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Elijah Krieger

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[HEALTH] Peak Condition xxxxxx [COMPANY] A whole lot of raiders xxxxxx [LOCATION] Power Station

Eli made his way towards the power station, assault rifle in hand. As the front entrance of the station came into view, so did a group of raiders. He looked around quickly from his hiding spot, trying to spot anyone else from the town. He caught glimpses of some people from around town and smiled. He peeked over his cover and took a look at the group of raiders, and almost had to laugh. All of them seemed to be drugged out of their minds and wearing very poor armor, if you could even call it that. One looked like he was dressed in a sheet.

Eli took aim at the raider in a sheet and exhaled slowly as he pulled the trigger. A three shot burst rang out, and the flash from his rifle made the raiders turn to his position and start shouting as their comrade dropped to the ground from the bullets in his chest. They started running towards Eli and the ghoul knelt down and kept firing small bursts, felling more raiders as they charged him. Eli knew they wouldn't all fall before they reached him, and so he began backing up, switching to his shotgun as his rifle ran out of ammo.

A shot caught Eli in his shoulder, causing the ghoul to cry out and fire a shotgun blast at the offending raider. His armor had stopped the bullet from penetrating, but it still stung. The raiders were almost upon him, even as he backed up. Eli just kept firing, hoping one of the others would start aiding him in the fight.

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            As Penny worked her way through the station and reached the lower floor, the high-paced voices of a couple of raiders would undoubtedly catch her attention.

            "Done! Done! It's cut it's cut it's cut stop it come on! No! Leave it! The kicker went off! Time to go, go, gooo--" One of them hissed rapidly. The other growled, but then their bare feet pattering on the concrete was the only sound to be heard... other than low, struggling breathing. If Penny came around the bend of the hall, she would reach the generator room. And she would see the severed cables of the generators, along with one fried raider.

            And Pascal, an assortment of stab wounds on his chest, slumped in a corner near a toppled table. His eyes were already beginning to glaze over and his wrinkled skin had gone unpleasantly ashen.

            Where Stella was located at the back door, a pair of raiders emerged. The two were running full-tilt and cackling in between drawing air into their lungs. One screamed "we're done! Let's go!" as they dashed. Those few now remaining outside turned their attention to follow, except for one.

            He had his eyes on Eli. He'd been hit by the shotgun, but the thick metal plate he wore bound to his chest had deflected the shot. Despite the heavy metal chestplate, the Madman had torn across the distance, and he swung a heavy machete at the ghoul--or rather, at the ghoul's weapon, tearing it out of Eli's grasp.

            Raider Death Count: 8 // ???
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Roxanne Roulette

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Daniel's reply to her initial query left Roxanne shaking her head. "Amazed that a blonde figured that much out?" She rolled her eyes and then paused. "Well I hope they get it back up okay." The slightly more somber tone she had taken was replaced by a playful one. "Whatever was Shawn thinking?" She winked at him to make it clear she was playing. Then he smiled. It was a teasing smile, a flirtatious one. The corner of her mouth lifted.

”You want anything? It’s on the house.”

Roxanne's flirtatious smile traveled all the way from her soft lips to her deep blue eyes. "In that case, you know what I would really like?" She leaned forward confidentially and motioned for him to do the same. Her pink tongue darted out of her mouth to lick her lips and she seemed to hesitate as if unsure of herself. "What I really want?" She seemed as if to divulge a dark secret. And then came her words. "I want to kick your a** again in cards," she leaned back with a grin on her face and raised an eyebrow challengingly. "And how about a cold Nuka?" In the past two weeks since Roxy had arrived in River Falls, she had played quite a few hands of cards, really too many to count, and by far her favorite card player was Daniel. He was a gambler like herself, and that was something she could appreciate. He was one of the better players she had gone up against, and it seemed like whenever they played either of them could win. Roxanne was used to winning a majority of the time, so playing against the suited man was an unexpected pleasure in the dismal little town. When they played cards it was unpredictable. Too bad they now found themselves sitting in the dark....

