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+Last Time...+

A vampiric tyrant named Malen Cadora fought against the 'Alliance'. The Alliance was made up of Sky: a halfling Drow, Naara: a mermaid princess, Rozen: a dead warlock, Zedd: an epic War Wizard, Amaya: an elfen princess, Zero: a dragon woman, Leah: a half demon, Kaji: a super cool elf dude, and Vexes: a five headed elemental Hydra. The Alliance had agreed to save Malen from the evil God of Darkness, Darkous, that resided within him. Sky, who was the host to the Goddess of Light, Lightria, was able to seal away Darkous in a stone yet again, and save Malen's life. However, Malen's evil demonic general, Toten, did not take this well. The demon transformed into a gigantic monster that nearly destroyed the world. With the help of Naara, Sky, Zedd, Kaji, Malen, and Rozen, Toten was defeated and sealed within the 'Dark Place'.

After this all was well...or was it. From afar a shady figure watched the battle. This mysterious figure that observed the fight was a man was known as the Endbringer...although he was just the beginning of what was to come.

To be continued....RIGHT NOW!

-The Main Story Line-

The elder dragon despised war, and for thousands of years there has been such a peace that he had finally relaxed. That only ended with Malen and Toten, who's war with everyone brought about such destruction and chaos that he awoke...pissed. The dragon flew forth into the heavens and cast out a net of ancient magic so powerful that none would escape it and proclaimed to the world that they would see the error of their ways or turn to ash.

At that moment, the 12 Riders emerged, also known as the Zodiac Knights, to serve their master. They took flight into the mountains towards a stronghold know as Ai'kavar. This ancient place is where all manner of creature turned to assist them again war. The dragon insisted that if the lesser beings desired war, that was EXACTLY what they were going to get. The Knights would serve as his enforcement of this. The Zodiac was made up of 12 members, each number explaining when they were created. Their code names were the names of the original Zodiac.
Aries: The Ram
Taurus: The Bull
Gemini: The Twins
Cancer: The Crab
Leo: The Lion
Virgo: The Maiden
Libra: The Scales
Scorpio: The Scorpion
Sagittarius: The (Centaur) Archer
Capricorn: The Sea-Goat
Aquarius: The Water-Bearer
Pisces: The Fish

In a place where a new 'problem' has risen, will a group of heroes come to save the day? There is still the Alliance...but there is room for more good...and evil in this world. Which will you choose? Will you fight with the Alliance, or will you rise with the Zodiac? The choice is yours.

+About the World+

The world that this RP takes place in is a made up realm of fantasy, futuristic properties, medieval times, and a heavy amount of action and adventure. Some cities are more modern than others, while some areas are inhabited by huge kingdoms from the Renaissance period. There are also castles and cities floating up in the skies and even underwater civilizations. The Underworld (Bad Lands) and the Overworld (Light Plains) are places that you can travel to. Where technology, weapons, magic and creatures of myth correspond with each other; welcome to the Realm of the Sky and the Earth

This RP was inspired by: The novel, “The Cleric Quintet”, and the three games, "Kingdom Hearts", “The Last Story” and “Final Fantasy”.

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Original RP: The Legend of the Sky and the Earth
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I, Cheow_sky, am the master of this RP! What I say goes! Dragon Vexiron is second in command, so make sure you listen to him as well!
No god-modding or auto hit and run, it’s rude.
• PM me all your profiles. If you are a Zodiac member then title the PM, "Rise with the Zodiac". If you are not apart of the Zodiac then title the PM, "Sky and Earth". Remember, there can only be 12 members of the Zodiac.
Keep it PG-13, okay people. Yes there will be violence and if you want a love interest, then that’s fine, just don’t do overboard!
This is a semi-lit RP, so try to put in at least 2-3 paragraphs in your posts. Writers block is understandable, but just try to stay away from the one-liners.
Make your posts pretty and interesting; something that will stand out
This is a fantasy/futuristic/action and adventure RP, so if you want a Giant Laser Beam Cannon with scope; then you can have it. You can also be a little old fashioned if you want to (bow and arrow for the WIN!).
Don’t go to over the top with your powers guys. Don’t make yourself undefeatable; everyone has a weakness, and everyone has their strengths.
No fighting in the forum, if someone is doing something that you don’t like; then you take it up with me! Or, work it out on your own; just don’t put it in the RP!
If you have not posted within 2 weeks, then I will send you a warning. After that warning, if you have neglected to pm me or post in the forum, then your character will be deleted. Please, please, PLEASE pm me if you aren’t going to be on for a while! I don’t want your awesome character to be taken off, just because you forgot to tell me that you were going to spend the weekend at your grandparent’s house.
If you’re posting with someone and they haven’t posted back yet; DO NOT go on without them! This is the way that people get lost and left behind, so be a good person and wait for them!
Mango Sorbet is the greatest thing ever!
Have fun and don’t forget to smile! biggrin
Some of the Main Creatures of this World:
(You can make up other races, but these are just a few that I came up with).
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Humans: Humans can be Knight for a Kingdom, Kings, Queens, Artists, Thieves, etc. They can’t use magic, but they can have weapons or items that can use magic (Wizards are different, they are born with magic). They can be strong, be they can’t be too strong. Humans can become tyrants over kingdoms or generals of armies. They can also be mercenaries and bounty hunters. It’s your choice, be creative!

