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"Ahh, the aero room... I'm afraid that I wouldn't know this, for Sieg-sensei named it when he made this dojo. It seems to be a good place for those who use wind. We shan't use any powers, then, unless you wish. If one of us uses powers, then it becomes a free-for-all. The game: First to touch the ground loses!"

With that, I squatted with my heels placed around the top part of the pole and my hands cupping the tip, and I leaned back, bending my pole. I then catapulted myself in Shimo's direction, making a fist with my hands, moving a t a good speed, roughly double my sprinting pace, 12mph, making this 24mph.

"You'll find that these poles are excellent retainers of force."
((Gone, eh? No matter. We shall begin our fight as soon as we get the chance.))
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Interesting Gekko

((didn't see the new page Lol))
Seing Inus com flying at himself, as expected, though a little faster than anticipated, he quickly stepped backward pulling himself down the pole and holding on to it. "I find that without using what makes us unique, there will never be a victor. But I leave the choice up to you." He then sprung off the base of the pole holding tightly to the top using it's ability to double force to speed up his swinging kick which was aimed toward Inus' head.
(( Just assuming that we post these in-thread. Following by example ._. ))

Name: Jasper Wallace Tringham
Age: 23
D.O.B: November 14
Marital Status: ---
Race and Origin: Human, somewhere in Gaia
Occupation: Various Metal Smithing, ranging from weapons to jewelery.
Sex: Male
Height: 182.88cm
Weight: 116.12kg
Personality: Jasper is attracted to all things art, from paintings, to martial styles. He is friendly, but doesn't take kindly to unwarranted insults or provocations. He will respond violently to violence due to chemical imbalances, but on a general basis Jasper is a nurturing individual who finds success in helping others succeed.
History: Jasper was born somewhere in Aekea, but shortly there-after moved to Barton. His first memorable early years were spent growing up and finding his interests in life. Even from a young age, Jasper was fascinated with shiny metals. Suits of armor, brandished swords, flashing gemstones set in golden bands. He loved the way it looked. He also found that unlike other children there was a connection between him and the metals. He could feel their magnetic fields, consciously, and with enough focus, he found that he could manipulate them. After many attempts, he was able to magnetize two spoons together, and this was his first manifestation with his latent psychokinetic power.

Over the years, he learned to hone this power, and found that martial arts training allowed him to better focus his mind. h took up several styles, melding them into one style focusing strikes, throws, and holds all together. His parents were very supportive, until Jaspers mother died from a terminal illness on Jaspers 15th birthday. After that, Jaspers father became somewhat distant and cold. This did not deter the boy however, from his dream. A blacksmith in town finally accepted Jasper as an apprentice, and here he honed his muscles and powers by working iron into steel.

Seasons would pass, and Jaspers father died as well from unexplained circumstances, though Jasper assumed it was grief. He didn't let this get to him, and he continued to pursue his carrier. When his apprenticeship with the blacksmith was completed, he was presented with a special pattern weld katana as a gift, and with the smiths blessing, Jasper set off to learn the craft of silver smithing at the age of 17. This was the most delicate work Jasper ever attempted, and it helped him to hone his powers from pure force, to accurate and delicate movements. His first 57 attempts at ring crafting failed, and the next 30 were atrociously misshapen. It would take a whole year for Jasper to finally get the skill down. By his 18th birthday, Jasper was a successful jeweler, and could preform the very delicate motions required to set the tiniest of stones in the hardest places. From here, he began a word-of-mouth sales business and received enough commissions to pay for a small apartment.

Jasper would live here for four years, training in his martial style and making his jewelery. He had now also started crafting swords and armor pieces, and through practice he learned how to fluctuate the power of his abilities from the sheer power used in forging, to the gentle manipulations used in softer metals. His business blossomed, and he opened up a shop with 5 employees working for him to make armor pieces or jeweler, every member had his specialty. Now that he had more free time though, Jasper sought something new. Word of Ju Bu reached his ears, and without a moments pause, Jasper set out to find this place.

After some time here at the dojo, Jasper has learned much about himself and the others around him, one in particular. His personal business has been doing quite well due to the things he'd learned about his own powers, and the time he'd spent training with the "Silite".
Appearance: Jasper is not horribly tall, or short. Not very heavy, but built from the labor of black smithing. After some changes in his income and personality, Jasper has upgraded his wardrobe. He wears a small black t-shirt, a pair of thick leather pants, a leather jacket with metal plates fixed into the chest and spine of the jacket. His boots are still usable for work. They are not steel toed, as dropping heavy metals on the toes can potentially bend down and cut the toes off, but rather the instep of the foot is plated, and the sides. He wears a pair of knuckle gloves, plated with steel beads on the back of each fist. His hair is golden blond, and his eyes are a peculiar yellow color. His ears are both pierced, two rings in each ear.
Martial Arts Styles: MMA style influenced by Escrima, Karate, and Jujutsu
Weapons and Equipment:
Rhenium Diboride Maul: A massive war hammer. This thing weighs about 90 pounds alone, but is crafted from the very tough material Rhenium Diboride. It's a synthetic metallic crystal that is harder than diamonds, and will not react to iron to make iron carbide.

Steel Orb: A ball of steel just large enough to fill Jaspers hand without having the fingertips touching. It weighs about 10 pounds, and with Jaspers unique connection to the magnetic field of the metal orb, he is able to alter it's shape over time, or control it's movement telekinetically.
Special Abilities:
Jaspers ability can be construed as a form of electrokenisis, but it roots itself directly in metals. Using calories stored up in Jaspers body, or for more advanced maneuvers, the iron in Jaspers blood, Jasper is able to manipulate metals and the electromagnetic fields associated with them. He is also still able to manipulate non-magnetic metals, but he must get a charge into them first. Jasper must also be familiar with the specific frequency of the metals first, which can take 5 to 10 minutes of concentration to determine. Through martial arts training, Jasper has also learned how to manipulate the electromagnetic field around himself and others to gather small orbs of kinetic force. Using metals in this technique, Jasper is able to boost their power from the force of a light shove, to a donkey kick.

