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Experiment 05; Tea !

                                                  ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃

                                                  Seeing the tall male just stare down at her while she was in his lap caused her cheeks to go red. Why was he staring? Had she done something wrong? She glanced up at him; still curled up in his hand. She just politely kept eye contact with the male...had he frozen? But he wasn't a machine ! So he shouldn't freeze; right? How odd. The young girl continued to watch him; before he pinched the back of her dress, feeling him pluck her from his palm she gasped in surprise. "You know it is very rude to mess up a young ladies dress." She stated very politely...wait...she had an opinion!? What!? That made no sense. She wasn't meant to have an opinion ! Then again...was she meant to have thought? Seeing the male jump up from her seat she blinked in disbelief. He sure is a bungle of energy.... Then her head hurt a bit...why did that ring a familiar bell? A bundle of energy....someone hyper. Hm, how odd. Felt like nostalgia. Almost as if she had met someone before this male; who was hyper as well. Hm...no that was impossible. She was a program and nothing more. Maybe she was thinking too far into this. But hearing his compliment made her smile. Why thank you; I am here to please you." She gave a formal bow in his hand. Then she felt being carried away by the man; what an odd fellow. He just walked through...metal? Metal opened? What? She was impossible? But why? Mocking his intelligence; she gave a small humble smile. "I will do my best to live up to those standards." She would of asked the man if he had wanted her to do something with his i-pod; but for some strange reason the male seemed more interested in her.

                                                  Buttons? Weird doors. Oh! Must be some sort of program like herself ! Wonder if it talked. Keeping balance on his hand, she looked up to the male seeing how close he held her to his face. Seeing him scan her she continued to blush. "You know staring at a young lady is rather rude." For some reason being stared at made her uncomfortable...she couldn't think why. No one had stared at her before. Hm...how odd. Very, very odd. Maybe she was low on battery? No...she just got woken up; she was fine. Huh, weird day. Hearing all of his questions...not a product of Apple? But she was. Though she nodded at the name. "My name is Tea yes. Um...no offense taken? Was I meant to take offense?" She asked confused; if he said 'no offense' was it meant to be rude? What weird customs these humans had. Though his questions...she couldn't really answer them. "I am number 05 of the iGIRL's; known as Tea. I am a product of Apple, meant to make this experience more realistic, more human and more efficient. Honestly? I don't remember anything before you waking me. My earliest memory is that. I mean...I feel lik you remind me of someone...but I don't know why. Your friendly and spirited...it rings an odd bell. Where I come from? Well...the i-pod is it not? I'm sorry I can't tell you anything more...does tea exist? I wonder if my name has a meaning..." It would be so cool if it did ! Maybe she'd even like it ! For some reason even her name rung a bell. What was going on with her?

                                                  Hearing that she had made his day she could not help but smile. "I am glad; I am hear to make your life better." She replied honestly. Hearing his comment...it felt like not the first time she'd heard someone ramble. Perhaps she was mixing up human rambling with the noise of th i-pod? Eh maybe. "Oh; no need to say sorry. I'm here for you anyway. So; what is your name? Do you have one? What are those black things on your head?" She questioned curiously. Seeing the laboratory made the girl feel uneasy; what was this place? She didn't like it much. Another weird table? Blair? Who was this...Blair? Professor? She gasped and looked around frantically before stopping.....what the heck? And oh! Another program like her ! But...looked nothing like her. Setting her feet carefully on the table she was put on; she sat down gently. Ouch; not as soft as it looked. Was shiny though ! Shiny was nice. Well kept. Seeing the orange light; she turned away from it slightly. She didn't like this feeling. Once the scan was done she breathed; how odd. Maybe she was just stressed from her earlier mess up. Hearing yet another question she thought for a moment.

                                                  "I guess I like the color green, and I like making sure all of my duties are done properly. For some reason this room makes me feel uncomfortable...what is it? Um...I suppose I like tea, whatever tea is if my name is tea. Um...I don't know...really anything about myself. I was programmed to only do specific things, but now...I'm not doing them. I learned I don't like failing. Um...the orange light looked pretty." She didn't honestly know....oh she thought the strang male was very attractive; but she wouldn't say that. Laying on her back on table she turnd to face the male; and gave him a small smile. "I'm sorry I can not answer your questions better....am I meant to? I suppose I like music; since I live in your i-pod." But she didn't know anything personal about herself; only things sh had just learned or the obvious. Being so small was annoying...she wishd she could get bigger. Probably couldn't. Eh, maybe she'd try that out tomorrow. Today she was still rather tired from the stress. But the male liked her; so she was safe...thank goodness.

                                                  ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃

                                                  M o o d → Happy, curious, scared, nervous and flustered.
                                                  L o c a t i o n → His...desk?
                                                  C o m p a n y → Eli.
                                                  B a t t e r y → 98%

                                            OOC: No worries ! Oh cas your wondering; Eli reminds her of iGIRL pink. She enjoyed drinking tea as a human. And well, staring the Dr Stein did a lot. XD And the lab...well obvious is obvious. I'll need to proof read later; I didn't rush, but I got to leave earlier than expected. If the post is fine; reply, if not PM me so I know to proof read when I return. : D
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              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxchange↻ that ↱ ❛ F R O W N❜

              ♭ 「. 01. S O xxx M A N YxxxS O U L S

              ♬ 「. L O C A T I O N ⊂ Matthew's home ⊃

              ♬ 「. M O O D ⊂ curious, happy. ⊃

              ♬ 「. T H O U G H T S ⊂ This place is huge~ ⊃

                          ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

                                      xxxxxx私はちょうどしたかった。。。あなたのために。xxx xxx知っています。。。。

                          Wendy tilted her head to side. A bright smile appeared on her face, "Matthew, huh?" She then closed her eyes and nodded her head a couple of time, Hmm.. The tiny girl suddenly felt her body; fall back. E-Ehhh!?! What the-


                          "Ow!" She was pushed by, Matthew's finger. She had fallen on her butt, it happened so fast. Wendy rubbed her back, she frowned and looked up at Matthew. "Why!?" she cried as she stood up. She marched up to the end of the desk and pointed her finger at Matthew's face. "Why did you did that for?!?" The tiny girl jumped up, but something was..odd. She was..floating! Wendy let out a loud gasp, she looked down and swung her legs. Oh~ Wow~! She looked up at Matthew, a smile was on her face. It seemed that she had forgot what had just happened a few minutes ago. Wendy floated upwards until she was in front of Matthew's face. "Ahahaha! Look at me! I'm...floating! Ehehehe~!" she said cheerfully. She laughed joyfully as she spun around a couple of times. She soon stopped after feeling a bit dizzy, Wendy giggled quietly as she stopped. She moved some strands of hair out of her face. She lowered herself down, and landed back on the desk.

