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Krausse Kreugar

Lian and the others heard the doorbell but it was Alki who went to answer it. Yai was encompassed in his own little world and Lian wouldn't let her youngest two answer the door alone yet. Alki opened the door, towering over the two with a rather pleasant, greeting face. His imposing height made more people afraid before they actually got to talking with him as well as his red eyes and black hair. He wore a tunic, vest and a kilt of all things. For a man that tall, it was often a question of making sure no one saw anything they shouldn't see on a windy day. "So I've heard. My older cousin informed me that more of the Kreugar family would be joining us. Please, come in. I'll take you to Krausse and bring Auntie to meet you."Alki said as he invited the two in. He only hoped that the two wouldn't destroy anything but then again...he didn't like the idea of anyone being indebted to anyone else.

Alki guided the two down the hall and up a flight of stairs to where Krausse was staying inside the manor. As he got to the door though, he paused before taking the handle. He could feel something off in the room, but gripped the handle and opened it to let the two guests in. "Krausse, you have visitors."He informed.
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Lian of course was right. Arkravis was told about it and not ten minutes from when he was told, Arkravis would be in the door. The expression on his face was one of dismay, a features that made the newly gray streaks in his hair accentuate the appearance of being 'aged' even more.

The two hadn't spoke much since the event. Arkravis had been attentive, almost overbearingly so, having assigned guards to the mansion, and a hidden personal escort for Lian whenever she ventured outdoors without him. But otherwise, Arkravis had been disturbingly quiet.

There had been concerns on both ends, Arkravis of course suspected something had been done to Lian, but Lian had insisted in checking for herself first. Torn between his drive for control and his caring for her he had allowed it. After all, he had been silent as to his own deteriorating condition. Arkravis had been moving noticeably slower outside of prying eyes.

And it was now, that the Avion was at a loss for words. He knew what Lian was thinking, and going through, and there was much unspoken that had been written in his eyes to the woman. Pained, sympathetic, and greatly concerned.

"Lian..." The Avion moved close to her in an offer of comfort.
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Arkravis Chryosfeir

"Lian..." The Avion moved close to her in an offer of comfort.

Lian had been hiding in her room for a while, still scooping away at the ice cream Alki had brought her earlier. She had gotten changed from her nicer clothes into sweatpants and a tank top. There wasn't a television in her room, but she had a computer that she used to watch anything she pleased. She was watching a soap opera, a story about some orc and a human not being able stay witch each other inside Sigil or something in relation to it. She heard the door open, sniffing and scooping more ice cream into her mouth. Hearing her name called and Arkravis move into her bed, she shifted so she was hip to hip with him, still keeping the sweet treat with her. "I haven't seen you in a few days....I thought you might have 'flown the coop' with the news..."She sniffed, tucking her head to the side of his neck, scooping out more ice cream.

Lian looked up at him, looking probably just as ragged and worn out as he was looking. His hair had more gray than she remembered. She turned back to the ice cream again. "Have you slept at all?"She asked.

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Arkravis shook his head. Whether or not in answer or rejection of the question about her concern for his health was yet to be determined, the expression on his face and the way his eyes looked her over methodically as if to check her health and recovery.

As she brought her head to his neck he let his head rest against hers and wrapped an arm around her to rub her back affectionately. She could feel the soft trembling in his gloved hand even as he used it to loosen the sores and tensions.

"I heard from the doctors... well... I interrogated one." Arkravis said quietly. "If... if you're intending to keep it... we should go see Maria. She would know better than anyone the level of tampering it... the child... has had."

Arkravis seemed to disregard the fact that the Syndicate had long wanted 'Kalar Meadia' dead, and that revealing that he was alive, even amnesiac and lessened to the identity of 'Arkravis' would likely not sway their wrath.
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Arkravis Chryosfeir

Lian managed to crack a bit of a small smile, affectionately rubbing against the side of his neck as he rubbed her back. It felt good considering she had either been on a metal table or lying on a couch for the past few days. With the ice cream now gone, she deposited the spoon in the empty container, setting it to the side. Lian hadn't really decided weather or not she was going to keep it...but, compassion was her nature and she was mother to many children she could have had the option of giving up. Lian nodded. "I am...But I won't go see Maria. Call me masochistic...but I want to find out just what they did. It may end up failing in the end and I would give birth to a human child...well...as human as having white hair can be."She said, as she pulled around a bit of her hair, making a face when she saw there was a little bit of ice cream in it, tossing it back over her shoulder.

