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Arowen’s snark was quickly reprimanded by Salvador as the horse exited his stall and swished his tail at the right moment to give his master a face-full of the black and white hairs. ‘Course this only made the man laugh as he fixed his now ruffled red hair. “Oh, too early for you to put up with me Sal? Well, I could always leave you here and take a carriage-” The comment was cut off when he saw the closest thing to a pout a horse could make stare him down. Arowen had to purse his lips to keep himself from smirking, “-or I can go into town on the back of the most handsome equestrian in all of the Northern Kingdom.” He stepped up in front of Salvador and nuzzled his face into the velvety hairs on the horse’s snout, basking in the hot breath exhaled, warming his cheeks.

“Well come on then, let’s get you ready!” Arowen lead Salvador out, snagging the grooming satchel hanging on the wall by the door. “We’ll be heading out to the Neutral Ground.” The redhead stated as he paused and positioned the black and white equine so he could be groomed. He grabbed the curry comb from the satchel and started running it along Salvador’s flank, removing dirt and loose hairs from the patterned coat.

“In a week, we have the Day of Truce-” Salvador turned his head at this and stared at him questioningly, Arowen shrugged his shoulders as if in a way of saying ‘I didn’t pick the name’ and continued talking, “It’s the annual festival of peace. All the kingdoms come together to celebrate with a week-long festival preceding the Day of Truce at the Neutral Ground.”

He ran his hand along the shine-smoothed coat of his stallion, nodding at his hard work as he traded the curry comb for a soft brush and moved to stand in front of Salvador to groom his face and neck. “At the end of the week, the night after the Masquerade Ball is held, Father and the other Sovereigns will renew the Peace Treaty, thus ensuring another year of peace between the Four Kingdoms.” Arowen planted a kiss on the horse’s white muzzle and ruffled the black and white hairs that fell over a long forehead. ”I think I’ll do some small braids for your mane. Perish the thought if I let you trot around with an unkempt mane and tail like some savage!”

At this, the stallion bobbed his head up and down as he stamped his front hooves, sending his mane in a flurry of black and white. When he was done with his ‘savagery’, he stood, full and proud, in front of his master, with his mane tangled and in disarray. Arowen pursed his lips once more, though his shining ice blue eyes showed the laughter he was keeping in.

“Alright, you win, but I’ll have you know, I’m not letting you leave here with you mane looking like that.” Arowen dug around in the grooming satchel and pulled out the dandy brush before staring down his equine with his hands on his hips. “I’ll not have any other stallion look better than my Salvador. Let alone let any mares see you.” At the mention of mares, Salvador hastily bowed his head to let his master fix the rat nest that was his mane. “That’s what I thought.”

When he was done with his task, Arowen ran his fingers through Salvador’s now smoothed mane. He grabbed a few strands of hair and began working several small, loose braids into the mix, tying each one off with a small tear-drop ruby, showing his status as a Noble Equestrian from the Northern Kingdom. “There,” Arowen rapped his knuckles against Salvador’s jaw, “You’re all done, Handsome.”


ϢϦёrё iᴤ Ⱥroϣên? Court Yard of the Horse Stalls
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Often times throughout the course of Rowland's life, he had found himself taking responsibility for the good and actions of those around him. When he and his siblings were young, he would take blame for a broken vase or spilt drink knowing that his punishment would be less severe than theirs. When his father's kingdom was under attack by neighboring forces, he led the army into battle; victory or loss, the outcome resting on Rowland's shoulders. Once again, Rowland found himself in such a situation, mentally taking on the responsibility for the group. Though his siblings weren't fully aware of the situation at hand, it was not on a mere whim that the children of all the royal families were being called to Regia Pacem for this year's treaty signing. The weight of the treaty was wavering, the peaceful discourse between kingdoms faltering. Each respective kingdom lacked faith in this year's treaty, something had to be done. Rowland wasn't sure what, and that is what bothered him. He feared the worst, a full out war.

Rowland sat at the window cill of the room set up for him, staring out at the land below. The lack of a large body of water struck a chord in him, he just couldn't get used to it. Sure, there was a river or two near by, but no fresh, salty air or white sanded beaches to spend his time. The only time he had spent away from home was during battle, and even then he had no time to think of being homesick. Here, he had nothing but time to think of what he was missing. His full lips parted to let out a heavy, thoughtful sigh. He was wasting time thinking about something to petty as missing the ocean, there were much greater things at hand.

Rowland had pleaded with his father to explain to him what was going on, but he refused. The eldest son of the family knew enough about foreign relations to know something was wrong, but he didn't know what to do about it. The burden of figuring it out was Rowland's alone, not wanting to scare or concern his siblings until he knew for sure. He could just feel something was afoot.

Another deep sigh exited his lungs as he sat up from his spot by the window cill, running a hand through his dark chestnut locks. He couldn't bare to sit around helplessly and dwell on what was to come, he had to occupy himself somehow. He exited his room and began to wander the unfamiliar castle, hoping to run into a familiar face. Soon enough he had found himself at the entrance of the castle, nothing a familiar silhouette standing outside. Rowland was about to advance toward his sister, but noticed a blonde girl heading out the door before him, bumping into his sibling. He observed the exchange momentarily, careful to see that Clara was not causing trouble for the blonde girl. . . and vice versa of course. Seeing that the conversation seemed civil, he didn't want to intrude, so he continued his aimless wandering about the castle. It seemed many of the royal children hadn't arrived at the neutral ground yet, Rowland's solitude only making him progressively anxious.

