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In the New Era, Several pilots were chosen to protect and serve in the wars. A great enemy force threatens them. This is their story...Choose your side faction and help it reach it's story to destroy or bring peace...
The Rules

OMEGA SAGA OOC/Recruiting Thread


No godmodding, make fights fair, do not kill without permission from owner, or roleplayer.
You do not have to choose from the following mecha, just make your own!!!
Romance is allowed, PG-13 only. Choose your love interest.
Multiple rp characters are allowed. If you can handle them.
Pm me all character profiles with the title: OMEGA SAGA Rp.
Choose your partner of a hologram partner to join you in your mecha, for an example: A hologrammed version of Saya appeared next to the screens and floated around, she then instructed him what to do. This is also for some who cannot pilot a mecha or gundam or so... so they can be a hologram partner of the following pilot.
Post with character photos or post normally. Either way. It can be perfect, decorated or plain jane, your choice.
Choose United Genesis Earth Federation, RAIN [A neutral good faction which stands for Rebel Aerogator Illusion Newtype. we already have a leader for that side faction] , Trinity: an experimental evil side faction that has androids, clones and evil organization faction. Or Dark Crusaders: Evil faction that rosed and plots to destroy and make everything into darkness and corrupt many.) TSUKASA CITY DESERT BASE- (A place with desert and a base and imperial desert palace.)
Post frequently 3 times per day or so... Try to follow the storyline and others. Roleplay with us! We don't bite!!!
Obey the rules and enjoy your long term stay in my rp.


Pilot Name:
Partner Hologram/Partner:
Crush/Love Interest:
Side Faction: UGEF [United Genesis Earth Federation], Dark Crusaders. RAIN, Trinity
Short Bio:
Pilot Appearance:
Gaian Name:

Civilian/Other Characters Name:
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Side Faction:
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Civilian/Other Appearance:
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Hagane (For the UGCEF and RAIN later in the rp)

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GN Beam Gun

Each of the Gadelaza's sub-arms is tipped with a powerful GN Beam Gun. Due to their placement on the ends of the sub-arms, the beam guns have a very flexible area of fire. These weapons possess both a high power rating (similar to a GN Cannon) and a high rate of fire (similar to a GN Sub-machine Gun), making them suitable against most opponents.

GN Beam Saber

The beam guns within the sub-arms are capable of generating four enormous beam sabers designed for close combat. Due to the sheer size of the beam sabers, not only did they offer a very large reach, they could also cut threw just about anything from a mobile suit to a battleship with ease.

GN Blaster

The Gadelaza possesses a powerful beam cannon known as the GN Blaster. It is housed in the mobile armor's nose section (making up more than one half of the MA's overall length), and is capable of firing a very large and powerful particle beam. After firing a shot, it cools down by opening the vents on the top and bottom of the GN Blaster in preparation for another shot. When it was used in battle the GN Blaster proved to be capable of destroying an entire battleship in one shot.

Large GN Fangs

The Gadelaza is equipped with 14 Large GN Fangs[7] which are roughly the size of a standard mobile suit and possess their own individual GN Drive Tau.[6] These advanced remote weapons were designed to be adept in every form of combat. Mounted on the front of each Large GN Fang is a powerful beam cannon capable and enemy unit with a single shot. For defense, they can to generate their own GN Fields. The GN Fields can also be used offensively for melee combat by generating a blade-shaped GN Field for cutting attacks. The GN Verniers mounted on each of the Large GN Fangs constantly generates a ring of GN Particles similar to the Gadelaza itself for high speed and maneuverability. Each of them are capable of releasing up to ten Small GN Fangs a piece[6][7], for a total of 140. The Large GN Fangs have a much higher performance level than the Small GN Fangs due to their size and possession of a GN Drive Tau, and can enter Trans-Am for an overall increase in their abilities for a limited time or (as a last resort) be used as Trans-Am missiles similar to the GAGA Forces.

Small GN Fangs

The Small GN Fangs are basically miniature versions of their larger counterparts. Like the Large GN Fangs, they can generate blade shaped GN Fields for defense and melee. Another feature they have in common is that their verniers constantly generate ring of GN Particles for high speed and maneuverability. While the Small GN Fangs are also equipped with beam weapons for ranged combat, there power is closer to that of a beam rifle rather than a beam cannon. Unlike the larger fangs however, they rely on GN Condensers as power sources and are much more limited in terms of operation time before they need to return to the Large GN Fangs to recharge. Their overall abilities can be enhanced with Trans-Am.

GN Missiles

The Gadelaza is equipped with a total of 256 GN Missiles (the same amount as the Baikal-class carrier). These are stored beneath each sub-arm of the MA in 32 containers, with each holding 8 missiles. They can completely obliterate an enemy fleet when launched all at once or be used to intercept incoming enemy missiles.


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Rachav Missile and Mugdar Cannon.

Barrel Lion

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Missile Launcher
The Barrelion fires a salvo of missiles from its lower body.

Beam Cannon
Mounted on the sides of the Barrelion, these beam cannons serve as an alternative to ranged combat, if the Big Head Railgun is unusable.

Big Head Railgun
Setting the weapon into place, the Big Head Railgun fires a huge, bombarding slug that can reach long distances. The ammo for this weapon is not unlike the one used by the Lion units, but is greater in size and damage capability.

Guarlion Trombe

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Vulcan, Assault Blade, Burst Railgun, and Sonic Breaker.

Nero Blitz

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Grappling Arm

The Nero Blitz possesses two grappling arms that are normally folded on its back. When unfolded they become two grappling arms that are capable of capturing and reflect a shot from a beam weapon because of the Geschmeidig Panzer. They can redirect beam weapons fire in various angles by altering the internal refractive index, though this damages the Grappling Arm's components, thus limiting the number of beam reflections. The arms are also capable of grabbing and crushing enemy mobile weapons.

Dummy Launcher

On the Nero Blitz's right arm the armor is capable of opening up revealing six barrels that are able to fire dummies.

Lancer Dart Launcher

On the Nero Blitz's left arm the armor has three openings that are capable of firing lancer darts.

Verde Buster Gundam

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High-energy beam cannon

As with the original Buster, the Verde Buster is equipped with a redesigned version of the 94mm high-energy beam rifle in the form of a cannon. While the original unit had to carry the rifle in its hand, the Verde Buster's beam cannon is mounted on a backpack over the suit's left shoulder.