"And if it does succeed...We work with them. I never believed a child was made to be destructive, just raised that way...Nature versus nurture."She said as she shifted so she was on her side, closer to him with a leg partially entangled in a sheet across his legs on the bed. "I have demon children, half-vampire children...Menschian, dwarf, elf...All of them could have turned out differently if I hadn't raised them the way I have or if their fathers had raised them. I won't change that for this child either."She said, patting his leg.
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"I don't want this child to be a danger to you." Arkravis stated his voice exhausted, but firm. "All of those other children you have had, they were consensual. You knew the fathers, you knew the risks... This child, however, is a creation of mages, dear. I know intimately how perverse they can be. I will not tell you to abandon who you are or to end this child. But I do not want you committing to this in ignorance. You deserve to know what was put in you against your will."

Arkravis was calm, caring in the way he spoke, but she could still see the pain in his eyes. Seeing her harmed the way that was done and on the verge of death had fueled a kindling attachment for her that was beyond what they had held. There were desires, long dead, that were awakened in the moments he felt his own life slipping in his fingers as the magic flowed through him in anger against those that hurt her, and again in the sight of her in such pain.

All of it came crashing inward on him when he heard of her involuntary pregnancy. As if the life he desired so suddenly had been denied of him moments after wanting it desperately. And instead of his usual composed nature, Lian saw it written all over his face.
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Arkravis Chryosfeir

Lian frowned but she could see that it was troubling him deeply. She had been in and out of consciousness but she had seen him fight to kill. All for her. She felt spoiled but also, afraid for him since afterward he had been keeping distant. Though he had supplied guards to follow her around, she still always had that uncomfortable feeling of being followed anywhere she went. The feeling followed her home. Lian moved, straddling his lap and wrapping her arms around him so now his head was tucked to her neck, petting his hair. "I know....you're worried. I am too...but I don't want something to suddenly change that would rob Amantis and Alan of their chance for children if we go see Maria. I've heard the things about her..."She said as she moved away for a moment to look at him. "There are other ways to go about finding out what this child is going to be. Just...not Maria...The only people with magic I want touching me is you, a healer or a family member...."

Lian touched foreheads with him, looking at him tiredly but sincerely. They were both worried for each other, but either one looked like they could topple over any moment. "Before we jump into a decision like visiting Maria...Let's get better first. You look tired babe...so am I. Give it a little while, a little time to recover and let the storm drift away. "She said softly, her hands moving to start to remove his clothes one piece at a time. Lian gave him a little kiss, one she had been missing for a while. "Please? With Strawberries and whipped cream on top?"
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Krausse Kreugar
"Papa Nurgle... sends his greetings."


The momentary distraction caused by the monstrosity's bizarre statement was, unfortunately, enough to keep Athrien from doing anything in retort to the noxious fumes breathed out by it shortly after.

His skin began to feel like it was being eaten away, and his shouts of pain became deep, gaping coughs as he inevitably began to breathe in more of the vapors. Everything felt like it was being burnt -- burnt in no way fire could emulate. The phoenixian feebly aimed and fired a single (active) grenade in the corner behind the creature, leaving the rest to his partner as he collapsed. The skin on the unconscious body of Athrien was visibly being eaten away at, yet it seemed like the acrid fumes could only do so much to his body..


(Sorry about the delay. <_> )
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Lian Ikariyang

Arkravis bit back the feeling in the back of his mind that told him to argue, that told him to press the issue.

She wrapped her arms about him and the Avion fell into her embrace. His body then filched momentarily, and Arkravis choked back a cough, forcing his body still. He swallowed the taste of iron that had crept into his mouth and slowed his breath so he could inhale. His warmth was different, feverish. Arkravis was aware of his condition. Direct contact with his own soul had given him insight into exactly what was going on with him. He knew that it would not be wise to press it and force them both to be strained. She could feel his head shift as he gave a silent nod of acknowledgement, of surrender to her plea to postpone the conversation. They both needed rest, and time to recuperate.

