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We never saw it coming. They attacked suddenly, a race calling themselves Varashi, taking out global communications in a matter of minutes. The governments of the world weren’t far behind. The military leaders of the time decided that as a last ditch effort they would unleash everything they could on the invaders, believing that even if they failed they’d leave what we call Scorched Earth, a planet not suitable for anything. Our counter attack didn’t’ stop the Varashi but it did turn the Earth into a wasteland.
It’s been somewhere around two hundred years since we destroyed our own planet. The radiation from the nuclear weapons didn’t just change the planet but everything that lived here. Mutation runs rampant and now there are whole communities of sub humans. Most flock together according to their type. Some groups have begun using old world terms for what they now look like. The Elvers tend to be lean, quick and have pointed ears and very fair skin. Orcs tend to be large, green, brown or grey skinned and have tusks. They also tend to be less intelligent and more prone to acts of violence. The Shorties, or Dwarves as they like to be called are shorter than humans though much stouter and stronger. They are also much hairier, even the women.
The only big settlement is Old Bones. Most of us call it that because it lies in the middle of the ruins of Washington, DC and little from the city remains intact. Old Bones is one of the few places where normal humans and muties mix. For the moment it’s run by a group of people whose ancestors holed up in an underground bunker during the attacks.

One would think life couldn’t get much harder but then, about twenty years ago the Varashi came back. This time they didn’t come to destroy us. They hunt us for sport. Small groups of them roam around the wasteland looking for anyone not fast enough to hide.

Welcome to Hell. Hope you can last.
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Vicious Hunter


1. No god-modding against another RPC. Doing it to NPC's is fine. It's rally what they are there for.

2. I allow and encourage romance and fighting but there is a limit. That means no cybering. Blood and gore is fine with me but try and be at least a little realistic.

3. No trolling, spamming, bumping, flaming, harassing, etc. Keep this place friendly and clean.

4. PM all profiles to me

5.No Magic

6. No ** for actions. There are many ways to differentiate dialogue and actions and you will differentiate them

7. Only one gun is allowed per person. Ammo is hard to come by, use it sparingly.
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Vicious Hunter

Profile Skeleton

RP Name:
Race: (No Varashi)

Accepted Profiles

Username: Adenn Jiriad
RP Name: Roland Shepard
Age: 20
Race: Human
Weapons: Compound Bow, .44 Revolver, Broad Sword, Hunting knife
AppearanceUser Image
Bio: Roland is a hunter. He spends most of his time moving through the ruins and outskirts of Old Bones tracking down his next meal. Every once in a while he will make his way into the actual settlement in the middle of the ruins to trade. He speaks to few, normally dropping off furs or fresh kills before moving off to the small tavern for a drink then leaving town.

Username: Knuse Hukkomelser
RP Name: Ravensyde Leopard
Age: 19
Race: Human
Weapons: Bersa Thunder PLUS .380, K-Bar, Recurve Bow
Appearance: User Image
Bio: Ravensyde, or Siddy, originally was traveling with a small caravan. Having been born after the Varashi came back, she was born into the blood lust they yearned for. She didn't know her father, her mother telling her vast stories of him dying valiantly. When she was 13, the caravan was hunted and destroyed. She hid under her dead mother until they left. Several months after, she was found wandering in a forest near a slum-town. She was taken in, cleaned up and fed. The next morning, she had ran away. Siddy traveled from town to town, picking up different trades through the years. She is not so skilled at tracking and hunting, but she is a good aim on a non-moving target.

Username: Terra817
RP Name: Night Sky
Age: 20
Race: Half Elf/Half Varashi
Weapons: Scythe, Twin blades, throwing needles, paper bombs, sniper rifle
User Image
Bio: Night never stays in one place for long. She is rarely in towns for they don't like her. The reason being she is half Varashi. A Varishi had raped her mother had left her to die but her mother lived to give birth to her. So she is half elf and half Varishi. Her mother died when she was five. She is an outcast no matter where she goes. She hardly talks.

