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Alright folks, lets kick this old style. I miss the RPing of old. The simple, all about the writing RPing. It wasn't about how pretty your post was or finding a lover in this first few seconds so you can go cyber. Well...actually that still happened, but you get what I mean. I want some good, literate RPing. So, if you are still interested, read on:

There was a scent in the air. A scent of blood and rot. The sent of war and violence. Feuds spring up all around and people who had once lived in peace now fight to the death. The land was no longer whole, but in pieces. And the magic was hoarded by those who innately possessed it. Those who had to be taught how to gather its strength were hunted down and killed, their secrets not aloud to be passed down. Both sides were guilty of ruthless tactics because everything is at stake. Everything. Which side will you pick? Will you pick the human side that contains the alchemists, the witches, the wizards, the necromancers, and the rest who are taught how the harness the magic. Or will you pick the side with the beings who innately posses the magic. The trolls, the elves, the goblins, and the dragons, unicorns and Minotaurs. It is the side with a vast number of species that are cursed to have few offspring. So, what will it be? And what will your role be in the war? Will you employ the ruthless tactics, or will you keep your morals in this blood drenched land?
*Dont dirty up your posts with pictures and all that jazz. Keep it simple. This is about the writing, not how pretty your post looks.
*Gaia Rules
*I dont care how much you curse.
*I am God.
*Be literate. I am going to be prejudice and if you dont live up to what I deem literate I will give you a warning and if you fail to comply I will kick you out. To help keep me from the hassle I ask that you send a sample of your writing.
*Post must be more then a few sentences long. I dont ask that you write pages. Plus all the writing usually goes to waste because most people skip over it.
*When you send me your profile put your so awesome in the subject.
*There will prolly be rules added on later when things get going so I will let you guys know if their is an update.

Gaia Name:
Gaia Name: Harraku
Name: Lyra
Age: 16
Race: Half human, half elve
Bio: Her father fell in love with an Elven woman, her mother, and one night impregnated her. They never met again because he was already married and would not leave his wife. She never told him that she was pregnant with his child after that night of passion and her people shamed her for dirtying herself by being with a human. She was cast out and died giving birth to Lyra. Lyra grew up on the streets, hiding her slightly pointed ears and her affinity for earth magic. When she was twelve she met a girl who possessed the same fiery hair as herself and they soon discovered that they were of the same blood.
Weapons/skills: earth magic(limited), hand fighting, knife skills, pick pocketing.
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Name: Lina
Age: 23
Race: Human
Bio: Her father was a successful merchant and her mother a society lady. She grew up in a cold household with a barely there father and an abusive mother. Because of that she evolved a strong personality with firm morals and beliefs of right and wrong. She didnt allow what her family did to her to affect her. Her father died when she was twelve her father died in an accident. Her mother discovered to her horror that her young daughter had inherited the company and not herself. She drank herself in to oblivion and eventually died by suicide when Lina was sixteen. When she was nineteen she met a street urchin and instantly knew she had to be her sister. She had her father's eyes. She took home the girl and has protected her ever sense then. Then the wars broke out. Her successful business began to crumble and with the raising prejudices she left the city with her sister in tow, knowing that they would never be safe again.
Weapons/skills: At a young age she discovered fencing and became quite adept at it. She carries a small sword with her and knives in her boots. She also has some skill with earth magic, due to her sister teaching her, and hand to hand fighting skills. Archery is also part of her skills.
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Gaia name: In Darkness Chained (Maverick)

Name: Tyren (Teh'Heeryhin)

Age: In human form she seems to be around early 20's

Race: Dragon (disguises herself as a witch)

Bio: Young for a dragon she is still rather old. Her egg was abandond when her mother and siblings were killed by human knights for sport. She hatched alone and nearly died, but was hand raised by an old, kindly wizard. To keep her safe he taught her how to hide her form as a human, although her right eye could not change completely so she hides it under an eyepatch. After the wizzard died she had barely reached adolesence and returned to the wild where she foolishly ran into the territory of another bull dragon who nearly killed her. She limped away, bearing many scars for the rest kf her life, and wantered for a while before living in the mountains surrounding a secluded vilage. Many years later, when the humans became more avid about hunting her kind, however, she took back her human form to keep herself safe. Her main goal at first is to just look out for number one since she has no ties to any others of her kind. She's a bit of a chaotic neutral and doesn't really care what happens.

