks. He was armed, Nathan noticed that much. Dangerous? Likely. One of Vex's guards? Hell yes. But this guy didn't look like any of those other pushovers. No...he was different. How? Nathan didn't exactly know, nor did he care to find out. He heard one of the men who wasn't exactly fully drunk mumble something about an elect meeting. Seems like the Rebels were taking some initiative. It spiked his interest. It was an odd thought: a bunch of Elect rebels fighting for the "Greater Good" and attempting to kill and overthrow Vex. It was something you learned in history class about the American and French Revolutions...or in the movies. Was this suppose to be the Elect Revolution? Either way, Nathan didn't care. All he cared about was finding answers and making sure Vex got what was coming to him.

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Cassandra June Marchesi
Location: Landshark ♪ With: the music ♪ Action: Working

It was a good night at Landshark. The club was packed and the crowd was responsive. The air was hot and humid from the bodies the dancer's bodies. One of the bartenders showed up at the booth with a bottle of water and a can of Coke. Cass was into the music, riding the sound from one bridge to the next. He called her name several times and finally had to grab her arm to get her attention.

Cass looked up from her screen and stared at the boy for a minute, confused by his presence.

"Boss said to make sure you're hydrated and here."
He said, shaking the water bottle and raising an eyebrow.

'Oh! Thanks." Cass took the offered water and Coke.

"Do you really wander off in the middle of the job? He asked.

"Hmmm? Oh. I guess I do." Cass returned disjointed. The bartender shook his head and shoved his way back through the crowd towards the counter. Cass downed the water in one shot and cracked open the Coke. She got lost watching the multi-colored lights reflect off the faces of the clubbers. As the caffeine hit her system their frantic body movements began to slow. She was phasing out again, her perception of time slowing. Perhaps ironically, what caused Cass to wander off and be unreliable at her job also made her good at it. As the moments turned to minutes Cass was able to lay in tracks at an inhuman rate sending the already hyped crowd into wild frantic movements.

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Dr. Karthus Vandel, MD

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Karth could feel the room get silent as soon as he mentioned the death of his recent patient, and he really didn't want to bring such a somber mood to such a nice and relaxing place, much in contrast to the good Doctor's line of work. Still he had to get it off his chest and hoped that someone would listen to him, and Delilah seemed like such the person to do so. Then again he could already tell that she was use to hearing such conversations in her line of work. If only Karth had time alone with Delilah and in a more...'intimate' setting, he could just tell her all the problems in his life, the stress at work, the recent passing of his wife Tasha, all the death and suffering he has witnessed over the years....and so forth. He just wanted someone to talk to, some one with such charm and sophistication that Delilah possessed. At lest that was what he saw every time he looked into those soft blue eyes of hers. The elegant aqua eye shadow she always wore complemented Delilah's eyes perfectly, and her sweet and soft lips, how Karth loved the way she smiled with them or pursed them together when she was breathing. She dressed so nicely yet conservatively, even though the front of her outfit was mostly covered in a cute pink apron with a cupcake printed on it.

But he couldn't really think things like that. Not with the loss of his beloved Tasha, still lingering in his mind. He felt that in his mind, Karth was unhealthy to move on and start another relationship and his logical senses pretty much kept his inner feelings in check. Besides, he didn't want to sound too selfish or desperate, especially in front of his dear friend. Although he couldn't help but rub the sides of his wife's wedding ring that he wore with his own, Karth's being a simple gold band and Tasha's was one with studded sapphires and diamonds, both when put together the inscription, 'Una Semper In Infinite' would show, meaning in Latin, 'Together Forever in Eternity'. How he wished those words kept there meaning in his eyes. He only gave a deep and long drawn out sigh.

Luckily for him, his hidden strife and sadness would not last long as sweet and wonderful Delilah passed his favorite cup of coffee over in a nice yet plain white mug and took his time to smell the heavenly aroma coming from the rich dark pool before taking it with both hands close to him then grasping the handle firmly and drinking a small sip. It was like pure heaven in his mouth and he gave a long relaxing breath of satisfaction. Delilah could brew one killer cup of coffee. He noticed her sitting next to him and Alisa and discussing how the streets nowadays were quite for once. "It's about time." Karth gave another relaxing sigh as he continued to sip his coffee. "I can't bare the feeling of having anyone else die on my watch." He hoped this would keep up as he was quick to check his lab coat pocket for his cell phone.