Gun launcher

Another weapon copied from the original suit is the 350mm gun launcher, which like the beam cannon isn't hand carried anymore but instead mounted on the backpack over the suit's right shoulder. This however prevents the Verde Buster from combining the two weapons like the Buster was capable of doing.

Missile launchers

The last weapon taken from the old Buster are the two shoulder mounted 6-tube 220mm multipurpose missile launchers.

Beam Rifles

The only new addition to the Verde Buster's armament is a set of two M9009B composite bayonet-equipped beam rifles, which are usually mounted on the hips of the suit but are hand-carried when in use. They each feature a small bayonet for close-combat. The rifles are capable of being combined into a two-barrel rifle, which is strong enough to severely damage a space station.

Dark Strike Noir Gundam

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2 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 4 x EQS1358 rocket anchor, mounted in hands and feet; 2 x M8F-SB1 "Shorty" beam rifle, mounted on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x MR-Q10 "Fragarach" 3 beam blade, mounted on Noir, hand-carried in use; EQS1358T rocket anchor, mounted on Noir Striker; 2 x MAU-M3E42 linked linear gun, mounted on Noir Striker
Optional hand armaments: 2 x 57mm high-energy beam rifle w/175mm grenade launcher x

New enemy mech
Rocket Punch (Smasher Punch) and Rust Hurricane (Iron Tornado), a double-bladed spear, a Gatling Gun, Missile Launchers, and Shoulder Blasters.

Available Mecha

Alt Eisen - Spot Available
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Weapons Systems:

Split Missile x 12 (スプリットミサイル Supuritto Misairu)
Two pods launched from the Alteisen's body, that split into smaller submunitions in flight. These only appeared in Compact 2 and Original Generation.

Autocannon x 1 (3連マシンキャノン Sanren Mashin Kyanon, lit. 3-round Machine Cannon)
A three-barreled gun mounted on the Alteisen's left arm.

Heat Horn x 1 (ヒートホーン Hīto Hōn)
The horn mounted on the forehead is charged with energy, allowing the Alt Eisen to cut its target with a swing of its head.

Revolving Stake x 1 (リボルビング・ステーク Riborubingu Sutēku)
An oversized stake mounted on the right arm. Six charges in a revolver-like chamber can be fired to drive the stake into the body of the target, making this weapon extremely powerful against weaker Personal Troopers and Armored Modules.

Heavy Claymore x 2 (スクエア・クレイモア Sukuea Kureimoa)
The weapons inside the boxes mounted on the shoulders contain titanium ball bearings that are fired upon release of their compartments. These ball bearings are not unlike the ones that are used in the Claymore antipersonnel mines. This attack can damage multiple enemies, as seen in Super Robot Wars Original Generations.

Although the Heavy Claymore weapon is a ranged weapon, it is usually classified as a melee weapon, presumably to take advantage of the pilot's focus on melee-based attacks.

Special Attack: Trump Card (「切り札」Kirifuda, lit. Trump Card)
Not exactly a weapon, the Trump Card is a series of precision timed attacks from the primary weapons of the Alt Eisen. The attack animation varies from game to game, but usually begins with the Alt Eisen firing the Autocannon, followed by the Heat Horn, and ending with the Revolving Stake or Heavy Claymore. The Alt Eisen would empty all six charges in order to maximize the damage done by the Revolving Stake. The Trump Card is unique in that it can only be performed once every time the Alt Eisen is sent out into battle.

Special Attack: Rampage Ghost (ランページ・ゴースト Ranpēji Gōsuto)
Kyosuke and Excellen's signature attack combination. There are different attack animations depending on the game:
In Original Generation, the Alt Eisen rushes in first, while the Weiss Ritter fires its Triple Beam Cannon attack. A successful hit allows the Alt to deliver its Heat Horn attack, followed by a returning attack of the Weiss's Oxtongue Launcher E at point-blank range. To end it off, the Alt uses its Revolver Stake while the Weiss simultaneously stabs the enemy with its Plasma Cutter.
In Original Generation 2, the attack animation is the same as Original Generation's, albeit the Weiss uses its Oxtongue Launcher B attack instead of its Plasma Cutter at point-blank range.
In Original Generations, the attack begins with both mecha flying towards the enemy while the Alt Eisen empties its entire arsenal of its Heavy Claymore attack. The Weiss Ritter supports the Alt with the E mode of the Oxtongue Launcher. The target is juggled into the air by the shots as the Alt and Weiss position themselves on both sides a short distance away. Both machines then frantically charge at the unit, attacking with the Alt's Autocannon and the Weiss's Triple Beam Cannon before slamming into the enemy from both sides with the Revolver Stake and Oxtongue Launcher B, emptying their clips into the unit at point-blank range. The Alt and Weiss retreat away as the enemy is engulfed in a cataclysmic explosion.

Angelg -Spot Available
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Shadow Lancer
The Angelg shoots several green darts from the shield on its left arm.

Mirage Sword
The Angelg takes out a metal sword and stabs the enemy several times in a fury. In Original Generation 2, it is a beam rapier instead,
and the Angelg only slashes at the enemy twice.

Illusion Arrow
The Angelg takes out its bow and shoots a blue arrow at the enemy. While the arrow flies, it leaves behind a trail of blue dust.

Mirage Sign
The Angelg takes out its sword, carves two star shapes in the air and strikes through them, right through the enemy. In Original Generation 2, it uses a beam rapier and does five slashes on the enemy, which creates a pentagram. It then finishes it off by doing a final vertical slash.

Phantom Phoenix
The Angelg pulls out its bow and shoots a pink arrow. As the arrow is about to hit the enemy, it turns into a phoenix, and rams through the enemy. This is the Angelg's strongest attack.

Daizengar- Taken by Raul Gureden
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Dynamic Knuckle

The arms can be launched from the base of the elbow to act as a mid-ranged weapon.

General Blaster

The two circular shoulder plates can fire energy beams.

Guardian Sword

A smaller sword apparently mounted in one of the General Guardian's shins that can be used for close-range combat.

Zankantō Denkōsekka (Lightning Speed, Colossal Burst in the English localization)

Sanger uses the Colossal Blade in its base form with a swift swipe in the air to create a strong enough wind to cut the enemy.