                          Once calmed, Wendy looked around the room. She took a couple of steps to side as she looked around. So many questions popped up in her head, but she didn't know what to ask. She looked up at Matthew and giggled nervously, "I want to ask so many things, but..ehe. I don't know what ask..first.." she said quietly. Wendy turned around and snapped her fingers. She turned back and jolted upwards, until she rested herself on Matthew's shoulders. She suddenly gasped, jumped up. "Ah! I was going to ask you this earlier, but I forgot! Do you want to do something?" she asked with a smile, both of her hands patted Matthew shoulders. So many questions, so many questions!!

                          O O C : Sorry for the short post! > A <
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                            Though he had complimented her a few times, Syl's mind had drifted off to different things. Such as the feel of another humans skin. Sure, she may have nearly rubbed her whole torso onto his arms, but it still wasn't the same. The mutual warmth, and to finally have touched a warmth that had not given her such a hard time. Well, a warmth that felt like it would surely not fade, no matter what the cost nor weather. It was heartwarming to say in the very least.

                            "Syl, how much battery do you have left?"

                            " Are we going on an adventure?! "

                            It was a loud cry, as if she were an excited child, eyes bright and gleaming. Syl cleared her throat, becoming serious as to realization to what that meant. Back into the iPod. The lugubrious expression had appeared onto her face once more, but she still gave off a toothy grin. Though For her emotions to change so drastically, Syl somehow had a dropping feeling as if this weren't the first time, accepting the sinking pit of emotions that lied in her chest. ' It's an adventure, Syl ~ The great outdoors. Stop being so rude. '

                            " 88%, Master Meine. I'd be delighted to go with you, if I can, to .. "

                            Where were they going to go? Syl rubbed her chin, in deep curiosity. But the question came back, how did she even know her battery charge... Syl inspected her arms thoroughly, in anticipation of a giant clock to pop out of her arm and yell the time. Now, wait a second! Now Syl knew she was just stalling; and if she didn't accept it he may never take her to the great outdoors ever again ! Syl continued her humming, heading her way to the computer desk. Without hesitation, Syl sat upon the desk, rather, on top of the iPod, now whistling. Within that instant, Syl began to shrink, back into her iGIRL form. Another headache had appeared, this time, one with just pure screaming. Ignoring such odd sounds, Syl slipped herself through the screen with ease this time,

                            ____ ( _ __ *: ❖ with Meine _ form mini mode _ health 88 % _ ooc )
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              Lollie squeaked when he suddenly squished her between the palm of his hands. She began to squirm in protest as the male spoke. "Hey! I'll have you know that zero is a beautiful number! And I bet that planet is awesome!" She rebutted confidently, even though she had no idea what he was talking about. Okay, she was getting real tried on this. Just because she was tiny didn't mean he could take advantage of it. The girl was seriously starting to consider shaving off one of his eyebrows when he wasn't paying attention. She giggled at the thought, that would teach him. Or it could seriously get her in trouble. She shrugged it off, it would be totally worth it. Apollo suddenly released her, and she went plummeting down. Before she could catch herself and fly, she collided against the bed, and bounced a little. What was this? Lollie stood up and jumped up and down. Well whatever it was, she loved it! The A.I began to giggle as she bounced around. "This is the niftiest thing ever!!" She announced, right before the male collapsed on the bed himself, sending the tiny female high up in the air. She ended up doing a little back-flip before landing right back down on the bed. She laughed and rolled around, stopping when she noticed a rather serious expression on her owner's face. Lollie sat up and stretched out her arms, noticing that her cape had torn. Her constant jumping around was too much for her poor little cape. "Aw." She murmured, taking off the piece that was wrapped around her neck. There was a long silence in the air, and it made the pink-haired A.I quite restless. She was about to run about or say something, but Apollo beat her too it.

              The girl turned to look at him, as he spoke. The words that left his mouth made her uncomfortable. No. It was something more than that. She is an optimistic child, but she was also naive. Still, it would take people quite a bit to make her upset or angry. Her small hands balled up into fists, and she raised her shoulder and her head lowered. Lollie bit her lip and grimaced. Her body was lowered slightly as he stood up from the bed. "Never mind, forget I said anything." What? He was just going to say all that, and then just expect her to pretend she didn't hear it? "Does it really matter?" She stated, her usually bubbly tone was now a slightly irritated one. Lollie stood up and lifted herself off the ground, flying towards him and stopping when she was right in front of him. "Because if it does then i don't know what to tell you. I don't what I am, and honestly that thought hasn't left my mind since I stepped out of my iPod." Lollie didn't understand why she was getting so upset, or why the topic even frightened her a little. It was as if her mind was subconsciously suppressing something, and that something was horrendous. She didn't know what it was, and honestly, she was afraid to know. The only reason she didn't say anything earlier, was because she felt he wouldn't understand. And that he would just end up pinning that up as one more thing that was wrong with her. The more she thought about it, the more defensive she seemed to feel. "And if you're so smart and I'm so ignorant, then you tell me! It's not like I wanted this to happen. I didn't want to be turned into this!" She shouted, her small form was shaking from such anger it took her a while to realize what she said. What? Turned into what? Confusion muddled her expression. She didn't even know what she meant by that, it just sort of flew out of her mouth.

              The fact that she didn't know that either irritated her even more. "And another thing! Just because I'm small doesn't mean you can just push me around!" She added. Lollie shook a tiny fist in the air. "Man I wish I was bigger so I could pop you one of these!" She snapped, shaking her fist in front of him. The girl turned away from him and clutched her head mumbling angrily in frustration. "So what if I can't tell the time without looking at a clock. You can't do it either. GAAAAH!! I HATE BEING SO TINY!" She yelled kicking the air. Almost as if on cue, her body began to glow pink. A sudden flash of pink lightning appeared out of nowhere and struck her body. Causing her entire form to become engulfed in the pick light. Within seconds her form had changed. She was no longer in her small A.I form, now she was full sized human girl, and a grown one at that. The light quickly faded and the sudden transformation caused her to collapse on her knees. Lollie blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the lighting in the room. She placed a hand on her head, trying to steady herself. The whole thing left her in a daze. "What the...?" After a few minutes of getting use to the light and new found weight. The girl blinked and looked around the room. Everything was...smaller? "Did I shrink the room!?" She squeaked in surprise, her eyes scanning the place. The girl lifted herself up and stood on her feet.