Although, It wasn't one that the hospital issued to him in case he was forced to be called in once again, but it was a separate one all together. A personal one that people could page him if someone beyond the hospital's care needed help. Karth, during his off time and because of The place only admits Human patients due to Vex's recent Anti-Elect health policies, decided one day to help those outside the hospital's strict jurisdiction, mainly Elects whom he was able to treat right off the streets. He had spread his calling card everywhere, so that others could receive care as well. It was an nameless once, just in case Vex's guards caught on to his charitable services, which in fact were not really illegal, for there was a loophole in that law. Elects could not be treated at the Hospital but it didn't specify that the doctors there could spread their practice outside the hospital itself. Still with a ruthless regime as the one Salem was under, Karth couldn't take any chances. Luckily for him, his personal phone had no messages on it so it looked like all was quite for now.

He took yet another sip of his coffee as Delilah had mentioned something about a music store that was near by. "Oh yeah! What was it called again? 'You're Under...a Rat'?...or something like that?" Karth for the life of him couldn't remember the name of that place even though he passed the place a dozen times over during his visits here. His work life was way too hectic to remember even the name of a simple music store.

Current Location: Confections Cafe
Mood: Re-energized User Image
Thoughts: I shouldn't think such selfish thoughs...oh! -slurp- Just a little coffee is all I needed.
♂♀Interacting with: Delilah, Alisa

Current stand on Vex's Anit-Elect policies: Neutral (undecided)
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Alisa Jane Marchesi

l o c a t i o n : Confection Cafe
m o o d / t h o u g h t s : Tired, but feeling strangely uneasy.
w i t h : Delilah, Dr. Vandel

" You're Under A Rest' if I recall correctly..."

Alisa responded lightly before putting cream and sugar in her coffee. She always had trouble drinking it black despite the fact that straight black helped her wake up more. The coffee stirrer spun slowly before stopping as her attention turned to something else for the moment. Tossing the stirrer and leaning against the counter, Alisa thoughts turned to the uneasy feeling in her gut.

For some reason, tonight was different from the others, in terms of nerves. Of course, being a tiny Elect girl mad her paranoid about one-day getting caught... but for some reason she felt more antsy than usual. Was it because of her nightmare she can barely recall? That probably was a contributing factor... Maybe she would attempt to get to sleep at a relatively normal time... well, normal for her, at least. She was pulled back to the outside world when a customer came up to pay for their coffee.

Once finished, she glanced and noticed one--potentially--two coming in. The counter happened to be a bit dirty where she was standing, so Alisa took the opportunity to spritz and wipe it down, collecting all crumbs and tossing them away. She slid her coffee mug next to her and fixed her hair a bit, trying to make it look less like she just got up... though such efforts on her hair were usually futile. Maybe when she finished helping them she'd take her hair down and proper brush and fix it back up? ... Well, there probably was no point to it at this hour.
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Eaon Verite

An eye for and eye and the whole world goes blind

Eaon walked along at a brisk pace, she didn't like it but she had to leave her weapons at home, she felt somewhat naked without them. The streets were getting fairly empty, but that was common in this city for nighttime was when Vex's henchman did most of their work. She finally arrived at Landshark, she could hear the music pumping from the previous block, Yup, definitely need this, she thought with a sigh and entered.

As soon as she got in she went straight to the bar, ordered and then downed her first drink, sweet relief poured over her as a slight flush brightened her cheeks. She looked out on the crowd happy at the torrent of dancing, sweating bodies all pressed together on the dance floor. She suddenly narrowed her brow, I haven't taken anything yet, have I? she thought as she noticed that some of the people were dancing differently to others and she wasn't just referring to the style. It looked to her as if some people were dancing faster, like insanely fast, whereas others were in slow motion. A smile graced her lips, "Someone is having fun with their powers," she said, not so loud as to be heard over the speakers, and made her way into the middle of the crowd. It felt magnificent when she started dancing, as the temporal distortions rippled over her, yup, she liked this elect.

I guess then the goal is blind the rest of the world first.


I am here: Landshark
I am with: Cassandra is here, somewhere
I am feeling: Excited


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█ ` LOCATION: In front of Confections Cafe
█ ` FEELING: Frazzled
█ ` WITH: Thomas Raines

                                        Carmen walked along the street, choosing to leave her car back at the station because the cafe was within walking distance. Her fingers played with the pepper spray in her pocket, feeling the nozzle and opening and closing the cap. It was always good to carry something for self defense, even though she could just phase through something if she wanted. But what if she was assaulted in front of people who didn't care, and people who would reveal you as an Elect? It was better to be safe than sorry. The glow of the street lights lit her way as Carmen walked the familiar distance to Confections Cafe. When she had walked just two or three streets down, she passed by a dark apartment complex. Most of these apartments were filled by families, but there were a couple of cheap rooms that were lent out to college students. She had actually considered moving here, but she had heard that this particular area was regularly checked by Guards... more than any other apartment complex in Salem. And she couldn't risk getting caught, not when she had avoided detection for so long.

