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Questionable Inquisitor

A World of Change

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The world is a frightening place for the young. It had always been hard to make it through puberty and through the transition into adult life, but a global epidemic compounded this problem. This epidemic is known as MORFS...

MORFS was originally launched on the world's population by means of a genetically engineered virus. It had been started as an attempt at a chemical weapon by a group of terrorists back in the early 2000s. The virus they engineered was a common bug that caused nausea, vomiting, and sometimes diarrhea. It wasn't serious, everyone recovered in a few days, and so no one had tried to make a vaccine to prevent it right away.

At the time of the original release of the infection, there seemed to be no immediate effect from the agent, other than the usual nausea symptoms, so again no anti-virus was made. Over the next 6 months, the virus passed over the whole globe unnoticed. The virus spread everywhere. All vertebrate animals that experienced some form of puberty contracted the virus, including all mammals and even reptiles and birds.

Several months after that, some researchers who noted some strange changes in adolescent lab mice discovered that the virus was altering one section of their DNA. The DNA strand in particular was one that happened to be activated during the process of puberty. It somehow caused a varying degree of scrambling of genes across all chromosomes as cells reproduced. Since the scrambling varied from individual to individual, each adolescent mouse experienced different changes. It didn't take long after that for them to discover that all vertebrate species, including humans, had been similarly affected, even though the effects had not started showing up yet in all species.

More recent research has revealed that the particular portion of DNA that was affected by the virus is one that is supposed to protect and regulate the integrity of an individual's genome. The mutated portion essentially disables all or part of that activity, thus allowing many other mutations and gene swaps to appear and survive.

At first, the scientists had been puzzled as to why only some individuals of any species were affected. It took them a couple years to discover that, although the changes only happened during puberty, they were only brought about when an individual became infected with any of the viruses in the family of the original engineered virus. Some individuals of some species apparently were naturally resistant to such infections, so they never experienced any changes.

Of course, there was a crash research effort to try to find a vaccine for that whole family of viruses, but it was soon discovered that that family mutated rapidly and always seemed to outpace the development of an effective vaccine. It’s like they say; there's no cure for the common cold.

Meanwhile, the first effects in adolescent humans began to appear. It seemed as though only about 50% of kids had any detectable changes due to the altered strand. About 15% of that 50% developed extraordinary abilities and/or body changes. And about 1% of that 15% developed what would be called supernatural abilities. Another fair percentage seemed to show signs of hybridization with other species, with highly variable results. Human/Animal hybrids were treated like second class citizens by some people, however prejudice of hybrids is treated like any other form of prejudice, it is frowned upon or looked over by the general populous. Also like any other form of discrimination, if it is practiced in schools or in the work place, it is punishable by law. However, anywhere else it is protected by free speech so long as no physical harm is done. If a hybrid is beaten, it is considered a hate crime and police/legal action will be taken.

This had all started about forty years ago. However, with everyone carrying this altered DNA strand, it was passed down to all the children of that and subsequent generations. Sometimes changed forms and/or abilities of parents were passed down as well.

The scientists had named this phenomenon "Massive Ontogenetic Regulation Failure Syndrome," commonly known as MORFS. Those affected by the virus are also commonly called Morfs.

The older generations had nothing to worry about, but kids my age were suddenly faced with the possibility of dramatic life changes as they entered puberty. Ever since then, every kid has had to anticipate the likelihood of MORFing, as well as all the other adolescent changes.

The change takes anywhere from two days to a week of pain/mass amounts of sleep. Modern science found ways to make the change less painful and faster, as the first generation Morfs took weeks, sometimes months, to fully change.

This is the story of those taken for experimental testing of a new strain of the virus. The Organization is responsible for the abductions of citizens and takes people without prejudice. Those they take are injected with a redesigned version of the virus, tailored to infuse the infected with superhuman abilities. Well... that's the plan at least. As with any drug, there is always a testing phase where things don't go according to plan.