              Whoa she felt so tall! Nooo. I couldn't have shrunk the place. But if everything is so small now, then that means...' Lollie spun around, staring at the male. Her eyes widened in surprise. They were the same size! Well, sort of. He still loomed over her a bit in height, and she was slightly more petite. But she was big! She was about his size! The girl frowned at herself in confusion. "What the hell am I." She murmured with distress, looking at herself. Oh just dandy, as if she wasn't questioning herself enough, now this happened! Lollie would have been ecstatic to be his size now, because now she didn't feel so inferior. But her mind was whirling as it tried to figure things out at the moment, and this just made it worse.

              Damn! She was tired of feeling like this. She hated feeling so heavy and depressed and angry. It just didn't suit her at all. Lollie shot a glare in his direction and walked over to him, jabbing at his chest with her index finger. "Look. I don't know what I am or why I'm here or how all of this is possible. I'm sorry that I'm not the regular iGIRL you wanted. All I know is that my name is Lollie, and I'm subject 02 from the iGIRL series. I think pink is awesome and that soft bouncy thing over there is super fun to jump on!" She stated assertively, pointing at the bed. "And if you don't like this whole...whatever this is! Then just throw me away!" Finally getting all that off her chest, she walked away from him and walked back into his room. Lollie sighed audibly as she sat down on the floor with her legs crossed, calming herself down. It took her a minute to soak up what she had just told him. She blew her hands out of her face with a grimace. 'You're such an idiot! You shouldn't have exploded on him like that. now he's probably going to throw you away.' She thought mentally slapping herself. She couldn't help it though, the emotions just ran through her.

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Vi couldn't help but laugh at the silence that he was giving her. She, or so she though, he was just staring, but she didn't know he was trying to figure out who she was. "Cat got your tongue? So, do you need someone to play soccer or not, cutie?" It was obvious that she was having way too much fun pulling off this little trick. The five-foot two-inch woman placed one hand on her hip, letting the other hand to hug her, ending up on top of the the other hand. She gave him another wink. He better figure out that it was her sooner or later. So far, in the short moments that she went into her full mode, she was enjoying it. Now, she could see things that Kyle saw, and even get to interact with him better than being in her mini-mode. Why didn't she think of this sooner? She laughed at the thought.

Still waiting for him to say something, she looked around. The park looked more luscious with the colors. They all seemed to blend in together without fail. From where they were, Vi couldn't tell if she could see the group of people that they were just with. "I think that's them in the distance." Making notes, she tried to remember their names, but nothing came to her when she was unable to remember who they were. Maybe she could be formally introduced to them? Or, what she could do, is learn their names as the day goes on. "V-Vi . . ." She turned around, snapping out of whatever little spacey-ness she was in. So, finally, he figured out who she was! Took him more than long enough to find out. "You look . . ." What was he about to say? She could feel her face turn a light flush of pink. ". . .beautiful . . ."

Suddenly, her face turned red. Not a light red, but more like a tomato red. No, wait, darker than that. "H-H-Huuuuuh?!" She was more surprised than anything else. What caused him to suddenly say that to her face? "Okay. Okay. Calm down. No need to get all red in the face ---- too late. Damn. Don't worry Vi. You're just as confused as he is."

"T-Thanks. You're very handsome yourself."

"...NOT LIKE THAT VI. WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY DID YOU JUST SUDDENLY SAY THAT?" Her face turned as dark red as it could get to be still considered red. Instinctively, she placed her hands over her face, trying to hide the flushed color that consumed her face, and even crawled down her neck. "Whymewhymewhymewhyme." This small phrase continued on a repeated session over and over again as she waited for him to say something. Anything! Even if he didn't say anything, he had to do something!

The purpled hair woman began to tap her foot, trying to distract herself. Was it helping at all? Nope. Would it at any time? Nope. Why did she do it? Who knew. It was just one of those things. Habits, right? Right. The tapping sounds of her foot against the ground stopped after she realized that it just made the situation worse. "Now what? Umm...Ermmmm....Spit something out Vi!"


"That's all you can come up with? Really? Argh. You need to come up with something better than that. You're making the poor man awkward!" She cleared her throat, even though it didn't need to at all. "Anyway, Kyle." Finally removing her hands away from her face, she smiled. "Shouldn't we go back to your friends?" With a small mumble, she added ( for whatever reason ) "And what I said earlier about you is true." Huh...That was a weird thing the AI did. She would have to ponder on it later on when she was charging, or when they're at home.

Where am I? :: Yorkshire's Park! || Who am I with? :: Kyle! || Battery? :: 58% || Mode? :: Full-Mode! || I feel :: Totally embarrassed! || OOC: xD Awwwww. Kyle's so cute. ||

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The guy managed to clean up most of the mess already within the room. Of course, having the smaller objects picked up off the floor by Willow made it easier for him. It was just a pain to sit there and pick them up one by one. After he had voiced his question, he paused to look at her. At first her expression seemed simple, as if she was just going to answer him with ease. Then he watched a troubled look manifested it's way on her face. It took her a while to muster up the words, as if her mind was trying to figure it out. Orion immediately felt guilty for even bringing it up. The more she spoke about it, the more his stomach seemed to twist into knots. 'It's like she has repressed memory or something.' He mused faintly, soaking in her words. He suddenly pulled himself out of the thought, only to be sucked into another. 'She couldn't have repressed memory, could she? I mean in reality, she's a program.' His last thought surprised him a bit. She was a program, yet he so easily forgot that factor about her. Willow was so human in everything she did so far. Despite the fact for being so small and having the ability to take flight. So it wasn't hard to forget that she was some advanced form of A.I. As she continued to talk, she seemed to slip into more distress as she tried explain.

The pink-haired male began to regret even asking her, he didn't like seeing her feel so lost and disturbed. He smiled at her warmly when their eyes locked. "I understand." He said as he finished picking up most of the room. The man made a mental note to not place her in such dark places. He began to organize his clothes back into the drawers, putting them away as he picked them up. "I was just curious, only because you seem a lot more human than you are." As Orion was finishing up picking up his clothes, the sound of papers collapsing came to his attention. The male looked in the direction of the sound, not seeing Willow in sight either. A few seconds passed, and the girl suddenly emerged from the pile. He couldn't help but laugh, and walked over towards her to help her pick up the papers and tidy the stack. He really needed to organize his music better. Most of the time he would just write it and then leave it a pile on the floor until he needed it. "Don't worry about it. He said reassuringly as he picked up the pile of papers and moved it onto the desk. The male couldn't lie, everything she had just told him left him uneasy, and he honestly didn't know why. However, he didn't want to trouble her anymore for now, though he was glad she told him. He didn't feel so insane now, knowing his gut feeling was a little justified."Why do you ask? Is something bothering you?" The man nearly froze in what he was doing, but he quickly masked it by occupying himself with tying up the garbage bag. Damn, it was like she could see right through him sometimes. "Are you okay? He was about to lie and say that there was nothing bothering him, he opened his mouth to say it, but then ended up shutting it.

