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Tyren trusted the angels words, she didn't consider him a traitor, "sometimes," she said, placing the boy on the ground, "it depends upon his mood, but he's quite curious about you, not many others get to ride on my shoulder other than him," she chuckled, though still at ease from the elf in the trees, "his name is Hugenn. It means 'thought' He has a brother, but he was lost a long time ago," her eyes saddened."His brother was named Mugenn, which means memory.
Akira wobbled slightly when he was set down. He was rather revealed of it.
Listening carefully, he nodded at her comments. "I'm sorry for your loss. He is very beautiful. His feathers are well kept." He extended his hand cautiously to the raven, not wanting to rush at it.
"So... how far away is this city? if we can make me look human, and wander in at dusk, it would be a perfect time... Your coming with me right?" he added. Some of his true colours breaking through his mask he wore around others. Truth was, he was actually scared of people. Not specifically humans. but other beings in general.
The raven lay out of his reach on his masters shoulder and continued his quizzical look.
"Yes," Tyren assured him, "I will be going in with you, but the city is a fair distance away to travel on foot, I would say we have about two weeks before we get there." Her wide strides made her much faster than Akira and so she tried to slow down and pace herself for him. She looked to the angel and ruffled his hair, "you remind me of a companion I once had, you're a bit smaller though," she teased him affectionately, though there was a longing in her smile at the memory of her friend. "How long have you been down here then, eh? Not very long at all I would assume if you still haven't learned how to shake a person's hand."

Akira looked up at Tyren, blinking slightly from the time she predicted. "M-My fath- - I mean, the King will send more hunters by then! I am sure once their bodies turn to dust and return home... There will be more in a few hours! tops... damn it.." he hissed softly, feeling his hair being ruffled, he looked up at her again, slightly confused.
he wasn't sure what to make of her comment at first, but decided she was just playing. He could see she was in thought about something.. perhaps her old comrade?
"Did they leave you to...?" He asked, in his curious innocence.
Stretching out his arms, along as his wing. If only he could fly again. Travelling would be so much faster. He missed it so much. "You would like where I am from... it's pretty. a lot nicer than this land." he murmured softly, lost in thought as he gazed at the clouds.

snapping out of his thoughts when he herd the question, he frowned. "Oh... it's only been a couple of months.."
"That's longer than I had guessed," Tyren mused, "I suppose angels aren't very well at adapting though, I met one once, and he was set in his ways," she cracked her knuckles and rolled her shoulders, "You can tell me more about your home, if you'd like. I used to prefer silence in my travels, but conversation helps the time go by. And don't worry about the angels that follow you, I've had to fight worse." She shrugged and Huugen squaked in complaint with her constant movement, "Oh hush you," she chided him, rolling her ethereal eyes.

She then chuckled to herself at how she seemed to continually find herself traveling with slight, albino royals, although Akira had much more of a temper to him than her last project. Tyren tried to avoid the itching prospect that she could not recall what had happened between her and that young woman, nor could Tyren remember her name. She could only recall that the two were comrades for quite some time, then.... then nothing. The emptiness weighted down the woman's mind, but she shook id from her head, "what is your homeland called?"
In Darkness Chained


Akira blinked a few times, and sighed softly. "No... Angels don't really do well with change.. I don't want to talk about my home any more. Something that I miss, that I can never have again; shouldn't be talked about to much.." He said softly. Trying to keep up with Tyren's pace.
looking around nervously, Akira kept a weary eye up in the sky, for any sudden bright lights that could be angels come to this realm. Keeping closer behind his new, looked upon, guardian.
He was kind of happy that she wasn't just going to abandon him... or else he didn't think so.

the elf on the other hand... he wasn't quite sure about him.

"Ah... Well... the Kingdom I am from is named Luin." He answered softly. He was surprised to hear that she had seen another angel before... probably a criminal, like himself.

Sighing softly, Akira noticed a larger rock that stood a few feet off the ground. It was just a few meters ahead.
Backing up, He ran for it, and ran up the rock taking a leap off the end. His wing expanding and flaping all but twice to make him glide for a shorter distance.

It was the closest thing he could do, for being in the air.
"You know... Tyren... Even though they took it away from me... There has to be something I can give an Alchemist to make me a new one... It might not be my real one, but at least I could fly." He pondered. Stretching his wing once more, craving a chance to use it.

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"It still wouldn't be safe for you to fly in most places, to be spotted by humans is death, and you would have no Luin to run to," she paused, "so tell me, what is your age? And are the only prince, or do you have other royal siblings?" She smiled at seeing his attempt at flying.

