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The Infinitus Galaxy is filled with many planet realms. The world of Omicra is one of the prominent ones where the many races converge as a melting pot as technology and magic collide. With its huge continents, it was also the birthplace of Humans. Omicra would see them evolve and build civilizations through generations, and their technology grow. Somewhere in it's history, supernatural beings would make their presence known contradicting science with magic and the mystical. Creatures such as demon-like beings and unnatural beasts, beings of divine benevolence. As the years went on, it was debated through many theories that perhaps Omicra's origins were formed by beings from the many planet realms in Infinitus, that ancient magical beings made this there home first, or that Humans were born here and that the "Supernaturals" have invaded and terrorized. Omicra was a huge world after all. Spread through it's many corners and lands are various clues of origins and races, each with their own story.

Today, Omicra have seen these many races grow and learn about each other. Either through friendship or caution through knowing the enemy. The Humans stay a prominent race as their cities scatter across Omicra, their technology thriving, despite their shorter lifespans. But that also has changed. The Humans have evolved onto yet another step on their evolutionary chart. A species surpassing their capabilities--the Supras. With this stunning discovery, this evens the playing field between Mankind and the Supernaturals (demons, vampires, etc.)

But what about beyond Omicra? Other planet realms have been discovered over time and can be traveled to as agreed through by some sort of treaty or wary agreement for various reasons. For Infinitus held many worlds. Every origin different from the last. Some had smaller sister planets within their orbits that can be traveled by airships. Some realms are unreachable, or at least by normal means.

What else is there to discover? Your story begins here...

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These serve as an intro to the current events of the SI Universe. These can give ideas to how the world works and how RPers want to capitalize on arcs and/or a collaborate with other RPers. Your welcome to be creative, but keep in mind not to step on other people's toes and change their storylines and also keep in mind the standards of plot elements that I set up already. Feel free to discuss and ask me questions if you have any.
*If anyone has their own backstory/intros about their characters or history of a race or ideas of a plotline of their own feel free to pitch it and I may put it on here for you. Feel free to contribute.

Click here for OOC Thread

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Rise of The Supras

For ages, the humans on Omicra have gone through many events and changes during it's existence. Supernatural beings have existed through out Mankind's history. From vampire's to demon's, to the more pure races such as Spirit Summoners and the Divines of The Higher Rims. As time flows on, Mankind and its technologies advance and begin to flourish. On top of that, Mankind has finally began it's transition into a superior evolution--The Supra--the next step in their evolutionary chart. It has been discovered that the avergae Human only uses 10% of their brain's capabilities. One day, it was discovered that the other 90% could be unlocked. Once that happened, generations learned more and more and began to discover the capabilities and advantages. With this new discovery Mankind began evolve as their bodies adapted better and their cells prolonged their once pre-determined life expectancy. Every Supra depending on their personal DNA had certain skills and powers. With their rise, Mankind has significantly even the playing field in the midst of the more supernatural beings. Of course with this discovery, this was not to be handled with ease and the right---the right to evolve---was greedily handle as Organizations began to rise and put their stamp into this "market". "Prosperity promised to the highest bidder". While some have taken this as a more militant step towards's Mankind's future and only the "chosen few" are worthy and it's goal goes far beyond what it's market value is. "Only the strong survive". Man's evolution, just like anything they have achieved in their illustrious history, will not come without its price in blood...

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The Divines and The Demon Clans

For centuries, the holy warriors of The Higher Rims have been at war with the demons of The Hell Realms. However it wasn't until "The Revelation War", things took a turn for the worst. The realms were nearly torn apart as the Divines fought for balance and the demons for power. Under the command of Supreme Justicar Darius of The Valiant Star, led the Divines against the demons united under the flag of The Red King, Alsabar. The battle lasted for days. as it was a major contribution to what the Humans called "The Age of Desolation". Humans were innocent bystanders and were helpless. However, Alsabar saw an advantage and used his forces and power to seduce the humans to evil. An edge against the divines, increasing their numbers. Humans, greedy by nature, flocked to Alsabar with promises of status and riches. Darius caught wind of this would not let the Humans be easily led astray, as he feared the Humans desires would lead them to slavery. With this he made his own campaign to the Humans to fight for freedom and justice and to denounce evil. Humans, driven by good and thier desire to protect their loved ones, fought alongside the Divines (...more details of [hi]story in a separate thread) Alsabar and his forces were defeated, but the costs on all sides, Divine, Demon, and Human alike, were drastic and nearly brought the world before to an end. The demons were reluctant to concede to the Divines, but put their anger aside for the moment. After all, how can one rule a world that is destroyed.
The Demon Clans
The demons, diverse in many ways and from various bloodlines, became restless and began to fight amongst each other. Ruthless and selfish themselves, they began to stick to their respective family bloodlines and boasted which was superior. Many would form and organize. Though the "Elite Eight Families" were the most powerful and held a drastic pull on the lower clans. Despite the fact that the rankings have possiblities of fluctuation, the main ones sually stayed intac on their statuses...but there will always be ambitious families who will do anything at all costs togain power and status among the Elite.
The formation of Demon Clans were bittersweet for The Higher RIms. There was little threat of another great war so as long as the demon clans fought amongst each other and never unite under one banner....but there diligence and capacity to preserve balance are tested and focused as many demon clan morals, ethics, and goals vary, broadening the scope of possibilities of intent, making their work more tedious.

