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((Advanced Warning: This Stadium is not JUST meant for fighting. Many characters conduct their lives, both private and professional, within these walls. Many, many RPs also happen here as well. So, please, respect the fact that this isn't JUST for a bunch of testosterone driven males to release some anger))

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Off on the outskirts of Barton, there exists a large arena with ten story tall walls surrounded by a forest. This stadium is the Leviathan Stadium. It is a place for people to come and test their skills in one of many different arenas, each simulating a different fighting place, ranging from a rocky outcropping, to a grassy plain. Special skills and magic are welcome in this place, though they are to be kept separate from the skill only fighter arenas.

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Upon entering the huge doors, there is a hallway flanked with pillars on either side. After walking down the hall there is a split in the hall. One path to the left, one to the right, and one going straight.

Down the left and right hallways are two large rooms, each containing hundreds of portals with script across them. Each script says the name of the arena the portal will take you to (i.e. Island Arena, Sky Ring, City Scape, Desert Arena, et cetera). There is also a locked door in both rooms. Once you walk down the middle hallway, you see pictures adorning the walls, each of fighters that have been in the arena and spectacular moves they have used.

About a hundred feet down the hall is another split. A plaque on the left reads: Hospital/Recovery Room and Guest Rooms. Down that hall, there is a turn to the right that leads to the guest rooms. There are about twenty guest rooms, all large suites. Down at the end are 4 even larger suites that seem big enough to be their own houses. On one of the doors hangs a sign that reads "Kasuga."

The Hospital has all of the necessary utensils needed to heal and cure anyone who is anything but dead, this includes those who may need some "extra" recovery. In the Recovery Room, there is a door that leads to an open door spa and rooms to the sides that seem to be locked.

Down the right hall is the Security Room. Inside are gun racks and televisions, along with piles of VHS tapes, all with a different date on them. It seems the security room monitors every single arena every single day. Against the wall is a large, steel-bolted door. Next to it is a sign that reads "Armory." Under that, scratched into the sign are the words "Dante's Room." On the huge door is a large plaque that reads, "In memory of Dante Daniel Decker. You will never be forgotten. We will miss you, friend."

A bit further down the main hall is a wooden door. Inside is a large lobby of sorts. There are tables and couches, a TV on the far right wall, and a bar on the left. Next to the bar is a concession stand and a hot dog cart. Straight ahead upon entering are two large double doors. Through them is another small hallway ending in an arch that leads outside into the Stadium Arena.

After finally making it to the main arena, you realize that the stadium is a lot larger that it looks from the ground. The Stadium Arena is easily 2 football fields wide and long. There are thousands upon thousands of seats surrounding it and large lights along the edges. In this large center of the stadium is where most people loiter about.

You look up and, astonishingly, one mile in the air, barely noticeable as it is but a speck in the sky, is what looks like another arena. This is the Leviathan Stadium's crowning achievement, the Sky Disk Ring. It is a fifty by fifty foot disk suspended half a thousand feet in the air. Fifty feet above that, stabilized by a metal pole in the center of the Sky Disk Ring is a Death Match Ring, which is like the Sky Disk Ring, except that it is ten by ten feet and flying abilities are not allowed. This arena is only used by the very brave, or the very stupid.

Half way up the stands is an large open ring that goes around the entire stands and back towards the wall. In this open ring, dubbed "http://ian.gaiaonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?pt=1086045022&p=7244054#7244054]Merchant's Ring" are restaurants, bars, and even some souvenir shops.

Bask in the glow while you can, because when the heat of battle steps in, you won't be looking at the pretty lights.

This stadium is also the official training grounds of the Gaian Special Forces

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Upon choosing an opponent, select your arena from the wide variety of available arenas (If you can think of it, it's probably available). Once the fighting area has been chosen set up rules such as what weapons will be used, if it will be a magic or non magic fight, disqualifications, et cetera. (If an arena is not specified, then you fight in the Stadium Arena. If there are no rules established, then anything goes)

Common stadium rules are as follows:

1. Try not to kill anyone (It's inevitable that someone is going to die eventually here)
2. No God-moding (This is a fight. Unless your opponent is a horrible RPer, you will get hurt)
3. No munching (You can NOT assume and call your opponents reactions. Make your attack and wait for their response)
4. Abide by the rules set before the fight.
5. Magic and Special Abilities fights must be kept separate from skill only fights. Special attacks that are beyond what the normal or just above-par human can do are considered Special Abilities
6. When fighting in the Stadium Arena (When no other arena is specified), keep yourself and all magic in the ring. Damages to the Stadium will be paid for by gold from your own pocket.
7. When quoting, keep your posts to a maximum of 3 quotes. We don't want the pages cluttered with meaningless past posts
8. No advertising without permission

Failure to follow these rules will result in a disqualification from the fight and a possible banning from the Stadium.

