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Alisa Jane Marchesi

l o c a t i o n : Walking home.
m o o d / t h o u g h t s : Worn out and slightly curious.
w i t h : Cass and Luke.

"Wait, Cass, that--!"

The faint sound of plastic breaking was all she needed to hear to stop her mid sentence. Though, Alisa had no idea what help that detector would of been, it still would of been handy. Her hand that had come up to stop her sister fell back to her side and she sighed and said in a low voice, "Oh, I guess it wasn't that important."

Her attention then turned to the man on the ground, Luke. He was practically beaming up at the two of them. The way his eyes were slightly narrowed with the smile on his face gave him a playful air, but... something felt odd. What happened to the guards around the corner? Were they killed? She mused that it was probably okay, seeing as he came from the direction they were heading. A confrontation her and her sister didn't have to worry. Well, he probably wasn't too much of a threat to them, for now. Most Elects have each others backs... right?

"We're on our way home, Luke. We both just got out of work..." there was a moment of hesitation, then she blushed, "I-I'm Alisa, and this is my older sister Cassandra." A small, awkward smile crossed her face. It was only now that it decided to dawn on her how handsome he was... Oh! Now was not the time for this. She shifted on her feet awkwardly and looked to her sister. "We should continue that conversation tomorrow." Alisa turned to Luke.

"How come you are out so late?... if I may ask."
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The car that pulled into the driveway was a nondescript little black one, weather-worn and aged and not something anyone would bother looking twice at. That was the key, of course. Yeah, he could've bought something pretty wicked, but the fact of the matter was that everything depended on subtlety these days. Besides, this one had pretty good AC and a bitchin' sound system. The driver unplugged his phone from the stereo, cutting the song off right in the middle before killing the engine and pushing the door open.

Swinging his boot-clad feet out onto the concrete, he reached for his phone again, a beat up little Android that he'd had taken off the grid years ago, and hammered out a quick text on the screen.

To: Ariadnae

Home now. Picked up tacos. Get here.

Once he'd shoved it back into the pocket of his black jacket, he reached over into the other seat and grabbed a pair of white bags with the 'Krazy Taco' logo splashed across the front, then shut the door and started for the door. Locking it with a quick beep, he reached into his breast pocket and fished out a box of cigarettes, removing one with his lips before returning the pack and reaching for a light. After taking a quick drag he fished out his keys and unlocked the front door, closing it swiftly behind him.

First thing he did after dropping the tacos in the kitchen was to finish the smoke and hit the shower; he'd been gone a week and hadn't exactly had the time. The excursion had been necessary, though... and fruitful. He had a whole new host of valuable little nuggets of information to spread around to anyone who wanted to give Vex something to think about. Once the shower was over, he dried off and tossed his clothes in the wash, got dressed, and settled onto the couch with an exhausted flop.

"Good to be home," he growled to himself, then bit into a chicken taco.
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There was a reason why Vex never felt the need to have a woman around. Because at the end of the day he was most impressed with himself. From their actions he deduced that these girls were none the wiser, which meant breaking into their inner circle would be fairly easy.

His eyes followed the detector as far as possible, before it disappeared into the darkness. It seemed his mention of it frightened the girl. He liked that; fear. The lips on his new face curved into a smile. "You got an arm there. Could have used you on the baseball team in high school." As a matter of fact, he really was on the baseball team; took a good arm to know a good arm.

He chuckled lightly, picking himself off the ground. He was tall, about six foot three. Vex dusted himself off making eyes with Cassandra as her sister introduced them. "Oh! Cassandra is it? I like that name." Asking their last name at this point seemed fishy. He didn't want to break any trust he may have earned, and judging by the way Alisa was looking at him. He figured she wouldn't half mind seeing him again.

Vex's gazed shifted. "Alisa? That's beautiful." Inside he was dying. Even with all the hate and anger he had for elects, now he using powers like one and possibly conversing with one, or two for that matter. But there was work to be done and it seemed this was the only way. It wasn't as if his team had left him with much of a choice. There was doubt in his mind that no one had completed the simple work he had left.

"Well. I didn't mean to interrupt. I figured you two were talking sisterly business. So, I'll, uh, be on my way." Vex's smile faded slightly, blue eyes saddened. "I don't have many friends, being as I'm different and all. Maybe I'll come by your job. I saw you two coming out of the Cafe, as I was making a break from the guards. Might be a good place to hangout" Cassandra seemed uninterested, so he spoke to Alisa just then, but flashed Cass a grin in good faith. "Promise, I'm loads of fun."

