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Location: Lusty Wench: Market Ward: A Trickster Game.

The Trickster smiled as the man entered, his twitching slightly, his nose already used to the smells. Silver eyes lingered on a rather pretty little dark skinned beauty as the man came over and sat down. When he offered his hand Oni looked at it for a moment before grasping it firmly. “You may call me Torik. It is a pleasure Soren,” Oni said as the dark skinned petite woman made her way over to them. “I would like to buy this man whatever he wishes to eat and drink. I myself will have a bottle of whiskey,” the Trickster stated before nodding to the stack of coins.

The woman would wink and nod at him before turning to Soren, and offering him a small wooden tablet with a list of menu items. “Take your pick honey, and we will make sure you get it anyway you like, she purred at Soren.

Oni would watch Soren, wanting to judge his reactions, he had a decent feel for the young man but wanted to be sure. He was not risking much on hiring Soren, but it was also better to be safe and bet on a sure thing. The Kitsune Lord would wait, and watch, as his shadow moved around the room. Judging the people inside and Soren from different angles to piece together a larger picture.

Soren turned to the girl only momentarily. First asking what she recommended following with an 'I'll take that.' Immediately turning his attention to Torik. He was, after all, very interested at the prospect of daring, adventurous work. He would wait to eat until he knew more about torik.

"Three questions Torik. One: What do you do in the city? Im not interested in doing dirty work for the evil in town. Two: What kind of work do you have in mind?"

Only two questions were asked before the food arrived. He thanked the waitress and Torik. However crossed his arms and looked across the table before eating or drinking anything at the man with silver eyes. "Can magic be taught?"

Location: Lusty Wench: MarketWard: A Trickster's Calling.

Oni watched the woman walk away a playful gleam filling his silver eyes for a moment before Soren began to speak. The Trickster listened intently, the smile fading from his lips as he contemplated the two questions. Then she would return with the food and he would nod to her and flash her a charming smile as he handed her the stack of coins. “Thank you sweetling, make sure you keep most of that tip,” Oni called out.

Then the silver eyes would shift, his gaze falling upon Soren once again. “This is a big city my dear Soren. There is no good or evil here, only the morals you hold yourself to can define that for you,” Oni started as he set his chair back down flat. “I am a wanderer, I look for entertainment, things I have not seen before. Things of interest, simple as that. I aid people here and there, others I trick in good fun. But all in all I am neutral, I simply seek a good time,” finished the Trickster.

Then a slender left hand would reach out and grasp the bottle of whisky, the right would produce another golden coin. With a flick of his wrist and a tap on the coin a surge of energy would be felt, the coin would contort and bend into a small golden shot glass. Oni would then pour himself a drink and throw it back. “To put it simply Soren I grow tired of traveling alone. Sigil is grand, the realms are great, but the sights are dull with no one to share them with,” Oni said before pouring himself another glass.

“As for your second question, you would be hired as my aid. Traveling with me from place to place. Seeing wonders untold and so on, but you would also help me find something I am looking for. Something to fill an emptiness that has grown inside,”
as he spoke Oni’s voice altered and flowed like that of a great actor. Emphasizing some things while downplaying other subtly. At the end his voice became more melancholy and his eyes darkened slightly. Then he picked up his glass and downed it, and he was back to his charming more chipper self.

“As for number three, Magic is a wonderful thing, and not as rare as you might think,” the Trickster stated with a chuckle. Oni’s shadow would move around again, this time it would stop next to the table, a shadowy hand would reach out and grab the bottle of whisky. It would pour another glass before setting it back down on the table. “Some forms of magic can be taught, others are innate and you must be born with them. But all magic must be trained, used, mastered. To attempt a spell you do not know could kill you, or if a rune on a seal is slightly out of place you could blast off your own arm. Magic is wonderful, powerful and deadly,” the Trickster said with a knowing smile as he picked up the glass again and downed the shot.
Bathroom Brawl

Where at...: The male restroom in a respectable club
With who...: Gustave

... ... ...