Orion glanced at her, hesitating a bit. He didn't want to voice his thought, mostly because he wasn't really sure of it himself. And he didn't like putting things out there without a definite reason. The male sighed lightly and shifted his gaze to look at her. "It's nothing. I just felt like..." His voice trailed off as he had second thoughts about saying anything. It just left him uneasy, and he hated the feeling. Yet, despite all of that he couldn't lie to her. Especially since she was being so honest with him. "I just felt like...I knew you before or something. I dunno'." He stood up straight and raked a hand through his pale pink locks, averting his gaze away from her. "I just feel like there's something about all of this that feels familiar. Something about you feels, really familiar." He said in a faint tone. Jesus, he really needed to lay off those damn pizza bagels. Though he knew deep down they weren't the perpetrators in all this, it still felt good to blame them. Orion shot her a smile and walked over to her, scooping her up into the palm of his hand. "All this cleaning is making me go insane. Let's take a break." He placed the girl on his shoulder and walked out of the room and headed for the locked door that was right next to the kitchen. "Congratulations Willow. You're about to be the first woman ever to enter this room." He announced as he pressed a series of buttons on the lock, then placed his thumb on the scanner to unlock the door. He tilted his head slightly to look at her. "If you break anything in here, I will annihilate you." He said in a mock warning tone, then grinned at her as he opened the door.

The room contained all of the instruments he's collected over the years. Almost every instrument you could imagine was locked up safely within this room. It was also where he spent most of his time to rehearse and just get away from things. He walked over towards the keyboard in the room and took a seat on the chair. He reached up and plucked her off his shoulder, placing her on top of the instrument. "I didn't write his one. But it's fun to preform." He said as he turned on the keyboard and scrolled through it's options. After making the needed adjustments, he closed his eyes for a minute, allowing himself to float in the silence. Taking a deep breath, he began to play. His fingers tapped at the keys seamlessly and naturally. The words began to flow out his mouth melodically and delicately. He was easily swept away whenever he preformed, his mind melted away into the music, thinking of nothing else but the symphony of sounds as they intertwined with one another so perfectly. As the song neared it's end, he began to slow down the tempo gently and eased it into silence. After a short pause, Orion leaned back into the seat and stretched contently. "Damn that felt good." He stated as he body became relaxed. Feeling much better now that he was able to vent everything out.

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                                            Although hearing Orion laugh pleased her, she still blushed brightly and huffed, pretending to find something interesting within the fallen stacks. Easily hiding her face from view. Whelp, she wouldn't try to lean on any stack of papers ever again. They were out to kill her, and chances were that Orion would see it. But again, his mood had seemed to improve and that was good enough for her. The AI pushed some of the papers back into place before Orion came over to help her out. His larger hands making quick work of the pile that took her ten minutes to make. Willow felt a little jealous for a moment but let it go. There wasn't anything she could about it. Orion was now trying to reassure her that her sputtering confusion was fine, and she manged a weak smile. He had said she seemed human, and that; that she took as a compliment. Willow wouldn't mind being human! That sounded fun. And maybe then, things wouldn't be so confusing. She Followed him on the floor as he carried the papers to the desk, taking note of the way he seemed to freeze at her question. Oh, something was really wrong huh? Willow waited, looking up at him expectantly. And for a bit, she wondered if he was even going to answer her. However, in the end he did, and what he said baffled her. She was familiar? How so? Willow nodded and let herself fall into thought, trying to figure why he would feel this way but she couldn't come up with a single reason and so she just smiled and patted his leg lightly. "Well good! That means we aren't complete strangers to each other!" she chirped, having no idea if that even worked like that. But still! If he said he felt like he knew her, then whatever floated his boat! "Maybe you had a dream." she mused thoughtfully. "yeah. Could've been a dream." There was no resistance from Willow as she was scooped and and placed on his shoulder, right next to the same lock of hair she had been playing with earlier. The girl instantly resumed where she left off. "I'm up for a break." she agreed. Going between the desk and the floor was getting somewhat tedious and her arms were starting to ache.

                                            Soon enough they were exiting the room and heading for another door she had failed to take notice of before and she shot it a curious look. It was locked, and closed. Making it apparent that it was only opened when Orion was around. Willow stopped her braiding to gaze the door as they neared it. He made a a remark on her being the first woman to come in and she felt vaguely proud for some reason, and even sat up a little straighter but she quickly sagged a bit at his next statement. "If you break anything in here, I will annihilate you." Willow shot him an amused look and held up her hands, making a quaking motion with them. "OOOHHHH. I'm so scared." She mocked, before laughing. "I'm much too small to do any damage. The best I can do is leave a smear, or a tiny dent. I think these have more of a chance of breaking me than the other way around." The items he was talking about where the musical instruments that covered the room. He had so many! Willow could not hid the impressed look she had gained as she looked around. "Wow! Do you know how play all these?" she inquired, the awe she was feeling crept into her voice. Willow was now also standing, as if that would give her a better view of the room. Orion really took his music seriously! he was clearly a man that didn't just sing for kicks, and now Willow could easily bet he made his living off it. However, she wondered if he did everything by himself for if he had band mates that helped him out. She made a note to ask him that later. For now, she was more interested in where they going. They were heading to the keyboard on the other side of the room, and she was somewhat disappointed to be removed from his shoulder and placed down again. She really was becoming fond of being perched on his shoulder. It gave her a view of the world from his height.

                                            But, her placement on the keyboard could easily be forgiven. Why? because it looked like he was about to play something! "I didn't write this one. But it's fun to preform." Willow nodded, hardly caring. She just wanted to see and hear him preform something. With tucked her legs under her and placed her hand in her lap as he started the opening keys, quickly falling into a flow and his voice was soon to follow. Thankfully, he was so into his music Willow didn't think he saw her brows rise in mild shock. 'Wow, he sounds really, really good...' He said he could sing very well, and she had been wrong to brush it off. 'I can see how girls would fall at his feet...' Her thoughts trailed off as she closed her own eyes and simply listened to lyrics. The beat was uplifting, but for some reason a few of the lyrics struck a deep cord within her and a light frown crossed her face. "Do you ever feel already buried deep? Six feet under screams but no one seems to hear a thing. Do you know that there's still a chance for you?" 'There was no chance, no one could hear.' her mind piped up, making her frown harder before her expression smoothed out into something more relaxed as the song went on. Her eyes opened as he ended the song, and she clapped wildly; clearly impressed and pleased with what she had just heard. "That was amazing!" she told him. "Why aren't you famous yet?" The question wasn't to flatter him, she was completely serious. So, he must sing at gigs then? "So, gigs are what you sing at? And do you do it by yourself or do work with other people?" From her spot on the keyboard, she reached over and pressed down on one of the keys; forcing it to make a sound. Unable to prevent the large smile that took over her face. She was not a musician like him, and would not be able to make wonderful sounds like him. But, she would make some noise if she could. Willow pressed down on the Highest C key, making a few 'ping' sounds before she stopped. "The ipod makes that sound too. When it's down downloading a playlist, update or new information." she informed him. "speaking of which, we still need to download the playlist of songs you were talking about before. I can do that while you rehearse for your...gig?" The word sounded odd on her tongue. Who thought a word like that up? Seriously. It didn't even make sense.

