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The Story so far...

In the year 1970, Earth collided with a mystical rift that ripped the entire world in pieces, although that is what it looked like. When the next day came, the world was still in one piece, except something was different, that was when everything soon changed. Otherworldly beings now coexisted with the humans who reigned over Earth, but now that all had changed as Heaven and Hell now lay in the same realm as the Humans, this was when everything that the Humans knew had changed forever.
While the demons and angels were transferred to Earth, Heaven and Hell still exist, but are nearly destroyed, and only accessible by high class beings and those who are deceased after 1970. Earth seemed to be the only one that stayed mostly intact. The demons found this an opportunity to make Earth into their new world, while the angels did their best to try to protect the Earth and humanity itself.

The year is 2020
It's been... 50 years since the three worlds, Heaven, Earth, and Hell, have become one. Ever since then, the three realms have been battling over control of the new world. This new world was no longer the Earth that they have came to know. With the demon's now free to roam the mortal realm they declared war on everything. Though the Angels do not desire conflict they battle as well to protect what they believe in, they have no ill will towards the Humans and tend to ignore them when the time to fight comes, choosing to align with them when fighting against the Demons.

Though during the time of Old Earth, the Human's came to learn that in order to survive they must advance their lifestyles. After the Mystic incident, they soon found out they were the weakest among the three races, but after years of hard work, they came to be the most advanced and adaptable. After the Incident they lost control of all the major cities from around the world, they came to start living in smaller cities that aren't as obvious to find than the rest.

The Demons are numerous in number, with most Humans going to hell and filling their ranks. They overpower the rest of the world with their numbers, they aren't only numerous, they also have ranks in their systems, generally the higher the rank, the more powerful one demon is.

The Angels are the most powerful of the three races, during the old times they kept track of the world and did its best to preserve peace and order. After the incident it came time to start dealing with their problems personally. Soon they realized, despite their powerful nature, they could not take on massive armies of demons with their lack of numbers. Where there was one Angel Knight was a hundred demons ready to take him down.

In this world, you must do whatever it takes to survive.

Current Events.....

Choronzon, one of the five demon elders has used his own armies to defeat and capture the demon leader, Motoko. Him and his forces are now seeking to destroy and conquer everything and everyone, and are much more relentless than Motoko. This has split the demon forces into two different sides: those who follow the new ruler and those who remain loyal to the captured demon leader and seek to free her. Of course, there is the ever present class of demons that could care less.

The renegades have been fighting tirelessly with the new demonic threats, and have stationed several camps in the wastelands. But demons are not the only things they have to worry about, for the military is on the move, as they plan on ridding the world of angels, demons, and anything else that stands in their way.

Because of all the chaos, human settlers have had difficulties finding peaceful places to call home. The once peaceful Harbor Town has been raided by demons and burned to the ground, as well as the forest that is near it. Several of them look for refuge with the renegades, while others try to travel to the haven of the Angel City.

This is a sequel thread to the last RP, In This World, because it was so good
that I wanted to share it with all you people who are discovering it now.
It's always good to have new meat... members...
Don't let it discourage you. We're open to almost any plots you have in mind.
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This is the Profile Skeleton.
After you fill it out, PM it to me to look it over.
After I approve it, you can start.
NOTE: I will only post your profile after you've posted at least ten times.
This is to ensure we don't clog the Profile Thread with meaningless garbage.
I'm not saying YOU'RE garbage.... but I don't need your profiles if you're not gonna use them.
In which case, they are garbage.
I will, however, submit profiles from my buddies.
Since I can bother them about not posting.... I'll try not to bother you too much.

Name: (Username)
Name: (Character name)
Race: (Demon, Human, or Angel)
Gender: (Self explanatory)
Rank: (Ex: Demons have ranks like in a military, so there's soldiers, commanding officers, etc.
Angels have a similar ranking system. Humans have the military and also renegades. Or you could just be a lone ranger?)
Age: (Remember that Angels and Demons have longer lifespans)
Abilities: (Magic, Martial Arts, Weapons, etc.)
Bio: (If you're a demon or angel you have two options. Either you were born a demon or angel or you died and became one. Those born as their race are either really old or really young.
Anyway, make sure this part is lengthy and descriptive.)
Looks: (A picture of your character.)
Quote: (Ex: In this world, everythingggg is freeeeeee...)

Next are the rules. To let me know you've read the rules, title your PM with the skeleton "RED HERRING"
But really, who wouldn't read those rules?
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Some Important Roles:

Here's some open roles you might consider applying for.
This also shows roles that are taken.


Demon Leader: Motoko

Second in Command: Emiko

Army Captains:



Satanists (Humans):

DEMON ELDERS (Limited to 5)
The demon elders were the first demons to come into
existance. Though some remain loyal, others will often
go their own route and strive to conquer the current demon leader.