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                            Silas was content to sit back and let everyone else play hero. He knew that the ones who Headed off were more than capable of handling themselves. Besides, he didn't quite trust this Daniel fella. And when the blonde walked in, he was figuring that he'd make sure there wasn't too much of the booze missing when Shawn got back. But things don't always go as planned.

                            He was about to sit down on one of the bar stools when the ground started rumbling. Not an earthquake, but just as dangerous and twice as stubborn, Princess had her bone in her mouth and was chasing after Angus. "Ahh dammit! Just when I was 'bout to sit down! Dag nabit! Get back 'ere, dog! Hell ..." He still had his bottle of tequila in his hand as he started for the door.

                            Looking back, he pointed at the only two people left in the establishment. "I'll be back. An there better not be too much s**t miss'n." With that, he shot after Princess, who in turn was chasing after Angus, who was following Shawn. Quite the lovely little train he had gotten himself into.

                            He checked his piece. If he had known that he was going to be fighting raiders today he would have been decked out in guns from head to toe. A walking armory, just about. But as it was, he was carrying only one gun and his machete. No big deal. If the raiders were smart enough to try and ambush form two points, they'd have a little surprise waiting for them. Well, not a little surprise. Two rather large surprises in the form of a mutie and a large dog.

                            The way he worked, he'd get there with only one gun, but he'd probably leave with a few extras stuffed in his armor. The man had a way of commandeering weapons. How else do you think he got all of his guns? He didn't buy most of them, that's for sure ...

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                            [ Accompanied ] Princess

                            [ OOC ] Here doggie doggie doggie ....
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                                    Daniel Boudreaux

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                                    Daniel smiled at Roxy, attempting to match her flirtatious energy. "You want to kick my a** again? I don't recall there being a first time," his tone light and incredulous. Roxy was a good card player, better than anyone in this dump. Daniel only met a few people in the wasteland who were as good as cards as he was and she was one. He wouldn't venture far enough to say that he liked her or wanted to be friends with her, because he didn't know her all that well, but he definitely found her more fun than most of the people in Falls Creek. "One Nuka-Cola coming right up, he said as he moved away from the counter.

                                    While he was fetching Roxy's Nuka Cola Silas started making a commotion, which seemed to be a usual occurrence. Daniel had never been fond of Silas. Silas always seemed distrusting of Daniel. Daniel didn't find Silas' concern unfounded but very much unappreciated. Other people may have distrusted Daniel but at least they didn't make that known. They were polite. Silas charged out of the bar after his huge dog but not before giving Roxy and Daniel a good finger wagging warning.

                                    "Why sir, I would never!" Daniel yelled after Silas, faking shock. He waited until the door closed after Silas before saying anything else. "Damn Old Man," he said as he let out an exasperated sigh. He got the Nuka Cola and set it on the counter in front of Roxy. "Your drink, my dear."

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                                    [ OOC ] I apologize for writing short posts forever.
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Dr. Alcana
Danger Sense xxxxxx Hyperesthesia xxxxxx Anatomical Mastery

{ Wellbeing } Ears poundingxxx{ Company } Watchman, Valentine, Injured, Byerlyxxx{ Patients } Too manyxxx{ Location } Falls Creek/ Road to West Blockade [--]

Now the watchman struck that door three times, and was ready to pound the fourth hollow pound.
There was no need. Just then the doctor ran behind him, snatching the man by the back of his collar as he went, a sign to get moving.

"Come on!"

He had sprinted around from the side door, and was so strapped-down and alert that preparation radiated off of him. It had been a mad rush. On hearing those gunshots he had snapped out of his revery so quickly that it was like the convulsion a galvanized corpse. Kicking to his feet, he'd cantered around the clinic, grabbing materials, a medkit, sutures, antiseptic, anisthetic, and vodka. In his rush he was at the front door before he realized he'd forgotten his gun. He all but slapped himself upside his head and made for the office. That proved the single hold up. Otherwise he'd have met the watchman about halfway. As it was, he stood behind his desk, riveted as George screamed in Pascal's voice:
"They're here! They got the doors open! They're coming down the hallway to finish me off--hurry, they know I'm here, oh, help, somebody help! I saw at least six--"
The lights cut off, and he shook his head in the dim room. Benicio was not a weak man. It his hard to be strong when you are so momentarily alone. In this place, where all of us have been at one time or another, honesty that nobody is ever a party to begins to act of it's own accord. His fingers shook as he racked his pistol and made for the side door.