She then let her eyes wander to the shards of blue sky between the trees. Flying. Tyren couldn't remember the last time she was able to spread her wings and lose herself in the wind, and the cold and the clouds. Even before the war, and the anti-fae uprising people feared, and hated and distrusted her, but she was still able to find a place to be herself, but now, with so many watchful, paranoid eyes searching, no place was safe for a beast of her size. She was in the wrong time.
The world was growing more and more ill at ease, she sensed that sooner rather than later, it was going to come undone, and she was going to have to make a stand.
frowning at her comments, Akira shrugged. "I don't care... if I can fly, they can't get me. Even if they shot me down, I wouldn't mind. I can't stand being bound to this retched ground!" Noticing the small tuffs of down-feathers that shed from him, kind of reminded him of small snow flakes.
"no... I have an older brother. He was always father's favourite. I tried everything to make him accept me. But nothing seemed to work. Even my brother started to belittle me on every task I did wrong. It's not like my presence in the kingdom was important.." He said. Of course, it hurt him to actually admit that. He knew it was true. If he wasn't meant to be anything, and they didn't accept him in his own family, what else was he suppose to do?
"I am 18... in human years. Maybe... 80 or so in mythological years." He added, remembering he didn't answer her first question.

Yawning slightly, Akira was about to say something more, but was interrupted. Something glistened in the sky. "What is that...?" He asked, both to himself, and Tyren. With out hesitation. The small teen leapt up in the air, his wing giving him a boost from a mighty flap. But gravity interrupted his temporary joy. Snatching onto a branch, he struggled to climb up completely.
Continuing to climb, Akira found he was getting to the tip of the tree, the branches thin and weak.
Looking up at the glittering lights that fell from the sky, he recognized the aura.

"That was fast..." He whispered, not looking where he went to put his foot down for his journey down, he put his weight down, relying on what he though was a sturdy branch. Unfortunately, it seemed to have just crumbled under the light weight of a boy. Must of only been just a twig!

Plummeting down from the tree tops, he was tossed around from branch to branch, gifted with broken twigs stuck in his wing and hair. Small cuts, and a tattered feather.
When he met the ground it was only a simple thud

Embarrassed and kind of humiliated by the most ungraceful thing that has ever happened to him, he stood up, fixing his hair, and wiping his cheek. He couldn't reach his wing, so he left it. Trying to pretend nothing had happened.

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Tyren let out a laugh as she watched him, "you should be more careful, I can't imagine your balance being that great with only one wing."
Akira huffed slightly, at the laughter. Flexing his wing, he let out a sharp yelp.
Something didn't feel right. Was it sprained?
It hurt to move it. "Yeah... My balance is off... but that was my first time for climbing a tree!' He retorted in defence. Still embarrassed, and now trying to hide his watering eyes. marching past her, he continued on the path they took.
"Well all children fall down before they can run anyway," she tilted her head noting how he held his shoulder where the wing remained. She smiled at his stubborn resilience and chuckled softly to herself. It had been a long while since she had been so amused by a stranger's company, and finally began to relax.
"I am not a child!' he grumbled harshly. Looking at different places to potentially hide in.
"And more of my father's men are falling. They should land any minute now." He said bitterly. Finding a good spot to wedge himself into.

It was a large tree, the thick roots connecting it to the ground, had an opening. Part of it was hollowed out under the tree, making a small cave, surrounded by thick roots.
The space was horribly tiny, but somehow, Akira managed to squeeze inside, tucking his sore wing to his side, and huddled into a small ball.

he was use to hiding, and he was use to being alone. It came to his first instinct to hide and wait out the trouble. He usually found a place that suited him so well, that no one ever found him. sometimes he would hide for days.

Though if he were ever found, he would have a slim chance of escaping.
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tab Claire stared solemnly at the small stained pouch in her hand, pointedly ignoring the ruckus that surrounded her. It may have been some time since she had come to this town, but she was well known enough to not be bothered while in such a state. Raising her half gloved hand to the bag, she lightly traced the outline of an embroidered swirl. How long had it been since she had received the little bag, it and its contents? She smiled lightly as she continued to trace the pattern, debating lightly on whether or examine what was inside. However, as soon as that thought crossed her mind, Claire's hand froze.
tab I'm becoming sentimental again... Storing the item into her waist satchel, she waived over a server, thinking that she might as well get another drink before she had to leave for her job. "Another meed please, it is a good batch today..." Her voice was still a little thick from unspent emotion, though she lightened it with a ear to ear grin.

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