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Welcome to a new story; one where the ending is a bit different. The next post will tell you the backstory for this rp.

I simply want to establish a few things for this rp. It is open to everyone; all thats required is that I, Leandra21 or Namrea accept your profile. That said it is a Lazy-Lit to Adv-Lit Rp which means I expect no less than two paragraphs. Be polite to people in the thread If there are issues tell me and I'll try to sort them out.

With that out of the way let me go ahead and state a few facts:

You can be what ever race you want in this rp such as Elves, Vampires, Werewolves, ect. Just remember what ever race you choose you must act accordingly. For example a vampire will burn to ashes in the sunlight, I mean come on people this is not twilight and if you get creative and make a Vampire half-breed well they are much weaker in the sunlight and not as strong as a pure breed. And Werewolves may change at will but on the full moon they must change, no exceptions. The only race NOT allowed and that is for the sake of our story are Dragons or dragon hybrids.

There are several classes which a person can choose from in this rp for there character, these classes are the basis for your character and they must act accordingly.

<> Warrior
> Warriors are your extremely strong and physical dominating class. These guys are the heavy lifters and the ones always ready to go into battle and are always on the front lines of battle. These guys are the ones who wear the heavy armors and bring the big claymores and hammers to battle.

<> Rogue
> Rogues are the ninja's of the midieval world, they may not be as strong or heavily built as the warriors but they are quick and precise. These are the spies and intel gatherers, ones that specialize in assassinations and stealing precious intel from your enemies and are not shy of being bounty hunters.

<> Cleric
>Clerics are your monks and healers of this world. Some people consider Clerics mages but in fact they are not, instead of spells they use incantations and prayers for their healing. Clerics study specifically in healing and defensive magic able to increase ones power and stamina through prayer and then save one from a fatal injury.

<> Mage
> Mages are powerful beings able to channel magic from the world around them through their bodies and then out in the forms of spells and incantations. These beings are the descendants of which learned their art from the dragons themselves though not as potent as a Dragon's magic. These people are sometimes sought after and praised for their power, though they cannot use form of healing magic, the people who practice this art are able to cast powerful offensive and defensive spells.
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Far away tucked into a forgotten corner of the world lives the world told in stories of old; the world of the mystic, where the magical is the normal and the awe inspiring tales happen every day. Vash’Kiren, A world where monsters roam the land causing mayhem. To combat these there exists four elite guilds
The mage guild- full of master mages and apprentice mages who study under them.
They wield the most lethal magics.
The Warrior guild- Filled with the strongest warriors in the land who prove that might makes right. They wield all weapons from swords to spears and have lethally strong physical attacks

The Rouge guild: Filled with the fleet of foot and hand. They’d as soon as stick a knife in your back as smile at you. Home to the thieves and other slightly slimy fighters. They wield weapons that are small and hideable and are fast and sneaky.
The Cleric guild: Full of priests and other church fighters from the hard fisted monk to the all knowing sage. They wield staves and powerful holy magic
The world has been in peaceful monotony for several thousand years but that peace is at risk. A witch, once a powerful mage of the mage guild, has begun to entice the monsters and evil in the world to her side. She’s discovered the ancient secret of summoning dragons and intends to use the power to control the world. Can she be stopped? Will the guilds work together to stop the mutual threat or will they all perish? It's in your hands.

☆═━┈┈━═☆ ⓇⓊⓁⒺⓈ ☆═━┈┈━═☆

⇨Live them.
⇨Breathe them.
⇨Fear breaking them.

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± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘I am God here. My word is law. Leabdra21 and Namrea are my minions /cough/ I meant fellow gods. Their word is law...unless I say differently.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘No Godmodding. This is serious. No matter who you are you have to take a hit sometime and this goes for your character isn't invincible. Casting spells and such takes a lot out of a person and can tire someone out.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Keep autohitting to a minimum

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Talk in third person. No using ** or -- for actions. Write it out guys.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Trolls will be tortured by Leandra21 personally /sadistic smile/✘

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Literacy- I don't require much but I will not accept any one liners. Under any circumstances. I require at least a paragraph with 5-6 sentences. Writer's block is fine but I still expect at least 3 sentences.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Cursing is okay, I could care less but for those with more sensitive ears keep it at a minimum hmm?