Those who threaten the Stadium or it's rules, or those who are just being a serious pain in the a**, will be dealt with using the Runic Defense system. (See Post 2)

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List of what we're against:

The people who never miss a single shot no matter how hard it is (Aimbotters).
The people who can't be hit or just shrug it off (god-moders).
The people who have absurdly strong powers (twinks).
The people who 'balance' thier characters by having a massive but irrelevant weakness and massive powers (min-maxers).
The people who use Out Of Character knowledge to get an edge (Miss Cleos).
The people who do things in hindsight (McFlys).
The people who RP other people's characters for them (Puppetmasters).
The people who RP completely irrelevant things (Daydreamers).
The people who RP actions and time against others while the others aren't presant (Shoe elves).
The people who ignore or alter RPs that they don't like (Revisionists).
The people who RP an absurdly time consuming sequence occuring between other people's actions (Speedhackers).
The people who play as characters that are completely impossible (Oxymorons).
The people who arbitrarily declare themselves the winner with instant death attacks (Baghdad Bobbits).
The people who've taken actions before they start RPing (Gaseous Snakes).
The people who alter thier character as needed for the situation (Zoicite).
The people who gain abilities as they need them with no prior exposure (Trinities).
The people who pick-up things that spawn from seemingly nowhere (Quakers).

The people who assume an opponents reaction instead of waiting for a responce (Munchers).
The people who can see/walk through walls because they don't pay attention to where they are (Ghosts).

n00bs WILL be criticized, put down, made fun of, have logic applied to their actions, et cetera
Leviathan Dictionary

n00b: Idiots, morons, poltroons. A person who is horrible at roleplaying, yet thinks they are good. They often refuse to change their ways, thinking they are the best, no matter what anyone says. Often seen using L337 (j00 suxx0rz c4us3 1 k1ll3d j00 us1ng ub3r m3g4 d34th cut! h4h4h4h4!!11!!1!!one!one!!evelen) and AIM speak (OMG u suk cuz i no i kiled u ther iz no way u 1 that match)

Newb: One who is new to Gaia or Role Playing in general. Newbs are often at least demi-intelligent people who are willing to learn and fix the error or their ways. They listen to advice and ask questions about how to become a better RPer. Newbs, as opposed to n00bs, are toleratable

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Anyone who violates these or any of the rules is subject to the Alraune Runic Defense System (See next post)

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Thanks Dante for the images
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-Alraune Runic Defense System Ver 2.0-

This second version is a streamlined and updated form of the original using experience garnered during that time...

The Alraune System takes its name from a thorny plant that was rumored to grow only in places where it could be watered by the blood of executed criminals. This system was designed to protect the spectators and inhabitants of the arena as well as break up disqualified fights and defend the arena and its inhabitants against attacks.

Three people have access to the shadow rapiers that are the key to the command system for the chain snakes. The rapier for the most part is never there until called then it lowly fades into existence, the rapier itself is not a very efficient weapon is much more useful as a pointing device and a way of making a mental link between the judge and the defense system itself. Those with access to a shadow rapier are people are:

Latent Leviathan
Nedy Darkchild
Dante Decker

The Chain snakes consists of a 3 foot long hexagonal 'head' attached to a three section Bladed "Beak" attached at the 'neck' to a thick spiked chain that seems to originate from below the stadiums floor. This Beak can stab and slash at opponents with its razor sharp serrated blades that run along the top of each of the three sections. When the beak opens into the 3 sections it can snap and cut lines/cables as well as grasp and pick up items. The chains are heavy and thick but not impenetrable if they can cut through an inch of vanadium steel... they can cut through the chains, that's why there are more than one. The Chain Snakes are capable of swooping like a bird and can reach any point within the stadium grounds (including outside the walls) but not beyond. The chains are very quick and react as soon as THEY perceive a threat or are called on by a judge. The chains prefer constrictor like methods that leave the victims wrapped in barbed chains with the beak free to fire down on the trapped victim. They may also use the chains of several snakes to form a dividing wall of chains to protect one or both parties involved. Teamwork of several chain snakes to form a bigger snake or in tandem to take down a difficult intruder is not unknown.

When the steel beak opens its maw three parallel triangular steel rails slam forward from there retracted position forming a barrel of sorts. The Bars buzz and crackle with electricity and radiate an extremely strong magnetic force that can interfere with radio and other communication devices while charging up or firing. Offensive ranged attacks of the new system are listed below.