Vex began back through, breaking down the middle once more toward the ally to retrieve what he had left. "Oh and be careful, it's late and you never know who's watching..."
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Cassandra June Marchesi
Location: Walking Home ♪ With: Alisa and Luke ♪ Action: Embaressed

"Oh. Sorry Ally." Cass said sheepishly, scuffing her shoe on the cement, "Tomorrow then."

She watched Luke through her bangs as Ally spoke to him. She was never good around new people. Cass wasn't exactly good around the people who knew her either. He seemed friendly, with a handsome smile and shining blue eyes. She blushed and mumbled something unintelligible and almost inaudible in response to his compliments.

He seemed...lonely as he was walking away. Cass was used to feeling alone even in a crowd, Ally was the only person who really understood her all the time. It hurt a little to see someone else go through it. She looked at her younger sister, Ally seemed a little sorry to see him go. It was late, and she had already run into the guards once. There were other things in the night just as dangerous too. Safety in numbers, right?

"Hey, Luke?" She called out, "Do you wanna walk us home?" Her blush deepened, she hoped she didn't sound as stupid as she usually did.

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A few announcements;

If you do not post in a weeks time, I'll assume you have quit and make the attempt to replace you, unless you meebo or Pm me with details about your current status.

This rp is so slow. D=

After the next few post, I'll be switching the date to the next day so the rp can move on.
Thanks guys!!
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Climt knew a kiss-off when he got one. He smiled to himself as he watched Ariadnae slip down the stairs. She was something else. He had never met anyone so paranoid and welcoming at the same time. Seemed this was as far as his luck was going to stretch tonight, but even in her dismissal she had given him more than enough information. Her name for starters, as well as the fact she had inherited the library from her parents. Climt was going to have to do some digging through public record before he filed his report tonight.

Nodding at the fellow, Aden, who seemed act as Ariadnae's bodyguard, go-for and bouncer, he made his own exit. Out in the ally behind the library a handful of elects were still saying their good-byes. Climt smiled at them as he made his own way home. He wondered idly how North was managing with Crown. He had removed his communicator for the elect meeting and so hadn't heard any of the regular guard radio chatter.

Ducking into a 24/7 corner store, to pick up a cup of coffee before returning to his building. Climt checked the mail and grabbed the few bills in the slot before going upstairs and unlocking the apartment door. Tossing the bills on the table by the door, he flipped on the lights and powered on the computer. Sipping his coffee as the computer booted up the OS screen and played what Climt had always considered an overly cheerful cord series.

"Let's find out who you are Ms. Ariadnae."

A search through the record database yielded the last name Dromeda. The library was privately owned but had been funded by the state for many years. That wasn't going to make Vex happy when he learned he had been giving money to the rebels. Climt dug up her school records, there were middle and high school, but nothing for elementary. Interesting.

Typing up one of the longer reports of his career, Climt started from the raid on the elect house and covered the warehouse Crown had raided, to the Heavenly Nights bar and the elect meeting. Including the names of the wanted elects Climt had seen at the library and a note on Ariadnae that included what he had dug up during his own records search.

Submitting the report, he punched the off button powering down the machine. Climt crushed the now empty coffee cup in his fist and tossed it in the trash. He pulled off his clothes and yanked on a pair of pajama pants before passing out in bed. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.
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Detective Inspector Thomas Raines

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Thomas remained quiet one he had a firm grip of his coffee, glancing down into the cup to see that it was exactly how he had asked. Not to mention that it was piping hot, which was well-received when he poured the dark liquid into his mouth. Burning away the bitter taste left in the detective's mouth left by the young Elect he had just shot.

It had only been a few seconds since he had started supping gently before the young girl that had served him hurriedly excused herself from her shift and bustled herself out of the cafe. No-one needed the sort of experience he had to know that was a strange way for someone to act. It was highly doubtful that she did it often, on a count of the fact that she still worked there.