Weapons and skills: She uses the elemental magic the wizard taught her, but is also aept at direct combat as well having learned that on her journeys as well. She uses Cestus, and bladed/weaponized gauntlets and boots. She can also use her claws like blades as well. She also has a keen intuition when she chooses to use it.
Personality wise she is brash, hot headed, and likes to get into trouble because- especcially when she knows she can win. She is very prideful, and a bit arrogant towards others, but is very loyal to those in her good favor, and has a soft spot towards birds, and other flying creatures such as butterflies and bats. Though she likes to fight she is almost always dons a cheerful mein, but she uses that to hide the chip on her shoulder and the sadness she really feels inside. She acts like nothing scathes her, and that she's a bit foolish, but is much deeper than she lets on to be.

Appearance: She has straight red hair with a lot of volume. Her left eye os piercing green, the right her yellow-orange dragons's eye. She is towards the tall end and curvy; though she isn't fat she is heavier than she looks with dense muscle. (she looks strong, but not like a female body builder or anything) ((her strength greatly surpasses a normal human)) she is not a twig. She wears tan leggings under a scangellously low cut green tunic, a warrior's belt, and dons an expensive looking emerald cloak with a silver clasp (she usually steals things she can't afford) she wears leather boots which hide blades at the toe and heel, and carries with her, her old master's wizzardry staff.

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In dragon form she is a lithe black dragon covered with many deep red scars with bright eyes (genrally yellow, but can change colour) She has a pair of horns which point back on her head and long, narrow wings for speed and long distance flights.

Other: Because of her extended time in her human form (she needs to get out of it and stretch her wings on a semi-regular basis) her true form is dwarfed, leaving her barely 18 feet tall to the crown of her head ane can barely carry two or three people on her back.

Gaia Name: Ouca
Name: Clare
Age: 21
Race: Human, witch
Bio: As a child, Clare grew up with her grandmother, a fairly powerful witch herself. It was from her that Clare learned the craft, which soon became her pride. However, by the time when she was soon able to live on her own, fate decided to test her in a cruel was, by taking away the only family and home she had. Since then, Clare has traveled the world, a simple mercenary, getting by with whatever jobs she could get.
Weapons/skills: Dual long daggers, water and wind magic.
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Name: Shandon Creston
Age: 30-somthing
Race: Human
Bio: Shandon Creston was the High Priest to a secretive Order of ritual magicians, as well as the single father of two sons: Mithra and Erebos. He left the elite order when a duo of rogue chaos magicians saw fit to abduct the two children (believing them to be spiritual conduits for the deities that share their namesakes) and use them in unscrupulous and inhumane magical practice. The botched experiments left Mithra dead, and Erebos physiologically distant and disfigured- transmuted into a living sigil. Shandon discovered the whereabouts of his children far too late, and after dispatching the two chaotes responsible, bitterly dedicated his life to hunting those who abuse magick.
Weapons/skills: A spellbreaker by trade, Shandon’s specialty is undoing the spells of others- deflecting what they cast and binding away his foe’s abilities. He makes his foes mute, paralyzes them, and inflicts blindness. He dapples in the realms of mechanics and science, and thusly wields as rife, from which he fires enchanted bullets usually infused with elemental properties (though if they don’t have that level of tech in your world, I can settle for a crossbow). Shandon is also skilled in steath, able to make himself invisible for a short time. He can also through his voice to deceive foes. He carries two knives -one in each boot- as well as a kukri and khopesh. He is also trained as a doctor and can cure moderate wounds. He also enchants his own body to make it a bit more sturdy than most. Shandon is also well versed in martial art of Krav Maga.
Appearance: Shandon is a grizzled, intimidating man, with stony countenance and smoldering brown eyes. He wears his matted dark brown hear to his shoulders, and is always dark grey-brown cloak (I didn’t necessarily plan him this way on purpose, but he is very Batman-tastic).
Other: He is also multi-lingual and can talk to demons. He can also sense motive and track aura.