WHERE: Neutral ground, Castle hallways || WHO: Alone || WHY: Anxious pacing || MOOD: Uneasy

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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Yvette of The Southern Kingdom, Youngest of the Royal Family

            Politics were the absolute last subject in Yvette's mind at the moment as she tried to muster up patience, argument that had been slowly building in volume escalated tenfold. Her fists clenched, the young princess batted away the shawl that was thrown at her by the maidservant who had been alarmed but polite initially but whose strict ways clashed horribly with Yvette's stubbornness and who high pitched screech was berating the girl. "Shut your trap, old woman! Are you as much an idiot as you look?" She finally burst out, tossing brown hair over her shoulder in frustration as she exited the hallway, scanning the larger passages for some glimpse of blue sky and land not covered in stone. But her escape plan was short lived as the maid followed after her, tugging at her arm and yammering on. "Indecent dress....exposed...wholly improper... like a harlot...!" Yvette had drowned out most of the wrinkled woman's rant until a snatch of the last phrase caught her attention and gray-green eyes flashed dangerously, her smaller frame pulling away from the gnarled hand and placing hands on her hips, clear attitude in the pose.

            "Listen and listen well, servant." She said in her best authoritative tone, modeled after her eldest brother Rowland's dignified way of articulating. She lacked his respectful air though so it sounded even more confrontational. "This is what ladies of the Southern Kingdom go swimming in. Do you expect us to wear full dresses in the ocean? No, we would drown in no time." Gesturing to her clothing animatedly, she gave the maid a look like she was daring the lady to argue with her. Now, if Yvette had taken time to think it through instead of getting mad, she would have been able to understand that a tight bathing suit that cut off high on her thigh to give her room to kick and barely covered more than a third of her body was rather inappropriate so far from the sea and the surf. In her mind it was natural as ever to be so exposed and since she was not prone to considering the other side of an argument, her frustration just grew as the maid shook her head animatedly and tried to pull Yvette back into the greater interior of the castle. "No! Hands off." The brunette demanded, rolling her eyes and making a break for it, rounding the corner to see some voice of reason walking about.

            Looking back, she saw the woman huffing and puffing to keep up with the sprightly seventeen year old and Yvette's mind went to her brother in a millisecond. "Rowland!" The brunette called to her eldest brother, storming up to him with a disagreeable look on her face. "Can you please tell this ridiculous idiot that I am not walking around in underwear? She keeps screaming at me...ugh I hate this place so much. Couldn't Mother and Father have dealt with all this stupid treaty stuff themselves and left us at home? There isn't even a lake nearby, just a river or two." Gearing up to rant again, she cast a glare at the maid who was now speaking to Rowland instead. "Please, Sir. The Princess is dressed highly inappropriately. She is practically wearing underwear in public! I tried to explain to her that she cannot go out wearing just that, she could be attacked or worse." The old lady's aged voice was just as shrill when calmed as it was when yelling, making Yvette wrinkle her nose in annoyance at the whole situation.

ucinda ye
Northern Kingdom

Hang my head. Drown my fear.

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The sooner you accept this, the sooner you can move on.

Lucinda glared bitterly at the ceiling, in denial of the facts she knew to be true. Yesterday, a cat challenged her to a race across the rooftops in the city. Never one to back down from a challenge, especially from an animal, she gave it her all, pushing herself to jump farther and run faster than she had ever before. Even though you won, cat, it doesn’t matter, Lucinda thought, because at the end of the day, you’re still a cat.
She uncrossed her arms from over her chest and rubbed at her eyes, pushing down her bedcovers with an angry huff, and rubbed at her right leg. She then reluctantly sat up and swung her legs over the side of her bed, and then slowly tried to ease into a standing position. She hissed and bared her teeth, willing her ankles to support her weight despite the pain flaring up her legs. Once she finally was standing up without any support from the bed, she let a triumphant smile grace her face. She walked (slowly) towards the door, her triumphant smile turning into a smug grin. This doesn’t even hurt that bad. She casually glanced at the light being cast in the hall. It looked like outside was bright, but not terribly so. Yay. She took a confident step out of her door… and crumpled to the floor as soon as her foot hit the ground.
Lucinda growled under her breath, her anger building and her patience disintegrating quickly. Stupid cat. Stupid gravity. And where the hell were those servants?!
With complete disregard for anyone who might be sleeping, which was probably everyone, Lucinda then proceeded to cup a hand near her mouth and shriek, “SOMEONE DRAW ME A HOT BATH NOW!”
She slowly crawled to the wall in pain, trying to hoist herself up with the wall’s help. Her success was short-lived as she slowly felt herself sliding back down. Exasperated, Lucinda quit trying to avoid the inevitable and just stood up, grimacing in pain. She stormed down the hallway, pushing her nightgown up on her shoulder. She turned the corner when saw a maid cleaning a floor-length mirror.
“You,” She snapped, pointing an accusing finger at the woman. “You heard me. Draw a hot bath for me.”
The woman stammered and curtsied, putting the rag she was using down. “B-but, your highness, I ha-”
Now.” The woman meekly nodded and scurried past her. Lucinda scoffed and crossed her arms over her chest. She noticed her reflection out of the corner of her eye, and tried really hard not to look at it.

Until you all just disappear...

Mood: The human language has not yet created words that can adequately describe the intensity of my rage.
Location: Northern Castle - Hallway
With: Certainly not a servant drawing a bath for me, that's for sure!

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Putting the grooming satchel back on the hook in the stalls, Arowen grabbed his riding cloak and fastened it around his neck. It was not necessary for him to wear, as the weather was rather agreeable, but it was long and would cover up the fact that he was not riding in a saddle, the last thing he needed was one of the servants or any of his siblings reporting to mother that he was riding bareback. What mother doesn’t know won’t hurt her. He smoothed out the shoulders on the cloak and turned to Salvador, “Now that you’re all gussied up, what do you think of me?” He spread his arms out to show off his outfit.

There wasn’t much to be desired.