Now he cursed himself as he ran for west blockade. Time is always of the essence. But you'll need it. This isn't what it seems.

He kept ahead for the most-part of the half-mile. He was rushing, trying to keep even, but a small stitch began the cramp at his side. 'Old b*****d' he complained under his shortening breath, chugging along in his light bolted boots, the medical gear clattering and rattling in his hands and at his side. His pacing was better than he gave himself credit for, the blockade was drawing near, the faces and forms of the group gathered helenistically within the border became clearer with every advancing step. He glanced at the condition of the blockade- nothing was down, the lean-to's were secure. There were ten figures, eight human, two brahmin. The Brahmin were groaning as the young man lead them, the strange unified cries of four heads asynchronous and grating on the senses. Seeing the blood-splattered flanks of the beasts glistening with sweat in the perfunctory daylight, he anticipated the insolent odors of death and mayhem. He took a deep breath as he slowed his pace, starting to take hold of the situation.

Two figures stood out, because they were highly familiar. One held the burden of a recent happening. Q was a mysterious young fellow, who a few days back had his tote into town with a Brahmin worse for wear than the two right here and an even less fortunate old man, was a very new edition to Falls Creek, but had been on the doctor's mind more than most. Byerly was strange. A different kind of strange. The doctor had his suspicions. Now was not the time. The other with the bright hair immediately made him think of Stella Vasile. Not for no reason, it would soon occur to him this girl was from A.Pex.

As he approached, he gestured with the flat of his med-kit to indicate who he was without shouting. He made an assessment- a head injury, several breakages, Lacerations. He nodded at the gunman who was supporting the injured woman along the path townward. He went for the head injury first, who dangled like a bag between Q and an woman, who looked like a trader. He put a hand on the shoulder of the woman to stop them for the moment.

"Is there nobody else?" He asked, not to anyone in particular. He was still looking around gauging the situation. As he did so, he heard the distant echoes of shots popping off southward. He managed with incredible effort not to shut his eyes.

He did not stop for an answer, although he sure as hell needed to know. He had to begin working. Setting the med-kit down beside him, he snapped on two gloves and touched his middle and forefinger on the man's forehead. It was warm to the touch, burning in the region of the temples. He examined the point of impact, various lesions along the left side of his head poured blood down across his cheekbone. he felt the chip shrapnel before he saw it, the man was too far gone to wince. It passed in through the sphenoid plate, not the temple. Alcana leaned in and gingerly plucked open the man's eyelid. Blood ran out of the socket, and the milky white schlera was all to be seen, the ball had gone loose and turned downward. Half blind for certain, but He wasn't dead. Not yet anyways.

"What is his name?"

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                            [ Wellbeing ] A lil' bloodiedxxx[ Company ] Caravan Members, Q & Alcanaxxx[ Whereabouts ] Town Roads

                            Valentine glanced back now and then at the blockade, to make sure... but no, no raiders were coming in from there. She looked to Jumpsuit--although now she had a proper name for him. "Wish we coulda' met under better circumstances, Byerley... you got a minefield outside of your town, less than half a mile away by my measure, and a whole pack of hostiles. Falls Creek is seeing some trouble, I'm gonna' assume." There was an air of tension she could almost sense as the group made their way further into Falls Creek. They're definitely under threat. It was a good time to be a mercenary.

                            The wounded traders, assisted by Byerley, didn't make it very far before Alcana arrived. Valentine experienced a moment of profound relief when he came up the road, with the watchman close at his heels. The watcher didn't wait, but continued to jog on past to resume his post. She marched up to stand beside the caravan master. Rickie continued to support the trader with a head wound, but it was obvious the older woman was relying on Byerley to take a lot of the weight.