                                        Carmen's eyes had happened to be looking up at the phone lines at the moment, but a soft meow from below caught her attention to below. There, a few feet away, on a ledge, was a thin black cat staring at her with luminous eyes. Now, wasn't this a strange thing. Didn't most stray cats run away from you? And this one didn't even have a collar. Carmen dared to step a few steps closer to the furry creature, who didn't move an inch. Instead, its yellow eyes bored into hers... almost with a human-like quality. Its eyes looked perpetually sad, and its tattered fur indicated that the cat must live somewhere in the alleyways. It looked small, young, and frail--but it also looked a bit strong as the eyes slid over Carmen's figure, as if sizing her up. "Hello there," Carmen spoke softly, her lips curving up slightly into a small smile. After a moment, she mused out loud, "I've always wanted a cat." Cats were so clean. They were independent, and Carmen didn't have the time to walk a dog every day. Cats liked her a little more than dogs liked her.

                                        As Carmen was looking at the cat, two eyes trained on her silhouette from across the street. The presence of two Guards stationed in front of a closed florist shop hadn't become apparent to Carmen yet. Maybe it was because she was so used to their presence outside, and maybe it was because she really was not, in her opinion, doing anything suspicious. But as soon as she heard the Guards' footsteps behind her, Carmen knew that something was wrong. Her body grew tense, but she willed her muscles to relax. Only her hand was frigid... clamped tightly on to her pepper spray as if the small bottle possessed some kind of magical power. A flurry of thoughts suddenly invaded Carmen's mind, jumping around and tumbling over each other. Were the Guards walking towards her? Yes, they most definitely were walking towards her. For a moment there, Carmen felt her heart beating against the chest... heard the Guards' boots against the pavement... and saw the cat, who resembled a statue as it stared behind her. In the moment, all of her senses were heightened, and her entire mind frozen as if stuck in time. What had the Guards spotted? Was the jewel in her collar a defect? Had the guards upgraded their detectors? A few more questions were bubbling beneath those thoughts, but never had the chance to rise up as one of the Guards presently called out to Carmen. "Hey!" a gruff voice sounded behind her. The black cat jumped down from the ledge and scampered away behind a pile of trash bags.

                                        Carmen's eyes closed, hoping for the best and expecting the worst. She turned around, slowly putting her hands in the air. "Check for devices," said the first guard. She had bright red hair pulled back in a tight bun. Carmen did not recognize them. Maybe they were new, because they did not recognize her from Carmen's work place either. The second one, a tall dark-haired guard with a sharp stare, pushed Carmen against a brick wall with his metal baton and ordered her to stand still with her hands behind her back. The next statement from the red head caught Carmen off guard. "Were you, or were you not communicating with the cat?"
                                        She stood still. "I was not!" she replied firmly. A short silence followed her assertion. Carmen shifted a bit where she was standing, but felt another jab to her shoulder with the guard's baton. "Check her necklace."
                                        Their scanners beeped negative.
                                        "And the watch."
                                        Another beep.
                                        This time the dark-haired guard sounded more annoyed. "Pat her down."
                                        The first guard felt around Carmen's neck, torso, legs, feet, arms, head, ears, and hips. Carmen felt a slight rush of relief as the fingers passed over her collarbone without incident. Then the Guard reached into her pocket. Good thing she hadn't brought her finger knuckles with her. "Pepper spray," the Guard observed to the other.
                                        After a few more minutes of prodding, patting down, and checking Carmen's identification, the two Guards were eventually forced to release Carmen.

                                        Five minutes later, Carmen was quickly approaching the cafe. She liked to stop by the place when she got off from work, but today she did not feel like adding to her body's anxious state with caffeine. Maybe just some baked treat... or a warm cup of tea. Yes, that was what she wanted--no, needed.

                                        She wasn't expecting much people to be at the cafe. Business there usually slowed when it got late, and the opposite was true of the nightclub. There was a man by the entrance, but Carmen almost passed him by until she caught sight of his face and did a double take. A friend she recognized. "What a coincidence to meet you here, Detective Inspector!" Carmen greeted him with a smile. "Are you going to get a cup of coffee?"