The club music changed from bastardized, electronic remixes of favorite classics to something true and old school that even a European-raised, six-armed, Indian woman would know.

“I like the way you work it. No Diggity, I got to bag it up...”

It might have been creepy, since she removed the hobo and left them alone staring at each other, and the acoustics of the room was terrible enough for voices to echo even as the music blared outside. There were exposed pipes that reverberated a little from the club music, but they were more attuned to sounds within the restroom. Because the walls were certainly made of concrete—what sane club owner would have them built with plaster or drywall—Akshaya figured the room was supposed to be designed to keep out sound. It did that well enough, somewhat, but it didn't absorb sound from within. Just like most restrooms in fact.

Normally, such details wouldn't matter—room acoustics, who cared? It was, however, that train of thought that caused suffering, because Akshaya had six brass gauntlets that made it a matter of utter importance.

They weren't Brass Bitches for nothing.

At this point, Akshaya already entered her State of Focus. She reached a point of calmness that was soothing, and yet, vigorously enriching. Her body felt energized more than usual. Since her opponent didn't come at her, she had all the time to not only enter this enlightened state but settle on an idea of approach.

And what better an approach than a direct one.

For a minute now, Akshaya did nothing but mumble No Diggity, and then she snapped to and cocked back all of her arms, thrusting her chest forward. Her shirt stretched tight, revealing rock-hard abdominal muscles and a pair of breasts one breath away from bursting free. Fortunately, her shirt ripped only marginally.

This movement roused a sound of smooth stones rubbing together much louder and assertive than before. Following that was the – WONG—WONG—WONG—WONG—WONG—WONG – going off almost simultaneously! All six of her Brass Bitches' released a blaring noise, possibly very painful to hear if Gustave wasn't prepared for it.

The rusted pipes shook and the mirrors warbled.

"NO DIGGITY!" she cried.

She lunged forward and cut the distance in half with one bound. She wasn't the fastest, but she was strong and explosive, and she could handle a straight line. Having pushed off her right foot, she left behind a small crater in the floor. The cement beneath the tiles sunk from the force of her launch. When her left foot came down, it smashed the tiles to bits and turned the segment beneath her boot into smashed pieces. The muscles in her legs bulged through her jeans and showed their true strength to support such a woman.

After the second step, all six brass-toting arms—which were cocked back as if she was coming for an all or nothing attack—swung in simultaneously before she reached Gustave. She crisscrossed her arms in front of her head and torso. She covered most of her upper body, but not all, she needed to see after all.

Two things were for certain:

One; she charged right at him with a wall of brass after closing the gap within two steps. Her right foot would land on his lead foot if he didn't move it, and certainly crush it flat or snap his ankle. If totally successful, she would knock him back into next week... or into the wall behind him with her brass bull rush.

Two; the Brass Bitches emitted the sound of stone rubbing against stone again. The motion to crisscross her arms resulted in a noise way louder than the previous. Loud enough to fuse the identity of six separate gauntlets into one orchestra of echoing racket:

W O O O O N G!

The restroom pipes rattled hard enough to shake off rust. The sink mirrors were on the brink of breaking.

The gong effect was music to her ears, deafening, but sweet. It swallowed the club music whole. No Diggity, no doubt.

Focused 3/3!

... ... ...

Akshaya's Reference Sheet

Monster Strength {Trait}
[Above Normal Strength]
Akshaya is strong. Although she sacrifices agility, her ability to strike, lift, hold and use a considerable amount of muscle is no joke. At most, her many arms can bench-press 1800 lbs altogether, or handle 300lbs separately. She can dead-lift 2400 lbs max. This makes her a ******** hitter when she goes for an all out swing. It is notable that, while her body make-up is designed for strength, her stamina is no shorter than a human wrestler. She can move quickly if in a straight line. But in blocking and head-to-head confrontation, perhaps none are better suited for it than her.