                            "We're it, doc. Six outta' eleven Dustrunners made it." It was an unhappy announcement to make. Two of her own A.Pex comrades were gone along three of the merchants she was contracted to guard. Valentine kept answering his queries, her tone of voice a mite flat. "That's Trev, doc. I saw what happened, or part of it. He was running not too far ahead of me, and it was just as we got into the minefield. I think some debris must have struck him when Yorke hit a mine... I managed to get to Trev and dragged him out behind me. He's been like this since."

                            The caravan master spoke up. "I can hear gunfire. Should we be doing this in the street?" She looked around them nervously, but the patter of guns remained distant. Valentine would guess it somewhere to the South of the mines if she had to try and pinpoint the noise.

                            "Calm down, Rickie. Just give him a few moments to assess things. We'll get to the clinic. Sadeson, just go on ahead, boyo," she called to the young man managing the brahmin. The beasts lowed and stumbled on.

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ℚ Bץєяℓy
“I know now that there is no one thing that is true - it is all true.”
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“It is unfortunate that the circumstances were not any better; things were also this way when I got here, although they probably set up the minefield sometime after the last few unfortunate people made it through the bullets and explosives. I’ve only been here a day or so.”
Unfortunate, like Shapiro.
He frowned as the thought, but his eyes remained dead within the expression itself, the expression changed slightly when he glanced back to Valentine with a small smile and a bit of dry humor. “Your powers of perception are astounding.”
He shifted the arm across his shoulders slightly. The burden of the man’s weight wasn’t really a burden; he’d still carry the weight as though it were, just to keep up appearances but not enough to make the older woman feel terrible. Lights flickered in house windows and went dead— a bad sign that things were still continuing their downhill slide.
The entire time he remained silent and couldn’t help but to think that he could have carried the man by himself if he hadn’t been surrounded by people to witness and consider the action to be wholly unnatural and as a result: unnerving. The doctor had already eyed him suspiciously enough— with those strange eyes of his own— as it was, especially when the old junk vendor couldn’t offer much information other than a couple names and the meeting in the Capital Wasteland. That many years and so little information; Byerley himself would admit that was suspicious but stranger things had happened in the Wasteland before.

As if on cue, the odd-eyed doctor appeared with the watch-tower guard in tow, the later of the two continuing onward in the other direction. Byerley followed him with his eyes, wishing desperately to be that man instead of so close to the one person who could undo an already tentative existence within the town.
There was a saying about hands, piss, and wishes—unpleasant as it was, it was true, so Byerley simply sucked it up by continuing to support the injured man even with Alcana so close by.
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Roxanne Roulette

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A slender eyebrow raised at the challenge insinuated. "We'll see,"the blonde beauty murmured quietly to herself as Daniel went to fetch her a cold Nuka out of the fridge. There was a bit of commotion at this point as the large man the female gambler knew to be 'Silas', clambered out of the bar after his lumbering drooling dog. The grouchy old man's parting words caused Roxanne's soft lips to form a playful pout. "No raiding the safe today?," Her words were directed towards the only other person in the Fission Hole. She snapped her fingers in a 'awe jeez' type of way as the tall lean man named Daniel set her drink before her. "Much appreciated sir." She'd decided not to be offended by the parting man's words; she was, after all, a stranger in town. Daniel on the other hand....She cracked open the bottle and took a sip. It was icy cold and delicious. Unable to help herself, she let out a little moan and then took a longer, more refreshing drink. She closed her eyes briefly before opening them again. It was the simple things like this that made life in the wasteland bearable. Small pleasures in a hopeless and despairing world.

Roxanne leaned back and appraised the man across from her. "So you ever think of leaving this town?" The female opportunist knew very little about the man in front of her, but if she was ever going to find someone to travel out of town with, she needed to start looking around. "Once this raider trouble gets cleaned up I'm gonna be heading towards New Vegas. A decent card player like yourself could certainly make a good life there." She reached into her pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "But perhaps you are attached to this little town." After taking another drink she pulled a single one out, only to remember she'd left her lighter upstairs in her room. "Got a light?"

