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Certain events have freed you, what will you do as the forces of the Arena hunt you down?

Run, and never stop running 0.13793103448276 13.8% [ 4 ]
Hide and hope they can't find me 0.03448275862069 3.4% [ 1 ]
Fight alone, and take as many of those bastards with you as possible 0.17241379310345 17.2% [ 5 ]
Band together with your previous competition and fight back 0.41379310344828 41.4% [ 12 ]
Die 0 0.0% [ 0 ]
Join them, having employers with seemingly bottomless pockets and influence has its perks 0.03448275862069 3.4% [ 1 ]
Poll whore/no opinion 0.17241379310345 17.2% [ 5 ]
IDK I only came here to be a gladiator! 0.03448275862069 3.4% [ 1 ]
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The Arena
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OOC page

"Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls! Welcome to the Immortal Arena,
the best in entertainment in the known world!
Here you can watch as our warriors fight for your viewing pleasure,
blood will be spilled or your coin will be returned.
So come and place your bets, enjoy dinner to the festival of blood and steel.
We promise you will not be disappointed..."

Whether you like it or not, you are here now. Taken from whatever land you hail from, you now find yourself here in the Arena.
You are given a bed roll to lay on in the large living bays, one for each gender.
There are other fighters from all over the world around you.
The Gamesmaster has laid out the rules for you.

"1. You will fight to earn your keep. If you refuse to fight,
you and all your family will die.

2. Absolutely no fighting in the living areas or the common areas.
Battles are for the Arena floor only.

3. You may challenge any warrior to battle, this is encouraged.
When you challenge, you can say if it will be to the death or until one surrenders.
If no one issues a challenge, the Gamesmaster will choose warriors
and no matter what, their fight will be to the death.

4. If you are able to win ten fights you will be set free.
This is your encouragement to keep fighting.
The victories can be a deathmatch or submission, both count.

5. At any point you may challenge the Grand Champion of the Arena.
If you defeat them though, you be given two choices,
either take your freedom and leave, or fight in the Arena as the champion until you are bested.
It is freedom or glory. Though challenging the Champion is not encouraged as she has killed hundreds."

There are also whispers echoing in the halls of the arena. Rumors of conspiracy and secrets. Every single fighter brought into the arena is a great fighter. If the organization was randomly selecting people to take, normal people with no fighting experience would turn up. At the same time, those who earn their freedom are never seen again. Even those who vowed to visit their comrades in the arena never turn up again. Are you willing to question those who own you? Or will you simply just fight to earn your possible freedom?
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1. No godmodding and autohitting. I will kick your teeth in if you do.

2. Yes death is going to happen here, but make sure both roleplayers have agreed to it. You can always make another character and join again, actually that would be kinda awesome. If I think we need a death, I might even offer a reward for someone to get killed. XD

3. Rules can change, stay updated with them.

4. I run this thread, please listen if I say something.

5. This is a medieval fantasy role play. No guns or cell phones. At best, you can have a flintlock gun, but remember they are single shots and have horrid accuracy.

6. Pm profiles to me titled, "Glory or Freedom"

7. There is no rule seven.

8. Put a 13 in your pm somewhere so I know you read the rules.

9. This is a literate roleplay. I urge you to be able to write at least one good paragraph containing at least 5 sentences. Writer's block happens, but if one liners pop up too often, it will be your head on the chopping block.

10. Have fun and make friends, and some romance could add some drama to this, that could be really fun.

11. Try to be active, I know everyone has lives, but all I ask is a post a day, if you are going to be gone for a while, pm me.

12. (()) for OOC.

13. Please write in the the past tense.
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Character Card
Copy and Fill in.

[b][u]Username:[/b][/u] Username here
[b][u]Full Name:[/b][/u] Characters full name here
[b][u]Arena Name:[/b][/u] What you are called by the crowd and Battlemaster
[b][u]Age:[/b][/u] Age here
[b][u]Race:[/b][/u] Race here
[b][u]Gender:[/b][/u] Gender here
[b][u]Sexuality:[/b][/u] Sexuality here
[b][u]Personality:[/b][/u] Short description of characters Personality
[b][u]Bio:[/b][/u] Life before the arena
[b][u]Weapons:[/b][/u] Max of 3
[b][u]Powers:[/b][/u] Max of 4
[b][u]Description:[/b][/u] Picture or words.
[b][u]Extra:[/b][/u] Anything you think I miss, or you want to add
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Username: Endless Wake
Full Name: Jeanne Salet Gagnier
Arena Name: Steel Rose, Grand Champion, or Grey Maiden from the war.
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Off the battlefield she is kind and caring, almost upbeat, but there are hints of sadness in her speech. On the Arena Floor she fight mercilessly. She is cool heading and focused.
Bio: She once was a knight, serving in a far away land. She served during a time of war and was part of countless battles. Her leadership and fighting prowess catching the attention of those above her. She earned a near legendary status for being the sole survivor of a battle that claimed the lives of nearly 20,000 soldiers. Promoted to general, she was about to take command of the king's army when she was captured by the Arena agents and brought here. Defeating all who stood before her, she soon challenged the Grand Champion and against impossible odds, defeated him. Now she waits for the next challenger, although she seems almost relieved as days go by and no one challenges her.
Weapons: Rapier
Powers: Avatar of War: Chosen by the god of war to be his mortal representation, the avatar is gifted with the power to sow havoc and chaos. While the avatar may be a good natured person, the power of the Avatar instilling a blood lust that only grows as more of the power is tapped into.
Stage one: Foresight: Able to detect the flow and concentration of energy inside her opponents, Jeanne can predict with a high degree of accuracy the direction and speed of attacks before they are even launched, but it only gives her about a second's warning, and she needs to have eye contact with the enemy to use it.
Stage two: Maelstrom: Giving up precision and grace for raw speed, Jeanne can move faster than the eye can see, breaking the sound barrier as she does. This increased speed comes at a price though, she can not use her Foresight while tapping into his stage of her power. At the same time, the concentration it takes to control her speed makes it impossible to attack while moving at those speeds. She can also pour the same speed into her attacks, while at the same time being reduced to moving at normal human speed without her Foresight.
Stage three: ?????
Stage four: ?????
Description: User Image
Extra: Rumors say that the Arena owners threatened her somehow to fight the Arena Grand Champion, this was sparked when she was only one battle away from earning her freedom.