Zankantō Daisharin (Big Swing, Colossal Spinner in the English localization)

Sanger uses the liquid memory metal to enlarge the Colossal Blade into a larger kukri-like blade. It then flings it as if it were a boomerang.

Zankantō Raikō Giri (Lightning Slice, Colossal Thunder in the English localization)

Sanger enlarges the Colossal Blade into a large broadsword. It then uses it to perform a giant vertical strike from below the opponent and then performing a swift horizontal strike so fast that it is almost invisible to the human eye. In Original Generations, Sanger would perform a series of slashes, before ending with a clean, vertical cut. This attack is also called the Zankantō Shippu Jinrai.

Zankantō Un'yō no Tachi (Blade of a Shining Cloud, Colossal Storm in the English localization)

Sanger enlarges the Colossal Blade to such a point that it's almost too large for the arms to even handle. Sanger lifts the weapon high above the head of the Dygenguard and proceeds to take to the sky. The Dygenguard drops down with a single bisecting slash as a finishing attack.

Tatsumaki Zankantō (Tornado Blade in the English localization)

A flashy, borderline-ridiculous, yet overwhelmingly powerful combination attack between the Dygengua rd and the Aussenseiter, piloted by Rätsel. Rätsel transforms the Aussenseiter to its Pferde (German for Equidae) Mode and lets Sanger's Dygenguard ride it. Riding towards the enemy as a mecha-scale samurai on horseback, Sanger then strikes with the Colossal Blade in a high-speed horizontal slash, then either cleaves the enemy vertically afterwards (Original Generation 2 version) or spins the Colossal Blade very rapidly to generate a whirlwind that carries the bisected enemy mecha up into the air to explode (Alpha 3 version) before adding a final horizontal slash upon the enemy (Original Generations version). During this attack, the Dygenguard wears the Aussenseiter's cape on its back.

Fairlion- Taken by Ring Mao
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Assault Blade
A mecha-sized sword used for close-combat enemy encounters, relying on motorized teeth (like the ones on a chainsaw).

Rolling Cannon
The "ringlets" of hair on the back of the Fairlion's head are actually the barrels of a pulse beam cannon. The weapon's name comes from the rotational firing pattern of the guns.

Vostok Laser
Two emitters in the Fairlion's shoulders combine with a third emitter in the abdomen to fire a large laser beam. "Vostok" is Russian for "east", and is the name of a former Soviet Union manned spaceship in the early 1960s.

Sonic Cutter
The W-I3NK System is activated to the use of only one Fairlion unit. With its shoulders extended from the back to the front, the Fairlion unit rushes towards the enemy, momentarily stunning the unit, similar to the Guarlion's Sonic Breaker attack. Two high-frequency energy blades are formed on the arms of the Fairlion, and the unit begins to slash the enemy with precision-based attacks.

Royal Heartbreaker
The W-I3NK System is activated to the use of both Fairlion units. A series of timed attacks is performed, utilizing the Sonic Cutter first, and ending off the combination with a charged energy attack thrown directly at the enemy. In Original Generations, the combination ends with both Fairlions charging at the enemy with a Sonic Breaker. The motion for the Royal Heartbreaker combination attack, adopted by Filio Presty and Jonathan Kazahara, was originally from the choreography of a famous 1990s Japanese idol group, WINK (which explains the naming of the W-I3NK System).

Guarlion- Spot Available
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Body-mounted guns on the torso of the Guarlion for quick strafing attacks.

Assault Blade
A mecha-sized sword used for close-combat enemy encounters relying on motorized teeth, similar to the ones on a chainsaw.

Divine Blade
A solid metal sword used for melee combat. It has the same name as the sword used by the Valsion, but it is much smaller and comparably less powerful. The Guarlion Custom, Guarlion Trombe, and Guarlion LB use this weapon to replace the Assault Blade.

Burst Railgun
A handheld railgun that fires the same rounds as the Lion's Railgun attack.

Sonic Breaker
The shoulders of the Guarlion open up, releasing the stored energy within the machine, creating a blue energy field that surrounds the front of the unit. As the Guarlion flies straight towards its enemy, it rams itself towards the target with the energy field piercing through the enemy armor.

Shishioh Blade
Available only on Divine Crusaders officer Murata's Guarlion Custom Mumyou, this Personal Trooper-sized katana easily slices through any enemy. Its attack animation is the same generic attack animation for the weapon when equipped onto allied units in Super Robot Wars Original Generations. A smaller dagger can also be used during this attack, which is driven into the enemy before executing a much stronger two-handed slash.

Huckebein- Taken by Raul Gureden
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60 mm Vulcan Guns
Mounted in the head area are a pair of small-caliber guns.

Roche Saber
This is an high-powered beam saber used for melee combat.

Magna Beam Rifle
This is a standard beam rifle for long range combat.

Remote Slasher
This remote controlled special weapon launches six devices from the mech's back which assemble into a disk-like device with beam cutters all around. The weapon then rushes to the target, striking it several times to deliver slashing damage. It is a very long range weapon.

Black Hole Cannon
This weapon is not self-contained in the mech, but is instead a large external artillery piece which is launched from a carrier or base at the pilot's request. (Similar to the Hyaku Shiki's Mega Bazooka Launcher from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam). The Huckebein then docks the cannon to its chest, connecting it to the Black Hole Engine, to unleash a devastating attack at extremely long range. The target of this weapon is effectively sucked inside a small scale black hole and crushed by the gravitational distortion.
Rapie Cage- Taken by Axel Almar

User Image
Neo Plasma Cutter
A powered-up version of the standard Personal Trooper energy melee weapon.

Penta Chaingun
A five-barreled chaingun, similar to the one the Alt Eisen Riese has. It is even mounted on the same arm location.

Magnum Beak
A close range attack maneuver, where the Rapiéçage charges at the enemy and impales it with its claws, firing a charge similar to the Alt Eisen's Revolving Stake to knock the enemy up, in order to slash it with the wings on its back. The name is derived from the Jet Magnum plasma punch attack of the Gespenst series, and the Wild Wurger's Victim Beak wing attack.

O. O. Launcher
The Over Oxtongue Launcher, as the name implies, is a much more powerful version of the Weiss Ritter's signature weapon. It has two modes of fire: an energy blast or a salvo of high-velocity rounds, both of which its pilot can chain together, when attacking at long range.

Split Missile-H
Missiles stored in the knee and fired as a MAP weapon, similar to the Wild Falken's, but with greater destructive capabilities.