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The Planet Realms

In the Infinitus Galaxy, planet realms are, yes, planets of sorts, but also to be looked at as different realms, and in some cases, extensions (sister planets) of a big prominent planet (Omicra).

*NOTE: For new RPers planning to join (or at least reading and/or are interested) Pg. 1 is just an intro page. The RP actually starts on Pg. 2 (The re-vamp on Pg. 135). With that said, the rest of the posts below this one are optional (but helpful) reads. You can read them on your own time, even after you are already RPing (but the rest DO serve as sources of information as well).

☩ No God Mode-ing

☩ In addition to the rule above, killing characters (that are not your own of course) without the consent of the User/Owner/Gaian is prohibited. I will show the same courtesy to you and your characters.

☩ If you want to make a sub-plot, a mini-arc, or do anything that affects the whole world or something, talk with a me about it first.

☩ Although Omicra is the central setting for the story, I'm not against you having ideas for new prominent planets realms that can maybe even possibly tie in to the origins of your character(s). Just run it through me first and we'll see where it goes.

☩ Even though it's fairly rare (as far as my experience goes anyway), I still will ask PLEASE NO DRAMA (I mean REAL life between RPers). Try to get along and if you have a problem with a certain RPer, settle it or you can even address the problem to me and I can help. Remember ONE person does NOT speak for EVERYBODY.

☩ Please place OOC posts and/or RP discussions in the OOC Thread. You can go wild there and discuss things and plan plots, etc. If you must clarify something to someone and they don't know, you can message them to get their attention to the OOC Thread. I personally will also check the thread so you can discuss things with me there if needed. I suggest subscribing to it as important announcements will also be posted there.

☩ There is no limit to how many characters you can have (just send thier profiles so I can keep record), but it is your responsibility to keep track of them.

☩ Just like most RP Makers, I would love for those who've joined to have at least a decent consistency in posts, but there are some who don't exactly follow that rule. I understand we all have lives outside Gaia (or sometimes get bored of an RP). I just ask that if you're going to be gone for a while (but it's understandable if your computer or internet crashes, or some other misfortune happens and you can't message me due to that), or quit the RP, let me know so I (or we) know how to move on with the story.

☩ Semi-Literate posts. I'm not against one-liners. Just give people something to work with and make them understandable. Grammar slip-ups and typos happen though, I get it, so I won't be "Iron Fist" about it.
Note: In some cases, what may be perceived as misspelled words, are actually reperesenting a certain accent and that's fine. As far as understanding them, I'll leave that to the discretion of you and the person you're RPing with.

☩ As far as romance between characters go, you all know the drill. PG-13 yada yada. I'll let some raunchiness slide, but any further than that, to the PMs you go for you more "adventurous" types. Go and satisfy your thrills there.

☩ To fit the fantasy element, REAL WORLD places (ex: Earth, Japan, Germany, Russia, etc.) are prohibited. It helps to not constrain plot ideas due to real world accuracy. (Before Pg. 135, real world elements were mentioned, but on Pg. 135+, those places are no more and thier removal[s] had/have no impact on ongoing arcs that are in play/are related prior to Pg. 135 anyway).

PM me your profile by copying and pasting the Profile Skeleton below and place a ninja on the bottom of your Skeleton to let me know you read these guidelines.
Note: Age of character can be revealed or implied when you RP, but the pics will serve as a general perception. So as far as romances and how characters are perceived, those are based on judgement calls or on a discussion with whoever you RP with if needed.

☩ Once you're accepted, there is one more (really simple) step where it involves a character profile/portrait (the ones you'll see below). But we'll talk about it when you're accepted smile

Also note that, due to issues in the past with God or God-like races (well one occasion in particular), God races are prohibited. It just feels like it threatens the "No God Mode-ing rule". But with that said, I'm willing to work with you and with whatever race you create on here, as long as the race you concoct isn't all God-like haha.