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Antonio Ziegfield
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I can serve up two things. A good martini, and a bullet for all sizes of skulls.

Having made sure that one of the crates of liquor and alcohol covered up the entrance to the basement to further hide the crate elevator, Zieg emerged from the back room only to find that there were two men that had been waiting for him patiently and quietly for the drink.

It was obvious enough for the former guard to be able to identify what the two of them meant to his little bar, but shooing either of them away would only cause problem. Still, he only had a few more hours until he could call it a night and close down the bar, so the arms dealer could do nothing more than pick up a glass and resumed cleaning it for several moments. Though his attention seemed to be cleaning every last bit of it, he was quietly studying the both of them with a keen eye that the Guard had grown to expect from its troops.

One of the men seemed oddly familiar. The hoodie that he wore struck a bell, but considering the times, most people wore clothing that kept them from showing off too much of any jewelry that they wore due to the crack-down upon the Elects. No, it was the air that he was going to tear apart the nearest person limb from limb that struck him as odd, and felt that he should probably hit the speed dial on his phone to connect him to an old Guard buddy that could pick the stranger up. While Zieg was not infallible by any means, you never lost your instincts as to who was dangerous, and who was safe enough to at least exchange pleasantries with. Still, the man reminded Zieg greatly of someone even if he could not place his thumb as to who it was. No matter, while it would irk at him for some time. He would have to scramble for some anti-Elect equipment downstairs if things got too out of hand and this Elect turned out to be a cannibal or something like that.

The other man was not nearly as bad as the possible elect, but had every makings of a cop that did not know that most of the Guards left him alone. Crap, that would make this annoying, and the last thing he needed was to have to try and stay a night out of jail until he had a couple of his Guard buddies pull some strings for him if they could. He knew that they were getting tired of his activities, especially since barely any of them sympathized with him, or the Elects, and didn't know how long it would take until they finally gave up on him. He was sure that they would do it immediately if he sent some cash their way, but that would only sour their relationship even further.

Finally, satisfied with his plan of action, Zieg set his glass down and looked at the two of them. "Welcome to the Heavenly Nights Bar, sirs. What can I get for the both of you? We're about to close up in a couple of hours though, so I'm afraid I will not be able to give you too many drinks tonight. I'd rather not have to carry either of you out of here and into a cab if I can help it. Still, feel free to order anything on our drink's list and the short menu of foods that we do offer," he said kindly to the both of them, having far better manners than Ziggy as he would immediately demand to know what they would want rather than greet them in such a way.


Condition: Green
Location: Heavenly Nights Bar
Mood: Relieved
Interacting with: Thaddius Climt and Alex Mercer

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The Heavenly Nights Bar had a reputation of being a source of information. Most of the guard that worked in intelligence gathering was aware of its existence and Antonio "Zieg" Ziegfield's other line of "business". A man with no loyalties was useful. If Ziegfield wasn't doing it, it would be someone else who might be less willing to co-operate with the guard.

What Climt hadn't expected though was how freely information seemed to flow. Information about an elect rebel meeting was being freely discussed between to of the less sober patrons. If this was their level of secrecy, it was no wonder Vex had the upper hand. Climt idly wondered what Ms. Kannagi would think about her carefully laid plans spilling freely from the lips of a drunk to anyone in earshot.

A man in his late 20s entered the bar, hood up, shoulders hunched slightly and sizing up everyone in the room. Climt knew an elect when he saw one. These days it was whoever was routing possible exits in their head every time they enter a room and trying too hard to blend in. Its what made him so good at his job. Seeing as this elect was neither Crown or currently acting like a threat, Climt ignored him as he sat next to him at the bar. Heavenly Nights was the closest thing Salem had to a neutral zone and Climt wasn't going to ruin his chances at getting the information he needed by making unnecessary trouble. Other members of the guard were less discriminatory at their jobs, taking on any elect they found but Climt preferred finesse over force.

Ziegfield emerged from the back. Instead of immediately demanding what they wanted, the bar owner quietly polished the glassware. Neatly dressed in a dark shirt and tie with hair that was the kind of messy that was carefully achieved with a comb and hair product, Ziegfield was obviously a careful and cautious man. Not unsurprising given his chosen line of work. Climt found himself respecting Ziegfield on a professional level. Perhaps one day the activities at Heavenly Nights would no longer be tolerated and he would end up as one of the people Climt hunted. He would make a more worthy opponent than some of the elects he had taken down. People always underestimated the power of a keen mind.