U. U. N.
Short for Uncanny Ultimatum Nail, this can be thought of as the Rapiéçage's answer to the Alt Eisen's Trump Card attack , the Weiss Ritter's Oxtongue Launcher D attack, or the Wild Falken's Oxtongue Rifle D attack.

Raioh -Spot Available
User Image
Harken Impulse

A shot of plasma energy is launched from the leg.

Counter Break

The plasma leaders in the arms uses electricity to "lasso" the enemy off of the ground and pull it toward RaiOh. The mech delivers a powerful kick as the victim arrives.

Lightning Fall

The RaiOh flies into the air and delivers a charged, lightning kick aimed at the ground that creates a shockwave effect, damaging all targets in its area of effect.

Rising Meteor

The RaiOh charges itself up. It delivers a series of kicks to its target to knock it high into the air and then delivers a final kick, sending the enemy back down to the ground.

Wildfaken- Taken by Axel Almar

User Image
Vulcan Guns
In the head there are a pair of small-caliber guns.

Roche Saber
This is the Wild Falken's only melee weapon. It is a beam saber projected from the forearms.

Split Missile H
These are missiles that can split into much smaller missiles. They are stored in the knees and in the shoulders.

Ochstan Rifle
The Ochstan Rifle attacks vary from game to game. The Ochstan Rifle has a ball cartridge to fire solid rounds similar to a railgun. As an energy beam weapon, it can fire beam machinegun rounds or beam cannon rounds. In Alpha 2/3, the first Ochstan Rifle attack is firing a single shot from each mode while the second attack is a barrage of attacks from the rifle in each mode. In its Original Generation incarnation, the Ochstan Rifle attacks are "Ochstan Rifle B" (it fires in ballistic mode using solid rounds), "Ochstan Rifle E" (it fires in energy mode using beam shots), and "Ochstan Rifle D" (it fires a barrage of attacks using both modes).

Twin Bird Strike
Seolla and Arado's signature combination attack. The Wild Wurger purges its Jacket Armor and expands its wings, while the Wild Falken activate its TBS Mode. Both units mobilize at high speeds, confusing the enemy. The Falken begins to fire its Ochstan Rifle B attack from a higher altitude. The Wurger moves in, and grabs the enemy with its Stag Beetle Crusher. Lifting the enemy up, the Falken fires more rounds from its Oxtongue Rifle B, and ends with a single round of the Ochstan Rifle E attack. The enemy is released from the crusher, but is hit back by the attack from the Wurger. With one final strike, both units deal the cutting attack with their respective wings, finishing the enemy.

Weissritter- Spot Open
User Image
Beam Cannon x 3
Three linked beam guns mounted on the Weiss Ritter's left arm.

Split Missile x 12
These are more advanced versions of the split missiles the normal Gespenst has, stored on the upper backpack that can launch and split open to reveal smaller missiles.

This plasma sword is the Weiss Ritter's only melee weapon.

Plasma Cutter

Oxtongue Rifle -- The Weiss Ritter's main weapon is a long, heavy rifle that can fire both solid rounds and energy blasts. The beam cannon has a longer range, but the solid rounds are more powerful.
Oxtongue Launcher E (Energy mode)
Excellen sets the Oxtongue Launcher to its energy mode and fires it as an energy cannon.
Oxtongue Launcher B (Bullet mode)
Excellen sets the Oxtongue Launcher to ballistic mode and fires solid cannon rounds at the target.
Oxtongue Launcher W
In this mode, the Weiss Ritter can freely use both the E and B modes. Excellen fires a series of cannon rounds followed by an energy blast. The Original Generation 2 version of the attack also fires Split Missiles and the Triple Beam Cannon. Called Oxtongue Rifle D (Double mode) the North American localization.

Special Attack: Rampage Ghost
Excellen and Kyosuke's signature combination attack. There are different attack animations depending on the game:
In Impact, the Weiss Ritter launches 4 sets of Split Missiles. A successful hit allows the Alt Eisen Riese to deliver its Plasma Horn attack, sending the enemy flying away, followed by a r
eturning attack of the Weiss's Ochstan Launcher E at point-blank range. To end it off, the Alt uses its Revolving Bunker while the Weiss simultaneously stabs the enemy with its Plasma Cutter.
In Original Generation, the Alt Eisen rushes in first while the Weiss Ritter fires its Beam Cannon attack. A successful hit allows the Alt to deliver its Heat Horn attack followed by a returning attack of the Weiss's Ochstan Launcher E at point-blank range. To end it off, the Alt uses its Revolver Stake while the Weiss simultaneously stabs the enemy with its Plasma Cutter.
In Original Generation 2, the attack animation is the same as Original Generation's, albeit the Weiss using its Ochstan Launcher B attack instead of its Plasma Cutter at point-blank range.
In Original Generations, the attack begins with both mecha flying towards the enemy while the Alt Eisen empties its entire arsenal of the Heavy Claymore attack. The Weiss Ritter supports the Alt with the E mode of the Ochstan Launcher. The target is juggled into the air by the shots as the Alt and Weiss position themselves on both sides a short distance away. Both machines then frantically charge at the unit, attacking with the Alt's Autocannon and the Weiss's Triple Beam Cannon before slamming into the enemy from both sides with the Revolver Stake and Ochstan Launcher B, emptying their clips into the unit at point-blank range. The Alt and Weiss retreat away as the enemy is engulfed in a cataclysmic explosion.

Vysaga- Taken by Jix-kun
User Image
Blazing Blades (烈火刃 Rekkajin?)
The Vaisaga launches several kunai at the target. After a few seconds, the kunai stuck in the target explode. This attack can target multiple enemies, as seen in Original Generations. Known as Blazer Blades in the English localization.

Flow of Claws and Tusks (水流爪牙 Suiryū Sōga?)
The Vaisaga reveals a pair of wrist-mounted claws and proceeds to slash the enemy. This is a chain attack in Original Generation 2, which allows the Vaisaga to hit enemies if they are lined up in a row or column. Known as Flowing Claws in the English localization.

Earth Slashing Swift Sky Sword (地斬疾空刀 Jizan Shikkūtō?)
The Vaisaga unsheathes its sword and performs a quick swipe, creating a wind front that cuts the enemy. In Original Generations, the Vaisaga would charge its sword beforehand, unsheathe the weapon, creating the wind front, returns the sword to the sheath, and with a quick swipe, sends the wind front towards the target. Known as Geo Splitter in the English localization.