Elves: Elves are a race of humanoid like beings with pointed ears and different colors of skin, eyes, and hair. They are usually found living in a forest and are very skilled warriors. There are many different races of elves living in the realm of the Sky and the Earth. I have put three examples of elf races down below, but you can use your imagination to create a different types of elf all together.

Ex: Wood Elves: Wood Elves live in the forest and are very skilled with bow and arrows, swords, and have amazing fighting skills. They are stronger than the average human and have abilities that associate with the forest (talking to animals and controlling plants).

Ex: Dark Elves: Dark Elves reside in the deepest, darkest parts of the forest. They hate all other Elves and are considered to be one of the strongest species of elf (debatable with the High Elves). They are usually seen with black/grey colored skin, red eyes and white hair. They have dark magic and use enchanted weapons made from iron. They are very strong and fast and their usage of Mana is very high.

Ex: High Elves: High Elves have been noted to be the most powerful type of Elf ever known, although there has been some debate with the Dark Elves. They have tanned skin, blond or white hair, golden eyes, and usually live in the mountains. They are very skilled fighters, and have a large variety of magic that they can use (mostly Elemental, but they can learn other types of sorcery as well).

Magical Beings: Any type of creature or person that you can think of that has the ability to conjure up magic. These guys live all over the place, even in the Underworld, such as a Necromancer.

Ex: Wizard: A wizard is a human being who is born with magical abilities. There is Dark magic, Light magic, Elemental magic, Time magic, etc. A wizard can have Dark magic and Elemental magic at the same time, but limit the Elemental magic powers. If a Wizard is a full Elemental magic user, then you are allowed to control up to four types of elements.

Ex: Dragon: You could also be a magical creature, like a dragon. Everyone knows what a dragon is, and you may make up what type of dragon you are (fire, water, wind, earth, dark, volcanic, plant, etc.). And yes, a dragon can have a human form or even a smaller form if you want.

Ex: Fairy: Fairies are rare creatures that live within the Fairy Kingdom inside of the Forest of the Gods. Only a handfull have ever been seen by anyone who does not live in the Forest of the Gods. They can learn and use different assortments of magic. They usually grow to be about 8 inches tall, and are very slender creatures (although some occasionally let themselves go). Their wings are based on how fast they fly and how much they fly. Some fairy wings resemble butterfly wings, while others might look like a dragonflies. They have pointed ears, and when they are angered, their teeth sharpen and their eyes turn black. Sometimes they are able to transform into a human, although they might still have their ears, making them look like an elf.

Underworld Monsters: Creatures who live in either the Underworld or near the Kingdom of Cadora. They are devious and love to make those around them suffer. Demons, Vampires, Warlocks and some Werewolves are a few examples of Underworld Monsters.

Ex: Vampires: Vampires are usually beautiful and graceful human like beings. However, their true forms are bloodthirsty and disgusting monsters….usually. Their true forms reflect who they are on the inside. There are a few different classes of Vampire: A Master Vampire like Malen (strongest type of Vampire), a Regular (a Vampire who was bitten by a Master Vampire) and a Lesser Vampire (a Vampire that has been bitten by a Regular, they are the lowest and weakest class of Vampire and usually have a low level of restraint for blood). There are also Dhampirs (half vampire, half human), who can be just as strong as a Regular, and they aren’t affected by the sun or holy objects as much. No Twilight and no Vampire Knight stuff! Vampires can have a romantic relationship, just no “I’ll do anything for you Bella” crap. Also, Vampire DO NOT sparkle, they BURN in the sunlight, unless they are wearing a sunlight resistant ring. Vampires can be repelled by Holy objects like crosses and bible chants. Water has no effect on them, but silver and fire are two BIG weaknesses.