The year is 2042 and you are either one of the test subjects, a member of the SMRT Lab (Special MORFS Research and Testing) or "The Organization" (as they are known), a member of the Government, or a member of some other organized group. "The Organization" is a terrorist cell that seeks to overthrow the global governments with MORFS enhanced shock troopers. They are cunning, ruthless, and just that special little bit of crazy that makes them feared.
(Credit to Britney McMaster for the MORFS universe)

There will be more to this RP than just the lab. I've got a whole storyline planned out and will post the different 'chapters' here as the RP progresses. The underlined one is the current chapter.

Chapter 1: The Lab, First Meetings, and The Bad Guys!
Chapter 2: The Escape, The Aftermath, and The Return Back to Sun City!*
Chapter 3: Friends unite, a Desperate Plan, and the Return of the Escapees!
Chapter 4: 3 Months Later, The Mansion, and the SHAMEful Reuinion!
Chapter 5: A Pressing Engagement, a Night on the Town, and the Island Adventure!
Chaper 6: Going to California, When the Levee Breaks, Good Times Bad Times!

*Sun City: The world’s largest climate-controlled city. Located at an elevation of 5,500ft in the rocky mountains and situated within a nearly year round snowy valley. This city however, is home to one of the worlds most popular resort destinations due to its many attractions. Noah Eglington founded Sun City in 2015. Noah first acquired the land for Sun City in 2013 and over the next two years Sun City became a small tropical resort with steady business. This task was accomplished using Noah’s, and later his wife Hannah’s Elemental abilities to heat the climate of Sun City to a steady 85° year round. Over the next decade, the small resort grew into a large community centered around the numerous resorts located at the heart of the city encircling the large manmade lake now known as Sun Lake. Over the years many other elementals were hired from all over the world to expand the city. The recent addition of two water elementals now makes surfing in Sun Lake on of the most popular attractions although the ski and snowboarding outside of the heated city limits remains the most popular. In 2032 the large community was officially recognized as a city and Noah was elected as Mayor. The population of Sun City according to the 2047 census is 998, 500.
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Questionable Inquisitor

Rules of the Game

First off, the un-fun stuff:

1) No God Modding. There will be violence, be fair. No one is invincible.
2) There will be swearing, references to adult things, and violence n schtuff. If you aren't old enough/ comfortable with these things going on... then don't come here.
3) No cybering in this thread, ever. Romance is encouraged, cybering will get you kicked.
4) I am the thread god, my word is law.
5) Common sense is called common for a reason. Use it.
6) No killing off someone's character unless they permit it.
7) You may have multiple characters, but you must make sure they all remain active.
8 ) Literacy is REQUIRED. 4-5 sentences minimum per post whenever possible. (We all get writer's block once in a while, but don't let it be a constant thing. ^_~) Use proper spelling and grammar at all times.
9) All profiles must be sent to me before being accepted. PM me your profiles with the topic "Trumpoozeller" so I know you read the rules.
10) Anything else I didn't mention that is normally mentioned on these sort of things...

Alright, now, the rules of MORFS!

1) MORFS can cause nearly ANY change to the physical body, so be creative,don't limit yourself. Also, people can go through MORFS more than once or experience more than one change (ex. A physical change of appearance and a special ability). ANY change. Be creative. Oh, and no vampires. You have all the changes your mind can muster... don't be lazy and be like "lolvampire". There are also no "demons". Once again, all changes are caused by a virus.

2) MORFS has been known to happen to a person as young as 9 years old tothose in their late 20's, although the average age of morfing is between the ages of 13-16. The people being nabbed will be within that age range. 25 is the oldest a test subject can be. There is no limit for members of "The Organization".

3) Look at the big picture. MORFS has affected the whole world in numerous ways. New Animal species have been created. New races have been established.

So think of the effects this would have on the world and on the society your characters are in...

ex. Animal hybrids are treated as second class citizens by most people, there are groups called purists who believe those that gain powers without hybridization are the superior species.

4) Physical characteristics and special abilities acquired by MORFS have a 25% chance of being past down to a person's children. If both parents have similar attributes, the chance of passing down those down to their offspring is 80%. Children who have inherited these attributes are still just as prone to go through MORFS themselves. They are not immune.

This means you can do something creative with your character's heritage.