Wind Blade Flash (風刃閃 Fūjinsen?)
The Vaisaga rushes forward, faster than the eye can follow, and does a quick unsheathe and slash at point blank range, right in front of the enemy. In Advance, this is the Vaisaga's strongest attack, until the pilot reaches level 20. In Original Generations, the sword is charged with a wind-like energy, and as the Vaisaga flies high into the sky, it unleashes the energy in the form of a swirling funnel, trapping the enemy within and tearing the earth apart. The Vaisaga then dives vertically towards the target, piercing the enemy with its sword. The Vaisaga quickly pulls out the sword, before the enemy explodes. Known as Gust Ripper in the English localization.

Secret Technique - Light Blade Flash (奥義・光刃閃 Ōgi - Kōjinsen?)
The Vaisaga performs the same motions as the Fuujinsen, with the only difference being where the Vaisaga ends up. In the Ougi: Koujinsen, the Vaisaga ends up behind the opponent. This is the Vaisaga's most powerful attack. This can be used in Advance as well, serving as a critical strike for Fuujinsen. In Original Generations, the Vaisaga's limiters are released, going into overdrive. Dashing straight towards its enemy, it delivers a multitude of slashes, effectively paralyzing the target. As a final strike, the Vaisaga readies itself and swiftly slices the enemy horizontally in half. Known as Lite Saber in the English localization.

Wildschwein- Taken by Axel Almar
User Image
M950 Machine Gun, M13 Shotgun, Photon Rifle (Divine Wars only), Beam Sword, and Circle Zanber
Mironga- Taken by Ring Mao

User Image
Micro Missile, TBG Missile, Beam Sword, Straight Machinegun, and End Breaker.

Granzon -Taken by Axel Almar
User Image
Granworm Sword
A large sword hidden in a wormhole is drawn out and used for melee attacks.

Graviton Cannon
The Granzon releases a massive gravity wave around it, crushing all enemies in the vicinity.

Worm Smasher
The Granzon opens up a wormhole in front of itself and fires several energy shots into it. Wormholes then open up at different angles around the target, and the shots emerge from them, attacking it from all angles. Called Worm Hole Attack in the North American localization.

Distorion Break
The Granzon opens up a series of linear wormholes in front of itself and fires an energy shot froms its chest that breaks towards the wormholes, increasing its potency before striking into its target.

Black Hole Cluster
The Granzon releases energy from its chest, forming a miniature black hole, which it fires at an opponent. The weapon engulfs the enemy and crushes them within its singularity.

Prototype Degenerative Cannon (試作型縮退砲 Shisakugata Shukutai Hō?)
The Granzon opens the covering on its chest and reveals a cannon. It then fires a large energy ball at the target which draws the enemy into it before bursting in a cosmic explosion that wipes out the solar system. This attack only appears in Super Robot Wars Alpha. In all other games, the only Degeneration Cannon is the full-fledged model, used only by Neo Granzon.

Valsione Reppu

User Image

Divine Arm:
A sword used for melee combat. An improvement over the Valsione's Divine Arm.

Divine Blade:
A powerful katana made of Orichalconium, used for melee combat.

Hyper Beam Cannon:
A beam cannon that fires large beam shots.

Psycho Blaster:
A very powerful attack, capable of hitting multiple enemy targets. Several bursts of energy originate from the Valsione hands and expand in a spherical area, damaging all enemies within the weapon's range. While very different technologically, its use is very similar, but less powerful, than the Cybuster's Cyflash attack.

Makyuu Mirage Ball:
The Valsione summons two spheres of energy from the saucers in her shoulders and then merges them into one ball of spiral energy. Then, sends the ball to the sky and volleys it to his target, destroying it in an energy explosion.

Cross Saucer:
A pair of disk-like weapons, mounted on the Valsione R's shoulders, are launched, flying towards its target, striking it several times in a cutting fashion.

Moebius Jade:
An upgraded form of the standard Cross Saucer attack. The saucers are lauched, but insteand of flying towards the target, both saucers fly in circles over the Valsione, then crash one with other, and shatter into multiple "gems" of energy. Then the Valsione sends the "gems" to sorround and obliterate her target.

Cross Smasher:
The Valsione fires a pair of different coloured beams that spiral around each other into an enemy with a drilling effect. Note that this is the same weapon mounted on the Valsion.

Kakusan Cross Smasher:
An upgraded form of the standard Cross Smasher attack. The Valsione fires multiples Cross Smashers from all sides to one target, obliterating it in a large explosion.

Engetsu Sappou:
The final and most powerful attack of the Valsione R. Upon summoning its Divine Blade, the Valsione R brandishes its weapon in a circular motion. With the view of a full moon in the background, the Valsione R flies high into the sky, then delivers a thunderous diagonal slash at its target, following up with a powerful horizontal slash. The effect of the attack is so devastating that the moon in the background and the target is cut in half.
Reserved, Pm me your own mecha or reserve a spot for your own mecha,
Freedom Gundam- Spot Open

User Image

2 x MA-M01 "Lacerta" beam saber, stored on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x MMI-GAU2 "Picus" 76mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted on head; 2 x M100 "Balaena" plasma beam cannon, stored in wings, mounted over shoulders in use in HiMAT mode; 2 x MMI-M15 "Xiphias" rail cannon, folded underneath hips, spread out in use in HiMAT (High Mobility Aerial Tactics) mode, shield, mounted on left arm
Optional fixed armaments (docked with METEOR): 2 x 120cm high-energy beam cannon, 2 x 93.7cm high-energy beam cannon, 2 x MA-X200 beam sword , 77 x 60cm "Erinaceus" anti-ship missile launchers (22 per pod, 12 per arm unit, 9 on tail fin)
Optional hand armaments: MA-M20 "Lupus" beam rifle, power rating unknown

Strike Noir Gundam- Spot Open
User Image
2 x M2M5 "Todesschrecken" 12.5mm automatic CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 4 x EQS1358 rocket anchor, mounted in hands and feet; 2 x M8F-SB1 "Shorty" beam rifle, mounted on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x MR-Q10 "Fragarach" 3 beam blade, mounted on Noir, hand-carried in use; EQS1358T rocket anchor, mounted on Noir Striker; 2 x MAU-M3E42 linked linear gun, mounted on Noir Striker
Optional hand armaments: 2 x 57mm high-energy beam rifle w/175mm grenade launcher x 2