Ex: Warlocks: Warlocks are beings who are created by Witches. They are turned from an animal into a human and survive absorbing magic from magic users. They are usually servants of Witches, but can free themselves by eating the heart of their Witch master and absorbing their powers. They can transform from their animal form to their human from, and can also become a Demonic like creature.

Beings of Light: Gods, Goddesses, Forest Spirits, etc. Beings of Light live up in the Overworld, or in the Forest of the Gods. They are very powerful, and usually control something major in the world. For example, the Forest God controls the forest, the Sea God controls the ocean, or the Wind Goddess controls the wind. It’s your choice!

Rouges: Rouges can generally be any species and usually have a bad reputation around some place or another. Assassins, Mercenaries, Thieves, Pirates, Bandits, you name it! Rouges can be rebels or they can be people to hire for a job that someone may not want to do. For example, a wealthy individual may want someone dead, so they call upon an assassin to do the dirty deed for them.

Sea Folk: Sea Folk live in the ocean, a lake, or Atlantica. They usually have something on their body that helps them to swim, and they can also have a land form if you so desire. Some can control water and ice, while others have the power to heal.

Ex: Mermaid: Mermaids are humanoid like beings with a fish like tail. They usually have an amazing singing voice that attracts other living things towards them, and can sometimes control the elements, water and ice. They are seen as beautiful creatures that can either be kind or merciless.

Sky People: Sky people live in the cities that float above the clouds or on top of peeks. They usually have something on their bodies that help them fly. They can be human, but most of them are some type of bird like creature.
Ex: Harpy: A Harpy is a mythical creature that highly resembles a bird with a human head. They can be very cunning and love to confuse people. They can grow to be very large and can also have a human form. The sound of their screech is enough to make your ears explode and their razor sharp talons are said to be stronger than steel!
Popular Destinations:

Steam City/Junction (Cloud Kingdom) - A steam punk styled city that floats up in the sky. A lot of trading and dealing go on here. It is also the home of mechanics, pirates, mercenaries, and thieves.
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The Forest of the Gods - A huge forest filled with giant trees and magical beings. The forest itself is alive and will help those in need….if it feels like it. It is the home for most of the elves and the Elf Kingdom.
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The Hollow Forest - A large forest that rests a few yards behind the Kingdom of the Earth. The entire forest is dead, and has an eerie feeling to it. It's cold and all of the trees are grey and hollowed out. The forest itself is dead silent, and the only sound that can be heard is a twig snapping, or a crow cawing. Beings of darkness and despair reside within it.
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The Fairy Kingdom - This hidden kingdom resides within the center of the Forest of the Gods. Faries and pixies live in this tiny world, going on with their everyday lives. Here, the king and queen of the fairies rule.
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The Kingdom of the Earth– The Kingdom of the Earth is one of the largest kingdoms in the land. It is the home to some of the bravest and strongest knights that ever lived. It resides just outside the Forest of the Gods.
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Atlantica - A large city that is located under water. The Sea Folk live here, along with many other oceanic beings. It is hidden in a maze of coral, and can only be found by one of the Sea Folk.
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Overworld - A place where Gods, Goddesses, Spirits, and light magic users reside. Everything in the Overworld is pure and clean. It is a said that the Overworld rests on a gigantic white cloud, but no one has ever been able to prove that.
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Underworld/Bad Lands – Everyone knows what the Underworld is, but you don’t know my version! The Underworld in this RP is a located on a GIANT underground tunnel with a few holes in the top to let smoke out. It’s a city of darkness and only the cruelest and most terrible fiends reside within it. Imagine Gotham city mixed with the city that the movie “The Crow” was set in. Above the Underworld are the Bad Lands. The Bad Lands is a barren wasteland filled with orcs, imps, ogres, and anything else that loves the shadows. The sun never shines and the entire area is covered by a giant, black cloud.
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Profile Skeleton!:

(Non-Zodiac Profile)

