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He couldn't help but laugh at the prospect. "Ahahaha well that's an odd choice for a Human to strive for." He gave him a big smile and said "Well you don't seem to be the normal type do you. how about you and i discus this in private." He shifted his weight and crossed his arms waiting for the mans response.
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A covert sigh passed from Shandon’s breath. “And what is it that you want from me?” it was more of a low bark than a question. Ever so subtly the intimidating rag of a man shifted himself in anticipation. His form still strong and stable, Shandon's face remained stony, unmoved by the stranger's belligerence.
Akira's wing pushed against the other's arm who was retraining it from opening. Getting it back under control he huffed slightly. keeping it tucked tightly against his back. His cloak concealing it for the better.
"Keeping me up here, on display is what will get me caught! No let me go!" He growled, a little more harshly this time. Why was she so stubborn!?
Noticing the two come over, and speak to his tormentor, made him scowl. Looked like they were friends.

The bird comment wad the last straw. That really set off Akira.
"I am not a bird!! I am an Angel!" He hissed, pushing against the grips.
Panicking, he looked around at the townsfolk, trying to see if he could see those Hunters near by. They had to have been close by now. With this dilly dallying... and stubborn lady... he would get caught, and killed for sure.

"You're going to be the death of me!"
Tyren let out another chuckle, "I'll be heading out of town now," she said to the tiny sisters, "best of luck on your endovers. And I hope we shall meet again. There are things which I have yet to discuss with you." with that she looked to Lyra with a knowing glance then headed out of the city, feathered boys still in tow. "It's your pride that will be the death of you; you're all the same,"she said to him, smiling as she looked upward. The heat of summer was starting to settle in, and she took a deep breath of the warm air, "it's a beautiful day, now isn't it?" she asked him, her expression almost gentle as she cast a longing gaze into the cloudless sky.
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He went t talk then stopped hearing the commotion that had gone on outside. "It seems well have to carry on this conversation some other time. There seems to be more excitement here then i thought." With a nod of his head he rushed out and passed a pair of young girls. He soon caught up to a large woman carrying a small man on her shoulders. He soon jumped into the trees and followed them measuring every step they took.
Tyren's senses had not misses the man who followed her and she cast a sideways glance with just her eyes near his direction. She took a deep breath through her nose and sighed out, "we're being followed, but it isn't by any angels,"[/i] she spoke in a hushed tone to the boy she held. Her expression fell flat, almost tired and she cracked her neck, preparing for a possible fight to come.
With a dull and unimpressed sneer, Akira rolled his eyes. Blowing snow-white hair from his crimson eyes. At least the forest was easier to hide in... those Angels surely would have more trouble tracking him here.
Though the odd train of snow-white feathers that moulted from his one remaining wing, due to the stress of the situation would seem to have left a rather humours trail.
He decided to keep his mouth shut from her comment about the weather... it was a dull conversion starts, but it looked like it was heart felt...

Looking up at the sky, as she did. He seemed to have softened, for only a moment. His wing struggling to expand, as it did before, but was stopped by the arm that remand around it.

That gave him the bitter reminder, he was no longer able to fly. With only one wing... he looked like a freak.
"I hate it." He growled bitterly.

He was about to squirm out of her grasp, but was stopped when she mentioned being followed. At first, his heart started to race and the resistance against having his wing expandable grew more so, but calmed down when she defined it wasn't, in fact angels.

"Please.... will you put me down now? we aren't in town... I can walk you know... how do you think I got there in the first place!?"
Still, sounding like a brat, but at the same time, kind of honest and innocent. Since he was only a young angel... hardly had his fully grown wings for 2 years and they get mutilated.
Sensing his youth and his pain to which she could relate to, the woman set him down, holding out her hand to shake his, "the name's Tyren." She said her eyes glowing the colour of emeralds, "and you are?"
Akira was remotely happy to be put back onto the ground. Sometimes he cursed weighing virtually nothing. About 80 pounds or so? Just wasn't natural, for earth folk. Though it made sense when you are made for flying.

