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Thought patterns OOC:

The way we talk,
the way we walk.
Its all different but in the end,
We are just chalk waiting to be washed away by the coming storms.

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David smiled as they came to a stop, he then looked at Riven when he knocked on the door. He looked around and kept his head down, twiddling his fingers and thumbs. he kept his eyes on his hands and the ground, "Well just because there is no moisture in the air does not mean that once we get inside there will be no moisture in there. The A.C unit has to put off water as a result of cooling, and the water pipes that run through the building. Rain equals fun." He said smiling slightly at the thought of making it rain inside.
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Angela Negami "Dr. Nagi"
Head of the Chimera Project

"Test subjects should learn their place."

x ≺ ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════
x ≺ ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════

Well, he turned them on, but that didn't get rid of the unease she was feeling. Nagi casually walked over to the TV as if she'd turn it off, but stopped on the other side. There was a light switch that would turn the lights on full power when flipped. Safety first. "Well, the more dangerous one that I'm worried about makes the veins in your feet swell and pop out a bit, so take of your shoes and we-oh, you don't have any. well, that'll make checking easier. This poison is a weapon the government has been developing to take down people suspected of terrorism or to get into high-security facilities outside of the country or into well-guarded bases. Just imagine, infecting a security guard or several before they're on shift, then when they're at work, they fall down dead as a door nail. The army would be able to slip in unnoticed and reduce casualties on our side," she chuckled. "The second, less dangerous and more painful later on, causes a rash on the back. It'll start to itch in another day and when you scratch it, it burns like fire. It'll spread to most of your body if not treated. Just wait till it gets to your crotch. STDs has got nothing on what this one will do. So in other words, just strip down to your boxers... or briefs. Briefs just aren't as cool or sexy as boxers."

Most of that was a lie as well; well, the second illness. the first poison was really being developed somewhere. But more importantly, potentially naked man who's yummy eye-candy. This is a major plus, even if he might kill her. Also, a bonus, light is more effective the more naked a Darkling is. Tada! Two birds, one stone! Also, she really didn't trust that this guy hadn't turned. He wasn't as... shy and polite as before. Well, he was polite, but not in the "please-don't-be-angry" polite. Now he was more outgoing.

x ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ >
x ═══════════════════════════════════════════════════════════ >

"If you don't stand with me or belong to me, get out of my way."
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Ѧ Alyria Saphone Ѧ
Ѧ Unstable Prototype Ѧ

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“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

Alyria smiled when Aurora introduced herself, "Nice to meet you, Aurora," Alyria said, smiling slightly more now that she was more sure that they meant no harm. When Alyria noticed Aurora looking at her strangely, she didn't mind. She knew well enough that most people were disturbed by her childish demeanor at first, but they either got used to it, or they would leave her alone. Alyria soon glanced down at her wings, noticing that when they were relaxed, they were definately noticible. If she pulled them in tight enough, you couldn't see most of them, but even then if you looked close enough they were apparent. Alyria sighed, she had had this jacket for a while and she would definately need a new one. She frowned to herself, jackets were the hardest to steal, maybe if she could come across some money she could buy a new one. When Alyria came back to reality after thinking for a few moments, she looked up and noticed that Aurora had begun to walk away. Alyria hurridley caught up to her, "So, where are we going?' Alyria asked, still smiling, seeming happy and at ease unlike her attitude before.

What you call insane, I call normal.

Death by Stapler
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The sounds of Darkness echo within my mind...
Tainted Black, coarse and unrefined...
\~|~//Faris – Darkling Experiment\~|~//

..Will I break this Evil bind?...
Or will my Soul be lost to it's kind?...