Gaia Name: Little Mithos
Name: Akira Usagi
Age: Eight Teen
Race:One Winged Angel.
Bio: Akira formerly use to be a pure angel breed. Unfortunately for him, he was foolish and helped a fallen. You see, Angels and Fallens are strictly enemies. To help your enemy must be followed with punishment.
His superiors removed his gift of flight, and ripped a wing from his back, so all to see his crime.
Humiliated, he ran away from the Angelic Land, onto Middle Earth. He hides from His superiors, who wish to execute him now - because he left the realm, which is against the laws and discipline with death.

Akira discovered the savage war the earthlings were having. It appeared that the creatures of myth were against the humans... Causing himself not being treated very kindly by both sides of the on gong war.

So now the boy tries to survive, and keep himself hidden amongst the violence, as well find refuge from the angels that hunt him.
Weapons/skills: He fights with anything he can get his hands on. Akira is very small boned, and light - (he is built for flying after all. ) But being earth bound, he found that he became very good at hiding in small places. So finding him when you want to, is nearly impossible.
Appearance:Akira's Wing is a soft white, like his hair
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Other: Typically shy, and nervous of others... and can be rather snobby and rude towards strangers. he acts this way to hide and try to protect himself by not getting to emotionally attached to anyone.
Gaia Name: Destro160
Name:Kelton Feller
Bio: He was born in the western elf kingdom. His mother was the high priestess and his father was a royal guard. When he was a child he showed promise with a bow and his father soon enrolled him to the hunters academy. When he turned 25 he graduated from the academy and took his place at his fathers side. His mother insitsed to have him tested for magical ability however he showed no sign of the gift. As he grew older he developed a talent for poison and potion making were he studied under an apothecary and honed his skills. When he turned of age he began accompanying royal caravans as there guard. One day when they were riding along they came across a group of fey entertainers and a human representative. The two started to fall in love and they would steal away whenever they could. After a year of being together he proposed to her and she said yes. Unfortunately that night human "Freedom fighters" came and stole her from him. He begged and pleaded with the royal council to let him quest after her and they agreed to let him undertake the quest. He is now on a journey to rescue his beloved and maybe get some revenge.
Weapons/skills: He has a yew bow with gold elvish writing on it and says his and his fiances names. He also has a poison and potion for any occasion.
Appearance: Hes a tall elf and towers over most humans. He wears a green cloak with a hood and it has a mask witch he uses when hes hiding. He got short bronze hair and red eyes. Hes got long ears even for an elf giving him a very distinct look. Hes wearing leather armor coated in leaves and branches to better hide him.
Other:He hates humans and tries to belittle them were ever he can.)

Gaia Name: thehollow01
Name: Eowyn
Age: 20
Race: Phoenix
Bio: Eowyn’s doesn’t know who her parents are. She woke up in a pile of ashes in a forest, not remembering who she is. She got her name from a fairy, who was bathing in a nearby lake. The fairy told her that she was not the last of her kind, but that she had a twin brother somewhere else in the land. She stayed with the fairy and harnessed her power to control fire, the water fairy also taught her how to uses water magic as well. The water fairy was the only mother Eowyn had known, but humans wanting to rid their village of magical beings sat the forest ablaze killing everyone she knew and loved. Since then she has been wondering around the land searching for her brother and killing anyone who gets in her way.
Weapons/skills: Two daggers that have ancient runes on the hilts, and fire magic
Appearance: She has caramel colored skin, with olive green eyes. Eowyn has dark red hair that matches the colors of her wings that retract into her back when she’s not using them. She’s small but is extremely well built. She wears brown leggings that allow for easy movement, with a low cut corseted tunic over top. Her cloak is an olive green that matches her eyes. She has thigh high brown boots where she keeps her dagger when she’s not using them.
Other: She can talk to animals, tell if someone’s lying and resurrect other people but she loses some of her life energy when she does.

Gaia Name: In Darkness Chained

Name:Vehrehl (Hidden Path) ((technically this is a title and she has no 'real' name))

Age: seems to be about 23 or so

Race: Ahldaehreiehahn

Bio: Morose, quiet, and stoic. She keeps to herself and only opens up to her Soulbound Familliar, a Black and blue Raven-like Griffin named Kahuehtah (voice of the wind), and the suspicious claymore she wars on her back in her own tongue, and yet never uses. She seems cold, and can be indifferent, but has a strong sense of justice and honour, and will go out of her way to defend people- mainly women and children as she sees fit. Since her people are Isolationists she has little care or thought of the war between the humans and everyone else, and takes no sides. She will sometimes ramble in her own language, forgetting that those around her cannot speak the same, and though her people are adept at learning languages, she still talks strangely and at time messes up her wording. from time to time she will speak in her own language to others forgetting that they cannot understand her

Weapons/skills:Spawns scythes out of her arms, she has keen-animal like senses, and can be stealthy. Her titles were "Vehrehl the infernal scythe" and "Vehrehl the silent reaper". She kills without hesitation, but not without mercy. She is a trained hunter and a survivalist, but lacks talent in crafting.