They call me: (Your name goes here)
Around these parts I’m called…: (A nickname that people call you)
As you can see I’m a…: (Your gender please)
I turned this much last year: (Age)
Personality check: (3-5 things that make you who you are today)
If you must know, I’m a…: (Race, species, what are you!)
My position in the matter is…: (What do you do for a living and where do you live? Are you a Knight, a Thief, a Wizard, a Rouge, etc.)
Look what I can do: (Powers and abilities, but don’t go to overboard with them, okay.)
How I defend myself..: (A weapon or two)
Oh, I love…: (Likes and strengths)
Jeez, I hate…: (Dislikes and weaknesses)
I’m like this today because…: (Your characters bio, which should be at least 1 paragraph, but make them as long as you want. You can write a miniature novel if you want.)
I look like this…: (Your picture goes here)
This is my song!: (A them, if you have one)
I’m in control here: (YOU! biggrin )

(Zodiac Profile)

They call me: (Your name goes here)
What the organization calls me…: (Your Zodiac name)
As you can see I’m a…: (Your gender please)
I turned this much last year: (Age)
Personality check: (3-5 things that make you who you are today)
If you must know, I’m a…: (Race, species, what are you!)
I am this powerful…: (Your number. Your number will determine when you were brought up by the elder dragon. Your number symbolizes your place.)
Look what I can do: (Powers and abilities, but don’t go to overboard with them, okay.)
How I defend myself..: (Your main weapon)
Oh, I love…: (Likes and strengths)
Jeez, I hate…: (Dislikes and weaknesses)
I’m like this today because…: (Your characters bio, which should be at least 1 paragraph, but make them as long as you want. You can write a miniature novel if you want.)
I look like this…: (Your picture goes here)
This is my song!: (A them, if you have one)
I’m in control here: (YOU! biggrin )

The Non-Zodiac Profiles

The Zodiac Profiles

Zodiac Members:

12.) Aries: The Ram (Taken by Dragon Vexiron)
2.) Taurus: The Bull (Taken by O-o_Eve_o-O)
10.) Gemini: The Twins (Taken by Dragon Vexiron)
9.) Cancer: The Crab (Taken by Teh Musician)
3.) Leo: The Lion (Taken by Betrayed Buffalo)
6.) Virgo: The Maiden (Taken by OMG its lost heaven)
1.) Libra: The Scales (Taken by Cheow_sky)
4.) Scorpio: The Scorpion (Taken by Teh Musician)
8.) Sagittarius: The (Centaur) Archer (Taken by Tyrus-taichou)
11.) Capricorn: The Sea-Goat (Taken by Cheow_sky)
5.) Aquarius: The Water-Bearer (Taken by Saihelia Oshiro)
7.) Pisces: The Fish (Taken by O-o_Eve_o-O)

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Sky C. Draigun
The White Falcon

.I Am The Wind.
.I am a Wild Gust of Air.
.I am what Moves the Clouds.
.I am the Wind that Whispers into your Ear.
.I am the Tornado that can't be Tamed.
.I am the Force that Glides across the Sky.
.I Am The Wind.

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The wind blew through the tanned elf's hair as he sorted through the clouds. Kumo, his Snow Gryphon, flapped her powerful wings as she carried Sky from the air. The team were making their way towards the Kingdom of the Earth, where the King himself had requested Sky to come as quickly as possible. No doubt his majesty wanted yet another guard for his daughter, Princess Luna. He had heard that a few bandits had recently tried to kidnap the princess. The only question was why, and what did they want. Someone else had to be behind this, someone with a big plan. Not anyone just tried to capture a princess without purpose. Holding a royal family member hostage could be a dangerous situation if put together by the right people.

Sky shook the thought out of his head and decided to focus on the greater things in life. Ever since the downfall of Malen and Toten, things had been really looking up. Well, besides the earthquake that had seemed to shake the entire planet. Anyways, after the battle everyone had gone their separate ways. Malen and Vexes had gone to try and do some good for the world, while Naara had gone back to Atlantica. Rozen was traveling around the world, living out his life as he pleased, but came back to the Earth Kingdom every once in a while to visit Luna. His old friend Kaji had gone to live in the Forest of the Gods, and Leah had gone to do some mercenary work, like him. The elven princess Amaya had also gone back to live within the Forest of the Gods, probably to help rebuild what had been lost.

Sky continued to fly towards the Kingdom of the Earth, looking forward to getting a new job and a decent pay.