These demons are the followers of Choronzon, the demon elder who has
taken over the demon city.
These demons follow him and not the demon leader, so you can assume
that they also are willing to kill any demons that do follow the demon leader.

Army Captains:



Angel Leader: Obidiah

Second in Command: Yael

Army Captains: Nuriel


Medics: Sarah Johnson

Demon Slayers (Humans working with Angels):


The military distrusts anything that isn't human.
This includes the angels.
The military uses high-tech, human developed weapons.

Military Leader:

Second in Command:

Army Captains:


The renegades are willing to do anything to survive,
and they get several of their weapons from the angels,
such as holy water and holy bullets.

Renegade Leader:

Second in Command:

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You never know what we might be saying about you...
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Important Places

I know I say "Important" a lot. Just assume that everything is important.

The Wastes

The wasteland that is filled with nothing but sand, dead trees and the deceased. It is typically used as a battleground, due to it being in the middle of the three rivaling races' territories.

Demon City

A large city where the demons reside, taken over a long time ago. The streets are filled with abandoned cars, flashing neon, and smog. Among the many skyscrapers, the tallest one is the demon headquarters where the demon leader resides.

Renegade Base

On the outskirts of the wastes. This is where the human renegades reside. They have several outdoor camp sites all over the world, but this is their central headquarters.

Angel City

The angels reside in a city somewhat smaller than the demon city. The condition of this city is much better, for it is up kept. The angels' base is a giant cathedral in the center of the city, surrounded by a lake.

Forest Outside of Angel City

The forest starts in the wastes and gradually expands towards the Angel's city. The trees in the wastes leading up to the forest are dead and decaying, but the closer they grow to the angel's city, the more fruitful and lively they become.

Forest Outside of Harbor Town (Is now burnt to a crisp)

Harbor Town

A ways north of the renegade base is an impoverished harbor town. Human civilians live there to try to avoid the war and the demons. Demons don't often venture to the ocean for their lack of interest in water. The harbor town is, of course, adjacent to a vast ocean.
The town has recently been attacked by demons who are, apparently, indifferent to the ocean, and this has forced the residents to vacate.


The mountains reside on the southern end of the continent. Its colder there, so again,
demons don't usually go there. They're quite picky.
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but probably not as important
as the other one.

If you're bored, you can still talk in the OOC thread!
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"In this world, we are the ones that people hope to avoid."

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Emiko awoke after a few hours of sleeping on a bed in a place she didn't recognize. She sat up in the dimly lit room and began to recall the events from previously. She had been recovering at the renegade's base, more or less as a prisoner, but they seemed like they would be hesitant to stop her should she decide to leave, which she intended to. She looked at her arms and patted her back. Her wounds had healed up quickly. What would you expect from a demon? She exhaled after stretching her arms over her head. It was about time for her to be leaving.
Emiko stood up and walked to the door, opening it slightly to peak outside. It was dawn. Had she slept all night? After making sure no one was around, she left the room and started walking down the corridor. She'd hoped no one would see her leave, so she wouldn't have to get in a squabble just to be on her way.


User Image
User Image

Just Outside the Renegades Base.

Bane continued to move in closer and closer to the base on foot.His camouflage system constantly changing with the back ground of his environment making it much harder for him to be spotted by anyone.Bane could see the base now and stood there near several dead trees with brush and several boulders near by as his camouflage system matched his back ground again.At this point in time his suppression field device was in full effect and was covering nearly 75% of the base now with the increase in power in it.Any Angels or Demons in the area would feel the effects of it making them slightly weaker then what they should be at.

Bane could only smile to himself inside as he slowly said to himself."We found you bastards finally.You Renegades will not be getting away with murder.".Bane stopped talking for a moment as he began to move in closer towards the compound of the Base.Each step Bane made was still giving off a small amount of vibration from the massive amount of weight he was carrying.
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xxxxxxxxxxxxxx✕║▌ ___ _ Ah the follies of youth !
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx« slowly destroying ⇡themselves ⇣ && all those they⇡ love ⇣

                          Voices barely audible, each easily distinguishable by the simplicity of their statements, and the warm caress, carried by heavy affection and reassurance. As if someone had purposely invaded his memories and dragged up something that he'd long forgotten. The conversation before their passing, replayed so vividly he could swear he'd just heard it. The despair, and loneliness. Sadness and rage and most of all regret. All in which taunted him with a knife at his throat. Everyday the same dream, everyday the same result, everyday the same routine! Noah opened his cloudy, auburn colored eyes which hid behind his lengthy, fire red hair and a black bag lingering with the scent of strawberries. He lifted his head off the grass and gravel which he'd fallen asleep due to the exhaustion of yesterday's misadventure. The bags beneath his vision weighed down, and his arms were limp despite his best effort to move them from their oh so uncomfortable position. Noah dragged himself from his position to the welcoming concrete flooring which had ben chilled due to the blistering wind.