Appearance: She is lankly by design, with a lot of lean muscle ans is about about 6'8'' (average height for her race). Her hair is shaved on one side entirely to show her status as a woman who cannot marry, on the other the hair is buzzed short and has a kind of tribal pattern in it to show her mark as a warrior. In the back, it trails down to her bottom and is deep red in colour with more vibrant highlights. She is slender for a warrior which serves to make her more agile. Her body type influences her parcouresque fighting style. (yeah, I know I spelled that wrong....) Her eyes are an actively glowing, fiery gold. Her pupils pupils are slitted with three prongs on the bottom and top like a crown, or branches, which is common for her race. She wears traditional Ahldaehreiehahn armour and clothing. Her arms are bare to show that she is in a state of war. Her armor is leather and partial plate rose gold coloured metal and silver inlay. She wears metal boots of the same colour with silver blades along the fronts and heels. Over her ornate attire she wears a maroon cloak and wraps her hair around her neck like a scarf; this obscures not only her face, but her race and her gender, and so she is generally though of as a male by the humans.

Other: She was from one of the eight noble houses which can produce heirs to become Dahg DaehmohnAhlehkahmohn (the strong heart of the people) ((the monarch)) She was the heir to be the next leader, but her family was in a feude with one of the other noble houses, sparked when Dahkahltah's brother was accidentally killed by her cousin. In his rage he sought to dishonour her family by raping days before her coming of age ceremony when she turned 35. He also cut down her left arm (the arm of honour) and left her to die, which she nearly did. When she healed physically she learned that she was pregnant and could no longer be the next "Queen" She was forced to carry the child since her race were so rarely fertile, and gave birth to a son. She gave up her desired path of becoming a story dancer and became a warrior, honing her skills until she was finally able to travel with her familiar and elder brother, Ahlbaehdohn (beloved guardian), to the Eastern lands where the Humans dwell in search of Dahkahltah (dreaded whisper) who had fled after his crime. Her purpose now in life is only to serve justice and restore honour to her house and avenge herself to reclaim her gender and right to be a woman. On her first encounter with Dehkahltah he used cheap tactics, and Ahlbaehdohn was killed. His soul now resides in the claymore on her back which reacts when Dahkahltah is around. She is often found speaking to the sword fondly and calling it "Baheiehtsueh" (brother)

Name: Erebos “Ebbie” Creston
Age: 9
Race: Human/sigil
Bio: The son of single father Shandon Creston, former High Priest to a secretive Order of ritual magicians. Along with his brother Mithra, Erebos was abducted by a duo of rogue chaos magicians who saw fit to use two children (believing them to be spiritual conduits for the deities that share their namesakes) in unscrupulous and inhumane magical practice. The botched experiments left Mithra dead, and Erebos physiologically distant and disfigured- transmuted into a living sigil. Shandon discovered the whereabouts of his children far too late, and after dispatching the two chaotes responsible, bitterly dedicated his life to hunting those who abuse magick. Erebos is generally mute, and experienced the world through a very different mode of perception than most people. He is very close to natural, intuitive, and the magical. Because of his sensitivities he is very prone to anxiety, illness and injury, though his sigil inadvertently makes him supernaturally resilient. He is very vulnerable to heat and bright light.
skills: The magic of his sigil is tremendously powerful, but very arbitrary and diffuse. At times, it is a force for healing. At others, it is a force of violence. He is very intuitively sensitive and is thus capable of sensing motive and tracking aura. Like his namesake, he has the power to produce and manipulate a form of shadow magic- magically woven darkness he can manipulate for his purposes. He is extremely resistant and can live without light and air, and his body is virtually indestructible. His eyesight is extremely poor, capable only of following dramatic movement and patterns of light and shadow. He has defaulting functioning if his feet are not touching the ground. He greatly enjoys being hugged and loves the smell of earth, rain, and nighttime.