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                                                  Location: Fission HolexxxCompany: Roxy & DanielxxxWellbeing: Brooding, Tiredxxx

                                                  OOC: Sorry guys but Dean is still at the bar too xDxxx

                                                  Caffine was a welcome addition to Dean's run down system. He was unable to recall the last time he'd gotten a full eight hours sleep - not last night that was for sure. Hence, Dean reacted slowly to the frantic radio message - the words barely sinking in before other people started heading out the door. Joining them was hardly an option. His limp made him such an easy target, and then he'd probably get in the way. When Shawn left, Dean reached into his pocket, pulled out his own radio and switched it on. It crackled to life, and then idled silently. Nursing his coffee, and watching the radio on the table in front of him, Dean considered what mess awaited him in the power station. Knowing raiders, it would probably take hours to rectify. Dean's body recoiled from the prospect of another sleepless night. He sipped his coffee, and thought about asking Shawn for a case, rather than a few bottles, of Nuka-Cola. After the second message came through the radio, presumably from one of the raiders, Dean started to twirl his radio on the table. He was almost glaring at it, feeling agitated and useless at the same time. Pascal was a good man, someone Dean liked very much - but he was probably dead now.

                                                  Dean was sitting at one of the tables at the back, thus probably making it hard for Roxy and Daniel to see him there. However, though he wasn't paying a great deal of attention, he could hear their conversation. At the mention of cracking the safe, Dean looked up, giving them both a narrow eyed stare. Truth was, he didn't know a great deal about these strangers, he had no idea if they were serious or not. Since the best thing he could do right now was keep an eye on things for Shawn, Dean grabbed his radio, the empty mug and limped over to the bar. Then he deposited both items noisily on the counter, and turned to Daniel. "Would you mind passing the coffee pot?" He asked politely, baring no hint of his suspicion. Unfortunately, coming out of the shade into the light stung the mechanics eyes. He rubbed them, absent mindedly and stifled a yawn. Tonight was going to suck for sure.

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                            [ Wellbeing ] Shaken ... xxx [ Company ] Stella ... xxx [ Whereabouts ] Power Station, Back Door

                            This was totally not cool. She got to the lower floor only to find that there was a mess of wires and god knows what else sticking out o the wall where everything used to be decently neat. And Pascal, poor old man was slumped near a table as dead as dead could be. The sounds of gun fire from outside were evident but at the moment she needed to let the town know what was going on.

                            Grabbing her radio, she pressed the button. "Well ... It looks like they cut a lot of wires. And some big ones. I can't really tell too much, but I'd say we are boned. Other than that. all's good on this side!" Penny made her way to the old dead man and knelt down in front of him. Gently, she closed his eyes one by one. In a softer, more melancholy tone, she said, "They got Pascal ..."

                            Standing, she looked back at the wall that had all of the wires cut and torn. She might be a hacker, and a damn good one, but she knew next to nothing about the guts of a machine. To her, it all looked like one big mess. And yeah, she could try to put the pieces back together, but she'd probably end up hurting more than she helped. So she moved on to the back door.

                            This was the area that had been affected most by the bomb. She figured that was the what shook the foundation of the power station. As she entered the room, she saw destruction. There was no evidence of a bomb, but why would there be. To her untrained eye it all looked simply nasty. There were bits and pieces of flesh strewn around and even more pieces of furniture in every which direction. She thought she saw an eye on the ground but didn't check to see if that's what it was.

                            When she reached the door, she saw a few raiders running off in the distance and one laying on the ground outside the door with his leg nearly blown off. She was going to shoulder her rifle and start popping off shots at the runners when she saw a flash of pink. Sticking her head out of the doorway, she smiled. "Hey there, Stella!" She stepped outside and waved a little too excitedly for someone who had just shot people and found one of the townsfolk dead. But that was Penny for you.