Username: Dusk001
Full Name: Gerik Ostvensson
Arena Name: Gerik Sternheart/Sternheart
Age: Twenty-seven.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male.
Sexuality: Heterosexual.
Personality: Gerik lives up to his arena name. He is tough, stoic, and about as easy to intimidate as a rock. That is on the surface, however, and the face he presents to the arena. Behind the facade of his adopted name, Gerik is an ale-guzzling, jovial bear who keeps a clear conscience and a good sense of justice. He can be somewhat savage iin the arena, though, and he seems to like the fighting altogether a little too much.
Bio: Gerik's father was a guardsman and his mother a maid in the service of a wealthy Baron. Gerik himself was born on the Lord's estate, and after his birth, his mother left the Baron's service. Together, Gerik's parents left for the capital, using his mother's dowry and his father's saved-up coin to purchase a cosy little home. From a young age, Gerik was taught to be smart and strong, for those were qualities his father attributed to his survival in the guard. As he grew, it was clear Gerik was unusually large for his age, dwarfing the other children.

Often, he was taunted and called the spawn of a giant, something that became a sore topic and earned his peers many blackened eyes and bloodied noses. Soon his father stepped in, and taught Gerik the lesson that would stay with him for the rest of his life.

Life passed lazily in the city for Gerik, who spent his days riding around the countryside, or hunting, or wrestling and sparring with the few friends he managed to keep. When he came of age, Gerik signed up for the guard, following in his father's footsteps.

Long were the years in which he sallied forth to defend attacks and conquer the enemies of the crown, but he relished the thrill of combat. He never forgot his father's words, however, even as the men around him took greedily of the spoils of war. Gerik continued to serve in the guard until his abduction and enrollment in the Arena.
Weapons: Alternates between a greatsword, and a sword and shield.
Powers: Beserk Rage, and Stoneskin. (Do what they say on the tin.)
Description: User Image
Extra: Bears a tattoo of the guards' crest.

Username: daywalker926
Full Name: Kai-O
Arena Name: The White Shadow
Age: Unknown
Race: Supposedly a demon
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Not much of a talker unless he feels it's necessary. Kai-O often keeps to himself and watches the events before him through his blank emotionless face. Don't let this silence be mistaken for weakness, in the arena he is cold, calculated and efficient in his strikes.
Bio: No one knows where Kai-O was born or if he's even human. However rumors are abound of him appearing just after a large meteor crashed in a massive isolated forest. Whatever his origin is, he's already made a name for himself. Using a bizarre style of fighting, he has become a favored assassin amongst royal figures and even commoners. As time went on he was hired to take out a very important man. However it was soon found out to be a trap set by the one who originally hired him.
Weapons: A long curved sword, Throwing Spikes and Smoke Bombs
Aura Control: can control his inner energy to perform a variety of techniques from high jumps, enfusing his weapons with elements, and energy projectiles
Stealth: Can go into a temporary stealth mode that only lasts a few seconds
Decoy: Can use his Aura to create a decoy of himself that explodes after a few seconds.
Description: User Image
Extra: While many would call Kai-O a demon, he's actually way different than that. His true identity rests beyond the stars. He also talks about 'going home' now and then. Also unknown to many, the armor he usually wears is his actual body.

Username: LazyFace
Full Name: Alice Yuri
Arena Name: Crimson
Race: Demonic Human (A Human being infused with Demonic Energy
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Alice is known for being quite outspoken, She had to be to have had the power She once had before being imprisoned, She's also known to things light-heartily, especially battle
Bio: Before She put into the arena for the entertainment of others, Alice was a crime boss, using her extensive network of bandits and associates to get what She wanted. Alice raided Military encampments,Stole from Nobility and Seduced the holiest of holy, only to get them excommunicated and exiled, putting her associates in power. It was inevitable, however, that someone would catch up to her and imprison her, taking the reputation and power She had and giving her freedom only in the arena to fight, If She wins, Alice's freedom will be given back and as of right now, That is all that matters to her.
"Arianna":Her Precious Dagger, designed to graze the skin, inflicting more pain and torture the body.
Pain, Agony, and Suffering: Alice's throwing knives, Each one designed with groves in the blade to hold blood so when it would inflict damage, the blade would drip the blood of the target and if tossed on the ground after infliction, would delay before making a puddle of blood on the floor.
Fists: Despite being an avid user of blades, She also is quite the pugilist, using rare forms of martial arts, and enjoys the challenge associated with being unarmed.
Earth Spikes: With a punch into the ground, She can send deep roots of her aura into the ground, controlling the ground within the radius of the roots, making large spikes of rock shoot up from the ground.
Blood Shield: When injured enough, Alice can use what blood has left her body to create a protective, yet not so durable, shield of her life's essence to block and slow attacks due to the thickness of blood.
Description: User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Extra: Before Alice was able to use demonic power, She had to give up something meaningful to her, So She gave up her eyesight, She, however can use her blind eyes to see silhouettes and the aura of people, using those two images to see and fight.

Username: Turako
Full Name: Adonis Judan Nazedi
Arena Name: Prince Adonis, Sand Monkey, Prince of Thieves
Age: 22
Race: Gerudo
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Being the pride and future of his tribe, Adonis has turned into a very serious person always with his guard up. His blunt personality and brashness doesn't make him a very likeable person, but his looks and ambitious makes him a charismatic person that you can't help but listen to and follow, that is if you don't let him get under your skin first.
Bio: The Gerudo are a humanoid tribe with an abnormally heightened spiritual sense. Like Gypsies, they thrive off lying, cheating, and stealing and make their home in the harsh desert where no one would bother to follow. The Nazedi family is the leader of the tribe with their leader, Adonis, ruling over the people. Although there is no other male who holds leadership over him, Adonis will remain a prince until he finds a wife.