Appearance: Ebbie is an extremely sick looking child: he is lean, pale and boney to the point of being cadaver-like. Large, shiny, jet black marks like moist glistening ink leave deep depressions in his flesh, creating the pattern of his sigil the encompasses his entire body. His eyes are as black and inky as the marks that bind his being. His hair is thin and fine, much like baby’s hair. His hair is the color of smoky quartz. He is clad in very simple draw-sting pants, made of cheap muslin and the color of summer earth.

Gaia Name: Ouca/Harraku
Name: Alpha
Age: N/A
Race: Homunculus
Bio: Despite his appearance, Alpha is not a human. He is a homunculus, born to be a assassin and a warrior strong enough to destroy even the strongest non-human. Trained to have no sense of morals, the Alchemists only gave him and his brethren three main rules; complete any task given, never betray their creators, and one simple motto "Our enemy is your enemy".
Though even amongst his peers, Alpha is by far one of the strongest. Because of this, the alchemist who created him assigned Alpha his role in the Pack: he became their commander in chief, his order always to be followed after the Alchemists.
Weapons/skills: Clawed gauntlets are Alpha's main weapons, though his training has made him adapt at fighting with most weapons. And due to the process of his creation, he has a natural resistance to magic, though he himself can not wield it.
Appearance: -l-
Other: Alpha was born without a name, no name and no ability to differentiate between the genders. The only thing that he learned that was different was that different forms served better purposes depending on the scenario. When his training was complete, he was named Alpha as he took control of the Pack. But even though he is the leader, that does not change the fact that he was raised the same as his brethren. He is a warrior to the bone, a wolf that craves only the blood of his enemies. He has no emotion, he has only been trained to act as if he does have feeling when situations call for it. 'Feelings' were just a tool, something to be used to complete his mission.
One on One RPs:

Here is a RP I am doing with someone if you are curious and want to read along;
I Breath Fire


Sadistic SOB and the Tightwad Angel
I will be adding more in the future.
Tyran held a snarl of a grin on her face as she walked through the crowded market place, with expensive looking clothing, and a more mannish demeanor she was quite an odity in the small town. She grabbed an apple from a fruit stall without being noticed, took one bite and tossed the apple away. She then let out a hearty chuckle, not caring about the impression she made on people she would never see again. She walked with and arrogant air, and a rather dangerous looking mein, returning the glances she got from shy pesants who looked as tiny to her as baby sheep. Her intense green eye shimmered as she set her eyes on town hall, looking for a mercinary job to pass the time. She halted suddenly, catching the aroma of a bar a few blocks away. She considered whether she wanted to get drunk first and work tomorrow, or try to find a job and get it over with.
Lina hurried through the crowd, her eyes darting around in hopes to catch a glimpse of her sister. "Lyra, you little," she started, but didnt finish the sentence when a meaty hand clamped around her arm. She yanked herself away, used to advances from creeps, and kept on with her pace. "How the hell did she wander off again? More then likely felt a plant that needed saving. Oh, Im Lyra, I must save everything, even if it means pissing off my ******** SISTER," Lina yelled the last bit, ignoring the stares.

Lyra smiled and sat back on her heels, happy that she had saved the small weed that had been trampled on from a passerby. "Grow strong my little hardy one and multiply." Her pointed ears were covered by the hood of a short, hunting cloak and a bright strand of hair had fallen around to cling to her cheek. Brushing it away she stood up and began to make her way from the alley way when she heard the frustrated yell. "Uh...shoot." Sheepishly she made her way to the end of the alleyway and stood there, waiting. Lina would be there soon enough.
Tyren had decided to go to the pup she had smelled, and cut across the busy alley chuckling at the mad, yelling woman, and continued on, shaking her head. She walked down a side street, but halted as she passed a girl bent over a weed, and sniffed. Tyren suddenly spun around and eyed the girl intensely, "and just what do we have here?" she mused, smirking down with pointed teeth.
Lyra stared at the woman, her blue eyes huge and slightly scared. "Um..." She could tell this woman was not human, but she was unsure what she was. "Im not sure..." She began when a shrieking Lina came up.