RP Name: Saima Zephyrus
Age: 20
Weapons: Twin Persian Swords
Appearance:User Image
Bio: Character Bio for Saima Zephyrus

]Username: John RipFist
RP Name: Howard Jones, but he goes by Thomas Day, nowadays.
Age: He says he's Twenty Seven, but he's closer to Thirty Five.
Race: Human
Weapons: Silenced Pistol, Switchblade. He also has a larger, well made combat knife in his "Briefcase" which is also filled with many different kinds of currency, about thirty pairs of multi-color contact-lenses, and multiple packs of old world dyes.
Appearance: Thomas Day
Bio: Thomas Day is what many would call a scumbag, leeching off the less fortunate with smooth charms, good looks, and false medicines. Some would even go to call him a Con Artist. He prefers the term "Self-Beneficial Businessman." He has had some run ins with the Varashi, leading to multiple scars across his body, and a few on his face, concealed with old world "Make-Up." So far, he's made a great living off of his career, and doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. He never knew his family, and was raised by the least fortunate of the Scorched Earth. The sick, dying, barbarians. Howard realized this was no way to live after finding Old World magazines, seeing pictures of wealth and class. Swank clothes, automobiles, and huge homes. He left when he was eleven, and has been training himself ever since. He doesn't make friends, only temporary partners.

"It's a dog-eat-dog world, and I've got to be the alpha male."

Username: John RipFist
RP Name: Jax Martwid
Age: Seventeen
Race: Elven
Weapons: A Long Bow, Carved with incantations, and a large, handmade Hunting Knife
Appearance: Jax
Bio: Jax is a naturally born hunter, coming from a long line of warriors, archers, agents, and thieves. Not only does Jax enjoy the feel of his blade carving through his prey, but he also loves the feel of the prey running scared, hiding, the adrenaline of the hunt is Jax's high. Jax has no set target. Animal, Varashi, Human, Orc, or even Elf. The prey is the prey, and the hunter is the hunter.

"My arrow is drawn, my hunger peaked, and on your flesh, I will feast."

Username: Jix-kun
RP Name: Major Seth Orchid
Age: 24
Race: Pure human
Weapons: two machetes, and a government issue high-power compact sniper rifle
Appearance: Inside the bunker, Out in the wastes
Bio: When the world went to hell, the US. Government figured a way to survive...they dug underground and created many bunkers, hiding away a good amount of advanced technology. They also gathered up a good amount of leaders, scientists, and military personnel. Then...they went silent. The government didn't release this information to any civilians....nor did they care that the world above them was doomed to die. However, over the 200 years that they were hiding, the govenrment continued to develop advanced technology.

Of course, Seth is one of the humans who were born underground...in an enourmous government bunker. The young male was trained to be an officer in the US joint governmental uniformed services...pretty much, that was what all the branches of the military became once they went underground. Though...he's technically part of the field special forces aerospace science division...which pretty much means his patches say he's Air Force. And later, he became part of the AMRU (American Mutant Response Unit). This was a team made by the government to go to the surface and examine the Mutant population...and by mutant...they meant anything that wasn't a "Pure" human raised underground.

Username: Andrew C Price
RP Name: Alistair McLaughlin
Age: 24
Race: Half Human, half Orc
Weapons: Composite bow, hatchet, fighting knife, and a .45 revolver
Appearance: Armored un-armored
Bio: Alistair was born in a place called "Little Scotland". A shitty little excuse of a settlement full of Scottish-kin. His mother was human, and a hunter, but in her travels she had an.. Accident with an Orc, and Alistair was born. Alistair doesn't look much like an Orc, besides the fact that he's a good bit larger than a human, until he opes his mouth. His bottom canine teeth are much more noticeable than a normal human's, although thankfully, when his mouth is closed it's hard to notice. His skin is also paler than most, but people usually pass it off as his Scottish blood. He left Little Scotland when he was 17, and traveled with a caravan for a while, playing both the role of the hunter-gatherer, and the caravan guard. That all changed when the Varashi returned, in a freak accident his caravan ran into a staged ambush and was all but wiped out. The only survivors were Alistair, a merchant named Jake, and a pregnant woman who's name Alistair never really learned. A few short months after that, they all split up. Now Alistair keeps to the area around Old Bones, hunting for his meal for the day, and generally just trying to stay alive. He stops into town sometimes to sell off meat, if he has any spare, or trinkets he finds in his travels, but he never says much. The only time he spends inside the town is drinking, occasionally sleeping, and bartering.