The riding cloak had seen better days. Its color, which had originally been a deep red, had faded with time and held a grayish, sun-bleached ting to it, and the bottom hem was worn down with age from dragging and being snagged on foliage. His tunic was a soft crème and that was all there was to it. The riding breeches were beige with black in-lining stitched on the inner thighs, groin, and rump, and one who knew a lick of knowledge about horseback riding could easily see how well-worn they were just by looking at the black in-lining- though, that person would likely be seen as staring at his breeches for a completely different reason than to tell how old they were. Lastly, there was his side-lace black leather riding boots. They were the only thing he wore that looked of any value, yet still, even they showed wear from the mud caking on the instep to the unpolished scuffed toes.

Salvador, the ever loyal beast he was, looked at his master but for a brief second before burying his large muzzle where neck met shoulder and mouthed at the flesh there. Arowen laughed and hugged his friend around his thick neck. “You sure know how to charm ‘em, Sal.” He smiled fondly as he stepped away, pulling out his leather hair-thong from his pocket to tie up his long, red hair. “If I could just find a human version of you, then I could die happy.” Arowen laughed again at the face Salvador pulled. It was one he knew well; ‘You actually think you can find anyone better then me?’

“No matter how great in bed you’d be, I can’t marry you, Sal. What would the neighbors think?” The redhead smirked as he patted his equine friend on the flank. Said equine seem to roll his deep brown eyes before gracefully kneeling down to allow his master to mount his back, as he was too tall- or rather, his master too short- for him to simply swing his leg up and over as easily as one would be able to if he was saddled.

Once settled, Salvador rose to his feet and, once Arowen re-arranged his cloak to cover up his lap and Sal’s back before gently grasping a fist full of black and white hair at the base of his neck, set off down the stone cobbled path to the main gate.

“Off to the Festival, My Lord?” One of the guards at the gate asked as they approached.

Arowen smile sweetly. “Yes, I’d like to get to the merchants in time to snag a few trinkets I’ve had my eyes on.”

The guard returned the smile, though it was slightly roguish. “Will you be needing an escort? The times have been harsh lately; never know what sorts of people are out there running unchecked.”

At this, Arowen schooled his features and held his head higher. “I am quite capable of handling myself. And I doubt any unmentionable would dare cross Salvador’s path.” He patted the stallion’s neck, who stamped his front hooves in warning. A small smile returned to the redhead’s lips, “But thank you for being so concerned.” And with that, Salvador strutted out the gate.

It wasn’t long after they were out of sight from the guards that the two exchanged a knowing look. Grasping another fist full of hair in a tighter grip, Arowen locked his knees into the hard muscles of Salvador’s flanks and held himself up so his body was parallel to the one under him. “Unleash Hell, my dear.”

The only thing left in sight was a cloud of dust.

ϢϦёrё iᴤ Ⱥroϣên? North Road to the Neutral Ground

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxϢϦаϯ iᴤ Ⱥroϣên Ɗѳiƞᶃ? RacingRiding Salvador without a saddle [Naughty!]

Ҥoϣ Ⱥroϣên ƑёёƖᴤ: Playful/Excited

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Clara Elizabeth Meridiem
Southern Kingdom
Middle Daughter

The brunette princess was still standing carelessly in the doorway when she felt her whole body suddenly jostled by another running in to hers. It is only thanks to a life spent on and off boats that she was able to keep her balance. Hearing a muttered voice, Clara turned to look at the person who was apologizing for accosting her, granted she was standing in the middle of the doorway but that is neither here nor there. She was just about to open her mouth when words seemed to stall on her lips. Whoa. Those eyes are really…blue.The brunette’s mind just could not get over seeing that startling shade of the color.

It took a minute more than the princess was used to, to shake away the trance that she had put her in. It took a few minutes after that she was finally able to comprehend that the blonde woman who had walked into her had complimented her dress. Looking down at what she was wearing she raised an eyebrow. She was about to respond to the seemingly out of nowhere comment, but chose to stay silent if only to see what else the woman in front of her would say. It didn’t take long for her to speak again, or at least part of her body to. All intrigue that the green eyed woman had held for the woman in front of her vanished at the sound coming from the blonde’s stomach and the blush that immediately painted her cheeks. Great another frail noble who doesn’t eat. Most likely more concerned with looking good then anything else.

A fine eyebrow still raised, the southern princess simply tilted her head in the way of mock listening she had learned worked best with those of rank she was forced to be polite too. The blue eyed woman apologized before correctly telling her what family the blonde thought she was a part of. Clever girl, being able to deduce what family I am from just by looking at my dress. There might just be more to her than appears. Clara’s own observation was confirmed a second later when the blonde dropped all pretenses and spoke, using words that proper young noble’s would never use. Still the phrasing was enough to surprise her and allow her to drop the act she was about to use.

“It really is a maze. It took a maid thankfully coming down a hallway for me to finally find my way off my floor and out here.” Exasperation filled slightly amused green eyes as she once again looked over her companion. So maybe not another wannabe princess, trying to starve herself into marriage with a too pretty boy. Maybe.. The brunette appraised the other woman with new eyes. “ I would be more than happy to help you find it, or at least someone who can point us in the right direction. Really they should draw up maps for those who are forced to stay here for a time. And yes I am a member of the Meridiem family. My name is Clara.” Rather than curtsey which proper etiquette would dictate she simple moved so that her companion would be able to slip though the door before her.
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αrianna ynn wyrain

Youngest Daughter
The Eastern Kingdom


Arianna could make out her brother's body, which had gone rigid after he seemed to realize it was his youngest sister that he knocked down. His expression was schooled, she noted, but it seemed that the wheels were turning in his head, a massive device that contained his temper being set in motion. The teenager could only pray she wouldn't get an earful for not being dressed properly, let alone being in the servants' hall. 'I guess this means I won't be able to make those rolls before going over to the Neutral Grounds,' the blonde mentally pouted to herself, disappointed that her plans for the morning were thwarted. A puzzled expression made it's way onto the girl's features. 'Wait, why is brother looking at me like that?'