One one of Adonis's raids, he and two of his other bandits went to a guardhouse in an attempt to steal some food, weapons, and most of all treasure that was rumored to be stowed away within the building. Rather than finding treasure, Adonis instead ran right into a trap. His men were executed and he was captured. Rather than execute him to, they thought it be better to make an example out of Adonis to impress him into the Immortal Arena as a grunt, expecting him to be one of the first few warriors to die. Adonis doesn't plan on sticking around long and is planning to escape as soon as possible.
Weapons: Adonis's sword, amulet, and bracers on his arm are able to reserve his spiritual energy so that he doesn't have to charge mid-battle. He also has a pair of Hover Boots that he eject his spiritual energy from to levitate. His amulet is able to shoot out a burst of light used to blind foes and for Adonis to be able to perceive his surroundings.
Powers: Spiritual Control: Adonis is able to charge his spiritual energy to use both offensively and defensively like most Gerudo. The Nazedi family specifically are able to see the aura's of all living beings in a 360 degree view. The more energy put into the ability increases the range of the sight. Using this ability, Adonis can only see out as far as he can see into the physical world. Adonis can also absorb the aura's of others to regenerate small wounds, or use it offensively such as blasts or waves of aura.
Electokenesis: When using his spiritual energy offensively, it comes out in the form of electricity. He can shoot out strong bolts of lightning that are able to burst through walls or send orbs of electricity that can explode and send an electric shockwave in all directions. Adonis is also able to use magnetic waves to push and pull metallic objects.
Empathy: When in contact with someone, Adonis is able to transfer his current emotion to the person or thing he is in contact with causing them to feel the same way.
Description:User Image
Extra: Sand Monkey is a derrogatory term for Adonis. He and his people generally are disliked because they are thieves. In their defense, the Gerudo feel as if they have no other choice. They take from the rich and give to the poor when they can.

Username: Everheart25
Full Name: Cryo Solin
Arena Name: Star Master
Age: looks to be in his 20's
Race: Mystic
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Arrogent, Easygoing, and Seems Emotionless
Bio: Cryo was once a high ranking official in the Mystic civilization, he had a wife, and two Daughters. One day Cryo disagreed with the elders, They wanted to start invading other worlds, and Cryo highly opposed it, mainly because they wanted to take all the children of the Mystics to secret facilities to train them for the upcoming Invasions. Cryo ended up getting into a fight with one of them, but before the battle could be finished the others intervened, and Cryo was arrested. His daughters were the first to go to the Training Facilities, and because his wife tried to fight them the elders had her Killed in a Public display Forcing Cryo to watch. Instantly he was enraged and he broke out of the prison, He killed five of the six elders before he was finally captured, and sent this horrible place.
Weapons: A Diamond Sword and a Fire Elemental Sword
Powers: He is a Star Mage he use's energy to form things he claims are stars, He can heal, he can read minds but only if whatever someone is saying is about him, and he can absorb electricity.
Description: User Image
Extra: His clothes seem to be made out of stars.


Username: Amondomi
Full Name: Sepheroth Beldavine
Arena Name: Abaddon
Age: 23
Race: Human/demon hybrid
Gender: female
Sexuality: straight
Personality: Calm serene, perhaps even friendly during normal situations. Has a complete attitude switch during a fight. Crazy, convoluted, and blood thirsty are just a handful of things she is called. She enjoys teasing people in the arena and making for a good show.
Bio: Her mother was a succubus/dragon hybrid, and found herself fancy of a blacksmith. She forced herself on him as he slept, several days later, the gestation period of a demon spawn ended, and he found Sepheroth on his door step. She seemed completely normal, so the man decided to take care of her. One day, she scraped her arm when she fell, and all hell broke loose. She completely destroyed the house.

Although the blacksmith was enraged, he had grown attached to the girl, and although she had been forced upon him, he still loved her like he would any daughter. He knew her rage would be a problem, so he decided to train her to control it and be able to choose what and who she takes it out on. He built her armor and a sword when she told him she wanted to go to arena. She went to the battle arena without permission and slaughtered several of the warriors. The agents decided to keep her when they saw the audiences interest in her.

She was instantly a hit, the crowd going crazy for her wacky killing styles and loopy attitude. Whenever she got out of the ring, there was always a huge mess to clean up. She has not lost a challenge yet.
Weapons: She has a gigantic sword and throwing spikes. Her sword is designed to cut through flesh like butter, but in order for that to happen it takes a bit of effort on her hand.
Powers: Dragons Rage- This is what causes her complete personality switch in battle. Her demon comes out in battle, giving her immense strength and stealth. Once a drop of her blood is shed, she is filled with rage and blood lust. It makes her movements fluent, and she is able to leap high and practically soar from high objects like a dragon.
Description: User Image
Extra: When offered freedom, she refused and insisted on staying.

Username: A1C RussGil
Full Name: Known as D
Arena Name: "D" or "Taltos"
Age: Unknown looks in his 20's
Race: Dhampir
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Lone Wolf, Keeps To Himself.
Bio: Legends across the old country tell of a man called D.
A dark wanderer of the night, a silent avenger of the people
who left a river of blood in his wake as he ever traveled towards the
east. Many have claimed to see him cut down the corrupt and evil nobles
and knights before freeing the lands the nobles once held without a word
and disappearing back into the night. Then one day he vanished and
corrupt and evil nobles took the land again. Though this is old far older
then anyone could remember so this Hunter of evil "D" would be long dead
by now. Wouldn't he?
Weapons: Wields a crescent long-sword which looks similar to Yoshitaka Amano's scimitar sword
Powers: --Speed-- Not movement over long distances per se, but reactionary moves and the speed of his sword. Such speed feats include:
Throwing something so fast it catches fire mid flight. He can see arrows in flight
giving him the chance to knock them away or avoid them altogether.
--Anti-regen-- His precision swordsmanship keeps enemies from being able to regenerate limbs or body parts.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Username: coolguyflame
Full Name: Alexander Hawthorne
Arena Name: Golden Assassin
Age: 24
Race: Demon/Human hybrid
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Calm, collected, and cold. He is friendly with those he considers friends, though.
Bio: Born to a female demon and a human male, he ended up with his mortal parent, who was a well known (among potential clients) assassin. So, the young Alexander was trained as an assassin. At the age of 14, he discovered his powers, so Alexander's father had him go do a job for him, to see what he could do. While he left quite a trail, he managed to get the job done and his father's rich client managed to divert the trail. His training pace was quickened and harder now that both him and his father were aware of his powers. Soon enough, he was a highly effective assassin and head-on fighter. Some time ago, he was on a mission to kill the head and the heirs of his client's rival family, though, the target anticipated this and Alex was captured and, was sent off to the arena to fight, and the target got a nice amount of money for doing so.
Weapons: Fights hand to hand, in conjunction with his powers. Or he can form a weapon from energy.
Energy Creation and Manipulation: He can create, condense, and manipulate a curious energy. It is of gold and black in color, which is part of his Arena Name.
Chain Manifestation and Manipulation: He can make chains appear from anything solid, excluding living matter (except for himself and trees). He can also make the chains have spikes.
Super strength: Self-explanatory
Massive Endurance: He can both last a long time fighting, and endure extreme amounts of damage.
User Image
Extra: As an assassin, he was trained to have superior agility, stealth, and reflexes. And while he already defeated a lot more than ten opponents, he is being forced to stay in the arena.