"Whiskey, neat." Climt had wanted to get any information on Crown or the stolen tech and get out. Aware that a guard hanging around was likely to cause a commotion sooner or later and he didn't want a fight just yet. This was the part of the hunt that required brains over brawn. Unlike the drunk who freely discussed the elect rebel meeting, Climt also didn't want the whole bar knowing his business. He would wait for a more opportune moment. If one didn't arise, perhaps he would go check out the elect meeting. Maybe the information they had on Crown was outdated and he was working with the rebels.
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Renée Young - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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I don't know how I came to this
There is blood lust in my eyes
And someone in my mind saying
"I have forced you here
I'm hiding, right here inside

Renée's back stiffened slightly, somewhat thankful that her presence was acknowledged without her having to clear her throat or speak again. The man that commanded the room, as well as the city, had reclined in the office chair with a look that caused the woman's cheeks to gain the barest of blushes. Words like 'improper' or 'explicit' did not apply, but professionalism was on top of the blonde's list. While she most likely would not talk freely even if the guard in the corner wasn't shuffling away through files, having an audience only solidified that she had to get to business.

The displeasure of her greeting was expressed, which then caused Renée to glance down for an instant, blue eyes betraying the calm her body presented. "My apologies, Sir." Her gaze snapped back up, watching the ruler's body language as he spoke. While it seemed like he was aloof for a split second, it was always hard to tell. The man was so calculating and going by his expressions alone was a mistake; he had no qualms about killing someone with a smile on his face, if he chose to do so.

Another man entered the room, updating the status of some matter or another. The woman begun to tune his words out. It wasn't because he was lower on the chain, but because the matter didn't involve her directly, for the time being. Renée still wasn't sure if she was getting thrown into hot water yet, what with her own report; She didn't even have to fully voice her failure. The man took a paper from the man that, essentially, owned them all, leaving the room just as quickly as he had came. His departure brought the female out of her haze Vex pointed out the need to control her temper, which only brought her cheeks to color more. She opened her mouth to explain that it wasn't entirely her fault, that she had problems, but she didn't want to make any excuses. Wisely, she closed her mouth, instead her form taking the steps to close the distance between the desk and herself. Their eyes locked, causing the woman to adjust her glasses out of habit. Renée listened intently, a look of curiosity showing on her face. Deep down, there was a part of her that admired the dark-haired man, even more so when he spoke about his own experiences; his own emotions.

Both of their attentions flew to the guard who now made a mess of paperwork all over the office. Renée's gaze hardened, disapproval in her eyes, which instantly became wiped away when a shot suddenly sounded in the room, the incompetent worker's lifeless body sprawled against the small storage unit. The red of the man's blood could be seen from where she was standing, but still her right hand moved to remove her glasses and reveal the pale-turquoise orbs.

A soft hum of approval sounded from her lips, one of the earpieces from her glasses trailed she side of her face and the spectacles were tucked into a pocket of her lab coat. Renee sat herself on the edge of the desk, her disposition not the same since when she had entered the ruler's presence minutes ago; the guards dark, bodily fluids triggering other persona. A soft snort left her when 'children' and herself were in the same sentence. 'That's an absurd notion.' The woman leaned closer to Vex as her hand pulled the report along the desk's surface, settling the paper right beside her. "Understood, Sir," she purred out confidently, a wicked smirk present on her lips as she picked up the information about this 'Cassiel Barlow' and glanced at the attached photograph before slowly sliding herself off the desk to stand.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Location: Capital Building XXXXCompany: Vex XXXXAttire: Just The Usual XXXXMood: Absorbed, pleased
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It was a grim night, as most nights were. The air was thick and still. The alley reeked of garbage, sewage and blood. Luckily, Bastian wouldn't be there much longer. The officers had already gathered all the evidence and the body had been taken away to the coroner. Bastian Sylver--or Sly, as most people called him--was just finishing up some last minute questions with potential witnesses. As usual, they didn't see anything that was even remotely helpful, and yet spoke with such enthusiasm that it would seem as though they were the key to solving the crime. Once the interrogation was done, Sly relayed to the officers that the perpetrator was clearly an Elect, judging by the kind of damage that was done to the body. All the evidence pointed to it. In truth, it was quite disheartening. Elects had a bad rep as it was and the bad seeds among them only helped propagate the negative stereotypes, and helped Vex's cause in the long run. But there was nothing Sly could do about it. Once he was done with the crime scene, Sly walked away. There was nothing more he could do that night, and statistically speaking, the perp would either get caught before long and get killed or whatever it was that Vex did with the Elects he captured, or the perp would lay low and the police wouldn't be able to find him anyway. It was a lost cause. Too bad.