It was like someone reached into her chest and squeezed her heart, the feeling of dread making her lungs feel constricted. 'He doesn't know, does he? He can't possibly, I've been so careful!' The oldest of the Dwyrain siblings went to help Arianna to her feet, causing the girl to give a small smile. Though she may have been teased for it occasionally, she really did admire her eldest brother; he was always looking out for her and rescuing her from all sorts of mishaps, like the time she got lost in a flock of sheep that were grazing when she was five. Then there was the time she climbed up a particularly tall tree when she was nine, all to return a fallen bird nest to it's perch, before she lost her footing and tumbled down a few branches. She had cried and cried until her brother came to her aid. There were countless times she was the perfect damsel in distress for her brother to hone his knightly skills.

Of course, she was always grateful when any of her family or the guards came to her aid, but she often wondered what would happen if she didn't have them, or if she was just a little more careful.

Now standing, the blonde-haired youth tilted her head slightly, giving a puzzled expression. "Don't be vulgar, Clayton. I don't think I'm that oblivious." No, she wasn't, certainly not after there was a boy that worked in the stables when she was sixteen that tried to manhandle her when she came in to nap in one of the piles of hay. She never felt so ashamed in all her life, even though another stablehand heard her shrieks and hauled the boy off of her. She had begged for no one else to be told on what had happened, even though it had been just a bit of fondling through her garments. From then on, she made sure not to go into places unless there were plenty of witnesses.

Back onto the subject at hand. "Well, Skye got to leave last night by herself!" The royal argued, her brow furrowing just the slightest. She wasn't really all that mad, but she didn't want to be led through her entire life. Then again, she didn't want to be all by her lonesome. Her slender hands ran over her nightgown, ridding it of any wrinkles or flecks of dirt that sullied the cloth's surface. "Um, though, I wouldn't mind spending the time with you, brother. I seem to be seeing less and less of you lately." Her tone had an edge of hurt to it, hoping just a bit to lead Clayton into a guilt trip. It would serve him right for...doing whatever it is he's been up to! She hadn't realized she has been worrying her bottom lip through her teeth, fingers now twirling strands of her golden hair as if it were the most wonderful past time while she glanced an an uninteresting spot on the floor.

Where I'm At: Home, in the servants hallXXWho I'm With: Clayton XXWhat I'm Wearing: Good Morning~ XXHow I'm Feeling: Shocked, compliant
◄▬▬▬▬▬▬◘ Annabelle Jade Aquilonem
Northern Kingdom

Eldest daughter

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Annabelle was excited to see that there were other people out an about in town. It made her feel less crazy to think it was nice enough of a day to go about town and sample some items and hopefully find something to take home. Belles made was walking at a fair enough speed beside her that she didn't have to slow down. She saw how others in town interacted with others and wished that she could act the same. But Belle wasn't just shy, she was half scared to death that she would say the wrong thing or act the wrong way and someone just wouldn't talk to anymore. Which was partially why she didn't talk much. There was fair wind blowing, and Belle checked her bun under her hat just to make sure it was still intact. Her dress was flowing fairly nice. She was glad she had warn the pale blue dress today. It didn't always go the best with her hair, the curse of red, Belle had hidden it under her hat for the most part today.

The first stand Belle visited had beautiful flowers, but they didn't smell as pretty as they were. That simply wouldn't do for Belle, who expressed most of her self through what she did rather than what she said. She let her maid visit other stands on her own, staying close for property sake of course. Regardless if Belle was almost too old for that to matter any longer. On top of that, if her maid felt too close to Belle, she would feel like she would have to say something, to try and carry the conversation. Belle would much rather her maid wonder on her own, and pressure be gone. "These paints are absolutely beautiful, what did you make them from?" Belle said in a soft voice, just barely above a whisper. It was true, this persons flowers weren't much for her to long after, but the brightness of the paints were to die for. "From special berries and flowers, smell them, not only are they pretty, but the smell just like a sunny day in the berry field." Belle leaned forward and gave a soft smell, her eyes closed. The girl was right, it was amazing. Much better then the flowers she had on display.

Paints in her satchel, Belle was on to another stand seeing what they had. They didn't have flowers so she didn't think she'd be there long, but a smile was on her face and the day was starting out just fine. This booth did have some lovely fans, and Belle took her time to look through and examine the quality of each and every one of them. The weather was perfect without a fan, so Belle had left hers at home. But if the weather were to change, she knew exactly where to come to get a beautiful one. After all a girl could never have enough fans. And with that leaving a smile on her face Belle moved to the next booth.

Talking to: Shop Keepers
Headed to: In the Neural Zone
Mood: Calm/happy

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Rowland proceeded to wander the halls, peering into a few of the rooms he passed to satisfy his curiosity. The neutral ground's castle was just so dull! Rowland was not one to complain about any trivial, but he couldn't even entertain the thought of being stuck here as long as the treaty processions lasted. But, his boredom was soon pierced by a familiar voice calling out his name.