Faris frowned, perplexed at what Nagi was telling him. He had to strip? He wasn't wearing any underwear, the only thing given to him to wear in the labs was this black jumpsuit thing, which was torn and disgusting from many days in the jungle and from the explosion in the lab. Not that he cared if she saw him naked anyways. "Alright, Ms.Nagi, but may I have a bath after this? I haven't bathed since 2 days before the lab exploded, and the lab exploded 3 days ago. Also some new clothes would be nice, if it isn't too much to ask." He said, politely, but his tone was smooth and serious, as if it wasn't a request and more of a command. He unzipped the front of his jumpsuit, slipping out of it and letting it fall in a pile at his feet. He wasn't wearing any underwear. He looked slightly annoyed at Nagi, mostly because he was forcing himself not to attack; he would cause hell for her later, but right now he wasn't very powerful. His neone blue eyes were piercing; he didn't enjoy demeaning himself in such a way. He smiled though; she probably hadn't expected him to be wearing nothing underneath his torn jumpsuit. "You're staring. Do you like what you see, Doctor?" He asked with a grin; perhaps her reaction would be worth the humiliation.
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Tessa Night 𝔄𝔯𝔱𝔢𝔪𝔦𝔰

"Well, what are you talking about, 'betrayed'?"

Artemis lead Crona to the street where she managed to hail a cab (mind control might've been used.) She got in, told the driver an address a block away from where she was trying to go. She paid the caby, and walked towards the address. It was gated (of course) but she mearly grabbed Crona's wrist and teleported in, managing to miss bushes and trees. She then walked calmly up to the door, ringing the bell, before moving away from the door so she wouldn't be seen. She was going to have fun with this.

"you were the one who, in the end, was foolish enough to trust me"

((ooc: ))
((outfit: same as picture))
((Trick and Treat))

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Eternal Spring Laboratories Director Joseph Rom

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"What did you have in mind?"

Jacob Hazard, Experiment X23-B

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"This book caontains the way to rule an entire country, without needing force. Basicly, to steal an entire country. And the only way we can survive, is to fight. I was forced to kill the king, by P. Zero, who said if i didn't, a war would start."
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David Matthew Patterson

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David just listened as Jacob talked with Deimon and Susagi. He would have like to check on Devin and Mack to see what progress they had made, but he was already in too dangerous without having part of himself out of his body. Also he was still waiting on an answer from Lia about her crash landing. Though he was happy to finally learn about some of the history of his adopted family. Though as far as he could see the killing of the old King did nothing to stop a war. He had done pretty of video game research and in situations like this there was always more ways for a war to start.

Experiment #45SI-65EEH
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Erica Johnson

Erica searched through the bushes before her in attempt to find more round things, but there didn't seem to be anymore. There were however some speckled fragments of something around the bush area, like something had broken apart. Looking down at the little bundle in her hands, she twitched her ears, wondering whether it was a fancy rock or something just more than that. Just then, Tegan swooped in behind her and she turned to greet her with an excited smile on her face. She mentioned something about Xin, although she was much too giddy to pay attention to any other words. Thankfully, the bird girl noticed what was in her hands and pointed at it, giving her the perfect opportunity to pull back the leaves and show her the treasure hidden underneath. "Oooh!'Rock?" she asked Tega, 'oooh' being the only describing sound she'd really mastered yet. Since couch, bad, losing, you, fly, run, don't, no, can and none of their names seemed to fit, it was the only thing she could use.

((I'm trying to remember Erica's current vocabulary and I can't help but think I'm forgetting some. I know the last time she learned some words is probably 50 pages back by now, but if you remember let my know.))
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Silver Death Okami Kyu
The jungle is closed, dude.))

ill edit
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Riven James Hoffmeister

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Riven chuckled as he shook his head, "Sorry to tell you this but I believe the A/C is busted in this building or parts were stolen out of it long ago. Though there is still running water, and a good rain every now and then would be lovely for the plants that are inhabiting most of it now." He looked at the door and frowned, it didn't seem like Aurora and Victor had made it back yet. And that troubled him, the only thing that could make them stop would be if it was another person from the labs. He wasn't sure what the chances would be though of it not being a hunter, but he had no choice. He had to wait for now. "Well it doesn't exactly look like the others are back yet. If they don't arrive in a few hours then we will have to go out looking for them. And if the labs ended up grabbing them, well you can stay behind if you want but I will be going in after them."

Prototype #26AP-24AEH
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No! I-I don't know...