He shot Carmen a glance, knowing that she shared his thoughts that something was off. Normally, it would have been far too much energy to go chasing after a random attendant that just happened to be an Elect over such a matter, that was more than likely trivial. But there was something different about this. Maybe it was what he said, that the girl was the same age that Sue would have been were she alive. Perhaps it was the vision they shared, bringing the image of his little daughter to the forefront of his mind. Or it could have just been the bileous feeling that had sunk into his gut, that no amount of good coffee could shift. It was as if a pair of venomous eyes had burned into him, even if just for a moment. He was always ill-at-ease, but right now he was on-edge.

"I have a bad feeling about this." He muttered to his colleague as he turned to inspect the view from the window, which imparted no beneficial information.
He placed the mug, only half-finished, down on the counter which was now behind him and, without saying another word, made his way and exited the tiny cafe.

Shooting glances down both ends of the street, he spotted her a short ways down the road with two others. One seemed to be on the floor and facing the opposite direction. He didn't have enough information to decide whether the situation was inert or not, though. He be satisfied, he would have to get a little closer. He couldn't be seen though, for obvious reasons. He didn't want to startle the poor girl, they had only just met after all and it was very unlikely that she would have any idea that his business lay in the realm of the Elect. Not to mention that these unknowns could be potentially dangerous. They appeared distracted, so Thomas took the chance to calmly walk across the road so that he was on the same side-walk that they were. When walking normally, Tom didn't stand out at all. It was when he was running that his presence became blatant, when moving in a neutral fashion he was just another lost soul.

Once out of eyeshot, thanks to one of the streets many interlinked back-alleys, the detective sped up. Not a full blown sprint, but a hurried jog which made as little noise as possible. He couldn't tell what was going on while he was back here, but it was the quickest and safest way to monitor what was going on.

He came to an abrupt stop when he heard a male voice around the corner, down an alleyway that was right next to where he saw them last. It could only be assumed that it belonged to one of them, the one who was previously on the floor. He remained absolutely still and silent, holding himself tightly against the cold brick wall and allowing the shadows to provide perfect cover. Unless one of them had a power that would detect him, he thought himself safe for the time being. He thought back to seeing them down the street as he left the cafe. The girl he had met previously was an Elect, which he had experienced first hand. Though they had their back to him, it was apparent that the figure standing next to her was also female, and struck him as a Elect as well. Though he couldn't confirm for definite due to being so far away and not really having any interaction.
The lad that had been on the floor, that was now in the alleyway just around the corner from the detective. He was peculiar in that, for some reason, he really couldn't tell. Something was very strange about him, and that alone warranted further investigation.

He didn't dare peer around the corner until he felt the immediate area was clear, however. Thomas waited, still clutching tightly to the wall behind him and listening was great care.
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Dr. Karthus Vandel, MD

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Karth only gave a nod at both the cops' responses, knowing fully well that they wanted to get away from all the death and sorrow that they had already witness and just relax here, although it was more apparent on the detective's face than the secretary's. Still he didn't mean to remind them of there past experiences or in fact what had happened during there day. Karth though it wasn't really in his business to do so, even to people he barely even knew. Still it did break the ice in a way. Karth pretty much kept to himself and continued to drink his second cup of coffee. Oh how Delilah was so good at brewing coffee that she wish that she could be at his condo every morning to do so. But coming here was a blessing in and of itself so there was no need for herself to show up at his place, although it would be a very nice sight to see.

The warm fresh cookies that where placed between Karth and the law enforcment secretary, Carmen where a warm welcoming sight indeed as there fresh baked scent started to fill the room. Karth was all to eager to take one. "Thanks Delilah. I'll take one just because I know they are so good. Its a shame everybody else is missing out." He took one and dunked it in his coffee a bit before consuming the soft moist cookie. He had also wished that Delilah could come to his place and bake for him someday, but that would be asking too much of her. He was sure that she had better things to do during her free time then just come over of Karth's place. He also wasn't sure how to go about this as Karth couldn't just straight up and ask her this selfish request. Still it was a though that lingered in his mind and it was making his heart ache so much, ever since his wife's sudden death.

He shook it off the best he could before he noticed something odd. It would seem Alisa ran off to meet with someone who was waiting for her outside, perhaps her sister he heard so much of. Also the detective followed in the same direction the two were going. It might of been coincidence or perhaps a lead he was following. He surely hoped that Alisa wasn't involved in anything too dangerous.