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Send all profiles to me via PM with the title of your class.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Romance is encouraged but keep it PG-13. When your clothes are off head off somewhere else if you want to finish it.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Violence is encouraged but no killing someone's character without telling them and me first. I don't like to deal with complaints considering this.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘You may only have 3 characters at one time and they must stay active!

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Post at least twice a week or be subject to being banned. You will receive one warning, if i have to remind you again i'll remove your character and you will have to resubmit to continue in the rp.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Use (()) or [[]] for OOC (Out of character talk). I only accept this if it is important or in your characters post, for everything else use the OOC thread.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Use proper grammar people. A few spelling mistakes is fine but when I can't understand what your saying....your post will be deleted and you will be forced to redo it.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘You can make your own forms of magic but you have to list every detail about it.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘To use most forms of magic and incantation or spell must be spoken. And like a novice wizard cannot win against like an experience one or like a rogue who specializes in killing mages.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘NO INSTANT TIME TRAVELING! Seriously you cant go from one kingdom or guild to the next in one post. Use your brain and try to spend a reasonable time traveling.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Follow Gaia TOS. Why? Because I like being on gaia...get me banned and I'll haunt you from miles away. Trust me. I can do that.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘Put a cheese_whine somewhere in your application so i know you read.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘I rule this plane of existence. I can change the rules when I want to.

± : . : ± : . : ± : . : ±
✘I may or may not be allowing other dragons into this rp once everything has settled down and we are having a good rhythm in the rp. But only to good rpers who I feel deserve it >.>

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[color=#100C08][size=18][align=center]▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄ Enter your character name here ▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄[/color][/size][/align]

(your gaian name.)

(Which Guild are you from? Mage, Rogue, Warrior, or Cleric.)

(Your rank and standing within your guild. Such as Guild Master to being the leader and Novice to being a beginner and all the in between. You can be a Master without being the Guild master that standing is left for leader of the Guilds.)

(What is your race? If a knew race to not forget to list very keen details on it.)

(What does everyone call you)

(How old is your character? Keep it reasonable. Humans have an average of human life spans.)

(you female or male?)

(Hetero, Bi, Homosexual)

[b][u] Magic:[/u][/b]
{What type of magic do you use? Fire, water, earth, etc... do not forget you can make up your own but remember to add every detail about it. P.S only for clerics and Mages and remeber clerics do not know offensive magic.)

[b][u]Battle Skills:[/b][/u]
(Can you fight barehanded? with a sword, with magic ect)

[b][u]Battle Strength:[/u][/b]
(what is your strength? Hand to hand, sword fighting, spear fighting, magic, bows, ect)

(which weapons if any do you use?)

(Must be filled out)

(Fill this out. Keep it reasonable. Must be at least two paragraphs.)




[b][u]Who you fight for:[/u][/b]
(Which side are you on being it be the Witch and her dragons or you fighting for the guilds)

[b][u]Theme Song:[/u][/b]
(Optional. Use a youtube link)

(Anime Picture only)

(This spot is only for Mages and Clerics.) (This is the place you list all of the spells your character knows which means get creative! You gotta make spells in this rp, and also each spell requires an incantation or words spoken before it and you can even create curses in such so get creative.)

Ex: Blah Blah Blah Blah- What spell does.
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The Kingdom of Erdragore or now known as Dragon's Den
The kingdom of Erdragore, a once proud city with one of the strongest militaries in the world. This city was the main hot spot for young warriors and rogues to come and train to become fearsome people in battle. This place used to be the main city and home for the Warrior's guild but that all changed in one night. This was the witches first target so far, as of yet her motivation for this city is unknown but they had heard of this witch before. She was bold enough to give them a message that she would attack this city first but the arrogant king had not listened. A week later on the promised night, the army of Erdragore stood ready for battle, but this was no battle but a slaughter. For in the dead of night one could hear large wing beats, and then...fire nothing but an endless sea of flames covered the city of Erdragore. Then a very large beast shielded by the night flew up high into the sky and then dove down burning the lower city of Erdragore once again. Once the beast had finished it landed on the castle easily covering it with its gaint wing span and the opening its maw let out a mighty roar which shook the very foundation of Erdragore.