                          "....Nothing has changed, I still open my eyes cursing the fortune that allows me to draw breath. Wishing upon a metaphorical star that shall never cross my path. Debating on how I shall waste the hours until I return to this mattress. For the only peace in my life, comes when I fade from consciousness. Yet, despite my grotesque feelings and undying will to greet the grim reaper I'm unable to silence myself". Noah buried his face within the center of his palm while attempting to forget the event's that took place last night. The walk, the talk, the fall. However the ace bandage covering his right arm acted as a constant reminder that last night wasn't fiction. His head was splitting, and upon standing on his feet he quickly learned that walking was probably not the best idea at the moment. However he couldn't afford to waste much time in the wastes. "I suppose I should head to harbor town to exchange goods. ". He thought aloud while following the trail of debris.

OCC: Entry post xD

l Company: No one l l Currently: The Wastes l l Feeling: Exhausted l

The Lone Vigilante: Noah Jasper Roman


User Image

Alpha Terra Major Airport.

Roshamaku walked down the ramp of the drop ship he was in and looked outside.It was nice to see the dawn of a new day.He could also see the rest of his forces now landing at the airport along with the rest of the United Nations members now landing in the many jets flying from across the world along with military support.It wasn't long before 3 black Limousines drove up to Roshamaku's drop ship.Roshamaku watched as the door opened up and 4 men in black suits stepped out with black sunglasses.

Roshamaku looked at them for a second and said"This must be my ride.Soldiers.You know what your orders are.Pass the word and secure the city along with the rest of the military forces that area here.Its time to get this meeting on the way".Roshamaku walked up to the Limousine and stepped inside.All the men in black suits did the same and the Limousine drove off and headed towards the outer edge of the Airport and got on the main road into Alpha Terra City.
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☩ Xavier Zander II ☩

✔"Just because I am an angel..."✔


A slim man in a lightweight metal armor, colored white and gold, was standing before a squad of fourteen angel soldiers in the cool dawn at the angel's military training site. This light skinned man, with his short, blonde hair may not look like too much, but is, in fact, the captain of Angel Squad Alpha. His name, as you may or may not be wondering, is Xavier Zander II, raised to use spears and water spells. In fact, his spear of choice, Azure Sanctuary, which was in his right hand at this point, acts as both a spear and a focus for his spells.

Ah, but you may be wondering what this man is doing, aren't you? Well, at this point, he was finishing up squad drills. He was now finishing up with a one on one combat, having his squad spit into pairs and test each other's strength. "You may now commence your combat, men," he shouted, slashing the bladed end of his weapon. This was met with a resounding 'Sir! Yes, sir!' from the fourteen soliders, followed with the seven pairs bowing, and then the clashing of steel.


✔"...does not mean I won't destroy you!"✔

Azure Sanctuary

OOC: Yay, I brought myself back into role playing! Sorry for no picture of Xavier, I couldn't find one I liked.
Location: Angelic Military Training Site

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Captain of the 3rd Chorus
"The blessed child flies away right now
I'll stay here always, always
I'll wait here
So continue living

The heart started beating
But still my feelings weren't shown
Those hands were always kept together
The time goes and you forget everything
I passed through the sky of memories
I'll wait there
So continue walking"

User Image

                                    xxxxxxxxxxxxx A angel walked along the training site. What was such a frail and lovely angel doing in a place only used for training to battle? Well she was a captain of course. Captain of the 3rd Chorus of angels. Formally a Seraphim of the highest order she was called upon to take weapons against the demonic threat that threatened to tip the balance. Since the collision of the rift fifty years ago Nuriel had been ripped from her "day job" and thrown into battle. The Seraphim burning angels of the lord that would sing his praises day and night. But also warriors of the lord. The magic from their songs resounded in the sky creating bursts of color that the humans would call the "Northern Lights" all practice for just such an event.

                                    She wore light angelic armor with an opening that reached her lower back to allow her wings to be outstretched at any time. A silver whip curled to her hip bounced as she walked to a fellow captain. Crossing her gloved hands behind her back she approached the Captain. "They're full of spirit arent they?" she motioned at the squad her eyes watching them battle each other. She stood at her full 5' 7'' next to him her shoulders back in perfect form as the form of a solder and the form of a Seraph was the same she was tricked into being a solder thought once when she had first become Captain.

Quote:Repent before an Angel of the Lord.
Location:Angelic Military Training Site ➢
Feeling: Calm
Theme Song
OOC: Post up! Yay! ➢

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