Username: Ryan_the_merc
Full Name: Caedric Avan
Arena Name: Firestorm. His fans often refer to him as the Phoenix because he had survived his first battle even though he lost and nearly died, only to kill that same opponent a few days later.
Age: 24
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Being in the arena has forced him to suppress his old self, once a kind and loyal friend who would fight to the death to protect his friends. Despite being here against his will, he seems to have adjusted rather well. He keeps his distance from other fighters, but it's more out of fear of becoming friends with someone who is going to die in their next fight. He seems a little more willing to talk with stronger fighters, but tends to shy away from them at the thought of having to fight them.
Biography: Caedric is was the captain of the militia for a small village in the mountains. The village had been regularly attacked by bandits until he formed the militia to stand up to the bandits. He had forced the bandits out of the village after single-handedly slaughtering one of their raiding groups. The bandits had left the village alone for two months before setting a trap, using a close friend as bait. When he arrived at the heart of the bandit camp, she was already dead. He had fought the bandits who set the trap until he was too exhausted to continue fighting. The bandits saw an opportunity and he was captured and sold to the arena. His first opponent had defeated him and left him to die in the middle of the arena. Much to the surprise of the crowd, he had somehow survived and defeated that same opponent a few days later, netting him the nickname "Phoenix"
Weapons: He carries a single weapon, a longsword made of a strange silvery metal. The blade seems to momentarily catch fire when swung fast enough.
Powers: He is descended from an ancient tribe of warriors who had been enslaved by a warlock long ago. The magic used to control his ancestors had lingered in their veins long after they fought for their freedom and can still be found in their descendants. He can tap into this dark power for a boost in strength, but at the cost of falling into an uncontrollable rage. He also seems to be able to survive a lot more than a typical human.
Appearance: Image
Extra: It's not known how, but his weapon seems to have managed to find its way back into his hands despite the bandits trying to sell it.

Full Name: Kara Matesa Lenta
Arena Name: Repentant Blade
Age: 242
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Usually pretty easygoing, she holds herself stiffly around others when they talk about their past. She isn't shy with her past, but she won't speak about it if she isn't asked. She gets restless pretty easily when she gets stuck in one place for too long. She speaks very carefully and tends to keep conflicts seperate from socialising.

Bio: Kara came from the outskirts of a city that made its fortune on the slave trade. She came from a small tribe of healers and was trained as a guard. Slavers from the city heard about these healers and wanted to capture as many of them as possible. Kara heard the approach of the slavers and rushed to get the rest of the tribe out. As the slavers came into view. Kara was the only person in sight and the rest of her people were nowhere to be seen or tracked. She was captured trying to get free herself and was transported back to the city.

She was brought to the right hand of the Queen, a woman named Vale Kastonos, who took great pleasure and breaking Kara to her will. After Kara was broken, she was outfitted with a blade that was twice her size with glowing magic runes etched into the blade and a gauntlet that allowed her to carry the blade in a single hand, with the same marks etched into it. She was also marked with the symbol of the slave and recieved a collar with more runes that was forged around her neck.

Her mistress was heartless and Kara was used mostly as a strongarm or an assassin as Vale saw fit. She was forced to kill countless innocents, each one leaving a mark on her soul. Three years passed with her being a killer and even sometimes as a slaver, bringing in a few other girls for her mistress.

Kara dispaired of ever being free, when one day she saw that she had an opportunity to get away and disappear. She was about to take it when one of the newer slaves caught her and delivered her to Vale. Her thoughts about escaping to be free escaped her as Vale beat her bloody, but in a pause in the beating, Kara raised the blade that she recieved, and cut down Vale. The blade shattered as Vale fell and the backlash almost dropped Kara unconscious. Disoriented, Kara went down and freed every slave that was in Vale's estate.

Once the other slaves had fled she held her broken blade to her and sealed a vow with magic that she would know no rest, speak naught, partake of no nourishment, and linger, until every slave was freed. The magic swirled around her. She would ache with hunger, and with exhaustion for years until she got used to it. It took Kara 215 years to free just that kingdom of its slaves and to have the laws regarding slavery changed. She wandered for years, freeing every slave she crossed, until she was ambushed and brought to the arena.

Weapons: A broken greatsword with three glowing runes on each side of the blade, the gauntlet, each rune still glowing on it, and her bare fist.

Powers: The runes on both the gauntlet and the blade enhance her own natural abilities, the blade has the ability to shred through any magical barrier, the gauntlet creates a magic barrier around her, and gives her decent spellcasting abitlity.

Description: Kara stands at 5'1 with waist-length, bloodred hair, pulled back into a braid. The collar around her neck pulses with magical energy, but has no real effect on her anymore, that she knows of. She wears a simple tunic tha falls to her knees and is belted tight against her waist. Her sandals are simple in design. The gauntlet on her left hand is made of a dark, dark metal, and the runes glow red and violet in a swirl of colors. It covers half of her forearm and is made of the same material as her blade. She has dark green eyes haunted by the deaths of the innocents in her past. She has several tattoos, the ones most visible: a swirling brand of black and dark violet on her right cheek, with a dark tendril reaching around her eye and flowing down behind the collar. There's more of the same style trailing down her arms, looking like claws tearing at her right wrist.

