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If you could be one of the deadly sins and one of the holy virtues which one would you be!?

Chastity-Lust 0.27777777777778 27.8% [ 20 ]
Temperance-Gluttony 0.041666666666667 4.2% [ 3 ]
Charity-Greed 0.027777777777778 2.8% [ 2 ]
Diligence-Sloth 0.125 12.5% [ 9 ]
Patience-Wrath 0.083333333333333 8.3% [ 6 ]
Kindness-Envy 0.125 12.5% [ 9 ]
Humility-Pride 0.097222222222222 9.7% [ 7 ]
Um....idk their preety cool though...COOKIES!! 0.027777777777778 2.8% [ 2 ]
7ArchAngels are the Best! 0.027777777777778 2.8% [ 2 ]
WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO RP TIME! 0.16666666666667 16.7% [ 12 ]
Total Votes:[ 72 ]
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Hikaru returned to the Sacred Grove and soon took over the throne early. She heard Lucifer married Coraline yet couldnt bring herself to attend. But a few hundred years later, her and lucifer met again and conceived their thrisd daughter. But it wasnt long until Hikaru died of "sickness". Her daughter, Maggie, was raised y a foster family who took the throne and is unaware of her birth parents. She grew up becoming a beautiful young women and a great mage.

Renos remained in the demon kingdom and trained endlessly in order to become strong for the woman he would marry. In his fiance's early yers, he watched her grow yet was unable to see his love often. He often uses magic to disguise himself as a child to be with his fiance but he soemtimes watches from the shadows as his lover grows up into the woman he will marry
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~5 years later~

Angel about 6-7 mouths after gave birth to her dear baby girl, Annabell. As Annabell grew older Angel slowly started to fall ill and Angel slowly started to relize that she would soon have to take over. But with Angel she ended up finding her ex boyfriend and Annabell's father. She ended up getting rid of him without Annabell know.

Crystal when they left went out on her own with Gilbert. about 4 1/2 years after Annabell was born she ended up getting pregent with twins. About 7 1/2 mouths later her baby girl and boy where born which she named the little girl Ryne Angel after her best friend and her mother and her son after her father, Ryan.

Fire lived with hel there he grew up trying to become a knight wanting to protect his mom and his sister jewel since she was sick lightning guide fire and tried to teach him things about the world

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