5) People who experience MORFS early during puberty can experience it again, although the chances are much lower than the initial infection.

LASTLY! The MORFS virus works in three stages:

MORFS Stage 1: This is the stage most are in when diagnosed with MORFS. This is the infection stage. One must catch a virus similar to the original engineered virus in order for the mutated DNA strand to become active. The effects of the virus caught by the individual is often multiplied by MORFS and the individual will experience one or more of the following symptoms; vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, cramping, stiffness of muscles, headaches, insomnia, constipation and severe coughing. MORFS can be diagnosed properly only by a physician through a proper blood test, although there are many home testing products available.

MORFS Stage 2: Stage two is the MORFing stage. During this stage patients are normally sedated and given what's known as an 'energy pack', which is simply a mixture of the essential nutrients needed to pass through stage two as quickly as possible. Energy packs can be administered in many ways, but are most commonly taken through ingestion or an arm mounted IV. The duration of stage 2 depends upon the severity of the changes, but on average lasts 3-4 days. Very rarely does it last less than 3 days although there have been cases of it lasting less than a day, even with considerable changes. Without the aid of energy packs, the changes would slowly take place from over a number of months to more than a year.

MORFS Stage 3: Stage three is the recovery stage. This stage normally lasts for one or two months after stage two. The recently MORFed individual still carries the original virus in their system for this amount of time but is not contagious. Often many changes many in stage two do not become fully active until the end of stage three, once the body has recovered properly. During this stage the immune system is much stronger than usual and many patients have been cured of terminal illnesses during this stage. The immune system returns to normal after the body has been fully healed and this signals the end of stage three.
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Questionable Inquisitor

Profile Goodness

Profile Template

This RP is not accepting FOR THE TIME BEING, but will be at some point in the future.

With chapter 2 there is now a new option to be in Sun City instead of the Facility when you start. You may simply be a resident of the city going about normal life. The Sun City setting also allows a further involvement of government rolls either in recruiting MORFS or trying to detain them for government study. You may still play someone already captured, however and positions in The Organization inside the facility and outside are still going to be very involved. The sky is the limit!

[b]Puppeteer:[/b] (Ex. For me it would be Melody Seabreeze)
[b]Test Subject Number:[/b] (For Subjects only, not applicable if you never went to the facility)
[b]Organization Position:[/b] (For members of "The Organization" only)
[b]Affiliation/Rank:[/b] (For Government/ Other groups groups)
[b]Job/Student Year:[/b](For those who live in the city as citizens. State your job unless you are a student, in which case, state your grade or year in highschool/college/uni)
[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Straight, gay, bisexual etc)
[b]Bio:[/b] (No one liners here, put in some effort. ^_^)
[b]MORFS changes/powers:[/b]((This can apply to members of The Organization too. MORPHS can change anyone. Though members of The Organization will not be animal hybrids with the exception of Aurora, who only gets away with it because she's the leader's daughter.))
[b]Appearance:[/b](pic required)
[b]Other Information:[/b] (optional)
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Questionable Inquisitor

Accepted Profiles

Once approved by me via PMs, post your profiles in The MORFS Profile Thread
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Questionable Inquisitor

The Setting

If anyone falls behind after an absence, let me know via PMs and I will get you caught up to speed. No one gets left behind! :3

There is also an OOC Thread so we can all keep in touch!

The setting has now moved to the Marina District of San Fransisco.
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User Image

The clicking of heels can be heard echoing down a concrete hallway, all those that hear it immediately tense up. In the hallway was a woman about 5'7" tall, dressed in solid black. Her sharp red eyes seem to stare holes in every person her gaze rests on. Her gait was one of impatience and irritation. She rounded the corner into a cramped office where a doctor adorned in a white lab coat sat nervously. He looked up at Aurora as she entered the room and swallowed hard. "M-m-madame... there was an issue with T57... he... she... hybridized..." He said in a shaky tone, fearing her reaction.

Aurora glares at the man. "This is the sixth one so far, moron! I swear, if she proves powerless like the other five, I'll put you down right after I put her down. You're on your last strike." She says, her tone calm, but so frigid it could make one cringe. She turns on her heal and walks out of the cramped office, anger rising within her at the repeated failures. As she grows frustrated, the fluorescent lights above her flicker and protest as she begins to literally suck the light from around her.