Extra: Her handwriting is exquisite, and she has a small book full of paper and a couple of ink vials attached to her belt.

Full Name: Pontius "Mars" Aurelius
Arena Name: The Legate (will change later to Legatus Mars)
Age: 25 man years
Race: Roman God
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Pontius is a rather carismatic man. He is also extremely flirtatious and isn't a stranger to a little slap to the face for his...lecherous actions.
Bio: Well...the story is a bit confusing...but to sum it up, Pontius is the roman god, mars. When the line of Aurelius emperors came to power in Rome, they were only able to do so with the blessing of Mars. As such, the Aurelius family was indeed favored by Mars. And so, when he decided to come to the mortal plane, he incarnated himself into the womb of a virgin girl of the Aurelius house, who would one day give birth to a boy named Pontius.

As the years went on, Pontius grew up, taking great interest in the art of war. At a young age, he became a roman Legionair. Through his time in the Roman army, he quickly rose through the ranks. And at the age of 23, he became a Roman Legate. Still, Pontius does not have all of the memories of Mars, nor is he truly aware of the fact the he is indeed Mars. For all he knows, he's just a normal man with an extraordinary war sense. But now that he's been captured and brought to the arena...well, things will surely become clear soon enough.
Weapons: Legatus Gladius, Spear of Mars
Powers: Mars awakening: At times of near death or desperation, Mars' memories awaken and he gains more fighting prowess, and he dons his god armor and Spear of mars.

Legate's call: (Mars awakening only) Mars can call weak-minded people to fight at his side. He can also do this to reanimate corpses and have them fight alongside him.
Description: Pontius, Mars
Extra: As time goes on, his conciousness and that of Mars will slowly meld together

User Image
    Username: Idiosyncratic Method

    Full Name: Andariel or "Dari" to friends.

    Arena Name: Andariel the Hellgrinder, Red Maelstrom

    Age: It's rude to ask a lady her age.

    Race: Nephilim, the unholy offspring of an angel and demon.

    Gender: She has ladyparts, though whether she’s a woman or a monster is up to you.

    Sexuality: Don't take this the wrong way, but if it has a pulse, she'll probably go for it.

    Personality: Dari is the type of person that you have to reserve judgment on. A creature of many layers, she tends to wax philosophical, both inwardly and outwardly, sometimes at any given moment, even if it sounds cheesy. Strangely, Dari avoids the haughty and arrogant demeanor adopted by both sides of her bloodline, and tries to be chummy, or at least friendly, and even as old as she is, she holds no illusions of actual wisdom. However, she does like to try and make people think, even just a little. Intelligent and honorable, Dari is usually willing to help out those in need of a hand. Just because she has accepted her fate doesn't mean the others have to. In addition, she's something of a casual flirt. She doesn't usually lay it on real thick, but there are rumors she'll sleep with anyone.

    Bio: Her life before is really not something that Andariel particularly enjoys discussing. In almost any world where good and evil collide, something born of both is a rare occurrence. It is something different, and as such it must be destroyed. It belongs nowhere and is friends with no one. When it dies, it must linger in the infinite void between the heavens and the hells until it crawls its way into the light of the world again or accepts its fate.

    Such is the story of the Nephilim. Born of an unholy love between an angel and a demon, the Nephilim belongs neither in the Netherworld nor Heaven, and is ostracized by both.

    Perfect fodder for the Arena. So perfect in fact, she came willingly.

    Andariel has been around the Arena a while, and she's grown to be something of a crowd favorite due to the number of grisly "deaths" she has both endured and handed out. Usually when she's just about to win her freedom she'll have her head knocked off or her guts pulled out, but she's died several other times too, especially when made to face people she considers friends. She'll give them a few bruises to make it look good, but in the end she'll probably be in two. But what does this do for her standing? Well, everything. Each one of her "deaths" is counted by the officials as a proper death, so she must once again start on the bottom of the ladder, something that she apparently has no problem with.

    Andariel has never fought the champion, and never plans to, at least not willingly. Being here isn't about winning, it's about penance.

    Weapons: The Hellgrinder (Original Name Unknown): Dari's usual sword of choice and the crowd's favorite. It is a massive blade, as long as a man is tall and as wide as a person's forearm where the hilt meets the blade. Despite its size, the woman wields the weapon with disturbing ease, often using unorthodox tactics to unseat her opponent. One such tactic is to spin the blade by a chain or cord connected to the hilt, this is what earned it the name "The Hellgrinder." Whether the impossible blade has any powers of its own is left to rumor.
    Embeos: A b*****d sword, and far more sane specimen of a blade. Embeos was gifted to her by a local smith who felt that if she used a smaller blade she might die less. Despite the ball-busting origins of the blade, she does use it, and with gusto, especially if she deems The Hellgrinder to be a little excessive for the fight.

    Powers: 1.) Blut des Engels, Blut des Dämons: Beautiful as an angel and strong as a demon, Dari is immortal, and thusly cannot die in the traditional sense. Normally, demons would be banished to the Netherworld and would have to escape again. But Dari must linger in pain until her body regenerates. In addition, the woman's "unique" bloodline gives her nigh unmatchable physical prowess (by human standards anyway) and a hefty resistance to most magics, so she tones herself down when fighting mortals.
    2.) Gefolterte Seelen: The chaotic nature of her blood and soul makes it difficult to imprint emotions through empathy or read her mind. Those who attempt it are subjected to feedback in the form of wailing, tortured souls.
    3.) Demonic Magic: She's dabbled in the arts of darkness and blood, and melds it with her fighting if things get really rough, using her blade as a focus much like a wand or staff. Usually she avoids magic, considering it to be cheating.
    4.) Das Urteil der Leere: This is simply put as the releasing of her inner power. It is not so much a separate power as just her taking the kid gloves off. She does this rarely, and only against opponents that are truly a challenge or she feels have an unfair advantage. Her power can be released in small increments, and is often accompanied by the revealing of her wings and the glowing of her eyes.