Forbidden Gundam- Spot Open
User Image
2 x "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x "Armfeuer'" 115mm machine gun, mounted on forearms; 2 x "Eckzahn" 88mm railgun, mounted on backpack, operable only in close combat mode; "Hresvelgr" plasma induction cannon, mounted on backpack, operable only in close combat mode
Optional hand armaments: "Nidhoggr" heavy scythe
Type-02/F1A Guren Flight -Spot Open

User Image

"Hien Souga" slash harken, mounted in chest; rocket harken, mounted on right arm; 43mm grenade launcher, mounted on left forearm; armor-piercing bombardment-type radiant wave surge system, output variable, mounted on right arm; 2 x 12-tube gefjun net unit, mounted on back
Optional fixed armaments: chaff smoke, disrupts enemy sensors
Optional hand armaments: "Ryogo Otsugata Tozantou" fork knife


User ImageUser Image

60mm Vulcan Gun

A basic armament found on many Federation mobile suits. While not very powerful and typically unable to penetrate mobile suit armor, the vulcan gun is useful in intercepting missiles/rockets, destroying mobile suit sensors, and engaging lightly-armored vehicles.

Beam Saber

The standard close range armament for most Federation mobile suits. The beam saber is a small cylindrical device held in the mobile suit's hands when operated and is powered by an energy capacitor that is recharged from special racks. The beam saber emits a blade of plasma contained by an I-Field and is capable of cutting through almost any metal that has not been treated with anti-beam coating.

The Unicorn is equipped with a total of four beam sabers. Each forearm stores a beam saber and can also be used while attached externally to the arms, a mechanism inherited from the Sinanju. In Destroy Mode, two additional beam sabers deploy from the backpack in a design reminiscent of the RX-78 Gundam. Even though it seems to be a reminiscence of the original Gundam, the beam sabers are actually the upgraded versions of MSZ-010 ΖΖ Gundam's large output beam saber where it can be take off the I-Field and expand the size of the beam.

Beam Vulcan Gun

The beam vulcan gun is only usable when the Unicorn is in its Destroy Mode. The weapon functions much like the Unicorn's normal 60mm vulcan gun; the main difference is that the beam vulcan gun fires beam shots instead of solid rounds, thus its shots can penetrate through most armor that have not been properly coated with anti-beam coating. These weapons are mounted close to the unit's shoulders.

Beam Gatling Gun

A manipulator-operated, gatling-style beam weapon capable of a high-rate of fire. This weapon was originally made for and used by the Sleeves, as a supporting weapon for the Kshatriya to maintain constant firing. However, Banagher Links managed to "steal" one as he escaped from Palau. Since almost all the weapons were made by AE during that time, Neo Zeon and Federation weapons were highly interchangeable, (which made Banagher question in the novel that if they both can share weapons then why can't they co-exist.)as seen in episode one of the OVA that Kshatriya was able to use ReZEL's beam saber. While the weapon is capable of unleashing a torrent of beam fire, individual shots are relatively weak as they are seen to only chip away at the armor of an AMX-009 Dreissen mobile suit. The beam Gatling gun was destroyed during a battle with the NZ-666 Kshatriya, but two new gatling guns are mounted to the Unicorn when the mobile suit is taken on by The Sleeve ship Garancieres. A total of six gatling guns were mounted on the FA version of Unicorn. When out of ammunition, it is disposable to prevent it from being dead weight. This weapon became one of the main weapons mounted on Unicorn and was used the most often after being equipped, as the Beam Magnum was very limited on ammo and Banagher himself considers it too powerful.

Beam Magnum

A highly customized beam rifle designed with an energy condenser, the beam magnum is capable of matching the output of large mega-particle cannons. Normally, it functions like an ordinary beam rifle but utilizes a special E-cap magazine mechanism to produce mega-particle cannon yields at the expense of an entire E-cap battery. Each magazine is loaded with five batteries stacked one after another, allowing a total of five shots before a new high-end software engineering work-magazine is needed. The Unicorn can be outfitted with two spare magazines on the back of its skirt. Each magazine contains 5 shots in the novel, and although never specified in the OVA. This weapon technology vaguely resembles the Variable Speed Beam Rifle in the way it regulates the amount of Mega Particles being used for each shot.

Hyper Bazooka

Standard-issue equipment to Earth Federation mobile suits. However, its length varies between the Unicorn's two modes. Fed with 6-round magazines, the rounds operate differently than a normal bazooka as they explode before making contact and releasing on par with vulcans.


A four-petal shaped shield that houses an I-Field Generator; the feature is operational in both Unicorn mode and Destroy Mode. The max duration of the I-Field is unknown, but it is long enough to deflect one beam cannon shot.

I-Field Generator

System Features

La+ Program

A unique Operating System that slowly reveals the path to open Laplace's Box once certain requirements are met. The program appears to be closely tied to both the NT-D and the Unicorn's pilot. Upon reaching Laplace at midnight Greenwich Mean Time, the program will broadcast the Universal Century inauguration speech and Federation Universal Century Charter made at Laplace in UC 0001. Following that, the next checkpoint given by the La+ Program is Torrington Base in Australia(in the novel version of Unicorn, the checkpoint on the Earth was actually Dakar, the capital of Earth Federation). Ultimately, according to Daguza Mackle, the true purpose of the program might actually be to serve as a guidepost to test the pilot's heart as the program itself leads the pilot to the Box. Ironically(as agreed by both Banagher and Full Frontal)in the novel, the destination, where the Laplace Box is located, of the La+ program was Industrial 7, where everything started.

]Unicorn Gundam Banshee- Spot open

User ImageUser Image

60mm Vulcan Gun

Housed in the head on the OVA version. Hobby Japan lists it as a beam vulcan gun, though standard live rounds can also be used.

Beam Magnum

A highly customized beam rifle designed with an energy condenser, mirroring the output of large mega-particle cannons. Normally, It functions like an ordinary beam rifle, but utilizes a special E-cap magazine mechanism to produce mega-particle cannon yield at the expense of an entire E-cap battery. The Unicorn Banshee can be outfitted with up to 10 spare customized E-Pacs on the back of its skirt.