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Theme: ]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGCy9A33S4E&feature=related
Hebi Ryoushi


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It was early in the morning, to early for anything big to be happening. However, on this morning, one of the most valuable objects in the Cloud Kingdom would be stolen. Steam Junction was just below the Cloud Kingdom, and there were hundreds of thieves that had tried to steal the pride and joy of the Cloud Kingdom, the Dragon's Eye. The Dragon's Eye was one of the largest gem in the world, and was as big as a dragon's eye. It was a priceless ruby with an emerald center and sapphires lining around the edges. It was a sphere shape and resided within the tallest tower in the throne room. The beautiful gem rested on the actual throne, just so that everyone could see it. At the moment, everyone was asleep. The guards were weary from lack of sleep as they stood and walked around the throne room. No one would see it, and no one would notice it until it was to late.

A thin man dressed in a red and black stripped shirt, tight black pants and a slick black over coat snuck around the castle. He hadn't bothered dressing up to look like a guard today, he needed a challenge today. The man climbed along the ceiling like a spider, and moved quickly and quietly. He easily entered the throne room, and continued to crawl across the golden painted ceiling. He had gotten into the castle through the ventilation system, and then had made his way here by crawling along the ceiling. His sharpened claws clung to the expensive, golden dome ceiling as he crawled over to the throne. Once he was crouched over the priceless gem he took one arm and began to lower it. His arm stretched out as if it were made form rubber, and went down below him until it hovered over the gem. The man's hand grabbed the gem and then began to pull it up to him. No magic barriers around the gem, how stupid were they? Well, there was usually a protection spell over the gem, but the mage who had done this was currently...on leave.

The thin man held the sparkling gem in his arms, and cradled it as if it were his own child. The man marveled at the gem before shoving it into a messengers bag that was strapped over his shoulder. He scaled up the ceiling until he reached a sky light window, and broke it. This alarmed several guards that were standing around the room. The thin man wanted them to notice, after all, it wouldn't be fun without a good chase. The Master Thief climbed through the window and slid down the dome that was the top of the Cloud Castle. He laughed when the guards began to alert each other, and started to fire off arrows at him. Each one missed. The horrible aim of the tired guards made the thin man laugh harder. This was to much fun.

The thief jumped off the side of the dome, right when he was about to slide off the roof completely. He dove downwards and then threw up his arm, which acted as a grappler. His hand grabbed onto another building's edge and he swung into Steam Junction. A few guards had already been alerted by other guards about the thief. They were swarming the city, desperately searching of the thief. The thin man had already snuck onto a leaving ship, without being noticed. He had timed it all perfectly, and everything had gone according to plan.

Hebi sat back and relaxed on the traders ship that he had boarded, and gazed at the glorious jewel that he'd stolen. His green, snake like eyes were mesmerized by the sheer size and beauty of the gem. It was his now, all his. He put it back inside of his bag and stretched out a bit. Hebi chuckled to himself and laid back with his arms crossed behind his head. About 30 minutes later, the ship landed at a port near the ocean. Hebi slithered out from under the tarp that he'd been hiding under, and made his way towards the mountainous region of the Forest of the Gods. He whistled a happy tune to himself as he walked, and wore a silly looking grin, pleased with how his day was going so far.

Theme: Devour
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Tipsy Rogue

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User ImageɌoҡɀaɦ The Gɾiɱaɭҡiȵ

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know a thing~ Not even that you're not a child anymore!
And the warmth of a stranger's hand... That's really, really, really, the only real thing!
You won't stop, you won't stop, why won't you stop
If you're found out, you know you'll be killed!
After the rain, there stood two forsaken, to be sucked up by the sunset,
and to vanish into air-☆
The sun goes down, the dawn breaks We play to exhaustion, we catch each other ~
If this world could just be me and you... ღ ღ