    Description: Dari's mixed-blood heritage is easily noticeable. With her bloodred eyes and sharp fangs, hidden under white hair, a soft face, and a snowy complexion, both sides of her family are quite clear. Her lean build and soft curvature belies her enormous strength and speed, proving that you can't judge a book by its cover.
    Speaking of covers, the outfit she wears - the snazzy, red, impossibly tight, boiled leather with the embroidery - is the reason she's known by another name: Red Maelstrom. Over the leather she wears a long, black and loose-fitting sleeveless coat of which the collar is decorated with black feathers from her own wings. Overtop of that is some loose fitting armor that's mostly for show more than anything, considering the placement is somewhat impractical.

    Extra: Nothing yet.


Username: Ryan_the_merc
Full Name: Solane Lassatair
Arena Name: Lord Soltair
Age: 33, but he is often perceived as being older because of grey tone to his hair and his mannerisms.
Race: Human.
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Personality: Solane, more often than not, is friendly on the outside but always seems to be wary of the intent of anyone who speaks to him. Sometimes his friendliness is an act, but this is only towards those he perceives as a possible threat to himself or his interests. The best way to approach him, typically, is with the offer of a drink. On the battlefield, he is a merciless warrior who takes pride in his mastery over dark magic.
Biography: Solane was born of a noble family and was sent to one of the most prestigious magic academies in the region. He had shown promise, but had lost interest in his studies as he learned about ancient artifacts that contained more power than he imagined possible. He soon abandoned his studies at the academy and ventured North, not to be seen again for eight years. Eight years later, Solane returned to his home town, donning dark armor and seeking out items of dark power to add to his collection. He was soon disowned from his family after they discovered his new fascination. He continued traveling the land, seeking out items of power to his hearts content under the name "Soltair". One day he learned of a warrior in the arena carrying a powerful magic item and decided to voluntarily enter as a competitor in hopes of claiming this item from this warrior.
Weapons: Solane carries two greatswords, only wielding one at a time. Each one is enchanted and grants him their powers when he actively carries them in battle.
-Lifebane, Blade of the Fallen Noble. A sword created for Solane by a great demon blacksmith. It is imbued with a thirst for life energy. The blade will drain the life from its victims and grant a small portion of it to Solane while keeping the rest for itself so that it would never have to feast on its own master.
-Nevarus, Blade of the Void. An ancient sword from a long dead kingdom of those who opposed magic. The blade is made from an ancient metal that is impervious to magic, it even seems to absorb magic.
Powers: Solane is a master of dark magic, that magic is further enhanced by the artifacts he carries.
-Dark magic. Soltair is adept at dark magic, even to the point where he can use it to emulate the properties of other forms of magic such as fire, ice and lightning. His magic can not heal wounds, though it can temporarily bind them to slow bleeding.
-Frozen Eye. A piece of enchanted ice, said to be a fragment of history's most powerful ice demon, enchanted by a, long dead, blind mage to regain his sight. The artifact rests in place of Solane's left eye. It seems to enhance his spells and grants him sight under any conditions.
-Dark arsenal. Soltair is able to shift his dark magic into his own equipment, imbuing his weapons or armor with their magic, enhancing their powers and size without adding any weight. He is only able to imbue one piece of equipment at a time and can not use his magic while any of his equipment is imbued.
Appearance: Soltair does not appear to be a very tall man, but he is not short either, standing at 5'8". He is most recognized for a few key traits, first being his grey-blue, neck length hair and full facial hair. The second trait he is recognized for is a metal plate over his left eye, worn as an eyepatch. He wears very little armor, only covering the shoulders, hands, chest, legs and feet. The armor at his shoulders seems to be spiked metal plates curved to fit over his shoulders.
Armor (enhanced, minus the skulls and chains)
Extra: Soltair joined the arena of his own will, seeking to defeat a specific opponent and claim a certain treasure from their corpse. He has defeated more than ten opponents, but stays until the day he fights his target.


Username:: Code-Nana
Full Name:: Rudra
Arena Name:: "DRAGON AXE"
Age:: Unknown ( Appears late 20s )
Race:: Demigod :: ASURA -- A lower ranking demigod
Gender:: Male
Sexuality:: Heterosexual
Personality:: Very loud, outspoken and filled with pride. Rudra walks with an air of solid arrogance, though he is easygoing by nature. He feels that his life is most meaningful on the battlefield and that there is nothing better than a fight between warriors to see who is the strongest. No matter if he survives or perishes, he will always be content with the result. His pride can never be injured or broken, even if an attempt ends in failure, he will simply laugh it off and try again in the future. When he goes into action, he becomes reckless, brash and is quite often only keeping his own best interests and amusement in mind. He will find any excuse to get into a fight-- no matter how ridiculous it is.

Bio:: Rudra's origins lie in the stars-- He hails from a vast civilization that has existed since before the beginning of time. Rudra and his demigod bretheren are tasked with watching over the wellbeing of the universe and he has been doing it for quite some time. They do not directly interfere with the affairs of humans, although there have been moments in time where they have taken part. This form of meddling has often been done by Rudra's own "rank" of demigod, which are the "Asuras", who are notorious for their brash, violent, and some times destructive behavior.

When the humans constructed the "Immortal Arena", Rudra had initially taken no interest-- as this hadn't been the first time they had put together something similar in their history of violence. However, when the participants became much more strong and interesting, he was no longer able to resist the opportunity. He devised an infiltration, allowing himself to be captured and thrown into Arena. Since then, he has soundly defeated most of his challengers-- although very little have given him the proper enjoyment he so desires. Despite this however, he feels right at home here in the Immortal Arena and aims to become the Grand Champion for the sole purpose of enjoying the world's strongest fighters.

Weapons:: He fights barehanded, only armed with the gloves on his fists and his own hand-to-hand combat skills.

Powers:: His physical capabilities are beyond what many has ever seen, even when percieved by demon standards. With his fists alone, he is able to shatter stone and steel-- He can split the ground in two with one powerful strike, jump great heights into the air, and run sizable distances at a very impressive speed. Although he is able to take insane amounts of physical abuse, he cannot heal or regenerate himself.

Description:: User Image
Extra:: He has long since met the requirement to earning "freedom" from the Immortal Arena, but because he aims to become the Grand Champion, he has refused to leave. He is waiting for the right moment to challenge her. The time of day, the battlefield, the temperature, EVERYTHING-- All the conditions must be perfect for this showdown that is sure be a moment immortalized forever in human history.