Rowland paused, nonchalantly slipping his hands into his pockets as he looked down the hallway to see the source of the voice. Just as he had leaned forward to extend his vision, peeling around the corner at top speed came his sister, followed by a clearly flustered maid. His eyes narrowed as he stood up straight, taking a moment to address the situation. What could possibly be the matter, had Yvette offended the help already? Then a cog shifted into place in Rowland's mind as he glanced downward, noting his sisters attire. Rowland groaned inwardly, a hand lifting his his face to pinch the bridge of his nose, a habit he had when stressed. As his sister drew closer and began to speak, Rowland nodded his head, though his expression read clearly that he disapproved. Just as he opened his mouth to speak, the poor old woman who had chased his sister halfway across the castle began to plead her case, making it clear she had nothing but the best intentions. Rowland crossed to the woman, placing a hand gently on her shoulders, having to lean down a bit to do so. "Ma'am I truely appreciate your concern, you have to pardon us. The south is. . . a very different place with different customs," he said with a small yet charming smile, "There is no need to worry yourself over it, I will adress the situation". The old woman, while still wearing a face of concern, seemed to have been won over by Rowland, hurrying on her way down the hall.

Rowland now turned to face his sister, pulling his black jacket off of his broad shoulders as he did so. "Yvette, you have to remember that we are not at home," he said in a stern, yet loving tone, "Of course I understand why you're wearing the swim suit but no one else here does so. . ." he continued, looking down at her attire (quite an uncomfortable thing for an older brother to do) "People are going to assume you're running around in your underwear". He proceeded to wrap his jacket around her shoulders, attempting to at least cover her breasts, which were far more exposed than he was comfortable with even when they were at home. Yvette was his baby sister after all! "And would it really be so horrible if you found one that left a little more to the imagination" he added in an almost pleading tone. Despite their rather significant age difference, Rowland and Yvette were very close. Of course, he was close to and cared for all of his siblings, but the relationship he had with Yvie was unique. He was extremely protective of her because she was so young, and the nature of personality called a lot of attention to her, making him furthermore nervous about her well being. Rowland also recognized Yvette had a respect and reverence for him that she didn't have for any of their other siblings, or even really their father. This made Rowland the person Yvette seemed to come to with her troubles, and Rowland was grateful for it, wanting to keep her happy and safe anyway he could.

"As for us being here, you'll just have to be patient. I don't like it anymore than you do, but mother and father wouldn't have brought us if it weren't important." Having the jacket secure around his sister, he took a step back and crossed his arms around his chest. Rowland couldn't help but snicker a bit at the sight of his sister in his jacket. Rowland was a very large man, standing at 6'5" with a broad physique to match his height, and Yvette was well . . . much smaller. The jacket's shoulders were comically large on his sisters petite frame, and it was so long that it covered her torso entirely, leaving her looking more nude than she had before. Not exactly what Rowland had in mind when he had tried to cover her up.

WHERE: Neutral ground, Castle hallways || WHO: Alone || WHY: Anxious pacing || MOOD: Uneasy

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      __ROSE ANNE
      ________ Where am I from? Does the Western Kingdom suit your fancy?

                        Rose nodded at Tai, and before she could reply Luke spoke in about playing it, in front of people. Not that she was nervous or anything, it just felt more of a personal thing when she plays her ocarina, just something only the family should hear. she was too lost in her own head to catch most of what Tai said, but it involved something about her singing. That caused her face to lose color, but only for a moment before it was replaces with a light pink blush. Playing her ocarina was one story, but singing was another one. That she was shy of. But instead of displaying her sheepishness she smiled. "We'll have to see about that." She commented smoothly a split second before the rest of what Tai had said processed and her smile dropped. Drinking? She didn't bother to show that she had taken what he said seriously, only laughed as if it were a joke and she were oblivious to it.

                        Before that moment, Rose didn't even realize it was almost time to eat, and that her stomach was shouting at her in hunger. When she looked down to soothe her belly, she also forgot that she hadn't changed. She was still in her sleep tunic(loose capris and long sleeve shirt, because she wasn't a fan of nightgowns) and her long black hair was a tangled mess. That didn't bother her though. Now what was on her mind was food. She nodded at her brother. "Please!" She giggled. Just then one of her other brothers snapped at her.

                        When Luke towered over her with such anger, Her cheeks were drained of color again, but that time in rage. Could this man not take a joke? Though short enough to the point to where she had to look up to him, she balled her fists and glared up at him, but just as she was about to spat back at him he began to walk away. After his angry reply, yeah, I'm fine didn't sound the least bit convincing. She took a deep breath and unclutched her fists. 'Just let it go, maybe you sounded rude to him...Worry about him later,' She tried to convince herself, though in the back of her mind she knew something else was going on that he wasn't telling her. When her fingers relaxed she felt a quick sting in her palm, and looked down to see four marks from her fingernails, one of them bleeding. She sighed and gently covered that palm. "If you say so..." She replied flatly.

                        Before moving she heard a quiet good morning from her sister. "Morning." She replied without tone, but with a quick smile at her. She nodded at her sister's next comment, and when she left Rose quickly stepped past her giant(well, to her) brothers and made her way to the dining room. With her quick pace she got in the dining room before the two and sat down in a random chair. Her favorite dark haired maid poked her head into the dining room. "Hi mary," she greeted her for the second time calmly. "What's for breakfast?" Instead of saying anything, Mary just walked through the door with four plates balanced on her arms. She looked as though Mary was having trouble, and by that point Rose usually leaped to the rescue and helped her carry the plates to the table, but instead Rose let another sigh escape her lips. She opened her palm and looked at her cut. Not very deep but with some blood, which Rose pressed her thumb over.

Where am I? the dining room
My mood? the usual morning mood: happy/spazzy angry, upset
My thoughts? What the hell is my brother hiding?

OOC: please excuse mispellings, I'm a little rushed. also, I edited my post layout. my poor posts always look smaller to everyone else's because my text is smaller ^^'
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Has it all gone to waste? All the promises we made.One by one they vanish just the same. Of all the things I still remember
☇☇Summer's never looked the same The years go by and time just seems to fly. But the memories remain.