But time now seemed to be anything but his ally.

Eternal_Slumberer rolled 6 10-sided dice: 10, 9, 2, 10, 7, 7 Total: 45 (6-60)

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The garage was filled with many a make and model of car, none of which Raphael was even concerned with. He never really was much of a car person, though he did know how to do some minor repairs. Most of it he simply viewed as plumbing. Liquid goes from a container, through a tube, to a destination. That's all he needed to know to blow up the engine of a vehicle on his tail or to make them grind to a halting stop.

As the continued on their current employer was met by some others of of Asian decent. There was conversation between them and some pointing in Raphael and the other man's direction. The two were being talked about. Was it assumed that by speaking something other than the common language of the group that the conversation would be in private? Possibly. Then again, the two of them were in the same room and not but just a few feet away.

Raphael didn't like being spoken of like that.

A little bit of will-working would allow him to understand the foreign words coming from their lips in his own tongue. This was a more advanced use of his powers, but it was something he used often back where he came from. A diplomatic tool, to say the least. An ability that turned every human language, spoken or written, into its basic form only to rebuild it into what could be understood by the user. In the same fashion Raphael would be able to speak to them in American English only to have it sound as the same language they speak.

Mind Level 3: Common Tongue: Successes: 5
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Arkravis Chryosfeir

Lian, as she lay beside him for a while relaxing in the time they had together. Arkravis did things on his own time, and she understood that. He hadn't been much of a family man before and he was independent though. Yet, for that day, she didn't want him leaving while he looked so sick. Frail. As a healer, she could see the signs. If she tried to heal him, he would feel it and she doubted that he would want anything intrusive at this point. Sleeping and taking it easy was enough right now. Lian ran a hot bath for the both of them since she knew he liked to be warm, giving a good scrub and rubbing him down just as nicely as he had done for her many times before that, she hoped, would ease the trembling shakes he was having. He felt thin under her hands and of course, had a habit of coddling people who weren't feeling well. "You've lost some weight...I guess when I'm able to stand for longer than ten minutes, I'll be making some big meaty meals. You'll be waddling more than walking."She cooed as she rubbed his back. "And then sitting more than moving."

Lian cursed Alki for giving her that ice cream.
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Azorian stepped out of the car keeping an eye on his surroundings and a hand on his weapon, the sword. He could here his employer speaking to a few others in an oriental language, probably Chinese if his studies of sigil and the other connected realms were correct. Forcing himself into a more relaxed but still combat ready state the mage leaned back against the car. If pressed too he could work a translation spell up, but he wasnt that concerned with what was being said. The mage had the details he needed for the nights work, and anything else was going to be on a need to know basis.

For the moment he turned his attention to his new companion attempting to judge the man by his appearance and his skills. As he watched the mage started to uncover his head pulling the hood back before unbuttoning the robe he was wearing revealing a black tank top with leather wrappings making up his sleeves. When he was finished he buttoned only the top button of the robe turning it into more of a coat then a robe. He adjusted the robe so it hung over the top of his sword hiding the weapon. Speaking of the sword he released one of its clips so it hung diagonally down across his back, with the clip now clipped to his shoulder.

Essentially the mage had acted to make movement easier and less restrictive. He was an expert swordsman and he was expecting to need those skills along with his magic for tonights activities. Azorian finished with his preparations beginning to contemplate taking some time to meditate and imbue his weapons with enough magic to treat it as enchanted for the rest of the evening.
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Assuming it took a moment for him to translate what they were saying, he would catch the conversation by a good few seconds.

Ko: "...tonight's job. Get them their uniforms."

One of the men: "Yes, sir."

The man turned around, walking himself toward a door. Meanwhile, another one of the men spoke to Ko while he eyed Raphael and Azorian: "Think you can trust them?"

Ko turned around, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he looked toward his new employees, as well. He smirked, giving a small nod. "Yes, we can."

He bumped the man a bit against the chest then walked over to the two. A large door opened up on the side wall. Driving through into the garage was a black GPD car.