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Le Whitelist:
Everheart25, should you ever wish to return to us.

A1C RussGil, for revamping the front page and getting the banner for us.
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Current Match: Adonis vs NPC

Next Match: Lucifer vs ?????




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Additional Characters

Thats right, we have so many kick a** characters, I needed to make a separate post for the rest of them!

Username: Mutation Ivorii
Full Name: Cygh Queenshadow
Arena Name: Shining Blade, White Blade or Paladin
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual and vowed chaste
Personality: Dutiful, serious, yet irritable and rude. May be self-sacrificial when it comes to it.
Bio: A Paladin that serves under the goddess called Unknown the Shining Blade. Their order's service consists of dealing with monsters or demons that harass civilians, research and the study of magics, and healing all their Clerics come across. Their order has no particular loyalty to any kingdom, and has enforced neutrality when it comes to wars. As for Cygh, he was born in the city which holds the Order's headquarters, and he was a farmer's son, and he and his brother joined for monetary support to his family.

He is very much the average paladin in attitude and lack of renown, although he hasn't messed up a single job, nor has he ever been seriously injured. He worked hard on his sword techniques, trained hard, and rarely worked with anyone else. He is also currently under a vow of chastity, a requirement for his power. Despite his hard work and hard earned skills, he was completely and utterly outshined by his younger brother, who joined the order's top council at the tender age of 14.

He was acquired by the Arena when he took a job that was far, far away from the center city of his Order.
Weapons: A standard issue Paladin's rapier, plus his own dagger.
Light Pierce - Coats the rapier with holy magic, add temporarily increases the speed and piercing ability of the rapier, for one thrust. Usage limit: 3 times per day.
Magic Parry - A spell that makes it easier to knock aside a light or medium weapon with his dagger. Doesn't work on huge weapons like axes or great swords. Usage: 3 times per day.
Quick Heal - Heals one wound of broken bone or less severity, on self or another person. Usage limit: 1 time per day.
Description: About 5'7" tall, dirty blonde hair that is akin to dry straw that is cut very roughly at shoulder to ear length, gray eyes, and thick eyebrows. He has a lean muscular build. Favors the white and gold Paladin uniform, which is decorated with many gold diamond shapes, a chest plate to protect the heart/rib area, and tassets to protect the upper legs and hips.
Extra: Has a necklace with a little gold diamond, it's the symbol of his Order and personally important to him. Also looses his Paladin powers if he breaks his vow of chastity.

Username: Jix-kun
Full Name: Lucifer
Arena Name: The Defiler
Age: well...as the abrahamic god's first angel...meh, I have no damn clue
Race: uhh...demon?
Gender: Technically male...but he can be whatever he chooses
Sexuality: Bisexual
Personality: Lucifer is evil. Pure evil. The definition of Evil! He has no redeeming qualities about him...he's just so damn evil.
Bio: Lucifer was once the abrahamic god's most favored angel. He was the closest in abilities, skill, and just about everything else, to the father. However, it was one day, that Adonai created a creature that Lucifer didn't particularly agree with...Man. And then Lucifer, along with all the other angels were given a new mandate. They were to serve man...to humble themselves before this...lesser creature. Lucifer was so angered by this, that he committed the most detested of acts...treachery. He gathered a group of angels together, and tried to betray their creator...to usurp him. And Adonai (Thats what I'm gonna go ahead and call the abrahamic god) so detested this act that he banished Lucifer to the darkest depths of a new realm, which he had created specifically for Lucifer. From there forth, his wings turned black...his name would be cast among the lowest. And he would forever be denied the light of Paradise for all eternity, along with all of his angels.

Doomed to govern the deepest depths of hell, Lucifer did everything within his power to seek vengeance on his creator...who had cast him aside like a piece of old meat. His evil intentions grew...and soon, Lucifer decided that it would be his time to act...to tarnish the creation which his creator loved so much. And he created a new act...known as Sin.

For the next couple thousand years, Lucifer pondered on how he would make man sin more and more....until their entire race would be considered sinners. He crept into the minds of the Catholic church's greatest priests and bishops...and he corrupted them...and the corruption continued until one day, a man came to the depths of hell to challenge him. A man by the name of Dante. But this same man unknowingly freed Lucifer from his bindings in the Chains of Judecca, allowing his evil to spill into the mortal plane. But then the God of Abraham, along with Michael, the Archangel, used their power to send Lucifer to a different Plane...a different dimension all together...where he now finds himself in the arena...what will he do?
Weapons: sword of temptation
Powers: hellfire: he can spawn hellfire, which is much hotter than normal fire, and cant be put out by water
Shape-shifting: Lucifer can take any form he wishes
Cerberus' call: he can call forth his dog, cerberus
Posession/temptation: He can posess people, or just release a small portion of himself to penetrate their minds in order to tempt them.
Description: Normal form, grotesquely revealed
Extra: Since he's Lucifer and I don't want him to seem WAY too OP and unbeatable, here are his weaknesses!

crosses (Must be made of pure iron, since thats one of the only metals that doesn't envoke temptation), holy water, angels, the chains of Judecca (If someone could manage to get their hands on those), exorcists, the "Our Father" Prayer (Only if read from a scripture and said with a cross (any cross can be used)), and the Hail Mary (Only if said by a woman and used with a cross (Any cross can be used)),heavenly light (light used by characters who have powers listed as "Control over light" wink , silver (Silver is known to vanquish evil), and benevolent gods (so as to say gods like Zeus, Hera, and any other god seen with a benevolent background. Not gods like Hades, anubis...and other gods associated with evil), and he can be defeated by people with pure hearts and intentions (Pure good, not evil...dont wanna leave too many loopholes)