Rokzah... stretched lazily as she lay in the sun. Her grey feline paws curled as she yawned and stretched her long body. She had fallen asleep on a loading dock earlier that day, when it had been empty. Disguised as a stray cat, she had crawled into a safe place between two crates to take a nap. Now however, it seemed that a ship had come in, and men were beginning to go about their work of unloading its cargo.
Rokzah stayed put for a few moments, contentedly watching the people work. After a few minutes of this, men started bringing large crates down and stacking them. As the crate stacking started coming alarmingly close to Rok's hiding spot, she stood up and waited. At the last possible second, she bolted from her hiding spot; darting straight under a heavy-set man and causing him to fall over as she did so. Glancing over her shoulder, Rokzah's bright green feline eyes glimmered as she giggled inwardly. Facing forward again, she concentrated on finding an escape route as she ran through the loading dock.
Reaching the exit, she slowed her pace and headed out to the main road. She knew that no human would chase a cat this far for something as minor as knocking him over. Reaching a pathway that lead to the road, she spotted a young man walking rather happily up ahead. As he whistled to himself, Rokzah followed at a distance on silent cat paws. After she was sure that he was unaware she was following him, she quickly turned back into her human form as silently as she could. She adjusted her skirt and shirt carefully, making sure that the cloth -though only an illusion- stayed in place. Jogging, she caught up with the whistling man in a few seconds. Hands clasped behind her back, she blinked her large green eyes at him and smiled mischievously. "Beautiful day, is it not?" she said cheerfully. Without giving him a chance to respond, she continued. "You seem rather happy, where are you headed?" she asked rather bluntly, diving straight into a conversation.

I don't know, I don't know, but I heard a voice,
Not mine or yours, but all humanity's With no chance to resist, I was led away~
Sucked up by the sunset, and vanished into air━═☆
I don't know, I don't know, I don't know a thing~
Not what will happen next, nor your name, But now, right now, I think this will do;
That's truly, Truly, Truly, Truly what Ί think...
I don't know, I don't know, but the voice in my ears--
Was sucked up by the sunset, and vanished into air━ ~❂~❂~


My mood and music: Curious ~ Will
My Items and clothing: Normal clothing
My location: Port City (???) -> Open road
What I am doing: Causing a disturbance -> Walking
Who I am with: Mysterious Stranger (Hebi)
What form I am in: Cat -> Human
Out of Catnip: {{ Hey guys! ^.^ Third post! Whoot! }}

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Ϊn this ώorld, where there is ʆight, there are Șhadows. ϔou can either Ȟide from them or Ȕse them to your Ѧdvantage.

Leah stood at the front of the little boat looking at the approaching shore line. She had been following The Silver Tongued Serpent for about two weeks. Unfortunetly, she arived at Steam Junction minutes after he made his bold robery and followed his scent to the docks there. Without a second thought she found the nearest small ship and offered the captain a decent sized bag of gold coins if he took her in the direct the ship the serpent got on was going. What a bold creature he is. Based on her research she knew that The Silver Tongued Serpant was silent as the shadows, so for him to have been noticed ment he probably enjoyed the challenge of being seen.

Leah was brought out of her thoughts as the ship came to a stop at the dock. Turning to the captain she threw him the bag of coins and gave a brief "thank you" before jumping onto the docks and walking. Every few steps she would inhale deeply through her nose trying to pick up his scent. In the few months that she had seperated from Malen and the Alliance she had made an even better reputation for herself. She smiled when she thought of Malen and Vexes, she really missed them and hoped to see eventually on her travels. She returned to the task at hand with a grin when his scent finally seperated from the others on the dock. "Got ya."

Starting with a sprint, she dashed away from the docks and towards the mountained region of the forest of the gods. She was glad to be back in a forested area, she hated the city air. It only took about an twenty minutes of running till she saw to people in the distance. One was definetly the serpant. Slowing to a walk she kept her pace slightly faster than theirs so she was slowly gaining on them. She vaugely wondered what kind of person this man was and felt her excitment rise. Would he even know sho she was?

User Image User Image User Image User Image User Image

Ȋ ҫhoose to Ȕse Ҭhem
The Elder Dragon

Long has the dragon slumbered. Long has he ignored the wars of the world. The death, pain, betrayal; all of it has gone unpunished. Now with this recent war, he was pissed! They wanted to fight? They wanted to cause trouble? Fine! He would give them trouble. Lifting his giant head to the sky, he would issue a loud roar; his calling to all of the surviving Knights. He had sent them outwards to find the locations of their fallen comrades so he could raise the rest of them.

Shuffling his wings, he would re-position himself to grow more comfortable in the stone cavern from which he would await the warriors. His black scales retained the heat of the sun that had been his enjoyment earlier. Ah, it felt so good to be above ground again.

((Now the Elder Dragon is not going to play too much of a significant role in the beginning, so his posts will be smaller))
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׺°”˜`”°º× ׺°”˜`”°º×
I am the Demon Lord known as Hekuin,
But you can just call me Aquarius.
Now, shall we let the game begin~ ?