                                            Oh and now that she was on the track of the Gig, she had yet another question. "Orion, am I able to come with you tonight?" She asked carefully. "or would you rather I stay here?" Willow wanted to go with him for quite a few reasons. One of them being she was simply curious and wanted to see outside of the apartment, but first and foremost was that she was actually terrified of being left alone. She wouldn't know what to do. All she knew was that she didn't like being left alone for extended amounts of time; and who knew when Orion was supposed to get back! If he even came home afterwards! he might crash at another house and return in the morning. 'I could just stay in the ipod and charge.' Willow wasn't low on battery or anything, so she would get restless for sure. But, despite her thoughts; she tried to keep her face carefully controlled. Not wanting to let her needs interfere with his work. He had to make a living, she did not. His needs held priority over her wants.

                                            [[ ooc: -- ]]

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        "I'll probably end up in flames before the end of the night.
        Watch me burn In the fire, watch me bid you goodbye."

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    'I need to figure out what she is.'
    i G I R L
    The lovely Tea


                    The curious male listened to her intently as she spoke. So far, it looked like she was just as confused as he was, yet she had already come up with answers to explain herself as best as possible. The girl had weight, so she wasn't just a projection of light, she was well...real. She even had freewill and opinions! Just earlier she was scolding him for how he was handling her, simple programs didn't just do that. When she had inquired his name a smile manifested on his lips. "Eli. My name is Eli." He replied, then he narrowed his eyes in slight confusion when she asked him about some black things on his head. It took him a few seconds to realize what she meant. "Ah, you mean these." Eli said, as he reached up and tugged on one of them. "They're antennas. A little invention of mine. You see, they receive and emit signals out to the satellites. They're basically just like cellphones, but for your head. I can make calls when I press this..." He pressed a small button on the side of the headband, and the ears stood straight up. "Call Mimi's Cake Shop." The ears began to twitch a little, then it began to ring. "And speaker and mic are right here." He stated, pointing to the other side of the headband
                    "Hello. Mimi's Cake Shop, how may I help you today?" A bubbly female's voice said.
                    "Hello Mimi. It's Eli."
                    "Oh, Eli! I've been meaning to call you. I wanted to say thanks for adding those adjustments to our ovens! They've really help keep the store cool."
                    "Ah! Is that so. Well that's pleasant news."
                    "You bet. So what can I get you, hun?"
                    "I'm actually having a tea party, and I wanted to order some cakes and tea. I know you won't let me down on the selection."
                    "Oh sure! I gotcha' covered. They'll be delivered shortly. "
                    "Thank you Mimi."
                    "My pleasure, bye!"

                    There was an audible click as the call ended and the ears relaxed and returned to their floppy position. "They can also able to pick up low sounds, so I guess you could say they also double as ears." Eli stated with a grin as he returned his gaze to the girl. "Scan analysis is complete." BLAiR said as the small monitor next to Eli began to blink. The male turned away and slid to the right of the table, typing away on the computer. He continued to listen to her as she spoke. The monitor ceased it's flashing and it pulled up the information from the scan. The male scanned the screen carefully, then frowned in confusion. The monitor displayed no information, it said that the data had been locked. What? How is that even possible? She was a living breathing organism, with the ability to just materialize herself out of an iPod. Eli turned to look at her and slide down the table so he was sitting in front of her once again. "You know Tea, you're quite spectacular. You have the ability to walk out of an iPod, that is amazing in itself. But you can also fly, annnnnnd..." He said elongating the word as he reached for his scanner and held it in his hands as he placed both his elbows on the table. "My scanner is completely useless on you." He put down the instrument and leaned in very close, looking at her with amusement dancing in his eyes. "And yet, you are absolutely unaware of it all." He murmured softly, his gaze changing into a serious one. He had to admit, her existence was making him go insane. His mind couldn't even begin to figure what she was, he had seen nothing like it. And that left him feeling fascinated, excited, baffled, curious, and...terrified. He was so terrified of it. Just looking at her, left such an uneasy and sickening feeling in the pit of his stomach, and he had no idea why.

                    Eli pulled away from her and leaned back into his seat. He just stared at her for a minute with a serious expression, then sighed audibly as the expression melted off his face into a more optimistic one. "Well! We'll just have to figure this out then, won't we!" He announced with a wide smile. His eyes widened slightly as he remembered her earlier question. "Oh! This is my laboratory. I can see why it would make you uncomfortable, it's quite intimidating." He stated as he turned his chair around slightly to look at the place. "But I'm sure you'll get use to it."

                    Θbliterating Θminous Catastrophes: LOL. That's fine. xD I love it. Tea seems like a tiny proper lady, so cute. lol


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    "I would prefer it if you just left me alone."

    ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌ ▌

    Setting: Matt's Room
    Scene: Conflicting Thoughts

    -X-X-X-XCameras Ready! Set! Action!X-X-X-X-

            tab There was a sign of shock on Matthew's face as he stared down at the fallen over iGIRL. He had been wrong: this form that Wendy now had was not some sort of hologram but an actual physical body. As the small girl looked back at him, crying out, "Why?", Matthew could not help but turn red with embarrassment as he struggled to explain his actions.

            tab "But... I-I thought... ", Matt stuttered out as Wendy approached him, "y-you were a hologram." The young man's eyes shifted downwards, backing away from a direct conflict with the iGIRL. His mind was racing in an hurried panic, desperately trying to both understand what was happening as well as find a way out of this confrontation.

            tab "I-", Matthew began to say before he was interrupted by a sudden, "Ahahaha!" Glancing back up, Matt almost jumped back in shock when he saw Wendy floating in mid air a few inches from his face. If his hologram theory had been correct then Matthew might have been able to come to terms with what he saw before him, but right there his mind had labeled the iGIRL as a supernatural phenomenon, something that existed but could not be explained by mankind.