                            For a brief moment, her attitude went somber. "They killed Pascal." And just as quick as it was there it was gone only to be replaced by a smile. "Is that one dead?" She pointed to the body on the ground with it's leg in tatters. Walking up to it, she gave it a kick in the foot. .The good foot, mind you. She's not a cruel person.

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                            [ Accompanied ] ...

                            [ OOC ] ....
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                            Shawn Levesque

                            Smoothtalker xxxxxx Presence xxxxxx Fancy Footwork

                            [ Wellbeing ] So far, so good...xxx[ Company ] Angus, Princess & Old Manxxx[ Whereabouts ] Town Roads

                            When Shawn heard the heavy pitter-patter [or rather, thumpty-thump] of somewhat's footfalls on the ground, he turned rapidly as his hands tightened on his shotgun.

                            "PRINCESS COME FOR WALK?" Angus shifted one massive hand from his flamer and held it out for the dog to sniff. Even compared to the mutant, Princess was humongous, and not for the first time Shawn briefly wondered just how much she ate in a day. "C'MON, PRINNY." As usual, Angus displayed no hesitation when it came to Princess and the two of them moved to take point, with the mutant only a couple strides behind the mastiff. It was probably better that way... Princess' skill at detecting danger was better than Shawn's own, and only a right idiot would start something with flamer-wielding super mutant.

                            Although it was damp and cool out, the bartender felt warm. Anxiety continued to course through his veins and he hoped that those defending the power station would be back in the bar tonight, no worse the wear.

                            He waited for a moment or two for Silas to catch up. He didn't say anything, but simply resumed walking alongside the Old Man, who was, naturally, intent on keeping an eye on his dog. There wasn't anything worth saying at that moment, not when Shawn thought it better to keep his eyes peeled.

                            The wreckage of the Sheriff's Office came into view just as the radio flared up again with Penny's voice, clear even though he'd lowered the volume some. Shawn held his device to his mouth and replied "Thanks for checking in, Penny. Let us know when it's safe, and Dean can see about some repairs... I'm up by the old Sheriff's Office to take a look at this side of town. So far it's all-clear. Foreman Roswell, continue as normal at the mine."

                            He lowered his arm, and a moment later the radio issued a response: "Foreman here. All seems fine here at the Canary, Levesque. Hope that issue at the power station is okay, let us know if you need back-up. Out." The gravelly voice of Foreman Ken Roswell had a calming effect on Shawn's nerves. The Croaking Canary ran on generators for the lights, so it wouldn't need to stop because of the station's outage. And if it came to it, he knew the miners would drop their picks and draw their handguns to defend Falls Creek, but the emergency didn't warrant that. Not yet. Hopefully not today.

                            Hopefully not ever, but given the tenacity of these raiders that was seeming very unlikely.

                            "Goddamn punks," he muttered, knowing Silas would agree with the sentiment.

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                                    Daniel Boudreaux

                                    Smooth Talker xxxxxx Allurexxxxxx Fortune's Choosen

                                    [ Wellbeing ] Alright xxx [ Company ] Roxy & Dean xxx [ Whereabouts ] Fission Hole

                                    As Daniel was taking his lighter out of his pocket he saw Dean ambling his way towards the bar. Daniel gently placed the lighter on the counter in front of Roxy. He thought about lighting her cigarette for her but now with Dean there it felt a bit odd. Daniel found Dean's presence a bit intrusive. It felt as if Dean was a parent checking in on their kids. Not intentionally intrusive, probably well meaning, but still unwanted.

                                    When Dean asked for the coffee Daniel smiled and said "sure thing, pal." He set down the coffee pot near Dean, almost with the same delicacy as he placed the lighter. As he did so he heard a voice over Dean's radio. The voice confirmed Daniel's suspicions about Pascal. "Well that's too bad, isn't it?" Daniel said not sounding particularly sorrowful. He wasn't attempting to be disrespectful. In fact he thought that someone should say something when that sort of thing happens. Daniel wasn't particularly attached to Pascal but he was sure someone was.

