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Hi there! Nice to meet you! You can call me Happy.

I'm just looking for a roleplay over PMs or maybe email if you are nice.

I am:
semi-lit (1-2 paragraphs)
looking for romance rps
pretty open to ideas (if I don't like something, I'll tell you)
i don't like profiles
i do hetero, yuri and can be talked into yaoi if there is a good idea
also I am of age
lastly, I am in the pacific time zone

So if you are interested, post here or PM! Thanks! whee
Nagrom Hellion's avatar

Vicious Cultist

I'm interested.

I'll PM you.
I'm interested.

I'll PM you.

Yay! Okay, sounds good! biggrin
I'm here! Where are you?
Bu-bu-bu bump!

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