Shadow Spikes: A shotgun like blast of 50 Hardened steel barbed fletchettes is fired towards its target at high velocity these darts at this velocity can easily penetrate CRISAT/NATO standard armor plate at distance. Each barbed fletchette (or dart) weighs approximately 65 grams each, are 4 inches long, and 3/10ths of an inch in diameter. The judge in command may choose to electrify these darts in order to create a non-lethal taser like effect.

BFG: A single 45mm (3.57inch) metal spike is propelled from the barrel towards larger targets and reacts as per a conventional High velocity Armor piercing projectile of similar size. This attack requires 1-2 turns to charge up enough magnetic force to propel the large round to appreciable velocities.

Gotcha: The rails reverse their polarity and act like a massive electromagnet drawing in metal (including an attackers weapons) from a distance.

Shield: Collectively directing the focus of the magnetic/gravity lense to for a 6 foot diameter concave magnetic shield. Though use of its other weapons during this time is impossible its still a very handy to protect oth the snake and others

CPC: Similar to the Rune blast of the first version of chain snakes; the CPC (Charged Particle Cannon) creates a continuous dazzling blue beam of extreme heat and kinetic energy focused by the magnetic lense of the rails and is powerful enough to slice through metal and some forms of light Ferro-ceramics with ease. Plastics vaporize, Kevlar ignites, metals slag and so on when taking the punishment of this blast. If some form of shield is placed between the target and the beam an extreme amount of kinetic 'push' is felt from the energy of the beam. This beam takes 1-2 turns to charge up.

A turn is defined as one series of post (attacker/defender aka one post by the atackers, then one by the defenders equals one turn)
Wise Words from Josh
And his many personalities...

((Though I noted that like a dozen times you mentioned me not being online, and I was online the entire friggin' night... if you need me, hit me with AIM, cuz that's always on, YIM is on sometimes, and MSN seems to glitch like all hell, so don't even TRY that...

If all else fails, send a PM... if it's before dawn on the western hemisphere then I'm probably here...))

Latent Leviathan
((Dude, I hear you. The world would be a much better place for RPing were it not for the massive numbers of Sephiroth and Vash clones running around being as uncreative as humanly possible... ))

((Let us not forget the honourable mentions... the Kenshin Wannabes! If Kenshin never existed, then every n00b on Gaia wouldn't be a Samurai warrior that can wield a katana like they wield a stick...))

(( Basicly, it all comes down to the basics...

You've got your:

Clouds: Huge sword, tragic past, hero complex...

Sephrioths: Huge sword, no past, constantly claiming to be the ultimate warrior...

Kenshins: Regular sword, irregular everything they do with it...

Godlings: Every type of spell imaginable, no casting time, and fight like the Sephiroths... ))

Enki Leviathan
((A) Lucind... it's all for you, hun ^.~ *Kiss*
B) Jello... I got a server too!!!!
C) Jello... your server got me a pink link...
D) Yay for gay sex!
E) Como el YAAAAAY!
F) G'night))

(( A) *Steps back and feels the love... from a distance.*
B) Yep yep. xd
C) Booya! Rock on, TMJ!! whee
D) Yaaaaay! blaugh *Tackles.*
E) ... ninja ...what he said! Yaaaaaaay! blaugh
F) Adios. 3nodding ))

*gets up and takes sword in right hand charges and slices throguh the tree kicks the tree in the air jump and slices the tree into fire wood then landing kneeling*

(( *Disects.*

1. A sword cannot be swung with enough force to cut down a sufficiently thick tree in one hit. Or at least a sane sword... I'm sure something like a buster sword could, but anything that actually EXISTS would snap the blade if it hit that hard.

2. You'd better have kicked that tree about 30 feet up the trunk, where the center of gravity is, or you'd have just kicked the bottom out from under it, and it would then spin around the other end upon an axis relatively centered to the center of gravity and smack you with the far side. xd

3. Again the above comment about chopping through the tree... but also, you'd never be able to reach very far on the tree at all, at most you'd get an eight foot section chopped up, because you can't really reach further than that, and it's not like you'd be moving along the tree while in the air to reach those other parts, even if you did have that much time to just kind of float there while it all happens.

4. Firewood? You mean sections roughly the size of firewood, right? I mean, unless you're intending to use it for a fire, it's not technically firewood... rolleyes ))

And as I part for the night, I leave you with the top three countdown of reasons as to why n00bs suck:

Number Three: By continuing to exist, they continue to prove Charles Darwin wrong.

Number Two: Every new 'sentence' that comes out of them replaces the last one at the top of the charts for stupid things people have said.

And the number one reason why n00bs suck:

Because Jesus doesn't love you.