                                    "Well, Roxy, my dear," Daniel said after a moment, proper mourning time in his opinion, "I was about ready to leave town when those Raiders settled in." Daniel saw his scotch on the counter and he realized that he had been neglecting it. He took a sip of it before talking again. "I haven't gotten that attached to Falls Creek," he paused and looked at Dean "although it is quite lovely." Daniel knew that Dean had lived in Falls Creek longer than he had, and he seemed like the permanent sort. The permanent sort never really enjoy it when you talk rudely about Falls Creek, so Daniel attempted not to. "I used to think about going to New Vegas," he put his drink down, it was almost empty, " but I'm unsure these old bones could make it all the way out there." He smiled slyly.

                                    [ Wearing ] Well Heeled Gambler Suit
                                    [ Packing ] Silenced .22 Pistol [1], Switchblade [1]
                                    [ Carrying ] Deck of Cards[1], Pack of Cigarettes[1]

                                    [ OOC ]BLERG. Just call me Short-Post-JayBee
User ImageooooooooLilianaScarletCarson

User ImagexxxUser ImagexxxUser Image

Presencexxxxxx Running doesn't effect aim xxxxxx Stealthy

| Health | Unharmed | Energy | Rested | Chems | None
| Location| Near the Power Plant

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

                                                  Liliana tried to assess the situation from her scope. She saw a little girl with a rifle charge in the building, she thought to herself that it was foolish for her to be doing so but set her prejudice aside. The world was a hard one to live in and anyone able to use a gun and willing to had the right to choose their own demise if they saw fit. She wasn't going to tell the girl to hold off or try to stop her but she would give her some covering fire when she had the shot to do it. Lining up another shot, but she was cut off just before she pulled the trigger as they darted in the building. ''[/********]'' she said cursing herself. She couldn't hear any gunfire coming from the station but perhaps they were able to sneak up on the girl and take her out without the need of it. Sucks for her. Liliana thought as she looked around the compound trying to find any more of the raiders.

                                                  When saw one of them poking their heads out through the window, she took the shot. The window pane, even as dirty and already cracked, shattered as her bullet screamed through the glass. The raider was kicked backwards from the force of the shot and she didn't see them get back up. An empty shell expelled from her rifle, kicking out of the chamber and landing somewhere to her right. A familiar ping sound from it hitting the dirt brought her back to an easy and comforting situation that she welcomed with ease. Taking another glance around the compound she heard an explosion coming from the inside. If anyone had been close it, and the room they were in was closed then the damage done to them would have been catastrophic.

                                                  Taking her eye off the scope she used her eye too look down at the building to see if she could see any movement. She spotted someone running towards the compound from the town. Using her scope to get a better look at the person running, she saw it was the one girl who drinks Vodka, Stella if her memory serves her correctly. She wasn't a threat. Letting her pass she focused back on the building. The little girl came walking back out, and looked almost in perfect condition. Liliana was taken a little back that the girl was able to walk out of there alive, let alone in one piece. Her attention was taken to the small group of people, three by her count, running back to the camp. Quickly repositioning herself to get a clear shot, she took it without hesitation. The first of the raiders fell. Another shot and the second dropped dead. She was about to take her third and final shot from the rifle but when she pulled the trigger the bullet lodged itself, jamming. ''
                                                  Damnit!'' she said as she pulled back the bolt handle. She fidgeted with it till the loose shell came out, freeing herself for a shot.

                                                  Inspecting the single round, she noticed the tip was bent. Tossing it to the side she let the empty clip fall to the ground. Reaching into her pocked she reloaded her gun as quickly as she could. When the new magazine was in place she pulled back the receiver, letting a new round slide into the chamber. Taking a quick aim, she thought to herself they might want a prisoner. She didn't know if Stella or that other girl already have one so she aimed for his leg. Taking the first shot, the b*****d was lucky. The ground next to his feet had a small hole built into it and dirt and dust blew off of it. She took the next shot and the same thing happened. Growing impatient with how things were turning out. She aimed at the man's back put towards his shoulder to blow him to the ground. Making she she was aiming at his right side too add some breathing room from his heart Liliana squeezed the trigger. She watched through her scope as the man buckled to the ground. She could see that she broke through his shoulder bone and possibly dislocating his right arm. With a much more easy target to aim at, she aimed again to make sure he couldn't run. Her sights fixed on his ankle. With a quick tap of the trigger, she could see his foot dangle by threads of skin and muscle. If he was ever to live through this, he'd never use that leg to walk again.