Brass Bitches {Weapon/Armor}
Six enchanted, armored gloves protect and weaponize Akshaya's fists and forearms. These crude, primitive monsters are made of dense bronze; designed with less padding for more metal, and are secured by twisting the end of the gauntlet until it clamps down. Each knuckle is braced by a metal band where four spikes two inches long protrude from. Along the back of each finger are ridged teeth that are shaped for tenderizing meat. Within the hands, mainly along the palm and base of her thumbs, are strips of hardened leather and metal studs where blades can be caught and held in her vice grip. These gauntlets not only increase her fighting ability, it comes with a secret double-impact feature called the gong.

The gong is an internal ring hidden between the gauntlets' outer and inner layer around her forearms. There's a gap on either side of the ring where it slides frictionless to and fro based on the motion of her arms. Through momentum and inertia, pure force is harnessed when she hits something. The gong moves away from where she is going. When the attack stops, the gong slides forward and adds a WONG! after the initial blow. It makes a single, clobbering punch feel like four within a split second. This can dent shields, buckle armor, split stone, break bricks and destroy man-made or natural obstructions easily. If the gong is already forward when the arm is swung, it acts like an anvil in tow, trading the second pop for a crushing hammer-like hit.

Each gauntlet weighs 25 lbs. The rings by themselves are 15 lbs. Altogether, Akshaya weighs 450 lbs with these on.

The Gong Effect {Brass Bitches' Ability}
Depending on the foe, either immediately, or over time, repeated exposure in the vicinity of the gong can cause impaired hearing, disorientation, and/or sometimes nausea. Be that the noise the gauntlets emit when in full use is very, very loud, some foes might even suffer busted eardrums and a momentary loss of equilibrium. It is, however, possible that some opponents Akshaya fights might not be affected by this at all. Akshaya herself is immune to this because of constant exposure, and she is sometimes hard of hearing.

State of Focus:
Taking the time to meditate in the middle of battle places Akshaya in a calm, enlightened state. When focused, she is granted a significant, but not major, boost in movement speed, striking power, striking speed, and control. The State of Focus can only be maintained for 3 consecutive rounds after the charging round. And if it is not expended by then, it fades away and she'll have to charge for it again. Akshaya can only charge one State of Focus at a time. If something or someone successfully disrupts her while she is focusing, the State of Focus is lost.

She can charge a state of focus while under duress, but it will take two rounds of inaction

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Bathroom Brawl
Akshaya began to sing to herself for a bit there. It was confusing for Gustave, because she'd just looked so serious a moment ago. A quirked brow, and he would tilt his head a little to one side questioningly. This of course, had broken his focus and he lost some control over his own arcane forces.

"What are you si--- AAhh what the ********]

It was completely unexpected on Gustave's part that he would be subjected to some kind of sound weapon this evening. He was caught completely off guard, the waves screeching across the bathroom and bombarding his body several times over. The poor absorption acting to, in a way, amplify the effect of Akshaya's gongs. It started simple enough for Gustave, his sensitive ears blaring with ringing as his hearing was damaged. The whole room seemed to be rattling to him, and even his sword was vibrating with the sound much the way the pipes were. He found himself hard-pressed to maintain his grip in fact, and he even faltered in his stance. Faltered just long enough in fact for Akshaya to close the gap unmolested.

Gustave started to back-peddle as he gained some semblance of a grip over himself, finding the pain in his ears making it rather hard to breath. He stumbled back in reaction to Akshaya's body appearing to move forward, her foot narrowly missing his own and saving Gustave's toes from a grisly demise. Though a strike followed. To avoid it Gustave tried to lean his torso back, but he was so disoriented an unbalanced that he simply ended up falling flat on his a**. Maybe if they fought in a more open area Gustave could have fared better, but he even lost his grip on his sidesword as he plopped down. The hard tiles sending a sharp sting up his backside. To avoid being stomped on Gustave started to scramble back, but things were not looking good for him~

Willpower: None (Charge Failed -1 "User Image" due to damage sustained. )
Pact Counters: None

Where?: Some slimy bathroom in some slimy nightclub
Who?: Akshaya.

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