            tab "Look at me! I'm...floating!", Wendy said with a squeal, bringing the young man back to reality.

            tab "That's right...", Matthew began to think, noting the iGIRL's sudden change in attitude, "this is an AI, it can act upset but it can't possibly harbor emotions." Now confident that he has at least figure out part of the puzzle along with Wendy's sudden cheerful change, Matt began to relax. Looking back at the tiny girl, who had now landed back on the table, the young let out a small smile: he may not be able to fully explain what she was but at least he could be assured that the iGIRL was a computer program and not some sort of out-worldly entity.

            tab "...Do you want to so something?", Matt heard from Wendy as she flew up and landed on his shoulder. The sudden physical contact caused Matthew to tense up slightly, not wanting to move as if the iGIRL was some kind of bird who the slightest movement might scare off.

            tab "I...umm," Matthew spout out, trying to fill in the silence has his mind thought up an answer. Taking a deep sigh, he finally admitted, "I'm not sure." Taking a few slow steps Matt walked towards his bed and sat down, trying carefully to not move his upper body so that the iGIRL would remain on. He did not own much music, just a few songs that he happened to buy on a whim, and he hadn't even purchased the iPod for music.

            tab "What can you do?", Matthew asked Wendy, not because he was actually wondering but more in hope that what the AI's response could answer the question for him or give him something to avoid to avoid it completely. It was strange experience for him, the iGIRL had been nothing like he expected when he first purchased the device, but sitting there on the bed a thought began to form in his mind, "Maybe this isn't so bad." Turning his head and eyes slightly to take a quick peek Wendy, Matt began to noticed that the iGIRL looked... cute. Somewhere else in his mind chimed in with pain a guilt as he was reminded that Wendy was an AI, not an actual person.

            tab "That's right, at most it would be like a pet...", Matthew halfheartedly thought, still conflicted as to what purpose the iGIRL was to serve in his life.

    -X-X-X-XThat's a Wrap!X-X-X-X-
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    Lychee ● Diamond

    Experiment 05; Tea !

                                                    ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃

                                                    Tea was seriously confused; she didn't understand. None of this made sense. She shouldn't be able to think for herself or move for herself. But she could not remember anything. And she had opinions; and was not afraid to state them either. She was...real right? But for some reason...she felt so un-real...it made her sad. Hearing the males name was Eli she smiled. "Eli? That is a nice name.~" It seemed to suit him somehow; didn't sound like a normal male name to her for some reason...but heck he wasn't a normal guy and she wasn't a normal...girl? Seeing he realized what she said she nodded gently. "Yes those." They looked so cute ! Did he say...antennas? What was an antnna? Invention? Her face went pale; why did that word make her feel sick. Ignoring the sick feeling in her stomach; she listened with great interest. Well...the invention seemed cute and harmless...right? A cake shop? She loved cakes ! ....She thinks. Cake and tea, why did it remind her of something? Did she use to have cake and tea with someone in the past? But who...she didn't know anyone minus Eli ! Though the small girl watched in awe, how strange, even stranger than she ! Hearing a females voice she'd jumpd not expecting it. Well the women on the other end sounded...nice at least. "The...antennas? They sound very interesting, you must be a very clever man." She complimented, but no matter how cute they looked, something just didn't sit with her.

                                                    Tea just...watched. All she could do. She felt so stupid. She couldn't tell him anything useful. This was frustrating her. For some reason she just knew she wasn't super nice when frustrated. Hearing Eli's comment she blushed once again, holding a tiny hand to her cheek. "Why does my cheek feel weird..." She mumbled to herself. And his scanner? So that was a scanner? To...scan things? Sounded right. Not that she would know. Wouldn't be to nner things would it? No, no that sounded silly. A scanner obviouslty scanned. Unaware of what? She blinked cutely and started fidling with one of her foots. She then realized something and gave a bright smile. "What is a tea party? Is that like...when you have tea and cake? Do they taste nice? For some reason...the thought of tea and cake...makes me really happy...almost like a familiar feeling...a happy one..." Unknown to her it was back when she was a child; before things started to go wrong. It was back in the day when she lived with her father, and they would have afternoon tea and cake every other day. Of course she couldn't remember and for some reason it hurt her to not be able to remember.

                                                    Hearing his announcement she couldn't help but smile. He was on board? Great ! "That we will....thank you." She replied with a gentle smile. Hearing him say she was in a laboratory; instantly she felt sick to her stomach; sick enough to actually be sick. She frantically looked around the table and started to run around the table. No, no, no ! I don't like labs ! I know I do not like labs ! This place is evil, evil, evil ! I just know it ! She thought in a panic; before falling over on the table and whimpering, a small tear falling down her tiny cheek. "Am I...leaking...?" She asked him, the strange liquid falling down her small cheeks and onto the table. "I-I don't know what is wrong with me...I just know I hate this place called a laboratory....it makes me feel so sick...I feel so scared of it...it just....I don't know....I feel like...I know what a laboratory was...before I met you...but it isn't possible...." The tears came down her cheek once more; she was scared, so scared. Why was she so scared? It was only a room...right? A room like any other. No, no it wasn't ! It wasn't ! It was something bad ! What had got into her? And speaking of small hands; she was sick, sick, sick of being small too !!! Standing up from the table; she huffed and walked to the edge; wiping her eyes. "I don't like this..." She held onto the edge of the table, and attempting to climb down the weird legs of it, which went well until she fell a short distance with a small 'thud' on the floor she whinched in pain. "Oh for heavens sake!" Her tiny hand hit the floor; she hated pain.

                                                    Her body then started to glow a lime green shade, with a flash of green lightning out of nowhere and she felt herself be hit by it. For a few seconds you could not even see her. All of a sudden the smoke cleared; she was not the tiny A.I Eli knew anymore; she was a full sized human...and a grown one too. Falling back onto her butt on the floor again she whinched. "I hate this slippery floor!" She stated annoyed. The transformation hade made her lose balance. Looking around the room; she turned to Eli. And once not feeling so dizzy; she stood up to 5'1 in height. Hm, he was still taller she saw. Now she was a girl with beautiful green hair and green eyes, slender and curvaceous. And...what was this outfit on her!? "....W-What am I...." She looked over to Eli before running over to him and hugging him. ".....Help me...." She mumbled hugging him; she felt so scared ! Of this room; of herself....of the memories she seemed she couldn't remember. Her head was even more confused now, and she questioned herself even more.