Following the roar the skies filled with beasts that swarmed around the city and its forests picking off survivors, none measuring up to the size of the beast that now perched itself upon the kingdoms castle. The realize now the mistake they had made, the witch had not sent some lowly dragon to wipe out their city, but the Broodlord himself, the Devourer. After all was done, by one beast the entire kingdom had become a ghost city overnight, though rogues have been saying that several hundred black dragons call this place home, as well as the witch herself who is now perched on Erdragore's throne. The beast that destroyed the kingdom in one night has not been seen since, and the thought of that creature being inside the castle is impossible. So either it made a lair for its kind somewhere underground and underneath the castle, or it is one of the few dragons that can take on human form, which is the scarier of the two thoughts.

After the attack on Erdragore the Guilds are so far the only ones who have taken up the fight against the witch and her dragons. The guilds see this witch as a threat and normally as they do not work together so cooperatively they had set their differences aside to deal with this new threat. They know of the creature that wiped out the creature in one night and has identified it as one of the Dragon Lords. To be specific, due to the Clerics's vast knowledge and having the oldest library in the world they identified it as the Black Dragon Lord otherwise Known as the Devourer. The books do not tell of what this ancient dragon's human form looks like but they now know he has the ability to shift from Human to Dragon at will, and being not only a dragon which has the ability to fertilize eggs and create his own brood but one with enormous destructive power.

Due to this information coming to light the Guilds have banded together in finding a way to kill or seal away a dragon lord. Which has never been done before during anytime in history, all they know is if there is a way of bringing down a dragon lord, only one creature would know about it, another dragon lord. So now the guilds are going around fighting off the Witch's hordes of allies as well as the casual black dragon attack, but why the main horde of dragons is not mobilizing no one knows, it only gives the guilds an uncomfortable feeling, one of fear. Though this could be the time they need to find another dragon lord and only pray it gives them the answers they need. Though one question keeps poking the Guild master's minds, why would a dragon lord, one of the most powerful creatures in this world, pair up and help a witch?

Major Cities and Kingdoms
((To be filled out later and if anyone would be willing to help me with this they get a cookie ^^))
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Mage Guild
Guild Master:
Saven Ryze

Sinclair Lockwood: Intermediate
Tira Morran: Advanced

Rogue Guild
Guild Master:

Gale: Master
Marica Serph Bennett: Though not officially part of the guild she is a rogue
Seras Izumi: Advanced
Sidrelius Korton: Master
Onyx: Intermediate
Miyuki Cizori: Advanced
Lelik Marimaar: He is a master in the rogue guild but has not real affiliation to either side.

Witch's Army and Black Dragons
The Witch:

The Black Dragon Lord:
Dragon Lord Lucian, The Devourer

The Brood mothers:
Alpha: Kalima

Black Dragons:
Seth: Commander of the Black Dragon Army

Derrick Blackwood: Soldier
Thanaria Portia Le'Blanc: Wielder of Ragnarok

Warrior Guild

Guild Master:

Edward Loncrane: Commander of the Lanciers & Captain of the rear guard
third in command
Vashyron Emiezel: Advanced

Cleric Guild
Guild Master:
Erowyn Assan Caenthral

Rosetta Linton: Novice
Yami Lunasha: Guild Masters Daughter
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-Its time for everyone to start heading or if not already there show up at Strike boulder pass.

(Generally announcements will go here when they are posted and stay for one week until they are moved to earlier announcements)

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Go here to see all current accepted profiles

Come here and chat, spazz, go crazy. Heck I don't care.

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No one yet and hopefully lets keep it that way!
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Just incase something was forgotten.

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Saven Ryze
"The Darkness will come."

"Bring us honor and show the world our strength, Saven." The Mage Council told the masked figure, "We wish you luck in your journey and may your sanity remain in tact as you practice your magic." Saven gave a low bow to the long table where the Elder Council sat. The room was a glorious one, emanating magical lights and glistening granite tile, it was almost surreal how magnificent the room appeared. The Void Mage spoke out in a serious tone, "I feel my mind tearing apart day after day. I can guarantee that I will be devoured on this long journey. Before I become corrupt by the Void I will be sure to pass on my teachings to a disciple of my choosing. If I do not find a worthy student, than you must let my Magics rest. This world would benefit from being ignorant to the existence of the Void."