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Vicious Hunter


Oct 5 2012: Open
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Vicious Hunter

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Vicious Hunter

Roland stood in the shadows, bow drawn, waiting for the right time to let fly. He stood on the second floor of an old office building watching as the large animal before him fed on some grass of what had once been a park. He didn't have the clearest shot, the beast before him only getting mad and charging if you didn't kill it with your first shot. The head was no good, an arrow would only bounce off the skull and even if you hit the eye it never got to the brain. The only place to hit the creature and ensure a kill was to hit it from the side, right next to the front shoulder of the quadruped. He didn't bother naming what he was hunting, Really just another mutation brought on by the radiation that still held in some parts of the city and the wastelands beyond.

His breathing slowed. The arrow knocked and aimed at the creature, waiting for that perfect shot. He could wait for a long time if he needed to, he had already been waiting half an hour in this position. He didn't have to wait much longer. The beast turned in it's feeding, an arrow flew silently. The only sound was of the arrow hitting the beast, and the beast falling to the ground dead. Roland exhaled a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding and moved away from the hole in the wall he had shot through, making his way to his kill.

He moved up to the creature, drawing the large knife he carried on his hip and quickly slit it's throat to be sure it was dead. He then retrieved his arrow and went about the gruesome task of skinning the carcass and collecting what meat was edible.
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                      Siddy was wearing her normal hide-out get up: a radiation suit that she had found in her travels covered with dried mud, leaves, twigs. It hung very loosely on her frame, making her look somewhat of a beast from the back. She was crouching near some pig weed, chewing on the stems and leaves of the plant as she stuffed the rest in a satchel that hung on her hip. Thankfully, it was one of the only plants that was too resistant to the radiation after the earth was destroyed and grew quickly.

                      Siddy harvested the roots in hopes to plant some near where she was dwelling so she wouldn't have to travel too far. As she stood after harvesting several roots, she heard a groan from a large beast. It couldn't have been too close, but the echoes carried from bark to bark. Closing her satchel, she took to running through the forest. The bottoms of the radiation suit had been cut off, revealing her bare feet underneath. It was because of this she was able to move almost completely silent. As she continued to run, she saw the tree line was beginning to thin; this could only mean that either a slum-city was near by, or the remains of a city was near by.

                      Having come to this realization, Siddy slowed and crouched low, peering through the brush. She could hear a slight rustling, almost as though a blade were tearing flesh. She dropped down to her belly, instantly blending in with the brush and dirt about her. She carefully slithered like a snake towards a bush an concentrated to see around the leaves. She could make out a character through the brush, apparently skinning a large animal. Siddy watched the male as he continued to work on his prize, hoping she wouldn't be seen. What better a way to get food then to harvest the parts left over by hunters? Some would call her a scavenger, since she didn't really hunt, but she didn't care. At the end of the day, as long as she didn't die or starve, she was fine.
Saicred wakes up to the sound of flesh being cut and looks down from the tree he was sleeping in. "Who the hell!" he whispers to himself as he see a strange man gutting his kill. Saicred then begins his decent down but keeps his sword close in case bandits may be around. Thump his feet hit the ground "hey you have you seen this guy around? " He said as he slowly made his way up to the strange man and pulled out the picture.
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Vicious Hunter

The knife in his hand was forgotten as Roland heard the sound of a pair of boots hit the ground behind him. He spun around, drawing the large caliber revolver that sat at the small of his back and pointing it at the man. Roland spent most of his time alone so he tended to be more jumpy.His eyes darted to the picture for a split second before his intense gaze returned to the man with a slight shake of his head.

