Kire Shirome's avatar

Summery Millionaire

Location: Fukashima Arena

When Kire makes an appearnce, he does so with flare and a sense for dramtics. Clouds of smoke, and the very vile as if the air had gone sour. He appeared like the monsters of old, in a well and demostration of power. countering the man of God, Seig's aura with one that is befitting a very evil, and dark force.

Whirling smoke and flanking Trinity with large black hounds with red flaming eyes. While fake, made the point of the keeper of the hounds stepping forth cfrom this whirlwind of dark miasma. Black hood, long dark coat with a full length guantlets going up to a shoulder guard marked with a dogs head emblem with a crown. Belt around his waist holding slots for vials, pouches, hidden in his jacket laced kunai knives, and some special ones.

White locks of ahir, fair skin like his face and body were made by Gods to be handsome, and at the same time show a fairly muscular male with white eyes shimmering iris of rainbow colors every shifting like a pool of water with narrow cat like pupils. To make a bigger point he brought one thing.

Slamming a spiked end of a pole into the ground just beside him. A red banner marked by a single sword flapped in the air. He didn't know Trinity's crest by a red banner should be enough. Thus, the loyal dog came to the party. Arms crossed with a black as the void, cold, empty. Yet, full of power stood. He stood in silence, and only came to see what all this noise was about.

Then, in a moment before his eyes took all the information in, "My mistress seems to find all the worthy prey." He said in this voice, smooth as silk. Yet, hollow empty. No emotions or meaning behind his words.