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"Akira. My name is Akira." He he snorted back. Brushing the hair from his face, he was starting to regret even meeting people. He should have run away the moment he was let go.
crossing his arms, he hesitated on answering.
"I don't know if I want to true you... or anyone on this earth... I just want my wing back..." He said hopelessly, rubbing his forehead, he growled to himself quietly.

"I can't stay here! Those angels will be on my trail soon!" He said, kind of nervously, and frustrated.
The stranger never even answered his question about knowing that they meant to hide.

There for... knowing his side was hard... what if he was wanting to get close, only to turn him in, to his death?

He wasn't really listening to the whole ordeal about others following.
he started to wander off slightly, wondering if anyone would notice the distance he got. He was listening to the help he seeked, but it didn't really interest him.

Giving a mighty flap of his wing, Akira jumped, attempting to take flight, but it was a known failure. The most he could do, was get a couple feet off the ground for a couple of seconds before falling.
[********] He hissed.
Tyren eyed the bow suspiciously, but sheathed her blades, "if I catch any of you sneaking around again consider yourselves dead." She sighed, rolling her neck, "I don't want any business in this stupid war between the humans and the fay. It has nothing to do with me. I don't see why I would want to stick my nose into your trouble."

When the boy tried to escape she walked over and casually hoisted him onto her shoulder again, pinning him in place, "I think I have enough to worry about already."

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"My fiance was human, the only human i ever met that didn't wanna kill me right away." He got up and retrieved his arrows. "Well wanna get moving before they catch on." He looked at the woman and waited for her response
'W-Wait!" Akira out bursted kind of sudden. "if... I can help you in anyway. I will, but in exchange... I need you to kill two of my hunters.
I am very good a hiding... and getting into very small places, is easy. I could probably go in and find her, through the nooks and crannies of their hold. I could tell you the best route... "

Akira finally said it.
This way, he would know for sure if this guy is tricking them, or is honest.
He looked up at Tyren kind of put off by her gesture. why wont she let me go? he thought to himself.
Maybe.... she got offered reward money!
pulling his shoulder away from her, he glared up at her. "I know! Your with them! aren't you!?" He huffed, his wing flapped suddenly.
'You only got me out of trouble, so you get turn me in!" he jumped to the conclusion.
Tyren held him tightly on her shoulder and groaned, "fine. It seems I'll help you with your little sob story. If he's in then I'm in."
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"Good then." He dipped two arrows into a bottle and shot them at the ground near the two beings. Soon a cloud of smoke filled the trees and the two beings dropped to the ground unconscious. "There you go, that enough incentive to trust me. And there not dead just asleep and there fate is up to you."
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Tyren walked over to them, boy still captive on her shoulder as she drew one of her blades. She regarded the angel for a moment, then asked the boy, "what did you do to lose your wing. I want to know this before I help you any further," she watched her prey, sword lingering at his throat.
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Watching the two Angels fall from the trees. There weapons at the ready, but were unable top use them, from being knocked out cold. The desire to stab them both in the chest grew strong, but Akira practically winced at Tyren's question.
It was a touchy subject. Who would have thought, that his only friend became a fallen... no matter the situation, you should always help a friend, right? His name was Casden...

Finally speaking up, he said simply, "I betrayed my people... for the sake of a friend who abandoned me in the end." After a second or two, of obviously being upset about it. He continued.

"Helping fallen angels is a crime, and I was looked at as a traitor. The removed one wing, so every one could see what I did... I ran away. I left the angelic ream to this earth. Which... I must add is death penalty. To reveal the humans to our divine race is a monstrosity. So now, with two major crimes burdened on me, they wish to kill me on earth. There is no trial, just kill on sight."
his story made a lot more sense now... he should tell some one about it. since he expect that he would be dead soon anyway. Someone should know.

If only Casden hadn't left him in the first place.. everything would have bee fine!

Approaching the two unconscious beings, Akira peered down at them, from the uncomfortable perch he had on Tyren's shoulder, he threw the book he was holding onto, at one of the unconscious men, immaturely. "Stupid... I hate the royals..." Little did these earth people knew, that they were dealing with one of the members of the royal family... that is why he didn't lose his wings completely, in hopes they wouldn't lose the youngest prince. Though leaving his people was a complete outrage. Now the royal dogs are after him, to play fetch with the king.
(I posted that she picked him up when he first tried to escape and jumped, trying to fly away, but failed. ^^; so he's been up there for a little while now....
also, why did you post a picture of your character? There's no real need to do that, I mean there's one at the beginning with his character bio and all.... ~__~ I'm a bit confused as to why you did that.)
After hearing his story Tyren let her blade fly, beheading the angel at her feet, wordlessly, she then moved to the other angel and did the same, "...." she then looked down at her victim for a second, her expression unreadable, as she thought about her own past. This boy reminded her much of her younger self.

She wiped some of the angels blood from her cheek, then flicked her blade clean before returning it to it's sheath, and sighed. She then turned back to Kelton, a shimmer in her eyes and a faint smirk on her lips, as she held the little angel over her shoulder still, "when do we start?"
|| mm. I see now. I read it wrong. Sorry about that. I will edit ^ ^; and I posted a picture of my character because I like t have pretty posts, but here she doesn't want decorated posts ; . ; I couldn't help it. the least I could do was have a pretty pictureeee :3♪ but if it bugs you that much, I can remove it. ||
Feeling Tyren shift her movements, made his squirm slightly, his wing springing out for the sake of ensure he wouldn't fall.
He jumped when he herd the sound of the blade smacking the ground with a crunch.
His already pale completion whitened even more, almost matching his hair, when he noticed the head roll.
"I feel sick..." He muttered quietly, holding a hand over his mouth and nose to try and protect himself from vomiting, and taking in the rancid smell of bodily fluids.

Looking at elf, with a somewhat disturbed, but grateful look, he nodded slightly, agreeing with Tyren's question.

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