"You might try the people in town.."
Saicred looked at the gun and smiled "Wooh that sure is a nice gun you got there.... I already tried the town so I guess I'll be on way then see you around" He said as he sheathed his blade and turned to walk away. Then saw three Varashi in the distance making their way over to our location. "We have company on their way you better hurry up and clear the table" he whispered to the man as he pulled out two arrows and drew one on his bow. Eyes fixed on all of them as walked slowly towards them. "They dont see us yet but we better hurry get them before they get us right?" the wind blew a gentle breeze as he crouched down to avoid being seen. "So whats up old timer wanna play whos the better killer?" He said with a devious smile.
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                      The sudden change of events startled Siddy as she watched one man jump down from a tree and start inquiring about a picture. The other man, however, was quicker than she thought. In the time it took her to blink, he had risen, turned, and rose a gun to point at the other. She held her breath, her hand finding its way down to her own Bersa.

                      She listened quietly as the man exchanged words with the other. She began to wonder if she should take her leave. She thought not, as she would most likely be shot in the back if she took off running. She was quick, yes, but this man with the gun seemed to be quick as well. She decided to stay whee she was and continue to observe, taking slow, tentative, shallow breaths.
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His head snapped around to look at the incoming Varashi. With a slight animal growl he holstered the revolver and moved to his kill, grabbing his knife. He looked at the man, shaking his head.

"You can play your game alone.. I can already tell I'm the better survivor."

He cleaned the blade and began grabbing what he could from his kill.

"You see three of them. But they travel in backs of six to ten. We have bows and arrows, they have plasma rifles.."

Having scooped up what he could he turned to the man.

"You stay and fight if you want, I'm not gonna be where they can see me when they get here.."

He moved off heading back to the building he had been standing in before. Though he jogged his footfalls made little to no sound.
Saicred scratched his head "better survivor huh?" he smiled and follwed no making a sound. "So apparently you know more about these freaks then I do" he whispered. "how the hell do we take them out withou being seen?" He whispered as he caught up.
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                      Siddy listened and watched as the men spoke to each other. She was shocked to hear that the Varashi were coming right now. Usually they planned their hunts a little more. She continued to listen as the first man, the one whom had killed the beast, explained about Varashi packs to the other. She began to get apprehensive as she lay in her hiding spot. She would have to go, even though she blended well, the Varashi could always find her. It was like her scent attracted them. The only time she had evaded them, was when she was hiding under other dead bodies.

                      Her eyes darted around as the second man took a defensive position and the first began to jog away. It looked like he was headed towards a city or something since the tree line and brush thinned the further he moved away. She didn't know if she should take off after him, or run back to her dwelling. Either way, the fresh kill was going to attract the Varashi. Siddy could feel her heart beating in her chest, the rhythm beating loudly in her ears.

                      Suddenly, she watched the second man take after the first. Siddy decided this was her change. she quickly pushed off the ground and ran through the brush, making almost no noise as her naked feet hit the ground. As she approached the edge of the brush, just before peering out, she saw a tall building. If she was going to follow the men in there, she would have to remove her garb, as she wouldn't blend well.

                      Taking a breath, carefully stepped out of the garb and shoved it under a bush. She was now standing in a pair of shorts and a black tank top. Siddy adjusted her satchel, gun, quiver and bow, and her k-bar until all were in position: the k-bar and gun being in a specila holster that wrapped around her thighs. Feet still bare, she carefully crept behind the men, following closely, but not too close. If they turned around, they wouldn't see her.
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He shook his head as he rounded a corned, entering the building.

"Around here you don't.. Too close to a settlement. You'd bring too much heat to the area and get them found.."

He moved on again until he came to a small pile of rubble. He knelt down and moved the pile away quickly and with ease. Underneath was a hole big enough for a man to fit in.

"Out in the wastes.. If you can find a group skilled enough and dumb enough.. You hit them in the head.."

He looks at the man.

"Only place they don't have armor.."

Without another word Roland jumped down the hole.

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