((OOC: Just inform me how to join. First in formost, since n00bs seems to be normal, please know that I have great experience. If joining requieres nothing more than a simple description of my character, then tell me so I can post it and get on with it. ^,_,^))

(( Simply put... claiming experience gets you jack s**t here. You get your base amount of 'given a chance' respect, though you can lose that pretty fast... Don't say how experienced you are, prove how mature you are. That's all I can say.

Joining is moot, just enter like you would in a bar. 3nodding ))
*an orange vortes appears sending altar flying through the air in a rather comic manner...he lands on his back* ouch....
((*Suddenly the entire OOC white-space become black. A single light began flasihng as very soft music can be heard. As it grew louder and louder, more lights accompanied it. After about a minute, everything stopped and all was black again. Only 2 seconds later, the music boomed back on, accompanied by Hardcore Electronica. Enki can be seen in the middle, his blue hair also orange and green, his clothes all irridescent and brightly coloured as he danced about in a fluid way, two glowsticks suspended from strings moving around him only adding to the fluid effect. For any and all who were confused, he had made OOC a giant rave!*))
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Dante Decker's avatar

Profitable Lunatic

3,500 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Person of Interest 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
-Merchants Ring-

-PC owned Stores/Cafe's/Etcetera-

café, book store & library
owner: Lucind Varhetel

Here you’ll find a nice and comfortable place to read, buy or rent new and used books, talk with friends about what you’ve currently read, chat about nonsense or just relax.
You’re thirsty? Hungry, too? No problem. There’re are different caffeine, soft drinks and snacks to fulfill your wishes.

Description of the building

Cellar: guest toilets [store rooms]

First floor: seating area, shelve and two tables with new/used books for sale, counter, spiral staircase, wardrobe [kitchen, private room]

Second floor: seating area along the windows, five huge shelves full of books + two special shelves with rare copies, locked behind glass doors [private room]
(groundplane coming soon)

Fittings: grey stone floor (1st floor and cellar), dark red carpet (2nd floor), dark wood furniture, armchairs/sofas covered with red(1st floor) and anthrazyte (2nd floor) tweed, plain vases with some singles lilies or orchids in them, several high growing potted plants, lamps with pleasant warm light

Stock of books: novels, fiction, non-fiction, drama, lyric, biographies (‘wordly’ and Gaian)


- coffee (different blends)
- espresso
- cappuccino
- macchiato
- milk coffee
- (hot) milk
- (hot) cocoa
- coke, sprite, fanta
- mineral water
- different juices
- whine (red and white)

Snacks & Sweets:
- baguettes, sandwiches and bagels – toppings: cheese, ham, egg, salami, tuna, sausages + lettuce, tomato, maize, pepper, cucumber, olives, chilli….(choose your toppings)
- puff paste filled with sausage, vegetable stuff or ham&cheese
- doughnuts, muffins, cookies
- cakes (cherry-chocolate, rhum, honey, cheese, chocolate)

House rules

- no smoking
- no slamming, fighting, killing
- please handle all books carefully!
- Don’t even think of stealing a book or something else

-NPC owned Stores/Cafe's/Etcetera-
-KFC (Kentucky Fried Chocobo)
-The Bistro (Italian Resturaunt)
-The Arena Giftshop
-Bobs Hotdog Stand (hot dogs obviously...)
-Sharons Chilly Ice Cream Shop (31 trillion flavors...)
-Bessy Bovine's Quality Steakhouse (steak & burgers)
-Me Chinese (Cantonese Cusine)
-Nihon-Tofu (Japanese and a wide selection of vegetarian dishes)
-Sweeny Tods Meat Pies (meat pies obviously, now serving Soylent Cola...)
-Pins & Needles Tatoo parlor (what the bloody F**k do you think they do there?)
Hey now Latent. You remember what you have me classified as in the guild? I can hop that high.

*looks down at the boy who came from the vortex*

Blondie? You alright?
<b>*Looks down and sees Dante*

Good evening, sir. You know, I've always wanted to fight you, just to see how good you are.
yeah happens all the time *dusts himself off* so what kinda thread you got here?
*Goes to the right*
*Sees insane monsters*


*Goes back, takes the left route*
*Sees more monsters*

Today is just not my day.

*Insert fighting scene here*

Well, that was fun, but my *insert body part here* hurts. Really bad.

*Goes right*
*Insert Hayamiko getting whooped scene here*

hey that's no fun *starts running in circles*
Sparing thread. *points to Latent* His idea. I'm just here to watch. I don't actually like fighting with random people.

And Hayamiko...you have a screw loose?
<b>Children! This is a place of serious sparing. No childsplay! If you are not here to test your skills against another, then leave now!
And Hayamiko...you have a screw loose?


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