Once again, these powers use up the calories stored in Jaspers body, or they break down the iron in Jaspers blood, like a battery.
Teocuitlatl, excellent profile ^^

we are working on multimedia stuff in the background.
(( Many thanks for the words of praise. I'd like to get started on role-playing here at some point today, but I also don't want to do it alone, so I guess I'll just wait for people to be around. ))
Shimo of the Frost
((didn't see the new page Lol))
Seing Inus com flying at himself, as expected, though a little faster than anticipated, he quickly stepped backward pulling himself down the pole and holding on to it. "I find that without using what makes us unique, there will never be a victor. But I leave the choice up to you." He then sprung off the base of the pole holding tightly to the top using it's ability to double force to speed up his swinging kick which was aimed toward Inus' head.

As I drew near to Shimo, I saw his preparations for a kick, and drew my sword quickly, holding it vertically before me so that the blade was facing his leg, and my left hand was pressed against the dull end, so I would be like a flying razor.

"Heh, as a matter of fact, you may be right. I only thought it may be better to fight without powers because I sensed a severence of your primary energy source when we entered here, and I wouldn't want things to be unfair. If you want to use powers, though, be my guest! That would make things much more fuuuuuuuun!!!!"

It was a quickly spoken speech, and the sword was drawn as I yelled this last word, preparing for impact or not.
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Interesting Gekko

"Very quick to draw your sword on an unarmed man aren't you?" Shimo siad letting go of the pole so that he wouldn't de restrained to it, he then quickly converted himself into a flip over the flying Inus, at the cost of his shirt, and a minor back wound. He landed back on the pole carefully.
((question... why are these poles placed so far apart?))
"Somebody must have left it on this setting before we came here. This way, it makes it so that we have to leap to get from pole to pole..."

I rotated my body to place my legs in the tragectory of the pole in front of (now behind) me to launch myself at the pole that Shimo had previously been on. I grabbed on to it with my left hand, and stayed balanced on that hand.

"So... You want to use powers, eh?"

My sword began to glow blue and I pivoted slightly on my hand, swinging the sword in a half-circle with my right hand.


I declared. As this powered slash passed a good total of 6 poles, including the one Shimo was on, it made a clean cut through all of them, causing them to fall over and leaving much shorter poles in their place. That wasn't all, though. All of the hacked-off pieces (6 in total, remember) began spinning rapidly like drills, and staying suspended in the air, with a strange glow around them. Five of them immediately flew at Shimo like Javelins, as one would follow behind and swing at him like an escrima held by an invisible owner, all of them moving in perfect harmony and refusing to touch each other.
Thump, thump, thump. Heavy leather boots would pound against the concrete sidewalks of the city, carrying a young man towards his destination. He was encumbered by a duffel bag hanging from his right shoulder, with the bag resting at his left hip. The man's left arm would rest across the top of the bag, his wrist relaxed so that his hand would hang down in front of his thigh. His right arm was at his right side, fingers gripping tightly around the heavy oak scabbard of his sword. Peering through his glasses at the yellow tinted world around him Jasper, as he was named, would come to a halt in front of a tall building that spoke to his memory. Quirking a brow, Jasper would reach with his left hand into one of the pockets on his bag, and pulling from the bag he had a folded, slightly crumpled paper. Holding it in front of himself, he would check it, double check it, check the building and then check the paper again. They were directions to the gym, and once Jasper was convinced that he had found the right place, he would fold the paper in half by parting his index and middle finger, and then push his thumb between the two while against the paper. Placing this back into the bag, Jasper would lift his left foot, and turn upon his right heel towards the building, where he would proceed to enter. He could feel the powerful field of the metals used in the building's structure, immediately he could tell that this thing wasn't coming down any time soon and that made him feel a bit safer.

((This place is actually the dojo on top of a serene mountaintop.))

((This place is actually the dojo on top of a serene mountaintop.))

(( Then why does the front page say "gym" and describe a "gym" ._.? please explain this. ))
Sensei, does the newest thread for Lu-Bu take place in our mountain top dojo or in the gym in the city. By the way, if I could guess, since I've never really asked how to picture this, could one imagine the place for the mountain dojo to be located as the builing (but bigger) on the mountain at barton trench, or is it differently shaped and farther away? Precisely:

Q1: Where is the new thread in the world of gaia?

Anthon Noire
1. Lu Bu was always in the modern world, always located in China, although several threads were part of the same franchise, and many of them were located in other parts of the world. One of the dojos was a modern gym, the other was a temple shrine as complex as the pyramids.

The new thread identifies itself as the dojo, not the gym, but also claims relation to all lu bu threads outside itself.

Q2: By the way, what is our dojo's location exactly like, unless it is our own imaginations which shape this?

Anthon Noire
That's really up to sieg, and barring a major decision, it will be a cleaned up refurbished version of the Temple shrine with modern amenities.

Q3: Did you eat pie last night (Thanksgiving), and if so, did you enjoy it a great deal?

Anthon Noire
Chocolate Pecan Pie with icecream. It was very sweet. ^^
(( Someone should get Seig to change the location information, or at least someone should put a notice about it in bold red text until a change is made because that is, if you can understand, rather confusing @_@. ))

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