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Hello der. I am in need of a good one on one roleplay or a small group roleplay. I would prefer to play a female character, but I will play male characters as well. I can play up to three. Here are some thing you might need to know about me:

- You may call me by my real name, Amber, or Oreos.
- I'm nineteen and still growing old.
- I'm looking for something interesting and fun.
- I cuss like a sailor.
- I'm pretty much on everyday now.
- If I can't reply, I'll let you know and give you a justified reason. I would hope you'd do the same.
- My posts are anywhere from two paragraphs to more. Depends on how into the roleplay I am.
- I don't mind using real or anime pictures.
- I'll make a list of what I will and won't do c:
Colored stars mean I have a plot. I am willing to change or add anything.

Three Stars: DYING TO DO THIS.
Two Stars: Yay.
One Star: No complaints.
No stars: Convince me?

✖ Future InuYasha ⋆
✖ Student and Teacher ⋆
✖ Vampire and Human
✖ Lycan and Vampire
✖ Zombie/ Post Apocalyptic ⋆
✖ Childhood Friends ⋆⋆
✖ Teenage Mother, her daughter, over protective brother (gay), guy in love with girl, and guy's best friend (gay) ⋆⋆⋆
✖ Yoai ⋆
✖ Yuri
✖ Druggies ⋆⋆
✖ Opposites Attract ⋆⋆⋆
✖ Rich boy and Servant Girl
✖ Master and Slave ⋆
✖ Obsession at First Sight ⋆
✖ Manager and Employee
✖ Married woman and chore boy ⋆⋆
✖ My girlfriend's younger sister. ⋆⋆⋆
✖ My boyfriend's older brother. ⋆⋆⋆
✖ Arranged Marriage ⋆
✖ Assassins ⋆⋆
✖ School for magics and powers ⋆

I will not partake in:

☠ Incest
☠ Video game based
☠ Kingdom Hearts
☠ Forest
☠ Animals
☠ Pokemon
☠ Experiments
☠ Androids

Vampire and Human:

This is not about a human girl who stumbles upon a huge empty house, blah blah blah. I've changed it up a bit. A man owns a huge factory in the midle of the city, one day his daughter ventures there to give her father his lunch and the vampire spots her. He is immediately drawn to her. He finds her flawless even though she knows she is. Well, her father was terribly sick, she had to other family. Her father passes away and in his will, the vampire is given custody over the girl. After she moves in with him, she realized that something is different. More different than she really wanted to know. Eventually, the vampire had to tell her what he was, it was eating him up on the inside. She asks him to change her and he refuses, but she is persistant. It's up to you whether the vampire will give in to the girl's request and be with her forever. The time period is in the present and the city is in Italy. So the house the Vampire lives in is quite magnificent.

Childhood Friends:

This boy and girl pratically grew up ajoined at the hip. They could not be seperated. The boy had always had a troubled life. His mother died and his father was always a drunken b*****d. He was abusive and cold hearted. The girl was completely unaware of this though. They first met at an elementary school. They young girl finally got tired of all the kids picking on him, so she decided to become his friend. They stayed so close even up to their Freshman year in highschool. If it wasn't for her, he would have failed a numerous amount of times. Someonehow, they started to grow apart. They hung out with opposite people and only spoke when they were alone. One day, the girl's parents decided to move when her father got offered a job. Of course, the boy was borken hearted. They shared everything together. Their first kiss, the person they liked, first in almost everything. Two years passed and then the girl came back. She moved back into her old house with her Grandmother after she had had enough of her parent's. They meet again at the school. Can the mend their old broken hearts and re-attach the strings?


I don't know how much I can type for this one. I don't mind it at all though. The girls start out as friends. They've known each other for their whole lives. then they start to experiment. Feelings grow stronger but their famlilies are against anything that is unordinary.
Here are my posting examples!
I'm in. Anything you want to do! biggrin
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I want to do a mash-up though.

Childhood friends + assassins?
God, my avatar makes me look like I suck, lol.
God, my avatar makes me look like I suck, lol.

Haha. It's quite alright. And how exactly would you like to combine the two?
God, my avatar makes me look like I suck, lol.

Haha. It's quite alright. And how exactly would you like to combine the two?

I'm thinking whatever idea you have for Childhood friends we MAY be able to tweak smile

Hmm. Well, I guess one of the friends would have to be the Assassin. They are hired to eliminate the opposite character due to the boss's jealousy and hatred. The other character is seen as a threat. The Assassin follows the soon to be dead around until they realize who the person is. Something like that?
Let's PM, it will allow us to brainstorm a little more :p

Are you looking to do the one on one in the forums or via PM?

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