Ko said to Raphael and Azorian: "We will stop the transport using this, and enter the warehouse with it, too. You two will dress up in police uniforms, get the drivers out of the vehicle, and proceed to subdue them. Tie them up, afterwards, and have them placed in the trunks. It is vital that you do not allow a single gunshot to go off, or else it will make the situation a lot more difficult. Once the truck is secured, I will drive it the rest of the way. It will be up to you two to escort me into it."

One of the men walked over to Ko, handing him two sheets of paper. Ko then handed the sheets to his two hired guns.

"These are the layouts of the warehouse. There are three main sections to it: the outer yard, the storage, and the offices. Our main interaction will be with the first two. The offices is just in case we need an escape. As I said before, if things go smoothly, we won't have to do any escaping. We will enter into the storage area, where our target awaits. Once inside, we will get out and confront Mitchell himself. And the negotiations will proceed. It is vital that we keep the situation neutral. It is likely that they will have guards waiting for us in many positions, so you will have to make sure you defenses remain up."

Ko removed his shades, finally letting the two see his eyes. The scars were more visible on his face, with one going down his left eye, one near his left cheek, and the other along the right side of his jawline. He looked rough, but still had a face good enough to look at.

"Everything sounds clear?"
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"Everything's clear so far, boss," Raphael said and took the paper that was handed to him. A once over showed that it was, in fact, the layout for the warehouse. Simple building that was nothing spectacular, but looks were deceiving. If there was nothing worth having to sneak in over then the two hire-on workers would be out of a job.

"How heavily guarded is the truck?"
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[Guildhall & Clerks Ward - Entryway]

"Ah, splendid. You really don't know how valuable good drinking partners are here in Sigil. Either unsociable types or .. well. Worse. Swear I went to try some bourbon once and winded up surrounded by no less than seven men with knives, because they liked my coat." Oddly chipper about divulging that tidbit of information and almost innocently neglecting to reveal the aforementioned muggers' fate, the nobleman known outside these walls as a crimson clothed mad genius in combat seemed.. oddly at ease and even pleased with the prospect of having a simple drink with the tournament announcer & referee Koto. Though relaxing in a manner on the streets, Omi's contrasts in behavior given the right circumstances was also slightly unsettling to those who had witnessed his more eccentric persona. Genuine though his enthusiasm was with it brimming from his every step, it always felt like every mundane, simple action was simply a step in a plot of his-- or that in the air was some veil of threat he emanated. It may have even been unjustified, a product born of his modest reputation. But, still.. notable.

[Ladies Ward - Nighthawks - Bar]

The ward for the rich elite and pompous lord, it held many detestable qualities.. but also some of the finest goods and services the entirety of Sigil had to offer. Though having passed it no few times in his "walks," Barsait had pondered entering this very one several times, but refrained out of a simple desire for the Market Ward's ice cream parlors.

Nighthawks Description
The current owner of the establishment is Leonardo Stensatsu


The original Nighthawks had perished in a fire, being a humble small cafe, lounge bar outfitted for the more exotically sophisticated residents of the Ladies ward. After being reduced to nothing more then a charred rubble, an unknown individual or group reconstructed it. Enhancing on the previous sophistication of sensual desire.


Constructed from the surrounding buildings where the original Nighthawks had burned down, the seven story tall complex encompasses an entire city block. Three front entrances available on each of the parallel streets it sits between totaling six altogether with four more littered two on each ally way side of the exquisite and uniquely constructed establishment.

The three other buildings that had sat on that block having been a large marble temple occupied as an art museum that houses countless classic, modern, and provocative portraits, and paintings from all across the countless realms Sigil connects to. The others being a rather classy brothel and modeling agency, and some forgotten unnamed pub. For those with some memory of that particular block just across the street from one of the Ladies ward sub way stations, something peculiar might be noticed.

The gorgeous models, and prostitutes acting now as the Nighthawks staff. Their physical appearance enhanced dramatically, as their flesh emits a soft sensual glow as their distinguishing features seem to fluctuate vaguely to fit the subconscious desire of whomever looks upon them. This ranging from an assortment of Adonis's, and Goddesses in appearance catering to the luxurious club in coyly seductive clothing.