Profile Skeleton:
[align=center][size=24][b][u](Character Name here)[/u][/b][/size][/align]
(Here, click [imgright] and insert character pic. No real photographs please)

[b]☩ Race:[/b] (If uncommon and/or made up yourself, make a description about it and I can put in the Glossary)

[b]☩ Height:[/b]

[b]☩ Description:[/b]
(Just a brief introduction to the character and what he/she/it is about. If you want, you, can include abilities, powers (don't overdo it), weapons they use, relationships to other characters (if any), etc. As far as History and Personality go, how far in depth you go is up to you. Just note you'll also have plenty of time to display all that while RPing.
The Inhabitants of Saga Infinitus:
These are the characters of the RP. For more info on them, click their portraits. They also have information on their recent posts. However the characters portrayed here are ones owned by ACTIVE Rpers.

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Story Arcs/Series:
These are the stories and events that have happened throughout the SI Universe, be they current stories or past events. Some arcs have even happened in other threads. They will be indicated accordingly.

Wonder School / Requiem Saga (Ended):

Wonder School Arc:
This small story arc kickstarted the story of Hiro, Esuta, Amaya and Van. Four young students put in a school of the gifted. It is here where Hiro meets Esuta, and Van meets Amaya. We are also introduced to Dove and Crow, two complex brothers who share one body. They all come together in a story of chance, unknown to them, their fates would intertwine in the adventure of a lifetime. This arc gives a peak into these characters, introducing them. It takes us into Esuta's personal thoughts, a glimpse in Hiro, Dove, and Crow's history and personal conflicts, gives us am insight into Amaya's past, and Van's character. Eventually they all leave the school for personal reasons. Then, the mysterious and shocking appearance of Hiro's brother, Kadaj, who is thought to have died years ago, sets events in motion....
(Separate Thread) Starts on Pg. 21 ; Ends on Pg. 166
Major Characters:
Amaya - Esuta - Hawk (formerly known as Dove) - Hiro - Null (formerly known as Crow) - Van

ninja More backstories to come ninja
Saga Infinitus Glossary:
(This will be updated periodically. So check back occasionally for info.)

This section is just a little index of things. Kind of an archive of info, in case anyone is interested in certain things about characters, organizations, races, storylines, etc. Any terms you are unfamiliar with and/or are wondering what they are, look here. I also take suggestions and like to help others with their stuff so feel free to pitch in anything you would like other RPers to know about your storyline or terms ex: Race Types, Organizations, etc. I will gladly put them on here for you. As a matter of fact, some already have contributed and it is noted next to the item. If you want to be involved or plan to do something related and/or are interested in some of the races or organizations, communicate with their creators.

Glossary -url-updated as of 06/22/2014



Alvaurim: Commonly known as the Mystics. Although most prefer to be called by their proper name, the word "Mystic" does not offend them as it also tells people what and who they are. The Alvaurim have been around for ages and are considered the magical counter-part to the newly-evolved Supras, despite being around long before them. Their magics vary amongst them, but all in all, follow the same concept and roots.

Drakovian (created by cena6665): a.k.a. The Humanoid Dragons, Drakovians have the normal look of any human but they have the wings and powers of what humans call Dragons. The Drakovians are far stronger then and average human capable of flight and have the magic of a Sorcerer. Some Drakovians even have the power to shift their forms into what looks like a full fledged "dragon".

Mage (created by OoXCookieChanXoO): A Caster and Holder Type Mage which can Wield a Sword that holds a spirit within, and can cast various types of magic depending on what she has learned thus far.

Magi (created by Julia Bielschmidt-Prussia): A once demonic being who was cursed (in most cases) to change into a human with all of their demonic abilities.
*NOTE: Not to be mistaken for Mutants, as thier skills are more of a magical demonic nature, they were demons before they were human.

Phe (created by Zero Epoch): Uncommon Race, rarely seen in these parts. Physically they appear human, and in that regard, they aren't much stronger. Mentally, they are similar to humans, sometimes above average. The main difference in humans and Phe, is the affinity to fire. Phe cannot be burnt by any form of natural fire, as it just washes over them leaving now damage. If the Phe focuses, they can draw in the fire and absorb its heat threw their skin to empower themselves. All Phe are able to manipulate flames, though the concentration for so depends on the individual, with some being naturals, others being so-so. On that note, all Phe have a pair of wings they can spawn from their body, made form soulfire, which will sprout from their backs and allow them to fly at a decent rate. If a Phe is put into enough of a rage, their very blood transforms into fire. While most creatures would die from such a feat, the phe instead become faster, with the flames creating rather sharp claws where their hands should be and talons on their feet. Its rare for Phe to be seen in such a state though. Technology state of their race is high, having developed many useful technologies for themselves. Any type of demonic magic cause additional harm to the Phe, as the magic's corruption seemingly melts and decays their living cells. As such, demonic influenced flames are untouchable by the Phe natural Pyrokinesis.