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                                                                          What the hell was going on with his siblings today? These people were acting like some sort of royal advisor with their heads up their a-Wait a minute. What did Tai just say? The cruel gaze of the young prince bore down upon his older brother as he sputtered out something about a hangover and his brown orbs narrowed dangerously. “I suggest you shut that foul mouth of yours before someone puts you in your place Tai.” The raven haired male pushed past his sister to encroach upon the space where his older brother stood and his right palm extended to take up a handful of Tai’s shirt in a rather vicious grip. Just the mere touch of Luke’s palm could chill even the coldest man to the bone and as the young male stooped to hiss into his brother’s ear he seemed eerily similar to a poisonous serpent about to snap up dinner. “If you ever pull something like this again Tai I’ll make sure you regret it.”Even though, Tai was older than Luke he had seen plenty more combat than his frail brother who stood before him and he had every bit of power required to shut Tai’s mouth so this was no empty threat. Before his sister could intervene upon this brotherly talk Luke released his older brother from the rough grip of his palm and straightened back to his towering height that fully established his dominant status over his brother. It wasn’t the greatest expression of sibling love but to be dreadfully honest Luke really didn’t care for his brother much at the moment and thanks to their sister Tai had been spared the brunt of Luke’s rage.

                                                                          Just as the raven haired male was about to announce his intentions of heading to the neutral grounds his other sister; Jubilee, showed up on scene just in time to avert his attention from the pair before him and at the mention of food Luke trailed after his sister no questions asked. As the two made their way to the dining area Luke’s hand slithered into the pockets of his suit and a mocking grin painted his lips like a demonized clown. “Good morning my sweet Jubilee.” Out of all his siblings Jubilee was, for the most part his favorite and at the moment the only relative he wasn’t pissed with. He had even once considered confiding in her about his drinking problem but had then merely shrugged of the thought so as not to worry her just as Rose now seemed to be. A heavy sigh floated from his lips when his sweet sister escaped the castle to go out riding and he began to trail after her when his thoughts fluttered back to Rose. “I suppose Tai can deal with her.”

                                                                          A grin creased his face while he weaved through the winding halls of the building to make his way into the stables where his courageous steed awaited him and as he entered the stables a high pitched whinny drew his attention. “Good morning Éclair.” A calm pale hand weaved along the smooth muzzle of the creature all the while Luke’s brown gaze leveled with the accusing taunt of the stallion’s blue eyes. “Observant as always Éclair.” With little effort the man equipped the black stallion with the defining white tack endowed with the symbol of the Western Kingdom and a single fluid motion brought the raven haired man aboard Éclair’s back. “Alrighty Éclair let’s go sweep some fine ladies off their feet and pick up a few drinks along the way.” Without a single command the black stallion set off toward the neutral grounds at a lazy gallop and Luke leaned into the saddle to hover over Éclair’s neck. Every motion Luke made urged the horse to lengthen his strides into an onslaught of blurred limbs that brought the pair ever closer to the neutral grounds where his beloved sister would be wondering around and just as the neutral grounds came into Luke’s vision he slowed the steed beneath him to a lazy lope. For now he had escaped the probing eyes of his other siblings and most of the other troubles that haunted him like a shadow. The sword his friend had gifted him jingled in the gentle breeze that caressed the pelt of the equine along with its master and their distant gazes swept over the land before them. What the hell was he even doing here? Luke didn’t have any solid relationships outside of his kingdom and now that he was faced with the impending doom of new pawns-people it nearly overwhelmed the young prince. Who would he meet here anyway?

              xxxxxxxxxxxUser ImagexxUser ImagexxUser Image

              Who are you chilling with?: Éclair.
              I think I'm lost again.: Neutral Grounds..I think.
              And how does that make you feel?: Hung-over.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxx Yvette of The Southern Kingdom, Youngest of the Royal Family

            Yvette watched with indignation as her older brother dealt with the pesky maid in no time, frustrated not from his tone with the nuisance but how effectively he was able to appease the badgering woman. She had said practically the same thing not minutes before and it had only made the woman protest further. Rolling her eyes as the lady departed, she straightened her posture, looking literally up at her older brother as he directed his words to her, annoyance gone as Rowland spoke.

            It was a clear testament to how she viewed her brother that as he admonished her in his loving chide, she felt some guilt well up in her chest although it was fleeting. Biting the inside of her cheek, she let the heavy coat fall onto her shoulders, hands absently playing with the lapel of the long clothing. "I tried to hold my temper, Rowland. I took deep breaths and bit my tongue, like you told me. But she just started insulting me! She called me a harlot and wouldn't let me go. Yvette held her arm out as she explained, the jacket nearly falling off her shoulders but she caught it, brandishing her arm towards Rowland, looking small in comparison to her brother's well muscled form. "The old maid even gripped my arm. You should watch out for the water here, it turns people crazy." She quipped, sarcasm obvious before Rowland's comment sunk in and she looked down at her outfit, seeing it with new eyes and blushing slightly that it had been her brother who mentioned her lack of conservative fashion choices. "If you find me a swimming suit that meets your standards and doesn't feel like it's strangling me, I will wear it." She consented, smiling at her brother where she might have snapped at someone else.

            Discreetly, she pulled the jacket around herself again so that it covered her from neck to mid thigh, not complaining as it smelled like Rowland who in turn smelled like the sea. It made her feel more at home in the quiet castle. "I doubt it's so important they had to bring all of us along with them. What exactly am I going to do at some frumpy treaty signing? For all we know, Clara will start a war just by playing a prank on the wrong person." Sighing, she stepped towards the other side of the hallway, seeing a door that promised to open up to the outdoors and slipped her arm in Rowland's to lead him forwards with her. "Atleast if I say the wrong thing to some pompous noble, you can charm them out of the insult." Yvette threw out, smirking at Rowland as her bare feet padded along the cool stone floors. She would take advantage of this downtime when her brother wasn't busy. Perhaps he would be able to finally teach her how to carve whale bone although she doubted there was a merchant nearby who would have some to sell. Glancing conspiratorially at Rowland, she grinned wide. "So spill, dearest brother. What do you think is really going down? I know that look you had, all brooding and thoughtful. The world on your shoulders and concerned for us and what not." Biting her bottom lip, she hoped Rowland would share and make her a confidante.