The interior of the building remaining much the same on each floor, flaunting darker warm colors such as maroons, violets, and black to cast a perpetual sense of sensuality, and exotic impulses. Housing countless magick artifacts, and relics fashioned into the building its self the Nighthawks is the perfect place to be pampered. Toilets that flush themselves, dishes that clean themselves, and other random things such as mirrors acting as portals into different dimensions, hallways that seem to take shorter, and longer to walk down at different times of the day, and the front sign that constantly pulses out hypnotic subliminal messages to lure people in.

The ground level remains cut in half by the massive length of their unique black mahogany wooden bar, with at least 10 to 15 bar tenders working at any given time. To walk from one opposite side of the bar across the establishment to the other would take easily five minutes. At the end of each bar on the wall facing it stands the two elevators in affect with no option for stairs, the elevators operated by another curious relic of some sort that operates the mechanical aspect of it like a battery. In all four corners is a bead curtained off area, where customers are able to lounge, smoke from the assortment of hookahs, and receive private or group shows.



All the bar tenders and waitresses are sophisticated programmed servants who will always be polite, coy, and cooperative. Though they all also have a mental link with one another, and their master whom created the infamous establishment.

Exotic Dancers/Prostitutes:

Most waitresses, and bar tenders double as exotic dancers, and available prostitutes. All one need due is sign up should there be a waiting list for any particular girl/boy, and designate where they would like the 'show'.


All the bouncers in Nighthawks are extremely beautiful women wearing the same matching uniform consisting of a lavender hue jacket, no shirt, and tight fitting lavender shorts. All bare foot, as they carry no weapon. Being manipulated physical constructs of flesh, they all retain enhanced strength, agility, flexibility, and a networked cognitive awareness from the rest of the staff.

These bouncers able to keep toe to toe with the most brutal of unwanted guests, as their flesh regenerates gradually at a slow constant rate. Their most potent ability, the one that makes Nighthawks famous would be their technique to open a dimensional portal large enough to swallow people. This portal exactly the same in every case, as it always transports whom ever to re-appear five feet above the center of the Underground Arena sand covered battle grounds.

"You know. I've always had this strange inclination to walk in here. The women are a little overt and, I swear a few of the types I've seen walk in here are eerie. But I've also heard the price for interrupting one's meal is catastrophic!"

At one of the shined to a proper sheen dark bars with various exotic bartenders staffing it, Omi was entertaining a chipped glass full of a wine with a name he didn't well know the means of repeating. He did know it cost a fair share to have two full bottles laid by them, but he also knew it rang of cherry.. that was enough to suit him, although the way it bubbles down with each sip told him even for his wealth, it was perhaps too rich for his blood.

Ice cubes clanging as he let his lips draw in more of the light red fluid, the colors here were simply perfect for winding down in his book. Reds, dark contrast. "Help yourself Koto, I'll cover for the lot, least I can do for inviting. I'm sure their menu is decent, the true nature of these buildings cast asid-MMM~!" Lips clapping at a particularly large downing of the glass, Barsait sighed with content, right hand slowly sitting the glass base on that smooth bar table. "..my my. Exquisite stuff."

Letting the sweet fluids flow into his glass for an all too quick refill, Barsait's eyes roamed the room slowly whilst the glass filled. The smile on his lips, ever gently, faltered. "..you know, where I came from, place filled with prostitutes was run down, women were forced, whole joint eyed with scorn. Like they were filth you were unlucky to eye. Almost all would wind up dead from a particularly nasty snuff fetish popular with the in-town nobles, the ones that wised up had marks on them to seal their fate anyway. Wasn't even uncommon to find the ones who tried to leave their owner's heads rolling in the streets at noon. Then you look at.." Glug. "..places like this, they get elaborate light shows, half the time or better they're not even real-- constructs of magic or something absurd, so they never have to know that kind of fate. So why I wonder does looking at them makes me feel like humanity's a guilty notion."

Tap tap. Chuckling a bit loudly, the darkened bottle meant to preserve flavor finally touched the counter again. "'Scuse me. Rambling. So. You mean the tournament's your life, miss Koto? Er' -- what's your hobbies rather?" Barsait's voice was very even, despite the color bleeding into it.


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