Supra: Also known as Supra-Human, it is the next step in the Human Evolution change. It is a long destined evolution that Mankind was meant to make a long time ago and now the fold has been broken. Increased strength and agility. A significant improvement in the evolution is a drastically increased life span. They now rival the life spans of elves, demons, angels, etc. Some even possess psychic abilities due to a new highly evolved brain. Some are possessors of Gladius armors. The sole race that can use them. Aegus consists of them.
*NOTE: There are still normal humans in this RP and around this world and, of course, is an optional race for character creation. Some don't have the potential to evolve into a Supra or have a slow time doing so.

Zoanoid: A beastly race of Supras. They morph into highly evolved beasts at will, Lesser intelligent ones tend to wreak havoc and destroy everything in their path. They can walk around freely in Supra form, but one wouldn't notice they were a Zoanoid until they transform.



Aegus: An organization established to take Mankind into the next milennia with its new destiny and evolution. Built to take Man to its new level and to prosper in a world and stage in its life. Unfortunately, greed and hunger for domination and radical ideals for a new Utopia have turned them into a military power, hell bent on taking the supras and using dirty tactics to gain supremacy. They are at war with Cygnon in this arms race and quest for power and dominance.

The Covenant: An alliance of Divines all across the regions. Pure of heart and defenders of all that is good. They hunt down all evil that threatens the life and balance of the realms. Although only the pure of heart can join their ranks, some are ruthless and have an iron fist on evil, causing them to be self-righteous, pompous, and sanctimonious, and do things that are questionable, but nevertheless are good intentions to sustain Justice.

Cygnon: Cygnon was formed in opposition to Aegus. They believed that the evolution to Supras can still be modified and made more powerful, but their methods were distasteful to a lot of Aegus officers. They would pervert the evolution and give Supras the ability to shape shift in an alternate evolution of wild humanoid beasts (the Zoanoids). These methods and disagreements put them at odds with Aegus. Now they are at war and vye for supremacy over Mankind. Their bizarre experiments rival that of Aegus' experiments, as thiers are more beastly in nature. They share the same views of a new Utopia as the Aegus, but by different means.

MODD (Medical Offensive Defensive Development) (created by Volk0v): A shady association that broke off from the military, their technology has surpassed that of regular humans by far. Well hidden and practically impossible to find, few know much about them due to their "All deserters must die" Policy. Their soldiers are well trained and deadly. All the ranking soldiers have, in one way or another, been enhanced far past what is possible for an average human like they themselves once were. Some move so fast you can't see them. Others can uproot trees and flip semi-trucks. There are a few who fry their opponents with lighting
Before you mess with those guys in gray, ask yourself... Do you want to live?



Divine: Name of a holy being (think: "Angel" ) of The Higher Rims (think: "Heaven...ish" ).

Fisher: A supra with an immense psychic ability. Fishers get their name by their ability to feed off of psychic aura and/or powers of others, and using them to find and capture people of interest, luring them into a trap he or she has set by using the person's mind against them in deception, lulling them into a false sense of security in a lot of cases. Aegus highly value these individuals.

Gladius (Armor): Also known as Bio-Boosters, they are bio-armors that develop into it's Supra's host, syncing with his or her DNA and Brainwaves. The armor is also living as it bleeds and has muscles and other tissue, but are covered in a close-to impenetrable alloy no mere bullets or plasmas, etc of regular Human Technology. The metal in its forehead is an essential piece as it creates the armor and is it's core of existence. For that reason it is indestructible, but must not be removed by force, or the host will face dire consequences. For any reason the armor is breached, cut, wounded, or loses a limb, the suit can regenerate and heal the problem. Time of complete healing depends on the seriousness of the wounds. Above it is a laser eye that shoots with incredible accuracy. The orbs on top of the head serve as navigation and perception. It helps the user find his way and sense danger nearby. The orb in the middle of its waist helps the user levitate and fly. The elbow and forearm are produce high frequency blades. Used to cut through and close quarter combat.

Jumper: A supra capable of instant teleportation. Similar to magical races who use portals or other teleportation spells and/or methods, Jumpers can "jump" to different places in the world with just a thought. It helps if it's a place they remember and have been before, or they can even find a new place to jump to by knowing coordinates.

Mystic: A common name for the Alvaurim.

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