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Name: Aarin De Silva

“Not at all, let’s just say I have many ways to find a good signal.” Aarin chuckled at the sight, His phone was a normal earthling phone, or at least appeared to be, but being connected to the galactic comms network made it very easy to get a signal, even if it was just a place as small as Sigil. He paused for asecond and snapped his fingers, the bird boy returned a smile strewn on his face as he walked toward Aarin’s desk, now carrying what seemed to be a huge mug. Whatever was in it took Aarin by complete joy, It had a certain stench, disgusting yet fruitful, like a hard days work. The Mug was placed to him as the boy immediately bowed, Aarin not having much for the boy to do waved his hands to dismiss him. But not before claiming the property wth a good slap to the rear, A Satisfying feeling, the feeling of control and power represented in one movement. It was enough to get him hot almost, he’ll probably deal with it later, they’re were many to break after all, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Well, then now that I have a drink, let’s get down to business, I have an offer that can benefit both of us…” He took the mug by the handle and passed it to his lips, letting whatever liquid in the cup pour down into his throat the warn liquid soothing his throat, setting him for the conversation. “I have a target of mine, that is…wanted by quite a lot of people, He is currently Working for the UWP as a…Electrician Consultant, and he currently runs their power plant, one can say a VERY important part of the UWP’s structure…I need him gone and I am willing to bet it’ll benefit you as well..” A chuckle escaped his lips, he put the mug down and drummed his fingers on the table. “You see The Galatic Police Force 570 Million Rubido Price on his head, about 622 Million in USD, about I assume much more in Gold…Simply put…I’m offering that you spread the contract.”

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Raising an eyebrow as Lian spoke of reading her husbands journals, the Librarian hid his avarice well with a sip from his cup. He'd been striving for those exact journals for decades through various incarnations of himself, the sheer knowledge filled in them something to be desired. And here she was just talking about them as if she pulled them off the shelve for some light bedtime reading.

"You keep going as if I'm speaking of literal things, my dear Lian. Raven will need people who are there to listen, to fight the spiritual and emotional fight for her soul. Money nor magic will solve these issues."

"Or at least magic that I find pleasant to think of. I have safeguards in place, but even I don't know how well they will do."

Setting down the cup of tea to help Lian up into his lap to rest on his lower thighs above his knees, the Librarian smiled.

"He is an opportunist. A man of wealth and fame in other lands. But mainly he is a troublesome man who sometimes finds a way to amuse me."

Holding a single gloved finger to his lips as Aarin began to speak, the Master Librarian and lain listened to the proposal placed in front of him, metaphorically speaking. Thinking for a moment on it as he converted the amount, Thomas finally reached out and pressed the button on the device.

"Leontias...I believe I can find a way to let certain individuals who are cordially known as bounty hunters know of this 'secret' price on his head. And that I am a intermediary. I do not like having high profile targets wandering around in my city, as you well know. Who knows what sort of dastardly deeds he's performed in that neck of the universe to have such a impressive bounty.

Releasing the button, he picked up his tea as the connection paused and took a slow sip from it before giving Lian a small smile.

"Don't say anything just yet. I think we might be able to work out something here."

Setting the tea back down, the Librarian pressed the button and began the second half of his statement.

"But there will be trouble from this, ill trouble.

There are certain members of the UWP who will see this as a powergrab from the Merchant Council. I will be taking away their ability to have cheaper power and one of their members to a very stuffy organization that doesn't quite have any jurisdiction in this city.

But they can be shown the light IF I'm given some information.

I will need three sealed copies of dossier on his crimes, any visual or audio evidence associated with them, the original arrest warrant or as close to original as you can get. I'll need a copy of the bounty as well.

Get me that, and I can guarantee he will be out of circulation within the week."

Releasing the button, Thomas leaned back in his chair to see what Lian or Aarin each had to say about the situation at hand. This was a very fortunate turn of events for Thomas if he looked at it in a fashion. This could show him how much Lian actually trusted him as well as quite possibly putting everyone else onto everyone else's throat yet again for minimal effort.

You can't let a boiling pot sit still, it'll start to burn. You have to keep up the gentle stirring of the under-current.

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Lian nodded in understanding. "Of course...Though...I don't know if she'll listen to a child. Maybe if somehow I got my original body back...but I'm of little use. I've gotten a glimpse at how children are treated in this city and it's not pleasant.."She shook her head, adjusting herself on his lap. The silk pajama bottoms didn't provide much traction so she slipped fairly easily.

As for the man from the intercom...for a man of wealth and fame, to only hear his name in utterances wasn't much to be proud of. That was a fairly underground fame...which probably came with a very unsettling job. She listened in on their conversation, her nose scrunching. They were after the man that the UWP had hired to help run the generators...someone, she felt, they didn't honestly need. It sullied her work, forcing it to output such quantities that the generators would wear out much sooner and would have to have replacement parts. Having the electrician consultant gone would be more beneficial for her staff and would pose less of a risk. When Bravot finished, she rubbed her chin and winced a little, putting her hand back down. "I didn't like having that man near the generators...They bypassed all the clearances to let him near them. I have those regulations for a reason, even if the UWP feels like it's stifling their creative liberties with my inventions. My company didn't become what it is by pussyfooting around safety..."

She tutted. "Plus they've already monopolized the few generators in Sigil...getting rid of the consultant would even the playing field on the energy output of the city."She hummed. "Still...I would rather fire him than have him locked in a prison or killed...His criminal history might let us know how badly gone he need to be."

It was a cynical approach...and maybe tinged with a vendetta against the UWP itself for failing a few times to listen to her mandatory instructions. Failing to recognize her work and that of her employees...It was petty. That she could admit. "As much as I hate feeling like someone shouldn't be around...People matter first. My employees are around that man and hard working people in the UWP itself making ends meet working the generators...If something were to happen to them because of his presence...Safety first."She concluded, easing back so her back was against his chest.

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