Beam Saber/Beam Tonfa

Each forearm stores a beam saber. In Destroy Mode, two additional beam sabers deploy from the backpack in a design reminiscent of the RX-78 Gundam.

Beam Vulcan Gun

Housed within the shoulder assembly; only operable in Destroy mode. Hobby Japan lists this weapon as beam vulcan gun, although standard projectile ammunition is primarily used.


Houses an I-Field barrier generator; usable in both Unicorn and Destroy modes.

Armed Armor VN

A weapon featured only on the OVA version, it is fixed on the left arm. The Armed Armor VN is a Psycoframe-embedded destructive vise-like weapon that utilized super-vibration to effectively destroy mobile suits. In Destroy mode the weapon transforms into a shape similar to a beast's claw. It is treated with beam-resistant coating and can also be used as a shield or striking weapon when in Unicorn mode.

Armed Armor BS

A weapon featured only in the OVA version, it is equipped on the right arm. A Psycoframe-embedded long-range beam smart gun, it is capable of extremely accurate firing, achieved by a special built-in sensor unit transmitting spatial data to the pilot via Psycommu system and using the pilot's reaction to synchronize the beam-directing "fins". The weapon can be used in both Unicorn and Destroy modes
Wing Gundam Zero - Spot Open

User Image

2 x machine cannon, fire-linked, mounted in torso; 2 x beam saber, stored in recharge racks in wing binders, hand-carried in use
Optional hand armaments: twin buster rifle, can be separated into two separate single-barrel buster rifles

Deathscythe Hell Gundam- Spot Open

User Image

2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 1 x beam scissors, stored in recharge rack on rear waist armor, hand-carried in use
Optional hand armaments: Beam Scythe

Gundam Heavy Arms Kai -Spot Open

User Image

: 2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x machine cannon, fire-linked, mounted in torso; 4 x Gatling gun, fire-linked, mounted in chest; 4 x 9-tube homing missile launcher, mounted on legs; 2 x 22-tube micromissile launcher system, mounted in shoulder armor; 2 x 4-tube micromissile launcher, mounted on hip armor
Optional hand armaments: 2 x double Gatling gun, can be stored on backpack storage racks

Altron Gundam -Taken by Vampiremessiah51

User Image

2 x vulcan gun, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x dragon fang, mounted on arms; 1 x twin beam trident, stored in recharge rack on backpack, hand-carried in use
Raphael Gundam: Spot taken by Ring Mao

User Image

GN Bazooka

A pair of GN Bazookas are attached to the backpack of the Raphael Gundam. They're derived from the Seravee's GN Bazooka II, and can be adjusted for rapid fire or for high power shots. [3]. Much of the design remains the same, but they have been reconfigured to adapt onto the backpack of the Raphael.

GN Beam Rifle

Raphael's GN Beam Rifle is similar in design to the rifles used by the Plutone and Nadleeh. In fact, it was built from the recycled GN Rifle of the GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh, and was improved with updated crystal sensors.[5] From this, it can be presumed that the beam rifle of the Raphael also has the beam bayonet function of Nadleeh's Beam Rifle.[3] Its exact power rating is unknown, although the power output and size of the beam is less than that of its GN Cannons [8].

GN Big Cannon/GN Claw

On Raphael's backpack, the unit contains a pair of GN Claws with built-in cannons. They're enhanced versions of Virtue's and Seravee's GN Cannons and each GN Big Cannon is much powerful than their predecessors. The GN Big Cannons are hidden underneath the claws. Differing from its lineage though, the cannons have their own GN Drive Tau and are detachable, capable of autonomous movement that gives them an unrestricted field of fire and greater range of movement. This is likely the most particle-consuming weapon on Raphael, capable of depleting a large amount of particles with only one shot.

The GN Claw was designed to intercept and/or anticipate a target before Raphael could. The claws were designed to grab enemy units and can tear the target apart, crush it, or remove it from the combat zone. The tip of all the claws can each generate a GN Beam Saber.[5]

Zabanya Gundam- Spot Open

User Image


GN Holster Bit

The GN Holster Bits[4] are the ten green shield-like containers mounted on the Zabanya's rear thruster blocks. They are used for storing and re-configuring the mode of use for the GN Rifle Bits II/GN Pistol Bits[5], allowing the pilot to adapt the weapons for various combat situations [5]. The GN Holster Bits also possesses the ability to act as GN Shield Bits[4]when a pair of them are paired together to form the shield unit.

The GN Holster Bits possess a function similar to the GN Shield Bits' Assault Mode, arranging themselves into specific formations for offensive purposes, with the ability to incorporate the Rifle Bits themselves into said formations for additional firepower. They are able to reflect beam attacks as well. Zabanya can also load up four more GN Holster Bits onto its back for additional offensive and defensive capabilities.

GN Missiles

Like the Dynames and Cherudim, Zabanya is armed with a complement of GN Missiles for use as emergency countermeasures or as additional firepower. Contrary to its predecessors, however, the Zabanya mounts a much larger number of missiles than the previous two, with a total of 76 missile launchers laced throughout its armor (shoulders, chest, skirt, legs, and torso). The missiles use GN particles as propulsion while they seek out targets. After impact with their targets, the missiles inject GN particles into its target's superstructure, destroying their target from the inside.

Because of the use of GN particles for propulsion, these missiles may be slightly hampered in terms of operational firing range. However, it is safe to assume that they can still be used in medium-range mass-fire tactics. The destructive power of these missiles is unknown, even when compared to those of the Zabanya's predecessors, but it can be assumed to be similar if not greater due to advancements in GN weapon technology. Aside from being capable anti-ship and anti-mobile suit ordnance, the Zabanya's missiles can also be used to intercept enemy missile attacks.

Once Zabanya unloads it's payload of missiles, it jettisons most of its armor to remove the dead weight of the empty missile ports.

GN Pistol Bit / Rifle Bit II

At least ten GN Rifle Bits II are stored within the GN Holster Bits, mounted on Zabanya's rear thruster block. An additional four bits can be added on Zabanya's shoulders. When facing formidable forces, Zabanya can use the rifles as either hand-held rifles or remote weapons to adapt to the combat situation. The weapon can also act as a pistol with a shorter barrel, named GN Pistol Bit[4] in this form, with the scope and grip hidden.