The council members looked back and forth to each other, whispering to one another before looking back to Saven, "If that is your wish, than so be it, Faceless One. You may leave on your journey, however, we will be sending some younglings with you. It is not your job to watch over them or nurture them, they are simply going to remain in your shadow and act on their own accord." Saven nodded and turned to leave, speaking back to the elders, "I will take care of them regardless, such is my duty as a Master of the Guild of Mages."

Saven traveled down the seemingly endless flights of stairs until he reached ground floor where a young mage met him, "Lord Saven, your carriage is ready. I have personally checked the supply manifest and everything is present. I wish you luck on your journey, bring us honor and knowledge, my Lord." Saven chuckled warmly, resting a hand on the young man's head, "Young Rinn, you are a good student and I'm sure you will grow to be a magnificent mage." The young man smiled and hurried off into the wonderment of the Guild Hall. Saven promptly headed outside and mounted the carriage, taking the reins in his hands. Here he would wait for his company to arrive and travel with him to the Shrikeboulder Pass, where they were scheduled to meet members from the other guilds..

((Hint Hint!~ Left it open for the little miss-mage.))
Sinclair Lockwood

It was the dawn.Night crept back to settle in obscure lands, and deep within the forests and mountains.The world seemed at peace as if in the light of the sun it forgot about the still looming shadow, a shadow much darker than the night. Under Sinclair's feet however, she could feel the earth tremble.
Rooted next to a large tree, her hand pressed against it's bark stood the mage herself massaging her right temple as three young novices bickered about the proper way to sustain one's energy in battle. She had been promoted finally, but as a tutor to the novices. Though she didn't mind, in fact she wanted the position, others could not believe she had not received a better post, but now Sinclair could mold the novices in the way she saw fit.
With an iron fist she would beat out any lazy tendencies of her pupils but this particular group turned out to be a bit of a handful."Be quiet." Sinclair did not shout nor did she raise her voice but they stopped their argument the same. "I will be leaving you today to join Faceless, and I will leave you in your own, unworthy care. I expect some results when I return."
Quickly turning on her heels Sinclair made her way to where the Mage Of The Void waited.
Climbing onto the carriage while refusing the help of a novice Sinclair made herself comfortable and faced Saven for the first time in a long time.
"Good to see you again, Master Mage." She respected his high position but envied his art."Would you happen to know anything of the others joining us? I do not believe the guild council would leave us with worthless mages at a time like this but...incompetence can some times be hard to spot.Unless, we are the only ones appointed to this task."With this she sighed and eyed the horses nervously. It just had to be horses, didn't it?

((O.O.C: Took the hint, thanx.))
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A man, about mid twenties, traveled through a shadowed forest close to his village. The male carried a bag with various items within it. He wore the typical attire for his village, which was basically rags. A smile appeared on the male's face when neared the edge of the forest. He was happy to know he would be seeing his family soon. When his foot touched the clearing of the forest a knife entered his back. A second later the man fell over, dead. Another male, hidden by the shadows, appeared behind his target. He sported a black hooded cloak, a sleeveless black vest, black pants, and leather boots. There were ten small daggers strapped to his belt, one of which was inserted in the back of his victim. He had two larger daggers sheathed behind his back. Two gauntlets were attached to his wrists, both of which had hidden daggers underneath them for quick assassinations.

He looked down at his victim with an emotionless gaze. He didn't feel any sympathy or empathy for his victims. He has done this for quite some time now. He learned to feel nothing for his targets. The male knelt and retrieved his dagger, placing it back in it's rightful place on his belt. He then moved to the male's bag and ruffled threw it. "Here we go." he said quietly when he retrieved the item he was meant to obtain. The object was a notebook containing hopeful information about the Witch that was ruling over the land. The same witch that killed his father. The Assassin stood up and looked down to his victim. "Thanks for the information," he told him before turning and walking away unnoticed.

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