׺°”˜`”°º× •.•●•۰• ••.• ׺°”˜`”°º×

Hekuin... sat on his perch, leaning back against the cool wooden surface and watching the ground below. The young Demon Lord was on the outskirts of the Hollow Forest, sitting on the largest branch of a dead tree. In his hand he twirled a small orb of ice that he had made from water in a puddle. He was a master at controlling all forms of water, with a few exceptions.
Hekuin was waiting for some poor lost soul to stumble into the forest, unawares of the dangers it held. Bored, he had climbed a tree the overhung the winding path, and sat down. As his ball of ice began to melt in his clawed grip, he simply re-froze the water and twitched his horse-like tail impatiently. Re-adjusting himself on the branch, he scanned the road stretched out below him.
Hekuin was one of the twelve Zodiac Knights, and he had been given the nickname 'Aquarius' for his abilities. Currently, he was without orders -or at least any orders he cared to follow- and he was simply wasting time. He planned on going back to meet the others later, but right now he was simply slaking off and dodging work.
With a sigh, Hekuin stood up on the thick branch. "Damn it. If nothing happens soon, then I'll have to go back." he whined to himself. He hated boredom just as much as he hated work. Lobbing his chunk of ice against a tree, he grinned as a few startled crows flew up into the air, cawing loudly as they went. Following them with his eyes, he caught a glimpse of white against the sky as a large creature flew overhead in the direction of the Kingdom of the Earth. With another smirk, he put his hands on his hips and watched the large feathered shape as it flew. "This might be interesting. I wonder where the birdie will land?" he thought aloud to the silent forest behind him.
Before Hekuin could go anywhere, he heard a laud noise. A deep call that pulled on his very soul and mind. Instantly, he knew why he was being called and he remembered that there was work to be done. With a sigh, he turned to face the Hollow Forest and jumped off his branch. Hands in his pockets, he grudgingly walked into the creeping darkness; thinking of the adventure that had been lost.

׺°”˜`”°º× •.••۰• •●•.• ׺°”˜`”°º×
The road I walk is paved in Gold, To glorify my platinum soul.
I am the closest thing to God, So worship me and never stop~
The wretched blood runs through my veins, I gave up everything for fame!
I am lie that you adore~ Now feed the Яɪɔн, and ℱ*ℭҜ the poor!
This is entertainment! ♩♪♫ Lies are entertainment! ♪♫♬
You are down on your knees ~ Begging me for more!

׺°”˜`”°º× ׺°”˜`”°º×

Mood: Bored -> Irked
Items: Usual Outfit
Location: Hollow Forest ~ Outside ~ Sitting in a tree
Actions: Twirling a snowball -> Walking
Music: Don't Stop by InterPartySystem
People: N/A
Out of Chaos:(( ^.^ ))
User Image

Kajito "The Lone Flame" Besigan

The whispers of the wind brought forth news from the outside world, drawing words and knowledge into the depths of the forest...to a place none could reach, be it by earth, ground, or sky. Within this sealed area was a small clearing where an elvish home had been place. The animals were eager to bring small fruits and berries to this place, always willing to please the man who saved so many of them. It was such a man that strolled calmly out of his home.

Kajito Besigan, or known as the Lone Flame to the commoners, ran his hand through his newly crimson hair. His apparel had updated over the months, permitting him a more modernized look. He had also reconstructed some of his facial features via his spiritual magics. It was with these same magics that his sword was constructed of. The long katana hung down at his waist, shining brightly in the rays of the sun.

It was such a peaceful day. Turning his gaze from the sky, the elf would settle his eyes onto a sword placed atop a small shrine of rocks. Inscribed in the stone was the following:

Here Lies Zeddius Raul,

Beloved Father and Husband

Brother-in Combat

War Wizard

And Friend

The sword itself was nothing short of glorious. It was only matched in its physical beauty by the beauty of the soul that resided with it. Opening his palm, a faint glow of magic would surround the elf's hand as he approached. He set this same palm against the flat of the blade and closed his eyes. Once more, he would enter the spiritual realm that Zeddius's soul resided in; his slumber.

~Spirit Realm~

Kajito would appear in a similar forest to the one that he left. Heightening his hearing for a moment, he would seek out the familiar sounds and smells that would lead him to the grove in which the man was. He walked with calm, even steps towards where he sensed the man. As he neared, he cupped his hands over his mouth and yelled out, "Hey Zeddius! Are you here, you damned wizard?!"

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