                                                    ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃ ▃▃▃▃▃

                                                    M o o d → Distressed.
                                                    L o c a t i o n → On the floor; hugging Eli.
                                                    C o m p a n y → Eli.
                                                    B a t t e r y → 90%
                                                    M o d e → Full-body mode.

                                              ooc: Ha, ha, thank you ! I love Eli. <3 I really like the idea of them as a couple. And poor girl; she wont like the name lab. XD Lose composure much. Hope you didn't mind full body mode; easier to move her about ha ha.~
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    tab 'I need food and sleep, and then maybe this will make sense.'

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    tab Ruru

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    She seemed to be taking a liking to the little bear. Cyr didn't even remember where he got it from, it was probably given to him by his niece. Anyway, it seemed like she wasn't so afraid anymore. He probably just came off too strong and it startled her. The silver-haired ale made a mental note not to scare her, but he couldn't make promises. He had a tendency to come off as an a** most of the time, though he honestly didn't mean it. It was just the way he was. "Ruru? That's ah...an interesting name." He said in response. 'It's a cute name' He thought mildly. But it didn't look like she was going to be able to give him any of the answers he was searching for. Cyrian sighed heavily and rubbed his face. "Ah god...I'm losing my mind." He murmured faintly to himself. It was work, yup. That had to be it. Because there was no way he could be conversing with a tiny human being or whatever she was, like it was the most normal thing in the world.

    His attention was averted towards Ruru when she inquired about his name. "It's Cyrian. Some people call me Cyr for short." He said as he leaned back into his seat. He watched her as she cuddled with the toy, she seemed really fond of it. The girl acted like a child, maybe she was. He wasn't a computer tech or anything, but it was obvious that this wasn't suppose to happen. Because if it was, she would have known. However, the girl seemed to be just as naive about it as he was. Ruru began to move closer to him, but ended up falling on her face in the process. A smile cracked on his stoic face and he was about to laugh but tried to hold in it. Instead it came out as a soft chuckle. He leaned forward and gently picked her up, sitting her up on the desk again. Cyr examined her small form, looking for any cuts or anything, but she was fine. "You're alright." He said as he placed his index finger under her chin, to gently tilt it up towards him so he could get a better look. "You're nose is a little red, but it won't bruise." He stated. Cyr couldn't help but notice how delicate she felt. Plus, she was so small he could easily squish her to death. Not only that, but she had biggest blue eyes, she looked like a little doll.

    The male removed his hand from her face and stretched as he stood up form his chair. He was unsure of what to do with her. He couldn't keep her...could he? If he wasn't planning on keeping her, then would he just return her to the store. But then what would happen to her? Gah, he didn't know. He was tried and hungry. Cyrian looked down at the girl. "Are you hungry? Do you even eat human food?" He asked, not even sure if she could consume the same food he ate.

    xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
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    O r i o n xG ɑ g e xL u p e i r r exxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Y o u ' r e xg o n e xg o n e xg o n e xa w a y x,

    I xw a t c h e d xy o u xd i s a p p e a r

    A l l xt h a t ' s xl e f t xi s xa xg h o s t xo f xy o u .

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    Orion was a bit startled when she began to clap enthusiastically. By now, the man was use to being praised by the audience. But this was different, because when he sang in the comfort of his own home, he became vulnerable. Her praise affected him more than it should, and while in the back of his mind he was beginning to grow slightly alarmed at his reaction, currently he didn't care. He grinned and leaned in towards Willow. "I told you so." He chimed and poked her in the stomach gently. "Don't end up falling in love with me now." He stated jokingly, leaning back into his seat. He did muse about her second comment. Seeing as how she didn't know much about this world, let alone the music industry, she was unaware of the musicians that honestly surpassed him. Next to them, he didn't seem so fantastic. Of course, his prideful a** would never admit to that, so he gave her another answer. "I prefer to stay local. Once you go big, you get so caught up with making a living, you forget what it was like to just live." He replied looking up at the ceiling. "I'm not into that rushed lifestyle." The male rocked back and forth gently in his chair, returning his gaze to her. Even though it was an alternative response, it was the truth. The man had thought about it, but it didn't suit him. He nodded at her next question. "Yeah. Gigs is another way to say shows or concerts. Because it's a performance of music. Concerts are typically large performances with a big audience. They're pretty rowdy." He stated as he tapped at some of the keys lazily. "I'm a freelancer. So sometimes I preform alone, sometimes I preform with a band or with another vocalist. Tonight I'm preforming at a cafe` with another singer and her band. So that should be interesting."

    Orion watched her with an amused expression as she danced around on the keys. Typically being fond of the highest C note on the board, since it reminded her of a sound her iPod made. "Even though you're small, you could probably learn to play a simple tune. I could teach you if you want. It'd be one heck of a work out." He remarked as he played 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. Could she even gain weight? He had no clue, but he wasn't about to ask. A.I or not she was still a girl, and they were always touchy with that stuff. He made a sound of agreement to her proposal. "Sounds good. I'll finish cleaning the living-room while you download my playlist." Orion stated as he stood up from his seat and stretched. Her next question caught him of guard, he honestly didn't even think of that. He was use to doing all of this by himself, so it was kind of odd to suddenly have someone just...here really. He pondered her question for a moment. Honestly, he didn't want to leave her here alone. One, because it made him feel uneasy, mostly because of the fact that he felt like he knew her before all of this. And the thought of leaving her alone didn't seem right. Second, what was she suppose to do? His gigs were pretty lengthy, so he wouldn't return until late. "I don't mind you coming with me. I don't think you want to be stuck in here all night." He said finally, thinking she'd also want to explore things outside the apartment. "I mean, you'd have be hidden. You'll defiantly attract a lot of attention if people saw you." He stated, ruffling her hair gently, mostly to bug her. "Other than that you can tag along."

    Orion smiled at her as turned off the keyboard, then walked around the instrument and strolled back into the living room. "My computer is unlocked, so you should have easy access to it." He said to her as he began to pick things up in the living-room. Orion started with the couch cushions, and began to press them back into their spots. "Oh the playlist is titled 'Rehearsals' by the way." He added as he began clean up the bookshelf. Orion had a lot of music on his computer. Almost all of the memory was being used up by his music library. The man listened to everything, from indie rock to mainstream pop, and his classical music collection was pretty impressive also. He figured that every genre and style had their own good qualities to it, plus he liked to explore them. He didn't like to limit himself to one style or genre.

        || OOC: ||

        wh a txi'm xthinkin g 。。。
        tab 'It shouldn't be a problem if she tagged along. Hopefully.'

        whoxi'm xwith 。。。
        tab Willow

        wherexxam 。。。
        tab My apartment; cleaning up the living-room.

        wh a txi'm xfeelin g 。。。
        tab Feeling like myself again.

        myxiG IRL 。。。
        tab Willow

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            tab tab tab Mid-Afternoon; around 3:30 PM

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            tab tab tab 75 º

            » weather :
            tab tab tab Skies are pretty cloudy; but still rather sunny. We might have rain later tonight.