She turns a corner and walks down a hallway flanked with windows on either side. To her right is a series of rooms where blood tests, hearing tests, vision tests, and other sensory tests were administered... as well as some more unpleasant tests. To her left was one very long window that ran the length of a very large room. This was the sim room. It could do anything, create any terrain, serve as a sparring ground for test subjects against other subjects or robotic opponents. That was the proving ground for any subject. If you failed there, you were dead.

She continued walking past these rooms to a set of stairs. At the top of this flight of stairs was a door with a hand and eye scanner. Aurora places her hand on the scanner and leans in to show her eye. A female computer voice chimes in as the door hisses open to reveal a lavishly furnished grand office. "Welcome back, Director." Aurora merely scoffs at this and lays down on her leather couch, breathing a sigh. "I need results... and fast."
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Questionable Inquisitor

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Deep in the bowels of the facility was a dimly lit room with about half a dozen cages in it. Each cage was no more than five feet by five feet by five feet big. Melody's cage was one such cage. She awoke slowly, rubbing her arm to find there was no energy pack there. Instead, she found her hands were a mix of paw and hands. Instead of regular nails she now had claws. She found she still had her full dexterity with her digits on her hands. This was met with a relieved sigh. She squeaked as she felt something twitch on her head and reached up to find two fox ears there. Her eyes then went wide as she realized her voice sounded much different as well.

It took several moments for Melody to work past her ears and new paw-hands to notice the two swells on her chest. She estimated she was about a solid C cup, which then made her ears droop as a pat down below confirmed her fears that she was indeed fully female. "Well this is just friggin great..." She complains. Moving further down she notices she has a tail, but that she doesn't really have any control over it. After much fiddling with it she found it pretty much had a mind of it's own. She got her final shock, though, when she looked down at her legs and realized she had digitigrade legs... and that she no longer had feet, but full blown paws with pads and claws and four toes. "Wow... I guess I won't have to worry about shoe shopping..." She says dryly, wiggling her new toes.

After she explored her body she looked around the room once more. "Hello?" She called out softly, but was only met with a soft echo. She sighs again. "I guess all there is to do now is wait..."
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Savanna awoke slowly in her cage, groaning a bit and rubbing her head. She'd heard someone speaking, she knew it. Rubbing her eyes, she looks around the dimly lit room and spots a fox hybrid, looking into the dark. It was fairly obvious the poor woman didn't have good night vision by the way she was aimlessly looking around. She decided making a friend would be a good way to take her mind off her situation and speaks up.

"H-hello..." She says softly, looking at the fox woman. "You're new here too, aren't you?" She asks, leaning against the bars of her cage and pulling her knees to her chest.
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Melody blinks as she hears a voice. She looks in the general direction of it and squints, trying to spot the source. "Hello? Yes... I am... new... here..." Melody trails off as she listens to her new voice. She sighs and continues speaking. "What on earth is a young thing like you doing here?" She asks, tilting her head. She too gets comfortable, leaning back against the cage and looking up at the ceiling.
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Savanna scoffs at that question. "You know, I could ask you the same thing. What are you, like a year or two older than me?" She says defensively. "Anyways... I was taken... I used to be normal... then I woke up here, like this." She says softly. "I bet my parents are worried sick about me." She says, burying her furry face in her hands. "It's not fair!" She says, breaking down into tears. "I just want to go home."
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Questionable Inquisitor

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Melody's ears wilt at that first comment. "I'm 21..." She mumbles, the feelings of depression starting to approach her again. "I too was taken... and I used to be normal too... I... used to be a lot different." She frowns as the girl begins to cry. "Hey... don't cry, hun... we'll get out of this. We just need to be patient and keep a clear mind. I'm sure we'll find a way free of this. Then we can both get back to our lives... we just need to wait it out." She smiles over at the girl. "By the way, my name is Ki--... I mean..." She thinks for a moment. "Melody. My name is Melody."

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