Crona followed silently along Artemis. He was very nervous. Very. VERY. Nervous. Crona tilted his head slightly when Artemis rang the doorbell. The house itself was rather nice, but the doorbell played a rather grim tone. And then she ran. Artemis hid, making it seem as if Crona had rung the bell. "What did I do to deserve this?" Crona said to himself. Almost immediately after, a rather muscular man answered the door. He was wearing a full tuxedo, similar to what a butler would wear, but it was much too small for him. It displayed his muscles quite a bit, and was likely the reason for wearing the tux. "Vhat is it!? Mrs (I forget the last name) is NOT accepting visitors at zis time. Make it quick!" The muscular man barked. He had a slight German accent, and Crona wondered why this man would be hired. Crona opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. "Vait, how did you get passed ze gates? Zey vere closed, so you're trespassing! Out vit you, at vonce!" The man yelled, then picked up Crona by the neck, and took about seven steps before he stopped. A large pool of shadows had formed beneath his feet. The man dropped Crona, who quickly regained himself. A look of terror spread across the man's face as a series of demonic sounds could be heard from the shadow pool. Crona had a sheepish, yet psychotic, smile on his face as shadows literally EVISCERATED the man. The strips of torn flesh and clothes then sank into the shadow pool, which soon after disappeared. Crona chuckled slightly, one of his hands covering his face. Ragnarok was laughing hysterically. "W-why? Why, Artemis?" Crona said difficultly through laughter.

...how to deal with that!

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ℂɑsҏiaɴ "ℂɑsҏҽr" Ålҽϰɑɴdҽr Ӄɴighϯ
The Vampire King of the North and Western Territory

▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫

Elizabeth did as told, conjuring up dark-mater butterflies which flew about their bodies, radiating a purple glow and floating dust while in his office, Caspian opened his eyes. He had a nightmare but he didn't cry. He didn't even know when he fell asleep. Was it during or after his mother's visit? He narrowed his eyes at the wall and stood up, marching to his bedroom. Something smelled fishy about all this. However, inside Natasha was asleep on his mother's lap, looking like she was going to cry. He smirked but for some reason, didn't want to. ...Annoying.

Elizabeth looked up at him. "Something you need?"

"Did you put me to sleep?" he growled.

"You looked like you needed it."

"I feel more tired now than before."

"Then go to sleep. You've done quite a lot of work already."

"If I sleep, I'll dream again. I don't want to continue or restart the dream I just had."

"Oh? What was it about?"

"Annoying clowns riding pink elephants," he lied.

"...Will you tell her about Hana? Natasha,I mean. She's curious, there's nothing wrong with that. She should at least know why you nearly killed her for so much as mentioning my daughter."

"She doesn't need to know. What happened isn't important. It's past and nothing will change that."

"...You could change."

"I've no reason to." He turned away, "now leave."

Elizabeth nodded and left, leaving the two alone. When his mother was gone, he turned to look back at Natasha for a moment, staring at her face. He didn't know why he did it, but he walked over to her and scooped her up in his arms, careful not to injure her further. Caspian carried her over to the bed and set her down, and pulled the covers over her. He walked over to the dresser and removed his suit, slipping into another pair of pajama pants, this time, emerald ones. The King ran his fingers through his hair as he looked in the dresser mirror, thinking.

▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪ ▫ ▪

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Tegan Alexis Hollingbery
Experiment: ASTAE-50472
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Don't be so loud and violent; a guy needs some peace and quiet every now and then. Even if that "guy" is a girl with wings, the natural ability to control plants, and is able to turn off her emotions and become a killing machine....


Tegan frowned when Erica seemed to be too excited to have any idea what she had just said about returning to Xin and Autumn. Though at her question of the egg, Erica held it out and called an "Oooh rock". That was one way to describe it.... "Erica, that is an egg. Egg." Trying to expand Erica's vocab a bit more, she pointed to the egg when she repeated the word. "Now, we should fly back, Autumn had me come and get you." Hopefully she would be able to put "fly" and "Autumn" together.


((ooc: The egg's new name is Eggica ninja ))
((21 Guns))
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You're not one of us,don't ya know?
You don't fit in from head to your toe.
Why don't you just run away?

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Kyu the snow leopard, deadly as the come, cold as solid ice.

Pinning him down, gently nibbling on his neck, then looked deeply into his eyes, as her hair slowly fell to the side. " Perhaps, something that will give us both unlimited pleasure.." Tracing his chin softly with her clawed finger.


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