                                                  Liliana took one last glance around the compound before determining that it was clear. Packing up her sniper rifle, she hung it over her shoulder and pulled our her 9MM. Her body craved for a cigarette as she was finishing packing up her things, taking the shells and putting them back into a pouch and even taking back her empty magazine. Her arms felt strained, weak and the only thing she could think of was having a cigarette. She tried to think of the job at hand and even finishing it quickly so that she could light one up. But she gave in to her temptation. Pulling out her pack, she put one of the filters between her lips and quickly lit it up. The first drag, wasn't a hit. It was a drag. She inhaled it till the back of her through felt coarse and scratchy and her lungs felt like they were going to burst open at the seams. Letting the smoke be released like gray ribbons from her nostrils and mouth, she ashed the cigarette before starting her decent towards their new captive. She didn't bother walking towards Stella or the young girl, she had her mind on something else. As she approached him, she aimed her pistol at him and then took another slow, long drag, waiting to see what he has to say if anything at all. They didn't need a prisoner, and she wasn't hired to get them one. This was her acting out in defending herself.

                                                  |Wearing| Wasteland Wanderer Outfit, Eyepatch, Gloves, Scarf, Belt with pouches
                                                  |Packing| Sniper Rifle [Suppressed], 9MM Pistol, .357 Magnum, Switchblade [2], Combat Knife, Straight Razor
                                                  |Wielding| 9MM Pistol
                                                  |Carrying| Pack of Cigarettes [1], Cigarette Lighter, Lockpick [5], Stempack [3], Med-X [2], Rad-Away [2]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
User Image
Roxanne Roulette

Fortunes Chosen xxxxxx Fortune Finderxxxxxx Smoothtalker

[ Wellbeing ] Healthy xxx [ Company ] Daniel & Dean.xxx [ Whereabouts ] The Fission Hole

"Thanks." Roxy picked the lighter up and watched her right thumb flick a flame to life. She took a long drag as the cigarette caught light and let it out slowly, before setting the device back down on the counter. Tendrils of smoke danced in the air, a direct response to her exhale.Nothing like a cigarette in the morning."Dean." She greeted the mechanic when he approached the bar. In the darkness of the room she hadn't seen him. She knew the young man by name and limited reputation only. They had yet to have any real interaction beyond both being in the Fission Hole at the same time. Roxy's blue hazel eyes traveled back to Daniel as he replied to her question, a smile once again forming on her soft lips. "Really." This was a great lead. He was already interested in leaving town, and perhaps even interested in heading in the same destination. Or direction at least. Perhaps she could encourage this.

She couldn't help but look sidelong at Dean to see if he was offended by the other man's choice of words. In the dim lighting it was difficult to tell. The glance was brief and the smile stayed on her face as she continued to banter with Daniel. "Oh please," she said rolling her eyes,"you don't look a day past thirty-five." She winked at him. "You know..." she paused as if thinking and looked away for a moment before looking back. "We would make quite the team, you and I. I bet together we could clean out New Vegas." She raised an eyebrow, teasing him. "Though I would probably need to give you a few pointers in cards first." She took a swig of her Nuka before taking another drag.

[ Wearing ] Merc Charmer Outfit. Fedora. Authority Sunglasses.
[ Packing ] 5.56mm Pistol [1], Combat Knife [1] [Checked in]
[ Carrying ] Concealed Switchblade, Caps, Pack of Cigarettes, Deck of Cards, Stimpak x2, [ OOC ] I am so sorry for this post. It took me an hour to write. I have no flippin' clue why. Every sentence took like five minutes. This never happens to me, but I am going to say writer's block. I can't explain it, but I was determined to post. Sorry its crap.

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