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Shawn smiled sitting down again "we both have skeletons in our closet" he chuckled sighing

John nodded barking like a dog eating
Susie nodded and sighed "yea we do. but I'm sure there happy to see we are happy"

Raven sighed and placed a finger on he's lips and shook her head "eat...me and susie have to go back to get somethings and I want to make sure you'll be alright"
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Shawn nodded yawning "im going to lay down" he said kissing susie softly as he went to their room and layed down

John wimmpered as he finished eating then stood up and walked to the dresser grabbing two new cell phones handing one to Raven "call.....me" he said gently smileing as he jumped back into the bed falls asleep
Susie sighed as she moved and got her ready. She moved and waited for Raven outside as she got her guns ready.

Raven took the phone and smiled. She kissed Johns cheek before she left. Her and Susie went back to shower.
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Shawn laied on the bed looking at the celing tempting to fall asleep

John slept haveing nightmears as he tossed and turned
Susie yelled out in pain as she felt a zombie bit her arm. She moved and kicked the living dead away from her. She looked over at Raven to see she was wounded also "Now what?" she said as she put the last round of bullets in her gun.

Raven frowned as she pulled out her dagger and grabbed Susie's arm as she ran "don't lose the supplies!" she yelled out as she keep running "John!!!" she yelled out as they got closer.
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John woke up hearing something as he ran out "wha....oh..." he sighed running to shawn "get up raven and miss susie is in trouble!" he said then ran to the controll part of the boat where he turned the engin on going twords shore

Shawn fell out of bed jumping up running out "g-get as close as you can without scrapeing the bottom" he said grabbing a life boat and a sniper rifle shooting the zombies that followed as john rowd the life boat
Susie frowned as she looked over and shot at some of the zombies that got closer. She frowned as she felt raven pull her to the life boat once John got to them.

Raven got in and frowned sighing as she held on to her arm and sighed doing her best not to pass out
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John sighed "what happened?" he asked worried as he tempted stop or slow down the bleeding as he rowed back to the boat

When they got back shawn ran down "where going to need alot of bandages..." he said helping them up
Raven sighed "we were attacked by something that wasn't a zombie. I don't know. we tried to run and before we knew it there were Zombies every were" she said as she got back on the boat.

Susie flinched a little as she followed raven back and nodded "I don't know.....it was like some kind of monster. I've never seen it before" she said feeling dizzy from all the blood she was losing.
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John sighed as he was cleaning up the blood "you should have brought one of us along...." he said finishing

Shawn sighed quickly bandageing Susie quickly "theres alot of blood.....but your ok" he said sighing
Raven sighed as she looked at John and nodded "I'm sorry. I didn't think something like this would happen" she said looking down feeling horrible because susie had gotten hurt

Susie looked at Shawn and smiled nodding "thank you Shawn"
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John nodded "its fine no one sees these things happening" he said gently

Shawn smiled "its fine...you need to rest for your wounds to close" he said gently
Raven nodded as she laid her head on he's shoulder closing her eyes "I'm so tiered for some reason" she said trying to stay awake

Susie nodded holding on to Shawn's hand "don't leave me alone...please..."
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John chuckled and gently picked her up "well its from all that lossed blood" he sighed "lets go to bed" he said smileing

Shawn noddedand picked susieupas well "im not going anywhere" he said smileing

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