            Yvette had grown up seeing Rowland as a role model, even if she couldn't find it in her to act like him. She felt closest to him and even though he had the busiest schedule, he never lost patience when she demanded a little time, even when she was five and he was seventeen himself. When the torrential rain and wind of the midsummer hurricanes hit their shores, Yvette would run to her eldest brother and bury herself in his arms. Now she felt she was far too old to get away with that, but a simple squeeze of his hand could give her a burst of warming courage.

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                                                                                          The air felt stale and stoic despite the gentle breeze that drifted in now and again through any open doors and windows. It didn’t carry salt or a fragrance akin to flowers, like the wind that rolled in from the open ocean. Instead, it had the faint scent of dirt behind it… of the earth. It was so different from the South, these Neutral Lands. Virgil knew he should be feeling grateful for the opportunity to travel and to experience something new, but it wasn’t quite what he had imagined any impending trips for him to be like. First of all, it was based on political affairs, something which Virgil lacked sufficient interest in. Second of all, it was not the North, the East, or the West, and so it lacked the same mystery and history that the male was inwardly seeking out whenever he thought of foreign lands and faces. There would be plenty here soon enough, that much one could be sure of.

                                                                                          Turning his gaze away from the outside, where the roads leading up to the castle and its surrounding village stood watch, he instead glanced over the room that had been designated as his own during the course of his stay. The bed was unmade; the linen sheets dyed a dark crimson were tossed back from when he had gotten himself off of the mattress and away from the pillows. The whole frame was cherry wood. The warm tones, along with a handmade quilt that had been thrown across the foot of the bed gave the whole room a quaint, at-home atmosphere. It was stifling, suffocating even, and Virgil knew he had to get out rather than remained cooped up like some princess awaiting a kiss. Stepping out of the room, the male trotted his way down a set of spiral staircases, guessing that they were meant for servants, but not particularly caring. If they were a way out into the village or the open, then he was content with any form of exit. Stepping out into one of the lower halls, he nearly mowed down a tiny made who was muttering something about breasts. A smirk graced his lips. Well, if this was the usual subject going on amongst the people of the Neutral Lands, then it may prove to not be such an awful trip after all.

                                                                                          Turning a corner, he hesitated, seeing his elder brother and his younger sister speaking in close quarters, albeit there appeared nothing private about the situation. He had to wonder why Yvie was wearing the huge coat, but didn’t spend too much of his time being concerned over it. He had never quite understood the relationship between his eldest and youngest sibling, or how they had managed to become so close despite the age difference. Perhaps it was merely part of Rowland’s personality to seek out something to take responsibility for, or something to that effect. Hell, he didn’t know.

                                                                                          Moving out a side door, Virgil cut through a garden towards an outer wall, unable to draw up in his memory where the gates stood, but he would find them. They couldn’t keep anyone locked up in this place. It would just be cruel. His demeanor was casual, waist high pants tucked lazily into his boots and s**t left untied and open, allowing the cool air of the wind against his torso to keep his body temperature comfortable. His plain clothing made him seem little more than a working man and so with a nod of his head, when he did find a gate, he was able to pass through and into the streets that lead into the surrounding village. It was a bit early for a drink maybe, but he had time to kill and a thirst for releasing some pent up energy.
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XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Your sweet scent my beautiful rose...

XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXI am feeling:XXexhilarated and a little apprehensive...
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXYou can find me:XXmaking my way to neutral grounds, outside castle...
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOut of Cookies:XXplease excuse this post i'm rather sleepy right now *yawn*...

Once arriving back at the castle, Jophina sighed as she walked into her room. There'd been a letter from her parents informing her to make her way to the castle on neutral grounds immediately. Which meant that Naya would just have to wait to see Jophina again. Quickly changing into her riding gear, Jophina made her way to the stables for her horse, dubbed Nefarious. When she had first started riding, she'd been allowed to choose one horse from a large number of foals, and something she saw in his eyes made Jophina choose Nefarious. He was an Andalusian, and quite an intelligent horse at it. His coloring was a little like Jophina's head of brunette hair, and the ladies-in-waiting all swooned whenever Jophina pranced by on him. As a young foal, Nefarious had been quite obedient and docile, however, as he had gotten bigger, some of Jophina's characteristics must have rubbed off on him, as he had become rather wilful as of late and picky about who handled him. Jophina made a mental note to give him a thorough talking through soon. The stable hand whom was the only one apart from Jophina whom Nefarious allowed close had already saddled him and was waiting for Jophina outside the castle doors. Jophina took the reins from him and mounted Nefarious, turning the latter's head in the direction of the neutral ground. She didn't forget to turn her head to the stable hand however and thank him before spurring Nefarious into an easy gallop. At this rate, she would be at the neutral grounds in no time.

Jophina dismounted off Nefarious outside the castle situated on castle grounds. Turning her head as she patted Nefarious' neck, she saw some what she assumed where the stable boys approach Nefarious and attempt to take the reins from Jophina. Nefarious however, aptly named, backed away slightly from the stable boys and Jophina smiled in amusement.
"Nefarious doesn't take well to strangers." she informed the stable boys. "However, if you would be so obliging to show me the way to the stables and which stall he will be placed in, you can leave the rest to me." she said in her authoritative tone. Nefarious would get used to the new stable hands, but for now, Jophina would take it upon herself to brush him off and get him settled in.