Current Location: Confections Cafe
Mood: Content
Thoughts: Why is everybody leaving all of a sudden?
♂♀Interacting with: Delilah, Carmen

Current stand on Vex's Anit-Elect policies: Neutral (undecided)
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Upon hearing Cassandra's call, he stopped moving his entire body tingling from head to toe with arousal. He licked his lips, a greedy grin tugging at the corners of his younger face.

Was it this easy? Flash a smile, give a compliment, then be granted the pleasure of walking the girls home? Oh, no. It couldn't be. And yet it was.

Surprisingly it was the one who seemed unimpressed with him that was asking him to come along. Had it been this long since he had wooed a woman that he didn't even know when he was succeeding? Vex turned and took a jog back, with a happy smile upon his face. "Ah, thought you would never ask." He said playfully draping an arm around Cass's shoulders. "I'd be honored to walk you ladies home."

Despite his arm around the one, his eyes wandered to the other; Alisa. Something about her, drew him... "Do you girls live with your parents? I'm guessing not, since you work at the Cafe. Most teenagers can't handle school and work, they only do it if they have to." Vex hoped the answer was no. No, he knew the answer was no. He patted Alisa on the back gently so they wouldn't feel too obligated to answer. "I understand that."

His eyes shifting back to Cassandra to see the look on her face, when the word 'parents' was mentioned. "Didn't have parents much myself growing up." His blue eyes fell for a moment, at that truth. "Would have been better off alone..." His voice trailed off as they neared the apartment complex.
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Alisa Jane Marchesi

l o c a t i o n : Outside the Salem Apartments.
m o o d / t h o u g h t s : Apparently flustered and embarrassed?
w i t h : Cass and Luke. (And unknowingly D.I. Raines)

Sometimes, Alisa wondered if she was the older sister in this sisterly relationship.

The way Cass acted when she said to continue the conversation later made Alisa feel like she had scolded her. Well, sometimes even she was unable to understand what was going on in her sister's head, especially when she would suddenly invite someone they just met to walk along with them. Though, to give Cass much credit, Luke did seem like he had an offensive Elect power, and the two are definitely not offensive-type Elects. A possible new friend? She wouldn't mind.

Especially as they walk and he lightly touches her back that made her turn a million shades of red. But... she couldn't help but feel a bit overshadowed by her older sister. With his arm hanging over her shoulders. Wait, is she jealous? No, that's stupid. Cass, despite her air-headed ways, is for one older and more mature... sometimes.

"We're on our own," She began quietly, trying to keep her eyes away from his, "We live next door to each other in the apartments." Part of her not answering his other question was one, that was too much information to give on a first-time meet. The second reason... might have been a slight passive-aggressive way of getting back at him for not answering her previous question. Oh, was this a form of bantering? Alisa turned to face away from the two as they approached the doors.

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Cassandra June Marchesi
Location: Outside Salem Apartments ♪ With: Alisa and Luke ♪ Action: Being a Loon

Cass smiled at Luke as he came back and put his arm around her. Judging from Ally's reaction she hadn't been off about her sister's feelings. She relaxed as Ally and Luke spoke, letting him pilot her as she zoned out and counted the stars. The roof of their apartment building came into view, bringing her back down to earth.

"Hmm? Parents?" Cass said as she made brief contact with reality, "No one is better alone." She shifted under his arm and hugged the sad boy.

"Thank you for seeing us home safely." She said, noting her sister over his shoulder, "Hey, we're celebrating Alisa's birthday at Confection's Cafe. You should come! Delilah is going to bake a cake!"

She released him and smiled, her hands going for her bag that wasn't there.

"Um....Ally? I left my keys at the club again."

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Vex didn't understand this gesture, these tiny pale arms squeezing him gently. If this was sympathy, he needed none. What was done in the past was done. His father, unfortunately was still alive and well, calling the shots from the tower of the fort as usual. Hardly having a second of time to wake up and smell the coffee. The man was old, obsolete! Dead. He had plans for that a*****e.

All that was needed were those sisters. The one who had bewitched him, who had put some kind of spell on him. Her power could even the odds and make his reign absolute. Of course, at the end of the day, the idea was to dispose of the body; kill her off so that this couldn't come back to bite him. Vex was still working that part out.

In the meantime he had a growth of some sort, beneath his arm. He was feeling...well, the fact that he was feeling anything at all, was strange in and of itself. "Uh." He managed at first, looking down at her. "Right, thank you Cassandra." He flashed her a smile patting her back awkwardly, unsure of how to handle such affections as Alisa told him what he need to know.