The pilot has the choice of choosing between either a pistol or a rifle (via the inclusion/exclusion of the extension) before the weapon exits the Holster Bit[5]. The white section on the underside of the barrel is a blade with anti-beam coating that allows Zabanya to use the GN Pistol Bits as close combat weapons, similar to Cherudim's GN Pistols II. The strength of the pistols is undefined, but presumed to be as powerful as or more powerful than the blades on the Cherudim's GN Pistols II.

System Features

Bit Control System

Holographic Targeting System

A derivative of the holographic sniping system first used on the GN-006 Cherudim, this system superimposes a hologram of Zabanya's field of view inside the cockpit. The multiple targeting scopes on Zabanya's body are activated, and the two Haro units lock-on to and highlight multiple targets onto the hologram. This allows the mobile suit to dramatically increase its rate of fire and attack large numbers of enemy units in the most efficient manner possible.

Gundam 00 Raiser- Spot Open

User Image

GN Beam Machine Gun

A set of beam weapons mounted on 0 Raiser's wings. It's firing rate is higher than a beam rifle, but weaker.

GN Beam Saber

00 Raiser is shown to carry two GN Beam Sabers, stored on recharge racks in the rear waist. Unlike the beam sabers used by the 3rd Generation Gundams, their blade length can be altered as needed to function as either a beam saber or beam dagger.

GN Micro Missile

A version of the GN Missile but shrunk to fit inside the 0-Raiser's main body, however it can still by used in the 00 Raiser configuration.

GN Shield

00 Raiser can carry a GN Shield made of E-Carbon. An improved version of the GN Shield carried by Exia, it can be stored as two separate pieces either near the GN Drives or on the wings of the 0 Raiser.

GN Sword II

An improved model of Gundam Exia's main weapon. Unlike Exia's GN Sword, 00 Raiser's weapon is more conventional in shape. Sword Mode sees the weapons used like conventional broadswords, with a tap connecting the weapons to 00 Raiser's GN Condenser Network. It also possesses a Beam Saber Mode, in which the blade is in rifle mode position and emits a beam saber from both barrels to form a larger-than-average beam saber with the ability to cut through large size asteroids with much ease. Alternatively, the two swords can be connected pommel to pommel to form a double blade-staff. When switched to Rifle Mode, the blade pivots from the hilt and rotates on its long axis, revealing a targeting sensor. The Rifle Mode can be used in either rapid fire mode to destroy enemies' mobile suits in a single shot, or be charged to deliver a single, high-powered blast(moon crescent shape) for much larger targets, capable of destroying a Baikal Class battlecruiser with a single such shot.[4] It is also capable of performing Spray-and-Pray tactics by shooting beams in a wider and streamer fashion.

GN Sword III

The direct descendant of Exia's GN Sword in appearance. Unlike the GN Sword, or the GN Sword Kai, the GN Sword III does not have a "storage configuration". However, the switch from rifle to sword mode is much faster and smoother than before. Both modes benefit from the increased power of the Twin Drive, and the blade's green edge is derived from the same material that makes up GN Condensers. First tested on the GN Katars of the 00 Seven Sword, this material enhances the power of the sword by converting large amounts of GN Particles into heat intense enough to melt most armors on contact. While having this feature, GN Sword III also has the ability to generate a beam saber, covering the whole blade of the sword. The GN Sword III's Raiser Sword was first seen when used to destroy all 3 Baikal Class battlecruiser at once. The GN Sword III has 2 modes: Rifle Mode (in which the sword is folded and a rifle extends from the front), a single uncharged shot is more than enough to destroy a Baikal Class battlecruiser, and Sword Mode (which has the sword fully extended and with another rifle mounted above the blade). While Raiser Sword requires both GN Sword II units present in order to be used, the GN Sword III can initiate it with just one.[5]

GN Vulcan

Same weapon as used by Exia. Mounted between 0-Raiser's main body and the wings, used to shoot down missiles, range is long but power is weak. When used against an solar furnace equipped suit, it's mainly for distracting. After combined with 00, the attack direction is fixed to downward.

Gundam Harute: Spot Open

User Image


GN Cannon

Harute possess two large GN Cannons mounted on its back. They have been shown to be capable of firing powerful beams with minimal time lag in Fighter Mode, and are usable in MS Mode. Although they are often seen firing in rapid succession, they can also fire a more powerful beam combined with the GN Sword Rifles' outputs with a slightly longer time lag.

GN Scissor Bits

At port and starboard, the rear top part of the GN Cannons have 2 compartments that contain 5 GN Scissor Bits in each one, totaling 10 bits. These bits are literally flying scissors with cutting edges lined with the same material as the blades of the GN Sword Rifles. This allows them to store large amounts of GN Particles to greatly increase their damage potential. As melee-type bits, these weapons were designed to move at extremely high speeds to offset their complete lack of ranged-attack capabilities; while in action, they can only be seen as orange and glowing green blurs. Because of new developments in GN Tech, the bits have higher performance and reduced need to recharge with Harute. Ten more can also be equipped with Harute's GN Booster upgrades.

GN Sword Rifle

Harute carries two GN Sword Rifles that can also function as wings in Fighter Mode. The rifle itself is a retractable gun that slides up and down (at the top handle-end of the weapon) for quick transition between modes. The GN Sword Rifles can also be used as pincer-like weapons for grabbing and bifurcating enemy units similar to Arios' pincer/cutter weapon. In Pincer Mode, they resemble straight-blade scissors rather than Arios and Kyrios's claw-like pincers. The weapons' Sword Mode was derived from the XN Raiser's GN Buster Sword design and the newer and more advanced green blade material design for more power. Unlike Kyrios and Arios, Harute by default is equipped with two primary rifles which was trial tested on the Arios on some occasions.[3]

Tail Unit

The Tail Unit was originally adapted for the GN-003 Gundam Kyrios. Adapted for the Harute, the storage unit for the bombs was removed in favor of more space for the GN Missiles. Similar to the Kyrios, the Harute's Tail Unit can be ejected to decrease weight.

GN Boosters

Enhanced propulsion technology derived from GN-003/af-G02 Gundam Kyrios Gust. A pair of armored thrusters can be installed onto the Harute's legs, granting the unit greater speed and maneuverability for combat. The boosters also have 2 compartments at the knees that contain 5 additional GN Scissor Bits in each one, giving Harute a total of 20 scissor bits.
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