            » holidays x& xbirthdays :
            tab tab tab Cyrian A. Serenade's birthday is today.
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    That smile, that winking, this had to be Vi, yeah it definitely was her, just a whole lot bigger. But how did she do that? how could she turn into a real size girl in just a couple of seconds? it was an awesome quality without question, nevertheless, in that right moment, he couldn't wish for something different than that not being Vi, he would prefer her to be anybody else, but herself. Why? Well because what he just finished saying, "Why the hell did I say that!?" he thought, "Why? Why in that right moment? I know I said to myself I had to say the first thing on my mind,but..." He noticed Vi blushing, her cheeks got a dark red tone, she seemed really blushed, but probably not more than himself. Trying to look somewhere else, so she couldn't see his blushed cheeks, he turned his face to the right, looking at nothing special, just trying to hide his face. Of course, nor him or his face were prepared for what Vi was about to say.

    "T-Thanks. You're very handsome yourself."

    What!? Why!? WHY!? Why was she saying that!? was that something normal to say for someone that just received a compliment? was what he said even a compliment? . Kyle was blushing even more now! he closed his eyes slowly and took a deep breath, trying to calm down a little, to think clearly, his blushing was disappearing, a little, at least. "Okay Kyle, she's just saying that because of what you said, it's your fault all of this is happening, so just act natural" .

    "T-Thank you. . ."

    He said quietly, looking at the ground. Vi seemed a little bit nervous herself too, maybe she was upset for what he just said? Changing the subject was probably the best idea right now, Vi took care of that with her next line, but he still needed to know how did she do that. "A-Anywaaaaay....." Well, this was awkward, but sure Vi could make it easier now, she was speaking, and she was usually better at that than Kyle. "Shouldn't we go back to your friends?" Right! Soccer! They needed someone else, and Vi could do. Kyle's blushing started fading, yeah, they were going to play soccer and everything would be all right, or so he thought, but, without a warning, Vi added something that made him blush again. "And what I said earlier about you is true." There it was again! His cheeks started turning pink again! Why did she have to say that!? It was awkward again; "But... does that means she really meant it? Does she thinks I'm handsome?" just the thought made him blush again, so he tried to forget about that. "S-sure, let's go back." He said, starting to walk back to the courts, waiting for her to follow. "And... thanks" He added as he walked. Inside his bag, the iPod started playing the next song, he never stopped it, and the headphones were still plugged in, so it was still playing, but being inside of his bag, he barely could figure out what song was playing.

    In the way to the court, still a little blushed, he decided to ask. "So, why didn't you tell me you could do that?" They arrived to the courts, Alexis, Leo and the other were still there. "Hey, I think I found someone to play with us" He said as he arrive, with Vi showing at his side. "Guys, this is Vi." . Leo extended his hand to Vi with a light smile.

    "Hi, I'm Leo, nice to meet you"

    Alexis looked at Vi with some upset look, and then extended her hand. "Hey... I'm Alexis." She didn't seemed very happy, even if they have found their player.

    "Anyways..." Leo said looking at Alexis, surprised for her upset look. "Let's do this guys! Get ready! Alexis, Vi and Kyle, you're with Victor and Steve. I'll be in the other team with the rest of the guys. To your positions!" Leo said as he ran to the center of the court. Well, at least Kyle was in Vi's team, so he didn't have to worry too much for her, she would probably be all right.


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    ☒ Location: Yorkshire's Park - Soccer court.
    ☒ Company:

    ☒ Thinking:
    "Finally, some soccer!"

    ☒ Chapter:
    "Chapter 1: "A life about to change!"

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    The great escape - Boys Like Girls

    ☒ OOC:
    Haha, Vi is really cute too ~ Sorry I took so long to post!
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                                                            Ruru, was quite happy when she had heard him say her name is interesting not to mention his name is as well. Though she was confused and still confused to why he thought that his loosing his mind. But as Ruru had tripped over when having to try and get closer to him which caused her to land face first. Ruru just lay there still holding on the bear but then she felt herself being pulled up. She knew it would be Cyr since his the only one that is around. Ruru had let go of the bear when she felt herself being helped up and back sitting on the desk again. Her face tilted looking down at her lap as she had felt embarrassed for her clumsiness.

                                                            Ruru felt her head being pulled up. She widen her eyes a little when Cyr used his finger to push up her head by the chin and looked up to see Cyr looking down at her closely. She stared up at him as she then slightly blushed. She noticed he was looking at something until she heard what he said telling her about her nose little red but it won't bruise. She looked at him in curiosity to what he was saying about her nose. Her gaze looked down at her nose as if her eyes are crossed eyed. Then she looked back up at him as she wiggled her nose and smiled then giggled some. Then she soon felt his finger removed from her chin as he had pulled his hand away from her face. She felt her head heavy once again.

                                                            Ruru had stopped wiggling her nose she watched him lean back on his chair and then she smiled. She still felt embarrassed but yet she feels calm. Ruru then looked to her home which is her ipod as she look to see how much battery she has. She then heard Cyr asked if shes hungry then asked if she even eats human food. She stared up at him. She shook her head telling him that she doesn't feel hungry since they don't need to eat anything though they can taste but they wouldn't get hungry or get their energy from it as their food is when they are on charging which is when their battery runs down. That's why Ruru had looked over to her ipod to see the battery. It showed it's 85%. Of course Ruru would be curious to what substance do these people eat as their food so of course the curiosity she is, she would attempt to try and taste. As well when they do taste it will just dissolve quickly in her radiation system.

                                                            Ruru turned to her ipod as she pointed out to her ipod then to the plug as indication to the source of energy charge is the her food.
                                                            "Th-That's all I need" she told him.
                                                            She stopped pointing as she placed it back down on her lap and looked back up at Cyr as she stared up at him and then smiled up at him with a gentle giggle. It was really all she needed. But Ruru doesn't mind having to try and taste what ever they call food they have.


                                                            {{ Ⓞut Ⓞf Ⓒookies; }}

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                                                            You are everything to me...You are my music...
                                                            XXXXXI have woken up by the sound of your voice...That is music to my Ears...
                                                            XXXXXI maybe a technology that need to learn to understand...But your voice is what makes me understand
                                                            XXXXXBut...i dont know if i could ever understand the meaning of love...
                                                            XXXXXIf "LOVE" is like loving music...Then you are part of my 'Heart'

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