After finishing brushing Nefarious off, she made sure that he had enough water and feed, and that he was comfortable before she turned her attention back to the castle that was situated on the neutral grounds. I wonder where all my brothers and sisters are... she pondered even as she brushed herself off and took a few moments studying the castle architecture before making her way inside. Whilst Jophina had always dabbled in the arts and the study of the architecture of a building, her study of the castle was more of a discovery of escape routes in emergencies. She'd always liked to be prepared, especially if the hordes of besotted ladies-in-waiting were just waiting to ambush her.

Walking into the castle, Jophina had planned all the possible escape routes from what she had seen so far. She saw a few maids standing by the stairs, and one of them came forward and bowed to her.
"Your Highness, I will lead you to your chambers." the maid curtsied and Jophina strode forward, the charming smile once again on her face.
"How about you lead me in something entirely different?" she suggested as she placed a finger underneath the maids chin and lifted the latter's face so that she could look into her eyes. The maid blushed and glanced down at the floor. Jophina glanced up at the other maids, flashing them a brilliant smile, and they all blushed. Jophina was even certain a few of them had swooned, but they were too well trained to faint in the presence of nobility.
"I would never dare, Your Highness." the maid managed to say and Jophina shrugged.
"Then lead the way, beautiful maiden." she declared and the maids giggled. It was obvious to Jophina that they thought her one of the princes, if the glances they cast her way were any indication. However a smile flitted across her face at the looks on their faces when they found out that Jophina was in fact not a male, but in fact a female. Not that it made much difference to Jophina in the end anyway.

After being led to her chambers, Jophina dismissed the maid and quickly changed into what she deemed her 'practical' clothing. Noting that she still had time to do a little exploring and reconnaissance (she still needed to find some more appropriate escape routes), Jophina decided that she would take a turn about town and see what there was to buy. And so in the space of a few minutes, Jophina had managed to slip out of her chambers unnoticed and outside the castle walls, where she made her way into the village, her sharp eyes taking in her surroundings and the people she passed on the way.

Oldest Daughter
Kingdom of the South
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxshe lives in a xx↴ ↴
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx( s o m e w h e r e )xxxxtoo FAR ❤ ❤
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTO BURY THE CASTLExx
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxTO BURY THE CASTLExx

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( Luke ) PEACE ( Front doors of Neutral Grounds ) PEACE ( Concerned but Happy )PEACE
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                            “Madam, wait!” The guards urged Jubilee, “You will fall if you do not slow down My Lady!” River was galloping along fine and Jubilee felt no reason to slow or stop her pace but with the guards’ concern she reconsidered. Pulling slightly on the reins River slower to a light trot, “You boys need to loosen your tight grip on your reins.” Jubilee said looking straight ahead. She was sending them a message to leave her be. She loved the fact she was cared about but she was a bit annoyed at their constant nagging on her actions. Jubilee wanted more freedom and a longer leash. Being father’s little obedient girl was one thing but being watched over like a hawk was another. But she supposed he had all the right intentions and care which made her more willing to let it be.

                            As the large castle came into view Jubilee let out a small sigh, relieved she was finally there but at the same time uneasy for what was coming for her. She had no idea what the next few days would unveil and that left her feeling a tad excited. She heard a horse’s whine in the distance and she turned to see who it was. “Luke,” she said softly smiled knowing all too well the horse he rode, Éclair. She could see him at a very far off distance seeing as they stood on flat plains now. Jubilee figured he had started his journey a while after herself. She stopped River with a slight tug at the reins and remained silent. Her guards halted and asked, “We cannot stop here Madam, we are not yet on Neutral grounds.” The guard was right; they were about five minutes out from the boundaries. Jubilee kept her eyes watching for her younger brother and said in a normal tone, “We will wait for my brother, he is royalty too.” The guards then said, “But madam—” She cut them off, “I’m not arguing with you on this, we are to wait, end of discussion.” The men kept their mouths shut and waited after that.

                            Jubilee loved all of her family members, each one with each reason. Luke was one of the most curious members and she found him very… amusing. Minutes later the dark haired man atop Éclair was now feet away. Jubilee clicked her tongue to make River lightly trot next to them headed towards the neutral grounds. She then glanced at the guards to give them some room before turning back looking forward and saying, “I’m sorry I ran out so quickly this morning,” She looked at him with a sweet smile, “I suppose you don’t know the real reason we are all being summoned do you?” She was hoping at least someone would know why.

                            Now in the Neutral grounds courtyard multiple servants came out to greet the young prince and princess. A few barn hands offered to take River, Éclair and the guards’ horses to the stables. Jubilee gave them a smile and a nod before dismounting River. She did this quickly so as to not argue with the guards with whether or not she should get down by herself. She handed the reins to the stable boy who shyly said, “Hello Miss,” she smiled back at him and returned the greeting, “Hello,” She turned to her guards and said, “Please escort my brother’s and my own horse back to the stables.” Truthfully, she just was trying to get the armored men off her tail.

                            After the men and horses were gone Jubilee sighed with relief and thought, ‘Finally.’ The guards were starting to annoy her in testing her patience. She was now left alone with her dear brother at the front doors of the elaborate castle which they were bound to get lost in at least once. Turning back to Luke Jubilee smiled, “Hmmm…” she mused and looked him over slightly, “Well you look very dapper today Luke. Well except…” She paused for a brief moment before stepping forward and placing her small hand on his cheek, “You don’t look very well, what’s wrong dear?” She had to look up to see his face seeing as he was much taller than her despite the age difference, “You didn’t eat breakfast did you?” She smiled at him, remembering the time difference between when she left and when he left was short and he most likely could have not eaten that morning. But somewhere deep inside Jubilee knew that wasn’t the case.

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