Upon reaching the apartment, he took his arm from Cass's shoulder as she told him about Alisa's party, referring to her as 'Ally.'

"Birthday?" Vex had stopped counting the years after he turned twenty one. His age was unknown, even to him. He didn't give a s**t about parties, or fun, but, this was an opportunity. The thought of taking one tonight and running test, it made sense, but discovering more elects, just like them. It made the most sense. "Of course." He started reaching out for Alisa's arm, as it seemed she had turned away. "I could be her date." His hand slipped down to her hand as he lifted it and brought it to his lips, looking her over with a charming smile. "Have a good night. I'll come see you at the Cafe tomorrow for the details."

He then kissed Alisa's hand.

There was a surge. Something strange. No visions, just a weird feeling; blue eyes shifting, he turned and was on his way back into the shadows.
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April 5th.

It's raining, until noon.
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Max after hearing the yelling didn't see anyone come out so he quickly just went in the back building entrance. Once inside he was really starting to fall asleep since he wanted to make it to work on time. He pulled a few books out and then started to read as the passed out.

Maxwell woke up the next morning tired and covered in books since he had spent most of the night before reading many books and analyzing the text and the meaning behind each book after he got back from his walk. "Ugh... I need to get to work soon....." he muttered as he stood up and did his normal morning routine. Max showered up and quickly got dressed in his cheap nice apartment. It wasn't the best looking place but with his job it payed the rent and not much more but it left him with enough time to read his books and practice his powers. "Ayana...." he muttered as he looked at her card. He took out his wallet and stuck the card in there just in case he needed it.

He left the apartment in a rush as he didn't have enough time to just wait for the bus he would have to just walk and make some good time doing so. 'what a horrible day....raining. ugh.' he thought as he ran down the street trying to stay as dry as possible with his umbrella over his head. Maxwell wasn't one to miss or be late for work so being on time was what he liked to do, but on his way he passed a coffee/bakery shop which the smell made him stop in his tracks. "what...smells so good?" he said knowing the answer. He looked up at the place knowing he has always wanted to stop here but never took the time to do so. 'i can be a little late...' he said as he started to go for the door and then shook his head.

Max was doing everything he was against and went in. He looked at the menu for a few minutes completely not sure what he wanted. "Could I get just a large coffee, black" he asked as he sat there awkwardly awaited his order. Once he got his coffee he also bought a paper and kept on moving to work drinking some of the coffee and the paper under his arm trying to stay as dry as possible.

Fifteen minutes later he was there at the Library owned by Ariadnae. He stepped in not seeing her at the moment so he just walked back behind the desk and hung his coat up and then set his coffee and paper down on the desk. He stretched out and then sat down as he started to skim through some of the articles seeing if there was anything interesting.
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Ariadnae had Thaddius on her mind for a time. The entire walk to her car and the entire drive home, as a matter of fact. And as her mind trialed off, so did her car. There was something about him she couldn't quite put her finger on. Surely he was handsome. But she was trying to get beyond that-- passed it. But her mind rested there-- on that smile he had flashed her. "Oh for heaven's sake Aria." She reprimanded herself as her phone vibrated in her lap-- having a quick look realizing it was Xavor.

Whatever hold the earlier events had on her were gone upon entrance into her house.

Again, she had given into peer pressure...

When Ariadnae woke that morning she was sprawled out on the coffee table, a taco in one hand and a roll of toilet paper in the other. She could be sure what happened, but it seemed as if Xavor was still in the same place; asleep on the couch.

It was then she noticed something different about him. Heavily sighing she rolled over on her back looking up at the ceiling. The fan was spinning gently with a pair of pants resting on one of the blades. "Xavor." She groaned loudly, feeling as if she had been hit in the back of the head with a brick. To her left the time read nine o'clock. There was no doubt her employees were waiting outside the library wandering why she could never make it there on time.

"Hey, get up." Ariadnae knew he could most likely hear her. "You're not wearing any pants." It was true. He was now laying there in his boxers. A moan sounded between her and Xavor; Aden, who she didn't even know had come home was laying on the floor. He often called her 'Miss Dromeda' during meetings because she wasn't fond of anyone knowing both her roommates were male.

The house was a mess...

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