"Do you have any idea how worried I was? Is it really necessary for you to go and help every ******** weed? Really? Really?" Lina stormed around the mouth of the alley way, her bright hair flying around her pale features, even paler with the two spots of red flaring on her cheeks. She then saw that there was someone else there. "What do you want with my sister?" She pulled Lyra over to her and hid her slightly behind her back, even though they were both of the same petitness.
Tyren nearly doubled over in laughter, "aren't we feisty, little one." The tall, muscular woman looked like a mountain beside the two other small women. Her grin showed her strangely poited canine teeth, "but I suppose with a secret like yours you's have to be careful. Tyren cleared her throat and spat off to the side, "you aren't like your sister. No, not at all. Spirited though as you are." the tall woman had an agressive, yet good humored air to her.
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Romantic Shapeshifter

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tab Clare glared intently at the male sitting across from her, her crystalline blue eyes meeting his slightly foggy grey. Suddenly, another companion shouted 'go' and she broke off the staring contest to begin chugging the incredibly bitter alcohol, determined to finish before him. However right as she had gotten halfway, another boisterous man was shoved into her, making her choke and spill the rest of the drink onto the mahogany table. Gaping, she turned to stare at her opponent as he himself finished with a loud guffaw, signaling her defeat. "Alright lil' missy, paysh up."
tab Still gaping, Clare straightened her back before fishing into the pocket for the money. "Damn...well then..." Clearing her throat, she took in a breath before shouting, "I am not awesome!" Her sentence was met with a chorus of cheers and laughter, followed by the sound of a large thud as her opponent collapsed onto the tabletop.
tab Grinning, Clare reached across the table to stuff the money into his collar before she rose to her feet. Checking for her weapons before heading out, her crimson half-cloak trailed behind her as she silently slipped between the crowd of people. It had been quite some time she had come to this town,and even longer since she had the money to buy as proper drink. Yet she had splurged, telling herself that the pub was always a place for information. And she had got a job, luckily enough since she had just bet away the tiny amount of spending money she had gathered.
tab Sighing, she rubbed the back of her next as she stepping out of the building, smiling at the fresh air even as she looked at the job request in her hand.
Tyren's wild laughter echoed loud enough for many bystanders to hear her clearly. She was an od spectacle, towering over the other two women, with such a brazzin air to her posture.
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tab Scratching the back of her head lightly as she looked over the request, Clare's train of thought was broken as the sound of laughter echoed around her. Arching an eyebrow, she turned her gaze to the origin of the sound, looking over the figure of a relatively large woman towering about two petite ones. And while her stance did not show any hostility, the fact that the was able to recognize the smallest redhead made her eyebrow inch up.
tab Sneaking up to the sisters, Clare slung an arm around Lyra's shoulder before leaning onto her, using her as an emergency crutch just in case her recent drinks decided to make her tumble to the ground. Embelishing the fact that she had just come from the pub, Clare grinned at the other women. "Now now, you know you shouldn't scare those smaller than you, Tyren" she said jokingly, "I haven't seen you since the last time. How has work been?"
"But evereyone's smaller than me," she laughed again, "I'm stirrin' up as much s**t as usual, how about yourself? Last time we met you nearly beat me," her toothy grin grew, "almost."
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tab Grinning at her reply, she chuckled lightly. "I just lost all my spare change in a bet, so I suppose I'm doing the same as ever," she replied with a shrug, though her expression was slightly rueful. At her next sentence, however, Clare held her free hand to her heart in mock pain. "I was so close to. If only I hadn't tumbled into that bog!"
tab She pouted for moment before grinning. "I shall have to try harder the next time, yes?"
Lyra eeped when she felt the arm swing around her shoulders, but instantly relaxed when she realized who it was. And she instantly felt better about the other, large woman, since Claire seemed to be ok with her.

"What the ******** is going on here? I stop to by some ******** bread and Lyra wanders ******** off to go save some ******** weed and then meets this ******** woman, who laughs so ******** loud, and then Claie ******** shows up, drunk off her a**, and all they do is ******** laugh? Well, ******** great. Thats just ******** great. If you are all done being merry and s**t I actually have to help my sister survive from all the ******** assholes who have ******** decided that she ******** needs to die."Lina finished the rant, pouted for a few seconds and then smiled. "I feel better."

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