Username: Aaron Kain
Full Name: Spade Tavana
Arena Name: Gold-eyed Wolf
Age: 19
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: At times, He can be a quiet individual, keeping to himself and tending to not speak with others, partially because he isn't really sure how to. Despite this, once trying to get to know him, he is an optimistic, kindhearted, and somewhat wild boy who is somewhat naive in his judgement of people, believing that even some of the worst have good, and have their reasons. He is also against killing unless he loses control or has too.
Bio: Spade was a feral child, living like an animal in a superbly large veldt. As a child, he was left behind by a caravan while passing through the area. By some means, he was able to be accepted as one of the animals and grew up with them. It was like this until one day, a hunter came and found Spade, sleeping in a pack of wolves. Taking the boy, the hunter took care of him for the most of his teenager years, teaching him how to speak and somewhat how to write. Essentially, he was home schooled until one fateful day, when the hunter had gone mad under stress and kicked Spade from his home.
Heartbroken, the boy wandered on the outskirts of town, until he found a hidden sanctuary where an old hermit lived. Hearing his plight, the hermit took him in and cared for him. Noticing the boys wild side though, the old man thought he was special, and soon took him under his wing, teaching him how to fight. At the end of his teenage years, as a young man, Spade soon left the man, with new knowledge of fighting and a new philosophy on the world and people. Now without a real purpose, he became a duelist, fighting people on his routes, almost drifting through life, until one day he was caught in a surprise attack by a band of bandits. Knocked out, he was then taken to the immortal arena to fight, for the feral child would make an interesting fighter in their eyes...
Weapons: Sparrow's soul: A small bracelet with a dagger design on the bottom, it is actually a set of two 2 foot, coal black daggers that transform to them when he chants out a small phrase to himself, holding out his arm. Having Wind properties, they're more aerodynamic and light weight, flying through the air and slicing with deadly speed. Appearance: Necklace/Daggers
Dragon's Dream: Hanging at his hip is a medium sized battle axe that, when thrown, its top half flies to the opponent and, if it hits the opponent (and manages to dig itself in) or wraps around an opponent by chain, it can be used to pull an enemy towards spade for follow up attacks. Appearance:Click here
Aura Control: He is able to control his natural aura, enabling him to augment his strength, speed, etc. or fire it out as quick energy bursts.
Control over air: He is able to manipulate the air in a radius approximately 10 meters around him, using it to speed himself up, make a cyclone to pull enemies in toward him, make blasts of compressed air that can dent or puncture some of the thickest armor (depending on it's strength), or increase his jumps height.
Phase engine: By taking the bandaging off of his arm, an intricate tattoo is revealed, and when he says a small chant, the tattoo glows red and grows over his body, forming markings on him, some visible, some not. When in use, his aura flares a reddish-green and his speed, strength, and ferocity will increase, with his speed increasing so much that some of his movements or he become(s) a blur to the inexperienced or untrained eye. The longer he is in this state, the more his speed, strength, etc. will increase, while at the same time the more his body will deteriorate, with more severe damage as it goes on.
Description: User Image
Extra: He fights with a style that uses an opponents force against them, targets there pressure points, usually to disable a part of the body for some time, and a mix of Muay Thai, American Kenpo, and T'ai Chi with some animal-like fighting tendencies to add in. He is also an incredibly fast fighter.
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The Steel Rose

In the training room of the immense Arena complex, Jeanne trained. Her light blonde hair jumping about as she continued to thrust her rapier forward, the blade hitting true each time. Her motions were fluid, and flawless, the form of a true warrior. It was her skill that kept her on top, and her reputation which stopped most warriors from challenging her. Her eyes were focused as she thrust her weapon forward one more time, the blade sinking into the dummy right where a person's artery would be in their neck. Pulling the blade out, she looked about the room, wondering which of the warriors here would challenge her next. She hoped none would, deep down she didn't want to spill anymore blood, but she knew it was inevitable. There were more new faces here now. More than likely more hotshot warrior who only want a shot at the champion, and it was those who she feared.

For four years now she ruled this arena as its Grand Champion, defeating one hundred and thirty seven challengers. At the rate that things were going, she would be the champion until the day she died of old age. Even though she hated this senseless killing, she needed to keep fighting. Losing or dying would result in serious consequences that she refused to allow to happen.
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((And now I wait))
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    Gerik set the flagon down and uttered a booming laugh, nodding his agreement. Brown eyes twinkling, he tugged at his similarly coloured beard - threatening to pull it loose of its braid - and folded his arms before replying.

    "Aye, though I think you'd manage to beat me at even that! Strong of arm, strong of stomach, as my da used to say!" Gerik laughed again, though he soon grew sober as Jeanne mentioned an impending influx of fresh combatants. His cheery visage crumbled and he wore the same grim expression he had when observing Jeanne train.

    "That they are...you polished off the last of them just a few weeks ago. I'm not suprised they gathered up fresh 'uns so quickly." Gerik paused, his bushy eyesbrows raising as he met her gaze again. "I'll be glad not to face you in the pit again, for however long it lasts. Nobody was pleased when you trounced me and put that gash on my arm." He added, with the detatched air of someone who was so used to a routine, that it became a comfort to have it. Gerik scratched at his coppery-haired forearm after a moment, rubbing at long and puckered line that stood out in sharp white relief against the tanned skin. No hair grew along the five-inch scar, though it was shallow. Gerik had since learnt to wear bracers when sparring with Jeanne.

    Sparring really was the only word for it, he supposed. They couldn't fight to the death, not with just the two of them. Gerik was privately glad. He didn't want to step into the arena with The Steel Rose. Mentally, he berated himself. He knew exactly what his father would say about such sentiment. This life didn't really allow for familiar friendships.
    User Image
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User Image

The Steel Rose

Jeanne turned and met the gaze of Gerik, a mountain of a man whose strength was a frightening thing to behold. Even still, he was nothing but a big teddy bear off the field of combat. It was his jovial nature always brought a smile to Jeanne's face. She was encouraged to see anyone take the twist of fate of being brought here in stride and keep their sense of humor.

"There isn't much else to do now is there? Although I think I see you drink as much as you train. Hoping that the officials instate a mead drinking competition?" she asked jokingly, sliding her narrow sword back into its sheath.

The metal of her boots clicked, echoing down the halls as she moved to the table and took a seat across from Gerik. She took the cup that she had placed on the table's surface earlier and sipped the now lukewarm tea slowly.

"I hear we are getting more new bloods soon. The halls are pretty empty right now." she trailed off at the end, knowing that she was responsible for some of the deaths.
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