Looking up at the newly titled acquittance, named Tyren. He glanced at her hand, and back up her glistening eyes. the sun light really made them light up.
Blinking a couple times, kind of new to these earthing greetings, he gave her a questioning look towards the offered hand.

His eyes shimmering a brilliant ruby rush in return. "I haven't anything to give you..." He said kind of in a blunt way, trying to hide his embarrassed Demeter. Then he remembered. He did have a book still... is that what she wanted? removing it from his side, he handed the book over.
"My name is Akira." He continued.
finally, his wing was able to stretch out fully. It was rather large when it was extended. He really needed that stretch. With a harsh flap he noticed a few feather downs drifting in the air.

Giving a slight bow to the other, he remained that way. It was how they greeted angelic folk. Bowing to one another... they were graceful beings.

As he stood back up, and folded his wing properly to his back, Akira remained kind of blank. "Thank you... for getting me away from those brutes..."
Tyren rubbed the back of her head and cast him a confused look, "sure, no problem. I was bored anyway."She handed him back the book, "you're really fresh, aren't you?" She tilted her head as she peered at the miniscule boy.

Suddenly with a silence shattering shriek a shadow circled over head. Like an ink blot in the sky the shadow grew ever closer and ever larger. Tyren placed a hand on her hip and shielded her eyes as she looked upward, spotting the source of the sound. She then smirked and let out a piercing whistle and within seconds the ink blot revealed itself to be a raven the size of a large eagle. It eyed the boy with curious intent and cawed softly to his master. He wore a silver harness with a blue green gem at his breast. The woman smiled and cooed to the bird in a surprisingly gentle tone, scratching him under the chain of his decorative emblem.

"I was wondering where you were hiding,"
she laughed, "look, it seems we found ourselves a new adventure, eh?"
Akira held onto the book and tilted his head slightly from the awkwardness.
Seeing the harsh shadow, he could see wings in the shape of it.
At first he jumped a foot, and backed away thinking it was the Angelic hunters.
But the shriek made him jump harshly, noticing it was just a hawk.... Though it was huge for just a hawk.

Seeing Tyren react so gently to it, made that desire to trust the other tingle. Fighting the urge to accept friendship.
"What's... his name?" He asked, to nervous to approach the bird. He knew that birds can be aggressive towards others they don't see as part of their family.
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Thinking it might be an opportune time to revel himself he let 3 arrows loose and nailed some of the falling feathers to the nearest tree then lept to the ground. The graceful form made nary a sound as it hit the ground leaving no impressionable mark. "I see you two are more interesting they i first suspected." He returned his bow to his back and leaned against the tree he had just jumped from.
The raven screamed and took to wing again, and before the man touched the ground Tyren stood between the small boy and the stranger, a claymore in each hand, "...." a slight growl escaped the woman's chest as her searing, green glare tore into the man.
Akira thought he herd something, but didn't make a note of it, until he herd a more defined versoin of the sound. a thud on the forest floor.
Turning around to the sound of the voice; his immediate reaction was to run and hide, in fear it was his hunters.

Before he could do anything though, the bird had taken flight, and Tyren stood in guard.
Why is she protecting me? he thought to himself in a slight blunder.

Keeping his wing pinned tight against his back, his black cloak concealing it rather well. He did his very vest to hide it.
Looking at the ground near the intruder, he noticed his feathers were pinned by arrows, in a slight trail.

shivers tickled his spine, as he returned a more focused look at the other.
What was he? Can't be a human... he is to tall... kind of like Tyren...
But he had pointed ears... humans don't have those.

Noticing himself cowering behind his acquittance, he clenched his cloak shut. His heart raced, ready to run, if he had to.
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"I know your there little man. Those definitely don't belong to this woman in front of you." He stood with a sense of arrogance then started to walk towards the pair. "Now why would two strangers such as you two be doing in a forest as dangerous as this?" He eyes were focused on the large woman and her weapons and the small man trying to hide himself behind her.

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