For now, there were more pressing matters to attend to. Sly was starving. He walked through the streets. The atmosphere was very oppressive, no doubt, thanks to Vex and the police state that he turned the city into. But it didn't matter so much to Sly, not extremely. He had a job and made a decent living. That was all that ultimately mattered to him. He proceeded down the street until he stumbled on a place called Hampton's Steakhouse. Steak sounded good right about then so after a very brief moment of thought, Bastian headed on inside. Once in, he took off his brown leather jacket, leaving only the white dress shirt and his shoulder holster for everyone to see. He wore his badge around his neck so that it was easy to tell that he was a cop. Taking the atmosphere in, he waited for someone to greet him.

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Nathan Mercer

Nathan watched the inhabitants of the bar and the guard beside him. The guard seems to be deep in thought about something. Probably his next target. Was it him? No, couldn't be. This guy would have already started some form of conversation with him to lull Nathan into a false sense of security. But who was he looking for? More importantly, was Nathan looking for him? The elect had a sort of mental hit list of the people involved in 'Project Extinction' and this guy didn't look like one of them. He was too calm, cool, collected. Good at his job, from what Nathan could tell. yeah, this guy was one of the higher ups. Alas, even though Nathan had just laid waste to some guards not too long ago, he wasn't in the mood for a fight. So why not make some small talk?

"I'll have what he's having..."
he told the bartender, even though Nathan knew full well it was literally impossible for him to become intoxicated due to a side effect of the experiments conducted on his body. A feeling that was surely missed, but not needed. Nathan turned his head slightly to the elite guard, "If you don't mind me asking...you're one of Vex's boys, right?" he started, "You don't look like the rest of them, though? You must be pretty high up on the food chain...Mr....?" he asked inquiring for his name.
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Hear the sound. the ˚˚angels˚˚ come-screaming d o w ny o u r v o i c e
ι'vє, heard you've been B l e e d i n g ! ! ! Make your choice,
♩♪♫♬ They say you've been p-p-pleading,
Someone (s)(a)(v)(e) Us
Heaven h e l p u s now, come crashing down..

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                                                                  Delilah nodded as Karth spoke briefly of how he couldn't stand anyone else dying. He was right to be upset about it. The streets weren't safe for anyone anymore. Even innocent people were pulled into the fight between vex and the elects. And with what punishment came with being an elect or a rebel of any sort, human or not, Delilah wasn't surprised that so many were on Vex's side. With so many guards patrolling and keeping an eye out the pressure was on to stay on Vex's good side. Either that or face the same fate of those who were caught by him. However Delilah had stopped caring about that a long time ago. After her parents were killed under false accusations and with little evidence she realized that even if you weren't an elect you were in just as much danger as they were. Hopefully though the rebellion would help put it to an end..... hopefully. A smile slid across Delilah's face once more as she glanced at her bag and felt a bit of pride in knowing that she was going to be able to save a group of elects in hiding. Just as soon as she was able to pass it along to the right people of course.

                                                                  "Hopefully, one day we won't have to worry about that anymore... Until then all we can do is try our best to help those who need it." She felt bad that Karth had the weight of the lives lost on his shoulders. "You're doing all you can Karth and that's more than most are capable of. The fact that you give your time to help others is more than enough. We are always here if you ever need anything." She said in a sincere tone and watched him carefully. There was something about the way that Karth had brought it up that worried her. Almost as if there was so much more to it than what he was letting on. But she knew better than to pry. She just wanted to make sure he was doing alright.

                                                                  As the conversation went onto the music shop again Delilah couldn't help but laugh as Karth gave a go at guessing the name of it. "Something like that. I don't know why it's so hard to remember! It's on the tip of my tongue...... I got nothing." Thankfully Alisa saved the day. "You're Under a Rest...... now that's pretty interesting. Wonder what it looks like on the inside. Gonna have to check it out sometime. I'm really lacking in albums." As Alisa's attention turned elsewhere, Delilah too looked up to follow the girls gaze to see a few standing outside the shop. It made her a bit curious of them. Were they just wandering around, maybe checking the place out? Or maybe they were guards patrolling the area? They didn't look like guards. Not from what she could see anyway. "Hmmm.... You think they'll come in?"

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